Sunday, May 31, 2015


We just found out that Olivia did actually offer up a peace treaty to NiNi.  She made a statement on it too explaining her reasons for the treaty, which was pretty much the same reasons as NiNi and Erica, but unlike Erica, she would like a sit down face to face treaty and they both sign it, and her reason for that way is because she wants to talk to her and get some things off her chest before they sign it. Her peace treaty offering is good for 24 hours after which she will assume it's not accepted and it's null and void. No one else so far has offered up any peace treaties or anything else, but as mentioned yesterday it's happening slowly but surely, but it's some that's still bloody with the queen.  Hopefully all of them will come to their senses and this will all be done with because in case yall don't remember, "I can get your show canceled quick" her words not mine, and she can also get your careers canceled quick too, my words not hers. Click here to check out Olivia proposing a peace treaty to NiNi by interview.....

Keke Back + Olivia And NiNi Attempting A "Erica Dixon"??

After 2 months of maternity leave Miss Keke Palmer is back to PSR,  She was welcomed by tons of fans in front of the building snapping pics and waving. Her hair has grown back a considerable amount (unless of  course it's a offense) and she was looking pretty cute. Sources say that although it's her first day back and she hasn't been doing anything for over 2 months, she picked right back up where she left off and she already had a lot of material done before she left and she is now gathering up all that unreleased material and putting together her 5th PSR album and she has so much done that probably will be apart of the #JuneReleases. Welcome back miss Keke Looking Forward to new material from you. In other news it's said that Olivia is pulling a "Erica Dixon Move" which means she's offering up a peace treaty to Nini. That isn't confirmed right now and Olivia and her handlers aren't responding to our requests.  Does this mean only 5 will be remaining? Guess we'll just have to see....Click here to read the article from a super reliable source which details in full Olivia's alleged treaty offering. ..

Saturday, May 30, 2015

McDonald's Having NiNi Action Doll Figures

To help promote NiNi's new movie "Dont Look Back" the large fast food chain is giving away a NiNi action figure in every happy meal and every large meal from now until June 30th. Click here to read their article on their site on the promotion. ....

NiNi Spotted Hanging With Kylie Tyga And King

In the middle of the drama with Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner, NiNi might be unintentionally putting herself in the middle of it by being spotted in Miami with the two love birds and Tyga and Blac's song King. It is unknown why they were there, or why they were there with each other. NiNi has let it be known she has no more problems with the Jenner's or the Kardashian's and this isn't the first time she has been spotted with one of the Jenner sisters, or one of the Kardashian sisters (except for Kourtney) but it's the first time she was spotted with Tyga and his son along with his alleged girlfriend. Blac Chyna posted something on Twitter shortly after the sighting and many think its a sub at all 3. She posted "#TheThreeStooges" The three stooges are a group of actors from the 30's who basically were just stupid hilarious and clueless (for those who don't know) But since it was three of them (technically since we're sure she wouldn't count her own son) that hashtag might just be for them, but maybe she was watching the show and just posted that, we don't know, nor do we know why they were all together, but sources close to her say it wasn't a hanging thing, they all had a meeting at the same place in Miami and they all went together and Tyga had to bring King since Blac was not around. Who knows but hopefully Blac doesn't attack NiNi for appearing with her enemy, because we all know Blac is just like Amber, she won't shut the hell up (no offense) and yet another war is what she doesn't need, and we sure as hell don't wanna see it. BUT on the other hand, Blac and NiNi are actually cool with each other, so maybe not, but who knows. Click here to see the 4 all in Miami....

Fan Upset And Outraged What NiNi's Booking Prices Are

Would you like to see NiNi or any other PSR artist live  and up close in person? like in your own house or backyard, or pool party, or birthday party or bbq or whatever? Well you better have pretty steep pockets. Every PSR artist, including NiNi has a "Booking" tab on their website and you click it set up when and where and pay the fee. Problem is, that tab doesn't get clicked very often because that fee is something only about 5% of the world can afford. But today, one eager fan wanted to book NiNi tomorrow for her 10 year old daughters birthday, but when she saw the price she was shocked. NiNi charges $100,000 for just a 1 hour performance, anything over an hour is an extra $50,000 per hour. The fan says she tried talking to NiNi's handler or secretary and told them that her little girl loves NiNi to death and her only wish is to see NiNi and asked them to have a heart and she had 25,000 to pay her and she basically begged, but she claims they were rude and told her she is not above anyone and she will not get special treatment and she will pay what everyone else pays and they hung up on her. This is what she posted "I was shocked that they would treat fans like that, I was left standing there mouth open phone still to my ear wondering how they fee they can just disrespect people because we're the "little people". I feel charging outrageous prices like that is ridiculous when you're making triple that much every day, why charge your fans so much, how are we ever supposed to book you, why even make yourself available when you know damn well that its hardly anyone out here that's banking like you're banking. I'm still a huge fan but NiNi thats totally unneccesary and outrageous, and you should talk to your handlers I don't care who they are I still deserve respect" Her little rant gathered over 4 million likes, but of course the ride or dies came to NiNi's defense and they pointed out that yes her prices may be high, but they also pointed out that NiNi's prices are actually the cheapest out of everyone at PSR. If you want KP, you're pulling out over $550,000 and that's for a 20 minute private signing, not even a performance. Tinashe? You better have over a milli laying around because she wants $1 mil for 1 hour, and $500,000 for each extra hour. Who's the highest on PSR? That would be Cymphonique and Ye who each charge $4.9 million and that's just for one private show and one autograph which is only about 20-30 minutes and 2.2 million extra if they stay longer. So yes 100 grand is high but when you compare NiNi to her artists she's the cheapest one of her roster so the N's are saying to give her a break. Do you agree? Are all of their prices too high or since they're royal artists they should charge that high?

NiNi's Statement Towards The Love And Hip-Hop Drama, Accepts Erica Peace Treaty

A statement has released by NiNi talking about the Love And Hip-Hop war and how she doesn't really know most of them, and she is sick of hearing about it. She also mentioned that she will accept Erica's peace treaty. Click here to hear her audio. Erica heard the statement and she agreed with her that the war is getting ridiculous and that was her reason for just wanting to end it and never looked back. Although some artists do sit down face to face and sign an actually peace treaty together, but this treaty was a verbal treaty, and since NiNi accepted it on her statement, she signed it verbally, and earlier after Erica heard it, she too signed it verbally saying "OK it's peace" So looks like Yandy and Erica are two who are out of it and no longer beefing with NiNi.  Who's next? it's 6 more now (7 if you still think its a number 9) but its a slowly but surely start to ending the Love And Hip-Hop Vs NiNi war.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Erica Wants Out And Wants A Peace Treaty

Looks like the blood is starting to dry, because the first person who is stepping up trying to make peace out of all these chicks is the one you wouldn't expect which is Erica Dixon. She publicly announced "I'm just done with it, I don't want any part of it anymore, If she hears me I issue a peace treaty that's good for 48 hours, if you don't want to sign it or take any part of it, I'll just assume you don't want to end this" Click here to see more on her offering a truce from her own mouth.......

No Beef With Khandiyah

*UPDATE*Looks like number 9 is not Khandiyah as she cleared it up over Twitter shortly after the story broke out. She also confirmed that there was a fight but not with Karlie as we originally thought..... She tweeted "I don't usually feel any need to explain anything but this I have to clear up. Number 1, I do not know @nini, I am not apart of the war btwn the show and her, and I have no plans to be, 2: I have no idea how any of this started, and honestly I don't want to know, but I had no part in it. 3: I don't have a problem with her, I never had a reason to. 4: The fight was with Tahiry and not for reasons that were mentioned earlier today, but it's normal of us and its whatever. And last but not least, media people, please leave my name out of your mouths, magazines, articles, blogs and whatever else unless you have all the facts, thanks and hopefully I do not have to address this situation again" So number 9 is still open to imagination once again, but many people really close to the show feel that there is no number 9 and it stops at Erica, mainly because everyone else from all 3 versions of the show have no issues with her, so if there is a number 9, he or she isn't a cast member, it could just be someone closely affiliated with the show. But its not Khandiyah, so that's out. Thank you for your time :)

Fi5th Harmony Turning On Each Other, NiNi Isn't Having It

For the past week, the 5 ladies from Fi5th Harmony have been feuding (yup all of them) and they refuse to work or even be around each other which is making them cancel or not show up to shows, they aren't doing music at all and its so much tension that they don't even come into work most of the time. That means they are not only losing money for themselves, they're also losing money for the label and the queen isn't having it and she told them if they want to be lazy and not work they are more then welcome to leave. Thing is they don't want to leave, they want Solo contracts but since they just recently started their group contract, they can't renew for new contracts yet. It is unknown why they all started feuding but just like any music group (especially a female music group no offense) stuff like this always happens.  And of course people make up their own reasons.  One source reports that a man was dating all 5 at once and they all blame each other for it and say the other stole him (kinda believable since a lot of stuff with females is over a man) The most believable reason so far is that they have compatibility issues and just can no longer agree on anything.  The other reasons I won't even post because they're stupid. One things for sure though, if they keep this up they will be getting dropped which will be suckish so they better find out something. ...

