Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Keri Hilson Visits Nini And Defends Kat + CiCi And Ri Ri Are Back At It

Keri Hilson was spotted entering the saint michaels hospital in savannah georgia a little while ago and when she asked what she was doing there she said "Going to see my boss, she'll be ok she's a fighter so I aint woried but I still want her to know I showed up and show my support" She was also asked if she thought Kat was guilty and she said "No I dont and I believe that poor girl is sitting in a hell hole for nothing, PSR backs her up, anyone else really doesnt matter" Many people including PSR artists, management and fans are on Kats side, but for every 100 people thats on Kats side, another hundred is down talking her, Kat has declined to say anything to the press at this time. In other news, best friends and always worst enimies Rihanna and Ciara are back at war with each other which started after an interview 3 days ago by Ciara speaking on PSR and her friend Rihanna. Ciara called Rihanna crazy which is true and Ri Ri did not take offense to it, but she did say she is weird for being around chris after all his anger issues and violent outburtst and she does half of the stuff she does for attention. Ri Ri didnt like that last part, and Ri Ri took her anger to twitter posting OH BITCH JUST STOP TALKING YOU MAKE YOURSELF SOUND AS DUMB AS YOU LOOK. Ci Ci responded saying TRUTH HURTS SLUTS YOU SHOULD B IN NINI'S PLACE NOT HER AND ILL GET YOU THERE JUST TRY ME CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE ONE HOUR WAR....MORE INFO ON NINI N THESE TWO LATER ON

NiNi Rushed To The Hospital! Is Kat The One To Blame?

This afternoon the queen was promoting her new material that is coming soon in Downtown ATL passing out fliers for her upcoming shows, her album, her HBO special, and her Superbowl performance. Kat tagged along by request of NINI to help her with the occasion. Towards the end of the festivities,  Nini went on a pre built stage to speak on how she thanks everyone for coming out to support her and whatnot, and before she finished speaking, she fell off the stage which was 7 ft high which is the equivalent of falling off a 2 story building. Nini landed on her head and she quickly fell unconscious. The fans and the media looked in shock and so did the members on stage with her which included Kat. At first they thought she tripped, but a fan was recording the whole speech and after looking at the video the finger pointed at Kat. Meanwhile Nini laid there unresponsive and she was bleeding from her head. Ambulance quickly arrived and rushed her to the hospital and Kat rode in the back with her. Media was snapping pics like crazy, and within 30 minutes of the incident, the new headline was "Kat: close friend or jealous enemy?". Nini arrived in the hospital and doctors said she suffered a concussion due to the fall and that she will be alright but they will keep her overnight. An hour after the incident the media kept talking about the incident playing the cell phone video, and were labeling Kat as the pusher, and Kat, who was sitting next to her bed in the hospital got the shock of her life when 2 police officers arrived and put her in cuffs and said she was under arrest for the attempted murder and assault on Nini. Kat was fighting them of course, and she told her manager who was there with her to call her lawyer, the cop said "You better have a damn good one miss" They walked her out the hospital while fans were crowded around booing at her and they put her in back of the police car and drove off. At the police department, Kat was fingerprinted and her lawyer was there to back her up, and she maintains she is being framed and she would never try to hurt Nini and insists that she wasn't even close enough to Nini to push her. Cops tried to work out a deal to where she pleads guilty to assault and they will drop the attempted murder charge and she will serve a less severe sentence, but Kat denied saying shes not pleading guilty to something she didn't do" Cops cant formally charge her until Nini wakes up and gives a statement about who actually pushed her but they are still holding Kat in a holding cell while her lawyer is fighting to get her out. Nini still hasn't woken up yet. Do you guys think Kat pushed Nini? Click here to check out the video for yourself.....More info on this developing story later!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

NiNI'S Xmas Show Last Night

Merry Christmas guys! Last night was Nini's Xmas show in 4 cities Dallas, Houston, Atlanta And Atlantic City. Special Guests were B of course, Christina Milian, China, Cymphonique, Tiffany Evans and KC. All 4 shows were exciting so we hear, but we were only at the AC show and that was explosive and FREE.....All performers did an amazing job and they all sung only Christmas songs, like jingle bells, deck the halls, and their own Christmas songs. The show in AC lasted for 2 hours in front of over 89,000 people. Click here to check out the entire performance. In other news, today Christina agreed to give the criminal named mad dog a DNA test to determine if her kids are his and not the dreams, and he received a great Christmas present as it has been confirmed that the kids are in fact his which he is very happy about and he vows to be in their life after he gets out of jail next year, but Christina says he can get visitation rights only if he straightens his life out as she doesn't want her kids around that lifestyle, and she herself wants nothing more to do with him. But regardless he got his Xmas wish. Also some PSR artists such as Keke Palmer, Katy Perry, Miranda and Kid Sister has been spreading some Christmas spirit today. They have been visiting low income families and countries such as Africa and Jamaica donating gifts for the children and money for the families to have a good Christmas, also donating food to families who cant afford Christmas dinner. All of PSR is apart of the Christmas project including the boss, but most recently the boss has been keeping a low profile and hasn't been seen much, but everyone assumes its due to the fact that she has an album, a HBO special and a Superbowl performance coming up very soon and she must be preparing for all of that, and we wish her the best of luck, and we would like to say merry Christmas to the whole PSR team and to you and yours! Also 3 albums have dropped today. "Cant See Me" by Lola Monroe has dropped today and so far has sold over 450 million copies, "When I Blow" By Mona L has dropped at midnight and has sold over 399 million copies so far, and the B.B.O.D crew has dropped their highly awaited album titled "We Got The Game" and it has sold over 430 million copies so far, so Lola is in the lead, but they are all competing for the number 1 spot, and we wish them the best. All albums are available in stores worldwide and on each of their sites for 8.99. Click here to by Lola's album, Click Here to buy Mona's album and click here to buy the B.B.O.D girls album. In our personal opinion the B.B.O.D album is the best of all 3, but you guys can be the judge!

Friday, December 21, 2012

PSR Women Set To Perform A Christmas Show On Monday

We received word that Nini, Christina Milian, China and Cymphonique will be hosting a special XMAS show on Monday Christmas Eve in Atlanta Georgia, Dallas and Houston TX as well as Atlantic City NJ, and the show is free to anyone who gets there first. So far over 400,000 people have signed up for the free Xmas shows, and more is signing up as we speak. This will be Nini's first xmas show since she came out in 2008, and many fans are excited, and PSR is backing the performers up, and we will be attending the Atlantic City show at 9pm on Monday. In other news, speaking of Christina Milian, a well known criminal by the name of mad dog has said she had sex with him 2 years ago, and her children are his and not the dreams, as she was sleeping around while she was engaged to him, and he wants to see his kids, Christina hasn't responded to the man yet, but the dream has said "I always knew those kids weren't mine, I just had that feeling and my feelings are never wrong, but whatever not my problem anymore, good luck!" The man,  who is locked up at the moment said he wants a DNA test to prove the kids are his, and he wants visitation rights, Christina has not spoke up on the situation as of yet. Also a new song has released by Nini Ft China and Rita Ora titled "Fun Night" click here to check it out

Saturday, December 15, 2012

NiNi Gets Deal With Pepsi + Her Cant See Me Jacket Goes On Auction

Nini has made a deal with pepsi for 50 million dollars, which she will be making commercials for them and she also will have her face (Yes I said her FACE) on the side of every bottle. The new Pepsi bottles will be hitting stores soon, and new commercials are currently in the process of being made, and should be airing on TV soon. She signed the contract back in June, but they werent ready to start the deal, but now she is hard at work working with them, in addition to her album and HBO special coming early next year, so she is officially the busiest woman in show business right now and she says quote "I love pepsi, besides my red bull, I drink pepsi, so im good with being the advertising girl" (Laughs) Good luck queen, we'll be seeing your ads soon! In other news, the gold jacket that the queens wore in their video for "Can't See Me" is being auctioned for charity. Nini has her jacket on ebay and many other auction sites and its listed as being for charity for the helpless victims of the world, currently her jacket is at 78 million dollars and counting. Nini says that money will not be for her or anything asscoiated with her, and she is donating anything she makes to her charity and other charities also. When she asked "So Nini you're not keeping even a little bit?" She responded "Nope" So its always good to see a bright star doing good for the "Little People" Congrats Nini and keep up the good work!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Keri Hilson Reaches Royal Status Announces Her Album

Miss Keri has reached Nini's Royal Circle this afternoon. We're sure what number she makes but we estimate she makes at least number 57 so far. Keri qualified after her last album dropped to be considered royal, but she had to improve on her mixtape presence and her stage presence, which she has done within 6 months, and although she is not presidential she is considered a newbie royal celebrity, which means I have a feeling she will become more secret starting now, just like the rest of Nini's people, but we're used to that right. Speaking of Keri, she announced her new album which still has no title, will be released early January right after Tiffany and just like Amy she promised a video for almost every song on the album. We think the album will be released on January 3rd, but that's still up for debate. Also Nini says she may have to push back the date on her album, as maybe early April, but she will let us know, and when she lets us know, we will let you know.

