Thursday, January 31, 2013

NiNi Calls Press Conference Admits Singing To A Precorded Track

After all the controversy about NiNi lip syncing at the presidents inauguration a little over a week ago, NiNi has finally broken her silence about the controversial performance and she called a press conference in New Orleans today in front of a bunch of reporters and critics. She took the mic and said "Hi everyone, I want to make it clear that I did sing to a pre recorded track, which means I recorded the part in the studio and back tracked it and lip synched to it, I did it because it was cold I really didn't have time to rehearse it with the band and I didn't want to make a mistake on such a historical moment. I didn't want to let Obama down or the whole country, who was counting on me" Then she blew everyone away by singing live the national anthem in front of everyone just to show she really can sing and she did the entire national anthem with no music no back tracking and everyone shut up after that. They gave her a loud standing ovation and she also added that she will be live at the Superbowl "Oh no that will definitely be live, this is what I was born to do, and its a very big honor to headline the Superbowl so that will be a big moment for me and that's live" She also mentioned that the thought of performing in front of over 75,000 people at the stadium then a extra 23 million people at home watching is nerve wracking "I'm very nervous I never been this nervous before, but after 4 months of preparing I'm prepared I'm ready" says NiNi. People have labeled her a very honest woman for coming out and admitting what she really did, and no one actually blames her because everyone understands why she did it, and everyone actually knows she can sing. The press conference lasted about 30 minutes which gave her enough time to sing live and show she couldve actually done it and to address the controversy surrounding it. She also mentioned "Its really common in my profession for people to do what I did, everyone does it and usually they always have a really good reason for doing it,  like I did" In other news, NiNi will be performing tonight in New Orleans at 9pm so make sure you get those tickets! See ya tonight!

Ke$ha And Katy Perry Drops New Albums

Just a quick update.....Today Ke$ha and Katy perry dropped their 2nd albums off of PSR. Ke$ha's is titled "Die Young" and Katy's is titled "Another Round" Ke$ha's album has sold 1 million copies so far and Katy's sold 5.3 million copies so far, so both of them remain in royal status with these new albums. Click here to get "Die Young" and click here to get "Another Round" Both albums are produced by NiNi and themselves and their albums are a mix of Pop and Rock R&B

Brandy Asks NiNi To Join PSR Gets Denied

This afternoon, brandy bumped into NiNi and she asked her if she can join PSR. Sources say she literally begged her, others say it was a calm meeting. But regardless NiNi said straight up No and walked away and Brandy was left looking sad and shocked at the same time. After asking Brandy how she feels about being turned down, she said in a very low voice "Its OK" but her face expression said it wasn't OK and she seemed hurt that Nini still doesn't like her, but she didn't speak on anything else. Paparazzi tried to catch up to NiNi, but after her fight she hasn't been talking really to anyone. In other news, Brandy isn't the only one, Gaga's contract is up and she wants her new home to be PSR, but unlike BRANDY she didn't ask NiNi yet, but she did mention it on twitter with a tweet that says "My contract is up, I really want a different environment, a platinum environment, yeah that sounds great" everyone immediately knew what she was referring too, but NiNi hasn't responded to her yet. Now the question to you guys is do any of you think that Brandy or Gaga would be a good addition to PSR or no?

NiNi Has Another Fight + Song Drops

Today, NiNi was involved in another fight while she was out in Houston. For the first couple hours the identity of the person she fought was unknown, but now it has been revealed that the person was Foxy's assistant 29 year old Stephanie Walkers who has been Foxy's assistant since late 2004. The fight started like this: NiNi was in Houston buying breakfast in a local little cafe and Foxy's assistant came in not knowing NiNi was in there. She came up to the counter to order and noticed NiNi standing there and she gave her a mean look and kept staring at her. NiNi walked over to her and said "Are you seeing something you want cuz if you don't stop staring at me" She said "Ain't nobody staring at you, what are you paranoid you think everything is about you?" NiNi said whatever and walked away. After they both left, Stephanie bumped into her which many witnesses say was on purpose. NiNi said "Its not that kinda day for me, I'm really not in the mood for dumb bitches like you" When she said that Stephanie became offended and she pushed NiNi and said "Who you calling a bitch" when she pushed her NiNi dropped her muffin and coffee on the ground and stumbled back a little bit. NiNi smiled at her and walked up to her and socked her in the jaw, Stephanie went down with the first hit. She was stomping her for a little while and then she picked her up and she threw her on a car and she went through the windshield glass and she was knocked out. NiNi was still about to go for more but a female fan pulled her away and was holding her back telling her that the girl isn't worth her going back to jail......and NiNi told her to let her go and she did and NiNi walked away. She didn't have bodyguards with her and she just hopped back into her limo and pulled off. Meanwhile Stephanie was still knocked out with her whole body through the windshield until police and ambulance arrived. Police questioned everyone around and even though it was thousands of witnesses, everyone said they have no idea who did that to her , cops figured people were lying but they couldn't prove it, but all of NiNi's fans were covering for her, even witnesses that works in the stores in the area saw it but they covered for NiNi, that's some loyal fans. The only reason why we now know it was NiNi is because a security camera captured the whole fight from a street camera on the block, and that tape was released to the media and you can check it out here. No word yet on if NiNi will be in trouble but the video does show the lady push her first so if anything it was self defense. The lady Stephanie is no where near as bad as Foxy and she woke up soon after ambulances arrived, and even she didn't say who did that to her she said quote "Don't worry about it I'm not pressing charges Ill handle it myself, she was taken to a hospital and she was released in 5 hours with a dislocated shoulder dislocated jaw busted nose busted mouth and a sprained back with 2 broken fingers, and even though doctors urged her to stay longer she refused and signed herself out with pain medicine. This new fight is all over the place and every media outlet is picking up the story, NiNi herself has not been seen or heard from since the incident, but we see this beef is getting even more bloody then it was before. Click here to read the full article. In other news, speaking of beefs, now the royal PSR artists are tangled up in this beef and today a song dropped which is Ye Ft Cymphonique and Katy Perry titled "You Cant Be Me" which is a diss song directed at Foxy and some of her crew, Ye raps, Cymphonique rap sings and so does Katy and the women's verses aren't too harsh but Ye seems pissed in the song calling her all kinds of bitches hoes and everything else you can call a woman and he says she is a man hiding behind a wig. The song has received much attention from everyone and is currently the hottest song out right now next to NiNi's newest song. Click here to check it out. P.S on an unrelated note, the Superbowl is 3 days aways guys, so tickets for it to see NiNi are on sale now but they are going super fast so make sure you head over to her site to get yours. And NiNi has a show tonight but not sure if shes cancelling or not Ill let you know!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rumors Are True + Nick Bails Out + NiNi Responds To Foxy

We have news coming across our desk right now that the rumors about Ri Ri and Breezy are true. Ri Ri is confirmed to be having twins, not sure on their genders yet, and she is in fact 3 1/2 months along so far. Breezy's current Girlfriend is beyond pissed and she posted on Twitter "Lots of people are saying she seduced him, she forced him blah blah blah but you know what he's a grown man, he knows how to make his own choices and that was his choice, he knew what he had home and decided to throw it away on that bitch, so if thats what he wants and thats the kind of women hes looking for she can have him she got her wish, cuz Im done me and my baby" Ri Ri responded saying "My feelings r hurt" Not sure if she was actually being serious on that or if she was being sarcastic but its  clear that she totally ruined his relationship as she has broken up with him and took their baby which no one even knew about. Breezy has not had one thing to say on anything, Not sure if the rumors about them two getting back together are true or not, but im sure that will come out soon enough. More drama comes from hip hop group Karmin, Nick has bailed on Amy for getting cheated on and he made an emotional statement saying "I love her but I cant do this anymore, I suspected but I never wanted to believe it, I still do love her I always will, but I wont share her so I wont be with her" When word got to Amy that he made this statement she cried and NiNi comforted her. It is said that being that both are signed together as a group thats how they will stay but Nick insits the relationship will be quote strictly professional, nothing more. No word from Amy Yet. Also NiNi has responded to Foxy's statement saying "Its funny how she talks about who deserves this and who doesnt when shes been in the game longer than any of us and she never reached even close to royal and she says we need to step our game up its the other way around sweetheart" Foxy hasnt responded yet, but sources say she is quote "Pissed". GANGSTA GIRL Rapper Eve has stuck up for NiNI saying "I dont blame her for what she did it was deserving in my opinion, when me and her was in it way back when I wanted to do the same thing" NiNi's other royal girl buddie Gwen Stefani stepped in too saying "She didnt do anything wrong she took care of a problem, thats how she works and people have to understand that" So everyone's on NiNi's side, but whos on Foxy's side, well according to sources NO ONE. Thats all for tonight guys check me in the morning

Is Ri Ri Pregnant?