Karlie Redd Gets In Fight With Khadiyah?, Sources Say Because Of NiNi. Is She #9?

Word is that Karlie Redd (The main Love & Hip-Hop Girl that has been defending NiNi) was in a fight with Khadiyah after she approached her and told her to back off NiNi and after a brief argument the two began fighting. The source further says that a fight between Cyn and Khadiyah was about to pop off yesterday, apparently for the same reason, but they were broken up before it got real serious. This is not confirmed and if they did fight it is not confirmed that it was over NiNi so it's all speculation. Even though it's 3 different Love & Hip-Hop shows, the entire network is connected and many cast members producers and even fans feel these women are traitors to the show and to the cast, others agree that they are doing the right thing because they aren't the only ones who are getting sick of the drama and the bad ratings due to their uncalled for BS. In fact the ones we know is on NiNi's side, aren't the only ones, it's even some assistant producers for the show that's on NiNi's side, and many production, make up and audio visual crews are with NiNi despite the fact that they work with the show. But the twist is that Hazel E and Olivia has expressed interest in possibly ending the whole thing, they did an interview and both said that if it came down to where NiNi wanted to sit down and talk it out shake hands and start over they'd be into it, but they both said knowing NiNi how they do, she won't do it because of pride, but they must don't know NiNi did something like that before. The main owners of the show want to keep the beef going because despite the negativity coming to the show due to the N's attacking  them, it also brings the show more drama which is famous in reality shows and it still is bringing them viewers, but many others feel that it's not worth it due to money viewers and ratings because someone can get hurt or worse...killed behind bloody beefs, and so far, we know that Erica Dixon and NiNi are bloody and possibly Olivia as well. So is Khadiyah number 9? We don't know, we still don't know who the 9th person is, hell it might not even be a girl, it may be a guy, after all mendeecees was brutally attacked some time ago (him and Somaya are still in the hospital) but guess we'll find out soon.......Click here to check out the various articles on this alleged fight....

Demi Releases "Bad Bitch" Has Potty Mouth + Announces 6th PSR Album

We all know that Demi has a seriously potty mouth, and that almost every other word that comes out her mouth is a curse, but today she is keeping the radio censors extra busy every time they play it. I introduce you to "Bad Bitch" which is a seriously long overdue song that NiNi put on the shelf since  earlier this year for unknown reasons. It's produced by Demi herself as well as NiNi and many say she sounds like Trina on the song, not the voice, but just with the hardcore foul lyrics which is Trina's well known style. She raps (in a singing way) on the verses and sings the hook and bridge. The song is getting great reviews, but unless you check it out on YouTube, you won't be able to enjoy it properly because the radio version is so heavily edited, you only hear about 10 words throughout the whole song. This is said to be her first single from her upcoming 6th PSR album which she announced today on Insta. The album is going to be titled "Demetria" (which is her full name) and according to her it will apart of the #JuneReleases dropping on June 27th. She also posted a pic of the album cover for it and said that it's about 91% complete and announced she will release 2 more singles from it before it releases. Click here to check out the severely explicit song "Bad Bitch" by Demi. And click here to check out her Insta album announcement and the cover for her album,...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lady GaGa Crushing On NiNi

Click here to see what I mean. ...

Tinashe And KP

A new song has released by KP and it features Tinashe on 2nd verse and on the chorus. The song is produced by KP herself and is called "When The Beat Drops" and it is a hip-pop song, meaning a combo of pop and hip-hop and the beat is really dope. This is the first time these two have collabed and they sound really good together. KP sings and T sing-raps and it fits with the vibe of the song. It is doing well mainstream and is getting good reviews, and is currently at number 2 on the charts. Click here to check out "When The Beat Drops" by KP Ft Tinashe. P.S NiNi will be in Miami tonight for a signing starting at 7pm in the Miami National park. It will last from 7-9 so get there if you wanna meet and greet the queen.....

Kelly Clarkson Joining The Legends? + Katy McPhee New Album #JuneReleases

Kelly Clarkson

Katherine McPhee
KC (Not Keyshia Cole) the first ever artist signed to PSR back in 2009 has been at PSR for 6 years and was signed to PSR only 3 days after NiNi finished building it and started running it, and within this whole time, she is the only PSR artist who has over 15 albums released on the label and every last one of those albums went platinum and she has made over 700 billion dollars for the label with album sales and tours. It's safe to say that Kelly is definitely one of the legends of PSR, but recently she has fell into the "never heard of" category, but she won't be there for long as she is about to release her 16th PSR album in early July. But before that, she is said to be joining the 2nd arm of the "Legends Tour" starting June 1st which is this upcoming Monday. Michelle Williams is also a guest from the 1st until the 3rd, Kelly is said to be the guest from the 4th to the 7th then she will begin her own world tour with Katherine Mcphee (also NHO Category, but not for long) This is about 80% confirmed as reliable sources close to her reported it, but Kelly herself, nor her managers or handlers haven't confirmed anything yet. Would you guys like to see Kelly join the Legends tour for 3 days? And don't forget, NiNi's new album and book is releasing the same day that the 2nd part of the Legends Tour begins as apart of the #JuneReleases and so far the #JuneReleases has 19 albums added to it, including all 3 Legends, should be exciting.......Also speaking of Katherine Mcphee, she too is said to be adding herself to the #JuneReleases as she is releasing her 3rd PSR album on June 23rd (her birthday) We don't have much info besides that, but stay on the lookout for more info on her upcoming album....

NiNi's Trainer Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Her??

Sources are reporting that NiNi's personal fitness trainer has been arrested after trying to sexually assault her during a training session. Rob Baker is responsible for NiNi's perfectly fit body and he has been her fitness trainer for over 2 years and provides her with strength training, diets, choreography training and weight and cardio training which is why NiNi has remained 169lbs in 2 years which is the perfect weight for someone her age. He is a good trainer, but now he is being accused of sexual assault on his most famous client. It's said that during the session, he began touching her in ways that's not like the ways trainers touch their clients, usually trainers have to do a little touching, for example they put their hands on their back to help them lift higher and etc, but he began going to her butt, boobs and........private area and she began pushing him and he kept making advances to her and her security came and got him off her and called the police who arrested him. Its said that NiNi is shaken up but nothing happened and she will be OK...She declined to talk to the press and is unavailable for comment. Stay tuned. *UPDATE* This story is NOT true. The reason that it exists is not for profit though, something DID actually happen with this man, just not with NiNi. She attended her fitness session with him at 9am this morning to 10:30am and after he left her, he apparently visited another client (not a celebrity,  who booked him) and he tried to rape her in her apartment and she called the police on him. He tried to flee but was caught 2 blocks from her house. The reason the media thought it was NiNi is because she was the last person he was known to be training so it all made sense, no one knew he went somewhere afterwards. NiNi has spoken up on the incident posting "I do NOT and WILL NOT EVER support rape, abuse or anything related, that being said I want to make a special shout out to the young lady for her courage and quick thinking to avoid a serious trauma event, I was not aware of how this man is, and although I have been with him for over 2 years, this right here just made me realize how fortunate I am for not falling prey to him. Our business relationship is officially OVER....he's a sick man and I hope he gets the help he needs" The trainer, the well known Rob Baker, has also been unavailable for comment and denied talking to the press on his way to jail. It is unknown what his bail and/or sentence is yet.....*

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

NiNi In A Severe War With Erica Dixon

Click here to see what I mean and how bad it is......

