Tuesday, October 28, 2014

NiNi Spotted Entering A Sex Shop In Tennessee

The queen was in the kinkiest of all places today: A sex shop (That's a place that sells adult items) She was approached by Paparazzi when she was on the street. After a quick mini interview, she was recorded entering the shop which is famous in Tennessee and sells items to many porn stars for their movies. NiNi spent almost 20 minutes in the shop and she exited with  1 large bag which looked to be full of stuff. The story of the queen entering the sex shop is splattered on the front pages of magazines and tabloids, but it isn't a huge story, being that most women celebrities including her artists (KC to be exact) and even some male celebs are seen in sex shops all the time, but its the first time that NiNi has ever been seen in one. It is unknown what she bought, but the bag was big and looked to be full. When she came out, she didn't appear embarrassed or nervous, and she shouldn't be its natural, but still I felt this story to be worthy of posting NiNi is in Nashville today because she has a show at the "World Of Music" stadium tonight at 8pm. If you haven't got your tickets yet, its about 6 front row seats left so better hurry before its sold out. You can click here to see NiNi entering and exiting the "World Famous Hustler Sex Shop" in Nashville Tennessee. We'll get info on her show for you guys tomorrow.....

Monday, October 27, 2014

NiNi Confirms Performance At 2015 Superbowl

For the last 2 months, rumors have been swirling that NiNi will be performing during halftime at the 2015 Superbowl in February. At first Demi was set to perform but she had to cancel, which made Kat the runner up, but for some reason, Kat isn't doing it either, and today the queen confirmed that her and her number 2 Katy will be performing during halftime for a full 30 minute set. Naturally, their fans are super excited and tickets for the Superbowl are on sale now, and ticket sales have increased by 89% since her announcement. NiNi was set to perform at the 2012 Superbowl, but backed out at last minute due to issues she had with the promoter and the other queen took her place. Gaga is also rumored to be making a special appearance with the pop divas, but that is unconfirmed. In the meantime, 10 lucky fans will get a chance to attend the screening of NiNi's 1st new movie "On The Run" on Thursday October 30th, with the stars of the movie a day before it hits the public. Winners will attend the pre premiere with Ali Larter, NiNi and the other stars of the movie. To find out how to win, click here......

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Reggie And Fifth Harmony + LiV Splitting Up?

Reggie is ready to release her 1st PSR album, but before that, she released a new single called "Hold Up" which features Fifth Harmony. Its not 6 verses, the 5 girls basically provide background harmony vocals and combine sing during the chorus. The song is R&B/Hip-Hop produced by Jodeci and they all sing, and Reggie sounds pretty good with her singing. The song is dedicated to teenage and young girls on how to say "no" when pressured by men to have sex and it sends a positive message, and songs like that always get popular and it stole the number 1 spot on the charts. Reggie's first PSR album's title is still unknown at this point, but it is said to be releasing sometime early November and its highly anticipated. Fifth Harmony are also moving fast and gearing up to release their first album called "Plead The Fi5th" which is said to also be released in November. Click here to check out "Hold Up" by Reggie Ft Fifth Harmony. In other news, the R&B group LiV is said to be splitting up due to extreme tension among all of them. Alex is said to hate every member and Sasha is said to have already left. Sources say that they will release their first PSR album "God Sent" which releases December 5th and after that they are all signing solo PSR contracts. Of course all of this is just talk for now, but recently they were together on the red carpet and they looked extremely uncomfortable around each other, and even Sasha avoided any questions related to the others during her interview, so it may just be some truth to this. Are you guys upset that its a possibility that LiV may be breaking up?


Brandy New Song And Kat In New Movie

Brandy has dropped a new single today called "You May Be The One" which is the 5th single from her upcoming PSR album. The song is full R&B and she sings really good produced by Monica Bradley. Its basically about someone who plays their cards right and "may be the one" The song was originally supposed to be on her 1st album, but didn't make the cut and she saved it and is adding it to this new album. The song is receiving generally positive reviews and came in at number 2 on the charts. Click here to check out "You May Be The One by Brandy. In other news, Kat has an star making performance in the new movie "Addicted" which she plays the mistress of a womanizer. Her role is being called the best out of all of the other characters (lets not forget, Kat was a full time actress before signing with PSR) and although, the movie is receiving bad reviews, many say she is the one who makes the movie enjoyable even though it sucks. We haven't seen the movie yet, but it cant be a lie, because Kat's name is all over the place and blowing up in lights even more then when she drops a new song or a new album. Kat is currently in her hometown of Switzerland promoting the movie as well as her newest fragrance "Kitty Kat" The movie is currently playing in theatres, have you seen it? This is Kat's first movie since "Honey 2" and many fans say they hope it isn't her last. Do you guys feel that way too? Click here to check out the trailer to "Addicted"