Sources say Ri Ri asked NiNi can she take a little while off due to her expecting a baby, actually babies! It is said that she is expecting twins with none other than Breezy her on and off BF and she confided in NiNi to keep it a secret, so if that's the case how does the media know, well not because of NiNi, but apparently because of Breezy. It is said that Breezy unintentionally spilled the beans while talking to NiNi and a fan overheard their conversation in the building they were in and the person recorded their conversation and leaked it to the media. On the tape this is what the voices say that sounds just like Breezy and NiNi  "Breezy: What up sis, Yo Ri Ri is pregnant like dead ass, she having twins and its mines I know it is" NiNi: Wow really did she tell you that?" Breezy: Yeah she said she ain't fuck nobody else but me and now she's 3 months" NiNi: OK Bro you're a grown man and all but why are you still fucking around with that girl and you know you have a fiance home and a damn baby now you having 2 more, you disappoint me you really do, I'm tired of helping you out you're on you're own with this one man, you have to deal with it" Breezy "I know it just happened it wasn't planned you know me I'm trying but its hard to be completely faithful" NiNi: Well not trying to be mean but that's your problem good luck with that" Those exact words were heard on the tape and the tape was released to the media. Neither artist has spoke up on this as of yet, but Ri Ri who is normally eager to talk to the camera seemed pissed when cameras caught up to her and she wouldn't speak at all she just pushed them away and walked by, so maybe its true maybe not, but until we get some confirmation from somebody its still in rumor status. In other news, seems like Breezy isn't the only one who's cheating, Amy came back to work today after being on maternity leave for 2 months and she bought her baby to the label for a short while to meet with her team and had nick take her back home. While nick was gone, Amy met up with a guy who is actually Mike Dalson a NBA player for the Celtics and they were captured kissing in an alleyway right around the corner from PSR and Mike took a brick and smashed the camera as Amy was trying to cover her face. No word yet on Nick's reaction, but we found out that Amy and Mike have been seeing each other for a while, this wasn't just a meet and get laid type of thing in fact it is said that she was dating him before she even got pregnant by nick, which has many people saying that Nick is her number 1, but she has others when she needs something else, which doesn't make her a hoe just a guy hopper, even though a hoe is what the media is calling her now, Amy has been tightlipped ever since. Stay tuned for more info!

Nini's Royal Buddies Dragged Into Beef

Today NiNi's royal buddies(which means the royal people shes always around which are Kat, Miranda, Ye, Kelly Clarkson, OMG Girlz, Cymphonique and TIP)  have all been dragged into NiNi's beef after Foxy made a statement this morning from the hospital saying "I laugh at her so called royal crew, royal label royal status, ain't nobody in that group worthy of being royal all of them are eating off of NiNi's plate, neither one of them deserve respect they all whack and ass kissers most definitely, Kat gotta be the biggest one shes a dumb bitch who just wants to please no matter what, Cymphonique, Oh My God don't make me laugh, them OMG broads same thing they so desperate to please that woman that they do whatever whenever just like dumb ass kids, YE is just a swagger jacker, he has no swag so he steals it, Miranda is just way too funny to me she don't even deserve a record deal let alone a spot on a label, and Kelly Clarkson just need to step her shit up because she saggy as hell" Ye took it the worse, but all of them were offended by her statement. She also spoke on who she feels is the realist on PSR saying "I don't care what the fans or whoever thinks, NiNi and the royal folks ain't the realist, Big Sean TIP N The Game are the only real niggas on that label, y'all need to stop shining the spotlight on them just because they are royal and put the spot on who really deserve it" All people who were mentioned we are told is seriously upset and now all of them are involved and the new headline is "Foxy VS Royalty" Although they are pissed, neither of them has actually responded to her with a statement but sources say a diss song is being prepared but we have no confirmation of this as of right now. More details are coming and we'll let you know more later!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Beefs At PSR + NiNi Will Not Be Paid For Superbowl Performance

Alot of beefs are starting to pop off at PSR. 1st we have NiNi and Foxy (New Details On That Below) then we have Vanessa and Shanel which we found out was due to creative differences and neither one being able to agree who is to take royalties for their new song, now we have Breezy and Frank Ocean, who had a fight over the weekend in LA. Some sources say the fight was because Breezy who is a known homophobic ran into Frank and starting bashing on him for being gay, other sources say that the fight was over a parking spot that they both wanted, and others say its because Frank called Rihanna a hoe which Chris Brown took offense too. No one knows what the real reason was, but we do know it was one of those 3 we just named. Sources also say the fight was recorded from a camera from a fan who was nearby, but the video hasn't been released yet. We are told that out of all 3 beefs that's going on in PSR right now, only NiNi's beef is the bloody one, we are told Vanessa and Shanells is more personal then bloody and so is Breezy's but NiNi's is WAR. Speaking of that, new details have emerged on NiNi and Foxy. This morning Foxy woke up and she is still very weak and still has many problems that has to get better before she is ready to be released. But today she did something that no one expected, a person who is said to hate police and authority has actually pressed charges on NiNi. Police arrived at her hospital to speak with her and they asked her if she wanted to press charges and she said yes. Some say that was a punk move others say that's just her way of pissing off NiNi, regardless NiNi was picked up in Atlanta and arrested for assault in a public place. NiNi who is already on Probation was reported to her P.O who gave her a break, but being that foxy still pressed charges she still was booked and charged. Cameras captured NiNi being led out of a public restaurant in ATL and with handcuffs on her while her fans were screaming offensive things at the police. NiNi smiled at the camera and stuck her tongue out at it which people took as she was doing that to Foxy. NiNi posted her own bail and she was released with a new court date. Her fans have been bashing Foxy all morning and a crowd formed outside of her hospital shouting means things up at her, meanwhile just as usual NiNi had fun with it and posted on her website a video of her once again dressed up as foxy and laying in a hospital bed with bruises all over her and she put on her funny English accent and she was making fun of Foxy's pain and she said "Oh no I got beat up now I have to press charges on this lady because she will do it again and I'm so scared of her that I have to get her locked up." The video as usual is hilarious especially with her English accent, but Foxy's label posted a comment on her site saying "NiNi good to see you're having a good ol time with this but this is serious its not a game or a joke" NiNi replied to the comment saying "She's a mark, she's funny to me and so is this and so are y'all now get off my site fuckers" the label never responded to that. We aren't sure when her court date is, but NiNi made a statement saying "It was a bitch move but I expect that from a bitch, and all that's going to happen next is she's gonna get her ass beat again, she wants the battle but she'll get the war, foxes get slaughtered out here in the wilderness" So very bloody beef between these two, it is said that Foxy has heard all these things that NiNi did today, but she hasn't spoken on anything. Her manager says she is quote "Trying to get better" In other news, NiNi will not be paid for her Superbowl performance which is 5 days away, she decided to do it for free even though they were willing to offer her 56 million dollars for her services. No word yet on why she decided to go the free way, but many people have said its just because shes trying to show people its not all about the money with her and we actually believe that, stay tuned for more info!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Artists Speak On NiNi's Fight Foxy Still Out

Today everyone and their mama is speaking on NiNi's fight with Foxy Brown from Madonna to Gaga to Nicole Kidman to her PSR crew, and so far everyone agrees that not only did put a serious hurting on her, they are happy she did. Over the years Foxy has been known as the bully of the game and almost no one in the game likes her so everyone is happy to see one person shutting her up finally after 19 years. NiNi herself has no words on what happened, instead it seems like its not bothering her one bit as shes still preparing for her many events coming up, and she is not speaking on anything right now. Foxy however is still knocked out in the hospital where doctors say her head trauma is severe and she may be in there for a while, she has no blood on her brain but her brain is swollen and she may be unconscious for up to 2 more weeks maybe longer. Her fam has been there with her all day and some fans paid their respects too. That's all the info on that, but more details are emerging every minute so when we find out more so will you guys!