B Is NOT Crushing On Beith

Yeah yeah all of you wanted to see some drama between two good friends but you ain't getting it.  B, Beith & NiNi have all denied anything like that happening.  But why did B post those tweets?  It's simple,  if you know B you would know she rarely uses social media and when she does its only to promote a new song or album or fragrance or whatever.  Her twitter was hacked by someone who just wanted to start drama and she posted "got hacked Lotta bs so I'm quitting twitter cuz it's dumb and too many people wanna start shit #bye" NiNi responded next posting "Man this is old give it a break 4real yall need to get a life" Then Beith responded for a paparazzi lady who caught up with him with his kids (so adorable) and asked him what's up with the B situation and he said"nah it ain't true we just friends that's it... somebody want attention, me and my wife sometimes just give it to them so they can feel important but did you really believe that shit when you heard it? The paparazzi lady said "No not really" and he said "exactly my point" and got in his car and drove off. So looks like it's no #queenwar after all so cancel those hashtags the queens are still riding or dying with each other so stop the buzzing and whatever else you people do cuz it's fake as in not real  NiNi has vowed to find out who started this and we feel that when she finds out, that person is in serious trouble. Do you think so too?

Wayne Goes At Beith...Again.....Subs At NiNi?

The drama between Beith and Wayne continues......Today Weezy sat down for an interview with TMZ and they asked him about his plans for a new album, his departure from Cash Money and the situation with him and Beith. When he was asked about him, he replied: "Man don't ask me about that man, he ain't worth my breath fuck that Nigga on some real, his fetti ain't where mine is, he ain't nowhere on my level, what the hell am I gonna spend my time talking about him for, he a nobody man next question" Even the interviewer was shocked, and then she pissed him off by putting Beith up in a positive way saying "But he's not a signed artist yet he has more fans then alot of signed artists and his music is blowing up in the industry even though its unsigned music....."he cut her off and said "Look I ain't come here to talk about this nigga, ain't this Lil Wayne's interview, where up there do you see his fucking name?, you on his dick? then get that nigga in here, don't fucking talk to me about him, music? fans? who gives a fuck, motherfuckers only fucking with him because we all know who he's fucking with..... fuck outta here, talk to me when his shit tops my shit then we'll talk OK". He was pretty much screaming at her, and you can tell she was scared, and she quickly changed the subject after that. Not only that, but he was in a new song with Chanel West Coast called "Haters" Chanel doesn't appear to be subbing at anyone, but when Wayne's verse drops he seems to be subbing at the queen, with a line that is extremely similar to him and Baby's song dissing Jay-Z, he raps "Niggas is bitch, my nigga you got that lazy money, kidnap your bitch get that how much you love your lady money, shorty on my dick cuz you can't hit that shit, I'll have her seeing stars if she wanna get rich" Many think that is aimed at NiNi AND Beith, but it's really not confirmed and it could just be a line. Usually if someone disses someone in another artists song, its assumed that artist might be beefing as well, and the N's and the B's (That's Beith's fans apparently) attacked Ms West Coast, but she quickly denied it tweeting "I know nothing about any beef, the song is entertainment and whatever issues any individual has with another, I'm not in it, I keep away from drama, and whatever was in the song was not in no way my knowledge of anything good or bad, because I don't follow that crap, so please understand that xoxoxo" Still the fans continue to bash her, Wayne and Young Money in defense of the hip-hop power couple. Click here to see him bashing Beith on camera during his interview, and Click here to check out Chanel's new song with the possible NiNi/Beith sub. Do you guys think it's a sub?

Is B Crushing On Beith, NiNi Disowning Her? + NiNi And J-Lo's First Collab In 7 Years....

We have word that number 1 (B) is super into NiNI's husband Beith and she has been posting sub tweets to show it. Check out her last two: "Happy memorial day people! I wonder if he has ever lost anyone in the war, I'm sorry if you did, if you have a bad day today I'm here for you...........for ANYTHING! @B" (who's he? and why did she put @B which is what he abbreviates his name as?) not convinced beyhive?  The other day she posted about Demi and Lena's newest song which features Beith on sample in Chopped N Screwed and she said "Loving @Demi and @Lena's new song, and @Beith makes it so much better I love it!" Maybe she's just a fan of Beith but many say she is crushing on him, and what makes it even worse is that he is married to her bestie (number  1) and she is engaged and that just isn't cool. So is number 1 about to be number none? NinI is said to be pissed and wants nothing more to do with her and many sources say the two are now having serious tension with each other and officials at Columbia are said to be trying to kill their so called beef since the N's and the Beyhive's publicity off of their friendship is getting them wanted attention and extra revenue. Calls to B's reps, handlers and managers have went unanswered and she has been labeled as unavailable. So new war? many think so and it has already created 2 hashtags #queenvsqueen and #BeyhiveVsN's as well as #queenwar....Stay other news, a sight we thought we would never see has happened. J-Lo and NiNi have collabed and released a video. For those who don't know J-Lo and NiNi have a very bloody history, first starting in 2010 when J-Lo refused to hold up a copy of Vybe which NiNi is always on the cover on, and she was on the cover of that months issue and she intentionally seemed as if she didn't want to support the magazine since NiNi was on the front in which NiNi posted a tweet that many feel was a sub at J-Lo posting "Jealous Much? #washedup" But then their feud came full fire when it was revealed that J-Lo had a huge crush on NiNi's  husband and she even had journals very x rated of him which her husband found and it ruined her marriage. She was attacked viciously but never said who did it. After her attack, she apologized to NiNi, Beith, her ex husband her fans and whoever else she offended, and when she recovered she made a 1 hour interview with Diane Sawyer explaining the crush is over and she doesn't know what she was thinking and she was acting like a 15 year old girl mostly just trying to get at NiNi and how embarrassed she feels. She also apologized to them again and made it clear she has no problems with the queen. NiNi never responded to any of that, but the first signs that she forgave her came at last years Hip-Hop Awards, neither one of them performed but they took a pic together during a commercial break which let people know their feud has officially ended. Now after almost 2 years of those events popping off they  have officially let us know that its over by collabing, which is their first ever collab since NiNi first began getting big. NiNi named J-Lo one of her influences when she first got signed to Columbia back in 2008, so many people were shocked when they were in a beef. But that's no more! Their new song is called "Work It Out" It's J-Lo's song and the video that goes with it is sexy, they both are dressed in one pieces and at some points have their booties against each other and they are both dripping wet. It kinda reminds you of Iggy and J-Lo's song "Booty" It's a pretty cool song, but it still didn't reach the number 1 spot (That's still NiNi and Beith's song) not even number 2, it's currently at number 3 which is still good. Click here to check out "Work It Out" by J-Lo Ft NiNi......

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hazel E NOT Number 8, But We Know Who Is....

Yesterday a story ran about Hazel E being the 8th person out of 9 that NiNi is beefing with from Love And Hip-Hop. NiNi is beefing with members of the show from all different corners of the world not just one main one, she has enemies from Love And Hip-Hop: Atlanta, Love And Hip-Hop: New York and Love And Hip-Hop: Hollywood, but Hazel has made it clear that she is NOT number 8. After being approached in ATL earlier today, she was asked by a paparazzi camerawoman if she is number 8 she replied :Am I'm who? Oh that bullshit, no I'm not a number sweetie, I'm not in that nonsense and that's exactly what it is, but hey, I don't put my nose where it doesn't belong so I just stay out of it" When asked if she has any problems with the queen maybe just out of respect for her fellow cast mates, she replied "I'm not gonna enter a beef with anyone for someone else, that's not me, if you got issues you deal with your issues but I'm not gonna make your beef mine, no matter how tight we are I'm sorry, do I have issues with her? I don't even know her, you have to know someone at least a little bit to have issues with them, I never met her, I have no problems with her, baby girl is the shit right now, can't hate" So seems like its all good in the "wood" between NiNi and Hazel, BUT......we finally have found out the number 8, and now we're taking it back to Atlanta and it's Erica Dixon. We found this out after finally catching up with the producers of the show and when we asked "who is number 8" with no hesitation they replied "Oh that's Erica" It  took us a while, because of all 3 versions of the show, its 3 Erica's, so it could've been Erica Mena (which is was at one point) but since we remember they squashed it, and the other Erica appeared on LWN this past week, we narrowed it down to Erica Dixon and we were right, confirmed by Erica herself, when we asked her rep and they replied "Yes, Unfortunately its true" BUT we still don't know why her or any of these women are beefing with NiNi. Now it's on to the next, who is number 9? That's the last girl and its so anticipated people are setting up contests for people to find out the last one to win prizes and stuff. Many people have a hint that it's either Mimi or Bambi,some even say that it's NiNi's ex girlfriend Cyn, but those are just guesses. So we're off to find number 9, who do you guys think it is. Click here to view the interview of Hazel denying involvement.....

