Thursday, February 28, 2013

NiNi In Trouble With Animal Rights Group

My My, seems that NiNi loves pissing off animal rights groups such as PETA and Freedom For Animals Rights. Animal welfare group Peta has described the star as "cruel" and "spoiled" for choosing shoes made from leopard, anaconda, ostrich, crocodile and cow. In a statement, Peta said: "These custom-made kicks come with a high price - and it's paid for by the various animals who were beaten and skinned alive or cruelly farmed and killed just to end up on her feet for fashion" The Freedom For Animal Rights Group has said "We hope that NiNi will choose to wear more clothes from her own clothing line and that one day, she'll go completely cruelty-free and stop adding to the suffering of God's innocent defenseless creatures, they are being tortured, killed, stabbed shot and whatever else and she wears their fur or skin for a fashion statement its not right" This is like the 20th time that NiNi has been in trouble with PETA and other groups, most recent was her performance at the Grammy's where she wore leopard and tiger skin while performing, and with a fur coat on the Red Carpet made from Eagle skin and Rabbit fur. But obviously, the queen isn't being affected by all these names these people are calling her, because most of her PW line includes fur and skin from animals and most of her artists and her fans wear animal fur, so it seems that they are not getting through to NiNi, her artists or her fans, because since NiNi added animals things to her line, its more and more people rocking what she rocks, and animal fur and/or skin is at an all time high in demand. NiNi hasn't responded yet to PETA or anyone else about her new shoes. It is said the shoes were made for her for less than $200 but the groups say "The animals pay a higher price" what do you guys think?
Nini's new shoes

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Foxy Speaks On NiNi's Party

I know most of you people will say this isn't real news, BUT I post everything on NiNi so deal with it (Just kidding) Anyways the media for some reason asked Foxy how she feels about NiNi's new party (which by the way is the most talked about thing right now, and it completely killed talk about Foxy's new album) and they asked her how she feels about NiNi taking over her album talk and she responded "Fuck her party, I swear I will trash that shit, but my album isn't going anywhere because once it drops I swear to you that's gonna be what people care about more than some damn party believe that,  that's a promise " NiNi didn't seem to take her threat seriously, but NiNi's security team did and so did the police and we are told they will be in full force guarding inside and outside the club because this wouldn't be the first time Foxy crashed a party and they don't want anything going wrong. Rewind back to 99, Foxy had a mini argument with J-Lo and 20 minutes later, she showed up at her birthday celebration in Brooklyn and shot the whole club up and pistol whipped J-Lo who to this day still has terrible migraines from time to time, and Foxy was arrested on what was the beginning of a long criminal charge (No wonder she is called the psycho and bully of the game) So police and NiNi's team aren't trying to have a repeat and they say they will be keeping eyes and ears open for anything or anyone suspicious around the party, but NiNi said "That's a bunch of crap if you ask me" Do you guys think Foxy is planning on trashing NiNi's party?

NiNi Has A Party Popping Off!!!

Its that time of year again, NiNi is having a HUGE party out in ATL this weekend at Club "Stomp" Many of the details (As usual) are not public, such as how many will be attending, or how long its lasting or any thing like that, but what we do know is that all of her parties become the biggest topic in the industry and it gets talked about for days before and after the party actually happens. We don't have alot of details on it yet, but I will do my best to get more, and since NiNi is my friend (well almost) I'm the only one she actually will talk too being that I never annoy her, so If I can get some info on more that she actually doesn't mind speaking on, I will let you guys know! In other news, Jackie Christie has blamed her fight with NiNi on "Stress" "I must have been working too hard and sometimes when stress hits me, I overreact and trip on anyone, I'm sorry though to NiNi and Beyonce for my actions, I have no idea what came over me, I'm sorry ladies" says Jackie, NiNI hasn't responded to her, but her management says "Its nice she has taken responsibility so no one will do any finger pointing at NiNi, that's what everyone does before they know the facts so its good that that's one media storm we will be avoiding" Stay tuned for more info! P.S NO NINI IS NOT INVITING FANS, SORRY GUYS CELEBS ONLY!"

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NiNi Speaks On Fight + Speaks On Foxy

NiNi has confirmed she did in fact have a fight yesterday but not with Malaysia, instead it was with Jackie Christie. "I don't know what was wrong with her she lost her damn mind, she comes in trashing me and talking out her ass and no one even knows what she's saying she sounded like she was drunk she just pissed me the hell off" says NiNi. Jackie was not available for comment, but her rep reported "We are still trying to find the exact cause of why my client started with this young lady, and it will be investigated to the fullest" NiNi did not press charges, even though police gave her the opportunity too. Also she spoke on Foxy saying how Foxy lied just to get her in some mess with the media which actually worked since NiNi is now being bothered more than ever by the media with at least 200 cameras following her and chasing after her, so its seems that FOXY'S job is now done. You can check out her full statement about Jackie here, and click here to check out her full statement about Foxy!

Monday, February 25, 2013

NiNi Speaks On Taylor + Check What Foxy Has Done Now!

When NiNi was set to make a statement this afternoon, we assumed it was about the fight that we keep hearing about, but instead it was about Taylor. She has confirmed that she did turn her down and she said "I have my reasons, what she said is not the case, because sweetheart little do you know, I have done many songs with many people that's not on my level and that I really didn't know, that's like half of my label, if you really want to get personal, anyway yes I do choose who I want to work with because I have to decide how it will sound together and what the final result will be, If I don't think it will sound good together I will not be apart of it its that simple, and THAT sweetie is how a real musician works. Mine and her music is not compatible with each other, I cant do what she does, and she cant do what I do, Its country for God's sake, how the hell would I look trying to do something country, the same as how she would look trying to do rap,..... r&b pop and hip-hop is virtually essentially the same which is why I can do whatever on those styles of music but country you cant sing r&b you cant rap or even sing rap or else you make yourself sound dumb and I wont do that just for a collab, I'm not disrespecting her, but if she or her fans thinks I don't like her or whatever other reason, then go ahead, but that is why I turned her request down" Regardless of the statement,  Taylor's fans still think she has a problem with her even if its a small one, but NiNi has said "Oh well" Taylor hasn't responded. In other news, Foxy went on Oprah this afternoon, and she said some way out things: Oprah: So tell me a little about this war you're having with my friend NiNi" Foxy: Its not a war, I really wouldn't call it that, no guns no explosions nothing like that, that's what I call a war, but sometimes two artists just cant agree on certain things and that's when things get to the point to where you don't like the other person or whatever the case may be, and that's our situation" Oprah: OK so why exactly did this start between you two" Foxy: To answer that question I have to go back, I slept with her husband a few years ago like when they first started dating (The audience gasps in shock) and ever since then she holds this grudge on me because he cheated on her with me, but he's the real person that she should be flipping on since he knew he was with her but still did what he did, then um she stole my song as a way I guess to get back at me but she ruined it when I know she couldve done way better she trashed it on purpose, and that's what really set it off" Oprah: Wow, um that's so shocking, so if you slept with him, are those babies (she cuts her off) Foxy: No No No No (Laughs) the kids aren't mines they are actually hers it never got that far he wanted them but I didn't and I guess that's why we stopped seeing each other" Oprah: What about Jay? Foxy: I was cheating on him too (THE CROWD IS SILENT SOME HAVE THEIR MOUTHS OPEN WIDE) The rest of the interview she speaks on what Jay did to her and about her new musical projects. This has become the new biggest topic in the WORLD in only about 20 minutes and it is literally EVERYWHERE and the media is painting Beith as a dumb ass for cheating on NiNi with Foxy and says he must be insecure to mess with someone like that and he should be killed. This is all over the web and the news, but NiNi hasn't responded to anything yet, but if its not true, not only did Foxy lie on TV and cause this massive media Storm for NiNi,  we're sure she pissed off the names that's involved, more blood! that for sure! Stay tuned for more info!

NiNi Moves To Paris + Pays 100,000 To Family

NiNi has moved on to Paris 3 days earlier than she was supposed to leave London. It is said that NiNi's management felt that it was too much going on down there with her, and they need to quit while they are ahead. So they all packed up and went to their new destination which is Paris. But The shows in Paris was not supposed to take place until the 1st, which means they both have a 4 day vacay until the show kicks off in PARIS from March 1st-3rd. That's fine for their fans though, especially NiNi's since they say she needs rest anyway, but at the same time, London had 3 more days which means they wont get that, and some of them are upset at money being spent and then wasted, but NiNi said all the fans will get their money back. Being that NiNi will be off for a few days, I may not have info on her, but I will just get you other PSR news. In other news, The funeral for miss Candace Skylark was today, and the total expenses totaled a little over $100,000 which NiNi sent to the family in the form of a check, but she did not make an appearance at the funeral. The family has said "Money can never buy her off, but what else can we do at this point, as long as everyone knows and she has took responsibility at this point, all we can do now is continue living though her memory" NiNi has not spoken on anything about her funeral settlement bill as of yet. Also NiNi had a little run in with her old buddy Gaga, and although they really didn't say much to each other, they both looked extremely uncomfortable around one another, but no fights or arguments broke out between the two. Speaking of fights, we still haven't determined if NiNi did in fact fight today, but we are still looking into it!

