Monday, December 30, 2013

NiNi Saves Katy

NiNi appreciated Katy taking the blame for her, but she felt guilty and turned herself in and let the cops know that it wasn't Katy's fault and she was just trying to help and Katy was released from Prison and they arrested NiNi and now she has 48 hours in prison. So it looks like our queen will be tied up for the next couple of days, we will get you more details when we get it.........

Katy Perry Gets Arrested For NiNi!

Many times, NiNi has said that Katy is her best artist and she is the main one that is down for her and that she is like her best friend, and today she proved it by taking the blame for something that nini did. We all know that NiNi is still on probation for her constant fighting and with that came a curfew of 12 midnight, well last night she was out past midnight closer to 4 in the morning and her P.O found out and reported her to the police. The police arrived at PSR at 4pm this afternoon looking for NiNi and when the artists found out that she violated her parole by being out late Katy Perry stepped in and took the blame saying that she was the one that kept NiNi out past her curfew because it was her birthday week, and she said that NiNi insisted on leaving but she wouldn't let her go, so she was arrested for interfering in a parole situation and she was arrested and given 48 hours which is 2 days in jail for her interference. But we all know  that isn't true as Katy was off from work yesterday but we wont tell the cops that. It just goes to show that NiNi's artists are really down for her even to the point of getting arrested for her, some people say they are stupid to be that dedicated to her, but we feel its really good being that she is very dedicated to them also. Katy will be out after the new year on the 2nd, how do you guys feel, do you think she is stupid for taking the blame for her boss or do you think she is just a good artist and very loyal to her boss? In other news, speaking of NiNi, she released a new song yesterday that was leaked for the first time in over a year titled "Drinks Up" and it features Jay-Z the song isn't finished yet but its gaining national attention and getting great reviews, click here to check it out!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

NiNi Spotted Christmas Shopping

Today NiNi was spotted doing a little Christmas shopping, she was downtown ATLANTA at target and being that Target doesn't have a rule against paparazzi entering after a celebrity, they were able to come in after and although her bodyguard kept her safe they were able to see what she was buying and she bought some kids clothes some womes clothes and mens clothes which of course we assume may be for her children her sister  maybe and her husband but of course we can be wrong. She also bought some toys which seem to be for kids. Many people were at target and a crowd gathered and people were snapping pics and she waved and greeted everyone, but her security did a good job of holding everyone back. Then she took off, that's all the info for now merry xmas everyone!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

NiNi Makes A Surprise Visit Back To Work + Nivea Gets Out Of Hospital

although the queen is still on her 2 week vacay and she still has approximately 9 days remaining,  she made a surprise visit to the label today but she only stayed for about 30 minutes and then she was on her way but not before the media rushed to her trying to figure out exactly what is difficult in her life right now, but she refused to answer and she managed to keep them at bay with her bodyguards and pull off in her beautiful BMW Limo. No one knows what the queen popped up at work for but it was nice to see her. In other news, Nivea was released from the hospital today and although she hasn't said a word about NiNi or the fight yet, we don't think this is over between the two right now, but as of right now its nothing. Stay tuned for more info if I get it....

T,Marie Challenges NiNi

Today PSR artist T.Marie AKA Miss Marie has challenged her own boss to an album selling competition. Miss Marie is working on her 2nd PSR album as of now and NiNi is working on her 9th PSR album and they both are scheduled to release around the same time in 2014, and today T.Marie said this "I challenge my own boss, yup but this is just a friendly competition between two girlfriends, so please I really don't wanna hear of any beef because its far from that, its just  that she talks a lot and she know she does about queen this queen that, and the challenge is I bet I can sell more records then her for this next album, and whoever loses has to wash the others car for 2 days straight, it may sound crazy to yall but this is how we get down, and she has already agreed to it and we good so the bet is on, and I want all the fans to follow this closely and we will see, its not cocky but we gonna see I know you guys are counting me out already since babygirl has been doing so well lately, but I might have a few tricks up my sleeve (laughs)" We are looking forward to this so called battle and we are waiting to see who will do better, so far this is how the polls look:  over 95% say that NiNi will win and over 38% say Miss Marie will win, but although miss Marie is a very talented artist and has sold millions of albums since being with PSR it seems that no one is able to top NiNi, so we have to see what happens. Who do you guys think will win this album battle, NiNi or Miss Marie?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Monica And Miranda Throw Down