Keisha Chante Drops New Album! + Ye And Christina Milian Get Arrested

PSR artist Keisha Chante has dropped her 2nd PSR album today titled "Night N Day" Her last album she dropped on the same day last year which was December 6th 2011, and this year she dropped it on the same day. She released the album at 3am this morning and so far it has sold 1 million copies, not exactly the PSR high sellers, but still a good sell from last year. Her last album sold 176,000 copies, so its obvious she gained more fans and fame within a year. The album is all R&B and features Nini, Kelly Clarkson, KC, Monica, Monica Spears, Alexis Jordan and Ke Ke Palmer, and one song with Rihanna on the hook. The album is available worldwide for 9.99 in retail stores everywhere and on her site for the same price with free shipping until after Christmas. So click here to get your copy today! And she has in fact said she is renewing her PSR contract at the end of this month for an extra 3 years with PSR.... In other news, for one reason or another, Ye and Christina Milian were at an event together and they got into an argument with each other, and someone called the police for DTP aka disturbing the peace, and police came and arrested both on DTP Charges. Police say they Will be processed booked given a fine and released tomorrow, but in the meantime they both will miss their show tonight as they both are on tour together. No one knows what the argument was about, but it was loud. Stay tuned for more info!

The Queen Takes Off Today + KC Gets Booed At By Fans

Today, the queen has announced she needs to quote "Recharge Her Batteries" and she will be off until Saturday, but she will be attending the sports illustrated show for a signing and to show support for Lebron James later on today. Tickets to the event cost 45 dollars and they are still on sale, so get your tickets to meet Lebron and Nini and get two autographs for the price of one. In other news, last night Cymphonique AND KC Had a show in Brooklyn NY, and the minute KC walked on stage, fans booed at her which made her look shocked and surprised. Usually artists are trained to deal with that, and they keep going anyway, but the booing was so bad that KC left off stage, and Cymphonique continued and they showed much love to her. KC was upset at it, but she said "Hey its life, stuff like that happens all the time" Also Nicki has responded to Diana Ross and her lawsuit and she said "Shes a inspiration of mines and she is so right, I never got her permission to do it, and that was unprofessional on my part, and I would like to say sorry to her and her management" Diana was so impressed with her honesty and maturity that she said "Nicki is a great artist, I listen to her my kids listen to her, obviously this was just a big misunderstanding, and I'm very glad she decided to use my song as hers its an honor no matter what I said she did a wonderful remake" She also dropped the  charges on Nicki and invited Nicki to to do a song with her in which Nicki said "Hell yeah that's an honor" so maybe new music coming from those two soon, but no one cares about that collab lol, but we'll give it a chance.....

NiNi Cancels Show Tonight

Just a quick update guys, Nini has cancelled her show tonight, she wants all you guys to hold onto your tickets until Saturday at which time she will make it up. That's all for tonight peace~

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NiNi Has Fight With Da Brat + Selena And Keisha Chante

We are told a big brawl went down in PSR today between Nini and Da Brat, PSR management said "We aren't sure how or why the fight started, but at this time we would like the public to respect the privacy of the artists and the label, thank you" We have absolutely ZERO details on this, but its something we are definitely following closely, and when we have something so will you. In other news, today Selena has released her 2nd mixtape on PSR titled "My World" click here to get it on her site for FREE. Also Keisha Chante is releasing her 2nd album off of PSR tomorrow so be on the lookout for that, Ill give you all the coverage about. Her contract is also up for renewal at the end of this month, and we are told she is renewing it, which the fans are excited about. That's it for now, and now its off to Nini's show tell you about everything tomorrow, Peace~!

NiNi's 2013 Album: Everything We Know About It So Far!

As you all know, Nini's new album will be hitting the stores On March 5th 2013, less than 3 weeks after her Superbowl performance and her big time HBO SPECIAL. Here's what we know about it so far. The name has been released by Nini as being "Another Me" the album is produced by her, The Dream, Kanye, Jonathan Burgs and Solange. Her album will be a mix of all new material, and remixes to old songs. The genre will be a mix between Rap/Hip-Hop R&B Pop and RETRO. So far we do know she has collabs lined up or completed with The Dream, Christina Milian, Jessica, Ke$ha, Miranda and Jodeci, but that's all the collabs we know of so far. Nini has released a teaser album cover which shows her face with a slit down the middle and shows two parts of her face, one side shows her which looks like the nice Nini, and the other side looks to be her "Bad Girl" side. The album cover looks hot, but its just a teaser, so that's a rough draft of the cover, so we know it will look dope when its really ready. She has released pics of her in the studio doing her thing and she looks good while doing it. The album will of course be rated R, but there are some songs on it that parents wouldn't mind their kids listening to. So far we know there will be at least 14 songs on the album , but of course that can change up until March comes around., So that's all that we know on her album , and seeing that album cover really makes us cant wait until march!

China Drops "PSR" Mixtape

As apart of her two year two album one mixtape deal with PSR,  China has dropped her mixtape today titled "PSR" She did what no one ever did before in the history of the music game, which is have a mixtape with the whole label on it. I mean that literally. She has all 146 artists on the mixtape, some songs have 6 artists at once, some has 2 some has 3 it goes on and on, and the mixtape has 41 songs on it which is the most songs on a mixtape ever. She put her mixtape on the PSR site for .99 cents as well as her site for .99 cents and that was only 3 hours ago, and so far her mixtape has sold more than her album, selling over 192 million units in only 3 hours, her first PSR album that she released back in November sold 156 million copies, which makes her first female and artist period to have a mixtape outsell an album. We think the mixtape is cool so far, but with all those songs on it, we're not even done with the whole thing yet, but head over to her site or the PSR site ( ( to grab a copy of the mixtape or click here. In other news, Jhene Aiko, Twister and Jason Derulo have all mentioned their albums are coming soon. Jhene Aiko, Nini's only Oriental artist,  posted on twitter that her album is coming the 18th of January, Twister announced his album will be coming on the 5th of February and J Derulo has announced his album will be coming on the 6th of may. Also Jazmine Sulivan, Diamond, KC and Guyana have also announced their new albums will be coming soon, but they didn't give any dates, but just keep your eyes peeled, or we'll do it for you ;). Also, Is SOLO coming to PSR?? Well that's the question that's bugging everyone right now, as SOLO Posted on twitter this morning "Making the big SWITCH over to PLATINUM! Wish me luck guys!" People automatically began searching for any info on her joining PSR, but so far everyone has turned up empty, and calls to Nini's reps were not answered, neither has any messages been answered from Nini to her fans on her site, so all we can do is wait and see, and when I know so will you guys!

NiNi's Show + Details On Her Trial!

Last night was Nini's show at the Mega Dome in Houston TX in front of over 46,000 N's and B's and the show was funny and explosive. Special guests were Ye, Breezy, And Kat. Click here to check out the video clip of the performance. In other news, Nini was due back in court today for the pie incident from a couple weeks ago, and it was determined that she did cause the man to sustain bruises and scars as a result of hitting him with a hot cherry pie, and the jury found Nini guilty and the judge sentenced her to pay his hospital bill of $1500 + an extra 500 for his clothes which he says had to be taken to the cleaners and the stains wont come out, so $2000 in all she had to pay. Furthermore the judge told her that she does not have the right to do things like that to people because she is who she is, and he warned her if she ever does something like that again, she will go to jail. Fans were so upset at the verdict, and many fans are now sending Mr Issac Johnson death threats and he has got an order of protection for him and his family since he claimed someone showed up at his house and beat on the door with sticks and rocks scaring his wife and his 4 month old baby, some fans have been arrested for sending threats and showing up to his house, so now this situation is getting crazy, and the fans refuse to let it go. Meanwhile, Nini wrote out a check for $2,000 to the man, and although her lawyer asked for a re-trial, it was denied,....... before leaving the courthouse, he asked if he can get the restriction lifted from not ever being able to buy tickets to her shows, and the judge denied him and said she has every right to ban whoever from her shows. She winked at him and gave him the finger before leaving,  and she left past all the reporters and fans that were outside the courthouse answering no questions or giving no comments and her bodyguard helped her into her limo and they pulled off while reporters were chasing them for 2 blocks. Later on the man made a statement saying "I'm happy with the verdict, but all I wanted from her was a sorry, I would've dropped the charges, if she just showed me she has some compassion or whatever you want to call it, but they made fun of it, joking at my pain, so she deserved to pay for what she done" Nini responded to him on her site as her dressed up as him and she was acting like him and she was implying he was acting like a bitch, and she did funny voices acting like a man that's a fag basically,  and named the video Issac Johnson, and at the end she says "Fuck you and your apology that you will never get, oh no are you going to take me back to court for that (SHE SAID THAT PART IN HER HILARIOUS BRITISH ACCENT)" Then she stuck her tongue out at him before the video ended. Although many fans found that to be hilarious because she is so goofy, Issac called her video childish, and he said quote "Shes acting her age, young.... and her deadbeat fans worship her so they will never see any wrong when it comes to her" Seems like a little beef is kicking off between these two hmmmmm. Also Nicki Minaj is another one who will be ending up in the courthouse soon, as she is being sued by Miss Diana Ross. Miss Ross is claiming that Nicki ripped off her song "Freedom" same name same lyrics almost and almost same beat and didn't give her any credit. We all know music is recycled all the time and most current singers and rappers do songs that were once hot back in the day now and make it their own, like J-Lo's "All I have" for example,  which is fine but YOU HAVE TO ASK THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS PERMISSION FIRST, but Ross claims that Nicki never gave her credit,  she re-made the beat without her permission and she never even bothered to tell her she was remaking her song, so she is suing Nicki for Copyright and Unsolicited Material. Nicki has not responded to the lawsuit yet, but Nicki is due in a California courtroom as early as next week, We will let you know more when we know more! P.S NiNi may be involved in another beef, but that's all Ill say for now, Ill let you guys know later! Peace!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ninis documentary heads to HBO!