Did NiNi Have A Fight With A Basketball Wife?

NEWS FLASH! Sources Say that NiNi and Reality TV Star and current "Basketball Wives Star" Malaysia Pargo threw down this morning. Malaysia was seen with a few bruises to her face, and she called in to a local radio station In New York and mentioned she had a fight over in London, but she didn't mention with who but she said she won the fight. After that announcement, the media went digging over in London to see if any fights happened recently, and it turned up that NiNi was involved in yet another fight inside the 02 arena stadium until it was stopped by her two tour buddies and security. For a few hours, it was unknown who she fought as everyone was keeping quiet, but then the media claims a source leaked the information to the press and it was revealed that it was with Malaysia and Jackie (also from Basketball Wives) Then it was said JACKIE was there but was not involved and the fight was only between NiNi and Malaysia. We aren't sure if this is true, and if it is we don't know what the fight was about or what led up to it, as everyone is extremely quiet, we even tried asking her tour buddies but their response was "Leave Me Alone" so no one wants to speak on anything, and when we ran into NiNi and asked her she gave us a mean look without saying a word which made us want to go hide under our beds, and we left her alone. So we may not find anything out unless of course Malaysia speaks on more, so until then we are keeping it in rumor status due to not enough evidence at the moment to prove otherwise. If I get more on this, I will let you guys know!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

K.Michelle, Brianna Perry And Ke$ha

K Michelle, Brianna Perry and Ke$ha have formed their own PSR group titled "WILD" Which means Women Independent Living Deadly" The group was formed over  the weekend, and NiNi has given her approval for them to be a group and they will all get a paycheck to share just like a real group, and they will always be on the same songs together. No one knows why they decided to form a group when they all ere doing amazing solo, and many say its a odd group, but many people support it and want to see what projects they have to offer, especially since all 3 are super  talented. So far they have released 1 song which is their first song titled "Welcome To Wild" which is doing very well in the industry and is at number 3 on the charts so far (its actually beating out NiNi's new D.C collab song), so it seems maybe  the group can make it, but we have to see. All 3 women have said  they are proud of their new group and they have amazing things in store for us, cant wait! Speaking of groups, The B.B.O.D crew have released their second PSR albums today titled "Fine Ladies" pretty cool album and it has sold over 45 million copies so far, so its doing fairly well . Click here to check out "Wild's" new song and click here to purchase the new B.B.O.D album........!

NiNi Says No To Taylor Swift + CiCi Renews Contract

This afternoon, NiNi has supposedly offended Taylor Swift. Sources say that Taylor had her people contact NiNi's people because Taylor wanted to do a collab with her, but its said that NiNi'S people said she said "NO" no explanation, no reason just straight up "NO" Sources say that Taylor was offended by it and she reportedly said quote "She only wants to record songs with people she knows, or is on her level, that's not how a real musician works in my opinion". NiNi's  team didn't provide a reason behind NiNi turning swift down, but it has led Taylor's fans to think she has a problem with her, and the media is already turning them two against each other and Taylor's fans have said that NiNi thinks she is better than her or too good to record a song with her. NiNi has not been available for comment. In other news, Ciara has renewed her contract at PSR for an extra 3 years and 3 albums, no word yet on how much the deal was worth but its said that CiCi is already working on her second PSR album as we speak, but we don't have a due date yet! Also Carly Rae Jepsen and Demi Lavato have teamed up in a new collab song titled "Wont Let Him Go" the song is flat at best and cheesy at worst, but you can check it out here

K.C Vs Michelle + D.C Collab Drops!!

Seems as if K.C and Michelle Williams are having tension, but K.C actually started it. A few days ago, K.C posted this on twitter: "Finally checked out the Superbowl performance halftime show, B was AMAZING! I literally could not blink when I was watching her GO ON MAMA! Then Kelly came and I'm like YES! then Michelle came and killed the whole damn vibe, Yo she always kills the mood, and she made me wanna turn that damn thing off, anybody else think she looks like a horse? UGH!" K.C posted that for no apparent reason towards Michelle, and Michelle did respond just by saying "Its lots of haters I see but we had fun and I think we all did amazing, oh and #Screw You to @KC" K.C Has been slammed by the fans and the media for her random uncalled for unnecessary outburst toward Michelle, when Michelle did nothing to her, but KC has stated "Is it a crime to have an opinion GOD!" Michelle has stated she pays it no mind, and leaves childish ways to the childish people, on the other hand though millions of people actually agree with KC and say she was just speaking her mind and she was totally right about Michelle and they say she does in fact kill the vibe, the mood and the song, what do you guys think? In other news speaking of D.C, the new collab with NiNi has officially dropped this morning. The song is titled "You're the one" and its receiving mostly positive reviews, but many people, just like K.C feel that Kelly, B and NiNi shouldve been the only 3 on the song because they say the song was sounding GREAT until Michelle came on last, and for that its receiving a lot of negative reviews because they say she killed it and made it sound stupid. Regardless though, the song has reached number 6 on the charts, which NiNi has never been at she's always at either number 2 or 1, but many people say as long as Michelle is on it, the song will NEVER reach number 1. We kind of agree that Michelle's verse was weird and pointless, as it was only about 40 seconds long and she sounded funnier than normal. B was first, Next was Kelly, then NiNi, and last was Michelle, they all sang and the first 3 verses sounded wonderful, then Michelle came in, and it made us want to switch it off, (No disrespect to Michelle, but we report on the facts, not what the celebs want to hear, no offense) But if you're interested, you can check out "You're the one" by clicking here.......P.S check Out Monica's new song with K.C titled "There You Go" click here

Saturday, February 23, 2013

NiNi Is Back To Work Today And So Is The Protesters

NiNi showed her beautiful presence at the o2 Arena this morning coming in with shades and her favorite cup of Red Bull. She showed up at 7am to start rehearsals for the show tonight, and despite being advised to take the rest of the week off to rest, she came in anyway, which probably wasn't her best idea, because now she has more to worry about. About an hour after NiNi arrived looking "Morning Fresh" protesters showed up outside of the o2 stadium with Pickett signs shouting things such as "You people are letting a murderer perform and entertain and make money to support her family, while an innocent young girl is dead, and was ripped from her family" The Pickett signs said things like "Nini Equals Murderer" or "No Justice No Peace" The protesters consisted of Candace's Friends and relatives and they are trying to Boycott the show tonight (That means ruin it, and get people not to show up) but no one is paying them any mind and tickets sold out in 2 minutes after they went on sale and the protesters called the fans "BRAINWASHED" NiNi though felt that she had to make some sort of a statement and she addressed flashing camera's and the protesters outside with her bodyguards holding back the press and standing next to her. She said "Good morning, my name is Nisha Nichols, and the other day Thursday the 21st , I had a fight with a reporter, I was informed by my staff that she passed away last night. You must understand that I am not a killer, and her passing was not my intentions at all, I was even planning on sending her flowers today because I know I went a little too far with my actions, I don't feel I'm above the law or anyone else, The police are choosing not to punish me because I did not start the fight I was defending myself. I have total respect for the dead, but I must say she started with me first over some crap that I addressed so many times, and when I refused to answer her she grabbed me and called me a stupid evil American and spit in my face which upset me, but I did nothing to her but ignore her outrageous questions, after she spit on me I lost control. I am very sorry to the family she has left behind, and I understand if you hate me, but I want you to know, this wasn't planned, and I'm am very hurt behind it, It wont make anything better, but I will provide financial assistance for the funeral and support for anything else as long as I live. I am also hurt behind this and the only reason I'm at work today is because I have to be. So for everyone I am truly sorry, and if there is anything I can do please leave word and your contact information with my staff at the arena, and I will contact you as soon as possible, thank you" The family decided to take her up on her offer, and they are filing for wrongful death charges and they want her to pay all funeral expenses which NiNi has said she will do. The protesters went away after her statement, but its really high tension over there and she has stated she isn't comfortable over there anymore and she said quote "I feel like my life is in danger now" When I get more on this story, so will you.....

