Friday, March 29, 2013

Did NiNi Act Like This??

The media is reporting that NiNi was acting BEYOND stuck up today at a restaurant in Japan which is where she and her tour buddy are now for the next week. Sources say that NiNi walked into a restaurant wanting a seat at the top of the restaurant on the roof but was told that its full, and she made a fit saying things like "Do you know who I am, don't ever tell me no when I request something" Sources say she demanded the rooftop seat and the restaurant to the point that the restaurant management had to ask two people who were already there to leave so she can take their seat. Sources also say the couple who was asked to leave was furious as they paid good money to be there and NiNi said "No one cares if you're upset, when you work as hard as I do then complain to me, now get lost" NiNi neither confirmed nor denied acting this way, so its no way to be sure if this went down or not, but until we hear some confirmation, what do you guys think?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Did NiNi & Cici Have An Argument?

Well, sources say that NiNi and her never heard about artist Ciara got into either an argument or a fight today over something that we don't know about yet. The source also says that when Cici was out preparing for her show a reporter asked her "When are you and NiNi recording another song together?" and she replied "Man fuck NiNi, don't speak to me about her right now" Its been a little over 7 hours since this story broke and its not a good look for CiCi because if she was innocent she would have spoken up and denied this within the 7 hour time frame, but she hasn't denied anything which has us thinking maybe its true.....but if its true why did they argue? Sources have all different versions, some say CiCi likes her man, others say CiCi is lazy and NiNi embarrassed her (Which is actually more believable) and some say CiCi is just jealous of NiNi and Ri Ri's relationship. If this is true, apparently no one wants to speak on it, so we will do some digging and let you guys know! In other news, Breezy is in trouble again, but this time its not with one of his many one night standers, its actually with his self called sis aka his boss NiNi. Breezy was in charge of putting together a PSR compilation album (For those who don't know that's one CD with all or almost all of the PSR artists on it with different songs from different artists) NiNi wanted a compilation album since PSR has been going strong for 3 years and she never released one, and it was supposed to drop this week, but during her absence Breezy forgot to do it as he claims he was doing so much he forgot all about it, but NiNi says it was impossible to forget since she says she reminded him about it almost everyday. But see our biggest question to you NiNi is why why why would you EVER put something that important in the hands of Breezy, that's the same man who showed up 2 hours late to the bet awards and took a nap backstage in the bathroom when he was supposed to perform. Anyway though NiNi was of course upset, and she publicly apologized to her fans since they were waiting for it this week and publicly she said "I'm sorry guys, I'm not taking the blame on this one I'm tired of dong that, Breezy I love you boy but you are so lazy" Fans didn't send Breezy any hate mail or anything but some of them definitely told him to get his mind more on his job and off of women's private areas, and Breezy also apologized for causing at least another 2 week delay for the project. Despite what the media is saying no its no beef between the two, she's just disappointed in him, but she says quote "Ill get over it". Also Its been alot of talk about Frank Ocean saying he wanted to date or have sex with Beith NiNi's husband, the story is 100% False! It is true that an interview asked him would he ever do Beith, but Frank responded with "I prefer not to answer that question, that's not a respectful question to ask me so chill" Due to Beith's violent nature,  the media figured they can cook up a violent war between the two and really make headlines, so they altered his words and put what they wanted him to say, but it isn't true at all so Beith no need to worry, you too NiNi LOL. That's all for now check me out later peace~! P.S We are told Ye is releasing a song today with his wifey or some other woman, lets see if thats true!

NiNi Finally Adds New Artist! + Recruits 2 Artists For A New Song!

After months of wondering "When will PSR see a new artist, NiNi answered our question and she signed 36 year old Tamar Braxton who is coming up as a solo artist in the game. Tamar made the transfer from Epic early this morning and joined the PSR team with welcome open arms from almost everyone. We are told she has been signed to a 2 year 2 album deal worth 57 million dollars, and according to PSR management, she went straight to work right away in her own studio beginning work on her 1st album. This new added artist has been received well by fans and the media and almost everyone agrees it was a good choice that NiNi made, only people who don't agree is either people who don't know of her, or her sisters, who said that she is a great singer but they feel that the pressure of being on a royal label is too much for her to handle right now. Regardless though, NiNi seems to have faith in her and so do we do you? In other news, a new song has released this morning, and at first we thought it was a fake, but after some verification, we found out the song is official. The song was leaked at first for about 3 minutes then quickly found its way off the web late last night, but this morning on NiNi's site and B's site the song was posted titled "No Apologies" and it features NiNi, B and 2pac! (YES PEOPLE I SAID TUPAC) The lyrics from Pac are not lyrics that were ever heard before, and even though we know better, the song is so well put together that it sounds like all 3 of them are actually in the studio with each other. The song actually freaked some hardcore 2pac fans out because he says something like "I'm riding with the queens" and it seems strange that his lyrics would say that and it just so happens that he's on the track with both queens, but people figure it must just be an old verse that no one ever heard of, others feel 2pac is ALIVE and that's the only way he couldve said that, so the conspiracy theories start again. The song hit number 1 in less than 96 seconds after it released and it kicked "Cant See Me" down to number 2. The song is a mix of Rap and R&B, NiNi raps and so does Pac and B sings,  very well I might add on the hook, and she has a small verse towards the end nothing big though. B posted on her site "It was amazing to do a song with that man, I had a super crush on him growing up and I always was so hurt that he passed before I got to work with him, this song is like an answer to my dreams!" NiNi also posted on her site saying "Although I never met him personally, this song proves that we would've did some crazy dope tracks together!" Everyone loves the song, and it has no negative reviews only positives from everyone, even the real tough critics and the song is not only number 1 on the billboards, its also number 1 on the hot 100 and even number 1 across seas so the song is doing better then well and people are already hitting up NiNi to do a remix to it, not sure if that will happen though. All 3 do amazing especially Pac who kills and murders the microphone but so does NiNi and everyone always wanted to know who would win, and guess what no one did because they both have pretty much the same lyrical ability. The song is now available for purchase on itunes for 1.99 and so far it has sold 920 Billion singles at this point but that number is still going higher! Congrats to those guys for a bomb song that many people,  including Snoop Dogg said is the "Anthem of the year!" Click here to check out a preview of the song! Also its a new song out By Pusha T Ft Breezy and Jhene Aiko titled "Move" click here to check it out!

Monday, March 25, 2013

NiNi Back To Action Today Schedules Two Shows Tonight!

NiNi has returned to work today after being out with the flu for almost two weeks. She has stated she is at least 97% better and that she is well enough to return to work. Immediately she scheduled two shows back to back out in Germany being that this is the queens last day of being out there. Although NiNi missed the entire Germany days,  her buddy has been holding it down for her but NiNi wants the Germans to get a double dose of N power tonight. They will be at the "PLAY" stadium in Frankfurter Germany at 8pm and then another show will pop off immediately afterwards at 10pm so you have two chances to see NiNi live in concert for a total of 4 HOURS between both shows! Her first day back and she is already trying to make herself sick again by doing this much work lol, but it just goes to show you that she does make it up to her fans and we are glad she is back welcome back queen!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Honey Cocaine Lands Herself In Jail.....AGAIN

Lately miss cocaine has been involved in all kinds of mess. Word is she is messing with Drake and the two had an argument and its said that Drake hit her, and she picked up a baseball bat and began beating him with it and she stabbed him twice in the shoulder. When cops arrived she was still beating him with the bat and Drake was crying on the ground begging her to stop and they pulled her off and put cuffs on her. We thought this story was false until we did some digging and the story is true although some parts are exaggerated and left out such as the fight between her and drake wasn't from him hitting her, it was because he was trying to get at fellow Young Money artist Shanel and he was all up on her even though she was denying him he still was trying. She walked in and saw him and was about to fight both but drake pulled her away and said he was just talking to her, but she didn't believe it and got all in his face and he pushed her. Then that's when she grabbed the bat and started beating him with it and she stabbed him with a very sharp pencil 7 times but it didn't cause too much damage. Shanel is the one that pulled her off and told her to hurry and leave before Wayne gets back. Despite the fact that Honey was about to fight her, shanel still tried to help her and she gave her her jacket to hide her face so the cameras wont spot her and she thanked her and left the building while drake was laid out on the ground. Shanel called the ambulance for drake and in the hospital, he pressed charges on Honey, and cops arrived at PSR and took her yet again. That's how the real story goes. She was denied bail and she is being charged with assault which carries a max of 8 years and attempted murder which carries a minimum of 12 years, so she is screwed right now, and Drake refuses to drop the charges, and Honey posted from her cell "Drake is a pussy yo!". So we probably wont be hearing anything from Honey anytime soon, and just when she was about to release her first album...smh that sucks but stuff happens I suppose. Stay tuned for more info on this story!