NINIS DOCUMENTARY "MY LIFE " will be heading to HBO on February 16th just 3 days after her performance at the 2013 Superbowl. This powerful documentary shows our queen like we've never seen hee before and HBO calls it raw and revealing and they say "many people know Nini the Singer but not Nini the person and this documentary shows the human side of her. Nini says "some of my favorite shoes are on HBO so I'm honored to have myself and my human life be apart of their bold programming. Most of the footage was shot by Nini on her laptop and fans are ready for its release and so are we and all we have to see is HURRY UP FEBRUARY. Just wanted to give you guys a quick little update but ill get @ you guys tomdorrow peace!

Tiffany's Husband Blames It On Higher Power

Tiffany's husband Lorenzo claims he is a victim like many of the celebrities of the music industry, and he claims that he did not make the video on YOUTUBE, and he insists that someone else used him to break him and his wife up. This comes a huge shock, but for many of the celebs that were mentioned, they don't find it hard to believe at all, as this happened millions of times before and Tiffany believes him and she said "I knew it was something because it was so strange that he would say something like that, I'm still very upset, but its nothing I can do honestly" The industry is now starting to calm down, after he made this statement and the death threats to him have stopped coming, and although he did nothing wrong, he did apologize to the people who were named, and most of them have let it go including Rihanna and YE. But what about the other two? Well we aren't sure about Monica's husband but Rob K has admitted he made it up as a joke, and he really didn't know it would get so far, but Jay did not care and the two men fought today, and Jay ended up in jail for bashing his head into a car window, so its still much drama going on, but for the most part its calming down alot since this morning. Now its off to Nini's show at the Mega Dome in Houston TX,  we need some good ol' exciting fun after all this, see you guys there if you have tickets!

Many People Lash Out Against Accusations

Earlier I told you guys, about all the accusations that was going around with the PSR girls and the circle members which included men and women, and now everyone is lashing out including Nini who made a statement saying "You fucking bitch boy you don't know what the hell you're talking about so shut the hell up, Tiff is my girl and all and you're her husband but If I see you boy I will be taking care of you, and yes that's a goddamn threat!" Tiffany has even spoken out once again on Twitter posting "I FUCKING HATE HIM, I NEVER THOUGHT I COULD HATE SOMEONE AS MUCH AS I HATE HIM, ITS OVER DEAD AND GONE, I SWEAR ON MY SON I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM" Even Ye, Big Sean, Jay-Z, B, Rita, Katy Perry, OMG GIRLZ, RI RI and many others including Tina has spoken up on these men and their accusations with RI RI being the worse posting "You bitch niggas talk what you know, cuz Nini said she will handle you, fuck handling if i see you ill kill you run it to the police or take it to your mommy idc" All of these people are beyond angry and Ye spoke up for his niece saying "Yo my nigga, if you having problems with your wife, that's y'all but if ever include my niece in your mouth again ,you gonna have alot more to deal with then the Illuminati shit you feel me, i want you to try me" Monica spoke on her husband saying "HE'S LYING HE'S TRYING TO RUIN MY REPUTATION BECAUSE I'M DIVORCING HIM AND HES MAD NONE OF THAT STUFF IS TRUE" And Rita spoke on Rob K and so did Kim K with Rita saying "You know when someone is lying their story just sounds like a fairy tale or a movie and the things he said doesn't it sound like a damn movie, he's mad cuz i wouldn't have sex with him, honesty hurts don't it boy with your lil dick lmao! And Kim K defended Rita and Nini's circle saying "Rob where do you get off on saying things like that about people, I cant stand you right now I SWEAR UGH Currently you're not my bro!" So everyone is speaking up and not in a good way about all this drama that popped off earlier and we are told the main people who are the most upset are Nini Tiffany Monica Rita and B and RI RI as well as Big Sean Jay and Ye. All of Nini's circle is pissed although no one named names, they did say circle which goes for everyone so everyone is mad, AND the media is doing their best to ruin all these peoples reputation including Nini so they caused a whole lot of problems and people are sending death threats like Rhianna for example. This story is still getting juicer by the second so when I get more so will you peace!

Marriage Trouble In PSR!:

Seems like its trouble in paradise for a couple of  PSR people. First up is Tiffany Evans, her husband posted a video on YouTube as a tell all labeled "Trouble with being married to a PSR girl" He started the video off by saying that Tiffany is an ass kisser and the main persons ass she kisses is Nini. He claims that they have been married for close to two years, and she had sex with 20 people while they were married which is 19 men which he did not name and 1 woman who he did not name either. He continues saying quote "come on guys how do you think these royal women become royal by their music? hell no they sleep around with the people higher than them, how do you think all these people get in Nini's circle that goes for beyonce, omg girlz and whoever the hell else is in that damn circle that i constantly hear about, you think its just you put out bomb music and you're instantly royal come on,  y'all cant be that stupid" He went on to say that the music industry is shady and things are not what it seems he claimed that if anyone wants to make it big they have to literally go through the top dogs and he said mainly the two queens of the royal circle and he meant sex. He claims that Nini introduced these men to his wife and under her advice she had sex with all of them in order to make it to Nini's circle and to stay with PSR and the woman that she so called had sex with was done with Nini present and possibly participating. He finishes his video up with saying he is not sure if that baby is his or an Illuminati Satan baby, implying that all the circle members are in the Illuminati obviously including his wife. His video received over 2 million views in less than 20 minutes and thousands of comments with some people shocked and some angry and many people believe it due to the fact that who would know her better than her own husband. Tiffany was seen crying earlier today as she was out doing a signing and she refused any comment at the time while they were asking how she feels about his video. Later on though she posted her own video to try and save her reputation and she kept it short and she admitted that Nini introduces her to men and women all the time but she insists that those men and women are professionals to help out with tours or albums but not sex" She was highly emotional on the video and she got to a point to where she was crying and she said "I'm sorry i cant continue" and she cut the video off" All the other people he named as Illuminati sex whores who sleep around with everyone as apart of the strangeness of the music game and has many things to hide behind closed doors, including the two queens have not spoken out yet, but we are told everyone is beyond pissed at this point, no word from Tiffany's husband as of yet. Next up is Monica and her husband and herself are in the middle of a huge divorce and he is telling all and he in some ways is making the same accusations as Tiffany's husband except he did not include Nini or the royal circle but he said "The kids aren't mine, they are Satan's kids, I just took care of them because I STILL loved her and I thought I could help her, but shes too wrapped up in that bizarre ass world called the music game, so its too late, and I'M done" Why is everyone bringing up Satan and the strange music world, it has us scratching our heads, but these men are spilling the beans on what everyone thought was true in the first place, and what they are doing is making everyone's beliefs come even more true. Rita Ora has also been accused by Robert Kardashian the brother of the Kardashian girls, they dated for 3 months last year and he said she slept with 15 men while they were dating and the only reason she got to roc nation is because she slept with the Illuminati queen who he named as B, The Illuminati King which he named as Jay and the Illuminati princess who he named as RI RI and they had a cult 3some, which advanced her career, which actually was going around at the time in the media about them three so people really believed that.  He even said he was invited to Roc nation once by Rita and witnessed Jay and B and Rita praying to a god that he never heard of, and had blood from animals all over the label, and B threatened that he will end up like Michael or Whitney if he speaks on anything he saw, and says that Rita got in trouble by both of them for bringing him there. Even at one point Kim K stepped in for her brother and said that Rita did him so wrong but that was last year, but apparently the two settled their beef and that was at the time where Kim k and Nini were beefing. So as you can see alot of PSR women and circle women are being called out as Illuminati slaves and contributing to the darkness of the game, question is is any of it true? When we get more info we will find out! The queen is back today, so I'm sure I'll have more info for you guys later, but for now peace!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Did Nini And Katy Have An Argumemt

We are told by multiple sources that girl pals Nini and KATY had an argument today over something that we still don't know about, but one source says that Nini went into work really quick and being that she got called a crackhead by the cameraman earlier she was still pissed and she took it out on her artists, mainly the women especially Katy perry and the source says Katy did not like being yelled at when she did nothing wrong, and she told her that but NINI Thought she was getting smart and started threatening to drop her and beat her up and get all her slaves to jump her for her and the argument got louder and louder until Katy walked out the building, but of course this has not been confirmed in fact, we don't even know if there was an argument, but we are still looking to find out! In other news, rumor has it that KC is getting dropped soon, but as usual we don't know if that's true or not, but after a little bit of digging we'll let you know. That's all the info I have for now guys check with me tomorrow when the queen comes back! Peace~!