Iggy Pissed At Rita Ora

Did you guys see the show last night? Well if you didn't, NiNi and the other two "legends" put on a show last night in New York Just to promote the 2nd arm of the brand new "Legends Tour" coming June 1st starting in Miami. But obviously there was a mixup and the legend trio had a special guest, but obviously it was 2 and both thought that it was them and at first Iggy came out, but then Rita came out and they all looked awkward at each other, but after a small brief exchange Rita stopped the music and hit up the crowd and asked him who they would rather see and after pointing to Iggy the crowd went sort of wild, but when she said "OK what about me?" The crowd went super loud, Iggy looked super mad, and Rita mouthed the words "So get out" NiNi saw how they both were looking at each other and that a fight was about to break out so she got in between them and Rita blew Iggy a kiss in  that sarcastic female type of way and Iggy rolled her eyes and NiNi said something in her ear and escorted her backstage and Rita is the one who was the special guest and performed with them. Sources close to Iggy and her manager says that Iggy was the confirmed special guest and Rita stole it, and since she was in the middle of a show, NiNi just basically put it off and said whatever in order not to make a scene, but she did discipline Rita since she wasn't even invited. Is it unknown if Rita did that on purpose to outshine Iggy, or if she genuinely thought she was the guest. We were not aware of any issues between Iggy and Rita, but it seems like there is now, as Iggy tweeted about it posting "Bitch  tryna steal my shine last night at the @Legendsshow, you can  never steal my shit you wench!" Rita replied posting "How can I steal something that you never and will never have? #BOOGIEBITCH" Yup, the famous #PSRPACT came and went and due to all the in house beefs, I think its safe to say that pact is officially dead. The incident was captured on video from a fan. Click here to see the awkward moment where Rita stole Iggy's moment which inspired the hashtag #Stolehershine" P.S speaking of Rita and Iggy, they both are in the "Never heard of" category which is sad because they both are mega talented, but they both are determined to get out of it, as they are working extra hard and sources say they both will be releasing a new album soon, which will be Iggy's second and Rita's 4th, so be on  the lookout for that......But look like these ex friends and new "frienemies" are not cool anymore, looks like their collab song last year predicted the future, anyone knows what the means?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Hazel E..........Number 8?

We all thought that Amina Buddafly was number 8 in the famous 9 women of Love And Hip Hop VS NiNi, we've learned the identities of 7 of them (6 now) but we have yet to identify the last two. But sources report that Hazel E Is number 8. Click here to see why. .....

"Don't Look Back' Drops In Theaters Today

Happy Memorial Day and R.I.P To all  the fallen soldiers who gave their lives to keeping our country safe! Before you pull out the grills, hot dogs and hamburgers, NiNi fans should head to a movie theater and check out NiNi's new movie 'Don't Look Back' It is a Horror/Thriller and its great. Its competing with another recent horror that just released 'Poltergeist' and so far 'Don't Look Back' is doing a little better with a box office so far of $390,000 from 12 theaters compared to Poltergeist which so far has $120,000 so far. I am only able to write so much on here, so I have prepared the FULL Review from start to finish (7 pages long) It is getting great reviews already and theaters have fans lined up to watch it and her theaters are the ones that are most crowded. Is it scary? Very, click here to check out the full review.....

Sunday, May 24, 2015

NiNi's New Movie Drops Tomorrow

We all saw the trailer and got excited about it right? well now it's time to see it officially and get double excited because tomorrow memorial day NiNi's new horror movie is releasing.  Strange thing is though,  even though it's releasing tomorrow we still don't have a title. YeA theres A Trailer but even the trailer doesn't give a name it just said "Coming Soon". Some media officials report that the title is "Don't Blink" others say it's "Don't look back" but we don't know definitely what the title is. Guess we'll find out tomorrow when it releases.  The first theatre it's releasing at is NiNi's theatre in AC then it hits theatrea worldwide.  The Knowles sisters are confirmed to be main cast members as well as a lot of names we know well.  Click here for more info about the movie.  And don't forget to go check out her new movie tomorrow!

Amina Buddafly And Michelle Williams Each Deny Any Issues With NiNi

Yesterday, a report was released from Reliable sources that said that Amina Buddafly was apart of the #LoveandhiphopvsNiNi war and that she was number 8, and also that she is beefing with Michelle Williams, well both of those rumors aren't true. Amina posted late last night on Twitter that she isn't involved in the war and quite frankly she thinks the war is stupid 'Just want to go on record saying I have not and do not have any part in the 'foolishness' that's going on nor am I apart of this so called 'war" I mean its stupid, the woman is the CEO of the game, why go against her and risk losing everything you worked so hard for? Is it really worth it?, whatever,  just don't include me, I never met @NiNi but she seems cool, lets do lunch one day bae' She does have a point, NiNi has the power to fire every last one of them, yet they still are attacking their 'boss' and surprisingly NiNi isn't firing them, so they should be very grateful since she could do that in a split second. Michelle also denied any issues saying that the reason for the rumor is due to a leaked video which was posted online which shows the two arguing in each others face..... "The "fight" was fake, it was during rehearsals and we were acting out a comedy bit, I will be on the Legends tour starting June 1st through June 3rd and NiNi wanted to do some of her famous comedy bits and it will involve all 4 of us, I have nothing but respect for her and I am delighted to work with her as well as the other 'legends' as well :)"  That tweet also let us know she will be performing with the Legends which we had no idea about since neither one of them made any announcement about it. Can't say anyone is super excited about it, but hey, maybe she will surprise us. NiNi also confirmed that its not true posting "@Amina what up tho girl!" and #June1st #Michelle #Legends" So no beef here guys, but since Amina isn't number 8, we have no idea who the last two ladies (or maybe males?) of Love and Hip Hop are, but we're sure that we will find out soon enough. Do you guys know something I don't?, do you know who's the last two Love And Hip-Hop broads.......ahem....I mean ladies? Lemme know. P.S.....Tickets for the 2nd arm of the Legends Tour is on sale starting today, and the prices, believe it or not are much lower then the first arm, I'm talking front row seats for less then $300 when usually it's over $1,000, and the nose bleed seats are running as low as $16 from the usual $126, so people on a budget might just get to see the three Legends (and Michelle) in show so head over to get your tickets before they're all sold out.(and trust me they will be quick). June 1st 2nd and 3rd shows will be in Houston, Atlanta, and Miami, and you can purchase those tickets here. The full schedule will be released on NiNi's official site sometime this week, so keep going back for updates and find out when they are coming to your state/city.....

Saturday, May 23, 2015

NiNi And Michelle Beefing??

Click here to see what I mean. .....sure as hell seems like it....

Is Amina BuddaFly Number 8

We have word from multiple sources that Amina Buddafly from Love And Hip-Hop is number 8, meaning we may have identified the 8th person that NiNi is in a war with from the show. We already have the 7 (well  6 now) but it's 9 altogether and still need to find out who's the last person that's involved in this war. But not all is against her, so the #love&hipvsNiNi hashtag is unneccasary as that would mean the whole show is against her, which isn't the case. Rasheeda and Karlie Redd have been the most outspoken against their show mates in defense of NiNi which has caused severe tension with the other ladies of the show who call them 'traitor bitches' mainly Olivia and Somaya. News about Amina comes from a reliable source and they report that the two are in a war and that Amina (and possibly her twin sister) have fought NiNi at least once, but that is unconfirmed at this point. Calls to NiNi and Amina went unanswered and reps list them as unavailable.  Stay tuned guys. ....

Friday, May 22, 2015

NiNi Cancels Signing Tonight + Did She And China Argue?

