Sunday, January 25, 2015

Nini Posts Weird Insta Pictures + Kat And Perez Not Calming Down

Today after all this talk of a new war popping off, Nini posted 16 pictures to insta, not of herself but just random things like a picture of a noose (which is what you use to hang yourself) a bottle of sleeping pills, a picture of someone going insane and so on. Many people thought she was thinking about committing suicide and over a billion people messaged her to try and talk her out of it. She ignored the messages and continued to post strange pictures and message one pic was a head chopped off with the message "this is how I feel all the time, just a chicken with no head" then she posted "why bother, just why, why why hmm........................ idk why!" Seems like she was going crazy (no offense queen) many people were so scared for her and some of her fans actually called the cops and told them about her strange behavior and begged them to go check on her. After a while of over 3,000 people calling into the police station they went to her house and she happened to be home. She later posted "I'M NOT KILLING MYSELF THANK YOU" It was a sigh of relief, but the question remains: what was all that strange behavior about? Some say that with all this bullshit with the war and a new war then the PSR wars and this that this that this that, maybe she's really stressed and she snapped for a minute. The strange behavior on her insta has since been deleted but here's a screen shot of it, it was really creepy click here to check it out. Hope you're OK queen. In other news, the other day Kat and Perez Hilton had a little argument over Twitter and although Perez has been called "homo" and "faggot before, seems like Kat really got to him, and we see why, she more then just dissed him, she teased him, toyed with him and messed with him in a manipulative way to the point to where he started attacking his self, that's smart Huh. Now he's pissed and he's been trashing her and everything she's been doing. Her show last night he called it trashy and slutty, and commented that she isn't gay her mouth done took lots of dick because it's so big" (his words not mine ) Then he made a blog about her saying she doesn't write her own songs and she auto tunes the hell out of every song she puts out and that the only reason she's famous is because she joined the Illuminati and fucked her way to the top and he says he had proof of it (once again his words not mine) Kat responded to all this, but she's still messing with him and obviously it's really getting to him. She tweeted @Perezbitchboyhilton aww does little baby waby need his nappy wappy? Goo goo gah gah #wink wink (have you ever noticed that all the besties are so goofy) anyways she's still just messing with him, and Perez responded "ahhhh I hate her!!!!!" Kat responded "Aww somebody needs a hug, or a nap, or a girl...or guy #confused" So seems as if this "beef" is getting bad and it's not calming down anytime soon, but then again everyone is beefing with Perez and most of them are PSR artists from Nini to A$AP  Rocky to Jessica Lowndes to Banks to others like Lindsay Lohan, everyone is against him, so this beef is nothing new, but this one which created the hashTag #Kat Hilton,  seems to be a lot worse then all the others. Stay tuned for more info. And click here to view their 2nd mini twitter beef....Also nini made a statement regarding the orphanage situation. Click here to check it out...

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