Nini Spotted In The Studio With TYGA, Shanelle and Kanye West

This afternoon, although the queen is off today, a pic was posted on Twitter by Nini's manager Johnny with a caption that reads, "THE QUEEN DOING WHAT SHE DOES BEST FIREEEEEEE!" The photo shows Nini Tyga, Shanelle, and Ye in the studio and in the pic, Nini is seen in the booth with headphones on looking like shes about to start recording, Tyga Ye and Shanelle are out by the mixer boards and equipment looking like their nodding to the music. We aren't sure if this is Nini recording a song for her upcoming album, or if she is a feature on one of the other artists on the pic, but one thing is for sure, many fans are anxious and excited to hear this song when it drops, and the studio they are in looks like a multi million dollar studio so it must be inside of PSR, so we are patiently waiting for that! WE'RE EXCITED TOO! Nini is also rumored to be working with Miguel, Andre 3000, Big Boi, Patti Labelle and Diana Ross, as well as Melyssa Ford, so if this is for her upcoming album obviously it will be very different than what we're used too, but regardless we know it will be super super fire! Isn't everything by her always fire! Be on the lookout for coverage on her new album, she still is tight lipped about it, but at the same time alot of new details are emerging and we will let you know all of them when we know! Peace~! P.S We are told Honey Cocaine has been released from PSR due to two major reasons, first is she dropped her album 1 month ago, which we had no clue about, and the reason why we didn't is because it did so poorly that the media didn't even release it on the news cause they felt it was a waste of camera and media time. WE dug deeper and found out she said 150 copies which is the lowest anyone has ever sold before ever! Nini gave her 1 month to get it sold up to PSR high seller standards or at least to the industry's accepted standards and although shes been out promoting very hard and selling herself to fans it only went up to an extra 250 copies which pushed her to 350 copies which is worse than pathetic, so she officially became a huge risk and Nini took a while to get around to it, but she got around to it today, and not only that, she violated the new PSR rules where it says no fighting and she started and had a fight inside of PSR earlier today with Ashanti and Ashanti was just defending herself, so with her bad risk reputation and her fighting, Nini had enough and she released her for "Lack Of Agreement" and Violation Of Contractual Agreement" We aren't sure how Honey is taking it as of yet, as she has been unavailable for comment! You'll get more info when I do!

NiNi Produces More Royal Shirts

Everywhere you look now, every woman is rocking a PSR royal shirt, whether they are royal or non royal, everyone is wearing that bomb shirt. In fact the royal shirt is so popular that that shirt alone is bringing Platinum Wear at least 500,000 dollars a month in addition to all the other items. Nini has now produced more royal shirts in different designs and in different colors, and being that the shirt was Rihanna's idea, she and her clothing line Rated R is seeing a tremendous amount of success in addition to her PSR paycheck and Nini supports the design and says she has great things in store for it in the future. Other PSR artists who have added new designs in the PSR line include, OMG Girlz, Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson, Cymphonique, Ke$ha, Monica, Monica Spears, Lloyd, KAT and Kelly Clarkson and its new designs coming soon from KC and Miranda. So lots of cool things in store for PW over the next couple months check out the new items by heading over to Every clothing line out there from FUBU, To COOGI, To ECKO, To Phat Farm, is trying to link up with Nini, but Nini has respectfully declined all offers and says she is comfortable having a single line for now! We don't blame her do you? In other news, Kelly Clarkson's long overdue album is now finished and she is releasing it tomorrow the 4th and everyone is looking forward to her new album and Kelly says its a little different than what people are used to, we love that. Check me out tomorrow for coverage on it!

NiNi Spotted Buying A Red Bull This Morning Looks To Have A Hangover

This morning, Nini was spotted downtown ATL with her bodyguard Ramon going into a little store where she came out with a red bull a muffin and a black coffee, which is the breakfast of choice for people with hangovers, but paparazzi managed to piss her off when they ran up on her and said "Nini are you drunk or high" Then one camera person asked "Are you on drugs, like heroine"? Nini stopped and she threw the hot coffee on the cameraman, he screamed and backed up, and RAMON grabbed her and took her back to the limo, the guy screamed "You'll never get anywhere with that attitude, you damn crackhead!" Nini flipped her middle finger up at him before getting into the limo" We know the queen isn't on drugs, but she definitely looks to have a mean hangover, so all we have to say is rest up today queen! In other news, Cymphonique has been released from prison as she has been found not guilty of the 2 year old crime, and it was another woman who actually commited the murder and tried to cover it up click here to check out that article. Also, Vanessa Hudgens has been found not guilty on her 7 year old crime and has been released the family is outraged and want a re-trial click here to check out that article. Also Ri Ri has been released from the hospital this morning and doctors say she had acute dehydration meaning she works too hard without resting or eating or drinking, and the combination of all that plus nothing but coffee and red bull is what exhausted her body and made her pass out. They say she is well enough to continue work but should take a few minutes out each day to rest and eat before working, lets hope she takes the advice! The queen comes back tomorrow, but we are 97% sure she has a signing in ATL today, so we'll let you know how that goes!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

NiNi's Show + Ciara Explains Why The Fight Happened

Last night was Nini's show in East Orange NJ at the NJ PAC stadium. Nini had no special guests and she was all by herself, but she still did amazing even without her other queen partner or guests appearances. She performed for a total of 2 hours with only 2 breaks and 17 costume changes and she did sweet with amazing special effects and a MJ Hologram for her and MJ's song "On My Own" Many people praised her performance including her presidential buddies the Obama's. Click here to check out the entire performance. In other news, It has been determined that Trina is the one who started the fight between her and Ciara Friday Night at an ATL nightclub, and Ciara says its because she is jealous. According to Ciara who spoke on the fight in an interview this morning, Nini was stuck on choosing her or Trina for the next member of PSR, she had both of them record a song for her, so she can see who impresses her more. Ciara's song for Nini was "Ride" Ft Ludacris, and Trina's song was "Red Bottoms" Nini was impressed with both songs but ended up signing Ciara instead of Trina, and according to CICI, Trina felt she had the better song and she should have been picked, and ever since she has been feeling envy towards Ciara. In a nutshell, Ciara says Trina is jealous and that's why the fight started. Of course Trina denies this, but people at the club back up Ciara's story and Trina began disrespecting Ciara during her signing, calling her bitches and she was trying to start a fight with her, and at first CICI refused but of course its only so much a woman can take! So now its a beef going on between Cici and Trina and Nini says shes out of it and Trina also says no hard feelings on Nini and she is not in it. The queen is off until Tuesday so as usual ill do my best to get info for you guys!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cymphonique Arrested For Murder??????? + CiCi Involved In Fight

This one is weird, a weird developing story is popping off about PSR artist Cymphonique. There is a family by the name of Buro that has come forth and says that Cymphonique murdered their 7 year old daughter 2 years ago, by running her over in her car and continued driving. They claim the reason they took so long to take it to trial is because their daughter sneaked out at night around 4 in the morning, no one was out so there was no witnesses. But they have been working with police for 2 years to find out who did it, and last week the police was able to hack into a street lights camera and rewind it back from two years ago and the video shows the girl walking in the street and the car coming fast and slams into the girl and she flies into the air and lands hard on the ground where she cracked her skull open. The car stops for a second and then speeds off. Police analyzed the video and the camera captured the plates and it came back as Cymphonique's car which she has had for the past 3 years. They determined they have enough evidence to make an arrest, and even though the video doesn't show the driver, it is known that no one else drives Cymphoniques car but her, and today they got an arrest warrant and showed up at PSR and arrested Cymphonique for the hit and run murder of 7 year old Keisha Buro. The video was released to the news and they have been playing it all day and this is the new big topic taking over everything else. She is being charged for vehicular homicide and being that the victim was so young, she is facing life, or the death penalty. Cymphonique made an emotional statement from her cell to her fans saying she is innocent and she never hit anyone as long as she has had her license, and her fans as well as her label believes her, but the police aren't buying it and neither is the family of the girl. Police are pushing for the death penalty which is still legal in this country, but many say shes a woman and she should just get life. We think Cymphonique is tangled up in a wrong identity case, and this is still a developing story and if we find anything out we will let you know! In other news, Ciara had a brawl with XXX Rapper Trina in an Atlanta nightclub where cici was at signing autographs. We don't exactly know how the fight started, but many witnesses at the club says Trina started it and both women were bloody and bruised, and police arrested both women late last night and they were released this morning, with a ticket and a court date as both are being charged with Public Disturbance and destroying public and private property. Both are due in court next week. This is another developing story and we will let you know something when we know! Now its off to Nini's show see u guys there!

OMG Girlz Deny Affair With Each other

Constantly there has been talk that the OMG Girlz have sex with each other and that has been talked about since last year due to the fact they be all up on each other and they are closer than most girl groups, but this morning this is what star had to say "We are sisters, we grew up in the same neighbor hood on the same street, of course we're going to be close, but just because someone is close doesn't mean they are having sex, I look at these girls as my blood relatives and that would be totally um disgusting (laughs) One thing I don't like is just because we're all into women, people automatically assume that we must be into each other, and its really not like that, it never has been like that and probably never will be, we never had sex, no kissing, none of that just sisterly love" This puts an end to this long overdue rumor and now the media has backed up, but knowing the media as well as I know them, they'll find something else to spread real soon on them. In other news, Nini looks so fly as she steps out of her Bentley in Georgetown, Pennsylvania for a signing! She was rocking alligator fur, with leopard vintage royal shoes, and her PSR jeans with her hair nice and wet curly and her PSR shades, and she turned heads everywhere she walked. The autograph signing went well with no incident and she satsifyed everyone that came to get her autograph which was over 1000 people. Nini seemed happy as she was smiling and laughing playing and joking around with the fans which is something we haven't seen in a while, and it was amazing to see! The queen has a show tonight in East Orange NJ at 8pm at the E.O NJ PAC Stadium so see you guys there if you have tickets!