Friday, February 22, 2013

Lovers Ye and Kim Have A Fight! Was It Over NiNi???

OK we don't believe this one, but sources say that "Kimye" had a huge argument outside of Jay-Z's 40/40 club in New York a little while ago. While we do know the mommy and daddy to be did in fact have an argument, we aren't so sure if it was about his niece. Sources say Kim is emotional as she is in her 2nd trimester (4-5 MONTHS) of pregnancy and she wants him home alot more which he isn't doing. Apparently she accused him of cheating and that's why he's never home, but he responded if "I'm cheating it must be with my Goddamn niece cuz that's the only one I'm around 24/7" Then she said that she doesn't like him at work all hours of the night while she is at home alone waiting for him, and that NiNi should understand and stop working him so hard. Ye reportedly got furious and told her he has to work and NiNi has nothing to do with it so leave her name out your mouth", and as the argument got louder Ye reportedly raised his hand to her which made her jump back, but security outside the club stopped him and broke them up. They split ways and Kim was crying, and Ye was cussing and talking out loud to himself saying "I'm sick of this bitch!" As I said we do know there was a fight as Kim posted on twitter shortly afterwards saying "I so hate Kanye right now, usually I always hate him, that's nothing new, but now I really hate him, I feel so sick to my stomach just to know that his baby is in me ugh, I HATE YOU!" Lucky I cant say the N word" Ye also posted on his twitter "Yo of all the bitches in the world, How the hell did I end up with this dumb broad, she ain't even hot no damn more, and she comes from the weirdest group of cracker people that she calls family that I've ever seen, God gave me the damn Devil! I need a cross!" So apparently these two just had their worst fight in the year and a half that they've been seeing each other, and many say its splitsville for the two, but that hasn't been confirmed, nor has it been confirmed that their argument was over NiNi, But we will find out and let you know.....P.S Britney Spears Has Not been transferred to PSR, its just an Internet rumor......

Candace Skylark Dies!!!!

This evening at approximately 706pm London Time, Candace Skylark, the British reporter who NiNi had a fight with last night, died today from her injuries. According to the doctors, she wasn't responding to treatment and she suffered a fatal heart attack and stroke which put her in a coma and being needed to be hooked up to life support, and the plug was pulled at 706pm. Her condition got worst as the day went on and she became a vegetable earlier on today. Her family immediately lashed out against the police for not arresting NiNi and they have begun protesting in front of the police building. Police have said that NiNi was defending herself and self defense is not punishable by law, but NiNi was issued a ticket for fighting in public, but they cant arrest her on a murder charge unless someone can prove that it was not self defense, but everyone backs up NiNi and says the reporter started it first. NiNi has not spoken on anything as of yet, so its not known if she knows the lady passed away, but its many protesters that's planning on showing up at her show tomorrow, so cops will be on full force. Stay tuned for more info on this developing story....

Britney Spears Gets Transfered To PSR

Sources say that NiNi's other royal buddy, Ms Britney Spears has been transferred from Def Jam to PSR which is something she has been wanting to do for the last 2 years. This is unconfirmed but sources say that NiNi's bosses over at Def Jam made the transfer move earlier today because being that PSR and Def Jam are so closely affiliated that when they have no room for artists at Def Jam, they move them to there sub set label which is PSR which happened with Ri Ri, Big Sean, Ye, Rita and Alexis Jordan. We have no word on what kind of deal Britney got or if its even true, but NiNi hasn't spoken up on anything and neither has Britney nor has any of the good folks over at Def Jam, but if we can find out any more info we will let you know

Is RiRi And Breezy Off Again?

Sources close to the pair say that their new on again relationship is about to switch back to the off position, after Ri Ri was seen texting her ex bf Drake while she was sitting next to Breezy at the Grammys, and that reportedly did not go well, as both of them left the grammy's looking unhappy. Then Ri Ri was seen spending her birthday alone, without Breezy as well as Valentines Day alone without Breezy, and then there was last week when they both attended a night club to support a mutual friends business decision and even though they were both there they did not once communicate with each other and its said that when Ri Ri was asked if she wanted to sit next to her boyfriend, she reportedly asked to be seated somewhere else, and Breezy was reportedly rubbing his presence in her face which pissed her off and they both left separately without saying a word to each other the entire 2 hours they were there. People like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus have made it known that they do not support Ri Ri's decision to be back with Breezy and Katy, which was once her Bff, has pulled away apparently due to Breezy and they are quote "Barely speaking to each other" Miley also pulled away as Miley was once Ri Ri's drinking, clubbing and smoking buddy, but Miley has said "I just feel she is setting herself up for trouble and I don't think I need to be apart of that. Neither singer has confirmed the split, but it is said that Drake rubbed their split in Breezy's face and that he is the real reason why they split up again. Its said that Drake sent Breezy a champagne bottle that says "I hooked up with your bitch my nigga, she got that bomb too, guess you ain't hitting it right cuz she was tight as hell" Breezy ignored it until she was seen texting him, and that's what made him flip as well as suspect that maybe Drake wasn't just being funny, and now ever since the Grammy's the two are not communicating with each other. The last picture of them two all lovey dovey and cuddled up is from a few days before the Grammy's and she posted pics on Twitter showing the two hugged up and kissing in a car, and walking hand in hand on the beach, after that,  nothing. As mentioned neither one is confirming or denying their new single status but it is said that Drake has added insult to injury by hooking up with Breezy's ex, but that has been unconfirmed. In other news, NiNi has taken off for the day, she says the show will still go on with her two tour buddies, but she wont be apart of anything today, so I'll do my best to get you all the info I can until the queen comes back tomorrow!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

NiNi's Show!! + NINI Gets In Fight

Last night NiNi had her show at the o2 Arena in London, England. The show attracted 75,000 people, and the special guests was Jay-Z. My buddy recorded the entire 3 hour performance for you guys so click here to check it out! In other news, today, over in London, NiNi was involved in an argument with a British news reporter, we still don't know what they argued about, but whatever it was it made NiNi super mad. She seemed like she wasn't in her right mind today, and seemed to have an attitude most of the day, so B and Jay stayed away from her, and she barely was working during rehearsals. The argument began about 20 minutes before the show for tonight was to start, and as mentioned,  she was so mad, and she knocked the camera out of the woman's hands and it fell and broke, and the woman said "You'll have to pay for that you know, that's British property, all you stupid Americans are the same" At that point NiNi's face got red and she turned around and "BAM" the lady went down with one hit, the lady got back up and tried to defend herself but NiNi kept punching her and punching her until blood was literally squirting from her eyeballs, it seemed as if NiNi was taking all her problems and angers out on her face. British police pulled NiNi off of her, but they did not press charges because they said they understand that British reporters are beyond disrespectful to American Celebrities, and they did see the reporter start with NiNi first, so NiNi got a pass. But  NiNi was still upset and she cancelled her part of the show, leaving Jay and B by themselves without her. It is said that NiNi has rented a house while she's out there for her 1 week long show dates at the o2 Arena, but no one knows where her rented house is, and NiNi has been unavailable for comment, her site has been dead, everything about her has been dead since this happened, which tells us she doesn't want to be bothered by anyone, and we certainly wont be the ones to make the mistake of trying to bother her at all. The reporter who is Candace Skylark, is in the ICU wing of the hospital, but doctors say she is expected to make a full recovery, and she had to receive 276 stitches to her right upper eye, as NiNi smashed it wide open. Police still decline to press charges on NiNi, and they dropped the case as "Self Defense" stay tuned for more info on this story as it becomes available!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jay-Z Defends NiNi

NiNi's King Buddy Mr Sean Carter AKA Jay-Z has spoke up about what really happened to FOXY 2 weeks ago. "I would like to make it clear that Nini  had absolutely nothing to do with what happened to Carla, neither did PSR, if anyone is to be blamed for it, its me, I was looking out for my friend who's actually like my daughter, and my anger got the best of me, so I set it up, I know it was wrong and I'm ready to answer for it" Says Jay at a press conference. This statement sparked shocked reactions all throughout the industry, and when word got to Foxy, it is said that she cried at first, but then she said "Fuck him too, its amazing how you trade on your peoples over someone you just recently met when I knew that nigga since I was 12, but its all good, he can go to hell, his ass can get it too, and by the way Jay, I think you're a bitch for the way you handled that, why couldn't you face me face to face after all we been through I would expect a more real man type reaction from you, but I guess you another buster ass nigga too" Foxy who dated Jay from 94-99 was said to be super hurt by it, but her team says she is quote "Dealing with it" Jay is now facing criminal charges including hiring an individual to commit a deadly act, association to murder, and reckless endangerment and he is facing up to 25 years in prison. It is unknown how much he paid the hit man to do the job, but some sources say it was millions, others say thousands. Jay was picked up at the Roc Nation building a little while ago, and he was lead to the back of the cop car in cuffs, and police have stated that his bail is 500 million dollars and he is unable to post his own bail. So far no one has posted his bail. Jay made a statement from the cell saying "Carla, I'm sorry, but your beef is with me now, not her, not them, so leave them out of this" She responded "Fuck him and them" It is not known when Jay's trial will be. NiNi has been unavailable for comment as she is in London and she probably hasn't even heard about it yet. Stay tuned for more info on this story! Also check out the new song by MGK Ft Christina Milian titled "Get It" click here

