Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kid Rock Blasts On Several PSR Artists, B Nini Ye

Punk rock artist Kid Rock has aired out his feelings on the current state of the music industry and the ones they call "the legends" and the greats. He was in his backyard barbecuing with his wife and son and he did an interview, where at first he talked about his love for guns and America and whatnot, but then he started to get grimy and said that "Obama Is the worst thing to happen to this country since 99 Cent stores. That made him look racist. Then he spoke on all the legend and queen talk. He said. "Look man what the fuck, yo what is it with all this worship queen god bullshit, worship the one true god, aint nobody a damn god. Yeah Beyonce Nisha Katy got a big ass and they got a nice body but yo, that's not a god,  that legend and queen title is too high to give anybody, chill with that worship shit" Kid rock began back in the early 90s and since then he has the rep of a hard rock star and he acts like a rapper more then an rock artist because he talks black and he keeps it 100% real even if it hurts your feelings. Many of his fans tweeted to B, Nini and Katy since they got named and one posted "Kid Rock did not mean anything as an insult , I promise you guys that, he's just so real and speaks his mind, but that doesn't mean he wants beef trust me" Seems like his fans don't want a war popping off because everyone knows psr is quick to enter into a war and thousands of his fans have been tweeting them all day in an attempt to avoid that since that's just his personality. Nini, B nor Katy have responded to his bold statements yet, or to the fans. He also went off on ye but kept it short. He said "Man Kanye started off good now he is the main thing that's wrong with hip hop, and the game in general, any grown ass 60 something year old man who snatches a mic from a 19 year old, that's how old she was at the time right, and try to gain her glory is an ass period, I used to love his shit, now I avoid it" Even though many people say his comments were racist, we know Kid Rock is NOT racist since he dated many black girls in the late 90s and even had a kid by one, but this man is like tupac when it comes to his mouth. Do you guys feel that's it's about to be Kid Rock Vs PSR, or do you think they'll let it slide because we all know Kid Rocks rep for being a hard ass loudmouth? We'll wait and see...  Stay tuned.....

Jamie Releases First Song + PSR Linking Up With TV Johnny?

Jamie Lynn Spears has released her first official major song off of PSR today called "Look Up To You" which you can tell is a dedication song to her big sis, and her husband. She also dedicates it to her daughter "Maddie" It's a real nice Country/Pop/Love song and it's gaining popularity around the music game. One media outlet was reported as saying "Her music reminds us of that Taylor style, its got kinda that country pop fuse and that style of music is getting very popular, so she may be the next Tay. The song is produced by Keith Urban and it's number 3 on the charts. Click here to check out "Look Up To You" By Jamie. In other news, rumor has it that Nini and PSR are linking up with the hottest jeweler in Houston and the most popular in the game TV Johnny the one who is responsible for pretty much every artists jewelry and of course he's most famous for his grills. It's rumored that psr will now start selling grills and combined with him it will be even fresher then it was. This isn't confirmed yet, but wouldn't it be cool if it was true

NiNi Responds To Electrik Red Subs, Many Say They Got Owned

NiNi obviously is trying to get everyone on the same level, yet people are still complaining, mainly the ones who have been the most vocal is Electrik Red, and even after NiNi apologized, they still are talking shit. Yesterday, they subbed hard at B and Jamie Lynn during an interview But for all their bad girl talk and acting hard, they didn't even defend themselves today when NiNi called them out, and many say  they got owned and sources say they are embarrassed by it, but hey, you really don't wanna go against the boss  right. NiNi posted "@TheRealElectrikRed, y'all got something to say, because here's the time to air out whatever y'all wanna air out, don't throw subs, keep it 100, y'all got it all twisted, and I'm beyond super sick of y'all like a disease, so what up, got something to say non sub?? #whatsreallygood" Everyone thought that it was about to be a full twitter war with them and the boss, but they didn't do anything to defend themselves, and they replied @TheRealNiNi, No, it was wrong of us to do that, we are all sorry" Many say that was the most pitiful response ever being  that NiNi called them out hard and semi disrespected them, and by  them responding with a weak response, it created the new hashtag #OWNED. Sources report that NiNi wasn't trying to embarrass them, she is just fed up with them making subs towards her and PSR when its no one Else's fault but hers, but they're putting the whole label down in a sub way. But regardless, its said that they are severely embarrassed and after all the jokes and people picking on them about their response , its said they all left work because it was getting too bad to the point people were making dog and cat noises at them as they walked by and throwing  things at them. But NiNi, as mentioned above, didn't intentionally do that, and she posted something else to the fans she said "Ay, lets get one thing clear, I'm aware that I posted on a public site, so I expect everyone to know what's going on, but this is a personal issue, it has nothing to do with ANY FUCKING BODY besides me and them, so cut the shit, or I swear you will never get another show from me again, they aren't punks, most of you can get it quick with them, they just know the right time to respond and the wrong time #ImNotPlaying" After that, everyone shut  the  hell up, and didn't say anything more about them. (Wow must be nice to have that kind of power) Anyways, Electrik Red may have responded to her defending them as they simply posted:   :) ♥"....Was that their response to her defending them? Maybe.....NiNi also claims that there is no beef between them, just regular boss/artist issues and that it will get worked out. Click here to view their tweets, or you can look above at the beginning of this blog.........Do you feel they got owned?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Is Everyone Happy That B And Jamie Joined The Team? Doesn't Seem Like It

Electrik Red, the group who let it be known UN-subliminally that they are under appreciated, under promoted and under paid in an interview last week that caused major controversy and started a beef with Sevyn Streeter may have thrown the ultimate shade today at PSR's newest members. Its no secret that the big artists that sign to PSR gets the most attention, but NiNi, after hearing Dinah and Electrik Red complain about that, she promised to fix it and make sure everyone is on the same level, but with the addition of the queen and Jamie, many feel that Electrik Red will once again take the back seat since they are nowhere near as big as either of them, and their new interview today is causing controversy and starting up some huge drama, and its not by what they "said" its by what they "did". The interviewer asked "So from what I understand, you have two new additions to your label, everyone is happy about that, how about you guys, are you excited for the new additions?" All 4 rolled their eyes and the leader said "So anyway, what else you wanna ask us?" Even the interviewer was shocked by that and paused for a minute before asking any other questions. Many say that was more insulting then saying something bad about them, because rolling your eyes and not mentioning them is like "they aren't important enough to even bring up" But many of their fans feel that they weren't trying to throw shade, but they just know deep down that they are going to be the new ones who take the shine and they will once again be forgotten, and pretty much every artist doesn't really wanna talk about another artist because it gets them bigger and they don't wanna be responsible for them blowing up because they put their names all in their mouth, and that's what many feel is what they did. But many others don't look at it like that. The group have not responded to our requests for comments, but they have caused chaos with their interview and created #RollingEyes, and if they didn't mean it as an insult, they sure as hell aren't trying to deny it. So how do the others feel? Well Jamie was first and although it is not confirmed, she may have threw some shade back in a sub way. She tweeted "Thank you guys for all the support, I still cant believe it, its mind blowing, my body is electrikfied and my face is all red I FEEL CRAZY but real good" This may be a sub for a few reasons, first she said "Electrikfied" which isn't even how you spell "Electrified" then she said "my face is all red" (Get it Electrik Red") then she said "I FEEL CRAZY" (That's the name of their newest song, and she put it in Capital bold letters, as if she was making it clear) Think about it. Next was B who posted a picture of herself that repeats itself which shows her rolling her eyes smiling and the image keeps repeating itself over and over doing the same thing, with the caption "Rolling eyes is so attractive and Electric, more people should do it, maybe you'll get more attention yup :)" Even though she didn't spell it like Jamie did, she still used the word "Electric" when it didn't even make sense in that sentence, so many people take that as a sub diss too. Electrik Red hasn't responded to their subs and the two new members haven't addressed anything or confirmed if it was a sub, but they didn't deny it either. What do you guys think? Click here to check out their interview and click here to check out the possible respond subs by Jamie and B.