Whats Up With All This?

Everywhere you look now, whether its inside of PSR or outside all you see is pictures like these! There is a tremendous amount of talk that many of the female celebs on PSR and outside of it is with the Illuminati, and many say if they weren't, then why constantly take pictures throwing up that disgusting hand sign, our queen isn't excluded from that, she has been seen rocking this uncomfortable scary looking hand sign many times before, just not recently. People who are included in this talk of devil worshippers include, NINI, B, OMG Girlz, Cymphonique, RI RI, Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Kat, LLOYD, Nicki, Cherish..... the list goes on and on, and the main reason why these celebs are constantly being talked about in that way is because they keep taking pics like the ones above, and when they are asked about why they are putting themselves in that position even though they say they aren't with it, they get really secretive and refuse to answer any questions about it. We do know the queen is not a member, but we don't know whats going on with the rest, as all these pictures above are not old pictures. But many of their fans are sick of seeing it and people like Miranda, Cymphonique and Selena have been cussed out by fans and even the two queens NINI and B have been booed at while they were on their way to a meeting this morning walking together and fans ran up with signs and booed at both of them and both of them looked so uncomfortable. The talk will remain guys as long as you make it remain, that's all I will say about that! In other news, Selena Gomez has said she is gearing up to release her 1st mixtape off of PSR apart of her 2 album 1 mixtape deal, and she says she is releasing it on December 13th, so be on the lookout for that. Albums from PSR to look for coming real soon is Lola Monroe (Christmas Day) B.B.O.D (Christmas Day) Mona L (Christmas Day) and Tiffany Evans (January 1st) So lookout for all these new albums coming real soon! And Nini's album is still due on March 5th, but for now we still have her dope mixtape to enjoy until she releases it......

Friday, November 30, 2012

Star Gets Released With No Bail

All day omg girlz fans have been showing support for Star and talking down the police, and the police have determined that the officers wrongly arrested star and she is not guilty of anything, the charges have been dropped against star, and the two arresting officers have been fired and TANYA Wellington has been charged with Threat To A Public Authority Figure and will have to pay of fine of $1,000, and many people feel justice has been served, Star has been released and her 100,000 dollar bail has been dropped and voided and she is ready for their show tonight, so happy ending! That's all for today guys, peace~!

Rita Ora Accused Of Copying Rihanna's Style + Ri RI Passes Out On Stage

Its no secret that Rihanna and Rita Ora are close, but the media is suggesting that Rita's fashion sense is extremely close, and the media says Rita dresses acts and looks like Rihanna most of the time, and they're even saying Rita is copying her. That has been going around since Rita came out in early 2011, and its getting stronger and stronger as Rita is wearing her hair like hers even had the red color at one point dances like her, and she is crazy as hell just like her, but Rita insists that although  the two are really good friends, they both are different and have different lifestyles and she would appreciate if people refer to her as Rita instead of Ri Ri, although she said it is an honor to be compared to her. Do you guys think Rita copies Ri Ri? In other news speaking of Ri Ri, tonight she had a show in Newark NJ and after her first song she was in the middle of her new song numb and she just passed out on stage. Ambulance arrived and she was rushed to the hospital and the remainder of the show was canceled. No one knows why she passed out, but due to Ri Ri's heavy party drink n sex lifestyle, many people feel her wild outta control lifestyle is to blame, others say she may be on drugs and overdosed, but at this point doctors are refusing to comment on her condition, but they do say she's critical but stable. If we find out anymore on her, we will let you guys know!

Woman Presses Charges On Star PSR Mad At Police

This afternoon, The OMG Girlz were in downtown Atl for a signing and picture day with fans. Everything went well, at least for the first hour and a half, but afterwards, a fan who has been named as 19 year old Tanya Wellington messed it up when it was her turn to get her autograph and her picture with the girls. She got her autograph, and then the three girls stood up out their chairs to take the pic with her, Tanya was in the middle and star was to her left and while they all put their hands around each other, Tanya grabbed star's booty and rubbed it and Star pushed her and she fell backwards into a table and it broke when she fell into it. Police that were on the scene ran over and grabbed up star and her girls were trying to help out star saying "Let her go, stop grabbing on her like that" to the cops and the cops put Star in handcuffs and Star was screaming "Oh my god, she grabbed my butt that's why I pushed her, goddamn yall are so stupid" The cop made everyone be quiet and the whole building was silent, the police helped up Tanya and asked her if she wanted to press charges, she looked at Star and winked her eye at her and then looked at the officer and said "Yes sir I do" The Omg Girlz looked in shock including star and star screamed out "You stupid bitch" while the cops were dragging her out to the car and she was trying to break free to get to the girl. The OmG Girlz followed her but were stopped by police and were told to go home, Beauty asked star "WHAT DO WE DO NOW?' And Star said "Just hold it down, continue working, don't go home" and they put her in back of the car and drove away. Babydoll was crying for her, and the officers offered them comfort but they both snatched away from the cops and they held each other and beauty was comforting babydoll as they walked back inside to finish up and at this time, Tanya left. The girls finished up their signings and pics, and then after it was over they went to visit Star, and we are told her bail is set at 100,000 and her girlz will post her bail for her within 24 hours. Meanwhile when the news broke of what happened, fans and PSR artists were outraged that star got locked up for defending herself. The community spoke up against the police saying she was wrongly arrested being that the girl violated her body and she should be released without having bail, and PSR artists have been very outspoken about this as well saying that the police are wrong and the person who should be in trouble should be the person who started all of this which Tanya Wellington, the police have responded to the community, OMG Girlz Fans, PSR fans and the PSR artists saying that they are starting a full investigation on the officers who made the arrest to see if they were wrong with their arrest, and they told the public to be patient and allow them to do their job,  but no one is trying to hear that. Stay tuned on this developing story! In other news, NiNi has stated she is releasing an animated cartoon of her everyday life along with PSR and the artists and it will be a comedy sorta similar to South PARK but in her words "More Ghetto" She says this animated short will be coming in early January of next year, and its something her fans are totally excited about. You can find out more about this on the "New Stuff" section on her website go check it out!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Melanie And Ke$ha Make Up?

Seems like Melanie is ready to grow up, A couple days ago, a song has released by Melanie titled "I'm Bigger Than That" and she sings about things that she feels is now nonsense and how she wants to begin new with everything and she sings "I'm bigger than that, tell her its love and I cherish that, I'm bigger than that" Which was an obvious line at Ke$ha. Ke$ha never responded to the song, but they ran into each other today in LA and after chatting for a few minutes they both gave each other a smile and a hug, which was amazing to see. Not saying they are best friends now, but its apparent that both of them are realizing how ridiculous all that is and they are just trying to start fresh, and we love to see things like that. Other people who Melanie has made up with include Kat, K.Michelle, KATY Perry and Rihanna, so its clear she is growing up and putting childish nonsense behaviour behind her, reminds us of Rasheeda who is almost cool with all of PSR at this point, so good luck with all this new love going around. Nini has stated she is happy that all that is over, and she says maybe just maybe, since her and Melanie have made up the fans will hear a song from them two one day and Melanie said she will love that. How do you guys feel about Melanie's change of heart towards the PSR ARTISTS?

Justin Beiber Wants To Be Down With THE Platuinm Crew~

18 year old Canadian singer Justin Beiber has expressed interest in joining PSR saying it would be both "Thrilling" and a "Learning Experience" Most recently Beiber has been signed to Lil Wayne's label Young Money, but Beiber states that, it was a trial deal, Wayne gave him the opportunity to see how he likes it, and although he says he loves Wayne and young money, he says he doesn't feel his music fits correctly with the roster, neither does his fans, and he feels his music will fit most definitely with PSR. He says he appreciates the opportunity with Young Money, but when his trial period is over on DECEMBER 1ST he will be signing out of Young Money, and began searchimg for a new home, and in his words he said quote "Hopefully I wont have to look too long for a home, everyone knows me, and so does Nini, and once upon a time Nini said she likes my music, so I'm remaining hopeful on that one. Do you guys feel Beiber would make a good fit on PSR. In other news, he isn't the only one who's staying hopeful that when Nini begins signing people they would get chosen, Pink has said I would love to call Nini my boss, who wouldnt' other people who have expressed interest in joining PSR Include Drake, Tyga, Shanelle, D Woods, RichGirl, Toni Braxton, Paris JACKSON, Janet Jackson, Rasheeda, Melanie Fiona, Lil Mama, Toya, Miss Nana and Dede, but no word on Nini yet if any of these names interest her, but its clear most of these names interest everyone else, but until we hear from NiNi we don't know what will happen, but we'll keep our eyes and ears open on this one! P.S Nini has a show tonight in West Philadelphia at the Philly Music Park at 8pm so if you guys have tickets see ya there!

