Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ye And B Are Not Engaged + Ke$ha And Ari Put In Awkward Position During Interview

The other day, a story ran from the media that Queen B and Ye were engaged. For the last 2 weeks B has been seen rocking a humongous engagement ring and everyone was trying to figure out who she was engaged to. Then she shared a huge hug with Ye and for some strange reason that made people speculate that Ye was the one she was engaged to. But today they both denied the rumors of being engaged, and it only took them 4 days to do it. First Ye posted "I am not engaged to anyone, in fact, me and @Kim are trying to patch things up for the sake of us and for the kid"  Then B simply posted #JustAFriend" Those 2 statements were enough for us, but for some fans that was really hoping those two were an pair, they aren't happy to hear that, but.......oh offense. The two have both confirmed that despite their problems, mainly the ones that popped off late last year, that turned into a mini beef, they are really good friends and that's ALL they are. So sorry to the #beyhive and to the Ye fans, but no #BYE (That's B and Ye combined) but hey, life sucks deal with it. Click here to check out their posts. In other news, Ke$ha was put in an awkward position today with Ari. Ke$ha and Ariana are on tour together (yeah weird) and they granted "Celeb Access" an interview them and the first part went well, but the second part, the interviewer decided to make it weird, disrespectful and seriously awkward. After asking questions about their tour and their upcoming projects, he got personal and he asked "So Ke$ha, you are Big Sean's ex wife, and Ariana is his current wife, its a little weird for you guys to be performing, do you think that he left you for her, and Ari do you think you are the cause of their divorce?" They both were in shock and were looking surprised and didn't say anything at all for several seconds. Then Ke$ha spoke up and said "That isn't relevant to this interview at all, I don't think you're being professional right now" He cut her off and said "No no hear me out, when he was married to you, he had at least 10 other women on the side, but now that he's married to her, he is being so faithful and being a great husband, maybe she is the reason that he was acting out on you, it doesn't make sense that he did you so wrong, but he isn't doing her so wrong"......Ari cut him off and said "OK look, I really wish you stop asking questions about personal things, you can try to make this awkward if you want but we are mature about it and we have been this whole time, we are not hear to talk about anything personal, we didn't agree to that, we'll have to terminate the rest of this interview if that's all we are here for" He continued to ask about personal things and focused nothing on their musical projects, he just hid the questions to make it seem like he wasn't asking the exact same thing over and over. They both seemed extremely uncomfortable, and it almost seems as if maybe he was trying to put them two against each other, and maybe it worked, at least a little bit. After all the same old questions covered up, Ke$ha got fed up and she stood up and screamed out "Look I don't care who he has, I hope he's happy (she turned to Ari) I wish them the best, I'm moving on I can care less whatever, and besides I broke up with him, not the other way around" She stormed off in a huff and Ari called after her and she screamed out "Leave me the fuck alone!" Ari was left looking like "Oh no she didn't" and the interviewer was smiling as if his work was done. (seems like Ke$ha probably still has feelings, because why get that mad, not my place to say that, but hey, millions of other people are saying it too) Ari ended the interview by waving cut  to the camera people in the back and walking out. Now its said that its tension going on between those two since this interview, but it hasn't been officially confirmed as of yet if that is true or not. Some sources are even saying that Ke$ha is refusing to perform with Ari today. Sean, Ke$ha and Ari aren't responding any requests for comment. So is it a war starting to break between Ke$ha and Ari? Many people think so, and they think its all over Big Sean, who knows though. Click here to check out the full 20 minute awkward interview (this part occurs at the 13 minute mark up until the 20 minute mark) (The ironic thing about all of this, is that despite that Ke$ha is the ex wife, and Ari is the current wife, they weren't beefing, they actually are great friends, but that may not be the case now, and if so, that interviewer succeeded with his plan) It is said that the interviewer guy has been fired by Ke$ha and Ari using their "Royal Powers" and many fans are bashing him. Yeah, well I think he deserves it, don't you?

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