NiNi has canceled the signing that was supposed to happen in New York with T and C and this comes after reports of an argument between the queen and China took place behind the scenes. Mutiple sources report that N and C had an argument while setting up for the signing which caused China to walk out and a short time afterwards she canceled it. So were they arguing? and if they were, why? NiNi and China never had any issues with each other, in fact they still go by "mama" and "daughter" so we find this one hard to believe, but still, things change I suppose, but this is still unconfirmed, and the real reason why she canceled it all of a sudden is unknown. It is also unknown if or when they will make it up. So is it a new #NiNiVsChina Beef? We sure hope not, stay tuned for more info......

NiNi Pubicly Accepts Yandy's Apology

Looks like its one Love And Hip-Hop Girl who NiNi has put it behind with, and that's Yandy. A while ago, they had a fight, and the  next day Yandy apologized to her and called NiNi her idol and favorite musician, and she offered a truce, but the queen didn't respond, but today she did and she did it in public. Her and Yandy bumped into each other in New York earlier today and when they ran into each other, they looked at each other and NiNi put her hand out for a shake but Yandy went for the hug and the crowd around them cheered. Being that it happened like that, many say that it was staged for attention, but hey, who cares really? Them doing that confirmed that NiNi has forgiven her, and she even confirmed it over Twitter a short time after that posting #NoMoreDrama @Yandy #OneLove" However, she isn't cool with the others, and sources say her biggest enemy out of all of them is Somaya Reece who was put in the hospital a few days ago after being assaulted, Olivia insinuated that NiNi is responsible and NiNi told her to kiss her ass which led to a Twitter beef between the two. We still haven't found out  the last 2 who she's beefing with from the show, but these main 7 (well 6 now) are getting even more serious, and all of their managers are going out their way to make sure none of them cross paths because its so bad they know it will be a fight just by seeing each other and that's not good. But looks like at least one is on NiNi's good side, so it's a start right? Click here to see the queen and Yandy hug it out and squash their beef in the streets of New York earlier today, and click here to see NiNi's tweet confirming that it's squashed......

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lena Releases Long Awaited New Song + Sevyn Streeter About To Release Mixtape


Selena Gomez Released  A New Song Today titled 'Sweat It Out' It's a hardcore sex song which she is doing more and more and listening to that song reminds us of listening to NiNi or Jacki-O song, just without all the cusses but she does well and even though it's  rated R, it doesn't go overboard like most sex songs go. The song is produced by Mya and K Swiss and has a nice pop-hop beat and vibe. She does no cursing on the song but still keeps it x rated by describing sexual situations in graphic detail which is keeping people satisfied. Of course some people, mainly the ones who are against any type of music besides country music, are bashing the song calling it disrespectful and sending a bad message to young women, but Lena had a message for those people posting 'Young girls, old girls, what does it matter, everyone is doing it with or without songs like mine, do you honestly think if we never make another song their behavior would stop and sex would no longer exist? I honestly feel instead of bitching about what I do so much, talk to your kids because believe me they gonna find out with or without the music boo-bye!!!"Click here to check out the controversial yet amazing song which is now at the number 2 spot 'Sweat It Out' by Lena. In other news, Sevyn Streeter has announced she is releasing her 1st PSR mixtape this month by the end of the month. She just released her highly successful album a few months ago, which is still doing amazing, so this new mixtape is very anticipated. Sources say the mixtape is due to be released on either the 29th or 30th which is next week, so be on the lookout for that. And don't forget, NiNi's new movie will be in theatres on the 25th which is Monday, click here to see the trailer.....

And The Winner Is................*DRUM ROLL*

CICI!!!!!!! Yup, the big dance off event kicked off this morning at 11am, and it was filled with thousands of fans all ready to watch and see who gets crowned 'best dancer" The competition was set up just like a real dance competition with real dance judges and they were judged just like they were on Dancing With The Stars and the judges based on originality, freshness and creativity. The show started a little late on account of the rain, but after it was decided that it wasn't severe enough to damper anything and after some goofy antics from the 3 performers (they were being goofy and throwing french fries at each other and stuff like that) the event began to over 5,000 screaming cheering fans. The first person to go was queen N. The judges flipped on her hottest dance track "Move" and the crowd went wild. The rules were: 1 minute a piece for each dancer, no repetitive dances and no plagiarizing (that means copying) anyone Else's dance moves, had to be all original. Pretty simple rules right. Well NiNi began dancing and she did real good, she did some twerking, and a bunch of other complicated things that she usually does in her videos and on stage, NiNi makes up her own dances all the time so she got serious points for originality for that, and we think she may have made some up as she was going and they all looked dope. At the minute mark the bell sounded and she ended it with a twist on the famous "Jerk' and went into her version of the dougie and she received a huge applause from the fans. The judges held up their score cards, 2 judges gave a 9 and one judge gave an 8 and NiNi, out of breath smiled, bowed and walked backstage. After about 10 minutes, the next performer was up and that was queen B. They went back and they threw on her song 'Sweet Dreams' but just the bass line of it and she received a huge applause. She started when the clock started and she did her famous moves that we're all used to seeing in her videos, but with a different twist on most of them. When the bell rang she finished with a short twerk and a laugh and the audience cheered loud. The judges debated for a minute and put up their score card and 2 judges gave her a 8.5 and one judge gave her a 9. She smiled, blew a kiss and walked backstage. The crowd continue cheering and chanting. Last was CiCi who was brought out about 10 minutes later. The once again went back to her now famous song 'Goodies' to which she laughed and mouthed the words 'no they didn't go there' . The bell rang and she began busting it, this that and the third, the lady was all over the place, she was twerking, jerking, even the dumb ass 'stanky leg' (I'm so glad that that fell out) she did to perfection. One thing she did that the other 2 didn't do is flip, she did backflips and front flips and a couple splits. The bell rang and she finished it off and ran up the wall, put her foot on it and did a backflip off the wall, and its obvious CiCi really practiced and rehearsed for her performance. She did get slightly hurt however when she sprained her ankle running up the wall, but t the recent mommy proves that having a baby hasn't killed those famous dance moves she got. The crowd went wild and she went backstage. 2 judges gave her 9.5, the other gave her a a solid 10. Then they all were brought back out, stood next to each other and were judged. The judges gave each one by one a review of their performance and their strengths and weaknesses. Then it was time for the fans to vote. They said 'Is it NiNi?!!! The crowd went super loud, then, 'Is It B'?! The crowd went slightly louder but pretty much the same, then, "IS IT CICI??! The crowd went louder then ever and they said "CICI IS THE WINNER!!!" The other two hugged her and congratulated her and took the bow with her. CiCi received the best dancer trophy (yes that's a real thing) and the crown. After the dance off, the three hung out with fans for a little while, signed things, took pics and acted goofy. They all did amazing, but some say B didn't win because she's getting bigger (as in thicker) and so is NiNi, and CiCi got skinnier so you finish the rest, but regardless it was a great event and they all did amazing. The event was over in about an hour and a half despite the rain, fans got to see hot dancing and enjoy themselves. They all left in a limo, and NiNi is scheduled to have a signing later in in ATL. Click here to see all 3 have their famous "Dance Off" (Video is about 38 minutes long)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nicole Alexander Hoops Joining PSR??

Rumor goes that "Hoopz" who recently ventured into the music game is now about to sign with PSR. Hoopz and NiNi have been cool since her days as a reality TV star so it makes sense, but it's unconfirmed as Hoopz and NiNi haven't confirmed anything and they are unavailable but Hoopz did post about the big dance event happening tomorrow posting "Can't wait for the big #DANCEOFF tomorrow, #NiNi' Many fans of Hoopz have expressed interest in her joining the famous platinum crew and feel that her skills has what it takes to join the legendary crew, but some feel that she needs to up her game before she can officially be considered 'platinum'. Have you guys heard Hoopz yet? Click here to check out her newest song "Don't Push Me' Ft Rasheeda, and you judge for yourself if she deserves a spot at PSR......As I said this isn't confirmed so it's just in rumor status but it would be pretty cool if it were true right?

Who's The Better Dancer? NiNi CiCi Or B?