NiNi's New Song Makes It To Number 2

The new song by Nini Ft Carly Rae Jepsen and Rita Ora has officially stolen the number 2 spot and is looking to steal the number 1 spot which is now "Cool" We would like to say congrats to Nini on the success of her new songs. Speaking of rising music, Rihanna's new album "Unapologetic has become the number 1 album in America, at least until Nini drops her album in MARCH and we are proud of RI RI and she is proud of herself and stated she cried when she found out her album has become number 1. This is her first number 1 album throughout the 8 years that she has been in the game and it is a very big moment for her, and we would like to say congratulations to her on her enormous success, Click here to purchase "Unapologetic". The queen is off today, but she does have a show tonight, so I'll keep you guys updated throughout the day Peace~!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Star Stops A Fight Between Plies And Nipsey

We are told that new PSR artist Plies and Rising PSR artist Nipsey Hussle were about to throw down and star stopped that from happening. It started over creative differences, Plies asked nipsey to be on his song a couple days ago, and Nipsey finally got around to it and they were in the studio, but Nipsey wanted a Cali beat and plies didn't so that caused a problem since it was plies song and not nipsey. After plies finally agreed to do a Cali beat they both wrote the lyrics but plies didn't like nipsey's choice of words as he was trying to keep it at least pg-13 as he is trying to make more music that kids would listen too as well as adults gangstas or whatever, but nipsey kept it totally Compton rated R and plies didn't like that and he told him and nipsey said you asked me to jump on this don't tell me how to rap and that caused them to argue and almost fight, but star got in the middle and reminded both of them that nini is not playing n they will get dropped n they canceled their song and decided not to do it with each other, so now t seems to be tension between two more psr artists, but we will continue following this until we find out how serious it will get......thats it for now peace!

NiNi Drops Collab Song + Amy Takes Maternity Leave Today

This evening a collab song dropped from Nini and Rita Ora and Carly RAE Jepsen Titled "My World" The song is produced by TIP and Nini and it is super dope, with Nini Rita And Carly singing on the song, and its about doing things thats considered ruling the world basically. All 3 women sound so good on the song and it is availalbe for download on the PSR website for .99 cents check out a 45 second clip to the song by clicking here. In other news, Amy has finished up her signing today and she has taken her maternity leave and she left behind one video for their song "Brokenhearted" you can check that song out here. Amy has said she will be having her baby in the beginning to mid december and she may share a pic or two of her new baby girl, so we'll be on the lookout for that! Speaking of babies, Tiffany Evans who just delivered close to two weeks ago, has sent a video tweet of herself which is the first time she has been seen since she had the baby, and her figure is still in good shape and she has said she will still be working on her album from time to time in her home studio while she is on her maternity leave and she also thanked all of her PSR buddies for their support as well as her fans and she has said that Nini is giving her until May to finish her maternity leave but she says she wont need that long, Amy has also said she doesnt need that long either so these two may be back before we are expecting them back. Miley CYRus starts hers in 3 months in february and within that time she says she wants to drop more songs more videos more shows and maybe possibly a mixtape as she says she wants to leave her fans with enough material to last them until she gets back. Fake pregnacies are, KC, Diamond, Kelly Clarkson, Cymophonique, Miranda, Mona L, LOLA Monroe and Christina Milian so no babies there......yet. Check me out later for more info! P.S Ye might be a daddy! But we're still checking into that and we will let you guys know when we find out!

NiNi And KC Gets Roasted

SNL (Saturday Night Live) has taken a break from PSR for a while and started roasting other celebs such as Wayne, Jay-Z, Melanie Fiona and the Knowles Fam, but they couldn't stay away from PSR for too long and today they had a skit aimed at Nini and KC among a few other PSR artists. This is Nini's first roast since 2009 from them so you know they had to make it good. Click here to check out the hilarious skit. Nini and KC as well as Miley and Katy Perry who also were included,  have all said they enjoyed the skit and Nini even said she laughed at her roast and called them "Talented at what they do" once again SNL loves when celebs understand their show, and don't take things to the head, so they have invited Nini, KC, MILEY AND Katy to their show one day so they can roast who they want to roast , the others have agreed to it and Nini said quote "Ill think about it" We love celebs who can take a joke don't you? In other news, Nini was in court today for the first half of her trial and a media storm was in front of the courthouse trying to get a statement... she was with her manager and he continually said "No comment" but Nini stopped and said "All I will say is that man is a pussy (laughs) then they asked "What do you mean by that Nini?" she rolled her eyes and said "Exactly what It sounds like" and she walked away and they continued trying to ask her questions, but her manager and her security team were doing a good job at holding the media back. We are told the man Issac Johnson is looking to get  2,000.00 now from Nini as he says his medical stay at the hospital cost him 1,500 with no insurance, plus an extra 500 for the cost of his medicine bills, the judge has not made a decision yet, but he listened to both sides of the story and tomorrow she is due back in court for her sentence at 9am, everyone will be crowded in front of the courthouse tomorrow waiting for her sentence similar to MJ when he was in court, everyone already started making signs and shirts with words like "Free Nini" or "Nini is innocent!" so she has tons of support from her fans on this one. Check me out tomorrow for more details on this story! The queen is off today, so I'll do my best to get you guys some juicy info, I know you guys crave that stuff lol

NiNi Kills Show Last Night!

Last night was Nini's show which the media is naming "The Presidential Royal Show" which took place in The Riverside Section of Atlanta Georgia. The show began at 10pm and started off with "Cool" Nini came out first and was dressed as the Queen of England and many people applauded loud for her, and she put on her London accent and said "Good evening everyone me name is Nini and I will be performing for you tonight, then B came out and pushed her and said "Enough of that crap, hey Riverside!" The crowd went wild  and Nini proved just how much she really doesn't care on what she did the other night when she bombed the man with the pie being that she made fun of it in this skit. She got off the floor and said "I cant believe you just did that" B said "Well believe it honey" and she said "This brute is so disrespectful to authority figures, Ill make sure Ill tell me mummy of this indecency" The British accent she was putting on was so hilarious and she had most of the audience laughing and she sounded so much like NICKI MINAJ when Nicki puts on her hilarious british accent, and then she took out a pie (it was fake) and she said "You heartless tramp, this is how we settle things where I come from" and B said "You wouldn't dare" and she said "Oh Yea?" and she threw the pie at her and B ran around the stage acting like the man who got hit with the pie screaming and yelling saying "Ill sue you I swear I will sue you, oh my god its so hot" and the audience was dying and then she fell on stage and screamed and said "I want my mommy" Then Nini made the whole crowd go wild when she said "No no dear mummy wont save you, cause your mommy works for me!" The crowd gave her a loud standing ovation when she said that, and TINA who was in the audience was clapping and laughing and the spotlight went on her and everyone clapped for her while she waved at everyone. The skit was over and smoke filled the stage then a voice came over the loudspeaker and said "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Q3 stadium, please enjoy the show and please refrain from using any handheld devices like cell phones, cameras,or ipods, just sit back and relax and enjoy the show" Then an explosion went off and everyone screamed, Nini was changed into a PSR dancing outfit and B exploded next to her in a different outfit as well, Then JAY walked out and had everyone throw up his diamond, Then Ye came out with a shirt that said PSR/Roc Nation and then TYga came out with a Young Money Hat on and all 3 of them got standing ovations and some women in the crowd were crying especially when TYGA came out. The beat to "Cool" played and they all performed their part, Nini First, THEN Jay, Then B, Then TYGA and Then Ye, and they all killed it and Ye jumped in the crowd after the song was over and this time the crowd caught him and the other artists on the stage threw up Jay's diamond along with some fans in the audience. Next up was "Where have you been" which is Nini and KC and KC came out to thousands of cheering and they performed the song while B stepped back stage to allow them to do it. For it to be tension between those two, they certainly performed the song amazingly together and even gave each other a hug afterwards and the fans went nuts and someone held up  a sign that said "Nini + KC remain buddies, no more fighting" and KC left the stage. B was backstage and didn't show up for another hour as she was allowing Nini to get all her guests out the way, Next was Cymphonique and they performed "Be Your Own You: which is a great song, next Miley came out and performed "Party with her and Jordan Sparks" not the old version but the new way better version, and then Breezy came out to thousands of cheering and they performed "My Heart Is Here" and many in the crowd cried off of that song including my wife. And Last unexpectedly, Kat exploded on stage unannounced and people cheered so loud that I though my ears were bleeding and B came back out and they all performed "Please Don't Go" which is still Kat's number 1 song all around the world. After that was over she hugged the queens and left after blowing fans a kiss. Then B and Nini finished up the remaining hour and performed "Cant see Me" which Jay came back out for, Chocolate, Dream Love, Drop The Beat" Lose My Breath, Cater 2 U" and 2 songs from her mixtape which is "Do Me" Miley came back out for that one and "Hot" which is really hot! The show ended sometime after midnight and the queens were exhausted but they put on a magnificent show better than all the rest and they disappeared at the end which is always great to see. They went back stage got water,  put on their jackets,  hugged and went their separate ways. You can click here to check out the entire show! In other news, although Nini and B were making fun of the pie incident, no one is gonna be laughing today being that she goes to court today at 11am to see what her punishment will be, and the guy did not like the queens skit not one bit and he tried to include B in it in some way, but the judge said she didn't do anything but make fun of it she didn't hurt him or anything so his request was denied. The media is already charging up their computers and cameras trying to catch footage of this trial, so when we find something out, we will let you guys know!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Melanie Pisses Off PSR Artists AGAIN! Says Its Only 3 Artists Who Deserve To Be There!