Did KC Leave PSR??

The biggest question in the industry right now is did KC quit PSR. This comes after a respected media outlet called "Global" announced that KC left PSR as quote "She cant take NiNi being mean to her anymore and feels that NiNi is against her, and she lost her friend, and everyone else on PSR dislikes her due to NiNi not liking her, and she feels very uncomfortable now" This has been all over the place since this morning. We aren't sure how it started, but some say KC announced it over Twitter, others say she made a statement, but we haven't seen or heard anything from her to support that. The media outlet goes on to say that "She didn't ask to be paid what is owed to her she just tore up her contract and left and left a note that says "Everyone on this label should be happy now, since this is what y'all want anyway" Of course, we don't know if any of this is true or not, as KC nor PSR has spoken up on anything, but this media outlet is CONVINCED that its true, but until we get some sort of confirmation from somewhere, its just in a rumor status. Ill let you guys know more when I hear more. In other news, Foxy has responded to the MCCLAIN sisters diss song, and she said after being asked how she feels about their song "That's not a song, I don't see that as a song its garbage, I really cant believe people actually like that song, they all sound so stupid, like sweeties y'all trying to be big but I can crush all 3 of y'all at once! what are they like 7 are you serious, they are a joke to me, this is why teen or kid singers shouldn't be allowed to work in this grown up industry because kids don't know whats up, and that song shows their true ages" China and her sisters haven't responded yet. Also check out the new song by Diamond Ft Lola and Sexy Lexxy titled "#1" Click here to check it out!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Breezy Is Innocent

Breezy has in fact NOT called NiNi the B word, according to his interview this morning where he denied it and said he would never say that about his friend even if he was just fooling around with it, that's not something that would come out his mouth ever. We're glad because we honestly would hate to see breezy get kicked off of PSR wouldn't you? In other news, NiNi was scheduled for a appearance at the fashion walk in Houston today which is a place where every celeb who has a clothing line goes and gets their clothes judged and whoever wins receives a trophy for the hottest line of the year. NiNi was really excited to go there, but we don't have word yet, if she will still be attending due to her flu condition, but if she does I will let you guys know. Tickets are free to the event and you get to watch your favorite celeb or celebs compete for the hottest line of the year. It begins at 6pm Houston time, so be there!

New Song Releases By NiNi Amber Wiz And ICE T

Today a new song dropped titled "Dropping Bombs" which was recorded a little over 2 months ago and it features NiNi, Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose and Ice-T (Yes I said Ice) The song is hip-hop combined with a little R&B with a little pop thrown in. The song didn't score too high on the charts coming in at number 21 on the top 100 charts and at number 19 on the billboard charts. Although that's not too bad, that's not the success that NiNi is used to seeing, but regardless the song is receiving mostly positive reviews from music critics, although they say they couldve done without Wiz or Amber, but still its cool. We like the song also, it has a mellow laid back feel to it and we love songs like that! Click here to check it out!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Did Breezy Call NiNi The B Word? + China And Foxy

Not in a bad way though, but sources say that Breezy called NiNi his bitch during an interview this morning... they say he said quote "That's my bitch that's my girl, we tighter than family, so its always gonna be love there" What made it even more believable is that the media released the recorded audio for the world to hear, and sure enough it sounds like Breezy's voice. This wouldn't be the first time that Breezy has said something different other than what he really meant when it comes to NiNi, but the keyword here is "Sounds Like" we all know the media is very talented when it comes to altering people's voice to make them say pretty much whatever they want them to say, so to get to the bottom of this, we tried reaching out to Breezy, but he denied us for an interview which added on to the suspicion. Maybe NiNi doesn't believe it though, because we're sure she would've spoken up, even from home, as she has been speaking up alot lately from home, but then again, maybe she didn't get around to it yet, after all she does have the flu. You can check out the audio of Chris by clicking here...and you be the judge! In other news, a new beef seems to be popping off in the crazy world of PSR and this time its between China and Foxy....(Yes I said China) It Started when China said earlier after being asked who she thinks is the best artist in the game and she replied "I think the best deceased artist is 2pac without a doubt and the best living artist is my mom NiNi, no one in this game is better than her" While most people agree with that, its one person that didn't and that person is Foxy and my oh my is she facing serious heat for what she did. Then China was asked how she feels about Foxy Brown and she replied "I really dont know because I dont know her" China actually meant that exactly how it sounded because she doesn't know her, but Foxy took it as she was being sarcastic as if she isnt important enough to know...and She went on an interview and said "You little bitch I tried giving you the benefit of the doubt due to your age, but you wanna act stupid like the rest ill treat you stupid like the rest, I'm the best and don't you ever fucking forget that!" Then she released a song titled "Ass Kissing Bitches" where she mentions mostly all of the so called ass kissers of PSR which include Katy, Ri Ri, OMG Girlz and Cymphonique but she goes extra hard at China and speaks on her sisters her mom and calls her royal status "FAKER THAN NICKI MINAJ'S ASS" She calls her all kinds of bitches and even calls her a hoe and says her and her sisters get it from their mom. Foxy was hit with all kind of negative comments from fans, the media, some PSR folks and even the president and his wife who said "Carla should really be ashamed of herself for attacking that poor child the way she did, and Mr Obama said "We're all rooting for China, to Foxy Brown, I think you're a loser with way too much time on your hands" So its clear that Foxy is causing everyone to hate her. China was expected to go in a corner and cry about it but her and her sisters teamed up and released a song called "WARNING" its no cuss words in the song but they all go harder than hard at Foxy and the older McClain calls her washed up and desperate for some attention. We actually like the song, even though its a kids beef song it sounds like its made by adults because they all go hard and loud it and China screams "Don't you ever mention my mother in your mouth again you troll!" Which was actually kinda funny because usually people would say bitch instead she kept it pg rated and used troll. Foxy hasn't responded to the song yet. Click here to check it out!

B Thanks NiNi For Defending Her New Song And Takes Shots At KC??

This morning B who literally NEVER uses her Twitter account, posted something on there for the first time in 2 years and the tweet says "The song was more or less for fun, it didn't send any messages in particular, I was acting up in the studio, I want to thank @NINI for understanding the concept behind this and for being one of the only ones who didn't judge me, and for babygirl who felt the need to take it so serious, if it was really so important that you had to rant the way you did, I call that bowing down lmao #BOWDOWNBITCHES!" Not sure if that was actually aimed at KC or not being that other people talked about her too, but regardless many people took it that way and so did KC Who replied to her on Twitter with a simple hash tag that said "#FUCKYOUB!"So is there a beef starting to form between these two? We admit B is alot more street now than when she first started, but a beef is never something we have seen from her, so we doubt it will get that far, but what if it does, will NiNi kill their friendship out of support for her artist? Guess we have to wait and see. In other news, Kelly Clarkson is gearing up to release her 2nd PSR album this week,  March 26th to be exact,  and she says the whole entire album is produced by NiNi and she is in love with every song on there. Kelly fans make sure you cop her album on the 26th it should be interesting! P.S No NiNi is not back to work yet, so in the meantime I will do my best to keep getting you more info on PSR or things associated with PSR or PSR artists! Just Bear With Me!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Keyshia Cole Beefing With NiNi's Tour Buddy?