Friday, October 24, 2014

Livin With Nini Season 3 Put On Delay

Season Two of "LWN" is complete, and the season finale Wednesday was super explosive and revealed some big secrets and TONS of unknown drama that actually goes down at PSR. The season finale, which was season 2 episode 30, is voted the most watched coming in just over 88 trillion viewers in a single night, and it was voted best episode as well. But sadly, the queen has been working super hard and is about to release 2 brand new movies, and she is also is working with her queen buddy to release their highly anticipated collab"Queen Mixtape" soon, and she also is gearing up for her "Legends" tour with Tinashe and China and preps for that begin early next month. So being that she is going to be super busy for the rest of this year, new episodes for Season 3 are being put on hold. We asked VH1 for comment and this is what the head rep had to say "Livin With NiNi" is the most successful reality show on our network and we will continue to air previous episodes of the show, but unfortunately, due to commitments that NiNi has, new episodes will not be filmed as of yet. We aren't exactly sure when new episodes will began filming, but we are hoping that we can start soon. However, please be advised the show is NOT canceled, it is just on a temporary break. As soon as we can get clearance from NiNi, we will begin filming new episodes for season 3" NiNi also spoke up on the delay of the show as well, she says that she will do her best to try and juggle everything she has coming up and still try to film episodes for the show, even if its just one episode every other week or month if she can, so we have some hope to hold on to. In the meantime, VH1 announced a "LWN" marathon which will be taking place on VH1 tomorrow starting at 11am-12am, that's 13 hours and it will be the entire 1st season and the entire second season, and all the bonus episodes. VH1 is also expected to premier the queens newest video during commercials which is the first single from their upcoming mixtape called "Got It" Be sure to tune into VH1 tomorrow at 11am, to catch the full day LWN marathon, so if you missed any episodes from either season, here's your chance to be completely caught up, no excuse.....How do you guys feel about "LWN" being on delay?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

"On The Run" Releases Halloween Day

After no word for almost a month, we finally have new info on NiNi's first new movie called "On The Run" which costars her good buddy Ali Larter and its releasing Halloween Day which is next Friday. The trailer released last week and it looks really good and now everyone is super excited about it and its very highly anticipated. But keep in mind, this isn't NiNi's only movie, the two queen besties are also dropping the sequel to the 2001 musical Carmen called "Carmen 2" and that is releasing on November 13th which is NiNi's 25th birthday. That trailer hasn't been released yet, but sources say the trailer will be releasing sometime next week. So we have two brand new movies from NiNi one on the 31st and one on the 13th, that's 2 weeks apart which is the first time she ever released two movies back to back, and Carmen 2 is more anticipated then "On The Run" NiNi, B and Ali Larter confirmed the dates and that the movies will be releasing on the above dates officially. Click here to check out all 3 of their confirmation tweets. Are you guys excited about "On The Run" and Carmen 2"?
Ali Larter Star Of "On The Run"

