Sunday, September 29, 2013

NiNi Announces New Mixtape Release Date

NiNi's new mixtape was supposed to be released on August 31st, but due to everything that has been going on at PSR recently, it was pushed back along with at least 30 other artists albums and mixtapes. But now that PSR seems to be back on track now, many of the artists who was pushed back are beginning to announce new release dates for their albums and that includes NiNi. Over her site today she posted "Wow its too many of y'all, I woke up to at least 10,000 get well messages, lol thank you though guys I appreciate it, I'll be good but I want to announce that my mixtape is coming on November 13th, OK that's all for me see you guys Monday". This isn't the first time she released something on November 13th, why wouldn't she its her special day, and this year its the big 2-4 for our queen, and rumor says that the new mixtape is appropriately called "24" but that is unconfirmed. NiNi herself hasn't given a title although she gave the release date, so we cant be sure of the title until she is ready. Other artists who have been pushed back include Kat whose album is now due on November 1st, Lola Monroe who is now due On Halloween day Miley Cyrus who is due on October 21st and Ariana Grande who is due on November 5th. Katy Perry is the only one whose album date stayed the same which is her birthday October 25th. So guys be on the look out for these new albums coming soon and course we are counting down the days until NiNi's big day. On an unrelated note, the queen buddy murdered the show twice last night complete with  the NiNi hologram and all, so looks like we got to see NiNi after all. Click here to check out the show! That's all for now guys most artists are off today, so not much info, but today Ri Ri has an interview with Jimmy Kibbel to discuss being pregnant by Ye, so that's something you do not want to miss. Ill keep you guys updated!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Katy Perry's 1ST Single Releases + NiNi Released

Despite everything that has been going on, Katy has kept her word and released her first single off her new album which is due October 25th titled "Eye Of The Tiger" Its a combo mix of Pop and Rock and she is by herself and its a really good song with a powerful message gaining much positive reviews. Click here to check out "Eye Of The Tiger" By Katy Perry. PSR has been on a sort of standstill since the incident last week and not much music or anything else has been coming, and even NiNi 's new mixtape has been pushed back, so has Kat's album, but today management says everything is back on track and all of the artists are ready to get back to work on their grind, so we should expect lots of new material coming quote "very soon" In other news, today NiNi was released from prison, but before that she was taken to the doctor and the doctors confirmed that she was in a state of shock as this happened right in front of her eyes but they said they gave her a shot a benzium corhydrate and she is much better. She was picked up by her uncle Ye who shielded her face from the hundreds of cameras out front trying to get a statement and they hopped into the limo and no one heard from her. Then 3 hours later she posted on her site for the first time in almost a month and she wrote "I had a crazy bizarre little night, I had to do some searching and I'm finally realizing that this job may not be for me *Sigh* I love you guys but I think I'm going to retire soon, don't worry I will leave you guys much new material but I think 2014 is my last year, No shows for me tonight maybe not tomorrow either so B sweetie will you hold it down for me please I just need to be home alone right now" B responded an hour later posting 'You know I will girlie just get some rest" She refused to answer any questions about India all she said was 'I hope she is OK she's a hard worker and has everything right on time, so no she is not fired she is still an artist she just needs to get her shit together but if she stops taking her medicine again she wont be that's all I'm gonna say" So looks like NiNi will be off until Monday if you have tickets for the queens show tonight in ATL still go at least you get to see one. No one at PSR is answering any questions regarding India or the incident, that's how PSR gets down for one of their own.... Rest up NiNi, hope you feel better Monday!

Sources Say NiNi Goes Crazy Ends Up In Jail!!