NiNi Gets In Limo Accident! + 3 PSR ARTISTS DROP ALBUMS

This afternoon, NiNi was on her way to Downtown Georgia Airport to catch her flight to head over to London. Halfway there, her limo was ran off the road into a ditch by another limo with all black windows and no license plates. The queen wasn't hurt in the accident but her limo did get stuck in the ditch and all 4 tires blew out, and she had to call another limo to take her to the airport and she was late for her flight. The driver of the other limo has not been identified yet, but NiNi didn't stick around to wait and see, by now she is in London preparing and rehearsing, but this story is still developing, so when we know more so will you. In other news 3 PSR artists have dropped new albums today: Kid Sister (1st), Future (1st) and the OMG Girlz (2nd) Kid Sisters Album has sold 27 million copies so far, Future's first album has sold over 53 million copies so far, and the OMG Girlz keep their royal status with over 195 million copies. Click here for Kid Sister's album, Click Here for Future's Album, and Click Here for The OMG Girlz Album.

NiNi Surprises Rihanna For Her Birthday!

Even though Rihanna sometimes gets on the boss's nerves, today she still showed her she loves her and she appreciates her. The day started out as usual, and Rihanna was sitting in her studio bored and NiNi and a few others come in and Yell Surprise! They had a Vanilla cake with 25 candles on it, they caught her off guard but she looked very happy and shocked at the same time. She blew out the candles and NiNi handed her her present which was a yellow and pink diamond matching set of Earrings, a ring, and bracelet and a necklace, all of them say her name on them and it costs her $25,000 for the jewelry set, and she also gave her a "Thank You/Appreciate You" card due to the fact that Ri Ri is one of the main ones that's bringing PSR all the money so this was NiNi's way of showing she appreciates her hard work, and because Ri Ri spent over 90,000 last year for her birthday. Inside the card she had a ticket to her sold out show tonight in London and she let her take the rest of the day off. They gave each other a huge hug and Rihanna thanked her. NiNi has stated that Ri Ri is the main artist that gets on her nerves, but she is her friend and when it comes to work she never slacks off or disappoints. Congratulations and Happy B-Day to our Girl Ri Ri! In other news, NiNi is preparing for her 1t show since last month tonight at the O2 arena in London, and she has promised to do some unheard songs from her new album, unfortunately, we cant make it but a buddy of mines is going with his wife, and he will give me video, pictures and details and when I get them, I will give it to you, NiNi has promised an explosive show and we believe her! If you guys have tickets LUCKY YOU! Have fun!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NiNi Tells Nicki To Grow Up!

Lately, Nicki has been spending alot of time with Selena and the two go around acting wild (not Rhianna wild) but wild, and many say that before Selena started hanging with Nicki she wasn't acting the way she acts now. When I say wild I don't mean slut like wild or fighting wild, I mean just non-celebrity wild such as breaking cameras, or dissing reporters, throwing things at people out the window of their limo....things like that. Many people say that Nicki is a terrible influence on Selena being that Selena acts crazy now (she flashed the camera's with both her boobs the other day just for the hell of it) and Selena's fan are upset that Nicki would generate a negative influence on someone who is still young (shes 20) when she's 30, but Nicki bit back and said "She's a fucking grown ass woman, she does what she wants, don't put me in that, I'm not making her do anything" And Selena also said that she is just having fun with life, she's not trying to hurt anyone and no one is making her do anything. NiNi though feels that regardless if Nicki is influencing her or not, she still feels that she needs to grow up. Earlier she ran into Nicki and Nicki was dancing for a camera crew just acting stupid and she grabbed her by her arm, and pulled her to the side hard enough that Nicki almost fell, and she said "This is how you act, both of y'all are really starting to fucking annoy me" Nicki cut her off and said "But I......., And NiNi cut back in and said "Shut up, its not your turn I'm talking, you wanna be immature you're in the wrong place sweetheart and you tell your lil buddy that too because y'all two don't have to be here, If all y'all wanna do is play....., Grow the fuck up act your age, you tell her that too!" After that she walked away and left Nicki being recorded by cameras and looking shocked and people who were around were staring at her. Nini really did embarrass her and you can tell she was hurt and she walked away without saying a word. Now the new headline is "Nicki Gets Punked By NiNi, What A PunK!!!!" And the media is slamming Nicki for not standing up for herself. Nicki has been unavailable for comment. What do you guys think? Do you guys think that Nicki is a bad influence on Selena?

Does NiNi And Lady Gaga Have A New Collab + Foxy

Word on the street and sources close to NiNi say that a new song has leaked from NiNi and it seems to be that Gaga is on the song with her. Gaga has many of her "Little Monsters" and they are the ones that are positive that its her voice that's on the song. Even though you can tell the song isn't 100% finished, and it sounds really poor with quality and loudness, people say it still seems like the song will be good when its finished, and many people, even the ones who dont like Gaga,  say the song is absoulte fire, and honestly we agree that the song sounds really good, and Gaga seems to be a nice add to it (If that is GAGA of course) but we havent had it confirmed by NiNi nor Gaga that they actually collabed with each other, so we have to wait and see. The title that was attatched to the leaked song was called "In These Streets" so thats what we are calling it for now, so for those who care click here to check out "In These Streets" In other news, Foxy Brown has made a statement  opening up about her shooting almost 2 weeks ago and she said "I really do believe that one of those PSR bitches had this plan carried out, but its ok because if they want to play dirty, I can play filthy, what goes around comes around, of course they are gonna deny it they dont have big enough balls to come up front and say "yea I did It" so no one will ever know who did it, but I know, Im not stupid, think about it, we're beefing, Ye says he wants to kill me, next day I get shot, figure it out man" PSR hasnt responded to her accusations, but they still insist that they are not guilty, what do you guys think?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Ri Ri Gets Things Thrown At Her In London, Walks Away Bloody

The two who are just all over the place right now is NiNi and Ri Ri, every where you look you are seeing or hearing about these two in some way, but while NiNi is a good way, lately Ri Ri has been in a bad way. Like yesterday, she was out in London promoting her new PSR outfits and new Roc Nation Perfume, and a female who remains unidentified starting causing a scene shouting offensive things about her and Breezy, calling her "A Stupid Slut" or saying she's "Easy" and a "Hoe" and she called Breezy a "Woman Beater" and a "HATER" And said Ri Ri "Is a disgrace to all the women on her label and to the ones that look up to her" and she's trash and pathetic" Just like any other celebrity she ignored it and walked away, but the woman began throwing glass at her (glass bottles) and they were smashing by her legs and some smashed glass scraped her knee and she started bleeding. The cops ran over to the woman and arrested her and Ri Ri was captured on camera leaving the place that she was in with a tissue wiping the blood from her legs. She refused medical attention and said "I just want to go home" in the saddest voice I ever heard especially from the woman who's wild and always hard, but last night she was way different, some people even say she was crying because the woman hurt her feelings, but that hasn't been confirmed yet, but regardless she wasn't the wild, outta control Ri Ri we came to love (and some hate for that matter) and we wonder why, but we wont find out because she has taken off today and has been unavailable for comment. Breezy hasn't spoke on anything either as of yet. In other news, Jay-Z reveals he will be signing on to his "Queens" tour starting on the 20th lasting until the 28th. They are done with America and now they are supposed to go overseas to finish up the last part of their world tour, and its said that they got permission from their P.O to go overseas to complete their tour. Their year and a half world tour comes to an end in April (April 15th to be exact) after which they will go on their separate ways and start their own world tours (B's is April 28th) NiNi's is May 1st, so they have mentioned they only have a month and a half left of working with each other and they will be making it an end to remember and they want to lower the ticket prices so everyone can get a chance to see them, sounds fun, cant wait. Tickets for the show on the 20th in London is on sale now so hurry and grab yours while its still on sale!