Tyga Doesn't Like Drake Or Nicki

The Young Money Fam drama is getting deeper. Tyga was signed to YMCMB before signing with PSR, although he still has a mutual contract with them and so does Nicki until they finish their obligations to the label, and until then, they aren't officially PSR artists only. Last week, Tyga made headlines by posting that he is fed up with Young Money and when he was there he felt trapped, felt like a prisoner and that things were whack. President of Young Money Mack Maine fired back at him, and Nicki unfollowed him on Twitter. Now Tyga expressed his true feelings toward Young Money and the artists. He said "I don't like Drake as a person, he's fake to me, I like his music, his music is cool, but as a person he's really not what he raps about and I see that as a poser if you wanna call it that, I also don't get along with Nicki I never really did. I think that we all just got forced to have a relationship with each other by being signed to the same roster, but everyone has different personalities and attitudes and it cant work. The only reason I signed to Young Money is because of Wayne and the respect and connection I have with him, but he signing everyone at the same time so fast just forced us to kinda force a connection even though that connection wasn't there" He also stated how displeased he is with Young Money not willing to release his final album off the label "King: The 18th Dynasty" named after his 2 year old son "I can;t really release any albums with PSR because I'm still obligated for that last Young Money album, and niggas over there acting shady they wont release it so all I can do is release single songs with PSR and I'm trying to branch out and do more, at the end of the day it all depends on whats best for you and PSR is whats best for me, but I cant do the best I can there because of these major delays" says Tyga. The YMCMB drama is expanding and although Nicki is with PSR too, she still defended Young Money and she said that the entire time that Tyga was there all he did was complain and whine quote "like a little bitch" and blamed everyone else for his problems but being that him and Wayne are cool, he kept him regardless She also said that he always wanted to be the main one who gets all the attention even if someone is doing better and got pissed when he didn't get his ass kissed. She also spoke on Drake (who she is super cool with and said to be dating now) and said that "He shouldn't be calling anyone fake when he's the fakest out here, Drake will swallow that nigga, I mean literally SWALLOW him!" Click here to check out both their interviews....So seems as if its big problems going on and being that Tyga and Nicki are both at PSR we see diss songs coming soon. Wayne has not spoken up on this as of yet, but guess who did, and that person actually defended Tyga NOT her buddy Nicki, its the queen. NiNi is hearing all about this and she posted this on Twitter "I love YMCMB, but you know what @NICKI if you dick riding them so much why don't you go back and jump on it BYE, you talk about somebody swallowing somebody, girl Tyga will swallow YOU any day, I mean lets just keep it real tho" She shocked so many people with that and can  you blame people for being shocked? But despite that, NiNi has made it clear she ain't beefing with Nicki unless she wants a beef, she was just keeping it real. Nicki responded to her saying "@NINI WOW! Look girlie, I love you, U Know that, but um, Its something you wouldn't understand unless you were there, so you cant take sides unless you know the full story K" NiNi replied saying "@ NICKI I Just did" People thought a Twitter beef was about to start but after that last tweet, Nicki stopped replying. Lots of drama. Click here to take a look at the timeline of all of this  including all of their Tweets. Drake has not responded to Tyga either. But Tyga says that Breezy is his true genuine friend and  that they hang out alot and although Breezy and Drake are cool now, he knows that Breezy will flip on Drake in a heartbeat if it came down to choosing,he also included the phrase "no homo" (lol) What do you guys think about all of this?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Update On "DK" Beef and the "Threesome Beef

The media is now calling Demi and Kat's infamous stage brawl "The DK Beef" (first letter of both their names) and its getting bloodier between those two. Its said by reliable and multiple sources that after their big stage fight yesterday, it continued after they were both released from the paramedics care, and they both were arrested just to let them both calm down. They were said to be released early this morning, but bumped into each other again, both on their way to work and they fought again outside the building which was more deadly then yesterday and its said that number 3 (Kat) was sent to the hospital for having her head smashed against a brick wall multiple times, but that part is unconfirmed. Here;s what we know. They both did fight again yesterday after the paramedics cleared them, they both were arrested to cool down, they both fought again today when they bumped into each other (that's fact because a fan recorded all of it while it happened, and it is INTENSE) What we don't know is if Kat actually was banged against a brick wall and sent to the hospital (the video doesn't last till the end of the fight) But we are digging and we will keep you guys updated. Speaking of beefs, the infamous threesome beef between number 2 Taylor and NiNi continues, and that too is getting bloody. Its not many details yet, but something happened today and it said that NiNi had a fight with Taylor, but that is not confirmed yet. Its also said that Katy had a bloody fight with Taylor yesterday, but once again, that is unconfirmed as well. Stay tuned for updates on all these developing stories......Click here to check out the fight between D&K...

NiNi Confirms Hip Hop Awards Performance With "T"

For weeks we've been hearing that it may be a possibility that "N&T" (What the media calls them now) will be performing at the 2014 Hip Hop Awards, but it was pure speculation, but today NiNi confirmed it over her Twitter, posting "#NT #BigNight #2014HHA #BOMB" Those 4 simple hashtags told the world what it wanted to hear, but its still unknown if they will be performing together, or merely just there together performing separately, but regardless its exciting to hear the two chart toppers of the year will be performing. The 2014 HHA airs on BET at 8pm Tuesday hosted by Snoop Dogg, be sure to tune in to catch the greatest performance or performances of the night!....Other PSR appearances and performances include: Nicki Minaj, Diamond, Ke$ha and Miranda. Other names and details aren't available yet. Click here to check out NiNi's announcement (P.S NiNi's vacay is now over and she is officially back in America, and she signaled that with a pic of America on her instagram with a sarcastic "whoopee") Looks like the queen isn't to happy to be back, but can you blame her?,.....