I thought it would be no drama since NiNi is gone on vacay (no offense queen) but I was wrong today sources are reporting that Miranda Cosgrove and Monica threw down earlier today. It wasn't inside the building it actually happened outside of  the building and it was captured on video but no one interfered expect for  the police who arrested both for fighting in public but sources say  they both have been released as of now with a ticket. That's all the info we have we will let you know when we get more info!

Ravaughn Zendaya and Brianna Perry Team Up For A Song + RiRi Releases New Mixtape

Today, Ravaughn, Zendaya and Brianna Perry teamed up and dropped a mega collab song together titled "Fly" This is a really cool song and all 3 women do amazing together. The song is a empowering song about freedom and happiness and its pop mixed with R&B mixed with a little rap its a bunch of mixes going on in this song and the final result came out amazing and its receiving positive reviews although it didn't hit the number 1 spot its at number 3 which is still a good position nonetheless. Click here to check out "Fly" by Ravaughn Ft Zendaya and Brianna Perry . Also a new song has released by Ann Margaret Ft Taylah P called 'LA Boys' its about exactly what the title says and even though its about mostly boys, its still a cool song with a cool beat produced by Beauty. Click here to check out 'La Boys" by Ann Margaret Ft Taylah P. In other news, RI RI has released her 7th PSR mixtape titled 'Bumpy Road' its a mix of her famous swag girl pop and hip hop as well as some R&B and its doing well so far selling out over 490,000 copies within 2 hours. RI RI has been doing amazing and everything she touches or does turns to gold which is pure royalness for you. The mixtape is available on her iTunes the PSR site and her site for 2.99 click here to purchase "Bumpy Road" by Ri Ri.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

CiCi Drops New Outfit + Details On Honey

Today Ciara added a new outfit called "CiCi's to the P.W Line. Its basically a sweat suit set with diamonds (yes real diamonds) sewn into the fabric and its available in many colors and it comes with her signature on the back of everyone. The Cici's are selling for $375 but considering the fact that its over 500 dollars worth of diamonds and her signature on them its well worth it. They recently dropped around 9am which was two hours ago and so far they have sold at least 5,000 pairs so far as many people are buying it for Christmas. Click here to check out Ciara's "Cici's" In other news, the other day we told you sources were reporting that Ms Honey Cocaine was suspended from PSR for 6 months, that's true and untrue, its untrue because it isn't for 6 months but it is true that she was suspended but its only for 6 weeks, but she isn't the only one, Asia sparks also has been suspended for 6 weeks. Why? come on guys you know why, say it with me "FIGHTING" Mmm Hmm they had a massive fight not too long ago and broke many things inside of the PSR building including a very valuable personal item that NiNi owns in her office, and when NiNi found out she immediately dropped both but considering both of them are doing so well, Miss Tina convinced NiNi to just suspend them, and being that Tina has never steered NiNi wrong before she took her advice and suspended both for 6 weeks. So now it seems to be 2 beefs that's about to pop off, the first is these two girls and the second of course is the queen and Nivea who is still in the hospital by the way, and its more then one report saying that Miss Honey and Asia were involved in another fight today after they bumped into each other in Long Beach, CA. Stay tuned for more info.......