New Song Releases + Jhene Pulls Herself Up

Today when NiNi took to her website to announce she had released a new song, millions of people rushed to download it thinking it was the new D.C collab we've been hearing about it, but it wasn't it was one with her and Jhene Aiko titled "Swimming With Money" Even though we were all expecting the other collab song, we were satisfied with this one, and it did not disappoint. It has a nice fuse of Hip-Hop with R&B and a little pop thrown in. Click here to check it out! Speaking Of Jhene, it seems like her boss did her a super favor and that's what this collab was about, because right after the song released, Jhene's new album that she just recently dropped started selling like hot cakes, and spiked up to 1 million copies in less than 4 hours. Many say that the only reason that Jhene sold so high is due to the fact that NiNi got on a song with her, and made people more interested in her, which many say still doesn't mean Jhene is a good artist, all it means is she has a huge powerful name backing her up to help her "Cheat" to sell albums. regardless though, selling over 1 million copies means that Jhene will not be getting dropped, but she wont be in the PSR high sellers either or royalty, but at least she gets to stay with the home she loves so much, at least until her next album drops. What do you guys think, cheat or no cheat?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

NiNi's Documentary

Just when we thought that NiNi couldn't get any more popular, the queen of pop went ahead and released a 90 minute autobiographical documentary on her life which aired last night on HBO. In it there are very touching moments like one part where she revealed what she called the "Saddest day of her life" which is when she had a miscarriage when she first got pregnant. and she revealed that she went in the studio to write a sad song about it because that is the only way she knew how to deal with it, and the result of that was the song we all know which is called "Why" At the time we didn't know what that song was referring too, but now we understand why she sounded so emotional in that song. "It was a heartbeat, so happy, I even felt kicking!, then next week I go to the doctor, no heartbeat.....It was the saddest day of my life, only thing I could do is go pour out my emotions in the studio surrounded by my friends, and that became the song "Why" which is the saddest song I've ever recorded" says NiNi in a voice-over. She also showed us home footage of her enormous pregnant belly and while she was pregnant but still on stage performing and still in the studio recording, which told us one thing, SHE IS NOT HUMAN! lol....She shows her on the beach laid out with her belly poking out and she was singing to her belly. She also speaks about why she had to let go of her producer Polo, and speaks on the artists who has been dropped, and she says "At first I used to be nervous about how people would think of me, they might think I'm too difficult, so I didn't speak on much, but now I DON'T care, I feel if you know the way something should go, go for it, the others will thank you later" Says NiNi and she also revealed that everything from how her shows are set up, how her videos are, how her music sounds is quote "All Me" she directs and produces everything that she does, because she feels she knows herself better than anyone else. There are some goofy moments in the film, such as NiNi and Nicki acting stupid at the label putting on their British accents together bothering the security guards and the artists and making everyone laugh. She also states the relationship she has with her artists "I'm very hard on them, but not any harder than what they are used too, but they all know I love them, we have disagreements many times, and maybe even arguments but they love me and I love them, they know why I'm hard on them, and they respect and appreciate it, Im very proud of them" she says in another voice over. She also says that people look at her as being scary or mean, but she says the high demands of her job make her that way, but in reality she is a nice person and quote "Anyone who really knows me knows I'm not a bitch like how people make me out to be" She shows her crying, she shows her singing in the shower (no nudity of course) although she does have a towel wrapped around her, and she shows her going to meetings and setting up shows with her tour buddy and recording songs and the hard process she goes through to bring us all the things up that we love from her. She shows how she organizes her PW line and how she makes clothes and how she works with charities to provide those less fortunate. The president also makes a brief appearance in the film and shows her performance at his inauguration. There is so many personal things shown and revealed, and she speaks on things that she never spoke of to anyone, mainly her husband and children and says they are "The greatest thing in my life" any of you guys who don't have cable and wasn't able to catch the most powerful documentary of the year, click here to check it out~ and to NiNi, we love your life even more, because you show us that at times you aren't human, but despite your queen and Hollywood status you show you are human first and we love how well you open up. Congrats!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

NiNi Says F*** You To The Media

The media has been labeling NiNi as a chick who is power hungry and overuses her power and authority, and today she has sent out a message to the media. She said "Really, that's what y'all think of me, I really don't care, y'all can all go fuck yourselves, because you ain't hurting me at all, your hate makes me stronger, so fuck you, fuck your business, fuck your cameras, fuck you period" NiNi didn't seem pissed when she made that statement, but the words she said sure sounded like she was pissed. Click here to check out her full audio statement.....In other news, NiNi has stated she is nervous about how her fans will react to her documentary tonight, which is said to be attracting over 78 million people to watch it, but she says "Its too late now, I'm happy with it though I'm proud of it" NiNi has also stated that Amy and Nick are dangerously close to being suspended for reportedly quote "Arguing more than working, but NiNi is an understanding boss, so she understands that they are having marriage problems but she says if it keeps interfering with business,  she will have no choice but to suspend them until they stop acting like children and settle their problems like adults.......NiNi was supposed to have a show tonight but we aren't sure if that's still happening due to her attending the premiere of her new movie, but we will let you know! Also Kid sister has a new song out with Kat titled "Baby" click here to check it out!

NiNi's Doc Releasing Tonight + D.C Rumors Are True!

NiNi's 90 minute documentary/movie will be dropping tonight on HBO. The world premiere of it released to the industry (which means celebrities only) in theatres for the celebs to see (the fans don't get it until it releases on HBO) earlier today,  and so far it has received mostly positive reviews from the industry and the industry critics, and even many of her artists say "They never seen the side of their boss that she shows in the movie, and it makes them look at her and different and earn alot more respect for her. In it she also talks about the highly controversial subject of the evils in the industry. She says "People are brainwashed and controlled, every where you look, every time you turn on the TV, open the computer they are there, and for a while I was controlled and brainwashed myself, that's what fame can do to you, but you have to learn how to control yourself, just stay out the way. I'm a spiritual person, always have been and I let God into my life whenever possible, doing anything other than that is bullshit to me" Although she never mentions the name, we know exactly who "they" are, but she only spends 2 minutes speaking on that topic before images and videos switch up to her childhood. Make sure you tune into HBO tonight to catch NiNI's movie! In other news, the rumors about NiNi working with the D.C Crew are in fact TRUE. Based on Michelle, who said "I think I just completed the hottest song I ever did in my entire life, my two girls just have been a strong foundation for this track, I cant wait until it releases, Long live the QUEENS! LOL" That statement confirmed what everyone knew already and many fans are excited to hear a collab from all 4 women, which still hasn't been revealed as to when it is releasing, so the question is 'when" but we feel it will be soon, keep checking for new updates to the new song!

Friday, February 15, 2013

NiNi VS Beyonce

Whats up guys. NiNi and B are buddies, in fact some people might even say they are best buddies, but right now their professional lives are NOT buddies. NiNi has competition with her friend. Now that she is back she has been doing many things and she is the only one who EVER outsold NiNi with a mixtape AND an album. Both women are called queens and both have different people saying each one is the better performer, some say B is, others say NiNi is. NiNi never had anyone that even came  close to her in the performing and the music department for the entire 6 years that she's been here, but back in 2008 they were in Versus status and the media has put them back in Versus status in 2013, asking fans to vote who is the better "Queen" NiNi and B both have said that they don't look at themselves as being better than anyone, and that's not what they are about, they just have fun with the job and they are not competing against each other no matter who wants to see a competition. So far in NiNi's 6 year career she has sold 98 trillion copies of her albums combined, B sold 97 trillion in her 16 year career span. But while many people put them against each other, others say they are alike in so many ways, they both dance similar, they both are wicked talented and both have more status in the game then everyone combined, they also are the two most busiest women in show business, and being all buddied up with the president is good too :) They both have husbands and children and they both do everything they can for their fans, but one thing about them that is different is that they are their own person, but many say that B copies everything from NiNi. So its many different opinions about these two, but they both don't care, they are friends not enemies and for them this isn't a competing game, but the media wants to turn it into that and even challenged them to both drop albums and see who will win, both denied that request. We feel its a partnership that is wonderful and that's the way it will stay. What do you guys think? In other news, Monica Spears and Alexis Jordan have released a new song together titled "Stay" check it out here

NiNi Fires Her Assistant

No not Tina, I'm referring to her sales publicist,  21 year old Mika Brown.  Rumor has it that Mika has been stealing money from fans. When fans order things off the PSR site , the money goes to PSR and NiNi gives it to charities, but  for the past two months,  money has been coming up short, and Mika is the head in charge of that department.  Instead of putting the money where its supposed to go, it is said that she has been pocketing extra money, that totals up to $25,000. NiNi has noticed the short in sales for a while, but she has been so busy and she hasn't really had time to address it, but today she approached her assistant about the missing funds, and she was unable to provide an explanation to her about it. After further research it has been discovered that from every order from the PSR website, at least 100 dollars was missing from each order, over 2 months of order sales, it totaled up to about 25,000 dollars. What made it even worse is that, her assistant was buying things way out of her price range like a BMW and Fancy Jewelry which was suspicious being that she was spending celebrity money, but NiNi doesn't pay her celebrity money, and upon discovering this, she immediately was fired for theft, although she denies stealing anything.  NiNi has stated that no one else handles the order sales department but her, so if money goes missing who else will you look at. She also stated that the PSR team will continue to investigate and if its discovered that she didn't have anything to do with it, she will get an apology as well as her job back with a pay raise, so right now she's just under review until things clear up. Meanwhile Miss Brown maintains her innocence. In other news, Keri and Ke$ha have returned to work today, and they have stated that they intend to pick up where they left off and the songs that they were working on will be getting dropped this weekend, so be on the lookout for that!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

NiNi Announces N2!