Seems that KC is back at it again. Seems like she has a problem with the whole DC crew. Back in February after the Superbowl, she accused Michelle Williams of quote "Fucking up the groove" after that she faced much negativity from the media and hyped up DC fans and even her own fans, You would think that that would be enough to make her never say anything again, but yesterday she went back to twitter and posted hate criticism for Beyonce's new song titted "Bow Down" In the song B gets fierce and Sasha definitely comes out as she uses words and phrases that no one has heard from her in her 17 year career span. She has a line that says "Don't get it twisted, this my shit, bow down bitches, bow down bitches, H-Town Bitches, H-Town Bitches"The song repeatedly used the word "Bitches" and many media outlets say that the song is basically telling the weak females to bow down to her which is the exact opposite of how she presents herself as being down for all her women. And KC who has been called "PSR'S Mouthpiece" being that she talks so much, has posted on Twitter "Wow first its stand up and be powerful and stick together for all the women, now its bow down to the bitches SMH- But people get G tho I see that, but its funny how you rep for women and now they are bitches lol, but people get pissed when I speak my mind- whatever #STAYMAD But NiNi has told KC to shut up and that she is tired of her picking on people. Today she posted on her site saying "KC first its Miley, then Cymphonique, then Michelle, now B, who's next ME? Just shut up and get outta people's shit, we all make music like that, but only some of us actually gotta get blamed for it out of millions of women that make even worse songs than that its only 3 or 4 who always gotta hear some shit, me included, so you cant say nothing about them without speaking on me first, and sweetie I wish you would!"It is true that people like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and so many more say way worse than that, then why is B the only one targeted? Maybe because its just no one is used to that, but she is showing the street side of her, but when she wasn't showing that she was still getting heat, now that she is,  she is STILL getting heat. It is true that it seems like only the royal folks seemed to get blamed for everything that they do and that's why NiNi stood up for her friend. Do you guys think she went too far on her new song? We don't!

Monday, March 18, 2013

NiNi's New Album The Highest Sold In History

NiNi's new album "Fierce" dropped on March 6th and the 1st day It reached over 50 trillion copies sold, but that was just the first day. So far it has been two weeks since the album dropped and now the sales have went up way past the Trillion mark, and being that its scientifically no word after Trillion the media is calling her albums sales "Unlimited" which is a title no one ever had before. The album is most popular with women among the ages of 16-29 and males 18-36 and its aimed at a more tough crowd, but even those who aren't big fans of rap, love her album. We would like to say congratulations to NiNi on the success of her album! Speaking of her, she posted this morning on her twitter that her cold has turned into the flu, and that her doctors say she should just rest and not go out, she also mentions she has chills and she feels like crap and she may have to go to the ER. Many fans have been asking her what hospital is she going too so they can come and visit her, but NiNi isn't that stupid to let them actually know, instead she just thanked everyone for the get well wishes and she promised us as soon as she is 100% better she will be back to perform for us. Feel Better queen!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

NiNi Cancels Shows Due To Illness

This morning, NiNi wrote on her website that she has come down with a really bad cold, and she will not be able to perform for the next couple days, but she will be leaving us with her hologram and her tour friend she said "I have a really bad cold, probably because it's always cold in Germany!! I wont be able to come to the next couple of shows, so I'm leaving you guys with my hologram along with B to enjoy during my absence I know y'all would love that, now its bed rest, soup,  meds and tea for me! GROSS!" NiNi didn't say how long she will be absent but fans immediately sent her get well soon messages on her site and wished her a safe recovery, and so do we, get well soon NiNi! In other news, NiNi has in fact separated Breezy and Ri Ri and they will no longer be going on tour together. Also word on the street is that NiNi is being sued yet again by a jewelry company after supposedly failing to return jewelry that was loaned to her for the purpose of the Grammy appearance only. Sources say the jewelry, worth 100 million dollars,  was only loaned to her as she did not pay for the items and she was supposed to return it after the Grammy's were done, but she didn't. We don't know if this story is true or not as not alot of media outlets are reporting on it, but we will let you know!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chris And Ri Have A Twitter Beef!

This morning Twitter saw the bloodiest beef between words in a long time and it was between former lovers Ri Ri and Breezy. Apparently Rihanna kept her word from her last tweet and actually got the abortion and obviously that didn't go to well with Breezy as he posted "Yo I Just wanna say that I think @RIHANNA is the most evil BITCH I've ever seen in my life, you had no fucking right to do what you did without talking to me about it first you stupid whore!" Ri Ri replied10 minutes later saying "Fuck you Breezy! You couldn't even handle your responsibilities with me you expect me to put two innocent lives in your childish hands, you are a BOY! grow the fuck up! man up! and maybe you'll do better! women need a man not a Lil bitch, which is what you are!" Breezy replied "Your dumb ass ain't say all that when you was saying I'm the best you ever had when it comes to the bedroom were you, go head and act all tough mama cause we both know you ain't SHIT without me" Rihanna replied "LMAO Oh god you really trying to make yourself seem big aren't you, please Breezy don't make me tell all these people how you really look in the bedroom if you know what I mean!, you know I speak my mind don't make your dirt be front page news, and I never said that bitch!  you wish I did but I never will cuz its not true you punk!" The argument between the two lasted over an hour and ended when they both said they hate each other. Fans have been following this Twitter beef all morning and over 10 million people commented on their argument with Half on Ri Ri's side and the other half on Breezy's side. Seems as if these two love birds have just turned enemies, but the biggest problem is that they both work at the same label and they both are paired up for a world tour in a couple of weeks, so the big question is how the hell is that going to happen. Obviously NiNi has to decide of she will separate them like she did with Karmin, but we have to wait and see! How do you guys feel about all of this?

Friday, March 15, 2013

2 Collab Songs Released Today!

As promised, the new collab between NiNi and Keke Palmer has officially dropped this evening titled "Bosses" which will be on Keke's upcoming 2nd PSR album. The song has some serious rhyming skills from both women, although we feel they both couldve done just a LITTLE better (No offense guys, I said little as in tiny) But regardless the song is climbing the charts and is at number 3 already and counting. Click here to check the song out! The second collab that released today is one that no one was expecting and its a remix to Lil Wayne's song "Love Me" which apparently was recorded last month a few weeks after the original released and its just being released today. The remix version features NiNi, Wayne, 2Chainz and Kendrick Lamar which makes this the first time that NiNi has worked with fellow California Artist Kendrick. The song keeps the original beat but has some female moans added in which sounds good, but might not be accepted in every household especially those with young children. Regardless though we are in love with the song and you can click here to check it out. 2 Great songs in one day that's pretty cool! P.S check out the new song by Nipsey Ft KC And Jordan Sparks titled "Airplanes" click here

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New NiNi Collab +KIMYE May Be Over

Although everyone is waiting on the NiNi/Keke collab that Miss Palmer tweeted about a few days ago, which is coming tomorrow, NiNi went and gave us something else to enjoy until that drops and its a song called "LACE UP" Which features MGK Britney Spears and Lyfe Jennings. The song is a smooth Rap/Pop mellow style beat with a laid back feel to it. We like the song alot and feel it definitely has the potential to get heavy rotation on radio stations worldwide and at least hit number two on the charts. Britney does amazing on her verse, Lyfe does wonders on the hook and MGK and NiNi seems as if they are having a competition against each other seeing who can rap faster (Our opinion NiNi wins) All in all though, the song is well put together, but that's to be expected when its produced by Kanye. Click here to check the song out! In other news, Speaking of Ye, seems as if him and Kim may be heading for seperation. Ye is out in Vegas in his studio working on his album, meanwhile last week Kim was out in NY and she had a miscarriage scare and was rushed to the hospital. She wanted him by her side but he chose his music and his boys over her even though it was a good chance his woman may have lost his baby, but he didn't even bother to go see her or call to check on her. As usual Kim who loves Twitter aired out her frustrations on there tweeting "OMMFG this no good dead beat ass man left me by myself in the hospital and didn't care what I was going through!!! why do I do so horrible when it comes to picking men, this is his child and he didn't care that I mightve lost it, I hate you Kanye its over!!!" That tweet shocked America, but Ye did not respond to it, but his reason for not showing up was a terrible one as he said "Yo I figured her fam would be there she has a big ass family she didn't need me there, I'm trying to work, I thought they would be there how did I know they wouldn't be there" Kim hasn't spoke on him since last week, and they haven't been speaking to each other at all, and everywhere she was spotted she was alone. So is KIMYE done, seems like it, but we are waiting on more info first before we can be sure, stay tuned for more details as they come up!

NiNi Has A Obsessed Stalker Fan!