NiNi Cancels Show

Just a quick update, snow in Northern NJ have forced NiNi to cancel her show tonight in Newark, but she has promised to make it up at a later date, just hold on to your tickets and keep checking her site for the new date. Night everyone!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


A big news story just came across our desk and the details are sick! This afternoon, NiNi and Foxy Brown had a fight at a mall in Bronx NY. A fan standing nearby captured the entire fight on her iPhone and the video, although its not too clear clearly shows the queen fighting with foxy and causing some great damage to her body and her face. Check the video here (Warning, the video is extremely graphic and bloody) Sources say that Foxy did fight back as the video shows and she got some pretty decent hits, but in the end it was NiNi who caused the most damage, as we are told that FOXY has suffered a severe head concussion, a broken lip, broken jaw, broken arm, broken leg, dislocated back and a broken nose and she is unconscious in a hospital as we speak and doctors say she hasn't woken up yet. Her manager has spoken on this and said "We aren't sure exactly how or why the fight started, but its a tragedy, and we all just hope she gets better soon. Many sources claim that this was NiNi's revenge on Foxy for her speaking out on her and many of NiNi's fans said it was just a matter of time before something like this happens with one fan tweeting "We all knew no matter how busy she gets, she still has a rep to protect and she not gonna let anyone talk shit about her or to her" Many of Foxy's friends at her label said they are staying out of it because they don't know exactly whats going on and they say the doubt that NiNi started with her for no reason. NiNi's fans however have been down talking Foxy all day and many of them are happy she did what she did and NiNi will not be facing any charges for this as everyone in the mall backed her up and said that Foxy started the fight and although the video doesn't show who started it, the police don't have a case unless theres evidence to support it, which they don't have so at this time they have to go with word of mouth. The mall was shut down after the fight as it was blood all over the place and the owner of the mall decided not to press charges. The media was unable to get any statements from foxys reps or crew, but they did report she had a weird smell to her when she was being transported to the hospital. There is also another video of her crew carrying her down the street to the hospital which was shot by a passenger in the car. Click here to check out that video clip. None of NiNi's friends or artists have commented on her fight but we feel this is the beginning of what the industry calls a very bloody beef which NiNi seems to be involved in alot, but we have to wait and see what happens as times goes on, but for now this doesn't look good, NiNi however isn't letting it get to her as she is still getting ready for her show tonight in Newark, NJ which begins at 10pm at the PRUDENTIAL CENTER which will last for 2 hours, so see you guys tonight, if I get more info on this I will let you know!

Brenda Song, Khloe K, Melanie Fiona

I know that's a weird headline but these names are just a few of the folks who are trying so hard to get on NiNi's good side. Lets start with Brenda Song, a little while ago, she said she wanted to have sex with NiNi and she said that in front of the whole world and made NiNi go thru hell with the media asking her if they actually did have sex and that lasted for 2 months in the middle of last year. NiNi was pissed off at Brenda and probably still is and she caught up with her in LA late last year and confronted her about it and she made her cry in front of Brenda's family who called her "Evil and a witch" but Now Brenda knows she screwed up and has been trying since then to get back on her good side which includes sending apology letters to PSR and speaking highly of her on interviews and calling her her favorite singer. NiNi obviously isn't trying to hear it since she hasn't responded to anything yet, but Brenda is still determined to become NiNi's girl buddy. 2nd we have Khloe K who in the middle of last year went on live TV and admitted to wanting to have sex with NiNi's husband Beith and she faced months of beef with NiNI and her sisters were involved in it too for a while before it started calming down. Although Khloe said before that if NiNi hates her she cant do anything but accept it, she obviously didn't mean that because she has been also trying to be NiNi's girl buddy for the past 3 months sending her Christmas and bday gifts to the label and also like Brenda speaking highly of her and saying her ultimate bff would be someone like NiNi. But just like with Brenda NiNi isn't impressed and she hasn't been responding to Khloes many advances into friendship either.... It is said that NiNi is now good with her uncles new squeeze Kim K which pissed of Khloe so much that they fought, but that is unconfirmed at the moment as Kim K refuses to comment on her relationship with NiNi. 3rd is Melanie Fiona who as you all know, was beefing with almost every PSR artist at one point even the boss, and she put them all through so much because of what people thought was jealousy Even though they squashed the beef on stage in December, NiNi still isn't feeling her too well and Melanie knows it so shes trying to get on her good side by inviting her to her bday parties or a girls lunch date things like that. Others who also are trying to get on the queens good side now after beefing with her or bothering her in some way are, Banks, Rasheeda, Toya, Tiny JT,Willow,  Gaga (Yup I SURE DID SAY GAGA) and Lil Kim, but NiNi has not responded to anyone as of yet and she probably will not, but we will wait and see. That's all for now guys, check me out later, peace~!

NiNi's Show Last Night + Rumors Addressed

Last night NiNi had an explosive 3 hour show in Atlantic City, NJ at the TRUMP PALACE complete with explosives, glitter, confetti and of course sexy dances and costumes. Special guests were Big Sean, Ye, Cymphonique, KAT and NICKI and all artists did an amazing job. The show lasted 3 hours as mentioned and they had 3 costume changes throughout that whole time with only one break, it was definitely incredible, creative and the artistry was right on point. There was a comedy skit at the beginning which I know you guys love, so I took the liberty to record the first 2 hours of the show for y'all, the last hour is not there because my camera died but regardless you can click here to enjoy the first full 2 hours of the performance. In other news, I promised to let you guys know about rumors that's going around, and 1st off the rumor about NiNi and Rita Ora having tension has been confirmed by Rita as being false and she says quote "She gave me a rare opportunity why the hell would I disrespect her" But however she did confirm that NiNi did slap her, but she claims it wasn't because she called her a bitch, but because she was on stage with NiNi at one of her shows, and she slapped her by mistake while dancing, but she insists that she did apologize to her and she understood and said she was quote "Too Close To Her while she was dancing" 2nd the rumor about Breezy's mom is true, Breezy's mom is becoming a pain around PSR and everyone including Breezy is getting sick of her, but yes the media did put a little extra on it to make it seem worse, the argument was actually between Breezys on and off flame Rihanna as she told her to stay away from her son, but NiNi was not involved in an argument with her yet, everything they said NiNi said is actually what Rihanna said to her, but NiNi did tell her to leave her crew alone and stop bitching about her son and let him grow some nuts" but that's as far as the argument went, and although NiNi did piss her off by saying that, she still insists she has no problem with Nini. And lastly, the beef that we all been hearing about between NiNi and Foxy Brown is semi true, Foxy so called has some sort of problem with NiNi over a beat that she claims was hers and she never asked permission to use it and made millions off of it without giving her a dime or even a thank you, and she called her a "Biter" It is true that NiNi has been so busy, that she hasn't really been acknowledging the beef, but she did find time to post a picture on her site which is making fun of Foxy, which has her dressed up like foxy looking like shes about to cry with a shirt on that says "She stole my beat, but I shouldn't be worried about that, because no man would ever want me because of my looks" The photo looks hilarious but one person isn't laughing and that's Foxy who said quote "Queen my ass shes a kid grow up on my level sweetheart" NiNi hasn't responded to that statement yet. NiNi also poked fun at the lip syncing controversy with a photo that has her with a shirt on that reads Live or not live" with a big question mark and she has her middle finger up at the camera as if shes saying fuck you to all who doubt her and the shirt is obviously talking about the debate or whether she sung live or not and she is turning it into a joke which is what she is very known and popular for, other than that, she still remains tight lipped about the lip syncing controversy thing and now the new question is will she sing live or not live at the Superbowl, Sounds like the shirt right, what do you guys think?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vanessa Hudgens And Shanell Have A Fight