NiNi Is Taking A Break + Letoya Luckett Drops Album + Miley Gets Arrested

Today, NiNi released a televised press conference and she wanted to inform her fans that she is taking at least 2 weeks off, and all of her appearances, signings, photo shoots and shows are canceled for the next two weeks. She didn't give a reason why she is taking off but we all should know why, she works too hard, she also mentioned that she would love it if her fans would not bother her and respect her privacy as in don't show up at her house wanting autographs and pictures and if they see her going to get something to eat or something like that, please don't run up to her, she said she doesn't want to be at work when she is off of work, although she said she know that's a long shot. The only excuse she gave was she said quote "I'm having a very difficult time in my life right now, and I just cant be at work right now" So for the next two weeks I'll be getting you whatever info I can, but it probably wont be about NiNi. In other news, Letoya Luckett has dropped her second PSR album today titled "Original" and its full R&B with some pop and Hip-Hop thrown in and it features, KC, Keke Palmer, NiNi, Jodeci, Usher, Justin Beiber, Lloyd, Ciara and Solange and its doing well selling over 70,000 copies so far. Its available on iTunes and her site for $8.99, click here to purchase "Original" by Letoya Luckett. Also speaking of music, Keke Palmer has been doing amazing since re signing with PSR and today she dropped a hot song titled "Secrets" Ft Solo its real dope and it knocked both queens new songs from number 1 and stole their spot,  we love the song and we give it a 11 out of 10. Click here to check out "Secrets" by Keke Ft Solo. Also lately Miley has been doing some crazy things so we all knew it was a matter of time before she either got in a fight or got arrested and today it was the second one as she got arrested in LA while she was there promoting her new PSR fragrance and clothes. The details are hazy right now and we don't have much on why she was arrested but when we find out more we will let you guys know!......Also Katy Perry released a new PSR fragrance and added it to the P.W line click here to purchase it at her site or the Platinum Wear site.....

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Diamond Drops New Album! + Nicki Drops New Mixtape! + Ke$ha Drops New Song!

Today Diamond released her 3rd PSR album titled "My World" It dropped around midnight and it has sold 100,000 copies so far which according to industry standards is platinum so she is doing well so far. The album is mostly rap with some Krunk and southern style hip-hop thrown in and its dope. It features NiNi, Snoop Dogg, Big Sean, Ye, Lil Wayne, Drake, Shanel, Tyga, D.Woods, Asia Sparks and Ke$ha and our favorite track on the album is number 12 which is hard south rap. The album is available on her site the PSR site and iTunes for 8.99. Click here to purchase "My World" by Diamond. Another PSR artist who has released some dope material is NICKI MINAJ. She released her second PSR mixtape titled "Street Hustle" despite the title its not many street songs on it she went different and put more R&B songs on it similar to "Right Thru Me" and its only a few of her signature rap songs but regardless its a badass mixtape complete with 13 original brand new tracks. It doesn't feature anyone on it its just all her solo, but she does well by herself. She uploaded the mixtape on her site and the PSR site for $1.00 and so far has sold over 97,000 copies and the number is continuing to climb higher. We like it and we give it 9 out of 10 stars. Click here to purchase "Street Hustle' By Nicki Minaj. Also Ke$ha released new material today titled "We Do What We Do" and it features her fiancé Big Sean and its a pretty dope song, we like it, its a combo of Pop from her and Rap from Sean, its gaining positive reviews and we give it 8.5 stars out of 10. Click here to check out "We Do What We Do" By Ke$ha Ft Big Sean. Speaking of Ke$ha its rumored that her and Sean got married over the weekend for her Birthday which was the 7th and that she is expecting her 1st child with him but that is unconfirmed......Also bad girl Honey Cocaine is rumored to have been suspended from PSR for 6 months but this is also confirmed......

Friday, December 13, 2013

The End Of The Year Fight Has Happened!!