This is still a developing story and we don't have the full details yet, but this is what we have so far. Sources say that last night, for some reason that's still not known yet, NiNi pulled a pocket knife on her new artist India Benet and held the knife up to her neck. Some sources say she cut her throat on purpose, others say it was by accident as she moved her hand the wrong way, but regardless we do know for a fact that her throat was cut. Its not a deep gashing cut like one deep enough to cut off your air and kill you, but its a big enough cut to make you bleed a lot, which is exactly what happened to India and sources say it was a pool of blood like a quote "River" all throughout her studio. This happened around 2am this morning while Nini, India and a few other artists were still at the label working late. The other artists who were Katy Perry, Keri Hilson, Lola and Kat say they have no clue what happened as  they didn't see anything, but police don't believe them and they feel they are just covering for their boss. The security cameras didn't capture anything either as they are in the process of being repaired so they are offline, so its actually no proof that NiNi did it, the only proof comes from the fact that NiNi walked into the security office calmly and told them quote "I think you need to call the ambulance for India" She then simply walked off and sat quietly in her studio. Sources say  that when the security arrived in India's studio they were shocked at how much blood there was and she was laying there shaking and it was straight out of a horror movie. Still they covered for NiNi saying that they didn't hear or see anything at all and they insist that NiNi was panicked about it. But the cameras in the security office are working and they tell a different story which shows her walking in calmly and spots of blood can even be seen on her hands as she walks out. The ambulance arrived at around 215am and they called the police and NiNi was still sitting there quietly and they checked the camera's but before they did one of her security guards were arrested for trying to erase the tape. He didn't have a chance too though. They viewed the footage and placed NiNi under arrest and she went without a fight as if she knew she was about to get arrested, and she didn't even need handcuffs that's how cooperative she was.  This morning the world received the shocking news when police made a short statement regarding the incident saying "This morning during the early hours around 230 am we responded to a stabbing inside of PSR to a Miss India Benet and right now our main suspect is her boss Miss Nisha King, who we currently have in custody, we can not comment on the circumstances or Miss Benet's condition, we ask that you respect the family in their tough time right now" The community was outraged and Ye made a very violent statement towards the Chicago Police by video tweet and he said that his niece is 1000% innocent. Her artists have also defended their boss saying its no way she could do something like that, pretty much no one not even NiNi's ex enemies and current ones believes she did that. Stay tuned for more info as we find it out! *UPDATE* We have found out that India has woken up and although she cant speak well she is able to write and sources say she wrote on a piece of paper "Get NiNi out of jail, she did nothing wrong" Cops still didn't buy it considering the fact that they all are super loyal to her but then she wrote something else which shocked everyone, saying "I did it to myself, my life is terrible I was going to commit suicide to escape all the BS in my personal, I know that's a coward move but that was my state of mind last night, please don't blame my boss she only tried to help me and I can imagine she was in shock which is the reason for her strange actions but she did try to help I swear to that, she seemed scared, she's done nothing wrong punish me if you want not her" After checking with India's doctors it has been confirmed that India has been suicidal since she was 12 years old, once she swallowed bleach and tried to hang herself but it didn't work, as she got older it got worse and she is on medication, but she hasn't been taking it which is why she had this episode. After all of this was confirmed by doctors and her parents NiNi has the OK to be released from jail with their apology. After all the booking and paperwork is complete they say she will be released later on today. Sources say her parents are so embarrassed and refused to grant any interviews, but they did apologize for not telling NiNi of her condition and that she had to experience that. NiNi though has been quiet all night staring into space not saying a word, she didn't even try to say she didn't do it which has police thinking she is in a state of shock and she will be seen by a doctor before she is released. India has refused anymore interviews as of right now. Doctors say that she will be fine and should be able to return to work if NiNi lets her within a couple weeks and being that she didn't cut too deep in her throat she didn't hit her voice box so her voice will be the same just hoarse until she completely heals up. Still developing, so stay tuned for when NiNi gets out.....

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Victoria Justice Releases First PSR Album

Victoria has only been with PSR a little over a month and she is blowing up huge, just like all the other new artists. She already has 3 number 1 hits off the label a number 1 mixtape and 3 number 1 videos as well as a highly successful clothing line  that she incorporated into PSR. And today she released her first PSR album title appropriately titled "Number 1" The album is full POP and it features: Miley Cyrus, Cymphonique, Ariana Grande, India Benet, NiNi, Monica Spears, Kat, Future, Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry. The album released at around 3pm and now its a little after 4 in Chicago and so far it has sold over 100,000 copies. The album is receiving much positive reviews and we agree with most of the reviews. Her album is available in retail stores worldwide, on her site and the PSR site for 7.99 click here to purchase "Number 1" NiNi's mixtape is something that is also gaining much attention. Not too long ago,she released her highly successful 6th album "My Sisters Keeper" and now she has confirmed she is releasing her 7th mixtape this month. We still don't have a title for it yet, but sources say it will be released on or around the 16th. Keep your eyes and ears open, this will be great