PSR artist Vanessa Hudgens and Young Money artist Shanel threw down earlier today, which is odd since the two dropped a song together just a couple days ago. We still aren't clear on all the details on how or why it happened, but a new beef has started and er members of PSR have said they are not in it and Young Money members also said they are not in it, and NiNi made it clear that Vanessa is not to bring any drama towards the label. Since Vanessa came out, we never saw her in a real music beef, so we aren't sure how she handles it, but we know Shanel, just like her sister loves to throw down and make diss songs at people like how she did with NICKI when she was still there, so we feel it will get hot between these two, but we have to see. In other news, speaking of beefs, it is said that Nini is in one, in fact it is said she been in one for over a month now, but due to her busy lifestyle, she has not even acknowledged it, but the beef is said to be with Foxy Brown. We still aren't sure how it started but fans say its jealousy, but we really don't know yet But when we do, so will you. Now its off to the show see you guys there, and Ill tell you guys all about it tomorrow! Peace

Whats Going On With Nini And Breezy's Mom

We all know despite his anger problem and his hard attitude, Breezy is still the biggest mama's boy on the planet, but how is that affecting NiNi. Well according to our sources, she has been complaining about little things and NiNi is getting sick of her. For example, she feels Breezy is the most popular artist on that label next to NiNi so she feels he should be assistant boss, not Tina, she also feels that he is not getting paid enough and artists who hasn't been in the game for too long or that's not close to his level are getting more than him like Kat or the OMG Girlz for example and she feels that the royal people get more special treatment than the regular artists. This is unconfirmed but its said NiNi and her met up and NiNI tried being nice but after a while she got annoyed and said "Lady get off your sons dick, he a grown ass man, he don't need you fighting his battles, he get what he deserves that's how it works the people you named are doing better than him its that simple, you got a problem, kick rocks" and walked away and left his mom looking shocked. Word is that Breezy interfered in it and was on NiNI's side but once again all this is unconfirmed, but we do know its something just don't know if its really as bad as the media is putting it or just a simple disagreement, but of course we will keep digging and let you guys know. In other news, 2 chains has released his first PSR mixtape titled "Money make the world go round" which features NiNI, Demi LAVATO, Big Sean and Jay-Z. It was posted this morning for free on the PSR site and you can go download it here. PSR artist CARLY RAE JEPSEN is also setting up to release her first PSR album and mixtape soon she announced that her first mixtape is coming in February and her first album in June, so look out for that!

NiNi Spotted This Morning And Actually Seemed Happy

This morning, NiNi was spotted in downtown Atl and camera's approached her and she actually seemed happy and eager to talk to the cameras which is odd since she always looks mean and tries to avoid them, but today she actually was willing to talk smiling the whole time and she spoke on her Superbowl performance, her album, her HBO documentary and of course her label. Even paparazzi was surprised to see her so lit up and happy, but of course since that is not normal for her some media outlets have adopted the new headline of "NiNi mustve been high" and that's just because no one is used to seeing her happy. The talk between cameras and NiNI lasted about 20 minutes and when she leaving she smiled and said "Thank you have a nice day" and paparazzi said the same to her. Others say NiNi was just being smart as every celebrity knows if you act happy to talk to them and like you have nothing to hide, they wont bother you as much, and that's exactly what happened they let her go without following her or bothering her anymore or without asking her dumb questions This technique has been used by many celebs including Ciara, Nicki, Ke$ha and Kanye West and we think maybe Nini was adding herself to that list, but then again maybe she was just happy. NiNI was also at a signing this afternoon in Atlanta and she signed 2,000 autographs before heading off in her Maserati and she confirmed that she and her friend will be in Atlantic City NJ tonight at 8pm and she announced the guests there will be Big Sean, Ye, Breezy,Nicki  and Cymphonique and the show will last 3 hours. In other news, a rumor is going around that NiNI and Rita Ora are not in tune with each other due to Rita still being young and wanting to use her fame to party and whatnot and NiNI acting like a mom making her work when she wants to play. Sources say Rita and NiNi were overheard arguing and Rita screaming "If I wanted a mom Ill go home thank you very much" and the source even says Rita called her the B word and NiNi smacked her. That is kind of believable due to the fact that Rita was spotted yesterday with a large red mark across her face, and no one knows how it got there, but officially this story is still unconfirmed, NiNi nor Rita has mentioned anything about it at this time, but many people are convinced its true Speaking on rumors it has been confirmed by Kandi that she did not say anything about NiNi and insists that that was fake and she does not want to leave PSR and says its quite quote "Comfortable" Check me out later for more news!

Friday, January 25, 2013

NiNi Releases Behind The Scenes Rehearsals Of Her Upcoming Superbowl Performance

Today on Nini's site she released a 8 minute rehearsal video which shows her and her dancers practicing for her upcoming Superbowl performance which will take place on Feb 15th less than 3 weeks away. The video shows what dances they will be performing and the routine it takes to master those dance moves. NiNi is dressed in black tights and a wife beater with her jacket tied around her waist with a bottle a water and her red bull that she drinks everytime she takes a break. The video has received over 1 million views and that made her site crash and the video shows just how busy they are preparing for this performance and it also shows how she looks with no make up which we love to see. Click here to check out the video. In other news, Nini says her favorite bud is kush. Isn't it for all of us.....After her court appearance, a news reporter asked her a question which was out of nowhere and he asked "Whats her favorite weed" and after she looked shocked she replied "Kush" and the reporter replied "Don't we all", The question was totally irrelevant to what was going on at the moment but the media is known for doing things like that, and since NiNi has a song out called "Kush" it shouldve been known what she prefers already, but the media has a way to get what they already know out of people. Bear with me guys, I know this isn't real news, but I got info on Nini and I gave it, so try not to bash me too hard. If I have any more for you guys tonight, Ill let you know, but for now that's all I got so right now, its Peace!

NiNi's Superbowl Set Leaks

An unofficial report has leaked which describes who Nini will be performing with at the Superbowl. No idea if its true or not as it comes from an unreliable source, but for those of you who may be interested which is probably all of you you can check out the list here That's all for now guys, catch ya later!