It happens all the time, that fan that just cant get enough of their favorite artist. Over the years fans have been obsessed with celebrities and its still alive and well even today, just last week Rihanna's stalker fan broke in her house just to lay on her bed. Now the new victim is none other than NiNi. NiNi has a fan that sends her letters ever week asking for her to write back and to hang out and chat and catch a movie and dinner.. She met this fan a year ago in Houston after a show and she gave her an autograph and the way that the fans says it, NiNi said she will write her back if she writes to her. The fan gets angry when NiNi doesn't write back and in the letters she mentions she hurts herself every time she doesn't respond to her. NiNi posted some of these letters on her website because she cant believe that she has someone this obsessed over her. But now its getting even worse, This fan is literally travelling all over the world to see her and every where NiNi looks, she sees this woman just staring at her, and she said "At first it was funny, but now its really creeping me out because she's like a ghost or something, every where I go she's right there just staring at me with a blank expression on her face, I even have dreams about her now its ridiculous" The fan is psycho and she threatened to kill herself if NiNi didn't respond and said that she will lose the biggest fan she ever had. NiNi addressed this situation in her song "Can't Get Enough" where she raps about a person who can't get enough of her, and its slightly directed at her situation and she put herself in MJ's shoes by mentioning his song Billie Jean where she says me and Mike are the same since I got a Billie Jean. The fans last letter reads "You still haven't wrote me back, I think its fucked up you lie to fans, I know you got my last letters, why don't you want to be bothered with me, baby did I do something wrong, You told me if I write you you would write back, I love you Nisha, we should be together, I need you, I live next to a cliff and I'm jumping and it will be your fault if you don't respond to me, all I want is a letter or a call, is that to much to ask of you, I supported you through your whole career, I have your name on me, If I have kids I'm naming them after you, I have all your albums posters and pictures and I wear my hair like yours and I even dress like you, don't do this to me Ill be the biggest fan you'll ever lose love Mya P.S I love you more than anyone!" After that letter NiNi got creeped out as she does believe the fan will commit suicide because she is crazy and NiNi is the type of person that doesn't want anyone dying over her, so she was planning on writing her back since a couple weeks ago, but she got really busy and forgot. Calls were coming in and so were messages on her site, but she has not been at the PSR office since she's overseas and Tina reported to NiNi that the girl called at least 200 times a day and her mailbox is full with her letters. But then all of a sudden the letters and calls stopped. Her last letter and last call was dated on March 9th 2013 and apparently she left an angry voice mail on NiNi's office phone, but sources wont comment on what she said. *UPDATE* NiNi finally had some time and she sent the girl a letter, but today the news reported that a woman by the name of Mya Hutchins was found floating 6 miles down the river in the suburb of Sugar Lake Texas with a voice recorder in her hand and a picture of NiNi with her face scratched out and on the picture it said "All I wanted was a call" Next to her body was that of a 1 year old baby floating next to her and police say the baby is not hers,  she stole the baby and named it after NiNi and she killed the baby and then herself. Word got to NiNi and she posted on her site "Oh man I'm so hurt, in some small way I feel this is my fault, (Tears) I'm fucking busy GOD why couldn't you have just understood that, I would've wrote you back you didn't have to do this, You just wanted this to be on my head didn't you I feel sick to my stomach" No one knew what she was talking about but once this info released people realized she was referring to the dead fan. Her mom reports that NiNi's letter had just arrived too and if the girl would've waited just a couple extra days she would have been fine. NiNi even included an autograph in the letter and some exclusive concert tickets and concert pictures and she knew would've been happy and she apologized for taking so long to respond but she has been really busy, but the girl was too impatient. NiNi has said "She needed help not death, but now that she is gone, I just hope that GOD can give her the help she needs if that's where she is going" she also stated she feels quote "Terrible" more details on this story later.....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NiNi Gets Apologies Issued To Her + Guess Who's Back At It Again

Entrepreneur Donald Trump and New York Priest Miss Tammi Colwell, the two people who called NiNi an evil devil worshipping slut based on how she dances and dresses has issued a personal apology to Nini. Click here to check out their apology statements. In other news, if you guys thought that the guess who is Foxy you're right and for those who thought she was calming down you're wrong. Today she released a song titled Get At Her which is a diss song aimed at Nini. The song has received negative reviews due to the fact that its a diss towards NiNi, But its actually some radio stations that's playing it. NiNi hasn't responded to the song yet, but Foxy as usual says some pretty personal and unnecessary things in the song, some call that going hard we call it childish. Click here to check the song out. And stay tuned for my full details on NiNi's show a little later Peace~

NiNi Denies Adele Comment

NiNi has denied calling Adele suckish and she also denied acting like a zombie coming into work yesterday "I wasn't really myself yesterday, but I certainly was not acting how the media claimed I was acting and I surely didn't call anyone suckish, Adele is actually cool peoples with me and I would love the opportunity to work with her one day, because I for one think her music is brilliant" says NiNi. Adele also commented on the situation saying "When I first heard that she said that, I was like no way, that's why I didn't bother to comment on it, because I know her, and we aren't close but we have a connection musically and I just knew it wasn't true so I brushed it off like I do everything else when it comes to the media" NiNi also said she is much better today and she will be having an autograph signing all morning up until the time her show starts this afternoon at 1pm. She will be having her autograph signing from 7am to 12pm at the Center Hall in Germany and she is accepting all who can fit within that time frame. She will be signing mixtapes, posters, Magazines, Body parts, albums whatever you have of her, so if you would like to get NiNi 's autograph I would recommend to get there extra early because it will get packed FAST. Ill give you guys details on the show later!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

KeKe Palmer Announces New Collab Song

Keke has announced a new collab song with the boss over Twitter this morning, she posted "Killa collab track coming with @NINI its super dope!, I'm sure you guys will love it #MARCH15TH" We figure the MARCH15TH tag she included means it will be dropping on March the 15th,  which is this Friday. Maybe another number 1 track? Maybe,  who knows but we will see!

NiNi Calls Adele Suckish? And KC Added To NiNi's Circle

Sources say that NiNi who still really isnt in her right mind (She came to work looking like death, (no offense sweetie) and ignored everyone who talked to her and popped gum in peoples face while they were talking to her (Ok now thats funny) was asked if she would ever work with Adele and she looked at the camera like "why are you talking to me" but afterwards sources say she said "Adele who? who is that, oh I remember,  the fat girl, no I dont work with suckish people" and she walked away after popping a bubble in the camera's face. Normally we wouldnt believe that NiNi would say something so mean like that, but being that she seems that she isnt caring about much today its possibly believable. Sources even say that her tour buddy greeted her with a smile and offered her a red bull and said "Hi NiNi" and NiNi said "what does Hi mean who cares" and kept walking. Of course we arent sure about if any of this went down, only thing we can be sure of is that NiNi isnt in her right mind today and we know why and we dont blame her, all we can say is we hope she gets better soon, we like it when she's normal and to see her like this tears our hearts apart! Get well soon NiNi! In other news, KC has finally made it to NiNi's circle. Her last album has sold 200 million copies as of today and her tour sales are going through the roof so she became qualified to join the circle. Every time someone joins the circle they  have to attend a "Royal meeting" and get sworn in, but we have the feeling that NiNi will not be in the mood for that today, so it seems KC may have to wait to be an official memeber of the royal team, but at least she's qualified right? Check me out for more info later! P.S the queens have cancelled their show tonight as both say they been under so much stress and they want each other to rest how sweet, but hold on to your tickets as they will make it up!


According to both Ri Ri and Breezy's tweets last night the troubled couple are DONE once again. Throughout the last week, Ri Ri was posting strange things on her twitter hinting at a possible break up such as this "I don't know what I was thinking, he got older and as you get older you're supposed to get wiser, but he got stupider DUMB ASS! and I'm not digging him the way I used too,  I cant do it anymore #thatsucks" But today she posted the ultimate sign that they are definitely over with saying "I tried to love him, I tried to get things back to how they were when we were 16 and 17 but people change and so do relationships, I'M DONE SO SO SO DONE! Guess its time to get that abortion sorry but #ICANTHAVETHOSEBABIES!"Ri Ri is pregnant with his twin babies so yes that does suck!  Breezy also confirmed it on his twitter saying "Yes its over once again, I used to stress over getting that back now that I had it back I don't want it, I would like to remain friends though but that's all" But now talk is that he is working another girl right in her face and its another PSR artist and some sources say its Katy Perry and some say its Rita Ora. Being that Katy expressed extreme dislike for Ri Ri and Breezy dating we find that one hard to believe, but as far as Rita goes MAYBE, The two were spotted in numerous pics together and they seemed hugged up, but of course many celebs hug up in pics even when they're not dating which is why they get in hot water all the time, so just because they're in pics doesn't mean anything, .....obviously we would have to wait until someone confirms or denies it, and until then it will remain in "Rumor Status" how do you guys feel about the break up between "Breanna" and do you think Rita is the new Ri Ri?