NiNi Visits Beaten Girl

Multiple sources report that after her rant towards the 3 girls who beat their best friend almost to death, NiNi went to visit Myriah at the UCLA Medical Center in Atlanta which is  6 blocks from her house, and witnesses say she brought flowers and a "get well soon" balloon and she stayed for about an hour. When she exited she refused any comments on what went on inside, but she did make a small comment saying "She's strong, she has a heart of gold, way more stronger then those bitches ever will be (wink) Her family have posted a message thanking fans, PSR and especially NiNi for their support, It reads "As you can imagine this is a very hard time for us, we are confident that justice will be served for Myriah, in the meantime we would like to personally thank everyone for their support and kind words that you have been showing, Platinum Sound Records has been extremely supportive and we really appreciate it, and most importantly, we would like to thank NiNi who has the most kind heart any of us have ever seen anyone have. Thank you. xoxo" Click here to see footage of Nini entering the hospital with flowers and balloons....

PSR Responds To Tay And NiNi Ending Feud + NiNi KC Collab

Yesterday, Tay tweeted that the feud between her and NiNi is over, and although many people thought she was subbing at NiNi since NiNi didn't acknowledge it or confirm it, we now know that the truce is mutual as NiNi today tweeted a simple confirmation which was a retweet of Tay's original tweet from last night. Everyone wondered is PSR on board with the truce or is it just a truce between NiNi and Taylor. Well most of PSR agree that its a waste of their time, and they'll just let her do her and they'll do them, but they do look at the war as being officially over, and although none of them can see being friends with her or working with her for a while, most of them feel that its wasted energy. Some however do NOT feel happy with the truce of PSR and Tay, and those are the ones who she deeply offended by bringing their kids into it like Ye and Demi. People like Nessa and Lena have more personal issues with her then any other PSR artist, and they are not involved in any truce. Demi posted "Congrats to @PSR for deciding to step up and just kill it, but with me its bigger then a beef or a war, its very personal and I don't think I can ever forgive her, let alone allow myself to come to any sort of truce, it's like stabbing myself in the back, doesn't mean I'll attack her and keep going after her, if its "truced" up then fine, but I still have bad blood and I don't consider myself apart of the #PSRTRUCE and I'm happy my team understands and respects that". Sources say the 4 main people she went the hardest on is Ye, Demi, Lena and Nessa, and those are the 4 who want nothing to do with her or the truce. Do you guys feel they need to let it go and be apart of the truce, or do they have every right to not include themselves in it? Click here to check out the reactions to the #PSRTRUCE from fans and celebrites.  In other news, today a new song and a new announcement have dropped. The song is by KC and it features NiNi and its a very nice love song called "I'm There" Its been a while since we've heard NiNi sing, since she's been doing alot of rap lately, so its nice to hear those wonderful harmonies and notes that she can hit so well, and KC does equally well. It is quickly becoming a popular song and it is getting good reviews  from the industry. It is reportedly the first single off of KC's upcoming fourth PSR album which is set to be released next month. It is popular, but it still didn't hit the number 1 spot which is still NiNi and Em's song "Riding Dirty"  but it is number 2. Click here to check out "I'm There" by KC Ft NiNi. The announcement came from NiNi about her seriously delayed 12th mixtape "Keep Going" She released a short EP for free over Itunes called "I Apologize Pt 2" a little over a week ago as a way to apologize to those who are getting fed up waiting for her to release new material, and as a way to keep them satisfied until she releases it. Now we have an official date for when "Keep Going" will be released. March 5th. She posted 'SO SORRY FOR THE WAIT, #KEEPGOING #3/5 #PROMISE" Cool, keep your eyes open for that.....

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tay And NiNi Ends Feud

Looks like the bloody war between NiNi and Tay Tay is over. Tay (yes she's back, and has some serious stuff on the net about her, but read her blogs for all that )posted a tweet today that said "I'm not a kid anymore, and I realize that's exactly what I was acting like, my music and my fans are so important to me  and wars have never been a part of me since I'm a pacifist, but I allowed myself to fall into whatever the media wants to see, and for that I'm sorry. I'm sorry to the fans, my managers and I'm sorry to Nini and PSR. My actions were unacceptable and I realize that. Me and @Nini have already squashed everything, I don't know how it will turn out from this point, but we both agree it's not worth it. If the entire PSR Crew wants to jump on board that would be great and we can do this shit publicly, if not, I understand and I'll just stay out of their way #NINiTayTruce" Her statement was thought to be fake at first, but she confirmed it once again by posting a video of herself from her cell called "Not A Fucking Joke!!" question is, does the rest of PSR feel this way? Well some sources say those who weren't affected as much are willing to bury it if she personally apologizes to them like she did Nini, but others who she got real personal with like Miranda and her daughter or Demi and her son, will never ever ever ever forgive her or be cool with her regardless if Nini is or not. So looks like only nini and Taylor are being the mature ones (yup offense is meant) What do you guys think about Nini and Taylor's new truce which created the new hashtag #NiniTayTruce"? Even though Tay said that Nini is on board with this truce, Nini has not mentioned anything about it, so is this just a joke to sub on Nini and PSR? Possibly.............we'll find out though. Stay tuned...

NiNi Responds To Atlanta Girl's Vicious Beating By Best Friends + Blasts Off On A Follower

The other day a big story began circulating about a girl from Atlanta named Myriah who was set up by her so called best friends and their cousin and they all took turns jumping her and recorded it and they recorded it and put it all over the Internet. The girl claims that the Atlanta police aren't taking her serious and aren't doing anything about it even though the girls are clearly shown on the video, and she has no one to help her as she wants to see them in jail for all the pain and suffering she went through that day. She claims they called her over the house, and once she arrived, they began stomping her until she lost consciousness and when she regained consciousness, they were still beating her and she was beat and held hostage for over 3 hours.  Here’s what she said went down: “This past weekend I was set up by the two girls I called my best friends and one of they cousins. I was held down and stomped until I was unconscious. Once I gained consciousness they were still beating and stomping me. This went on for about 3 hours and then they threw and cracked my phone and hid my battery for another hour. They held me hostage! I am BLESSED to be alive and I need justice to be served because I DID NOT deserve this. If you can get the attention of any news station, attorney, or newspaper please pass this story on because Atlanta Police aren’t taking this as serious as it is. I have fatal facial and scalp contusions, post-concussion syndrome, subconjunctival hemorrhage, and busted blood vessels!”
We got our hands on some footage of the fight. In the video you can see that the girls took turns beating Myriah. However, there is a point in the video where two of the girls held Myriah down while one of the girls punched her in the face.
I’m telling y’all you can’t trust people these days. How is it that your Best friends could set you up and beat you senseless and video tape it too! Contact the Atlanta Police if you would like to see justice served! In the meantime, the queen had something to say about that. She posted "So y'all bitches called yourselves her friends for over 5 years, yet you can so viciously do that to her without a care, and then got the nerve to post the shit to the world, y'all broads need someone y'all size with your little mickey mouse looking asses, I can literally blow all you bitches down the street somewhere. Y'all think you big and bad because you put someone in the hospital with life threatening injuries? nah it means you're foul dirty bitches... Try that shit with me, I want you too, try that with someone your own size or bigger then you, I bet y'all won't, you take advantage of a girl who's smaller then you are, that shows how pussy y'all all are, y'all all look like y'all the biggest bunch of players club spongebob rejects I ever seen, and y'all tryna be cute foh, man I'll beat y'all ass and that's a threat. do something! I want one of y'all too" Neither one of them have responded to her, but sources say they have seen her post and they all are scared of her, yeah they are SUPER SUPER HARD right. smh, nah they are all sick and they don't deserve any friends, and what's even sadder is that this girl trusted them, when all the while they never gave two shits about her, and they all need to be arrested, thrown in jail and assaulted by other inmates and get it recorded. Karma is a bitch. Click here to see the video (Warning it is VERY graphic and very upsetting) And click here to see NiNi's full rant against them. Speaking of rants, just after this one, a follower of her's went on insta and posted "Dontanisha King, I love you so much but you need to act more mature then you do, you're socking the president, getting into fights everywhere you go, you're more like a rock star then the sweet lovable singer in 2008, like I said I love you so much but control yourself and chill out thanks xoxoxo" NiNi obviously didn't like that one bit and she replied "You know what, y'all fuckers can kiss my ass, y'all don't matter never will matter, ain't shit never will be shit, get the fuck out of people's life and maybe your life will be a whole lot better, do you you and Ima do me" Obviously she crushed the follower because he or she (probably a she since the screen name is "Baby Jesse") posted "I'm so sorry, I love you" She continued throughout the entire day to apologize and apparently was blocked by NiNi as she posted "I am so sorry, I just don't want to see you get hurt or anything else, and I thought I'd just say something because your actions can get you hurt, I really love you, If you're reading this, please unblock me so I'll know, if anyone can get through to her for me please let her know I'm sorry and how much I love her" Hmmm..crazy...This actually mirrors a situation that Breezy got into last week too, everyone is blasting their fans now, it looks like.... Click here to check that out..........