NiNi's Ex Boyfriend Speaks Up

Sorry for the long delay guys, I have been having problems with the site. But you guys really didn't miss much as NiNi hasn't been to work most of this time, no new songs have released and Kat's birthday album on the 5th has been pushed to a later date. The news today is NiNi's ex boyfriend by the name of Terry Black who did an interview with Sun Magazine and admitted to cheating on her more then 7 times through the course of their relationship. He says him and the singer were dating from the time she was 13 until 17 and within that time he slept with other women, and he says that throughout it all he feels NiNi still loves him. He said "I remember we used to always get into it about everything even at that young age, and NiNi strongly believed in no sex before marriage, and I respected that, but still I'm still a man, and when the opportunity presented itself it just happened, how can anyone cheat on a beautiful woman like her, who would want too? Unfortunately I'm the man who did and it will haunt me forever, but I still love her and I feel she still does too despite everything else". He also spoke on drifting apart after her career took off as well as her husband and how he is happy for the two no matter what and called their relationship powerful and beautiful. he said "When her career really started blowing up, I knew we were losing each other, NiNi was a star before she was a star she was always doing something and she really didn't have time for me, when I saw her with Beith I knew I had no chance of ever winning her back, and I just have to respect that he's a lucky guy, I think they go good together its a powerful combination with those two and I'm happy for them, but regardless I will always be haunted by my actions with her, I was young and dumb and I'd do anything to correct all my wrongs with her because she really is a great woman" . NiNi herself sort of mentioned him early last year where she said "When I was 12 or 13 I had my first boyfriend and that lasted for a while, but at that age its not serious but it was serious to us, but I didn't have sex with him, which may account for the reason of his dirt, and then I met my husband which was only my second boyfriend at the time, and I married him, and I'm happy I've only had 2 boyfriends throughout my entire life" It is said that NiNi's 2012 song "I Don't Want You" is dedicated to her ex boyfriend Terry. Meanwhile NiNi seems to be unfazed by Terry's statements as she is getting ready to release her 4th PSR mixtape and she is back in action with a double show tonight to make up for lost time, although she did post on her site saying "Smh" We aren't sure if that is a reference to him or something else. Click here to check out his full interview!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Big Queen BDAY Show!

Today,  the two queens put on a wonderful show for BeyoncĂ©'s 32nd birthday. It was full of non stop explosions and sexy dances and they even performed their new song "Wind It Up" together which was amazing. B rocked a birthday hat throughout the 3 hour performance and at the end her best buddy even brought out a large cake with 32 candles on it and she blew the candles out while the crowd sang happy birthday to her. It was really an amazing last show and I know how much you guys probably want to see it instead of hear it so I took the liberty of recording the entire BDAY performance for you enjoy!. Click here to check it out. This show was their last together, but before the show was over they promised that we will see them together again soon on each other's solo tours, told ya lol. They are both off until the 6th and NiNi's One Woman Show kicks off on that day in New Jersey, so we wont be seeing NiNi until Friday, but we'll do our best to get you PSR news until the queen returns! Great Job and Happy Birthday To The Queen!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Did NiNi Smack An Old Lady? + Queens Are Wrapping It Up

Rumor is swirling that NiNi had on her bad girl face today and she actually smacked an elderly old 89 year old woman. Sources say that she was out in Atlanta where she has a show tonight, and they say that she got into an argument with a elderly woman who was screaming at her to cover herself up as she was wearing short shorts and a short shirt with cleavage showing, as its pushing 101 degrees today in Atlanta. After exchanging some heated words its said the older lady pushed on her and she smacked her and threatened her that if she touches her again she will put her in a grave where she belongs. They say the woman was shocked with her mouth wide open and her bodyguards rushed to get NiNi away. The woman is said  to have pressed charges on her shortly afterwards and police stormed in the building and arrested her. There are no pictures or articles to back up this story, and it comes from Live NATION which is somewhat unreliable in their stories, but we'll keep digging and let you guys know! In other news, the queens are wrapping up their time together of performing. Today and tomorrow is the last 2 days they will be performing together. After tomorrow they go their separate ways and do their own world tours. It was very fun while it lasted but now you will have to go see them separate not on the same stage, but that doesn't mean they wont ever perform together again in fact they have many songs together and new songs so we are sure NiNi will be a guest at her show and B will be a guest at NiNi'S show so not all hope is lost. The show tonight is in Atlanta at the Megadome Stadium and tomorrow will be explosive as its a birthday show for B and their last show which is said to be the most explosive ever so make sure you don't miss out on them. The show tonight begins at 10pm and is over at midnight. Tomorrow both queens are off but their explosive last bday show will still happen but early its happening at 9am and lasting until 11am afterwards they both are done and they return the 6th and when they return they will be solo on their own tours and NiNi will begin her "One Woman Show" Tour and B will begin her "Mrs. Carter" Tour, so you have two more days to see both queens in action together don't miss it. Oh and By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! LOL" Don't ask my age I'm old LOL"