NiNi's Show Last Night + The Queens Go To Court

Last Night was NiNi's show in Jonesburg, CT at the riverside music palace in front of over 75,000 heads. It was a great comeback show but she was solo the whole night as the other queen was absent but she still did an amazing job by herself performing for 2 whole hours straight 9 songs with no breaks. Click here to check out her amazing performance. The other one may have not been present last night at the show, but she was today as both were spotted entering an Atlanta courtroom where they were hounded by paparazzi and their lawyers and managers had to shield them because it was so many camera's asking for statements and whatnot. Access to the inside of the court was banned of course but the hearing lasted about an hour, both women pleaded guilty to the charges of starting a riot causing a public disturbance and insubordination (That means disrespecting authority for the slow folks). Both pleaded not guilty to the charge of attempted and reckless assault on a police officer. The last two charges of assault were tossed out as apart of their guilty plea deal, and both women were sentenced to 3 months probation and 72 hours (that's 3 days) of community service. Their probation begins on February 1st and lasts until May 1st in which time they must report to their P,O every 2 weeks. Conditions of their probation say they aren't allowed leave the country and there will be random piss tests to check for drugs, alcohol is fine. Being that both women are mega superstars they are allowed to go wherever their work takes them but it has to be in America only, they cant go overseas until their probation is over in May. Their community service begins on Monday and lasts until Thursday, both walked away with no fines and the judge said they got off very good compared to what they shouldve got as people with less charges spent longer than 2 years in jail, but he took their jobs into consideration when making his decision and he didn't want to cause another riot by letting their fans down. Both refused to comment on this situation as of yet. But they both confirmed they will be performing tomorrow night in Atlantic City NJ at the Trump Casino, tickets sold out in less than 20 seconds so hope you guys got yours, They have no shows tonight as they both are off tonight. For more info on this story check the full article from the news here. And for those of you who have tickets see ya tomorrow night!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wiz Khalifa Admits NiNi Was His First Crush When He Came Into The Game

Today during a interview wiz admitted that when he first started in the game back in 2009, he had a major crush on NiNi he said "Man I was 20 years old fresh out of Philly trying to get heard, I met her once at one of my shows and since then I'm like damn shes fly, she became my crush right then and there, but you know as time went on I got busier and busier so its like that went away as fast as it came on, but we still good, I'm still looking to collab with her at one time or another" The media caught up with his soon to be wife Amber Rose and asked her how she feels about the comment and she said "I already knew that who didn't or doesn't have a crush on her, I did I still do its no big deal to me" Check out wiz's full interview here. In other news, recently the game hasn't been too busy since he signed with PSR, but he announced his first PSR album is coming around the same time as NiNi's although fans don't see it being any competition between the two albums, and neither do we, but the game has said he is making it better than ever. Plus he is also a feature on Nini's new album so we hear, so maybe NiNi being on a song with him will help to increase his sales, we just have to see. Also check out the new song by Jordan Sparks and Big Sean with "I Do It" check it here. Ill hit you guys up later,,,,,peace!

Nicki Minaj And Nini's Dope New Song

Today a unofficial track leaked called "Burn A L" By Nicki which features NiNi. The song was not supposed to be heard yet as its only 85% completed but regardless the track bangs super hard and all the weed smokers out there should be in love with it. At first Nicki was trying to take it down from the web to prevent anyone else from hearing it, but after seeing how popular it already is, she decided to leave it, but being that it isn't finished yet, she did not let it be available for download. She said that she will make it available on itunes when its ready in a few more days. Check out the leaked version of "Burn A L" here. In other news, speaking of Nicki, she was one of the first PSR artists among others to be happy to see NiNi back today, Nini arrived at 9am this morning and she was greeted with a huge hug by some of her artists including Nicki Breezy and Kat. Nicki spoke in an interview and said "I love my boss, she's more like a mom to us though, she takes care of us, and we get on punishment when we need too, its Just like being back home (laughs) I wont lie it can get physically hard sometimes but that goes with the job and the harder she is on us the better we do" Of course the media labeled her as an ass kisser for that statement, but at the same time they said NiNi's ass deserves to be kissed by all who know her and work with her and we actually agree with the media for once on that one.Just last week NiNI got on Nicki for her ongoing beef with Mariah Carey, they two have been fueding on and off the tv screen as they are both judges on american idol, and NiNi  is getting tired of the bickering back and forth between the two which lead Nicki to attempt to squash it but it started back up again last week when Nicki accused Mariah of being too hard on the contestants and accused her of thinking shes better than everyone who auditions, and Nini said she is getting sick of it... Nicki, who just released her last album for Young Money late last year, is already beginning work on her first PSR album and although she has no date she said quote "I wont keep y'all waiting too long" Check out her full interview with very weird hair by clicking here. Also NiNi is back as I mentioned and she mentioned that she will still be picking up where she left off with her shows, and she will be performing tonight in Connecticut but she moved it up to 7 instead of 9 so if you guys still held onto your tickets which I hope you did see ya tonight!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Miley And Amy Tweet Beautiful Pics Of Thier Newborns!+ Did NiNi Lip Sync

This evening, Amy and Miley Cyrus tweeted pics of their beautiful babies on twitter to 45 million fans. Miley tweeted a pic of herself in a hospital bed with a hospital gown and she's holding her baby boy in her arms next to her husband. The baby who has been named 'Liam Heimsworth Jr after his father,  was born last week on Tuesday at 6lbs 7oz almost 3 weeks early. Under his picture she wrote enjoy the picture because this is all you will get suckers lmao nah jp guys...well not really mwah love you guys!. Amy also tweeted a pic of her newborn baby girl who she and her fiance have named "Carla Noonan" and she looks just like Amy only smaller. Amy confirmed that little Carla was born on January 7th at 534Am at Saint Johnson's hospital in Houston TX and she called her "The greatest addition to her life" Fans have been going crazy trying to get more pictures from the two, but apparently one is all they are dishing out, but regardless their two babies right now are in the news more than their own parents are, and its currently the hottest topic in the industry, well next to Nini's new album of course. Click here to check out the adorable photos of Miley and Amy's babies! In other news, NiNi is facing controversy for her national anthem singing. In fact, every celebrity that performed there is, because it is said that Nini and the others lip synced their performances. It is said that Nini lip synced her entire performance of the national anthem at such a historical event, along with Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Rihanna and all the others. But Many celebs including Katy Perry and Michelle Williams have spoken up to defend Nini and the others,  saying that they did not lip sync at all and if they did they must be the most gifted lip syncers in the world, because their voice matched the words perfectly and feedback from the microphone was heard when Nini got too close to it. But many republicans say that she did in fact lip sync and that Obama should immediately resign from office due to the fact that if they faked it who's to say that Obama didn't fake his sworn in oath and lip synced that too, it really isnt official, so they say the whole inauguration was fake and was ruined due to fake things going on, others say its not a big deal such as J-Lo- Jennifer Hudson, MiMi, and Aretha Franklin who all say quote "Many artists lip sync at one time or another all of us had to, Obama's inauguration was a really big moment and maybe they just didn't want to screw up and that happens when you do things live that's totally understandable" They also admit they lip synced many times before when it came to special events like that. So do you guys find it to be a problem that NiNi and the others may have faked it,  or is it no big deal, and do you think all this talk about it is really necessary? Speak up people

Kandi Says She Wants Out Of PSR?

Not sure if this is true or not but sources say Kandi is no longer comfortable at PSR due to quote "High demands and chaotic outbursts from the boss" in a nutshell NiNi is crazy and sometimes hard to work with. This comes from a supposed interview she did earlier today, and it was published in Vybe magazine word for word. Kandi has been unavailable for comment, but for now you guys can check out the article here

2 New Songs Drop With NiNi! + Katy Perry Announces 2nd Album

Today Alicia Keys dropped remixes to her songs "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart" And "Put It In A Love Song" "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart Remix features NiNi and "Put It In A Love Song Remix features Nini, Katy Perry and Kat. Alicia says these two songs are past overdue as they were recorded almost a year ago, but between having her baby and personal problems, she hasn't been releasing anything, but she says she wanted to get these 2 remixes out because she loves them and feels they deserve to be heard. Alicia has been working with Nini alot recently and it is said that she is a feature on her new album and also one of the co producers for the album. Today she was asked if  she is joining PSR and she replied "No,  Me and Nini have a great working professional relationship, but I'm actually very comfortable being at my label right now, and besides by next year, Ill be running my own label, and how can I turn down being boss (laughs) Check the two songs out here. In other news, speaking of Miss Katy Perry, today she has announced that she will be dropping her second PSR album in May of this year, which is when her PSR contract expires, and she also confirmed that she will be renewing her contract for 4 years and 4 albums in May also. She is currently finishing up her first PSR mixtape which she said will be dropping for free for digital download next Monday. NiNi has posted on her site that she is feeling better and she confirmed she will be back tomorrow, and will be making up her show tomorrow night at 9pm, so I have no news on her right now, but I'll do my best to get you other PSR news throughout the day. Peace!