Jamie Lynn Spears And B Sign With PSR + Ye Called "Worst Celebrity" After Attempted Photo Shoot

Jamie Lynn


Looks like it is "To B" and the rumors are true. Sources have been reporting all morning that Jamie Lynn Spears and B have officially signed to PSR. Jamie Lynn gained fame on the hit Nickelodeon TV Show Zoey 101, and after her scandal by becoming pregnant at 15, she retired from the entertainment business to raise her child, and escape the bashing everyone was giving her. But as recent as 2013 with the help of her sister Britney, she returned as a musician in which she has already released a full Country/Pop album independently which was met with great reviews and put her career back on the map. Its been said that since returning in 2013, she has been trying to sign with PSR, but either NiNi was too busy to give her an answer, or she can never get in contact with her, it took 2 years but she finally got her wish. She also tweeted about it earlier on Twitter, confirming it posting "Platinum Sounds Records just got a new person: ME!!! Isn't that dope?.....Yeah I know :)" B hasn't confirmed anything though, but usually the queen never does confirm anything or deny anything, or even respond to half of the shit that floats around about her, she kind of just lets people interpret whatever however they want, but her manager Christina "Chrissy" Jake's has confirmed the switch. B has been at Columbia records for 20 years since she was 14 years old, and sources say that she is Columbia's best selling and most popular artist, and they really don't want her to go, since she has many people who have come close to her, but they respect her decision regardless and feel that she's going to another place that will value her talent as much as they do. But unlike Jamie, B won't be at the PSR label physically just yet, due to the fact that she has 2 weeks left of her contract with Columbia before its up for renewal, and she only has about a week left to drop her last project for them, which is her 19th Mixtape, and it wouldn't make much sense to sign herself out and pay 30 million when her contract is about to expire soon anyway. So she will ride it out at Columbia for 2 more weeks, drop her last Columbia project and when her contract expires on March 12th, she will not renew and transfer. In the meantime though, B will be a full contract PSR artist and has the ability of accessing all features of PSR even though she isn't there physically yet. Many people are excited about the two newest additions, Jamie has over 1 billion fans and now PSR has gained that many more new fans, and people have been wanting to see B there since 2011 so everyone is happy, and many fans and even media outlets and harsh critics agree that NiNi made 2 brilliant decisions. It is reported that Jamie received a 89.7 million dollar advance for signing with the label. It is unknown how much B got or if she got it yet, but some sources report that she received 100 million for advance, but that isn't confirmed. Congrats to the queen and Jamie for signing with PSR. PSR is excited too, click here to check out all the tweets about the new roomies.....In other news, Kanye is famous for his rants and his weird and crazy celeb type behavior, in fact he may be more famous for those reasons then his music. But the other day he was especially turnt up when him and his wife Kim K went for a photoshoot for Anna Wintour, the best photographer and Line Editor for Vogue. Everyone agrees she is the best, even NiNi once said if she doesn't have Anna for her shoots, she either doesn't do it, or she will be extremely upset. But obviously Ye doesn't feel that way. From the get go, he complained about it being her, as he wanted someone he personally knew. Sources say Kim had to convince him it doesn't matter and he finally agreed. Then he made the shoot go way over budget because he kept having them re shoot it because he was saying "You didn't get my girls best side" or "Nah I can't see the flowers real colorful in the back, and he made everything last 10 times longer then it should. He also called up Anna and other production photographers 60 times an hour to discuss how he wants it done and he's not feeling anything. Every celeb knows you don't  tell Anna what  to do, she knows more about you when it comes to photos, but Ye is not your average celeb, and its said that Kim had to apologize for his actions so many times to the crew because he was being so rude and disrespectful and putting everyone's work down and she was so embarrassed. In the end, Anna decided he was just too difficult to work with, and she shut it down as she didn't want to work with him anymore. A source said that "If Anna ever decides to do a shoot with them in the future, the entire staff will quit, because no one ever wants to work with them again, especially Kanye" Anna herself was quoted as saying "I thought they would be all over the moon for a Vogue shoot, its people who kill to get here, and they had it and he obviously wasn't appreciative, I respect what he does and all, but honestly, never again will I ever work with that man" Ye of course, even though he was wrong, blamed everyone else for his behavior like he always does, and had a rant on an interview about Vogue and called them "Hoodrats and black haters" Ye dude, who talks about Vogue like that? This is why he is now called the 'WORST CELEB EVER" Click here to see his response to that  title and his rant (his rant is very ridiculous) And I know he will come after me, but I have to say, Grow up, you're acting major celebrity stuck up, and not everyone is out to get you, and although I love your music, you deserve that title 10 times, just start taking responsibility for what you do, and stop blaming everyone else. Am I wrong?. What do you guys think? It's also said that he acted like a straight diva when he landed at a new York airport and fans wanted pics and autographs, click here to read that article......

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

To "B" Or Not To "B" + KC New Album Coming 3/1


Yesterday we announced that Queen B might be finally signing with the label she so rightfully deserves to be at. Since 2011 when PSR first was created, everyone said that B should be there, but she stuck at Columbia and didn't even make her own label, but now its said that her contracts are getting fucked at Columbia, and her main girl stepped in and offered her a helping hand, and told her to sign with PSR. But the question is, is this true or not? This story is still unconfirmed, since neither queen is responding to any of our requests for comments. Many people are excited about the possible new home of B, in fact, they are so excited, many people threatened to burn down Columbia Records just to make sure she has nowhere else to go and has no choice to sign to PSR. Yeah I believe them, don't you? If you don't, click here.......A series of things have happened at Columbia Records. Someone broke many windows by throwing rocks and other heavy things at it, then a small fire popped off in front of the building. No one was arrested since their security is not as strict as PSR, but seems like the fans are doing everything they can to see B at PSR. And it was over 500 million tweets (Nope, I'm not exaggerating) today supporting that decision. But my advice, and my 2 cents is, chill the hell out!!!, because this may not even be real, and it probably never was any discussion about it, so before you go out and start killing people and cause chaos, why don't you wait to hear from one of the queens and see if this is true first? Of course, that's just my opinion. In other news, KC has announced her 5th PSR album will be released MARCH 1ST 2015. Her album is seriously anticipated and the announcement excited many of her fans and PSR fans. Click here to check out her announcement. There still is no title for the new album. It is said this album will have her bestie turned enemy Nicki on it, so that should be exciting huh?

When Did Jason Derulo Leave PSR??? + Is There A New Movie From NiNi Coming Soon, Usual Suspects?

Any of you guys aware that Jason Derulo is not with PSR anymore, and hasn't been for the past 2 weeks? We sure as hell didn't. His termination must've been under the radar because it was not in the news or the tabloids at all. We only found out now because he announced to his fans that he signed with Hit Em Up Records" and made everyone scratch their heads because for the past year and a half, maybe 2, he's been PSR, so where the hell is this coming from? We contacted NiNi to ask her about what's going on, but she denied any comment saying 'I love you guys, but leave me alone k" and Jason Derulo has not responded to requests for comments, and his handlers are brushing us off. So why did J Derulo get dropped from PSR? Did he leave? Was he fired? and if so why? and why was it a secret when anyone else who ever got dropped from PSR was all over the place? These are questions that are going unanswered and may stay unanswered unless someone speaks up. In other news, rumors are circulating that NiNi will be making a new movie soon sponsored by PSR Cinemas and that it will feature all the  usual partners in crimes like the other queen and Jay, as well as new movie faces like Keri Hilson, Rihanna and Reginae Carter. The reason why this rumor started is unknown, since NiNi never made any official announcements yet, but is there a new movie from her and her crew coming soon? We hope so, since all her movies have killed the box office. Stay tuned for more info on this.....

