Saturday, January 24, 2015

NiNi Falls On Stage Doesn't Miss A Beat + Why Is It Being Said That NiNi Killed Solo's Unborn

Seems like the queens are in the habit of falling and getting right back to work. The other day, queen B slipped on her very long Bee dress and fell, but she got right back up and didn't miss a beat like nothing happened, and now queen N  has done the same thing. Yesterday, she was with T and China in Virginia and she was performing their hottest threesome collab song "Legends" and halfway through, she slipped and fell on her head. But like the warrior she is, she hopped right back up and finished her verse, no missed words, no off beat, she didn't miss one beat, and she is being praised for that. Of course people recorded it to YouTube, but surprisingly, it wasn't her fans, it was the media that was there that posted it, and they uploaded the video to YouTube where it has received over 100 million views within 20 minutes, shes a star even when she falls. But we think that all this attention is coming from the fact that when she fell, her butt crack showed a little bit and of course all the pervs are zooming in on that part. The video is 39 seconds long, but all butt cracks aside, she did amazing at jumping right back up after falling on her head and finishing the verse, although some sources say she was bleeding after the show but that hasn't been confirmed yet., Click here to check out NiNi's performance last night. In other news, its going around that NiNi intentionally or unintentionally killed Solo's unborn baby. It started with an argument, Solo did something that's not allowed at PSR, we still don't know what that is, but whatever it was, NiNi was pissed because she should've known better. After NiNi confronted her about it, its said NiNi was all in her face and Solo, trying to prove her bad girl status, got back in her face. Words were said, blah blah, and its said that NiNi socked her and pushed her super hard and she fell on her tummy and started bleeding heavily. Solo told her to call the hospital and she did and its said that she miscarried and doctors say it was because of the fight. This seems fake right, but Solo made it more believable by posting "The saddest day of my life, but I know she didn't mean it, I forgive her, its my fault anyway, she's family, I'll always love her regardless" Is she talking about NiNi or is she saying a random thing? Who knows, we are trying to figure that out, but still, the queen is unavailable and she is not responding to anything, which many people say proves that she is guilty, here's what we have to say: SHUT THE FUCK UP! THAT DON'T MEAN SHIT! Was I too harsh? GOOD! I'm sorry but its dumb ass people in the world, you feel just because she doesn't respond right away she's guilty, she's a very busy person duh! Anyways, the queen hasn't responded to Tays cousin, the orphanage incident or this incident yet, but when and if she does, we will let you guys know,........

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