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Crazy All Out Hands Down Most Intense "KAT" fight On Stage

We all were expecting it, and now we've seen it happen. Seems like Kat and Demi just tried to put their differences to the side and actually did a show today in Newark, NJ, but it didn't go well. From the get go, fans could tell it was tension between them, and the performance was slightly off, but hey, it's Demi and Kat, who cares right? It started when they were performing their newest collab "Get Right" (happier times) and they were bouncing up and down on the stage and bumped into each other, which seems like it was intentional. Then it began getting worse when they couldn't agree on what songs to do after the first one, and they began arguing on stage while fans were watching. Security tried to break them up and get them out of each others faces, but Kat pushed the guy off of her and he fell. They killed the argument, apologized to their fans and tried to continue, but it happened again, they bumped into each other again, and Demi yelled out "Bitch you're doing that on purpose!" Kat began yelling at her again and once again an argument popped off, and Kat ended it when she threw a bottle at her which hit her in the back of the head which made her fall. Demi got up and ran to her and they began brawling. Security took about 3 minutes just to run out and attempt to break them up but within that 3 minutes they were punching kicking scratching choking each other out and even biting. Demi had a chunk of her hair missing and Kat had a large scratch across her cheek. The audience was just staring looking shocked. Both were bloody and they both were escorted off the stage by Police although sources say they weren't arrested. Demi was heated screaming at anyone, Kat, Police, stage guys, fans whoever, Kat was more calm and was blowing kisses at her as the cops escorted them both out and Kat yelled "This ain't over Demetria (That's Demi's full name for those who don't know). They both refused medical attention. The entire incident from start to finish was recorded by a fans cell phone camera and its making huge headlines and created the hashtag #KATFIGHT" You can check out the video by clicking here. (Obscene language is heard from both women) Neither woman or their reps have answered our requests for comment, and PSR, as usual, has their lips sealed. Stay tuned for more info on this!.....


Thursday, October 9, 2014

NiNi Involved In Drama In Paris?

Multiple reports say that the queen has been involved in drama during her vacation in Paris. Details on the situation are hazy and we don't know much, but its said that she was involved in an argument with a white guy who was saying offensive remarks and calling her out her name, and he hit her. It said that she ripped a pole out of the ground and beat him with it until his face was smashed in and wouldn't stop until a group of people grabbed her and pulled her back. Its said that the Police came, and they are investigating. Its said that, NiNi has a large lump on her eye from being punched by the man who sources say is a 6'4 280lb man, but she did far worse to him then that with that pole. All of this is unconfirmed, and we don't know if its true or not, but it stretched all the way over her to the US and its all over. When we find out more, we will let you guys know......

Katy Perry New Album RiRi New Album

Miss Katy Perry is releasing her 4th PSR album that she announced late last month on her 30th birthday October 25th which she released the title to today. It will be called "4th Spot" which is appropriate for 2 reasons: 1,because its her 4th album on PSR, and 2, she was the 4th person to be signed to PSR. She also announced it will be a visual album, for those of you who don't know what that means, its what NiNi and Tinashe did with their new album "NT" which is have a video for every song on the album. It will be 2 Cd's in the cover, one with the audio, and the other is all of her songs, and it has quickly become very anticipated and excited all of her and PSR fans. Katy says that the album will be what her fans are used to from her, but she joked (like she usually does) and said that "It will be just be on a steroid version of what  y'all used to #PUMPUP!" So we are excited to see what her new album  has to offer. Another PSR album that's highly anticipated is RiRi's 8th album which she announced today called "R8" which again, is an appropriate title since its her 8th album. RiRi might have alot of controversy at times, but she is the only artist, besides NiNi and Kelly Clarkson, that has 8 albums on PSR and that means that her drama never holds her back. She didn't announce as much detail for her album as Katy did, but she did reveal that this week, she will be releasing the first single to it and the album will be released on November 25th. It is unknown of the guests on either of their albums, but its said that Katy is currently in the studio with Bow Wow and Jessie J, and RiRi is working with Nicki Minaj and David Guetta. Be on the lookout for these new albums. And speaking of new albums, "NT" has a bonus track CD, which are songs that didn't make the album cut, 10 songs, and its available on Itunes only for now for $1.99. Click here to purchase the "NT" bonus track CD....