Everyone was expecting one last fight from NiNi before the year ended and its like it was right on cue! Yesterday afternoon she returned from South Africa where she was doing a tribute to Nelson Mendela and she did a quick show for 25 minutes in Houston Texas and after it was over she told fans that she and her buddy will be in America from now on no more overseas for a while. After the show was done Nivea met her in the back and said no one cares where she will be. The two almost fought but B and security once again broke it up. But NiNi was tired of having stuff broken up. The fight was stopped but NiNi wasn't done, she waited until the crowd cleared out and the security guards left and it appears that Nivea did the same thing and after about an hour when everyone was gone they met up out front and even though it was freezing in the low 30's they threw down no coat no hat nothing. A few fans saw it from across the street and after a couple minutes a large crowd gathered around and of course people jumped in to help the beloved queen not that she needed help. But one girl grabbed Nivea by her hair and her tracks slipped out and started punching her repeatedly  but Nivea gave her one good punch and the girl went tumbling backwards. Other people were poking her with sticks kicking her and throwing things at her like heavy rocks while she was down on the ground getting hit by NiNi, so Nivea was getting hit all over by more then one person, so its safe to say she definetley lost that fight. The fight lasted for about 22 minutes and someone recorded it on their video camera. A sheriff happened to be riding by and saw all the fans crowded and naturally they got out the car to see what was going on and saw the two fighting. NiNi was still rolling around on the ground with her socking her and Nivea was going her hardest to fight back but she just couldn't. NiNi looked very mad and she had tears don her face and blood on  her hands which came from Nivea's mouth. The sheriffs ran over and grabbed NiNi and she socked the cop on accident and he grabbed her tight and escorted her away from Nivea. The other cop went to check on Nivea who at this point was unconcious and breathing very slowly and he radioed an ambulance. The officer who grabbed NiNi is a fan and he knows that Nivea has been starting with NiNi every time she sees her and everyone knew it was just a matter of time before something like this happened. Despite the fact that NiNi hit him which is a serious crime and she violated her probation by fighting again in public, the sheriff didn't snitch on her and he let her go with no ticket no fine nothing but a warning, seems as if he gave her a good XMAS gift as if he would've snitched to her P.O she would've been locked up for 10-12 years, and he asked her if she needed medical attention she said no and he called up her limo and they took her away and then the officers cleared the enormous crowd away. Nivea was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital where doctors aren't sure of how serious her wounds are but they do say she has severe head trauma. The entire fight was caught on video and it was uploaded to Youtube where it has been viewed by over 62 million viewers and has over 77,000 comments. That's all the info we have for now but this is still a developing story so check me out later for more, but we know one thing, we definetly see a beef getting started right after Nivea gets out of the hospital......what do you guys think? Right or Wrong?

Kelly Clarkson And China Throwing A PSR XMAS Party! + Someone Finally Beats Out NiNi's Album!

Don't get too excited guys, because we think this party is just for the PSR family, which means no one not even myself is invited. Its more or less just a reward for all of their hard work and lets face it they all deserve it.  The party is scheduled to take place in Chicago at the New Ballroom that was recently built and according to sources there will be many holiday treats and of course food, not sure about alcohol or NiNi's famous hash brownies, but seems like it will be fun. The party will be on December 15th at 7pm security will be beyond tight so please guys don't get arrested like before trying to sneak in. Paparazzi, cameras nor the media is allowed and I fall into at least one of those categories so I'm not sure if I will be able to get you info, but being that NiNi's is a close friend of mines, she may do a little exception for me, but I will let you guys know when the time comes. In other news, ever since NiNi released her 4th studio album "No Looking Back" it sold in the billions and trillions and then 2 more after that which was "My Sisters Keeper" and "24" which as more or less a mixtape and an album put together, they have also reached the unknown mark, and nobody ever passed her, but today the billboards have a new name as number 1 for most albums sold and its her buddy B. Beyoncé released a self titled album not too long along with a whopping 31 tracks.. the most in her entire 17 year career and she is now at the unknown mark which means its no word for how many albums she has sold. NiNi's album is like that too, but B has sold at least 67 billion more. Today NiNi tweeted "Congrats to my girl B!!!!! queens run the world you suckers need to hop up on our level 4real! LMAO!! JP! Sources also say that B received an invite from NiNi to Join the team a few months ago but she politely declined which has made many people call her the dumbest woman alive but we are sure that she has her reasons. Congrats to NiNi and B for being the only two artists with the highest amount of albums sold in the year 2013 we wish them both the same or better success in the year 2014! In fact many say this XMAS party is a way not only for the artists to kick back and relax for once, but also to congratulate their boss on her mega success this year, and if that's the case she definitely deserves it have fun queen!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Why Do NiNi And Nivea Have Problems?

