Friday, November 30, 2012

Star Gets Released With No Bail

All day omg girlz fans have been showing support for Star and talking down the police, and the police have determined that the officers wrongly arrested star and she is not guilty of anything, the charges have been dropped against star, and the two arresting officers have been fired and TANYA Wellington has been charged with Threat To A Public Authority Figure and will have to pay of fine of $1,000, and many people feel justice has been served, Star has been released and her 100,000 dollar bail has been dropped and voided and she is ready for their show tonight, so happy ending! That's all for today guys, peace~!

Rita Ora Accused Of Copying Rihanna's Style + Ri RI Passes Out On Stage

Its no secret that Rihanna and Rita Ora are close, but the media is suggesting that Rita's fashion sense is extremely close, and the media says Rita dresses acts and looks like Rihanna most of the time, and they're even saying Rita is copying her. That has been going around since Rita came out in early 2011, and its getting stronger and stronger as Rita is wearing her hair like hers even had the red color at one point dances like her, and she is crazy as hell just like her, but Rita insists that although  the two are really good friends, they both are different and have different lifestyles and she would appreciate if people refer to her as Rita instead of Ri Ri, although she said it is an honor to be compared to her. Do you guys think Rita copies Ri Ri? In other news speaking of Ri Ri, tonight she had a show in Newark NJ and after her first song she was in the middle of her new song numb and she just passed out on stage. Ambulance arrived and she was rushed to the hospital and the remainder of the show was canceled. No one knows why she passed out, but due to Ri Ri's heavy party drink n sex lifestyle, many people feel her wild outta control lifestyle is to blame, others say she may be on drugs and overdosed, but at this point doctors are refusing to comment on her condition, but they do say she's critical but stable. If we find out anymore on her, we will let you guys know!

Woman Presses Charges On Star PSR Mad At Police

This afternoon, The OMG Girlz were in downtown Atl for a signing and picture day with fans. Everything went well, at least for the first hour and a half, but afterwards, a fan who has been named as 19 year old Tanya Wellington messed it up when it was her turn to get her autograph and her picture with the girls. She got her autograph, and then the three girls stood up out their chairs to take the pic with her, Tanya was in the middle and star was to her left and while they all put their hands around each other, Tanya grabbed star's booty and rubbed it and Star pushed her and she fell backwards into a table and it broke when she fell into it. Police that were on the scene ran over and grabbed up star and her girls were trying to help out star saying "Let her go, stop grabbing on her like that" to the cops and the cops put Star in handcuffs and Star was screaming "Oh my god, she grabbed my butt that's why I pushed her, goddamn yall are so stupid" The cop made everyone be quiet and the whole building was silent, the police helped up Tanya and asked her if she wanted to press charges, she looked at Star and winked her eye at her and then looked at the officer and said "Yes sir I do" The Omg Girlz looked in shock including star and star screamed out "You stupid bitch" while the cops were dragging her out to the car and she was trying to break free to get to the girl. The OmG Girlz followed her but were stopped by police and were told to go home, Beauty asked star "WHAT DO WE DO NOW?' And Star said "Just hold it down, continue working, don't go home" and they put her in back of the car and drove away. Babydoll was crying for her, and the officers offered them comfort but they both snatched away from the cops and they held each other and beauty was comforting babydoll as they walked back inside to finish up and at this time, Tanya left. The girls finished up their signings and pics, and then after it was over they went to visit Star, and we are told her bail is set at 100,000 and her girlz will post her bail for her within 24 hours. Meanwhile when the news broke of what happened, fans and PSR artists were outraged that star got locked up for defending herself. The community spoke up against the police saying she was wrongly arrested being that the girl violated her body and she should be released without having bail, and PSR artists have been very outspoken about this as well saying that the police are wrong and the person who should be in trouble should be the person who started all of this which Tanya Wellington, the police have responded to the community, OMG Girlz Fans, PSR fans and the PSR artists saying that they are starting a full investigation on the officers who made the arrest to see if they were wrong with their arrest, and they told the public to be patient and allow them to do their job,  but no one is trying to hear that. Stay tuned on this developing story! In other news, NiNi has stated she is releasing an animated cartoon of her everyday life along with PSR and the artists and it will be a comedy sorta similar to South PARK but in her words "More Ghetto" She says this animated short will be coming in early January of next year, and its something her fans are totally excited about. You can find out more about this on the "New Stuff" section on her website go check it out!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Melanie And Ke$ha Make Up?