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

PSR Introduces PSR Bot

A new 4 Ft 8 robot called the "PSR Bot" has been released to the public from PSR today. The robot is handy at pretty much anything you can think of. It can wash your car, cook food(well within reason) fetch things for you, give you massages and it even talks, and guess whose voice it sounds like. Yup the queens, but it has 25 settings to change the voice to all the royal PSR celebs including Katy, Miranda blah blah. The robot is on the Platinum wear site and in all 3 stores for $4,999.99, yes its pricey, but the "PSR Bot" has sold over 200,000 units so far which is making it a success. No one received their order yet, since it just released today and people just started ordering it, so we have no reviews, but when people starts receiving their order, its a section on the PSR site for reviews on it so check back soon for details on the new PSR Bot. Click here to check out the articles and the hype on PSR's newest robot....

NiNi Posts Photos From Paris

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Even queens need a break sometimes. Today NiNi posted pics to Instagram today showing her vacay in Paris. NiNi is off work for the next 4 days and will be returning Monday and she is enjoying her time off by cruising on her Yacht touring Paris. She took selfies of herself at the Eiffel Tower and other historical landmarks, including the spot where "Beatles" member John Lennon was killed. Sources say that NiNi's favorite place to go is Paris which is why she chose the spot for her vacay. NiNi went on Vacay 2 days ago, after finishing a show in Alaska, sources say it was unscheduled, but she said that she needs it, and we cant blame her. She looks happy, and she got some fans to join in her selfies and pose with her. Click here to check out all 122 pics she posted under the photo album "Vacay In Paris"

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

MiMi ProposesTruce With NiNi

Since NiNi first started her career back in 07', its one name who she has always been beefing with non stop and that's MiMi (Mariah Carey) and throughout her whole career, the two women have been bickering back and forth and making diss songs back and forth to each other. But today, MiMi announced that she no longer wants to continue it over her Twitter. This is what she posted "You know something, I woke up today and something hit me, I've been involved in this pointless battle for so long and I'm finally wondering why, honestly I don't even remember why it started in the first place. I'm just not for it anymore, we both have a job to do, and it might sound weird, but I have much respect for her and how she handles her business both professionally and non-professionally. I extend a friendly truce to @NINI, girl I want to end this, I hope you're on board, we're both grown, and this has grown petty and nothing short of ridiculous. #MUCHLOVE-MIMI" NiNi has not responded to her post yet. Do you guys think she's for real? Or is she being sarcastic? We think she is being sincere, but of course you guys don't care what we think right?

Sonic Adds New Burger In NiNi's Name + Keri Hilson Announces New Album

Today, Sonic announced they have added a new item to their menu and its called the "NiNi Deluxe Cheeseburger" This isn't the first time that NiNi has had things dedicated to her in her name. In London, there is a NiNi St, and in India there is a "NiNi Ave' and Rutgers College had a whole course in her name as well as naming a rare mosquito and virus after her due to both being fierce. The new "NiNi Deluxe" is a 4 patty burger with 4 thick slices with cheese and to make it fierce like her, they add the spice, it has chili sauce and jalapeno sauce, along with letters tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise an ketchup served with a pound a spicy chili and cheese fries. The new addition sells for $5.99 as a combo which comes with a drink, or you can get it for $3.99 for just the sandwich. People immediately began trying it and says that its the best item that Sonic has on their menu and its attracting many people. Have you guys tried the new "NiNi Deluxe Cheeseburger" yet?  It is unknown if NiNi is sponsoring the new sandwich, but she will be getting paid thousands for every burger they sell since its in her name, that's a pretty tasty deal.....In other news, Keri Hilson has announced that her 3rd PSR album will be dropping soon. She didn't give any dates or a title, but her fans are excited, and honestly so are we, Keri is bomb (and not only in the obvious way :)) Click here to check out her announcement.
"NiNi Deluxe"

Keri Hilson

Flawless Remix Video Releases

Even though Nicki was suspended for her involvement in a bloody beef with KC, but that didn't stop her from releasing a teaser to her and Queen B's song called "Flawless (remix) which is the remix to the queens song which is very popular. She released the 30 second teaser over Instagram this morning, then a few hours later, the queen released the full 4 minute video on her Instagram and its been attracting lots of attention. Nicki has been doing pretty well lately, much better then she was doing on older episodes of "Livin With NiNi" and she is literally all over the place, more then she was at first, and teaming up with the queen of all Bees, it skyrocketed her into huge success, and she is a very high anticipated artist. Click here to check out the "Flawless (remix)" video by B Ft Nicki. And speaking of "Livin With NiNi", a new episode premieres tonight on VH1 at 8pm, so don't forget to miss out on season 2 episode 8 of "LWN" Which is very anticipated, and is the biggest most watched, most successful reality show on television right now according to VH1 and multiple sources....
"Flawless" Poster