Nivea and NiNi are said to have severe problems, to the point that a fight almost broke out last night at her show in Houston, but why are the two having problems? Sources say they've been having problems for the longest its just all coming out now, but of course when something like this breaks out so does the rumors. Some sources say its because NiNi is dealing with Wayne in a way that makes Nivea feel very uncomfortable since that is her fiancé , some say Nivea  disrespected NiNi in a song, others say they just don't like each other, but we don't know the actual reason as of right now, all we know is that they have issues with each other. The fight that almost happened was captured on video and it started when Nivea walked on stage uninvited booing at NiNi and NiNi threw the mic at her but it missed her and security held them both back from fighting, afterwards NiNi canceled the remainder of the show. We will dig deeper and try to find out exactly why these two divas aren't vibing too much right now and we will let you know when we know!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Why Did NiNi And Monica Spears Have An Argument?

Monica spears is one of PSR's top selling artists and she makes the label tons of money, but you rarely hear of her in drama but today that changed as a very reliable source says that she and NiNi got into a heated argument. We don't know who started it or what it was about but we do know that the two argued they didn't fight but it could've turned into that if Miranda and Tina hadn't broken them up. Sources say that Monica isn't suspended but NiNi is severely pissed off with her for some reason, but we don't know why yet, but when we find out we will let you guys know! No beef here though just an argument so please guys, don't start!

NiNi Denies Wayne And Drake Running A Train On Her + New Albums!

The other day I told you about Wayne and Drakes statement saying they ran a train on NiNi when she was still brand new in 2009 at what the industry calls a P Party but they became close afterwards and now they look at her as a sister, but today NiNi has spoken up and said that out of her entire 24 years on this earth she has never participated in a train AKA an ORGY and that Weezy and Drake never said any of that, it was just the media doing what they do best to create a story since no stories have been popping off lately and they need to increase their sales. Wayne and Drake also denied making the statement saying they never said anything like  that and the media altered their voices. So sorry guys, it was many of you guys who were excited thinking NiNi and Wayne may have had history together since many of you want to see them together since you guys think they make a good couple but the story is false, in fact sources say NiNi is suing TMZ for airing that story knowing it was false, we don't have all the details on that yet. In other news, ICONA Pop has released a new song called "Superstar Featuring Keri Hilson and Asia Sparks. Its a combo of POP and Rap and its dope but it landed on number 2 on the charts and has not beat out NiNi. We give the song 9 out of 10 stars. Click here to check out "Superstar" by Icona Pop Ft Keri And Asia. Also 2 PSR artists have released albums today which are Aiesha Allen and Taylah P. 1st up is Aiesha's first PSR album titled "Rock With Me" and its a mix of POP R&B and Hip Hop.  The album features, Katy, Keri, NiNi, Ke$ha OMG Girlz and Taylah P. The album dropped around 4am this morning and so far has sold over 77 million copies, its not royal status but its terrific for the 1st album on the first day. We give the album 10 out of 10 stars as Aiesha is a very creative artist. The album is available on her site the PSR site and iTunes for $6.00. Click here to purchase "Rock With Me" by Aiesha Allen" 2nd is Taylah P who every one agrees has gotten much better since she split from Vistosos Bosses. Her album is called "Haters" its a weird title but its a dope album, with a blend of smooth R&B to Rap and features, Aieshia, KC, Kid Ink, Lloyd, 50 Cent, Solo and NiNi.  Her album released at midnight today and has already sold out over 100 million copies so obviously she is doing much better then Aieisha. We give her album 20 stars out of 10 yup its great!. "Haters" is available in retail stores worldwide, iTunes and the PSR site for $8.00 which is beyond worth It. Click here to purchase "Haters" by Talyah P!! Congrats guys and congrats to Icona Pop Keri and Asia for a bomb song we haven't heard a whack song by PSR yet and we probably never will!