NiNi Called "Queen Of Controversy, Not A Title She Likes, Plus New Song

NiNi has now taken the new title of "Queen Of Controversy" by multiple media outlets and magazines, and that name will stick with me. One media outlet said "Its amazing how her and Eminem are so close, think about it, he's the king of controversy, he gets in so much, and so does she, controversy loves other controversy and that's why their somewhat odd friendship is possible" But NiNi isn't liking that title at all. She posted "I feel that anybody trying to label anyone is defining something that you have no business defining, I want to make it clear that I do not endorse or support that title, nor will I ever accept it, but at the same time, its not much I can do about it, but to fans, artists whoever, please do not ever refer me by that and do not call me that, not only will you sound weird saying "What up queen of controversy" but it will piss me off, because as an artist we all have our personal and musical problems and I don't  think its fair that I'm the only one being singled out and given that title, so I don't want to hear it please, thank you xoxoxoxoxxo" NiNi is right when she says it isn't much she can do about it because, the media is not considered apart of the music game, so therefore she has no control over them like she does with the entertainment industry. Multiple outlets though, have said they will not refer to her as that, others will keep calling her that, not for money or a story, but because quote "Its true 100%" Maybe that  title is true and it does fit her and pretty much every other musician in the game, but we feel its disrespectful to her to label her anything besides what she already is and that's the queen of music, and obviously she feels that way too. How about you guys? In other news, yesterday NiNi announced that a collab between her and Em will be dropping soon, we had no idea it was this soon. Today their 3rd collab song dropped called "Riding Dirty" Although it has the same name as Chamillionaire's song, it's nothing like his song. They both display their ability to rap super fast, and their mega talent for wordplay and throwing lyrics around like its nothing. NiNi has a mega fast part that makes your head spin trying  to keep up with what she's saying, and Em, goes above and beyond fast and he recreates the supersonic verse he had in his hit song "Rap God" but faster then that, so it's extremely fast, reminds you of listening to Twista or Bone Thugs, but its a very good song, and since it was very highly anticipated, it became number 1 in less then an hour and everyone has something good to say about it, even the harshest critics, and its pretty much blowing up in every street. Its produced by Sevyn Streeter and Eminem, and the beat is beyond fire. Click here to check out 'Riding Dirty" by NiNi  Ft Eminem......

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Is B Signing With PSR? + Nini Apologizes To Her Team

Multiple sources report that number 1 will be signing to PSR in the next few weeks and apparently, PSR is super excited about it. B hasn't confirmed this directly neither has Nini, so it's unknown If this is true or not, but we sure as fuck hope it is. In other news, obviously Nini has hears all her artist's complaints and she Blames herself. She posted "I'm so sorry, I promise I will be a better leader for you guys, and everyone will have shine, it's my fault and I know that, but I promise to make it all right for you guys, on my life :(" Looks like it is true that PSR is only catering to the most royal and main people, but looks like Nini is about to change that, let's wait and see how.....Click here to check out her full  apology statement....

Electrick Red Goes Against PSR "Still Thirsty' + Sevyen Streeter New Song, Is It About Them???

PSR Group Electrik Red signed with PSR in early 2012, and between 2012 and 2013 they were on fire, but when Tinashe and KP were signed, they took the backseat, just like Fifth Harmony and we barely hear any news from them at all, unless they make their own news, and today they didn't do some subliminal shit like Dinah (from 5th harmony) they kept it real. They had an interview today and they told the interviewer that they are "BROKE' Yes Broke! 'Look, we love our home, but what we love about it is not doing us any good, we tried and tried to talk to the main ones who are in charge of things and it got brushed off, and its like "OK I got you' but yet, we're still in the back seat to make room for the main bitches though, we're broke" Then the interviewer asked "You're with the greatest label on the planet and you guys have the richest boss in the world, how exactly are y'all broke" the reply: "Yeah, like you said, we with the dopest label, got the richest boss, but not once did you say you guys are ballin' that's cuz it ain't like that, I don't even gotta name no names here man, y'all already know who's balling, and we ain't in that clique, we ain't royal so think about it" Then he asked 'well why don't you leave then if you feel you aren't getting treated with the respect you feel you deserve?" Reply; ' It ain't that easy man, its complicated, but the thing is we don't want to leave we just want equal marketing as the main ones feel me? It ain't about leaving its about equality, but why are they special, we're still thirsty , like what the hell, how can we still be thirsty AND hungry after damn near 3 years, come on man, we just feel we got the low end of our contract" They also concluded that they have no bad words for NiNi "We love NiNi as a person, as an artist and as a friend, but sometimes it is what it is really, even friends have problems sometimes, but yo, if it wasn't for her we wouldn't be here, we have nothing but respect and we would never say anything wrong towards her way, we respect her too much, and we got so much love for her SHOUTOUT TO THE QUEEN 4REAL!!" Regardless of the shoutout, they said alot,  and they let us in on the problems at PSR. Just the other day Dinah had an interview and she insinuated that her group Fifth Harmony is taking a backseat to the main ones at PSR and now it seems like Electrik Red feels the same way, but sources say that many others feel the same way, they just aren't speaking up, at least not yet, and many of the others are also broke and all the main ones are getting the most money, if you wanna be real, number 2 through 6 are the richest on PSR, the others are either broke or average. So is it about to be a contract/money war popping off soon? Guess we will find out soon. Click here to check out their full 88 minute interview. In other news, Sevyn Streeter released a new highly anticipated song today called "Get It Right" produced by Tae Burns, and many say its sub shots at Electrick Red for that interview......Click here to check out "Get It Right" by Sevyn Streeter and judge for yourself.......#PSRPACTTOVER?

Ray J Makes Sexual Remarks About NiNi, Brandy Speaks Up + Brandy And NiNi New Song And EM/NINI New Song

Today Ray J did an interview and he said some sexual remarks about the queen that was inappropriate. He was asked about his music, his upcoming projects and whatever else he's working on, but  then the interviewer asked "OK, so NiNi, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Tinashe are the four biggest artists in the world right now, do you feel threatened by them, and can we expect any collabs from you and one of them anytime soon?" He replied "threatened? for what? they all doing their thing, I can respect that, but they're in their own lane, I'm in my own lane, and the kind of lanes we're in don't usually cross paths in the way that would make me feel threatened' Then he went on to say 'All of them are bad as hell though man (laughs) especially Miss Betty (that's NiNi) I listen to her music and she is dope, she's probably the baddest female rapper, or female period in the world, and she can get it like Kim if she ever want (he looked at the camera) I'm only a phone call away ma, you want that good, I got it for you (winks)" Many felt that statement was disrespectful to the queen and inappropriate and many fans have spoken up, but the main one who spoke up is his big sister Brandy who tweeted @RayJ I'm so disappointed in you, you're pathetic, I don't even know you anymore!!" Looks like the boss is more important than family. Ray didn't reply to her. NiNi didn't respond to his comment yet either, well, not yet anyway. Click here to see his interview. In other news, speaking of Brandy, a new song has released by her today called "Gettin' My Way" which features the queen which is a old school song recycled by the Temptations called 'My Girl" and they both do amazing and compliment each other well on the song. This is their 5th collab since Brandy signed with PSR, and it's cool to see them cool with each other, since they were once in a highly public beef, but that's obviously old news. Every song they ever did together blew up, and this one is no exception, this new song has stolen the number one spot already and is blowing up in the streets big time,  produced by 'Two Time' of the group "Live And Die" and its the first time NiNi or Brandy had a song produced by a rock group, but trust me when I say they made the right choice. Click here to check out "Gettin' My Way" by Brandy Ft NiNi. Speaking of new projects, sources close to the queen say that her and number 7 (Eminem) are about to be dropping a collab, which sent the industry into a chaotic frenzy since everyone loves to hear those two together. And its not a rumor, its true, as NiNi confirmed it today by tweeting "New song soon with my homie @Eminem, OMG I'm like hella excited, I haven't been this excited since I did my first collab with @Beyonce, love ya girl, I'm a little nervous though too, because I never out-rapped him, and I think he gonna kill me on my own shit lmao #comingsoon #myfavrapper" We can't wait to hear it!! Its no word on when this new song between the queen and the king (yup, Em replaced Jay as the King of rap) is gonna drop, but we sure as fuck hope its real soon. How about you guys?