Seems like Melanie is ready to grow up, A couple days ago, a song has released by Melanie titled "I'm Bigger Than That" and she sings about things that she feels is now nonsense and how she wants to begin new with everything and she sings "I'm bigger than that, tell her its love and I cherish that, I'm bigger than that" Which was an obvious line at Ke$ha. Ke$ha never responded to the song, but they ran into each other today in LA and after chatting for a few minutes they both gave each other a smile and a hug, which was amazing to see. Not saying they are best friends now, but its apparent that both of them are realizing how ridiculous all that is and they are just trying to start fresh, and we love to see things like that. Other people who Melanie has made up with include Kat, K.Michelle, KATY Perry and Rihanna, so its clear she is growing up and putting childish nonsense behaviour behind her, reminds us of Rasheeda who is almost cool with all of PSR at this point, so good luck with all this new love going around. Nini has stated she is happy that all that is over, and she says maybe just maybe, since her and Melanie have made up the fans will hear a song from them two one day and Melanie said she will love that. How do you guys feel about Melanie's change of heart towards the PSR ARTISTS?

Justin Beiber Wants To Be Down With THE Platuinm Crew~

18 year old Canadian singer Justin Beiber has expressed interest in joining PSR saying it would be both "Thrilling" and a "Learning Experience" Most recently Beiber has been signed to Lil Wayne's label Young Money, but Beiber states that, it was a trial deal, Wayne gave him the opportunity to see how he likes it, and although he says he loves Wayne and young money, he says he doesn't feel his music fits correctly with the roster, neither does his fans, and he feels his music will fit most definitely with PSR. He says he appreciates the opportunity with Young Money, but when his trial period is over on DECEMBER 1ST he will be signing out of Young Money, and began searchimg for a new home, and in his words he said quote "Hopefully I wont have to look too long for a home, everyone knows me, and so does Nini, and once upon a time Nini said she likes my music, so I'm remaining hopeful on that one. Do you guys feel Beiber would make a good fit on PSR. In other news, he isn't the only one who's staying hopeful that when Nini begins signing people they would get chosen, Pink has said I would love to call Nini my boss, who wouldnt' other people who have expressed interest in joining PSR Include Drake, Tyga, Shanelle, D Woods, RichGirl, Toni Braxton, Paris JACKSON, Janet Jackson, Rasheeda, Melanie Fiona, Lil Mama, Toya, Miss Nana and Dede, but no word on Nini yet if any of these names interest her, but its clear most of these names interest everyone else, but until we hear from NiNi we don't know what will happen, but we'll keep our eyes and ears open on this one! P.S Nini has a show tonight in West Philadelphia at the Philly Music Park at 8pm so if you guys have tickets see ya there!

NiNi's New Song Makes It To Number 2

The new song by Nini Ft Carly Rae Jepsen and Rita Ora has officially stolen the number 2 spot and is looking to steal the number 1 spot which is now "Cool" We would like to say congrats to Nini on the success of her new songs. Speaking of rising music, Rihanna's new album "Unapologetic has become the number 1 album in America, at least until Nini drops her album in MARCH and we are proud of RI RI and she is proud of herself and stated she cried when she found out her album has become number 1. This is her first number 1 album throughout the 8 years that she has been in the game and it is a very big moment for her, and we would like to say congratulations to her on her enormous success, Click here to purchase "Unapologetic". The queen is off today, but she does have a show tonight, so I'll keep you guys updated throughout the day Peace~!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Star Stops A Fight Between Plies And Nipsey

