Thursday, January 22, 2015

More New Music + Tinashe And Khloe Squash Their Beef

PSR is on a roll, for the past 4 days we've been getting new music, and all the music we've been getting so far has been bomb, and today is no different. 1st up is Beauty with a new song called "Problems" Its her self created famous girl swag style and she sounds really good, and as usual she shows that you don't need to do a whole lot of cursing to have a mega dope song. Its produced by herself and NiNi and it is currently at the number 2 spot. Click here to check out "Problems" by Beauty. Next is China, she didn't celebrate her birthday at the ballroom yesterday like we thought, but she celebrated it by creating a real cool song for us called "Countdown" which features Victoria Justice and Miranda Cosgrove. This song is Hip-Hop and Pop and produced by Solo, Tyga and Ye and its doing well around the industry and in the streets and it is currently at the number 4 spot on the charts. Click here to check out "Countdown" by China Ft Victoria and Miranda. Next is Jessica Lowndes. When she first was signed to PSR, she was in the "Never heard of category" but ever since the famous "PSR Album Release" that category has disappeared since everyone is on their grind, and Jessica is no Different and her music is becoming seriously anticipated, so naturally this new song was met with great reviews. Its called "Fire Burning" Its a little different for her, its a reggae beat, and she occasionally changes her voice throughout the song and puts on a Jamaican accent which she sounds officially like a Jamaican girl, and that creativity goes really good with the beat. She also has parts chopped and screwed and her new style on this song shows how creative she is. Its produced by RiRi and it stole the number 1 spot in under 45 minutes beating out Selena's bomb new song that she released yesterday. Click here to check out "Fire Burning" by Jessica Lowndes. Last is Fi5th Harmony. They too have been on the grind alot, and this new song shows they are maturing with their style and musical abilities. Its called "Benefits" Its a smooth R&B mellow laid back song and all 5 are wonderful singers. Its produced by Swizz Beats and Charlie Brown and is number 5 on the charts currently. Click here to check out "Benefits" by Fi5th Harmony. Next up is said to be Lorde, Cymphonique Keri Hilson and Kat, those are exciting names, cant wait. In other news, the other news, T and Khloe K had a well publicized feud over Facebook over assuming on Khloe's part, but today out of nowhere, Khloe posted to @Tinashe "I'm sorry sweetie, I overreacted, I apologize, hope you can forgive me, I don't want to fight" Many thought that because of Tinashe's bad girl image, and the fact that its rare that people be forgiven in this game especially when harsh words are said, that Tinashe was gonna respond in a rude way denying her peace offering, or just not respond at all, but she responded and said "@Khloe apology accepted, don't even worry about it its #oldnewsk :) :) :)" Seems like it is SOME mature folks in the world huh? Click here to check out their squash.....

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