Monday, January 26, 2015

Is NiNi Suffering From Depression?

Remember those strange insta posts that NiNi posted yesterday? Well sources say that all this BS and drama is getting to the queen and she is super depressed. Its said that she showed up to prepare for a show today but she was uninterested and she didn't want to dance, didn't want to sing, didn't want to do anything she just looked miserable. Tinashe and China had to help her out and pretty much carried her out and told the crew she is going home and they'll handle the show. Of course NiNi complained, but its said that Tinashe screamed "get the fuck out of here, go home, rest you really need it, don't make me drag you home, or even worse get you escorted home by the worst people in the world (she was referring to cops) Its said that Nini said "Always killing my fun' and made a sad face, and then she listened and left. Awwww what is wrong with NiNi? Her fans and friends are worried about her, and pretty much all 7 of her besties (yes its 7 now because of Eminem) posted support tweets and let her know they are there for her. Its said that NiNi did in fact go home, and she will not be at tonight's show, but you still get the other two legends. We hope you feel better queen, if you need anything, you know I'm your friend, I'm always here for you.....Click here to read all the news about NiNi's depressive behavior today, which people say was sad to see.....So the queen may be depressed and I think we all need to get together (me, her fans, her besties and whoever else likes her), and do something really special for her to make her happy. Who's with me?