We are told that new PSR artist Plies and Rising PSR artist Nipsey Hussle were about to throw down and star stopped that from happening. It started over creative differences, Plies asked nipsey to be on his song a couple days ago, and Nipsey finally got around to it and they were in the studio, but Nipsey wanted a Cali beat and plies didn't so that caused a problem since it was plies song and not nipsey. After plies finally agreed to do a Cali beat they both wrote the lyrics but plies didn't like nipsey's choice of words as he was trying to keep it at least pg-13 as he is trying to make more music that kids would listen too as well as adults gangstas or whatever, but nipsey kept it totally Compton rated R and plies didn't like that and he told him and nipsey said you asked me to jump on this don't tell me how to rap and that caused them to argue and almost fight, but star got in the middle and reminded both of them that nini is not playing n they will get dropped n they canceled their song and decided not to do it with each other, so now t seems to be tension between two more psr artists, but we will continue following this until we find out how serious it will get......thats it for now peace!

NiNi Drops Collab Song + Amy Takes Maternity Leave Today

This evening a collab song dropped from Nini and Rita Ora and Carly RAE Jepsen Titled "My World" The song is produced by TIP and Nini and it is super dope, with Nini Rita And Carly singing on the song, and its about doing things thats considered ruling the world basically. All 3 women sound so good on the song and it is availalbe for download on the PSR website for .99 cents check out a 45 second clip to the song by clicking here. In other news, Amy has finished up her signing today and she has taken her maternity leave and she left behind one video for their song "Brokenhearted" you can check that song out here. Amy has said she will be having her baby in the beginning to mid december and she may share a pic or two of her new baby girl, so we'll be on the lookout for that! Speaking of babies, Tiffany Evans who just delivered close to two weeks ago, has sent a video tweet of herself which is the first time she has been seen since she had the baby, and her figure is still in good shape and she has said she will still be working on her album from time to time in her home studio while she is on her maternity leave and she also thanked all of her PSR buddies for their support as well as her fans and she has said that Nini is giving her until May to finish her maternity leave but she says she wont need that long, Amy has also said she doesnt need that long either so these two may be back before we are expecting them back. Miley CYRus starts hers in 3 months in february and within that time she says she wants to drop more songs more videos more shows and maybe possibly a mixtape as she says she wants to leave her fans with enough material to last them until she gets back. Fake pregnacies are, KC, Diamond, Kelly Clarkson, Cymophonique, Miranda, Mona L, LOLA Monroe and Christina Milian so no babies there......yet. Check me out later for more info! P.S Ye might be a daddy! But we're still checking into that and we will let you guys know when we find out!

NiNi And KC Gets Roasted

SNL (Saturday Night Live) has taken a break from PSR for a while and started roasting other celebs such as Wayne, Jay-Z, Melanie Fiona and the Knowles Fam, but they couldn't stay away from PSR for too long and today they had a skit aimed at Nini and KC among a few other PSR artists. This is Nini's first roast since 2009 from them so you know they had to make it good. Click here to check out the hilarious skit. Nini and KC as well as Miley and Katy Perry who also were included,  have all said they enjoyed the skit and Nini even said she laughed at her roast and called them "Talented at what they do" once again SNL loves when celebs understand their show, and don't take things to the head, so they have invited Nini, KC, MILEY AND Katy to their show one day so they can roast who they want to roast , the others have agreed to it and Nini said quote "Ill think about it" We love celebs who can take a joke don't you? In other news, Nini was in court today for the first half of her trial and a media storm was in front of the courthouse trying to get a statement... she was with her manager and he continually said "No comment" but Nini stopped and said "All I will say is that man is a pussy (laughs) then they asked "What do you mean by that Nini?" she rolled her eyes and said "Exactly what It sounds like" and she walked away and they continued trying to ask her questions, but her manager and her security team were doing a good job at holding the media back. We are told the man Issac Johnson is looking to get  2,000.00 now from Nini as he says his medical stay at the hospital cost him 1,500 with no insurance, plus an extra 500 for the cost of his medicine bills, the judge has not made a decision yet, but he listened to both sides of the story and tomorrow she is due back in court for her sentence at 9am, everyone will be crowded in front of the courthouse tomorrow waiting for her sentence similar to MJ when he was in court, everyone already started making signs and shirts with words like "Free Nini" or "Nini is innocent!" so she has tons of support from her fans on this one. Check me out tomorrow for more details on this story! The queen is off today, so I'll do my best to get you guys some juicy info, I know you guys crave that stuff lol

NiNi Kills Show Last Night!