Monday, March 11, 2013

13 Big Celebs And Political Figures Hacked!

Thirteen big names in entertainment and politics — including NiNi, Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder — have had financial details or sensitive material hacked and published on a website.
The LAPD — whose top cop, Charlie Beck, was among the dozen — is trying to track down the hacker behind the website,. LAPD sources told the Daily News .Also victimized were Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, Mel  Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Vice President Biden and FBI Director Robert Mueller  .The site’s main page, entitled “The Secret Files,” has a picture of a creepy teenage girl in zombie-like makeup shushing the viewer. Music from Showtime’s “Dexter” plays in the background, as visitors are invited to click on a celebrity’s name and receive info including addresses, their social security number, mortgage accounts, and credit cards and bank accounts. Embarrassing pictures are displayed.
“If you believe that God makes miracles, you have to wonder if Satan has a few up his sleeve,” the website reads. The site, was still online Monday night and had more than 15,000 visitors, according to its own counter. The FBI is aware of the hacker’s handiwork and the website that published the sensitive material, a spokesman told The News. The agency would not confirm or deny that it’s investigating the hacking, which was first reported Monday by
The hacker was not able to seize a great deal of info on Biden and Clinton, the former Secretary of State and speculated contender for the Democratic nomination for President in 2016. We are now being told that this information is in fact real personal information from these celebrities and you can even click on a page to check their credit score and all open credit, like mortgages car payments and insurance notes on their credit report even shows current and previous addresses and mortgage payment info, and the FBI is in fact investigating into this and trying to take down the site which has now been seen by over 26,000 viewers. Hulk Hogan the wrestler has been added to the hack and his information is now available to view. Out of respect for NiNi and all these other celebrities, I will NOT be posting the site name! PLEASE DONT ASK! its not fair to see these people getting RAPED electronically and I hope you guys don't go looking all over the net for the site, bad enough everyone else did and all these people's socials, bank account info, mortgage info and etc is all over the web and many people are committing identity theft already, like for example someone has used up 212 thousand dollars on NiNi's American Express credit card after looking on her credit report and getting the number, and Jay-Z has had his social stolen as well as millions from a personal bank card that he uses, DON'T ADD ON TO THE RAPE THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING ALREADY! This is the biggest hack in the history of industry hacks EVER and being that all this information is correct, that's make it even worse. No celeb that has been hacked has been available for comment, we figure they are out trying to protect themselves from identity theft, but we're sad to say that after 10 hours of all these people's extremely private info being on this site, we think its too late for that. If we get any more info on this we will let you know, the hacker is very skilled in covering his or her tracks and he or she has not even been identified yet as he or she uses fake ip addresses and untraceable methods so obviously this person is a pro smh how sad.....We pray these celebs can bounce back from this horrible hacking on their entire life history.....

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lady Gaga Interupts NiNi's Show

Just a quick update guys, my buddy reports to me that midway through NiNi;s show, Gaga decided to pull a "T-Pain" (Which means come on stage uninvited, and it is named that after T-pain stepped on stage uninvited at one of JAY-Z's Shows) She began singing with the queens and they both stopped and everyone cheered thinking it was an official collab. NiNi screamed "Get off the stage!!" at which time the audience got silent as they saw it wasn't supposed to happen. Gaga looked embarrassed and she said "Guys don't you think that all 3 of us will do well together? Everyone screamed and cheered in agreement, but NiNi yanked Gaga by her shirt and even though she put the mic down it was still close by her mouth and she said "I swear to God, I will toss you the hell outta here if you don't get off this fucking stage!" Gaga pulled away from her as the crowd went silent again waiting possibly for a fight and Gaga said "Some best friend!" and stormed off and threw the mic on the ground and NiNi screamed after her "I'm not your damn best friend thats old news sweetie!!!!!" The crowd immediately booed at NiNi for being so mean to Gaga after she was trying to be nice to her and many fans feel NiNi is being unfair to Gaga and holding a grudge when Gaga isn't doing anything wrong, but NiNi has her own reasons and we know what those reasons are.....Anyway once the crowd booed at her, NiNi said "OK y'all wanna boo at me, y'all can have Gaga ass since y'all love her so much, cuz you sure as hell don't have me! She dropped her mic and walked backstage along with the other one and the audience booed once again. NiNi wasn't playing though, many fans expected her to calm down and come back so no one left their seats, but after 20 minutes the concert guy came and said "That's it shows over, they left cant find them at all" The crowd was shocked that they would leave midway through a show like that and they were PISSED! Outside,  camera's asked some fans how they felt and one fan said "She's getting worse with that attitude of hers its ridiculous to leave after making us pay so much money just because people thought it was cool to see Gaga up there some people paid thousands for these tickets and for what, just for her to leave and we wont ever get our money back, its hers she got our money for nothing and that's not right! Another fan said "She took it out on everyone and not everyone was booing or even liking the fact that Gaga was up there it was actually some of us booing at Gaga, she shouldn't make all her fans suffer due to a few of them and that goes to the other one too" So as you can see fans are beyond pissed especially the ones who spent 10-20,000 dollars on VIP front row tickets but we're sure NiNi doesn't care, but she hasn't spoke up on it, but ticket promoters have said the fans will receive their money back so at least that's some good news for the fans I suppose.......NiNi hasn't spoke up on this yet....... not sure if she will.....That's it for tonight, catch you guys tomorrow!

NiNi Speaks On Airport Incident

This evening, NiNi took a little time out from rehearsals to make a statement and she said "What happened earlier that wasn't me, I never would bring anything like that on me when I travel and especially not when I'm about to board a plane, I'm really not that stupid and I really wish that the media and some of you fans would stop thinking I am. Bottom line, I was set up,, I wont say by who, but they know who I'm talking about, and its not going to break me anymore, yes I'm sick of being targeted but I wont back down either, but it wasn't my stuff period I don't even use pills, never did, that's really not me, and I just wanted to make this clear to everyone especially those who actually believe I could have been that stupid and willingly set myself up to get caught, you think about that and tell me how that sounds and get back to me about it later, like really" Regardless though, set up or not, the drugs were in her bag which was in HER possession, the airport said "She's accusing someone else, but you know what, that someone else isn't here, we didn't find the illegal drugs in someone Else's possession we found it in hers, so if that "Someone else" steps up and takes the blame then we can take the appropriate action, but until then the crime was committed by the person who had possession and in this case its Mrs Nichols" ......NiNi said "Fuck You" to the airport but she declined to comment any further on the incident, and instead she is just getting ready for her show! We aren't sure what charges NiNi will be facing for this if any, but when we find out we will let you know! If you guys wanna check out NiNi's show tonight and cant make it or don't wanna wait for me to post on it tomorrow, pay-per-view has it live on demand under music picks for $99.00, so you can enjoy the full NiNi experience from home, whats cooler than that??!

NiNi Gets Busted With Weed And Pills!!!!!!!!