After the success of the original "N Phone" NiNi has announced she is releasing the almost identical twin sister called the "N2" She has given a release for March, around the time her album drops, and even though they appear to be the same, they are not. The N2 will feature a bigger screen combining a tablet and a phone, similar to the Galaxy s2 and S3,  with a 5.1 inch touch screen (The original only has a 4.1 inch touch screen) It also will have a brighter display with Gorilla Glass, a better front facing and back camera (14mp) (The original is only 8mp) and introduces flash for the front facing camera as well as the back. The N2 will have louder speakers, more slim and have the new android operating system Android 5.2 Jelly Bean (The Original has 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) She also mentions that the maps and google search will be better as well as faster than the original, and will feature FACE UNLOCK where you can unlock your phone just by looking at it. The "N2" will be releasing on At&T for a contract price of $299.99 with a 2 year agreement, or $799.99 with no contract. The phone comes with "Beats Audio" a pair of Beats By Dr Dre Headphones and of course the PSR app in the google play store already loaded onto it. The phone is available on At&T's site for pre-order, and for a limited time they are waiving the activation fee and the shipping fee, so if you guys are interested in upgrading your current "N" now is the time to go pre-order so you can guarantee yourself one by the time it releases. Click here to head over to AT&T's website to pre-order the "N2"!

NiNi Gets New Tat!

This morning, NiNi was seen rocking a new tattoo. She had a shirt on with rips on both sides and the tat was exposed, and everyone saw her rocking a new tat, which is on her ribs! Ouch! When Paparazzi asked her for a full view, she pulled up her shirt and revealed a gorgeous tattoo which is a cross with music notes flowing around it, it looks dope! NiNi said it took 6 hours to get it done, and it hurt like hell, so she kept stopping, and she was relieved when it was over. Looks like NiNi is into the music tats, as she has music notes on her neck already, and this new tat bumps up her total tattoo count to 7 officially. She said she doesn't know if or when she is getting anymore, but she says she does know that if she does, she wants one on her lower back, but she doesn't know of what yet. Click here to check out the media's interview with NiNi this morning about her new tat!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Foxy Gets Shot Police Question PSR

This afternoon, Foxy Brown was involved in a shooting accident in Downtown Brooklyn, NY which left 32 people dead and 17 more seriously injured. Foxy was caught in the middle and took 2 bullets to the shoulder. Police say she will be OK due to the heavy winter coat she had on which saved her life, and she will be released later on tonight. Police immediately suspected the PSR team due to the fact that everyone has a reason to want to shoot her or hurt her especially Kat, who lost her mom late last year and Foxy called her a hoe just like her cracked out mama, which sources say pissed Kat off to the max. Police arrived at PSR and questioned everyone who was working and the ones who were doing shows they busted in and pulled them off stage for questioning. Every PSR artist of course denied having anything to do with it, but some of them (Ye for example) expressed happiness that it happened which just made him look guilty, but police don't have any evidence to charge anyone right now and Foxy says she didn't see who shot her, so Police don't have much to go on, but right now, PSR is high on their list of possible suspects, but PSR is keeping quiet if they did have something to do with it, what do you guys think?

Africa Finally Apologizes To NiNi + Havana Brown Drops Album

Africa has finally had enough of this war with NiNi/PSR and today they issued a statement apologizing to NiNi. "we would like to call off this so called war with our country and the superstar called "NiNi" Its just not a good look for either of us, and its no longer worth it, so we offer her and her record label our sincerest apologies" Says African Councilman. NiNi has also issued a statement saying "I do appreciate the apology, I feel its something that shouldve never happened in the first place, it was ridiculous, and although I really have no reasons to apologize, I will just because.......that's what kind of person I am, its a burden sometimes that I'm so nice (laughs);  In other news, PSR artist Havana Brown has released her 1st PSR album titled "Kick Rocks" weird titled right, but its some really good songs on there and we are officially IN LOVE! (In A Totally Professional Kinda Way Of Course) The album consists of mainly Pop, but has some Hip-Hop and R&B thrown in as well and features NiNi, Jhene Aiko, Lloyd, Big Sean, Demi Lavato, Rita Ora, Tiffany Evans and Ke$ha. The album went on sale at 12:00 midnight right after she tweeted about it, see above, and so far has sold over 17 million copies in its first few hours, which is off to a great start, not a royal start but definitely a great start. Click here to buy Havana's new album off her site for 7.99 or you can pick it up worldwide in any retail store! Congrats to Havana on her first album.....

NiNi Hopes Her New Documentary Inspires Her Kids

NiNi's documentary "My Life Through My Eyes" is only 3 days away as its coming on HBO on the 16th, and today fans got to see a special sneak peek of her high in demand special. Special screening was available for some of NiNi's "Ns" and it shows 20 minutes of never before seen footage of the pop star in ways you never seen her before. The 1st part starts off with her when she was 7 showing her running through the flowers and fire hydrants. The movie also shows, her humble beginnings and her preparations to becoming the NiNi we all know today, but the movie reveals when she was growing up she struggled in school and dropped out at 15, but returned at 17 to finish and got her diploma at 18, at which time she began to change her life around and pursue a career in music. She reveals how she used to be a club girl, drinking and smoking alot, but after her children were born she wanted to straighten out for them. She also speaks on her husband as well as her children and says she believes they can be anything they want to be. The movie shows exclusive footage of her performing, recording in the studio and running her label. Some PSR artists do make an appearance in the film, and shows the hard work that they really go through when preparing to release an album or prepare for a show. She also shows her doing some work in the studio for her new album. She also shows private moments such as her in her house, jumping up and down on the bed to her song, being goofy, flirting with the camera and walks on the beach with her friends. Most of the movie is shot on her laptop, the other half is professional cameras. She revealed that she is proud of the movie and she hopes that when her kids are old enough to understand it, they will be inspired by it as the message in it is no matter what,  you can be anything you want as long as you work hard for it. She also says that everything she does is for her "N's" and she thanks them and says she loves them for every piece of support they have been showing her over the years, and she dedicated the film to her kids and to her fans, and its a small part in the film for her fans. This is the biggest HBO special and HBO representatives has said "This is an amazing film, and we are just glad that she chose our network to air it on, many of you know who "NiNi' is but they still don't know exactly who Nisha is, and that what this film represents, to get to know her inside and outside the industry, and we are just glad to be apart of it" Click here to check out the first 20 minute sneak peek of the film! P.S Beith is shown in the film, but only for a few minutes and she reveals she supports his music and likes it but she reveals the only reason he isn't on PSR is because he doesn't want to be which puts the rumors of her not wanting him to rest, and NO her kids are not shown, but they are mentioned many times throughout the film, she is really gushy over her family and admits to resorting to love making to calm her nerves when she's nervous, and she says that even though its been close to 9 years with her husband she still is nervous when it comes to making love to him so she plays music to get over her shyness. Yeah as I said she gets personal and deep in this and she reveals a whole new side of her, but we love it and we are sure you guys will too!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Guys the craziest thing happened at NiNi's show. A fan died while watching it, I mean that as literal as I can get it. The fan who has been named as 13 year old Keisha Belmont suffered a stroke in her seat next to her family midway through the show. According to her family who was sitting by her, she has a weak brain and has been having seizures and strokes since she was born, she was complaining of not feeling well before coming, but despite being told to stay home she said "I'm not missing this for the world" and she went anyway. Her fam and witnesses say that as the show was going on the explosions set it off and she began getting a headache, but she was still OK, but as the show went on, she got worse due to the fact that she got super scared. Her fam says she is very afraid of ghosts, spirits and definitely everyones worst enemy "The Illuminati" After the first song, screens began showing images which reminded you of Jay-Z's "Niggas In Paris" video. Pyramids were seen flashing by, and NiNi got on top of one and rose to the top of it. Eyes were seen but they kinda looked like diamonds to me and black and white hypnotizing patterns were shown as well as evil laughter and weird looking creatures flashing by really fast. It seemed to be full of Illuminati symbols, but when you really look closely at everything that was going on, you can see that was just apart of the show, and it wasn't any real symbolism. NiNi and B threw up the Diamond which many people still believe is a pyramid, and then an explosion went off and 2 lions walked across the stage and a cross with a dead woman on it floated past really fast.The fan literally got so scared by all this, and she began having a seizure. Her sister ran to get security who ran over and called the ambulance. The music was stopped and the queens were looking confused. But when NiNi saw what was going on she ran over to the girl and grabbed her and ran her outside where the ambulance was pulling up, but by the time NiNi got outside the little girl died in her arms. NiNi looked so shocked, and she cried after they pronounced her dead, and she kept asking "Why what happened?" and they told her she literally was scared to death" NiNi said "What the hell does that mean, it was just apart of the show, we did this so many times" The show only lasted for 30 minutes and the rest of it was cancelled. Her family is not blaming either queen for the accident and they say they appreciate NiNi trying to rush her to get help and they say it was only a matter of time because she was really sick anyway due to her condition. NiNi has offered to pay for the funeral expenses, but her family denied it saying she asked to be cremated not buried. NiNi's reps have been unavailable for comment and so has NiNi. We don't know when or if this show will get made up, because NiNi was so occupied talking to police and ambulances that she didn't announce anything. Security escorted everyone out and informed everyone the show is cancelled until further notice. That's all the details I have on this story, when I get more so will you guys!