Monday, October 6, 2014

KC And Nicki Beef Confirmed, Both Suspended

Today, sources close to PSR confirmed that KC and Nicki are in fact beefing and they called it a quote "bloody beef" The two did actually have a fight but it wasn't recorded and most people didn't even know about it. But NiNi suspended both of them without pay for 3 weeks. Click here to check out the articles about this new info on those two smh.......

Keke Palmer Announces New Mixtape

Miss Keke has been on the ball lately, despite the fact that she is pregnant, she isn't letting that get in the way of her music. She most recently released her 3rd PSR album, and now she announced a new mixtape that will be coming sometime in November. Keke has recently became royal, although not in NiNi's private weird circle (no offense) she still is high at the top of the pyramid right now. Click here to check out her announcement. Also Reggie is another one who has been doing the most and she is definitely getting her name up high on the charts, song after song after song, and she has her 1st album coming sometime in December, and she was just recently signed not even 2 months ago. Keep your eyes open for these new ones, they are the ones doing the best, right along with Katy Perry, who we say is the absolute hardest working non laziest person at that label (don't get jealous guys, just speaking the truth, no wonder she's number 2)
Keke Palmer

Sunday, October 5, 2014

NiNI Makes Statement About Affairs + New Mixtape With Queen Buddy

Yesterday, NiNi made a statement addressing the affair rumors and she seems mad, but strangely calm at the same time. She said that the only reason why she said "So" is because basically she is tired of explaining the same thing, and she didn't actually say this but she said that her and her husband both are NOT having affairs (even though she didn't say it exactly like that, that's how she put it, but being that she didn't say that they weren't having affairs, some people still think once again she is just trying to protect their image, after all those two combined are more famous then Obama) You can click here to listen to her statement (warning some language is used, listen at your own risk) In other news, have any of you been just dying to hear a collab album or mixtape from the two queens? We sure as fuck have, and not only are number 1 and NiNi collabing to make a movie that's gonna be released in November, they also are doing a collab mixtape, just like Tinashe and NiNi, Yes they collabed on their world tour in 2012-13, but never a musical collab but only this will be a mixtape not an album, but who cares?. The article about this was first posted on TMZ and was confirmed a little later by NiNi's reps and B's reps that its true, and they are preparing to release it sometime after their movie comes out. We don't have much details on it or a release date, or even a title, but what we do know is that this has sent both of their fan base in complete and total CHAOS (the good kind) Forget all the other albums that's coming out soon (no offense) because no one no longer cares about all of that, Queen N and Queen B is where its at right now and if you think otherwise, the fans say "to hell with you and your lame" This topic is the biggest ever since NiNi was in her car accident and died shortly on the operating table, actually its BIGGER then that because we all have been waiting for this since B got her signed in 2007 and now its finally happening, so yeah, its a BIG DEAL. The collab mixtape is not just a pile of their old songs thrown together, it will be all new collab songs from them together and that's even better,  we love when they collab because its always number 1 (I'm really not exaggerating on that) So we can imagine this collab mixtape probably will be bigger then "NT" which is  NiNi's previous collab project. Are you guys excited about  the two queens FINALLY after 8 years doing a collab project together?  Also Ke$ha and Kelly Clarkson have teamed up to make a BOMB collab called "Never That" Its really hot and hit the number 2 spot, click here to check it out.....(Those two are tour buddies too, so look out for them in your city soon :))

KC And Nicki Beefing?

This one is real sad. Nicki and KC are basically best friends and they make great music together, they have collabed over 7 times, before and after they were signed to PSR and now its said that the two are beefing. Its said to have started because Nicki is full of herself and she is starting to forget the people who she was friends with now that she is getting more and more successful, and we all know how KC is, she simply isn't having that. A Tweet was posted to KC's account earlier that seems to be taking shots at Nicki, it says No skills, no talent, no anything, and what you do have is not real, don't get me fired up tho, cuz I can go bigger than an "anaconda" and you know that sweetie" It just so happens that Nicki's newest song is called "Anaconda" and KC used it in a sentence (coincidence?) Nicki fired back though, and she too seemed to attack KC subliminally posting "You big? I'm bigger, who are you? You're no one and nothing  to me, I'm the one who's "sent from heaven" you're destined for hell" It just so happens that KC's song is called "Sent From Heaven" So it seems to be a beef between these two, and although we have a reason, we feel its alot deeper than that. Sources close to KC, Nicki and PSR say that it IS a lot deeper, and that they actually had a fight already, but no evidence of this alleged fight has been discovered yet. All we know is that something is going on with Nicki and KC and honestly, it may sound nosy, but we are interested to find out what it is, and when we do, we will let you know......Click here to check out their mini Twitter war...
Better Times: Nicki And KC