NiNi was on her way to her new destination which is Germany and she was at an airport in Paris waiting on her plane with her bodyguards and she was going through the metal detectors and she went through with no incident. Her bag however was a different story. As she put the bag on the belt for it to get scanned through the xray machine, 2 items showed up on the screen, and they asked her what was in the bag and she told them its nothing but her tour schedules and planners in there, then they asked her if they have her permission to check the bag, and she gave them the permission to do so. After the airport officers searched her bag, they found 7 grams (equivalent to 100 dime bags) of weed and 3 bottles of pills which were later confirmed to be Lidone which is a sleeping pill but is used as a street drug for its "high" effects that it gives you. NiNi flipped when she learned of what was in her bag and she denied that it was her property, but Police came with dogs and sniffed out every thing she had including her and after finding nothing else, they handcuffed her while she caused the biggest scene anyone has ever caused, kicking and screaming and resisting arrest, she even kicked the dog and broke the dogs ribs (I SMELL PETA COMING) anyways, it took 18 officers to restrain her and they locked her up in the airport offenders room, meanwhile she had no phone calls and she was still denying that the items in her bag was hers. Meanwhile the news of her arrest hit the the industry and all media people rushed to the scene to get pictures and info. When word got to her Bumble Bee she came over and convinced them to let her out on bail which she posted a $145,000 dollar bail amount for her and she had her security shield her and safely get her on the plane. This is worldwide news, but surprisingly the media is not bashing NiNi at all they just want more info, but the queen hasn't been speaking so obviously they wont get it. At this point, NiNi is in Germany preparing for her show tonight and we imagine she is just trying to put this past her. If I get more info on this story I will let you guys know. As far as the show goes, it begins tonight at 8pm, tickets are definetley sold out, in fact tickets sold out less than 30 seconds after they went on sale. My buddy will be there tonight so I'll give you all the details tomorrow!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Ashanti Gets Let Off On Probation + Kid Sister Album

The judge decided to go easy on Ashanti due to the fact that it wasn't her fault, and instead of her serving between 8-12 years on a statutory rape charge like she was supposed to, he gave her a suspended sentence of only 6 months probation. Ashanti has been through hell with the media and fans who have young kids since this incident, but finally now people are starting to understand that it was actually  the young mans fault and not hers and even his mom dropped the charges against her, so she's slowly trying to get back to her life and continue her working and music at PSR.  Although she refused to speak on anything that has been going on, she did comment and say "I'll tell you one thing, I'm never dating anyone ever again" whether she was serious about that or not we don't blame her for saying it, never who who's who these days, but now that she is back, NINI is trying to cheer her up and she allowed her to come perform with her this weekend since shes been asking to perform with her and she never got the chance, that sure as hell cheered her up lol. She lost no fans and her stats are still the same, lets just say she's very lucky that she's an innocent victim in this or else the game would've destroyed her, so we're kind of happy that the little punk is to blame and not her because truthfully we love us some Ashanti lol. In other news, speaking of probation, NiNi was taken off of probation for "Good behavior" can't speak on the other queen, but NiNi is off which is good due to the fact that she will be overseas for the next 5 months or so, and she doesn't need probo killing that! Also KID SISTER has released her 1st PSR album titled "Platinum Princess" so far the album has sold out 22 million copies which is very good, not NiNi good but still Platinum good, click here to get a copy! Other albums coming is Carmen Amere, Christina Aguilera, Big Sean, Ye, Alexis Jordan, Monica Spears, Monica, Rita Ora, Cassidy, Miranda and Nicki, be on the lookout for these albums soon!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Katy Perry And Cassidy Collab + NiNi Gets Gushy In Oprah Interview

This afternoon, a collab song released by Katy Perry and Cassidy titled "Dope" and that's exactly what it is! The song hit the web around 12 this afternoon, and has been in rotation non-stop. The song is produced by NiNi and its mix between Hip-Hop and Pop sounds really good to us, and so far has hit number 3 on the charts, Right below NiNi, Click here to check it out! In other news, In an interview with Oprah today, NiNi spoke up on one special person besides her husband in her life that she does what she does for, she said "I love my husband I love my kids, but I have a best friend and she is like my sister, I love her so much, She's the reason I do what I Do, Its really important for me to make her proud of me, and when she is,  that is the best feeling I can ever have, I would literally die for her and walk around the earth 10 times for her, I do all I can just for her and if there was ever the kind of person that everyone is looking for as far as a really special friend with that goodness that we all need to have,  its definitely her" No one knew who she was referring to since she didn't mention any names, but we think its really sweet and we think they are lucky to have each other. Also NiNi has a show tonight in downtown Paris at 9pm, tickets are sold out so hopefully you got yours already, but if you didn't don't worry, my buddy will be heading there tonight and I will give you all the details tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Madonna Says She Will Be Performing With NiNi!

Madonna has spoken out and said "I always adored NiNi, She's one of the true artists who reminds me all the time of why I do this and why I'm still here, I have nothing but love and respect for her and I cant wait to perform with her next week" That was a shock to everyone as there was no prior info mentioning that, but it has been confirmed that Madonna will join the queens on their show next Thursday, at which time they will be in Germany and she will be with them for Thursday and Friday only. Lots of fans are pumped up and excited, we are too honestly. Too bad we cant make it overseas for any of their shows, but my buddy will be going to a few shows this week and next week, and I will give you guys details! In other news, Miranda Cosgrove admits today in an interview that NiNi was very skeptical about adding her to the PSR roster at first. "When we first met, I believe it was the 2010 BET awards. I saw her backstage and asked for an autograph and she told me she liked my show Icarly, afterwards I gave her my number and politely asked her to check out a few of my new songs as I told her I was interested in joining PSR. but she told me my music is not what she was looking for at the time, but a few weeks later she gave me a call and said Hey Miranda, I need to fill up my label right now, so I'm gonna take you up on your offer and see what you can do, but its just a trial signing, nothing permanent, I was psyched! and I tried to make a good impression, but my first songs weren't what she was looking for and I was scared to death that she was going to drop me, but she made me switch my style a little bit, I wasn't even royal at the time so I knew nothing about how to be really professional, but she helped me and got me rolling, but I still wasn't doing too well, and the day she told me to take the rest of the day off I remember thinking, I'm going home and never coming back, but the next day she called and told me to come sign the official contract and my heart stopped and since then she says she's proud to have me, and I'm proud to be her artist" Says Miranda. She isn't the only one though, apparently she was skeptical about all of the nickelodeon stars because their music wasn't mainstream material and it was aimed only towards kids just like their shows, but she took a chance on all of them and look where they are now, so obviously NiNi just has that talent to transform people and many of the PSR artists agree that she definitely transformed them! So do we do you?

NiNi Gets Dropped From Her Women Empowerment Deal

Just a quick update. NiNi has been dropped from the Women's empowerment campaign. The campaign represent women's rights and whatnot, but after all that's been going on with NiNi with her fights, her accidental murder charge and being on probation and getting into stuff with foxy and the cops, the campaign no longer feels she is the right image to headline the campaign due to her quote "Setting a bad example to young women" so they decided they had to let her go. They had a contract with her which means they still had to pay her for the work she has already done, but they severed any more business with her, but the spokesperson reported it was a friendly departure no hard feelings from anyone, and NiNi actually understands and that's whats cool about her, and they say they would love to work with her again sometime in the future on maybe another campaign. So obviously no hard feelings, but fans feel that was wrong being that 95% of things that NinI gets into is not her fault and they should not have held that against her, and they are complaining towards the campaign. How do you guys feel about it?

NiNi Announces New World Tour + Fires Her Makeup Team

After the extreme success of her new album, NiNi has now bought more good news to the table! She announced today her new world tour called "The One Woman Show" world tour which begins after this one with her tour buddy ends which is April 15th, and she will be embarking on a 24 country tour by herself with only her backup dancers and her stage band, which is why its called "The One Woman Show" She posted the dates and arenas on her site, and she's starting overseas at first and she is not set to hit the U.S until sometime in August, and she has promised us fresh new material for the new shows. She also began with promo posing in pictures holding a sign that says "April 1=5 One Woman Show" In a wig and red lipstick and she is actively promoting her new show. Click here to check out her new tour dates starting in April.  In other news, why did NiNi fire her makeup team? That's the question that everyone is wondering being that they always make her look so pretty, but today she fired the group of 10 and neither of them are speaking up on why, but if I find out, I will let you guys know! Tickets for the "One Woman Show" are on sale now, so make sure you get your tickets early to make sure you secure your seat!

The Hottest Album Of 2013 Drops!!!