Monday, February 23, 2015

"Life Of A Call Girl" Voted Number 1 At The Box Office, The Queen's Voted Best Acting Of 2014

Nini's most recent movie "Life Of A Call Girl" has reached over 100 billion dollars on a budget of only a couple million dollars and it is considered the most successful movie of 2014. Her other newest movies "On The Run" and "Carmen 2" did well at the box office as well, but "Life Of A Call Girl"  did better and the two queen's acting skills have been voted as the best of the year as far as acting skills, and they are being nominated for best movie and best acting and best movie collab in the upcoming Tony Awards, which both queen's are said to be attending. Think they'll win?  Congrats to the two queen's and their amazing movie and other collab movies.......

PSR Has Small Fire + NiNi Cuts The Booty Show

Tons of fire engines rushed to the PSR building today on account of a call about a fire. The way the fire started is because of a security guard who is posted outside all day and night. It was his break and he took a smoke break and Tina called him inside for a second, and he flicked his cigarette, and according to the camera's he flicked it away from the building, but the wind caused it to change directions and fly back inside the building, which landed in a garbage can in the building and started the fire. Being  that security guards are allowed to take lunch and smoke breaks, he wasn't doing anything wrong, but it is unknown if the guard will be fired or not. The fire quickly spread in the lobby of the building and only destroyed a quarter of it, but no gold plaques were damaged and no major things were damaged. The couches in the lounge and some of the curtains caught fire and some of the flooring, and the total damage is only about 790 dollars, so it wasn't too bad. PSR will be closed for a couple days while they repair the destroyed part of the lobby. The security guard reportedly feels terrible and he cried because he felt it was his fault, even though most of the PSR staff and crew tried to comfort him and told him it wasn't his fault, but that isn't confirmed. Stay tuned. In other news, the new TV show "Celebrity Booties" was a big hit when it first premiered on MTV back in early 2014, and NiNi's butt was always the main feature, and she always displayed her displeasure with it for showing unauthorized images of her butt and body, and being that she rules the entertainment game, she shut it down and had it cancelled. So its no more "Celebrity Booties" and she posted "Shows like that are degrading to women, not just myself but to every woman in the world, and I don't like it, so I did something about it #hahahaha" But many people say she is a hypocrite because she shakes her best asset on stage and shows it off whenever she can, like she wants the attention of sex sells, but when someone honors her for it, she shuts it down, how do you guys feel about that???

Legends Tour Will Continue, Security Beefed Up Higher

The Legends Tour continues today, although the Washington DC location was shot up, they will come back at a later date and make it up. Today's location is in Nashville Tennessee at the Elvis Presley Arena at 8pm. (Click here to view the upcoming schedules for the north American tour, and click here to view the schedules for the overseas part of the tour) According to multiple sources, promoters, the trio , security and police are trying  to avoid of repeats of events that happened in DC, and they have been make preparations all day to ensure that no one's lives are endangered and they are increasing police presence and all 3 have armed bodyguards who will be watching over them and everyone else at all times. Its also said to be regular plain clothes cops posted outside inside and at random points throughout the block. Security measures are also being beefed up, such as, no more outside items, no matter what they are, that includes camera's and cell phones since tiny explosives ca be hidden inside, if you show up with a camera, phone, or any kinda other electronic, you either have to surrender it at the door, and pick it up when the show is over, or you won't be let it. You are not allowed to have any metal whatsoever, and the metal detectors will be stronger and be able to detect even the slightest amount of metal. Only acceptable metal, is loose change, earrings, engagement/wedding rings and nose/eyebrow piercings, if you have any other metal besides these accepted ones, you will not be allowed in, or be required to remove it and surrender it to the guards. Alcohol is also no longer allowed at the shows since Alcohol sometimes bring out the worst in people, and cops in regular clothes may be in the audience. This may sound like a huge inconvenience and many people are complaining but lots feel uncomfortable about having cops all around them, it kinda kills the mood, but its necessary to prevent another shooting, and if you can't understand that, then maybe you shouldn't be attending anyway. So for all you guys who have tickets to the show tonight, be safe, the police are doing everything they can to make sure you are. Many people are kind of scared to attend, but regardless tickets for this show sold out in under 5 minutes, so people ain't that scared obviously. NiNi Tinashe and China have apologized about the strict new rules and they grouped together on Twitter and all did a group tweet and they all posted "We understand the new measures may be a little annoying and/or confusing right now, but in order to better protect our fans as well as ourselves, it is beyond necessary, you guys come to our performances for fun and music and entertainment, and we will not settle for anything less, especially not violence, and these new security precautions are put in place to do just that. In the meantime have fun tonight guys!We will! #@NiNi #@Tinashe #@China." Have fun tonight though guys!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nini Plans To Hold Vigil For Slain Fans + Tay's Crew Charged With Conspiracy

Nini is planning on holding a candlelight vigil ti honor those who were killed last night at the show. The legends tour will continue starting Monday, but today psr is not working and the vigil will be tonight at 9pm in front of the PSR building. Family friends or spouses of the victims are welcome to attend and anyone else who'd like to show respect. Head on down to pay your respects to the deceased at the PSR candlelight vigil tonight at 9 at psr headquarters. In other news, the shooters have stepped forward and turned themselves in, they admitted it was retaliation for the fight and they say they were hired by Tay's crew to carry out the shooting. The two women that they fought with were killed and Tay's crew now face conspiracy to commit murder and aaliyah is said to be the ringleader. Their bail has been revoked and they all face up to 19 years if convicted. At least the victims are getting some justice. Stay tuned for more info. ...

Dinah's Interview Stirs Up In House Drama With The Boss

Dinah, the lead singer of the PSR group Fifth Harmony, did an interview today, but many feel that she took sub shots at her own boss during the interview. She spoke on the Drake beef that she currently is in, and she was asked how that started and she replied 'I honestly don't know, I always had nothing but respect for that man and what he does, I played his music in my car, so when he called me out it was like a slap in the face, like what did I ever do to you? but that's the thing, umm...this industry is so fake you have big names that attack smaller names for pub (that means publicity) and I think the whole situation was about pub, to see where I'm at as an artist and I get that, but still, it's a matter of growth, and where's he's at in his career, he ain't thirsty he don't need to be doing things like that, he ain't hungry you know, so its just a matter of who you hang around and what your intentions are' Then the line heard round the world, she further went on to say "Alot of people see the glamour, the fashion the fame, the money whatever and they're like "Oh I wanna be like her or him and this and that" but all that stuff comes at a price, and when you're working around negative people, negative things happen, some people only focus on the main ones, and the rest are just there to fill the label roster and dealing with situations like that, you can't artistically grow because you have no support from the main ones who are supposed to support you, because no matter what, if anyone, male, female just in general whoever, not even a celebrity says that they can make it on their own, they are lying point blank period" In case you guys didn't catch it, the reason why so many feel that that line was a sub at NiNi is because she said 'some people only focus on the main ones, and the rest are just there to fill the label roster" Its well known who the main ones are at PSR, that's Tinashe, Lena, Demi, Nicki, China, KP, and Kat, and coincidentally, those are the main ones that's blowing up the hugest, you don't even hear about the rest of PSR most of the time unless they're in drama, and yes it has been said plenty of times that those main ones would be the only ones at PSR if it was possible to have only 7 people on a label, and then Dinah just so happens to say all of that, about the main ones, and about the rest just being to fill the roster, think about it. It's very random of her to bring that up when she was talking about Drake, and in the past, its been said that Fifth Harmony are unhappy because they aren't getting promoted or marketed enough at PSR, and are tired of taking the backseat  to the 'main ones'. but that rumor died down after the group started getting more popular, but regardless though, the real truth is is that besides those main ones, the other PSR artists are not well promoted and even NiNi once said that she is making an effort to give more support to everyone, because she notices others are waiting for their light and they aren't getting it, so hey, maybe Dinah, is referring to that. When we tried to contact Dinah for comment on that interview, she was unavailable and so was NiNi. So is this #PSRPACT about to come to an end? Is it about to be NiNi VS Dinah? The other four girls from Fifth Harmony hasn't been available for comment either.....