Fifth Harmony Interview, Guess Who's Crushing On NiNi + New Album Announcement

Today, new PSR girl group Fifth Harmony did an interview for Vybe and they talked about a little of everything, their music, how they met, when they formed as a group and upcoming projects, but lead singer Ally Brooke caught everyone's attention when she said something about her boss the queen N. She was asked "How is it working with NiNi?" She replied "Its amazing, someone who knows the ins and outs of this business is always good to be around because they get you hit up on what  you need to be hit up on, she's a big inspiration she's my girl crush (laughs)" They way she put it was like a joke, but when she was asked more on it we found out it isn't a joke. She was asked "Is she really your girl crush?" She replied "Hell yeah What you think Im joking?, the type of people I like are strong take charge kinda people, not scared to speak your mind type people, and just overall a cool person in general and she's all of those things, so my curiosity in her other then a boss has definitely been peaked, but its whatever, for now I keep things professional but maybe on the outside who knows?" This isn't a very huge topic because half of the music games women celebs have crushes on her, including some right at PSR, but I felt it worthy enough to be mentioned anyway. Click here to check out their interview. Speaking of Fifth Harmony, seems like the new people are getting things done faster then the ones who have been there for the longest, and they have announced that their first PSR album called "5TH CHAPTER" will be releasing on November 7th. They have so far released 5 singles from their upcoming album symbolizing their name, as well as 5 videos (they do everything in 5's in case you didn't know) The announcement sparked excitement with their fans, and its quickly becoming very anticipated. So in about one more month, you will have their album which sources say will be quote "Dope as  hell" so be on the lookout. Click here to check out their album announcement....
Fifth Harmony

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tinashe Announces First Mixtape

Tinashe just blew herself up huge with the release of her and NiNi's collab album "NT"(which is still selling high and doing seriously well by the way) and now she is back to work, giving herself no time to rest and she announced her 1st PSR mixtape will be dropping in November (that's the kind of workers PSR needs) She announced it over her Instagram this afternoon and excited many people. She mentioned her mixtape will have a different sound then her album and she knows her fans will love it. Click here to check out her post. Speaking of new  things, after 2 delays, Selena Gomez's (who also says her new album will be much different then what her fans are used to hearing because she will be doing mostly Hip-Hop) 3rd PSR album will be dropping tonight at midnight, so be sure to cop yours when it releases.......Lookout for a review on it tomorrow.


India Benet New Album

When India Benet isn't trying to kill herself, shes actually a very talented singer/rapper and today she released her first PSR album called "Story Of My Life" The album is deep and emotional and its many personal songs on it seemingly reflecting her own struggles in her life. The album is produced by Skeet Rich and co produced by her father Eric Benet. The album is receiving generally positive reviews and so far has sold over 200,000 copies which means India gets to stay with PSR. It went on sale around midnight today and the number has been climbing all day and 200,000 copies is platinum which is a great title for a first album, so she is doing well and obviously has many fans. "Story Of My Life has features from Selena Gomez, OMG Girlz, Kat and NiNi only, the rest is all her solo and she does amazing. The album is rated PG-13 considering she does curse a little and talk about adult things but its not too bad. You can purchase the album on her site, the PSR site and retail music stores worldwide for $9.99 Click here to purchase "Story Of My Life" my India Benet....
India Benet