As usual the chick who speaks her mind no matter what just like those Canadian people usually do, Melanie Fiona has once again managed to piss off an entire label by an interview she did this evening and this is how it went.
We have Melanie Fiona in the house ya ll! (the audience clapped and cheered)
Hey guys (smiling)
So Melanie how r u
I'm fine
so from my understanding, its been alot of tension with you and PSR
Do you feel any different about PSR
Well I never had a problem with PSR or Nini PSR is a dope label I wanted to be with them so bad and I still do, its just some of the people that I just was asked an opinion on and I gave my honest opinion
OK I see so who is it that you don't like there
I feel its only 3 people there besides Nini who actually deserve to be there and that's Rita, Carly and Demi those 3 are the truth, but see that's my opinion though, not once did I ever say my opinion matters or anything, but I was asked how I feel before and I spoke on it
so in other words besides those 4 people who you just named no one else is good enough to be there
no not to me but obviously to everyone else
are u at all worried that they might be upset
not really as long as its not nini cuz i don't want any problems with her, the rest i could care less
and what about ke$ha
please not her (audience laughs)
That's the PSR Part of her interview and she pissed off many people basically everyone at PSR being that she said everyone except for demi Carly and Rita and many people have spoken up on her including Ye, KC, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus and Nipsey as well as Jordan sparks and Lloyd and she is facing much hate from PSR fans Nini fans and even her fans, but she made it clear she doesn't care and she was asked her opinion n she gave it, how do you guys feel..........

Alexis Jordan To Join The Queens Tonight!~

We have word from Alexis Jordan's manager that she will be performing with Nini tonight at her show in Riverside Georgia at 10pm at the Q3 Stadium. We are told that she will be performing that 2 songs that she has with Nini which are "2 STEP" and "Beat It Up" Other guest performers that we know about include "Cymphonique, KC, Jordin Sparks and Breezy, but Nini may have a surprise or two up her sleeve and have even more than that. Tickets for the show tonight are still on sale and its about 100 left before they are sold out so if you haven't already done so, go get your tickets by visiting this website Tickets range from 75.00 to 2000.00 so get your tickets and Ill see you guys there. In other news, KC says she is not mad by Nini flipping on her and she said "I ain't tripping I know she was upset she always tells us don't really speak up on her when shes mad or we will get it too and I forgot so that was kinda my fault" KC also says quote "I don't hold it against her no hard feelings and yeah I'm looking forward to performing with them tonight" So everything may not be excellent with them but they are willing to keep it professional and that's whats important. See you guys at the show!

Nini Makes KC Cry

This morning, Nini was at a charity event raising money for the Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort, but as usual here comes reporters with DUMB questions which pissed Nini off and she grabbed a camera and hit the camera man with it and he said "Ow Nini that hurt" and then a rush of camera people began running up on her and saying "Nini why did you do that" Shes busy fighting them off and she screamed "EVERYBODY SHUT UP!" someone said "Oh my lord" and everyone got silent and was backing up from her and their expressions were scared expressions. She said "I had it up to here with you damn reporters, I swear if any of y'all touch me again or ask me a dumb question I will be going to jail and you will be the main star of a funeral I'm sick of this shit! At this time KC who just showed up said "Yeah why don't y'all just leave her alone god! and nini turned to her and said "AND YOU MIND YOUR BUSINESS DO I NEED YOU TO SPEAK UP ON ANYTHING NO I DON'T ALL OF Y'ALL FUCKERS JUST STAY OUTTA MINES I DON'T NEED Y'ALL SPEAKING UP LIKE I'M SOME LIL ASS KID WHY R U HERE ANYWAY GET THE HELL OUT! Kc looked so embarrassed and she walked out and many say it was small tears in her eyes, but many say she was not crying but we don't know. Everyone at the event was totally frightened at this point and all the camera people left really fast and Nini closed up shop and left with her bodyguard, KC or Nini has not been available for comment! Sorry about the comment section guys im working on it now

NiNi Drops New Song With Eminem + Woman Murders Daughter Over Nini

This afternoon, a new song dropped titled "Bomb" by Eminem Ft NiNi. The song was completely unexpected as neither Eminem nor NiNi has mentioned anything about it, but we are glad its here. the song combines heavy 808 drums with a melodic bass and and a hip-hop rhythm feel to it and it is produced by Ye. This is Eminem's song and it will be featured on his new album coming early next year. Click here to check out "Bomb" Speaking of Eminem he also has a song out with RI RI titled "Numb" click here to check that out. In other news, a New York woman is being charged with murdering her 17 year old daughter after an argument popped off. The story goes that the girl came in at 7am this morning after being out all night with her boyfriend, which made her mother worry all night and she had school the next day. So she comes in and they began to argue and after some heated words, the girl goes crazy and starts breaking things such as the TV and the radio her moms cell phone and Nini's newest CD "The World Thru My Eyez" The woman began crying when she found out that the CD was broke and that's all she cared about (O.....K) anyways she became so upset and she ran up on her daughter and began choking her, The girl was fighting back of course, but eventually she passed out from lack of air but she was not dead. Then the lady filled the bathtub with water and picked up her daughter and put her body in there and finished her off by drowning her. It only took two minutes, and her daughter turned blue and passed away around 715am. The mother then calmly called 9-11 and said "I need a police officer I killed my daughter" and hung up the phone. Police arrived within 3 minutes and she was not trying to hide she calmly let them in and led them to her daughters floating body in the tub. They took pictures and arrested the mom who has now been identified as 35 year old New Yorker Trisha States. Trisha has a history of problems starting back when she was just 13 years old and she has what is called Schizophrenia. Usually she keeps the disease under control with pills, but she ran out last night and was going to get her prescription filled today when the pharmacy opened. She is a huge Nini fan and an officer on the scene said "She was a Fan of Miss Nini and I guess by her daughter breaking the uh Cd prompted her to go crazy and she didn't have her medicine either, thats not the best excuse in the world but that's what we have for now, so we do have a motive. Trisha has been charged with 1st degree murder of her daughter and is currently awaiting trial, and the daughters boyfriend is in pieces over this and so is her dad. So far Nini has not said anything on this yet.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Nini Is Getting Sued! + Denys R,Kellys Offer

We are told that Issac Johnson the man who got bombed with a pie last night is suing nini for medical bills as he got burned by the pie which left scars and he is suing he for $1,500. Nini has not responded to this claim yet, but she is due in court on November 28th which is Wednesday, and we just have to wait and see what happens, at this time Nini has not issued an apology or a statement. In other news, Nini has denied R. Kelly's offer of being in his trapped in the closet chapters saying she has too much to do and she really doesn't have time, but she will love to do a song with him one day as she loves his music and is a fan of his, Kelly has responded saying "Definitely, Ill get at you next week, we gonna drop something dope!" TIP and Ye have also denied being in it saying their schedule is too crazy but did thank him for thinking about them......Word was a while back that Mr Kelly was being signed to PSR but since that hasn't happened yet we guess it was a rumor, but seriously how cool would that be? Anyways that's it for now, ill update you guys tomorrow on her show tonight peace!

R.Kelly Says He's Trying Get Nini To Be In His New Trapped Chapters

This afternoon, King Of R&B R.Kelly has stated that among other people he wants Nini to star in his upcoming chapters for the drama mystery filled "Trapped In The Closet" series. chapters 13-22 is coming soon and he promised his fans that alothough its been a little over 6 years since the last chapter has been released, Kelly says the series will continue and most of the original cast members will return and he wants new ones and he has named Nini as one of them and TIP as another. Many fans are super excited that his saga is continiuing but no word from Nini yet on whether she will be involved or not, but we feel it will be really sweet to see her appearing in the movie/video chapters, but currently we are waiting for word on her so stay tuned.