Monday, January 21, 2013

NiNi's Inaguration Dress And Hair Takes Our Breath Away

NiNi may have gotten to serenade the First Couple at the Inaugural Ball in 2009, but today,  she got a plum promotion: singer of the National Anthem at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. For the once-in-a-lifetime event, NiNi stepped up her fashion game like no other. She stepped out looking like the American royalty she is: She stunned in a long black dress with a swirling black floral pattern, topped off with a long black coat. Her tangerine nail polish popped against emerald jewelry and her hair... well, we've never seen such bouncy locks: NiNi's  stylist Ty Hunter confirms to us that she is wearing a Gucci dress, a Christian Dior coat and Lorraine Schwartz emeralds 3 words Fancy As Hell!
The applause started when she took her place at the Capitol to watch President Barack Obama take the oath for his second term in office. then she stopped to chat with the Rev. Al Sharpton. NiNi had a definite fan in Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who applauded eagerly after she finished singing the national anthem. She offered R&B-esque vocal riffs as she sang on and the crowd seemed to love it, cheering loudly as she finished. Clarkson, too, hit high notes  NiNi may have been the star musical attraction, but she had plenty of company from Hollywood at the Capitol.  Katy Perry and John Mayer sat side-by-side, with Perry in an orange-striped coat and wide hat, and Mayer in dark sunglasses. Ke$ha was there, too .People flocked to the colorful pop star, snapping photos and Actress Eva Longoria was seated on the platform outside the Capitol after making an appearance at a Kennedy Center performance Sunday night and cheered for her as she finished. Former Boston Celtics great Bill Russell was in the crowd, too, along with actor Marlon Wayans. It was a memorable day indeed and you can check out her amazing performance of our national anthem by clicking here We aren't sure if NiNi will still be continuing with her show tonight, as she posted on her site, "I LOVED THE INAUGURATION BUT IT LEFT ME BURNT AND KIND OF IN PAIN FROM HITTING THOSE DAMN HIGH NOTES, WOULD YOU GUYS HATE ME IF I SKIP OUT AGAIN TONIGHT?". So not really sure if we have to wait for another make up, but Ill let you guys know when I know!
Update: NiNi has informed us that she is cancelling her show tonight as she is quote "Tired" and not up to it, we had the opportunity to run into her a little while ago and she doesn't look to well she seemed dizzy and her face was really red and she seemed really flushed out and she said she just needs to rest, but she promised to make it up Thursday so she wants you to hold onto your tickets, but for now she is taking a couple days off and says she will be back on Thursday, so Ill be getting you guys PSR news just probably not Nini news until Thursday,so for now peace!

NiNi, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna To Sing At President Obama's Inauguaration Today

Well its been a hell of a night for the queen, but by Obama's request, the queen along with her presidential buddies, Kelly Clarkson and RI RI will be singing at the Presidents Inauguration later on today. Nini is set to perform first singing Our National Anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner" Kelly is second singing "The Way We Are" and RI RI is last,  singing "We Found Love" all in dedication to the president and his family. The Inauguration has already begun, but the PSR women aren't scheduled to appear there for at least another couple of hours and they will be staying all throughout the rest, to watch the president be sworn in. So far the crowd in front of the white house in D.C is 40,000 strong but is expected to bring in more as the day go on. It is being broadcast live on the news all day with special coverage, so tune in, or you can try to attend the celebration which is free, if you can deal with the cold and the crowd. We will post a video of the PSR presidential women later. In other news, speaking of Obama, it has been confirmed that Kc's Song "Fake Is What I Hate" is in fact directed at the president, but its mostly Ye who is literally attacking the president as well as Kim K. KC may have a small part in that, but not as big as the other two. NiNi was asked how she feels about the song and she said "Its a cool song what are you really expecting me to say" Obama has heard the song and dismissed it as quote "Childish" So a 3 way war with the prez from 2 royal celebs and 1 wanna be royal celeb, that's unheard of, but sure seems to be that way, although we aren't really surprised about Ye. Also speaking of Kelly Clarkson and Rihanna, they have a new song out with each other called "Tag Team" produced by TIP and it features Future on the hook. Click here to check it out. P.S Nini has confirmed on her site that after the inauguration, she will still make up her show in Connecticut tonight at 10pm so I hope you guys held onto your tickets! See you guys tonight!

The Two Queens Arrested And Released Last Night

Last night the queens skipped their show to go protest with fans in Houston TX. A 17 year old by the name of Michael Thomas went on a killing rampage and snatched up 3 little girls ages 10, 12, and 11 and decided to rape, torture and murder them and then cut their heads off, all because he was having a bad day. The boy is the son of the Sheriff in that area, and when he was caught,  his father and some of the other officers swept everything under the rug as if it never happened all because he's the sheriffs son. Citizens in the area were outraged that they would do that, and they formed a small riot to protest in front of the police station. Nini and B heard about it and were disgusted at how they covered up such a vicious crime and they both decided to go protest with the fans. The fans and the queens were out in front of the station with picket signs and bullhorns talking down about the police and how they are no better than Michael. When they joined the protest, more and more people came out to join in, and pretty soon it was over 36,000 people lined up outside shouting things to the police station, and at first the police ignored it, but it started getting louder and some people were throwing bottles inside,  and finally the sheriff came out and warned everyone to leave or they will be arrested. The crowd booed and threw things at him, and at that point he called other officers outside and they went in the crowd spraying mase on people and putting people in handcuffs, some people ran,  others still weren't moving. It became a full scale war with residents and police,  and for about 10 minutes, people were getting maced and hit with nightsticks. Then the sheriff got to Nini and he told her "Nini you move now get outta here, don't make me do anything because I will" She replied "I'm Not Moving Fucker" and he sprayed her with mace for 30 seconds in her face, and she fell to the floor gasping for air and her face was flushed out. B saw it happen and she ran up to him and screamed "NO!!!" she went on the ground with Nini and asked her if she was OK, then she stood up and said "She didn't do anything, and she raised her hand to him as if she was going to hit him, but witnesses say she wasn't going to hit him. Obviously he felt threatened by her raising her hand to him and he sprayed her and hit her in her stomach with the nightstick and she fell to the ground. In about 30 minutes they managed to clear the scene and they arrested 2,000 people in all and 1600 others including Nini and B were injured. After the riot cleared Nini and B were still on the ground and they picked them both up and put them in cuffs and charged them with starting a riot and attempted assault on a police officer and took them both in. They both received medical treatment for the mace and getting hit with a nightstick and after they were cleared they were both put in a cell together. As the cops were walking by Nini screamed "I'm suing you for police brutality fucker!" The officer replied Nini don't make this worse than it already is chill with that suing crap your status wont help you here, now if you two be good maybe we'll let you go but y'all mouth is whats going to make y'all stay keep that in mind" She flipped him the finger and he laughed and walked away. The two were in a cell from 11 last night to 4 in the morning, and once again a small riot formed in front demanding to released the queens, it didn't turn violent this time, but they remained out there from 12 to 4. NiNi and B were asleep in the cell and at 350 am they woke them up and told them they are free to go, but B was allowed to post bail for herself but Nini was not allowed to post bail for herself, but B agreed to post bail for her. Her bail was 100,000 dollars and Nini's bail was 75,000 and B paid both of their bails and they were released with their personal belongings and clothes wrapped up in a plastic bag and they left the station around 4:05 am. When they stepped out,  the crowd cheered and both women had their own limos waiting for them, they gave each other a hug and they shook their fans hands and hopped into their limos and pulled off after which the small crowd left. It is said that they both have a court date on February 1st, but as of right now, neither queen has been seen nor have they spoken on anything as of yet, but we'll let you know if anything else comes up about this. But they did say if they are up to it, they will make up the show tonight so hold on to your tickets guys!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