Last night was Nini's show which the media is naming "The Presidential Royal Show" which took place in The Riverside Section of Atlanta Georgia. The show began at 10pm and started off with "Cool" Nini came out first and was dressed as the Queen of England and many people applauded loud for her, and she put on her London accent and said "Good evening everyone me name is Nini and I will be performing for you tonight, then B came out and pushed her and said "Enough of that crap, hey Riverside!" The crowd went wild  and Nini proved just how much she really doesn't care on what she did the other night when she bombed the man with the pie being that she made fun of it in this skit. She got off the floor and said "I cant believe you just did that" B said "Well believe it honey" and she said "This brute is so disrespectful to authority figures, Ill make sure Ill tell me mummy of this indecency" The British accent she was putting on was so hilarious and she had most of the audience laughing and she sounded so much like NICKI MINAJ when Nicki puts on her hilarious british accent, and then she took out a pie (it was fake) and she said "You heartless tramp, this is how we settle things where I come from" and B said "You wouldn't dare" and she said "Oh Yea?" and she threw the pie at her and B ran around the stage acting like the man who got hit with the pie screaming and yelling saying "Ill sue you I swear I will sue you, oh my god its so hot" and the audience was dying and then she fell on stage and screamed and said "I want my mommy" Then Nini made the whole crowd go wild when she said "No no dear mummy wont save you, cause your mommy works for me!" The crowd gave her a loud standing ovation when she said that, and TINA who was in the audience was clapping and laughing and the spotlight went on her and everyone clapped for her while she waved at everyone. The skit was over and smoke filled the stage then a voice came over the loudspeaker and said "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Q3 stadium, please enjoy the show and please refrain from using any handheld devices like cell phones, cameras,or ipods, just sit back and relax and enjoy the show" Then an explosion went off and everyone screamed, Nini was changed into a PSR dancing outfit and B exploded next to her in a different outfit as well, Then JAY walked out and had everyone throw up his diamond, Then Ye came out with a shirt that said PSR/Roc Nation and then TYga came out with a Young Money Hat on and all 3 of them got standing ovations and some women in the crowd were crying especially when TYGA came out. The beat to "Cool" played and they all performed their part, Nini First, THEN Jay, Then B, Then TYGA and Then Ye, and they all killed it and Ye jumped in the crowd after the song was over and this time the crowd caught him and the other artists on the stage threw up Jay's diamond along with some fans in the audience. Next up was "Where have you been" which is Nini and KC and KC came out to thousands of cheering and they performed the song while B stepped back stage to allow them to do it. For it to be tension between those two, they certainly performed the song amazingly together and even gave each other a hug afterwards and the fans went nuts and someone held up  a sign that said "Nini + KC remain buddies, no more fighting" and KC left the stage. B was backstage and didn't show up for another hour as she was allowing Nini to get all her guests out the way, Next was Cymphonique and they performed "Be Your Own You: which is a great song, next Miley came out and performed "Party with her and Jordan Sparks" not the old version but the new way better version, and then Breezy came out to thousands of cheering and they performed "My Heart Is Here" and many in the crowd cried off of that song including my wife. And Last unexpectedly, Kat exploded on stage unannounced and people cheered so loud that I though my ears were bleeding and B came back out and they all performed "Please Don't Go" which is still Kat's number 1 song all around the world. After that was over she hugged the queens and left after blowing fans a kiss. Then B and Nini finished up the remaining hour and performed "Cant see Me" which Jay came back out for, Chocolate, Dream Love, Drop The Beat" Lose My Breath, Cater 2 U" and 2 songs from her mixtape which is "Do Me" Miley came back out for that one and "Hot" which is really hot! The show ended sometime after midnight and the queens were exhausted but they put on a magnificent show better than all the rest and they disappeared at the end which is always great to see. They went back stage got water,  put on their jackets,  hugged and went their separate ways. You can click here to check out the entire show! In other news, although Nini and B were making fun of the pie incident, no one is gonna be laughing today being that she goes to court today at 11am to see what her punishment will be, and the guy did not like the queens skit not one bit and he tried to include B in it in some way, but the judge said she didn't do anything but make fun of it she didn't hurt him or anything so his request was denied. The media is already charging up their computers and cameras trying to catch footage of this trial, so when we find something out, we will let you guys know!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Melanie Pisses Off PSR Artists AGAIN! Says Its Only 3 Artists Who Deserve To Be There!