"N3" Announced

Today, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile announced that the N3, which is  the 3rd of NiNi's successful "N" trilogy phones will be released on October 25th. The details of the phone still haven't been released but its very anticipated. We do know it has a 6.1 inch screen which overshadows the Note 2, Note 3 and the brand new just released IPhone 6 plus which has a 5.5 inch screen. We also know that the "N3" will be the first phone running on the new android operating system Kit Kat version 4.6 which is after Jelly Bean and will have 4G LTE Capability. The price is also not yet available but the phone will be releasing overseas on October 15th and then making its way over to America on the 25th. Every major phone carrier will have the phone and its available in 1 year and 2 year contracts as well as unlocked. Although details and the price hasn't been released yet, it is estimated that it will compete with its biggest rivals, the new Galaxy Note 4, and the IPhone 6 Plus, and it may be $399.99 for a 1 year contract, $299.99 for a 2 year contract, or $999.99 for unlocked, but people will pay it due to the success of the "N1 and the "N2" Its rumored that the N3 has way more advanced features then previous models and will be all metal. The phone's main competition is Apple and the newly released 6 plus, so the N3 has to step up very high if it wants to beat out Apple because they definitely stepped their game up alot with their newest model. An article about the new "N3", talking about all the specs and other info can be found here.....

Affair Talk Gets Louder After NiNi Says "So"

Today, paparazzi approached NiNi and they said "NiNi you are said to have a new man in your life and your husband is said to have a new woman in her life, and with all the evidence it seems to be true" She said "SO!!!!!, NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!!" This fueled up the talk even higher because lets face it, if it was false, why would you say "so" wouldn't you say "no" or something similar. So now the search is on for NiNi and Beith's mystery partners. The man that NiNi is said to be with is said to be 29 year old "Marcus Black" who is not a celebrity, he is a editor for Fashion Magazine, and Beith's mystery partner has not been identified yet. Almost every paparazzi group in the world is searching for these people, and they aren't stopping, and NiNi just gave them the fire to find them by basically confirming that the marriage is bogus. If the paparazzi finds out the identities of these mystery people and get some real info saying that they are in fact with NiNi and Beith, that group will have a million dollar headline and will be the only group on the planet that stripped the so called fake marriage down to its knees so all the groups are rushing to be the first one to do it. This is now a huge topic and pretty much all over the world, and it created a hashtag called #Affairsoftheroyals" Facebook, Twitter and Instagram crashed 8 times due to so many people tweeting and posting about it, so its huger than huge. NiNi isn't saying anything else, and Beith  hasn't spoken up at all. Click here to read all of the articles on their "affair" and check out how much chaos this is causing with fans who hate it by clicking here.....

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ever Wanted To See CiCi's Booty? + Affair Rumors Continue

Well...now you can. Ciara posed nude for the October edition of the magazine "Black Women Have Curves" and she is bent over showing her best asset. This isn't the first time CiCi has posed nude, in mid 2012 she posed fully nude for the cover of Global Magazine. The picture began floating around the web around 7am this morning, and many thought it was fake, until CiCi herself confirmed it over Twitter. The image has gotten much attention (of course) and so far has over 200 million views and has boosted Ciara's popularity. Click here to check out her raunchy pic (warning, nudity is shown, view at your own risk) In other news, NiNi and her husband have been plagued by rumors of affairs and infidelity since late 2013 and its still not stopping. Beith was spotted the other day with a woman in Houston Texas and they both entered a nice size house together and didn't come out until almost one hour later. When she came out, her hair looked messy, much more messier then when she first went in, and his du-rag was half off. She also appears to be looking around like she is nervous. It was first though that it was a fake picture due to so many women who were beefing with NiNi pulled crap like that, but then the paparazzi crew released the video and you can't deny that's him, down to his tats, and his walk and his eye color, that is definitely him. The woman looks like Keyshia Cole, but after zooming in, it is not her, but the similarities are amazing. They talked outside for a minute then they went their separate ways, she jumped into a Lincoln Navigator truck and he hopped into his beautiful BMW. The story wasn't released at first because they wanted to verify it was in fact him first before they released a story and be wrong about it. After almost a week, they have finally verified it and released it to the public and fans are reacting. Almost 90% say its him and they can tell, 5% say that they aren't sure, and the other 5% say that either its not him or who cares. Its a huge headline now though, so obviously many people do care. But before you down talk Beith, lets talk about NiNi. The other day, she too was spotted with someone, a man never before seen, not a celeb, and they entered a nightclub together and exited together and got into her limo together. When the paparazzi approached them to get a statement they both rushed to the limo and it seems as if she was trying to cover him up. Well if she's doing her dirt, he's doing his too. Many people say that neither one cares and they are just trying to keep up their multi billion dollar image, but they both are seeing and having sex with other people. What do you guys think? Click here to check out the video of Beith entering a house with Keyshia Cole's twin, and click here to check out the video of NiNi entering, exiting and hopping into her limo with an unidentified man.......