Reginae Carter Joins PSR?

The biggest question that everyone wants to know is did Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae "Reggie" Carter join PSR, and if she didn't why is she sure acting like it. This evening she posted a few tweets which started out like any old twitter day for her, she is known for literally living on twitter and she posts at least 89 tweets a day, mostly about her life, her man, her dad, things like that. But today after she was complaining how she needs a new bf, she posted "I AM PLATINUM, OMG I NEVER THOUGHT THIS MOMENT WOULD COME! WISH ME LUCK Y'ALL!!!! Then she posted a few pics of her and NiNi together and Reggie was wearing a PSR T-Shirt. This continued for the next 30 minutes, until she suddenly stopped, and went offline, but everyone is curious to know whether she is the new member of PSR and if so why is NiNi not mentioning her (Maybe keeping it quiet for now ms queen?) These questions have gone unanswered and no one is speaking on anything about anything, so I guess all we have to do is wait. In the meantime NiNi is getting ready for her show in Houston as we speak, hope you guys got your tickets because its alot of big names said to be at this show, if you didn't get tickets sucks for you, but I got you tomorrow with the details, but for now its peace!

Did Drake Try To Have Sex With NiNi?

Word is that Young Money Artist DRAKE has been slapped by NiNi earlier today for allegedly trying to push up on her. A fan captured part of the video that just shows NiNi slapping Drake and walking away. She didn't capture what happened leading up to the slap, but the fan claims she overheard Drake saying sexual things to NiNi and trying to push up on her. She claims that her phone froze so by the time she restarted it she missed most of it and only caught the part where he was slapped by her, The video, which is very very blurry and shaky shows what looks like NiNi and Drake and it only lasts for 15 seconds and at 7 seconds it shows what looks like NiNi smack what looks like Drake and storm off, while DRAKE is standing there looking shocked. Being that the video is so blurry and dark, its really hard to confirm that the two on the video are actually NiNi and Drake. Some people have analyzed the video and some say it looks like them two, others say its looks nothing like them, we don't know, but you can try and be the judge on the video by clicking here. NiNi nor Drake have been available for comment on this. Stay tuned for more info later~!

NiNi In The Studio With Destiny's Child?

Rumor has it that NiNi Is in the studio working on a collab track with Destiny's child. But don't bother asking any of them because all 4 women are keeping quieter than ever about it. But the talk started after Michelle Williams posted a pic on Twitter of NiNi in front of a microphone in the studio and she has a big question mark underneath it. No one knew what it meant, but people started assuming that she was hinting at a possible collab between them. Not only that, but last night, all 4 were spotted leaving a recording studio in Houston at 4am. Why were there? That just adds suspicion to it even more. But we really cant confirm that they are working together, but if they are, that is gonna be a really nice song. We'll let you know more when we know! In other news, Queen N has stated that she isn't scared of Foxy and she isn't giving Foxy the attention that she is craving. Word of that got to Foxy who called her scary "She making up excuses that's not the reason, the reason is she is afraid to go up against me, she caught me off guard with our fight that's when shes the toughest when she catches people off guard, but when a bitch is ready to go and keep going, that's when she backs out, shes weak" says Foxy. NiNi hasn't responded to her, but someone who did is Foxy's ex enemy Lil Kim who made a statement saying "Me and Fox got close after our old school beef but I told her she should back off, because PSR is deep and they are really powerful, you gotta have all your shit together before you go up against them, but FOXY is gonna be FOXY always has been always will be" Foxy responded to Kim and dissed their new friendship by saying "She sounds like a pussy too, never back down no matter who the fuck you dealing with, just cuz she ass kissng now don't mean I'm following, anyone like that ain't no friend of mine" Kim hasn't responded to that, so it seems like she just ended their friendship over Kim standing up for NiNi. Russel Simmons has also spoken up on Foxy and PSR's beef along with Jay. Click here to check out what they said.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Foxy Is Back!

Well PSR folks had a few days of peace, but that's only because Foxy wasn't at work, but she came back today and she immediately created another song which takes care of the people she missed which are Keke Palmer, KC, Kelly Clarkson and Selena. The song is called "Platinum Sound Rejects"  and it once again takes shots piece by piece of everyone, but in the song she says that even though China is with the royal circle, she wont bother her only because shes still young, but she says when she hits 18 quote "That Ass Is Mine" She especially goes hard at NiNi, and she talks about her husband once again, and her children saying she spreaded her legs to every guy on PSR and anyone of them could be the father, but as far as down talking her kids, she didn't do that, but she did call NiNi a slut and says thats how her and B got to the top and got their queen status by being royal sluts. Once again she pissed off so many people for going too hard and overboard. Oh boy here we go again, no one at PSR has responded to her song yet,so we just have to see what happens, Check me out tomorrow for more info! For those who care, click here to check out "Platinum Sound Rejects"

Jhene Aiko Releases Album + Miranda Releases Mixtape

Jhene Aiko has finally released her long awaited 1st PSR album titled "Sailing Souls" But as long as everyone has been waiting for it, many are disappointed in it and said that they felt it would be much better due to the long wait. So far she has only sold out 12,000 copies and that's worldwide. That in no way compares to anyone Else's selling stats on PSR, so she seems to be in trouble, but she has stated she has faith in her fans to help her improve her 1st album experience and not get dropped from PSR. But even though she said that, it seems as if she isn't waiting for her fans to help her, because she did what many celebs do when their albums are in trouble which is do something to attract more attention themselves and Jhene's way was taking a photoshoot half naked looking sexy and exotic which worked for a few more thousand people and it boosted her album sales up to 17,976 copies which is still TERRIBLE especially compared to PSR standards or even Columbia's Standards. NiNi always give her artists at least 2 weeks (or a month if she really believes in them) to improve so we know Jhene has time to get more copies sold to get into the top, but right now its not looking too good for our Japanese friend. Show your support to Jhene folks she has been through hell recently, she needs our help!!! In other news, Miranda has released her 2nd PSR mixtape which is the exact opposite of Jhene, she sold out more mixtapes than her album. Her album did 62 million and change in its first week, her mixtape sold over 89 million and change in the first day today. The mixtape is titled "In My Own World" and you can go over to her site and download it for $1.00 or by clicking here. Click here to buy Jhene's album

Kelly Clarkson Suspended!