Well that's the contest going on right now, NiNi, CiCi and B are involved in a contest set up by the fans and they all agreed to do it. It's called a "dance off'' and they all will be in Atlanta on Thursday (tomorrow) and it's like an event and they will have a stage set up and they will dance to their own songs and the fans will vote on who's the best dancer. Those 3 chicks are the best dancers in the music industry (besides MJ who is the main best) but since he is gone, those 3 have the title of best dancer, but there can only be one best dancer, and that's what this contest is gonna prove. Its a free event that lasts about an hour, maybe a little longer but if you want food or snacks that's not free. Basically each lady comes on stage dances their best moves for 2 rounds a piece and professional Judges vote who the best dancer is along with the fans, pretty simple right.....The event is only for one day and whoever wins will be crowned the best dancer. So don't miss out on the dance off, starting tomorrow in Atlanta in Pacific Park so if you wanna see some hot dancing from hot ladies, head over to Pacific Park in ATL tomorrow at 11am......Click here to check out more info on this 'Dance Off'

Marques Houston Dropped From PSR + Jhene Aiko Still At NiNi

We have word that Marques Houston was dropped from PSR today. Marques was largely in the 'never heard of' category and we feel that that's the reason he was dropped, although sources say that he was dropped due to 'poor album sales' He released his first PSR album late last year and 5 months later, he has only sold 250,000 copies, which isn't bad for a first album, but add that to laziness and you get no work done, and we feel that's the real reason why he was fired and the album thing is just an addition to that. Marques was asked how he feels about being dropped and he said 'like I just lost someone close to me" But he also revealed that it's no hard feelings and it was a business decision not a personal one, and that he regrets that he wasn't able to grow with the label. But for every person who gets dropped and remains on good terms with the boss and the label, there is one who doesn't and that one right now is Jhene Aiko. A couple months ago, Jhene claimed she was fired for "Absolutely no reason' and that NiNi owes her over $20,000 for royalties and sales as well as an extra 5,000 for dropping her less then a year for no reason, which she claims the contract states quote that "all artists who are terminated must be presented with a valid reason for their termination, and if no such reason exists and the termination happens before 12 months that an artist has been signed, the owner and/or CEO agrees to pay that artist a fee no less than $5,000 in addition to any other gat6hered costs" end quote. She has hired professional lawyers to gather the money owed to her, however NiNi stated that she is owed no money because she was fired with cause, and the termination was explained to her and she had good reason to let her go, but Jhene's lawyers aren't buying into it, and they are suing her for the full 20,000 for stress related damages, royalties, sales and unfair treatment such as not being promoted enough but getting fired when she isn't doing much work, as well as being fired less then a year for no reason. It is unknown when NiNi'S court date is, but the N's have been attacking Jhene all day, but they aren't bothering her at all, she even laughed at them over Twitter posting "LOL Y'all so called "ns' are so funny to me, remind me to laugh again later, or if I have a caring break to care about y'all lmao" NiNi hasn't responded to this new set of events as of yet. Many feel Jhene is taking this all to far, on top of the beef she has with NiNi, now she's suing her and last thing NiNi needs is more stress in her life. Stay tuned for more info on this. Click here to see Marquess's response to being dropped. And click here to read all about the war between Jhene and NiNi.....

NiNi Confirms BET Awards Appearance

After months of wondering if the queen will be at the upcoming BET Awards which premieres on June 28th, she herself has confirmed that she will be attending the anticipated event. She tweeted #june28th #betawards #itson' That was enough for us to know that she will be there, but what we don't know is if she will be performing or just attending but regardless we will see her there. Speaking of her she is doing a mini show tonight, the second arm of the 'Legends Tour" begins June 1st same day her album and book is due for release, but she is just putting on a show to give a taste for things to come, but we have word that "T' will not be there, it will just be her and China, so does that mean that T actually did get dropped or leave the tour? We haven't had much info on that, but NiqNiq hasn't joined them either so we don't know what's going on in that situation. Click here to check out her BET Awards tweet.....

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NiNi Cleared As Suspect In Assaults -+ B Confirms Project

The recent assaults of Somaya Reece and and Mendeecees is NOT due to NiNi or her husband, according to state police. The reason being that NiNi does in fact have an alibi and her security cams around her house show her in her house in bed most of the day, and during the attack which was between 8pm and 9pm, the footage shows her in her bed and taking pics and posting it to Insta. The police have announced these findings and have cleared the queen as a suspect and publicly apologized to her, did she accept it? yes she did, she posted a message which we believe is towards the cops which says "about damn time" which makes sense because this is the first time police have apologized to NiNi. But the queen still isn't off the hook just yet.  Police have discovered that a witness which happens to be a close friend to Somaya saw NiNi in the area last night around the time she was assaulted and even reports that she said "HI" to the queen but was ignored and she kept it moving but no other evidence supports this and it has been discredited.  In fact,  a BINI fan has actually stepped up and said that she is responsible. Police were a little skeptical but realize that BINI Ns and the Beyhive are the most craziest obsessed fans ever (no offense) and they arrested from her confession.  Mendeecees's attacker still hasnt been identified yet but police are hopeful another BINI fan steps up and admits it.  Click Here to view the arrest report for a BINI fan getting arrested for confessing. In other news, looks like the rumors are true.  Queen B doesnt use social media often but today she confirmed over Twitter the question that's been burning which is "are the queens reuniting?  She simply posted : "yes" A while went by and nobody knew what the hell she was talking about and some of her fans even replied to her such as "what does that mean queen? " But a short while later she clarified on what the "yes" means posting "#getloud ##NiNIAndB ##Real soon.  ##RumorsTrue" So seems like we're getting a queen reunion after all and apparently the song will be called"Get Loud"which sounds amazing and confusing at the same time but who the hell cares it's both queens teaming out for a famous collab after more then a year that's hella exciting don't ya think.  So did queen bestie number 1 Just confirm what we all were hoping? Or is she referring to something else? We sure as hell hope it's the one we want to hear. No word on when this supposed collab queen project will release but we hope it's soon. ...  don't you?

Hello! The Queens Spotted Exiting Studio Together

So are the rumors true? Are the two bestie queens finally gonna collab after more then a year? Well maybe.  Today they were spotted exiting "Dirty South Productions" which is a upscale studio in Houston TX that B uses constantly and they both were asked if they are doing anything together, and although they just smiled waved and didn't answer we feel that both of them coming out of the studio together is proof enough, otherwise why would they be in the studio together?  If they are working on a project together,  for some reason their lips are sealed and they aren't talking and we don't know why.  But hopefully it's true and we hope to hear something from them two soon. Click here to see footage of them exiting the studio and going out their way to avoid the paps. #QueensReunite.....

NiNi Releases First Ever Hubby Wife Collab

Today NiNi has released her first ever song that features her husband that's not as a sample, he actually has a full verse which he does the second. The song is called "My Bitch" so it's unknown who's referring to who as their bitch, but since it's NiNi's song we figure maybe he's the bitch who knows but what we do know is the song is beyond bomb and Beith has gotten much much better, I know many people will attack me for what I'm about to say, but I'll say he's on Waynes level or maybe even a couple steps higher and NiNi as usual does great. The song is fire and the Ns are taking notice and are praising Ninis better half for his flow rhyme play and consistency in his verse. Nice to hear these two together.  Click here to check out "My Bitch"by NiNi Ft Beith.