K.C Drops Album Faces Controversy

Today K.C Has dropped her 1st PSR album "Calling All Hearts, The Remixes" The album has remixes to all of her songs from the original album she did before coming to PSR "Calling All Hearts" Its a remix to all 17 songs on the album and its a mix of Rap/R&B and Pop. The album features NiNi, Lil Wayne, Miranda, Cymphonique, Demi Lavato, Rita Ora, Big Sean, Tyga, Jay-Z, Ashanti, Kid Sister, China, Lloyd, Christina Milian, Jhene Aiko, Solo, MIMI, JoJo and Ye. The album dropped at 12 midnight and so far has sold 600,000 copies, not exactly royal status but still high enough to land her in the PSR high sellers. The album is available on itunes and in retail stores worldwide for 10.00 and on her site for 9 dollars. Click here to buy a copy. The album however caused controversy (That Means Dispute or conflict for the slow folks) by having a song on it titled "Fake Is What I hate" which is a bonus track, and to many people it seems like she is taking shots at none other than the royal celebrities favorite guy Mr president Obama (Yes I said Obama) and his wife Michelle. It seems as if she is speaking on a presidential person that does nothing for the environment or anyone but himself, and she refers to him as quote "Faker than horsehair" When you first listen to the song it becomes obvious after a few lines by things that she says that she may in fact be referring to Obama, although she never uses his name. The song features Ye, who is publicly known to have problems with the president and he dissed Obama before calling him a "Oreo" which means a black person on the outside but white on the inside and Obama responded by calling him a jackass. Kim K is also known to have her own beef with the president and she is heard on the hook with her voice sampled. Keyshia Ye and Kim K has not responded to the allegations on the song yet, but its not one person who disagrees that they are referring to the royal family....Click here to check it out for yourself. In other news, NiNi's mixtape "I AM HERE" is officially the highest selling mixtape since jadakiss and dmx in 1994 selling over 450 million copies so far which is selling history for a mixtape, and the numbers are still going up. Also new designs have released in THE Platinum Wear line by various here to check it out. And peep the new song "Swaggalicious" by OMG Girlz Ft Diamond check it here

Selena Faces Suspension + NiNi Denies New Artists

Selena Gomez is facing heat from the boss after she was warned not to mention any other details regarding her album, but this afternoon, when she was asked if she knows anything else about it that the fans don't already know, she spoke on her being a guest on the album and it is all R&B no rap and its being produced mostly by solo and the dream. Nini found out and she was really upset at her, but Selena claims that she never said any of that, and that all she said was she doesn't know, and that the media must have used her voice to fabricate what she said, but Nini finds it odd that the media could do that when they don't even know any of that information, and PSR reps have said quote she is very upset at what happened and she may suspend Selena, but that's up to her. Nini nor Selena have been available for comment as of this moment. In other news, Nini has denied the fact that 3 new artists are joining PSR saying "No one is scheduled to join anything right now, I got too much going on to really be checking for that right now, I like Sevyn but that's only a rumor and so are the other two, maybe soon but not now" Sevyn has made a statement saying "I am looking for a new home, and I was going to contact her to see whats up, but I guess I got my answer already" So no new faces just yet guys.....Also NiNi has a show tonight in Jonesburg Connecticut at 8pm, if you guys have tickets see ya there!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is Trey Songz & Lady Gaga Joining PSR?

Word is that Nini put her differences to the side with Trey Songz And Lady Gaga a couple weeks ago, and now those two will be the new face of PSR in the coming weeks. The story broke out a couple hours ago and is being followed closely by everyone. But most people have expressed disinterest in Gaga joining saying she is not a good fit and her music is not good, but many fans especially women fans agree that Trigga would fit well just like Lloyd. Nini herself has not spoken on any of this yet so we cant confirm if its true or not. Another artist who is rumored to be joining PSR is former RichGirl artist Sevyn Streeter after a song leaked with her and Nini last week, but that hasn't been confirmed either. We will let you guys know whats what when we know whats what! In other news, it is said  NiNi is involved in Ke$ha and Keri's beef in some way, we don't know how or if its even true, but some sources say she is taking one side and making the other one mad, others say that she herself is the reason why the beef started and others say all 3 are just having tension. Lots of stories, but no confirmation on whats true or not, but if we hear something about that we will let you know.....NiNi Is scheduled to make a press conference later on today, maybe she will address some of the rumors that's been going around, regardless her lips are sealed right now, as most recently she has been denying all access to her even us, so we just have to wait and see. Check out the official article on the so called "Threesome beef" by clicking here

NiNi's Show Last Night + Here I Am Drops Today!

Last night was Nini's show at the Palace In Atlanta GA. Special guests were Ye, Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, MIMI and Ciara. The show lasted 2 hours and luckily for you guys, I recorded the entire thing for you to enjoy so enjoy....Click here to check it out! In other news, Nini has released a pre-album mixtape as something to hold her fans until her Album drops on March 5th titled "Here I Am" The mixtape contains 11 all original tracks some that we heard already and some we never heard before including her fire freestyle "I Need A Break" Rihanna, Big Sean, Jay-Z, B, Ke$ha and Ye are featured on the mixtape as well as TYGA on the hook to one of the songs. The mixtape which usually are free, was posted on her site this morning for 3.99 and sold over 298 million copies so far so its obvious that everyone is desperately seeking any new material from NiNi, and until her album "Fierce" drops this is what she gave them.....Click here to get your copy of "Here I Am"

Friday, January 18, 2013

Tiffany Evans Album Drops!

PSR artist Tiffany Evans has dropped her long awaited first PSR album titled "A New Me" today and so far it has put her in the PSR high sellers selling over 35 million copies so far. The album is a mix of R&B and Hip Hop and features Nini and the OMG girlz only. The rest of the songs are all by herself. Her album was delayed quite a bit as it was supposed to drop on New Years day, but she got it right and still kept her January time frame. The album is available in walmart Kmart Coscos and more retail stores worldwide for 8.99 and on her site for 7.99 with a free autographed T-Shirt. Click here to get a copy of "A New Me" Other albums coming this month is Katy Perry, Keri Hilson, Paul Wall, Kat, OMG Girlz, Rita Ora, Cymphonique (Mixtape for her) and Lloyd. In other news, Nini has dropped a new song this morning titled "I Need A Break" which is a freestyle that is 6 minutes long to the beat of Rhianna's song "Diamonds" and she seriously spits fire on the here to check it out!

Is Keri Pregnant By Nini's Mentor?

Word around the industry today is that PSR artist KERI HILSON is pregnant by none other than the man who served as NINI's mentor for a year, Young Money President Lil Wayne.....The talk started after supposedly Keri told a relative of hers that she was pregnant with his child, and instead of keeping it in the family, the relative leaked it to the media for financial gain. What makes it even more believable is just 2 hours after the media broke the story to the world Keri was involved in a fight with a man who many say is her cousin from her dads side, and many seem to think they fought because he leaked her business, but that is not confirmed yet. Wayne who already has 6 kids that we know about, plus a rumored 1 on the way with Karen Stefan's Aka Supahead, was not available for comment on this supposed pregnancy, but many believe it is true, after all this wouldn't be the first time he smashed on one of Nini's girl buddies. Keri also was unavailable for comment, but we will let you know something when we know. In other news, health freaks have joined together to try and convince NiNi to stop endorsing her Pepsi deal as they say she is sending out a bad message advertising soda which is bad for kids and promotes obesity and health problems later on in life. The head of the group said "We all love and respect NiNi, and this isn't any disrespect towards her, but we want to let her know that soda is bad for your health and she shouldn't be advertising a product that is just as deadly as cocaine or any other drug, she is a highly respectable powerful individual and many kids look up to her, but they are drinking more and more deadly soda products because she is the new face of Pepsi, and we just want her to be aware that she is promoting deadly harmful products" Nini has not yet responded to the petition yet, but many people are not convinced that she should stop promoting Pepsi, one fan said "So what shes doing her job that's what artists do, just because she's promoting and doing commercials for Pepsi doesn't mean everyone has to go out there and drink it, everyone has their own mind and I don't feel she should back out of her deal" In fact no one is on their side with this except other health freaks, but everyone else is all on Nini's side....What do you guys think. P.S NiNi has confirmed that after a 2 week long break from shows, she and the other queen will resume shows tonight at the palace in Atlanta Georgia at 9pm. Tickets are on sale now so make sure you get yours, see you guys tonight peace!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