NiNi's Girl Royal Buddy Kelly Clarkson has been suspended from PSR for apparently fighting with another circle buddy Keke Palmer. Sources say it was a regular old day at PSR, but Keke Palmer who has been going through alot lately with the media since her wardrobe malfunction at one of her shows showing her boobs, it is said that she started with Kelly over reasons unknown, but Kelly let it go as this supposedly happened earlier today, but she didn't forget. As Keke was about to leave for the night, its said that Kelly pushed her down the stairs, Keke went rolling down the stairs and broke a couple vases, a few of NiNi's platinum gold records fell off the wall and broke and Keke's arm broke. Kelly immediately left the label, but she must have forgotten that camera's are all throughout the label, and when the video was reviewed NiNi saw that Kelly did it, and she dropped her (like literally) but apparently Tina talked to NiNi and convinced her not to drop her as KELLY is one of the best artists on PSR. And after agreeing that Tina is right she decided to suspend her for 2 months. Since then Keke went to the hospital, got a cast on her arm and was released and Kelly has issued a statement apologizing to Keke for her quote "Childish act" no other details have been released, NiNi has not spoken up on anything yet.

NiNi Explodes At The Grammys! + Dedicates A Song To Her Friend Today

Last night NiNi performed live at the 2013 Grammy Awards solo and she killed her entire 5 minute performance with everyone's favorite song "Do It Like Me" She had the audience rocking, some were out of their seats dancing, and she had a complete set up of fire, explosives, glitter and sexy back up dancers. Many agree that her performance which was the last out of everyone (you know they always save the best for last) was the best out of every other performance last night and we really do agree with that. Her outfits were sexy and her red carpet appearance right before the show started was delightful wearing a sexy tiger fur robe with heels...lets just say she pissed off PETA even more, but she won us over with her brilliant fashion style. Click here to check out NiNi's fire performance at the Grammy's last night! In other news, NiNi has dedicated a song to her late friend Ms Whitney Houston, who passed exactly 1 year ago today. Last night at the Grammy's, almost everyone who performed including NiNi said at least one thing nice about Whitney and before NiNi appeared on stage a picture slide show of them two together over the years was flashing by the screen which was met by loud applause, and NiNi exploded on stage and 7 white doves flew above her as if she was an Angel, and she screamed "I Love You Whitney, this is for you!!!" but Apparently that wasn't enough for her though, because today she released a song titled "I Miss You" which is all dedicated in Whitney's name. Its a slow song and she sings about the time they first met, the first time they recorded together, the first time they hung out and how she will always love and respect her and calls her her "Friend" The song has been receiving lots of attention since early this morning when it was released and has seen over 1 million downloads so far, click here to check the song out! Also NiNi has released her new alcoholic drink titled "Platinum Peach" which is a mix of high grade peaches mixed with Peach Ciroc Vodka and Peach Exclusive Rum. It hit the liquor stores yesterday, but strangely, it hasn't been selling at ALL, which is the first time that NiNi has released something that no one bought, but its only been a day, so its plenty time for it to sell. Click here to check out her new "Platinum Peach" Drink.......

Sunday, February 10, 2013

NiNi's Show + She's On The Cover Of Si

Last night was NiNi's show out in Colorado in front of about 89,000 people which is her biggest crowd to date. The show began at 8pm and lasted until 10pm and special guests were Mr West, Tyga, Weezy, Shanel, and Justin Beiber (Yes I said Beiber) They all rocked to crowd all night with explosives, glitter, fireworks, confetti and of course sexy erotic dances. Click here to check out the entire performance. In other news, NiNi is on the first 2013 issue of Sports Illustrated Magazine, in a 2 top Bikini on the beach with glasses on showing off her curves. She has a full article on page 38 which has her telling young girls to stay in shape by working out, eating healthy and staying active, and she warns against the dangers of becoming overweight, and despite her being apart of the PEPSI deal, she is sending a positive message to people about the dangers of obesity. Click here to check out the hot new cover and click here to check out her article. Also a new song has dropped with Tyga Ft NiNi titled "Make It Nasty Remix" and NiNi shows her nasty side in that song and when I say nasty I mean literally NASTY click here to check it out (WARNING : EVEN THOUGH SOME OF YOU WONT LISTEN TO ME,  PLEASE BE 18 OR OLDER TO CLICK THE LINK TO CHECK THE SONG OUT.... ITS REALLY X RATED AND EVEN NINI WARNS KIDS NOT TO LISTEN, WHEN YOU CLICK THE LINK YOU WILL FIRST BE TAKEN TO A PAGE TO VERIFY YOUR AGE, AS I SAID THIS SONG IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR CHILDREN!)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

NiNi Pisses Off Some PSR Artists According To Sources

According to sources (which means unconfirmed) NiNi has unintenionally pissed off some of her artists when she said "My best artists are The OMG Girlz, Katy Perry and Jessica" We don't even have word that she said that, and if she did we love ya NiNi, but besides Katy we do not agree with that. But anyway, sources say that statement upset PSR artists because all of them do so hard but she only recognized the ones that was mentioned (we call it jealousy lol), of course sources say none of them would ever speak that to NiNi, but its said that some (not all) took offense to that, mainly her royal folks which are the ones who put in work the most outta everyone, even though she named Katy and the OMG Girlz, its still more royal folks who they feel shouldve been included in that. Once again we aren't sure if this story is true, but if it is,  obviously none of them will speak up because of sources say quote "They love PSR too much to leave it" so they are shutting up, and all of the artists, especially the royal ones refuse to mention anything about it. *UPDATE* The story seems to be false unless of course someone is covering for someone, because Katy spoke up and said "You know, I don't think she ever said that, believe me,  boss or not I always know when my name is mentioned by ANYONE, so if she mentioned my name in that kind of way I would know, but hey, I do appreciate whoever made that story up to bring my name as one of the best,  why thank you (laughs)" Star also said "She looks at us all equally, so she wouldn't just single a few people out, this is getting really old with these bogus stories that y'all come up with", NiNi hasn't spoken on anything. How about you guys, do you guys agree that whoever picked those names out were right about it?

NiNi Has A Secret Admirer

Valentines Day is approaching and the queen apparently has a secret admirer. Since the beginning of this month, NiNi has been receiving beautiful flowers consisting of Lilies, Daisies and Roses which cost at least $500 for a full bundle from a person who always sends a card with the flowers but never signs their name. At first, NiNi thought it was a fan, but after finding out exactly how much these flowers cost, its very unlikely that a regular fan would spend 500 dollars a day on flowers unless that fan is a doctor or a lawyer, so PSR management thinks its someone who can afford it like a business man or woman or even another celebrity, but in reality no one knows where the mysterious flowers are coming from. Sources say NiNi did keep a few bundles of them at first to decorate the label with, but after the first 3 times she had no more room to put them, and instead donates them to a local flower shop around the corner. NiNi has expressed no interest in meeting the mysterious man (or woman who knows) who sends this romantic treat every other day and she says "Its sweet, but I really do pray its a woman that might have a crush on me, and the only reason I say that is because if my husband finds out that its a man that's bad (laughs) and I really don't like people getting hurt over me, I never did" So just who is this mysterious person who sends the queen flowers, well sources say that the way the flowers are arranged together all nice and neat seems to be from a woman as many people don't believe a man would be nice and neat with arranging flowers, also the handwriting on the card sources say look like a woman's handwriting being neat and fragile, and it cant be a man's writing unless of course he's gay. Not only that, but the things said in the letter which are not being released seems really romantic like a woman, we all know men aren't that romantic and sweet lol no offense fellas. So maybe NiNi is right about the woman, but if it is a woman who is she, nobody knows yet, but maybe one day this mystery sender will reveal herself or himself. In other news, NiNi has announced her new album "Fierce" is finished! All she has to do now is put the final polish on all the songs like mixing, mastering and other professional elements. the album was finished alot sooner than she thought, but does that mean she will be releasing it early now? Nah she says March 6th is still the due date no matter what, sorry guys, but now that we know its finished we really cant wait to hear it!

New Handbags Added To Platinum Wear!

NiNi was spotted this morning carrying something that is sure to piss off PETA (that's the people for animals rights) She was looking very fly rocking some pretty tight black leather pants, her hair was blonde (well brown blonde) and wavy with her stunner shades along with a NiNi necklace and a cross necklace, PSR bracelet and a leopard handbag that has PSR on the side of it, she revealed that the handbag is new to the PW line and will be going on sale for $29.99 today. Since she made that statement, so far it has been thousands of orders for the handbag and it is said that at least 2100 handbags are ready to be shipped. Other designs have also hit the PW store, but NiNi said we have to wait and see what those are, and that's just what we will do. In other news, NiNi has returned every last piece of art to the art gallery, and they have dropped the lawsuit against PSR, so that's good news. And NiNi is said to be a performer at the 2013 Grammys this month, and she along with her label is nominated for awards. So make sure you tune in next week to catch NiNi at the Grammy's which will be her 1st Grammy appearance in 5 years!