As usual the chick who speaks her mind no matter what just like those Canadian people usually do, Melanie Fiona has once again managed to piss off an entire label by an interview she did this evening and this is how it went.
We have Melanie Fiona in the house ya ll! (the audience clapped and cheered)
Hey guys (smiling)
So Melanie how r u
I'm fine
so from my understanding, its been alot of tension with you and PSR
Do you feel any different about PSR
Well I never had a problem with PSR or Nini PSR is a dope label I wanted to be with them so bad and I still do, its just some of the people that I just was asked an opinion on and I gave my honest opinion
OK I see so who is it that you don't like there
I feel its only 3 people there besides Nini who actually deserve to be there and that's Rita, Carly and Demi those 3 are the truth, but see that's my opinion though, not once did I ever say my opinion matters or anything, but I was asked how I feel before and I spoke on it
so in other words besides those 4 people who you just named no one else is good enough to be there
no not to me but obviously to everyone else
are u at all worried that they might be upset
not really as long as its not nini cuz i don't want any problems with her, the rest i could care less
and what about ke$ha
please not her (audience laughs)
That's the PSR Part of her interview and she pissed off many people basically everyone at PSR being that she said everyone except for demi Carly and Rita and many people have spoken up on her including Ye, KC, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus and Nipsey as well as Jordan sparks and Lloyd and she is facing much hate from PSR fans Nini fans and even her fans, but she made it clear she doesn't care and she was asked her opinion n she gave it, how do you guys feel..........

Alexis Jordan To Join The Queens Tonight!~

We have word from Alexis Jordan's manager that she will be performing with Nini tonight at her show in Riverside Georgia at 10pm at the Q3 Stadium. We are told that she will be performing that 2 songs that she has with Nini which are "2 STEP" and "Beat It Up" Other guest performers that we know about include "Cymphonique, KC, Jordin Sparks and Breezy, but Nini may have a surprise or two up her sleeve and have even more than that. Tickets for the show tonight are still on sale and its about 100 left before they are sold out so if you haven't already done so, go get your tickets by visiting this website Tickets range from 75.00 to 2000.00 so get your tickets and Ill see you guys there. In other news, KC says she is not mad by Nini flipping on her and she said "I ain't tripping I know she was upset she always tells us don't really speak up on her when shes mad or we will get it too and I forgot so that was kinda my fault" KC also says quote "I don't hold it against her no hard feelings and yeah I'm looking forward to performing with them tonight" So everything may not be excellent with them but they are willing to keep it professional and that's whats important. See you guys at the show!

Nini Makes KC Cry

This morning, Nini was at a charity event raising money for the Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort, but as usual here comes reporters with DUMB questions which pissed Nini off and she grabbed a camera and hit the camera man with it and he said "Ow Nini that hurt" and then a rush of camera people began running up on her and saying "Nini why did you do that" Shes busy fighting them off and she screamed "EVERYBODY SHUT UP!" someone said "Oh my lord" and everyone got silent and was backing up from her and their expressions were scared expressions. She said "I had it up to here with you damn reporters, I swear if any of y'all touch me again or ask me a dumb question I will be going to jail and you will be the main star of a funeral I'm sick of this shit! At this time KC who just showed up said "Yeah why don't y'all just leave her alone god! and nini turned to her and said "AND YOU MIND YOUR BUSINESS DO I NEED YOU TO SPEAK UP ON ANYTHING NO I DON'T ALL OF Y'ALL FUCKERS JUST STAY OUTTA MINES I DON'T NEED Y'ALL SPEAKING UP LIKE I'M SOME LIL ASS KID WHY R U HERE ANYWAY GET THE HELL OUT! Kc looked so embarrassed and she walked out and many say it was small tears in her eyes, but many say she was not crying but we don't know. Everyone at the event was totally frightened at this point and all the camera people left really fast and Nini closed up shop and left with her bodyguard, KC or Nini has not been available for comment! Sorry about the comment section guys im working on it now