New Song Gets Shelved + "I Apologize 2"

A new song was recorded at Sunset Studios in Hollywood a few days ago, by NiNi and her Bro Breezy which is the first collab from them in over a year, since their minor falling out. Now the two are back on great terms and they hit the studio together and finished a song that was due to be released today, but due to the events that took place last night, they both decided not to release the song and put it on the shelf for now. The reason being that, its certain lines in the song that speaks on violence, specifically talking about using guns, and shooting people, and running up in places shooting the whole place up, things like that. It's produced by King Kane and he said its a real dope gutter song, nothing new for NiNi, but new for Breezy, since he raps, but he never actually got real real gutter, and he called it the best collab of the year. It is unknown when the song will be released, or if it ever will, but both NiNi and Breezy feel the decision was for the best. She posted "I had a new song with @Breezy due to be dropping today, but I cut it, I wont release it out of respect, I'm all about respect and I feel this isn't the right time to drop it, but me and him will get some more things going soon" Breezy posted "Had a real nice song with @queenN but it won't be released sorry, its more important things then making money and that's the whole reason behind this delay' Being that he said "delay" people feel that once everything calms down, they'll release it since people are really excited to hear it, but truthfully, it is not known if the song will ever drop. Speaking of delays though, NiNi's 11th mixtape called 'Can't Quit Now"was supposed to release since mid last month, but to this day its been constant delay after delay, with pretty much no reason why. Something like this happened on her 9th studio album "My Sisters Keeper" and she released a mixtape called 'I Apologize" which was an apology for making the fans wait so long and to keep them satisfied until it drops, and she did the same thing this time. Today, on Itunes, she released a digital EP composed of 9 new never heard of songs called 'I Apologize PT.2' and she has it available for free download.(short trivia, for those who don't know, an EP means "Equal Play" and it's not exactly an album, or a mixtape, its more like just songs thrown together for download, and you can burn them and make your own album out of it. Trivia over) The EP features hooks by Fifth Harmony, Reggie, China, Miranda, Jessica and Selena, and features Beith (a sample of one of his songs) Vanessa Hudgens and Rihanna. Click here to head over to Itunes to download NiNi'S new EP dedicated to the fans for their long wait "I Apologize PT.2' So far the EP has had over 900,000 downloads and counting and Itunes reports that the site has crashed over 40 times due to the intensity of clicks and downloads, ya bunch of hooligans lol.......

Fight Breaks Out At NiNi's Show-Shots Fired Total Chaos

Last night the first continuation show in almost 3 weeks popped off, but it wasn't a good welcome back show. From the very start drama started popping off. It was reported that Tay's crew was outside the arena and police increased their presence and arena security quietly avoided a crowd rumble by escorting the girls away. But as everyone began showing their tickets and id's and being searched to go inside, the girls returned and once again police told them politely to leave or they have to show tickets. The girls insisted they all had tickets and the security told them they have to go to the back of the line and wait their turn. They went to the back and by the time they got to the front, it just so happens that a girl in front had a group ticket for her and 3 others who were with her, the same amount of people in Tay,s crew. The girl had the ticket sticking out her bag and the head girl (Aaliyah) snatched the ticket stub out her bag quietly. The person behind them obviously saw her do it but she didn't say anything until later and the girl didn't feel her take it from her bag. When they got to the front, the girl told the security that she has a party of 4, and she was going through her bag looking for her ticket and they told her she can not enter without a ticket. Then they pushed her group to the side while she continued looking through her purse to let others in, and the girl happened to notice that the ticket Aaliyah pulled out was hers and she screamed out "That's my god damn ticket! Aaliyah looked at her up and down and said "excuse me" The girl said "Look all our names are on it! The security looked at the names and asked Tay's group what's all of your names? They all said the exact names on the ticket, so the other girl was looking bad, but they got discovered when they asked for I'd and the other girls group all pulled out their I'd with their names on it, Tay's crew couldn't do that. That's when the girl behind them spoke up and said "This one right here (she pointed to Aaliyah) took the ticket out her purse and put it in her pocket" Aaliyah started arguing with her and knowing that they were busted, she started fighting with the girl and the other girl jumped in. The police and security broke it up before it got too bad and Tay's crew was placed under arrest. The group with the real I'ds were allowed to go in and were apologized too. The other girl was also allowed to go in and the rest went smooth. Now for the actual show. When it started everyone clapped and cheered as NiNi walked on stage and she took a second to address the crowd and apologized for what went down outside and said "Hope everyone is ok" Then T and C exploded from a blast of fire onto the stage and were met with loud roars and cheers. The first half of the show went fine and some big names were in the crowd like Rick Ross, Paris Hilton and Michelle Obama and the trio performed their most popular songs and collabs and dance moves and ensured that not a bored minute was possible. The second half however is when things started going bad. Over the walkie talkies a voice said that "We think we have some trouble, lock all the doors for now.  The security in the aisles ran but no one thought much of it due to all attention being on the trio. Apparently it was a group of people outside and had guns, but when police and security got outside, no one was there and they immediately checked inside the arena to see if they somehow snuck inside. When the legendary trio started performing their new threesome collaboration song "Welcome To Cali" that's when you heard "pop pop pop pop pop" everyone heard it but no one knew if that was apart of the show since Ninis shows are always filled of things that go bang, but N T and C knew it wasn't apart of the show and they suddenly stopped performing and the music stopped and all 3 were staring out into the crowd with a confused look on their face. That's when the audience knew that wasn't part of the show, then suddenly "pop pop pop" three more shots were fired and a security officer quickly ran on stage and grabbed Nini Tinashe and China and ran them off backstage and the crowd was super panickef, people were yelling, crying and going crazy trying to get out the arena. At least 64 cops were trying to get everyone out and within 15 minutes everyone was out of the arena running away. When all was said and done police reported that 3 people were killed after being hit by stray bullets, two received minor injuries and one police officer died shortly after being taken to the hospital after being hit in the chest. Also a stage promoter was listed in serious condition after being hit in the jaw. Police searched desperately high and low for the shooter or shooters but they found no one and cameras didn't catch anything so the suspect or suspects are unknown. It is unknown if the shots were meant for N T and C, or if it was retaliation for the fight an hour earlier, but police immediately suspected Tay's crew since they were the ones causing problems from the get go, but they knew off the bat that when they were arrested they had no weapons and neither one of them could've posted bail within an hour since it takes over an hour to get booked in the system before bail is set. But being that the group has big connections in big places, they know they can hire a hit man from jail so they questioned them but they deny any involvement in the shooting. They did admit however, that the reason they were there was to fight Nini Tinashe and China, but they say that they were not planning on using any weapons or hurt anyone in that way. Police remain skeptical but without any hard evidence they can't book them on a murder charge, so all they can charge them with is disorderly conduct disturbing the peace and fighting in public, which are all misdemeanors and will most likely get thrown out and they'll just have a fine. Cops have been in the streets all day looking for the shooters and since a cop was killed, it's very personal for them but no one saw anyone suspicious besides Tay's crew and no one has any information. The public though is very involved in the case and are fully cooperating with cops to help find out who is responsible.. Cops reported that the legend trio are ok and they have nor been hurt. All 3 took to Twitter this morning to honor the dead Nini posted "I would like to give my condolences and apologies to the families of the victims, it makes my heart even sadder because it was my show and I feel the proper procedures were not followed as far as security goes. May you guys live on forever R.I.P ♡" The other two tweeted similar to that. An investigation is being conducted to find out how the person or people were able to get in when it's cameras all over and security and how guns were able to get brought in without setting off the metal detectorS and police think it mightve been an inside job, as in someone on the inside allowed the shooter or shooters to go past the metal detectors to carry out their mission, so everyone who was working last night is being questioned today. A video has gone viral today of last night and it's all over the news and the Internet.  It shows a fan recording the 3 performing and then you hear the first shots and you see the trio stop, then the person recording is heard saying what the hell was that? And then you hear the next round of shots and the person recording runs with the camera in her hand and you see the three get grabbed to safety. The video quickly ends when it appears the person falls with the camera then the screen goes black. It is unknown if she is one of the ones who  were hit and that's why she fell or if she just tripped and broke the camera. Police still haven't
released the names of the victims. Stay tuned for more info on this developing story.....