NiNi's New Song Gets Official Release + NiNi Is In Another New Song

The new song that was leaked the other day by NiNi Ft TUPAC and Kelly Rowland has been officially released today with a different beat and a title of "Versus" The lyrics remain the same but the beat that was heard in the leaked version is replaced with an even better beat which we hear is produced by Kat and NiNi. The leaked version was already getting much positive reviews and the official version has quickly stolen the number one spot which previously was NiNi's song "Cold World" NiNi and Kelly have both announced that a video is coming soon for the song. Click here to check out 'Versus" by NiNi ft Tupac and Kelly Rowland. Speaking of new songs,  today a new song released by NiNi's queen buddy and it features both queens titled "Wind It Up" Its a reggae type song which is something that NiNi has never done and both women sing rap and sound like Jamaicans with the accent which sounds amazing. This song was released before the song with NiNi PAC and Kelly and it immediately hit the number one spot , but after this song released NiNi's song "Versus" released and it bumped this song to number 2 but regardless its a wonderful dance club reggae song and we can imagine if they perform it on stage or make a video for it there will be tons of sexy reggae style dancing which will be amazing to see. NiNi has said she is starting to get more and more into reggae music even announcing she will be working with  some popular reggae artists soon such as Sean Paul Beenie Man Lady Saw and more, so its no surprise to see her on this song. Click here to check out "Wind It Up" By BeyoncĂ© Ft NiNi. Whats your opinion on these two new songs?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Katy And Ri Ri Have Their Cars Stolen!

Today, Rihanna and Katy Perry had their car stolen right from the PsR parking lot. Katy's car which is a 2009 CTS had the window smashed and the ignition popped out with either a knife or a screwdriver. Rihannas car which is a 2011 BMW had its lock snatched out as well as the ignition and the wires popped out. The theft happened around 5pm this afternoon and there were no witnesses. In fact if it wasn't for Katy going out to her car to get something from it they wouldn't have even known. She informed Rihanna that her car was also stolen as they were parked right next to each other. Being that both cars were stolen minutes after each other it tells police that the thieves were working together.  PSR management immediately called the police and when they arrived they went over the security footage outside and at around 5 a large man with a black mask approached Katy's car smashed the window and pulled out within 30 seconds. Then around 502 a skinny female looking person approached Rihannas car and she snatched the lock out with a lock Snatcher and was out within 1 minute. The entire theft lasted only about 2 minutes which tells that they were professionals being that they were able to get in and out so fast. Being that they had masks on its impossible to identify them but police will try their best to locate the car by their license plate numbers. Insurance will pay to get them a new car if they can't locate them. *UPDATE* the cars were located about an hour outside Chicago in the small city of westbound Illinois. The cars were on fire which means no fingerprints can be found or no evidence can be collected. The cars were found less then 4 hours after they were stolen which tells police they just wanted to go for a joy ride and they burned them when they got tired of it which is what any professional criminal would do. Meanwhile police continue to look for the two thieves but their identities are still a mystery and they have not been located yet. Katy and RI RI will be fully reimbursed with a new car which will be sent out to them asap. That's why it's always good to have insurance. Both have said that nothing of major importance was in the car but that's not the point. Stay tuned for more INFO!

Versace Shades And Gucci Bags Added To P.W

Today some new items hit the platinum wear line. 1st up is vintage Versace glasses with or without diamonds. The ones with the diamonds are 199.99 and without diamonds is 99.99. They come in all shapes sizes and colors and for a limited time if you buy two you get one free along with free shipping. Next up is vintage Gucci handbags for women and shoulder strap Gucci bags for men. Prices range between 89.99 and 189.99 and they too come in all shapes sizes and colors and they have free shipping for the labor day holiday and the promotion is over on September 3rd. Click here to check out the new items at P.W!