Somaya Reece And Mendeecees Assaulted Last Night, Cops On NiNi Again


It just so happens that after Somaya did her interview confessing that NiNi's husband Beith was her 'major crush' she was viciously attacked in her home in Atlanta by an unknown person. But the cops don't think its an 'unknown person' they think it's NiNi as they follow the music industry and social media well and they know that NiNi and Somaya are in a vicious beef and shortly after she announced her feelings for NiNi's husband, she was assaulted ,police don't see that as a coincidence so they are on NiNi's ass again. The only reason why they are on NiNi is because of the fact that Somaya mentioned her husband in an interview and less then 3 hours later she was viciously assaulted. The police chief says that if she would've been attacked a few days ago while it was quiet between her and NiNi then suspicion wouldn't have been on her, but since it happened RIGHT AFTER she said she likes Beith and wants to have sex with him (and possibly might have already) and then gets beat, they feel that its the actions of a jealous wife. NiNi usually has an alibi, like she was at a show or in a different part of the world, but this time, NiNi was off yesterday and home,  and she is only 6 blocks away from where Somaya lives which police feel she couldve had plenty of time to sneak over do her dirt, and go back home. The police are dusting for fingerprints and trying to gather further evidence, and until they have a pound of evidence, they can not arrest her, but she is a person of interest which is pretty much a suspect, and cops don't feel it's anyone else but her. Being that NiNi lives so close to Somaya, and that she travels that way alot its making her look like the suspect, but NiNi claims that even though she was home,  she was sleep half the day because she is sick and she has pics that she posted to Insta to prove it, and the  time stamps on the photos show that she was home under the covers in bed while Somaya was being attacked, but Police made a statement saying 'The pictures prove nothing, the time stamps could have been changed and a person of her status and her financial status can pretty much do whatever they want to do, for all we know, she could have taken those pictures 2 years ago and she is making it seem like it was just recent so we don't know, we can't rule out Mrs Nichols as a suspect due to the reputation she has with law enforcement and in situations like this, we are conducting a full investigation in the case of Ms Reese and the outcome of that investigation will determine who is rightfully responsible for her injuries". Fans have been supportive of the queen as well as her girl buddies who are attacking  the police for always picking on  her as they feel they are unfairly singling her out, and  they have responded saying they have nothing personal against her, but she still is a human being no matter who she is and if she breaks the law she has to pay like anyone else. Doctors have not released the condition of Somaya yet. Another person who was attacked was Mendeecees who is also from Love And Hip-Hop. He was attacked coming from a coffee shop in Memphis Tennessee. He was found by an 8 year old girl who called the cops and told them a man is hurt. When ambulances arrived, he was barely alive and barely breathing. Cops do not have any suspects in this case, and being that Rich Dollaz is the one who said he has a crush on NiNi, and not Mendeecees, police do not suspect that Beith had anything to do with it. They have several theories and feel that maybe a jealous ex boyfriend of Yandy who has been threatening both of them, which has been shown on the show numerous times, may be responsible, but after trying to contact him all day, he is unavailable, but police consider him a person of interest. He was taken to the hospital around 9pm last night where he is in serious condition, but just like Somaya, doctors aren't giving any details. So just who attacked these two? was it jealous BINI fans? maybe, maybe not.....stay tuned for more info.......P.S just for procedure reasons, it's said that the cops did interview Beith but they say he has a solid alibi for his whereabouts at 9pm, so they have officially ruled him out as a suspect.......

Monday, May 18, 2015

Jamie Lynn Spears Announces 1st PSR Album

JLS has been at PSR less then 2 months now, and she has been on a roll. Most people who been at PSR in that short amount of time have released one, maybe 2 songs, but Jamie has released 15 so far so the girl works fast and she is clearly not about to get into the 'never heard of' category anytime soon (hope I'm not speaking too soon)  and now she announced that she is releasing her 1st PSR album in June. The #MAYCATEGORY is still in effect and it's starting on the 20th which is Wednesday and that is Tinashe. But now since alot of people are announcing a June album, including the queen, a new hashtag is being called #JUNERELEASES' Jamie's first album is said to be titled 'Maggie' which is her daughters name, but other sources report different titles, so we don't know exactly what the title is, and Jamie hasn't given a title as of yet but whatever the title is, it's extremely anticipated and has the industry buzzing. It's set to be released through PSR records on June 15th and so far we have 8 albums due for release in June, including NiNi and India Benet. Check out Jamie's album announcement tweet here.....Speaking of Jamie, she was also spotted leaving a coffee shop with Austin Mahone, which is prompting rumors that she may be cheating on her husband since they were a little too close for comfort. Click here to see what I mean.....

Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Every Broad At PSR Is A Thot"

That's the phrase heard by Tahiry earlier when she was asked how she feels about NiNi and PSR.  She said "I don't think anything of any of them,  the males are talented as hell the females are a mess man, every broad at PSR is a Thot" Naturally many PSR chick's fired back including T, Demi, Reggie, Nina, Kelly Rowland, KC, Kelly Clarkson and Alex but Tahiry responded to them as if they were nothing posting "y'all and your little fans can kiss my black ass and the hole lol did y'all get your feelings hurt?" So this seems to be turning from NiNi VS Love And Hip Hop to PSR VS Love And Hip Hop and that means it's about to be even more drama. Nini hasn't responded to her statement yet, in fact, NiNi hasnt been responding to anything lately but the PSR women in fact are and they aren't happy.  Click here to see Tahirys statement and click here to see the responses from the lovely ladies at PSR. .....

Celebrity Crushes; Towards The Wrong People


Rich Dollaz
Its two people who are crushing against the wrong people of the music game, and the main reason why they're the wrong people to be crushing on is not the fact that they both are insanely jealous of each other, they are MARRIED. I'm talking about NiNi and Beith. BUT....the real question is are these two just on some bullshit and trying to start something? We ask that because the two people who are crushing on them is from Love And Hip-Hop, and we all know the drama NiNi is in with those people, so we're wondering if they're just adding this as apart of the beef, or if its real. Nonetheless, here's what we know; The chick who has a major crush on Beith is none other then Somaya Reece who was asked in an interview who is her main crush? She replied 'You know Beith? (yes) well it's him, the things I would do that kid wouldn't be legal (laughs) but yeah that's the major crush right there and probably always will be'' When she was told 'but he's married' she replied 'And'? Next up is Rich Dollaz (isn't he married or engaged?) anyways, he didn't do an interview, he let his feelings be known through social media. He first posted a pic from 2011 when he and NiNi took a pic backstage at her show with the caption of "Finest chick in the game, finger licking good' Then a short while later, he posted this on Twitter; "Special shout out to the greatest entertainer who ever walked this miserable earth @NiNi, BIGGEST CRUSH! #youwantit? #youcangetit #anytime #dirtymind" His tweet received over 400,000 likes, but alot of 'BINI' fans(That's NiNi and Beith combined) didn't appreciate it and they attacked him in their comments and called him disrespectful, a home wrecker among other things. Somaya was also attacked by angry BINI fans through social media. Neither one has responded. Sources close to Somaya say that she told one of her friends that she and Beith had sex on more then one occasion, but the friend didn't believe it until Somaya showed her a journal with all the details and dates. Another source claims that Rich Dollaz crush is not one sided, its in fact MUTUAL. Both Somaya and Rich have been contacted to try and get this figured out more, but they have been unavailable for comment according to their reps. So is this real? or are they just playing up more drama to add to the beef to make those two upset? Regardless, its a huge topic in the industry and making headlines everywhere. NiNi has also been contacted but hasn't responded as of yet. But Rasheeda (another member) did reach out. If you guys remember, she and NiNi were in a short beef back in 2012, but since then they have made up and even collabed together and she spoke up about this on twitter simply posting @Somaya @Richdollaz FOH lol' Does that mean she knows they are bluffing or is she referring to something else? Regardless, we don't like where this is going. Stay tuned guys, trust me this is everywhere so there will be tons more info on it, and its huge and many people are already saying how cute Beith and Somaya goes, and how cute NiNi and Rich goes,so people do believe it obviously so its big. Its a developing story we'll get you more info soon.......

Saturday, May 16, 2015

KP And Tay Still At It

  While Tay is trying to make peace with PSR and succeeding with most of them, it's others who are still feeling salty towards her and one of those people besides Miss Demi and Lena   is Katy Perry. Their beef has been going on since December of last year and their beef is the reason nini was added to it. Although it calmed down alot between them, it's still sub hits here and there. Like example: Katy posted a pic showing her love of cats and all 3 of her cats were snuggled up with her on her bed with the caption"Luv my babez" Shortly after Tay posted a similar pic as if she was mocking her. In the pic she's laying on the bed with what looks to be like fake cats and she's dresses like a dork and making a weird face maybe implying that that's how katy looked in the pic. She even imitated the caption "I Luv how my cats look" Clearly subbing at her and its the first in a while, but how does Katy feel about it? The answer: she doesn't.  She was asked if she saw the mock photo and she said "yeah just shows her age doesn't bother me it's cute..... teenagers these days" Tay didn't respond to that comment but clearly these two are not done like everyone hoped since they were so quiet and we feel that it's more to come, don't you guys? Click here to see KPs original pic and the mock photo by Taylor. 