Well guys, the moment we all been waiting for is here! At exactly 12:01am this morning, NiNi posted this on her site "#FIERCE......IS.........OUT..........NOW!" After that fans who were actually waiting up until midnight rushed out to the stores and online to buy it, and the people overseas who were standing outside in line, stormed inside the stores knocking each other over to get their hands on a copy. The album became worldwide news in a matter of minutes (7 to be exact) and it was all over the news, WHY? because between 12:01am to 4:45am her album went platinum selling over 100 million copies in those 4 hours. But that wasn't it, another 5 hours and she went TRIPLE PLATINUM and her album sold over 200 billion copies worldwide! Add another 2 hours to that and by 12pm her album hit the 7 TRILLION Mark which makes her quadruple certified platinum which no artist has ever accomplished and NiNi herself has never seen even a billion copies, now she is at a trillion, which makes her the 1st artist to EVER reach that mark in the history of the game! The album, like she said is different, but only because of new people who she never worked with before, Ill give you a full rundown of the album below. She has picked up 2 awards for her album so far, the first is "The Lifetime Achievement Award" for most sold albums, and 2nd is from her buddy the president himself with the "Presidential Award" The Album has 13 original tracks here's the details:

TRACK 1- "Clear My Head" Ft Bobby Brown- (Produced By Jay-Z) This track is a mix of R&B and Rap, NiNi has never worked with Bobby before so it was a shock to hear them two together, but the track is dope and he hits high notes that we didn't know he could hit anymore, we give the track a 9.5

TRACK 2- "Get Away" Ft Pink-(Produced By Solange) This track combines POP Rock and Rap and both women are amazing! NiNi never worked with Pink before but now that they did this track we hope they work together more often. Its badass and the beat is produced by Solange and we give it a 10

TRACK 3- "Sweet Loving" Ft Jermaine Dupri and Jermaine Jackson (Produced By The Dream)- This track is a mix between Hip-Hop and Soul and although we feel J.D wasn't a good addition, we definitely feel Jermaine Jackson was and he shows the world he still has the skills to be called a Jackson. Its a smooth love Melody which will be very popular with the ladies! We give this track a 8.9

TRACK 4- "So Low" Ft MiMi (Produced By Beyonce)- This track is really nice and sweet, its full R&B and features Mariah Carey and they both sing wonderfully on the song. Its smooth instrumentals combined with a laid back feel to it and emotions run high in this song, we give this track a 10

TRACK 5- "Cant See Me" Ft Beyonce And Jay-Z (Produced By NiNi) We all know this track and we all love it so need for any explanation here, but we love the song and we definitely give that song a 10

TRACK 6- "I Get It" (Produced By Cymphonique) This track is dope! Its full rap and she raps super fast on it with a dope southern style beat with guns added to it which makes it sound better. We give this track a 10+

TRACK 7- "Don't Do This To Me" Ft Shanell (Produced By Lil Wayne) PSR and Young money team up once again and drop this track which is smooth R&B and some Hip-Hop elements added. We feel Shanell over did her high notes, but all in all both women did amazing and we give this track a 9

TRACK 8- "Empire" Ft Rick Ross, Meek Mill and Gucci Mane (Produced By Meek Mill) This track is super badass! NiNi has worked with the MAYBACH empire before, but after this song we hope she continues to work with them, Its a southern California beat and they all rap amazing and NiNi raps seriously fast, so does Gucci and Meek! We give this track a 10

TRACK 9- "I'm So Sick Of Being Sick" Ft TI and Teairra Mari. (Produced By TI) This track is really cool, it combines southern beats to a smooth east coast R&B beat and it came out nice, Tip sing raps and so does NiNi and Miss Mari sings and they all do an amazing job! We give this track a 9.8

TRACK 10- "Fierce" Ft Rihanna (Produced By Ri Ri) This has to be the hottest on the album! It features Ri Ri On the hook, but NiNi has the verses to herself, and all 3 of her verses are totally MIND BLOWING! It combines east coast rap with down south crunk and it sounds really good and Ri Ri does really well with the hook as well, we give this track a 10

TRACK 11- "Party Like A Rock Star" Ft OMG Girlz And Avril Lavinge (Produced By NiNi/Solo/OMG Girlz) This is a nice rock type song and it reminds you of Lil Wayne's "Knockout" song. All women rock out on the song and it sounds really good and its very different for NiNi, but she killed it and so did the others, we give this track a 9.7

TRACK 12- "Beat It Up" Ft Rasheeda, Lola Monroe and Mona L (Produced By NiNi) This song is super super nasty! A freak would get really excited off of this song. Its all rap and all women go extra hard on it and say some pretty nasty things that I wont mention here due to my young readers, but they kill it and we love the beat, we give this track a 10+

TRACK 13- Presidentially Satisfied (Produced By Sevyn Streeter) This is the last song on the album and the 2nd best, it reminds you of Jeezy's "My President Is Black" song but she talks more about her presidential accomplishments than she does the president. Its a combination of horns and pianos along with trumpets and drums wrapped up in a smooth west coast style beat. Features Lyfe Jennings and Sevyn Streeter on the hook. We give this track a 9.9

*BONUS TRACK- "GIRLS RUN THE WORLD" (Produced By NiNi) This song came out a couple months ago and features NiNi, Janet Jackson, Shanell, MYA and Cyndi Lauper really badass, we give the song a 9.8

*2nd Bonus Track- "You're The One" Ft D.C (Produced By D.C) This is the Destiny's child collab that dropped a few weeks ago, this a shared song which means NiNi and B will both have the song on their albums, regardless of Michelle we give this song a 7.6

That's the full track list and its a really great album, we feel its her best album in the 6 years she's been doing this and everyone else agrees.. Overall we give the album 10 stars! *UPDATE NiNi has now reached 678 Trillion copies of her album and COUNTING this is the highest she has ever been and everyone in the game is showing her mad love including us and she is all over the news in a good way. Congrats on this amazing album QUEEN N!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ashanti Acused Of Statutory Rape! + Ri Ri Adds River Line To PSR

What a shocking story. PSR artist Ashanti has been accused of statutory rape with a 15 year old fan. It started when a young boy named Derek Watts from Long Beach CA started posting things on twitter last night. "Yo last night I hit up Ashanti's show in the LB and after the show I beat it up in the closet, dead ass no lie, that's on my dead grandmother and on my moms yo she really got that bomb!" Posted Derek at 954pm. His mom saw the post and immediately started speaking up saying that Ashanti should be ashamed of herself. Now of course being that Derek is a normal kid and Ashanti is a mega superstar NO ONE believed it, so people felt he was just making it up to seem cool, but today NiNi confirmed that the Concert promoters took his post seriously and checked the security camera's and it shows Ashanti and the boy having sex for 5 minutes in the utility closet. Ashanti did not deny that it happened, but she did deny that she knew he was 15. She says she did not know he was so young. The media immediately lashed out against Ashanti calling her a slut for having sex with a fan she just met, but Ashanti insists that it wasn't a one night stand, she said she has known him for 9 months and met him the last time she was in Long Beach and she claims they were dating, and she said he even has an Id that says he is 30 years old and they even hit up a 21 and older club while she was out there and the guards let him in  after they checked his ID so she had no idea that he was young and she says she feels "Violated and horrible" Still, police wasted no time in arresting Ashanti as his mom pressed charges and they stormed in the PSR building and took her away in handcuffs and she was crying  begging and pleading saying she really didn't know he was young and she didn't just meet him. Ashanti insists that she even met someone who he claimed was his mom and that person told her he was 30 years old and she met many of his friends who all said he was that age, but his real mom insists she never met Ashanti. Obviously Ashanti has been played, but regardless having sex with a minor is still a crime, which means she has to get punished whether she knew or not, its not fair but its the law, the man Derek actually does look very very old for his age and he looks at least 30 so Ashanti really wouldnt have had no way of knowing. Stay tuned for more info on this story! In other news Ri Ri has added her new clothing line called "River Line" to the Platinum Wear line and its some pretty dope Caribbean items from the islands in there. Click here to check out all the new designs!

NiNi Has Her Eye On Neverland!