Nini's Show Last Night + Someone Throws A Pie In Kanye's Face

Last night was Nini's show in Houston, TX at the Palace Music Stadium in front of 270,000 fans. The other queen was unable to make it so any song she was in had to be backtracked. The show started at 8pm and lasted for 3 hours until 11. They started off the show with Nini's new song "Cool" with B's verse backtracked and every time one of the featured artists part came on an explosion went off and they appeared out of nowhere which looked really cool. That song is super hot and they did a super hot performance to go along with it. But at the end which Ye has the last verse, someone from somewhere threw a pie in his face which made him fall on stage. He was covered in cherry pie from his head and it was dripping from his head onto his shirt. Jay went and helped him up and Nini stopped the music and screamed "WHO THE HELL JUST DID THAT?!?!?!" The audience went silent and no one answered "She said "OK if no one wants to talk I guess the show is over then" and the 4 artists went off stage and the crowd began booing hard and Ye flipped everyone the finger and he said "Y'all lucky this pie taste good as hell" No one left the stadium and everyone sat there, NINI's manager Johnny came out and said "I'm sorry guys, but the queen is finished with the show, so I ask that you calmly exit the stadium and we will do our best to make this up" But everyone booed again and people were screaming out things such as "No fuck that, I PAID 1000 dollars for her show, she's not gonna just takes peoples money and run, I ain't going no damn where" People were screaming out things like that and Johnny said "I can assure you people that she is not taking anyones money, someone threw a pie at Mr West and that is like a threat to the artists who is up here trying to do their job, she will make it up just hold onto your tickets please" But the crowd still booed and they wouldn't move, then Nini came out and said "OK I'm standing right here, I want one of y'all bitches to say I'M stealing y'all money while I'm standing right here,,,, anybody wanna speak" No one said anything and she said "That's what I thought, you blame the asshole who thinks this is a pie eating contest, if that person shows him or herself maybe Ill continue if not all of y'all are suffering and y'all know by now that I really don't care how that makes ya ll feel so whats it gonna be" Everyone began looking around and then finally a man identified himself as the thrower and he said "It was Me" Nini said "whats your name?" and he said "Issac Johnson ma'am" and she said "OK to my concert promoters if someone named Issac Johnson with this face ever tries to sign up for a ticket, he will be denied is that clear" Her ticket givers said "Yes Ma'am" she looked at him and he looked so embarrassed and she said "Dude you will never get to come to one of my shows ever again, so I want you to leave now, you will not be getting your money back and try me if you want money will be the last thing on your mind now get out!"He started to walk off while everyone was staring at them and she said "Hold up I want you to have something before you go"and a large pie flew out of no where and bombed him right in the face and it was pretty hot and the man screamed and ran out the stadium while Nini and the whole audience was laughing and she said "Take a break cuz I need one, Ill be back in 10 minutes and if any of y'all ever say I'm stealing money and running again I will never come back to Houston again y'all dig me on that? and the whole crowd said together "Yes Nini" and she walked backstage while some people got out their seats to get food or use the bathroom. After the 10 minutes was up she came back out and performed the rest of her songs with B's voice backtracked for "Chocolate" "True Love" Fresh" and "Who Do It Like Me" She had her hologram for "CANT SEE ME" AND "WHEN THE BEAT DROP" and that was amazing to see. The rest of the show went smooth but she did not do autographs like she was supposed to as she was still upset but everyone got their moneys worth. All in all it was a great show and it shows just how aggressive Nini can be...but we love that lol (no offense Beith) Click here to check out the entire show, (warning obscene language is used on the clip) In other news, Cymphonique has said she will be in a movie this winter with her buddies Selena and KC which will be sponsored by PSR cinema and although she denied to tell us the exact date, she did say before the year is out, and when she was asked if Nini will be in it anyway big or small she said "WAIT N SEE" So that's what we will do! Click here to check out her interview

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Karmin Drops Album!

PSR Hip-Hop Duo Karmin has finally released their long awaited 1st PSR album titled "Hello" The album was supposed to be released yesterday, but a delay caused it to be pushed back for a day and it has been released early this morning at 6am. So far the duo has seen a considerable amount of success from the album selling over 166,000 copies so far in the united states and over 125,000 copies overseas which bumps them up to 191,000 copies worldwide which is excellent. So far they haven't beat out the PSR high selling women, but Nini and many others feel they have the potential to beat at least one of them as  the day goes on and so do we. Although this first album probably wont get them to Nini's royal circle by itself, we feel if they book many shows and promote very hard they would have a very great chance of becoming royal or even presidential royal. The album is good and has been rated PG-13 as there is some cuss words but its not hardcore and the album is considered to be hip-hop/pop with a metro feel and we love that. The album is produced by Nini, Jonathan Franks, The Dream and Nick from the group and all producers did a wonderful job with the beats and the lyrics from Amy are definitely on point especially in song number 6 which is titled "Giant" which features Nini. The album features Nini, Omg Girlz, Kelly Clarkson, Kc, Ci Ci, RI RI,Katy Perry, Havana Brown, Ye, Breezy, Miley Cyrus and Kat and Keke Palmer and all their collab choices are good choices. Their album is available in retail stores worldwide for $9.99 or on their site for the same price, so head over to the site and grab the album and as mentioned before, when Amy's maternity leave is over, she will be making a video for most of the songs on the album including "Giant" with Nini. She will be doing a signing today, tomorrow and Tuesday only, afterwards she goes on her maternity leave until May 16th 2013, but Nick will still be working just to get them not to lose out on too much but you probably wont hear any new material from them until she comes back as he doesn't really sing or rap on the songs that's Amy. But for now we would like to say congratulations to Karmin on a wonderful album, click here To check out some songs from the album which we feel are the best! In other news, PSR artist Nicki Minaj has reached Nini's presidential level and her royal circle today! She was taken to a royal meeting and she is now apart of the most secret group in the world besides the Illuminati which means she has to b severely private or bad things may happen lol.... just kidding but she will be dropped from the group and so far she understands that so congrats to Nicki on obtaining the highest level in the game, she definitely deserves to be there, Also speaking of Nicki she has been hacked and the picture shows her making out with a very beautiful woman who's a model named Candy and they both are nude rubbing each other and kissing. Nicki has not commented on the photo so we don't know if its real or not but we will find out of course. Click here To check out the pic (WARNING THIS PHOTO IS EXTREMELY X RATED AND GRAPHIC......TO MY YOUNGER READERS PLEASE DON'T BE GROWN AND CLICK ON IT..... IF YOU ARE OVER 18 YOU MAY VIEW IT BUT PROCEED WITH CAUTION AS ONCE AGAIN THE PIC IS EXTREMELY EXPLICIT) P.S Selena Gomez has made a statement saying that she is not having a lesbian affair with Havana Brown and she said they are friends but that's it and the pictures that the media has floating around of them two are false. No one else that's linked up with each other at PSR has made any statements denying anything, so we're still waiting although Alexis Jordan spoke and killed everyones joy when she tweeted "Me and Nini???, man Nini wouldn't fuck with me like that, I don't even think she would look my way when it comes to that particular subject so leave it alone and don't talk about it again thank you!!!!!!!!!! As far as the rest,,,, the linking continues until they deny something which they haven't done yet, but if they do you guys will know. The queen has a show tonight in Houston TX at the Palace so if you guys have tickets see ya there!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Selena And Havana Brown?

word is that PSR artists Selena Gomez and Havana brown are having a secret affair as the media claims to have official pics of the two cuddled up at sports events and even sharing a kiss on thanksgiving day (as the picture above shows) Alot of PSR artists are starting to be linked to each other, for example, Breezy and Jordin sparks continue to be linked, Miley and Jacob Latimore are linked, KC and Nipsey are linked, Katy Perry and Rihanna are linked, Cymphonique and Mona L, are linked, Kat and Monica Spears are linked, Nini and Alexis Jordan are linked, and the list goes on and on. Neither of these artists have denied anything but they haven't confirmed it yet, but we will do a little digging to find out whats true and whats not, that's all for tonight guys peace!

China And Prodigy????

Word is that little  China is not so little anymore and she is growing up within the music game and within her personal life. She's only 14 but she is getting thick and her chest area is sticking out much more. Not only that though, for the past 3 months she has been linked to 14 year old PSR mindless behavior member prodigy in another way besides music. Word is the two are dating! They are seen every where together constantly and they have recorded 3 songs with each other and even 3 videos with each other and he is seen at every one of her shows. Not only that but now rumor has it that she is pregnant by him, but we aren't sure about it and neither artist is trying to speak on anything concerning anything, but many people are waiting in suspense on some word on this and if we can find something out we will let you know, PS the queen is off today, but as usual ill do my best to get your info to you

NiNi's Mega Explosive Show Last Night

Last night was NINI's show in Atlantic City NJ and when I say it was explosive I mean it was EXPLOSIVE! The show started at 8pm and over 250,000 N's and bees were in attendance including us and everyone was super excited.  The first song that started was "Cool" the new number 1 song by Nini and Jay-Z, TYGA, and Weezy came out to help with the song. Everyone showed mad love for that song and all 5 artists killed it especially the queens who were doing their famous dances all around stage upstaging all of the guys. At the end Weezy jumped into the crowd and was caught by the fans and they carried him around stage, it was amazing. The show was filled with sparkles and fiery explosions and the vibe was amazing. But I know you guys would rather see it than read it, so here's a video clip of the entire performance click here. In other news, new material has releases into the PW line from Ke$ha the Omg Girlz, Cymphonique and MILEY CYRUS including hats, jewelry, headgear, bras, panties, wigs, human and synthetic hair, plastic color bracelets, wrist bands, lady and men's headbands, and many more things head over to the platinum wear site to check out all the new designs Selena also has some pretty cool shoes up there too as well as Mona l and Amy, so check it out!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Nini Gets Demi Lovato!

This morning, the queen has signed yet another artist to PSR and she is 20 year old new mexico artist and best friend of Selena Gomez Demi Lovato. Seems as if Nini is sweeping up all the really big talented artists and adding them to her roster which is fabulous. Demi has been signed to a 2 year 58 milion dolar deal with the label and she is the most happiest artist in the world by now as judging by her tweet early this morning where she said "OMG Just take a guess which label I signed with, too late its the platinum crew! Nini Selena Cymphonique, Ye, Big Sean Miley all the biggest names of that label are my new partners and that is sweeter than cake yay!" Many of her fans, in fact all 200 million of them are super excited at her new switch from Mic Records to PSR and not only them but other fans of PSR and Nini are happy about the new artist. No crashes on twitter or google, but still many many searches on that topic and we must say we are excited too. In other news we are told that a 3 some fight popped off between miranda cymphonique and beauty after an argument between the 3 but we still arent sure yet but we will let you guys no comments are screwy right now sorry!