NiNi Releases First Song In 3 Months + LWN Review

After 3 months of not hearing a song from the queen, she has finally released what is said to be the first single from her upcoming album which is due June 1st. The song has a hard hitting baseline and knocks heavy wit bass, the kind of bass that will shatter a cars window if you have it real loud. It is produced by J.Cole and Just Blaze and it features Ty Dolla Sign chopped n screwed on the hook. The song is called "Victory' and at this point in the queen's life, that title is appropriate. NiNi raps on it and does amazing, and she brings out her famous 'Superflow' where she raps extremely fast to the point your brain is working overtime trying to keep up. It stole the top of the charts within 30 minutes of dropping and it has the streets and the industry on fire. NiNi announced it on FB posting #VICTORY #BRANDNEW" Instantly people rushed to hear it. Click here to check out 'Victory' by NiNi. In other news, last night season 3 episode 7 of LWN premiered and it was suspenseful and much more drama filled then usual. I won't give much away but we may not be seeing Tyga at PSR anymore. It was many fights, mostly in house and we got to get more info with the Love And Hip Hop drama and find out more on how and why it started, and the reasons will probably shock you. NiNi gets into many arguments in house and out house and she is seen crying at one point because of all the stress she is under and even talks about quitting and dropping everything. We are left in suspense when it ends to find out if Tyga will be leaving, if NiNi is quitting and everything else that went on. Indeed much much drama. You can click here to check out clips from last night's episode. And don't forget to tune in next Friday at 9pm for a new episode.....

Friday, May 15, 2015

NiNi Goes IN On Wendy Williams

Nobody likes Wendy williams, hell I don't even like her. She is pretty much famous for going off on celebrities and down talking every last one of them and when she said on her show last night "NiNi is a poser thats a wanna be of her mentor but even her mentor sucks why would you wanna copy a devil? Even the audience booed at that shit.  Then she further went on to say that nini actually faked both herpregnancies and he cheated they just want to protect their billion dollar image.  Then she said that NiNi doesn't write her own music and half of the time she lip syncs and is not a real performer.  But the highlight of her show came to when she said her and Bruce Jenner (who has been confirmed to be changing into a woman outta his own mouth)) should both get together for drinks because they are both men turned woman.  Immediately the entire industry attacked her but the worse attack was the queen herself.  WOW! That's all I gotta say.  Click here to check our nini going IN on the bitch. ........I mean Wendy williams. ....

Rollin With The Evans Cancelled After Only One Season

Bad news guys, BET has cancelled NiNi's popular animated cartoon show "Rollin With The Evans" After only one season.  The show which generated billions of viewers every week, was the most popular show on the BET network so the reason why it was canceled is not fully understood but we expect it probably has to do alot with ratings. But nini isn't mad she even tweeter thanking all the fans for the support and even thanked Bet for their support and the animators.  Click here to read more about the cancelation and click here to see ninis 3 page tweet about the show and her thanks.  "The show was alot of fun and it wouldn't be where it's at if not for you I love you guys" (That was some of her tweet message)

NiNi Does Impressions Of Many People Kills It

From her own artists like KP, Tinashe, China, Ye and more to other artists like Miley Britney Diddy and Chanelle,  NiNi hit the nail on the head when she posted a video to her insta a little while ago that she claid she did because she was bored and she does impressions of so many people and she sounds EXACTLY like the person she's impersonating.  She sang like them and talked like them and if you turn you head away and just listen you would never know the difference.  Even the guy voices she sounded exactly like them it's scary.  NiNi is the queen of making voices so it's no surprise that she is able to put on different pitches and tones in her voice. She even impersonated her sister and we remember her sis from lwn and she did it real good. The video received over 390 million likes in 5 minutes and even some of the people she did had to give her props like RiRi (she even got her accent right) and KP who called her creepy but a genius. Others who say she did totally correct impressions of them are ye Miley and Britney (check the Britney one it's scary how accurate that one is she even got that low barbie voice Britney sings in perfect) Click here to check out NiNi's impressive impression video. And don't forget to check out a new episode of LWN tonight at 9pm on VH1.....

Rumor Alert: The Queens Teaming For A Collab?

Its being said that NiNi and #1 are teaming up to collab and in fact are working on a couple projects right now. Last two they worked on anything together was last year for "#Carmen2" but their last musical project together was pretty much a full year ago, so the N's and the Beyhive are buzzing louder then ever about this. But this is in rumor status due to the fact that pretty much since Carmen 2, they haven't been seen with each other, not only that but it's said that they both are so busy right now that neither one has time to collab, and we believe that since neither one has made any song for the past 2-3 months. It's still not even confirmed that B will be in upcoming movie, although we know for a fact that Solo will be. Stories tagged as "Rumor Alert" don't get too much attention, but of course since the N's and the Beyhive are so dominant in the fan world, rumor not, its making headlines in front of every tabloid and newspaper cover in the world (yeah not kidding) We don't know if  they are in the studio with each other, but it'll be cool right, just like the #BreezyNiNi collab right? Any of the N's or Beyhive looking forward to a possible collab between them in over a year? Neither queen is responding to requests for comments, so we still don't know....

KC Featured In "Hit Or Nah" Remix + Getting Sued For Full Custody

KC has been keeping a low profile since her highly public split with Daniel Gibson, and in recent month's, she's been outta the spotlight laying low, making only rare public appearances. But she is putting herself back on the map and she is a featured artist on the Hit Or Nah Remix by Rayven Justice along with French Montana, which she is praised for how she puts it down like she always does. But she also is back in the spot for drama that seems to follow her alot more since she signed with PSR. First, her short lived romance with CEO Birdman is coming back to haunt her now since she dumped him without warning and he's getting his revenge by claiming he produced 4 songs for her and now he wants his royalty payments. But the main headline coming in today is that, her ex husband is now suing her for full custody of their 3 year old son DJ, claiming that she has random men in the house, and she is not attentive to him, and leaves him in his room all day while she parties with guys. Sources say KC is absolutely devastated by him trying to take her only son away when he knows he's the only good thing she has in her life, and claims the accusations are "beyond" ridiculous. Currently they have shared custody.... He even went a step further to be dirty when he used her addiction to Weed which is well known to everyone, to say she gets stoned so much that she will take from him just to get some, a claim that KC has denied since day 1. But being that Kc's wild behavior is well known around the industry, he may have a shot at making her look like an unfit mother. KC took to Twitter today and tweeted "my lifestyle has NEVER EVER interfered with my ability to be a good mother, I always put my kid before anything including myself, but bruh, if its a battle you want you will get it, because no one is going nowhere" Daniel responded posting #We'llSee" So its getting pretty bad with KC and sources say it isn't looking good for her since she's constantly involved in beefs, drama, violence, fights and due to her addiction, and right now Daniel looks like the better parent since he has no addictions, not too much drama, and he hasn't been in a fight since he was 12 years old. UH-OH! KC was spotted landing today in Atlanta for a pre schedule court hearing and she looked extremely pissed exiting the airport, and Daniel also landed shortly after her, but unlike KC, he was an open book and seriously put his ex down. Click here to see what he had to say about her while being interviewed at the airport. And click here to check out the remix to "Hit Or Nah"

Thursday, May 14, 2015

India Benet Doing 2 Street Shows To Promote Upcoming Album And Tour

India Benet is doing much better these days, in her personal life and in her professional life. She is currently about to release her highly anticipated 3rd PSR album "RECOVERY" and she is about to hit the road and begin her solo tour. But to help promote her new album due on the streets on May 20th, and her tour which is scheduled to start in early June, she is putting on 2 free street shows, one in New York and one in LA this weekend. If you don't know, a street show is pretty much like a block party where a bunch of people come put and hang on the block and the artist performs for the massive crowd. Since both events are free she's only performing 2 songs, signing a minimum of 500 autographs and a limit of 25 pics with fans for both events. Even though both shows are free, you still need a wristband in case you walk off you can get back. Wrist bands will be available at a little booth that will be set up during the event and for both events only 5000 bands will be available so it's definitely first come first serve so if you miss your chance you just did. The new York event will be in Brooklyn on MLK Blvd beggining at 10 am.  TheLA details are not known yet but you can hit up her site to get details on everything.  Food drinks and cotton stands will be available on site for both site's (you gotta pay for that though not everything can be free).The one in Brooklyn is Friday and the one in LA is Saturday. Booths are up now on the blocks the events will be on so I suggest you people start going to get your wristbands now and not way to the day of the event for your city but hey just a suggestion.  Congrats to miss India we're really proud of where she is right now. Click here to check out all the details on these events....