Monday, January 5, 2015

The Queen Gets Presidential Pardon

A little while ago, NiNi was sentenced to 5 days in prison and 10 years probation, but even though the president is still nowhere to be found, his soon to be ex wife Michelle who is still the first lady which means she has some power, made calls and got NiNi out of jail and killed her probation, basically she killed the whole charge against her on the grounds that it wasn't NiNi's fault. Michelle made a short statement afterwards in front of 20 million people on live TV saying "NiNi is my friend, she is a good person and my children love her, my husband needs help and he is getting it, what happened was not her fault and she was defending herself which I encourage all women to do, no matter what kind of status the other person has, if you feel that you're a victim stand up for yourself, and that is all she was doing and I do not feel that she should be imprisoned for defending herself, therefore I have ordered her release and all of the charges dropped. I'm so sorry NiNi" The large crowd cheered off of her statement. Michelle and her daughters have been seen with NiNi constantly and they are constant front row guests at all of her shows, and they are like really good friends, so its no surprise why she would help her out. Michelle received tons of respect for what she did for the queen, but her husband is getting trashed all over, by the media, the fans pretty much everybody. It has been said that NiNi will be released by 3pm today, but some sources report that she has already been released, so her exact status right now is unknown. It is also unknown if she will continue the Legends tour today which the trio was supposed to be in Virginia today, or if its still canceled, stay tuned for more info. This is the biggest scandal of the year so far, wonder what's the next, just check with PSR, it'll be one soon (no offense PSR people, but come on, y'all know whats up :))

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