Saturday, February 21, 2015

NiNi Fires Back At Tay's Crew

Today, Tay's gang banging chick entourage sub dissed numerous members of PSR, including the queen. No one at PSR has responded to them, and although a tweet from NiNi might be a response, it wasn't clear on if it was a response, but this is clear she is the first the respond to them. She posted a few pics on Instagram of female gang members who are locked up, and it shows them dropping the soap, and getting abused by the police, and she posted the caption "I'm the police y'all the prisoners, welcome to my jail" She further went and called all them out by name posting "Aaliyah, you crip? Sabrina, you blood? Valerie, you're Latin King? Tae You're PIRU? OK how the fuck are all y'all even on the same team, if I was a hoover nigga I would've been murked a king bitch lets keep it real, and you so close with a RU, foh mama, y'all bitches need to read up on what a real gang is about, and FYI all of y'all are throwing up the wrong signs., Aaliyah, you throwing up Piru, thought u was crip? Sabrina, you're throwing up Rollin 20's, thought you was blood, Tae, you're throwing up Bounty, thought you was Latin King, y'all bitches faker then a 2 dollar hooker, no banging from these bitches, and y'all got the nerve to call me a wanna be. sweeties check your hand gestures before y'all speak about me mwah! :) Many Say she owned them, and after some real gangs checked out their pic, they also confirmed they are all throwing up the wrong signs for their sets, and now they are being trashed by almost every gang in America, even some overseas are calling them fake or set trippers, all because of NiNi. Neither one has responded, maybe they're embarrassed? Maybe, who knows, but now it looks like its NiNi &PSR VS Tay and NiNi VS Tay and Tay's Entourage, bloodier by the damn minute, not cool at all. Big mouth (sorry no offense) Banks may have subbed at them too posting "Um who the fuck are y'all????? oh y'all the ones who sniff after her asscrack, OK I got ya #lamebitches" It sure as hell sounds like she is referring to them, but without names, we have to call it a sub, no one else from PSR has fired back yet, but NiNi owning them has created the new hashtag #OWNED. Click here to view NiNi and Bank's fireback to Tay's crew.......What is your position is all of this?????

Tay's Crew Throws Sub Shots At PSR

Tay once again is missing and her crew suspects that PSR, especially NiNi had something to do with it, since this is the 2nd time within 2 weeks that Tay has disappeared and even police suspect foul play, and being that the queen and her crew in tangled in the hottest and bloodiest beef of 2015 with her, the main fingers from cops and other law enforcement crews is at PSR. Her crew (entourage), the same ones who threw down with the main royals at the grammy's have been released from prison and the first thing they did was take sub shots at NiNi and PSR. One posted "What's the name of a broad with the most obvious horse hair and fakest body on the planet? I'll give you a hint, this person, wants a crown so bad but probably will never get one" Either that was for queen N or queen B, but we think its for the N. That was just the first in a long line of tweets subbing towards NiNi and PSR, but they never once mentioned NiNi or PSR by name, but you can tell they went after, NiNi, Lena, Nessa, Demi, Tinashe, China, The Legends Tour, album sales, the drama surrounding PSR, Ye, Kid Ink, Jay-Z and even Tina Knowles, Solo too, and altogether they posted over 700 tweets within 2 hours subbing all of them, but the thing is they got NO LIKES for any of their tweets, except maybe 1 like, which was probably from one of them. Fans have spoken up, but it didn't turn into a full out war like the fans usually create. PSR hasn't said a word at all about their sub tweets, but NiNi may have responded in her own way posting 'LMAO Oh man too priceless!" Maybe she's laughing at them and teasing them, and most people who are being serious hate to be laughed at, but then again, maybe that post wasn't a response at all. No one else has responded to them, which had the so called leader of the entourage call them punks, and that quote "They don't want it' No one knows where Taylor is, but one girl posted "You can't silence a true artist bitches, period! You people wouldn't know anything about t rue artists with true visions with y'all wanna be weak asses, FREE TAY!" Cops are suspecting PSR has something to do with her disappearance due to the fact that they are in a war and the Grammy showdown, but since they have no proof, they can't arrest them, but they can question them, and that's exactly what they have been doing to all of them all day, and its said that NiNi got smart with one and almost got arrested, but that is unconfirmed right now. Click here to check out all of the sub tweets directed at PSR from Tay's crew........

Ye Does Interview On Hot 97 Airs Out Everything + Legends Tour Continues

Today, Ye did an interview with Hot 97 the popular new york radio station, on the breakfast club,where he talked a little bit about everything from his niece, his wife and B not liking each other, to his marriage and daughter, to Amber Rose, to Tyga and his sister in laws rumored relationship, to his outburst at the Grammy's over Beck winning over the two queens. He said that when it comes down to it, Kim, B and NiNi are friends, the media wants a beef, so they  are making it seem that way, but he says that B is like his best girl friend, and NiNi is family, so he knows for sure, that they aren't having issues with Kim, he then went on to joke saying "Maybe that have a Lebron and Kobe kinda thing (laughs) nah I ain't say that" (He's referring to Lebron James and Kobe Bryant being friends but still having their friend issues) but he says its really no where near as bad as the media makes it out to be (hate) He also says that he apologizes for his outbursts at the Grammys but he still sticks by his original way that the queens should've won. "Its like, what more do they need, that's the society we live in now, because the queens are super rich and have everything, people like what more do they really need, that's why when people just start out they win everything because they don't have nothing, but when you get to the queens level you have it all, so nobody wants to vote you, but they don't respect the hard work you still put in regardless of how big you are and that bothers me, so I stand up for what's right" He further talked about how he had to take 30 showers before Kim would sleep with him because of his relationship with Amber Rose and said that "nobody wants to be  involved with you after coming from someone like that, we all know how she is" He had a full 1 hour interview and spoke on his upcoming PSR projects, the #PSRPACT, the beefs, Taylor and pretty much everything including bringing North with him to important events and the people who say they should quote "leave her little ass home" Click here to check out his interview on the breakfast club. In other news, the "Legends Tour" continues. It went on break for a little while, but now T, N &C (What they are now known as) is continuing the 1st arm of the tour starting in Washington DC right down the street from the white house and all 3 have strict rules that Obama is NOT ALLOWED AT ALL. Michelle and and their daughters are invited, but the president is under no circumstances invited, and since this isn't a public event like the Superbowl, they have control over who comes to their show. Obama's reaction pissed people off he was quoted as saying 'Oh please, all 3 need to grow up and act their ages' But its controversy with this statement because its said that his words were seriously twisted up by a media outlet trying to get something else started. Who cares though, tickets are on sale now, the most expensive seats are front row at 5,000 a seat, but with the legend trio, its well worth it. A full schedule of the rest of the legend tour will be available on the PSR site later on, hopefully  they come to your city. Click here to purchase your tickets for the almost sold out Washington DC show tonight at 9pm (3 nosebleed seats are available and 15 front rows are still available)

Friday, February 20, 2015

2 members Of Nicki's Road Team Stabbed One Dies

2 road crew members of nicki were in Philly rehearsing for her show when they were involved in an argument outside of a bar and one Devon Pickett Who Was Known As Day Day Was killed and the other was severely wounded. Day day was known as Nicki's hype man and also produced many songs for PSR artists including Nini. Nicki tweeted about him and many others including Nini tweeted in respect for him. Click here to view the full article on what went down. RIP

Enemies Teaming Up PSR Keeping Word + The Two Queens Spotted At Country Club Together, Fuels Illuminati Rumors Again