NiNi is looking to bid on MJ's famous Neverland Ranch. She bid on the humongous and highly controversial ranch for 16 million dollars, 3 million under the asking price, and she has said she thinks its a good place for her to turn it into a resort of some sort and a place where her Platinum Wear outfits can be created as well as a place to escape to when she is under stress since the ranch is completely private with nothing else around, which is how MJ liked his privacy and NiNi says quote "I'm just like him" Not everyone agrees though that her investing in the famous ranch is a good decision as some people say that's where he had all his kiddie victims, and they feel the place is a sin just to still be standing and it should be burned to the ground, but NiNi doesn't feel that way, in fact she said the ranch is perfect for kids, and out of respect for MJ she would actually like to keep the carnival rides in the back so maybe her own kids can enjoy it one day, and maybe she can even have one of her famous legendary parties there one day as his ranch is big enough to fit at least 25,000 people. The ranch also has a zoo where MJ kept his tigers and lions and other exotic creatures, but NiNi says she has no use for the zoo but out of respect for him, she is not willing to make too many changes because she knows that he loved that place more than life itself when he was alive and he probably still does in death. The Jackson family, who at first wanted the ranch tore down, then they wanted the rights to it themselves, agreed to let NiNi buy the ranch and turn it into whatever she wants. Many celebs have wanted to purchase the ranch but the Jackson's always denied it, but NiNi is the only one who they agreed to let buy it since they still have the rights to it. Foxy was one who was denied, so of course that sparked her to run her mouth saying "That's favoritism, outta all the weird and other bizarre stuff in this game, you have favoritism for a certain person, and that person is her (NiNi) people are so scared of her and many people may like her or whatever so they do whatever she wants, Honestly the Jackson's should be lucky any one even wants to deal with them, because if it wasn't for Michael no one would give 2 shits about them and that's real" The Jackson's didn't take to kind to her statement and Janet responded saying "She couldve bought it if she wanted, she wanted to pay a couple hundred for the ranch and when we informed her it was worth much more than that she didn't agree, but she says we wouldn't let her, NiNi is the only one who is willing to pay what my brother would have wanted for it, this was his life and NiNi seems to be the only one who understands that" Mama Jackson also said "She's a brat" so lots of tension, but for now it seems the ranch belongs to NiNi, So congrats on her 16 million dollar purchase, and if she has a party there like she says we cant wait to go as no one has ever been in the famous Neverland ranch! That would be super dope! In other news, NiNi's new album has attracted millions and people all over the world are waiting for midnight tonight to buy the album. Reports overseas like Germany, Puerto Rico and Japan say that people are lined up outside to buy her album, so it seems NiNi has a very good chance of going platinum with this new album of hers! Stay tuned for more info on her album!

Monday, March 4, 2013

NiNi Preparing For Her Album Release

Today NiNi has been busy. Her new album "Fierce" is set to drop on March 6th and today she went on Oprah to talk about it and she has confirmed that she is in fact finally done with it. She also introduced the cover for the first time on the show which indeed looks "Fierce" She stated the album will be fierce indeed but she did keep her promise that it will be something different than what her fans are used too, but she still keeps what we are used too as well. She stated the album will be on sale worldwide from the U.S to China and also on Itunes, as well as her site and the PSR site and even the PW site, so make sure you guys be ready for this FIERCE album coming Wednesday! An album release party has been suggested but not confirmed! Click here to check out the Oprah interview.....

NiNi's Party!

Sorry about the delay guys, but I was a little......sleep.....if you know what I mean....Anyways Saturday NiNi threw one of her LEGENDARY parties at Club Stomp in Atlanta Georgia. The list was Intense and included Celebrities, Athletes and Reality Stars. The party started at 6pm and ended somewhere around 4am the next morning. Drinking was popping off and she added something different this time to her party, which she turned it into a tattoo party. Over 80 people received tattoos consisting of males and females, myself and my wife included. The party was badass but as I said before, being that I technically work for the queen, I have to listen to what she says, and based on her orders, I am not allowed to give out any more details nor am I able to post pictures, But I will say that this party was the best one that she has ever thrown, and many of the invites are still feeling the burn if you know what I mean, which is why the industry is damn near deserted right now. Congrats to NiNi on such a dope party as usual, and as usual thanks for the invite! In other news, the queen, or should I say queens, have returned to work today, and they are ready to continue where they left off and they have announced that they will be having their long awaited first show in Paris tonight at 8pm. Tickets are on sale NOW so be sure to get yours (WWW.TICKETMASTER.COM/NINI). As mentioned, the industry is pretty dead right now, so info is small if any, but I will do my best to get you guys more info throughout the day....Peace!~

Saturday, March 2, 2013

NiNi's Party Poppin Off Today!

Despite everything she has been through in the last 24 hours, the queen is still gearing up for her party later on today. Myself is invited which means out of respect for the queen,  I am not allowed to give out too many details or pictures, but I can give pictures of the club itself just not the inside or the occupants, and I am allowed to post a very limited amount of details that's it. The party is set to start tonight at 6pm and everyone who is invited ( I don't know who any of them are) are getting ready and preparing as well. Check me out later or tomorrow for the little bit of info I can give you guys on the first party from NiNi for 2013! Peace~!

Friday, March 1, 2013

NiNi Set To Appear In Elle Magazine

NiNi's publicist has posted a statement today on Twitter saying "@NINI is fine... thanks to everyone for your support and concerns, she is trying to put this past her. But on a more POSITIVE note, NiNi will be gracing the cover of #ELLEMAG this month, and she will have a full 2 page article on pages 28-29 detailing her life as a celeb and what she goes through in music as well as personal. Make sure you get a copy of the most powerful magazine and article of 2013 so far! #MARCH5TH is the day!!" NiNi seems to be doing a lot lately based on her album coming on the 6th of this month, and it seems all that she has been doing lately (documentary, grammy's, magazine cover etc) is helping her very well with her new album.  Speaking of her documentary, HBO has reported that NiNi's home movie has attracted more than 76 billion viewers, more than any TV show or movie on TV today and it will be being made into a DVD coming by the end of this year, so congrats to NiNi on that! Don't forget to check out her sexiness on the cover of this month's issue of Elle Magazine as well as her full 2 page article interview. Also Elle Varner has finally released a song since the two months that she has been with PSR and so far its blowing up! Its called "Say my name" Ft NiNi and SEVYN STREETER Check it out here

NiNi Gets Shot At!

This morning was crazy! NiNi returned to work today in Paris, where she began rehearsals for her show which starts tonight at the Everlast Stadium. During rehearsals they decided to take a break and after signing a few autographs for fans lined up buying tickets in front of the stadium, they decided to do lunch. They were on their way to their limo with their managers Johnny and Krissy when a car pulled up and opened fire on the two singers. B jumped in front of NiNi to shield her and her jacket made of alligator skin was hit and grazed, but the skin was so thick that it didn't hit her skin. NiNi ducked to the ground and the car continued firing. Their bodyguards who were also around began firing back while Johnny and Krissy were trying to get the queens to safety, Jay also ran out and tried to help them but he was hit in his hand (doctors say its just grazed his hand the bullet didn't go through so he will be fine) Johnny was also hit in the process taking a shot to the shoulder, and Krissy was hit in her leg, (Both are doing better) NiNi's bodyguard "Joseph" was shot twice in the stomach and was pronounced dead as he arrived at the hospital. Other deaths include 3 fans 1 shot in the head the other two shot in the genital areas (male and female-the female was also shot in her breasts) and B's security bodyguard was pronounced dead after being hit in his cheek, and also the concert promoter at the stadium died shortly after being hit 3 times in his face. NiNi and B's guards continued firing back and even though the shooting lasted only a couple minutes everything happened so fast and it seemed much longer. NiNi's cop bodyguard fired one shot and blew out the tire on the car and the car flipped over and exploded. B grabbed NiNi's arm hard and ran her inside the stadium as the car blew up and a head flew out the car on fire (Yikes!) Police and ambulances were immediately on the scene cleaning up dead bodies and asking questions. The queens were visibly shaken by the experience and they both took the rest of the day off. Jay, Johnny and Krissy were rushed to the hospital but their wounds were not severe and they were released less than2 hours later. The occupants in the car were unable to be identified due to the fire burning their bodies up to a crisp but police say it appeared to be 3 men and they will try to identify them by their dental records. NiNi went to visit her friends in the hospital then they all left together, after that they disappeared and we haven't heard from them. NiNi has not spoken up on her terrifying ordeal as of yet, but we hope she will be OK. Stay tuned for more details.
*UPDATE* The shooters have been identified and its 3 white males, they weren't famous.... it seems they were just random guys who felt like dying today which they knew would happen by pulling a stunt like this. Police think they were high on PCP and two of the men were confirmed to be social outcasts. Police also say that they were not aiming for the queens because based on how they were shooting and where they were shooting they would have been dead whether they ducked or not, police think they were aiming at fans and the bodyguards as all 3 are said to have been bullied and they have no respect for authority, so they snapped and decided to go on a killing spree to at least get some of the people who have been bullying them over the years, and it just so happens that the 4 fans who were killed are the ones who bullied them, except the girl who didn't bully them but cheated on one with his brother. So it seems they knew exactly who and where to shoot and they weren't aiming for the singers. THE SHOW IS CANCELLED TONIGHT AND MAYBE TOMORROW, BUT DEFINITELY TONIGHT.  ILL LET YOU GUYS KNOW MORE LATER! BUT EVERYONE WHO SURVIVED IS DOING JUST FINE!