NiNi Says Her Album WILL In Fact Be Coming In March + Ke$ha And Keri's Beef

NiNi has finally put all the wondering to rest about her new album in a statement she made this morning saying "Alot of the things I had going on actually was completed before I thought they would be which means I have more time than I thought I had to finish working on my album, and that means March is still my month" NiNi has also revealed the title to her new album titled "FIERCE" which is a great name to compliment all of her "Fierce" accomplishments so far. The album will be different according to Nini but she hasn't confirmed exactly what that means. Her new upcoming album is the most talked about thing ever and it made headlines when it was 1st announced and is still finding its way on the front of magazines everywhere. So get ready to be "Fierce with NiNi next month through March! In other news, Ke$ha may have put the past behind her with Melanie and squashed their beef, but soon after she squahsed that one,  another one approached, and this time its with a fellow PSR Artist and its Keri Hilson. Their beef started during a show in Canada over the weekend while they were performing together. The first half of the show went smooth, but during backstage, Ke$ha was with her team of security and bodyguards and one of them threw a bottle at one of Keri's managers for a reason that still isn't clear yet. No one saw it happen, and when Keri asked she was told that Ke$ha threw it and when Keri approached her about it, Ke$ha became offended that she would even step to her in that way. An argument started between the two which didn't last long only like a minute because they had to run back to the show, but audience members noticed tension throughout the rest of the show. As time went on more things were happening such as Keri refusing to hold up a magazine that had Ke$ha on the front page even though she herself was featured in it, and when she was asked how does she feel about working with Ke$ha she completely ignored the question and said "Anyway, next question" Ke$ha also has been doing her share of dirt. Like yesterday, Ke$ha was roasted on SNL and she said "They shouldve got Keri, now that would've been like really hilarious" And just this morning when Ke$ha was in LA doing signings,  a fan asked her "Are you and Keri tour partners now?" and she replied "Don't remind me please" It hasn't been any fights yet, just tension and we wont even go so far as to call it a beef, but its definitely something cooking up between those two, and apparently Nini isn't having it, as she stated before she is dropping problem artists, and so far she has dropped: 'The Brat" "Krazie Bone" and Jadakiss, and she said its plenty more she's just waiting to see who will be next. Will Ke$ha and Keri be next? Also Honey Cocaine has dropped a new song with Nini and Katy Perry titled "Ball So Hard" click here to check it out........

NiNi Gets Personal In New Documentary

NiNI has released a teaser to her new documentary titled "My Life"   Previews show the saucy singer stripped down to her panties and bra showing off her amazing figure in her kitchen throwing flour and whipped cream around enhancing her goddess image.
And the star reveals in the interview that when she is scared she often listens to Make Love To Me, by Rick James, before going to make love to her husband.
She said: 'If I'm scared, be scared, allow it, release it, move on. I think I need to go listen to 'Make Love to Me' and make love to my husband."
The Super Bowl halftime performer even bring cameras into her bedroom, where she jumps up and down on the bed while holding a football.
In another outtake, she heads to the kitchen, raiding the fridge and throwing around flour, cherries, whipped cream, and other baking ingredients while wearing a Roc-A-Fella chain.
She told the magazine she has finally fulfilled her life-long ambition to become a symbol of success and empowerment for ladies across the globe, but still finds it difficult to comprehend how much influence she has. She said" 'I now know that, yes, I am powerful. I'm more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand. She also said

'But I've sacrificed a lot of things, and I've worked harder than probably anyone I know in the music industry. So I just have to remind myself that I deserve it.'
Ni Ni also says having her first child, with her husband, gave her a new purpose in life.
She explained: 'I love my job, but it's more than that; I need it. Because before I gave birth, it was the only time in my life, all throughout my life, that I was lost.

NiNI shows revealing sides to her such as being half naked flirting with the camera and speaking on all her amazing accomplishments so far and she even shows a day at the beach swimming in a 2 top bikini. So many sexy takes including the one of her jumping up and down on her bed in her panties and a jacket with no bra under it and even some exclusive scenes of her doing her thing in the studio with some PSR artists. The trailer has released last night and it is expected to attract more than 400 million viewers when it drops on HBO next month right after her much anticipated Superbowl performance. Check out the trailer here. Check out exclusive pictures of the queen looking so gorgeous in snapshots from the film by clicking here..

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Did Selena And Nini Have A Fight?

That's the question that's bugging everyone right now, as sources say there was either a heated argument or a straight brawl cat fight between Nini and Selena after Selena showed up in a slutty outfit not really prepared to work. The source says that the two were literally yelling at each other and Selena told her to stop treating her like a kid, and Nini said she will when she stops acting like one. The source also says a fight broke out and some PSR security had to break it up. The source is labeled as world news music, which we don't hear from too often, but we are still trying to dig deep to find out if this deserves some light or deserves to just stay in the rumor status, Ill let you guys know! Nini and the other queen have a 4 hour show tonight in Houston, that's if it doesn't get cancelled again, tickets are on sale now so hurry here and buy yours see ya there tonight at 8!

The Media Slams Nini For Not Being There For One Of Her Artists

As you all know, last week Jhene Aiko, the 23 year old Japanese PSR singer was raped backstage at one of her shows in Newark, NJ while security sat there and turned the other way, thinking it was a joke. Ms Aiko suffered in addition to emotional trauma, alot of physical trauma such as a busted head which was hit with something heavy like a brick, severe vaginal tearing as the man mustve used a knife to penetrate her and 3 broken ribs and anal tearing as well. It went on for 35 minutes and no one seemed to notice until afterwards when she came on stage bloody and passed out. She was rushed to the hospital and she has been in a coma ever sense last week. Doctors say she may not make it, and everyone at PSR has went to visit her to pay their respects and say their final words to her, except Nini, who has not made one trip to the hospital since it happened. We know the queen is beyond busy these days, and we don't blame her...but its a different story with the media who said this earlier. "Here you have one of your artists that was viciously attacked and she cant even be bothered to show up and pay her respects, but the sad thing is whenever she is in the hospital, the main person that goes to see her over and over is Jhene, but she hasn't been there once, I feel its sad, they're just money to her, product,  but hey who isn't these days right" Of course the N's have been defending her to no end, and some PSR artists have spoken up on her behalf as well, but as far as the queen goes, she hasn't spoken up on it as of yet, and like I said before she has been keeping a low profile lately, we assume its due to her busy schedule and her many projects that's due to come early this year, but she hasn't been speaking on much of anything these days. Jhene's family is appreciative of your continued support and her family thanks all of you guys and if you would like to make a donation click here. In other news, one thing that Nini did mention a couple days ago is that 1st off her new HBO special will still be dropping in February as planned, her Superbowl performance will go on as planned, but she isn't sure if her album will still be ready in March, but she has promised that if not March then definitely April. 2nd she said she has a list of PSR artists who she is dropping because she is sick of them, and although she didn't say names she said quote "Mostly males" although she said mostly males, everyone at PSR have been keeping a low profile just like her, and many feel the reason for that is because they are scared they are the ones who will be going....What do you guys think?