Today 2 new songs released by 4 people that you would never expect to see collabing due to the huge amounts of drama between  them. First song is "Pick Em Up" by Nicki Ft Azaela Banks (yeah I said it) This is their first ever collab, and even before their bloody beef, they never collabed, and we see they do well together and they compliment each other's style perfectly. The song is Rap and hardcore to the max but they both rap extremely well, and Nicki even takes the time to apologize for quote "my childish bullshit" and insinuates that she has no beef, because beefs are whack. It is produced by NiNi and number 3 (Kat) and is said to be the first single from Nicki's upcoming album. Click here to check out the dope song "Pick Em' Up" by once upon a time enemies Nicki Ft Azalea Banks. Next is a song called 'Talk That Talk" which features once upon a time besties KP, and RiRi. Those two were really close before KP signed to PSR, but then she became number 2, and many say RiRi got jealous and that was the cause of their fall out, but both have constantly denied that, and KP insists that Breezy was the reason, as when RiRi got back together with him, she denied that she even knew KP because KP and Breezy don't like each other, so she put him first, but Rihanna has denied this, and so has Breezy, but regardless they became super enemies, but now due to this new pact, they have once again teamed back up, and although they were friends, they never collabed before, so this is their first collab as well. Its Pop and Reggae combined and they too sound good together. It is produced by Just Blaze and has the number 2 spot so far. Nicki and Bank's song is number 3. Click here to check out "Talk That Talk" by KP Ft RiRi. KC and Nicki (also enemies) are said to be teaming up soon to collab again, so look out for that. Seems like the #PSRPACT is sticking for now, lets hope it sticks for good, because its nice to see them this way how it should be, and NiNi is really proud of them, posting "I'm so proud of my team right now #PSRPACT" Good luck guys! In other news, yesterday, the two queens were said to be invited to the most exclusive country club in the world but many people are skeptical about the invite part due to the fact that, no  offense, both queens are black. Even the richest celebs like Oprah or Obama aren't seen at country clubs because country clubs are usually full or rich snobs who are white, and also they are the ones who owns airports or owns their own country which make their kind of rich way different than a celebrity kind of rich, so therefore, black entertainers are not usually invited which  has been a big controversy in the music game for years,until black entertainers simply gave up and created their own version of a country club,which we now know as a nightclub. So how did B and NiNi attend a super secret super rich country club, when that's never even heard of no matter how famous or rich they are? Well some people think that its due to a darker force, because trust me, if you're with them you can pretty much do anything, and they will allow the impossible to happen for you, so naturally that's what people (mostly the media, not the fans) think. Those two have been hit with dark rumors since pretty much their whole career so its nothing new, and being that they are both calling themselves queens, that makes it worse because it is a queen of the Illuminati, but neither one is changing their title that they worked so hard to get due to bullshit (that's their quote not mine) But we feel that, maybe the rules are changing, and since NiNi and B are the two most famous most royal and most richest entertainers on the planet right now, the country clubs are taking notice and accepting them as one of their own. But like always, queen N had something to say about all the drama, She tweeted "When you're accepted for the enormous amounts of work you put in, you still have talk and haters trying to bring you down its sad, nothing to do with race asses, nothing to do with any of that BS, and if you say the Illuminati one more time, Ima gonna find you and twist your head off your body" Hmm seems like we have our answer....well congrats to the two queens to being the first black entertainers accepted into a country club.....Follow their lead ladies and gentlemen :) What do you guys think?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

NiNi Poses In Panties And Bra For March Edition Of Vibe + Tyga Speaks On All The Drama Surrounding Him

For the March addition of her favorite magazine, NiNi will be on the front cover with diamond panties and and a diamond Bra. The front page photo was leaked today, but its said that she posed for the photo 3 weeks ago. The magazine wanted her to pose nude for the shoot, like so many others did before her, including, CiCi, RiRi, Keri and Kim K, but she refused saying quote 'My sister means everything to me, and she would be disgusted if I ever posed nude for anything" Gotta love that she is so into her sister right? But the way she acts over her sister has many people scratching their heads and saying there may be some incest situations involved in those two, which she has quickly shot down, and gave a great big "fuck you" to all who thins that, but that's a story for another blog, at another time.  Anyways, NiNi is not upset about the leak and she posted "Leaked Vibe photo, I knew it would happen, but I'm not mad at all, its PG-13, not rated R so I'm not bugging about it, I'm glad you guys like it :)" She also posted over 444 pictures to instagram this morning, some when she just woke up, some on  her way out, some of her in the limo, some of her at work and some of her and her girl buddies acting goofy taking selfies. She also posted 2 videos of her Twerking. We all know the queen is addicted to Insta so that's nothing new. Click here to check out her leaked March 2015 Vibe mag cover, and click here to check out her insta page for all her new photos. In other news Tyga has alot of drama surrounding him especially because of the rumor of him dating 17 year old Kylie Jenner, but today he went on a New York radio station and he denied that he is dating Kylie saying "Most people just want a story so they'll make up anything, I never left my family for her as they say, me and Blac (Chyna) had a wonderful relationship but we both decided it wasn't going to work out, and we decided to split but we still raise our son together and we have a great relationship" This comes only 2 days after a rumor started that Blac Chyna was dissing Tyga for his new relationship with Kyle and she liked several photos of Drake on FACEBOOK to piss him off being that he is beefing with him, but according to Tyga that's all false. He also said that 'Me and the Jenner's and the Kardashians live in the same hood, I've known them for too long, we always hung out, this isn't nothing new, its just now motherfuckers need a story, so they see a nigga hanging out with Kylie, its like cool lets get this story, we cool people man, leave it at that" He also spoke on DRAKE "When I did the Vibe interview (about him) I was serious, that's just how I feel about him, but I still stand by what I originally said, he makes dope music, I wont deny that, but he's fake, and that comes from my personal experience, like phone calls or whatever, we live in the same spot too, he knows my address I know his, so if it was more then just a personal disagreement, we can throw down now, but its not even all that big, the media is turning it into this war or whatever, but its just a matter of me not feeling him, and he not feeling me that's it" He cleared the air about other things surrounding him as well, like how he got out of Young Money, and his feelings towards Wayne and his assault and many other things. Click here to check out his 52 minute interview on the New York Radio station Hot 97 on The Breakfast Club......

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tinashe New Album Coming On Bday

Tinashe has announced her 3rd PSR album titled "Lost In Time" will be releases on her 24Th birthday March 5th. The album was announced late January and quickly became anticipated, but was delayed from its scheduled mid February release for unknown reasons. T's last album "Aquarius" as apart of the famous PSR album release, has sold over 1 trillion copies so far and gave her a nice spot in the music game so this new album is highly awaited. Click here to check her announcement.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

IRS After NiNi For Tax Evasion

NiNi is in the hospital, but that isn't stopping the ISR for coming after everything she has for not paying her taxes. According to the IRS, NiNi owes approximatley 800,000 dollars in back taxes and hasn't paid up. They are about to garnish all her paychecks (which means take every paycheck she gets until the money is paid) and do whatever else is necessary to get the money including taking the money that PSR has raised for her medical bills. Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 have offered to pay it got her but Nini has to be the one to do it since she has to appear on the office. They're also threatening to Sue her for her label movie and endorsement royalties if not received by the end of the month. They tried explaining to them Nini is in the hospital and needs more time, but the irs has no soul and they say sorry but they need the money. She has also been Denied from filing her taxes this year and her tax refund will be used to apply to her outstanding balance. PSR and her managers and finance accounts are trying to work out a deal so Nini can exit the hospital in peace and not end back end due to the stress of the IRS and they are trying to protect her assets. Her lawyers have also gotten involved to try and reach some sort of deal, let's hope they reach one....

NiNi Opens Eyes But Slips Back Under + PSR Is Changing But For How Long

Today the doctor has reported that Hollywood opened her eyes for a full 3 minutes. She wasn't speaking, she wasn't moving but her pupils responded to light and her body responded to pain when one of the nurses pinched her arm, so the doctor say that that is a very good sign, because it shows that the drug that she ingested that causes paralysis, is beginning to wear off, and the others should start wearing off shortly too since they were all taken at the same time. Unfortunately, after 3 minutes, she slipped back into a coma on her own, without the medicine, so she still needs more time for recovery, but doctors are confident that she may be up soon. Her body is still accepting liquid food, nutrients and vitamins through her IV tube which is also a good sign, as it shows her stomach is no longer paralyzed and the effects of the drugs are rapidly disappearing. More info if available, will be made public later on by her doctor, so stay tuned. In other news, the day that NiNi went missing, PSR had a LIVE press conference to address their issues and their in house and outhouse drama, and they made a pact to put it all to the side and stay drama free. Although, pretty no one, not even their fans believed them, they seem to be keeping their word, at least for now. Enemies are now working  together and it hasn't been the smallest amount of drama at the label since the announcement. And bad enemies Nicki and KC have teamed up to set up charities to support NiNi and many other in house enemies are teaming up with each other, Its said that Nick and KC are also teaming up to collab soon, and that the twins are working to continue their career as a group. Big question though that everyone wants to know is are they doing all of this because of NiNi, or just to make good on their word, or are they really serious about changing? No one knows right now, we just have to wait and see if they slip up. Some say they give them a week until it goes  back to normal, others have faith in them and say they will accomplish it and really be the greatest label in America. Although the entire PSR clique is still at war with TAY and Young Money, sources say they are just avoiding those situations right now, and focusing on being better people, better musicians, and better artists overall. Sounds good, lets see how long they can go......:)