NiNi Drops New Song With Eminem + Woman Murders Daughter Over Nini

This afternoon, a new song dropped titled "Bomb" by Eminem Ft NiNi. The song was completely unexpected as neither Eminem nor NiNi has mentioned anything about it, but we are glad its here. the song combines heavy 808 drums with a melodic bass and and a hip-hop rhythm feel to it and it is produced by Ye. This is Eminem's song and it will be featured on his new album coming early next year. Click here to check out "Bomb" Speaking of Eminem he also has a song out with RI RI titled "Numb" click here to check that out. In other news, a New York woman is being charged with murdering her 17 year old daughter after an argument popped off. The story goes that the girl came in at 7am this morning after being out all night with her boyfriend, which made her mother worry all night and she had school the next day. So she comes in and they began to argue and after some heated words, the girl goes crazy and starts breaking things such as the TV and the radio her moms cell phone and Nini's newest CD "The World Thru My Eyez" The woman began crying when she found out that the CD was broke and that's all she cared about (O.....K) anyways she became so upset and she ran up on her daughter and began choking her, The girl was fighting back of course, but eventually she passed out from lack of air but she was not dead. Then the lady filled the bathtub with water and picked up her daughter and put her body in there and finished her off by drowning her. It only took two minutes, and her daughter turned blue and passed away around 715am. The mother then calmly called 9-11 and said "I need a police officer I killed my daughter" and hung up the phone. Police arrived within 3 minutes and she was not trying to hide she calmly let them in and led them to her daughters floating body in the tub. They took pictures and arrested the mom who has now been identified as 35 year old New Yorker Trisha States. Trisha has a history of problems starting back when she was just 13 years old and she has what is called Schizophrenia. Usually she keeps the disease under control with pills, but she ran out last night and was going to get her prescription filled today when the pharmacy opened. She is a huge Nini fan and an officer on the scene said "She was a Fan of Miss Nini and I guess by her daughter breaking the uh Cd prompted her to go crazy and she didn't have her medicine either, thats not the best excuse in the world but that's what we have for now, so we do have a motive. Trisha has been charged with 1st degree murder of her daughter and is currently awaiting trial, and the daughters boyfriend is in pieces over this and so is her dad. So far Nini has not said anything on this yet.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Nini Is Getting Sued! + Denys R,Kellys Offer

We are told that Issac Johnson the man who got bombed with a pie last night is suing nini for medical bills as he got burned by the pie which left scars and he is suing he for $1,500. Nini has not responded to this claim yet, but she is due in court on November 28th which is Wednesday, and we just have to wait and see what happens, at this time Nini has not issued an apology or a statement. In other news, Nini has denied R. Kelly's offer of being in his trapped in the closet chapters saying she has too much to do and she really doesn't have time, but she will love to do a song with him one day as she loves his music and is a fan of his, Kelly has responded saying "Definitely, Ill get at you next week, we gonna drop something dope!" TIP and Ye have also denied being in it saying their schedule is too crazy but did thank him for thinking about them......Word was a while back that Mr Kelly was being signed to PSR but since that hasn't happened yet we guess it was a rumor, but seriously how cool would that be? Anyways that's it for now, ill update you guys tomorrow on her show tonight peace!

R.Kelly Says He's Trying Get Nini To Be In His New Trapped Chapters

This afternoon, King Of R&B R.Kelly has stated that among other people he wants Nini to star in his upcoming chapters for the drama mystery filled "Trapped In The Closet" series. chapters 13-22 is coming soon and he promised his fans that alothough its been a little over 6 years since the last chapter has been released, Kelly says the series will continue and most of the original cast members will return and he wants new ones and he has named Nini as one of them and TIP as another. Many fans are super excited that his saga is continiuing but no word from Nini yet on whether she will be involved or not, but we feel it will be really sweet to see her appearing in the movie/video chapters, but currently we are waiting for word on her so stay tuned.

Nini's Show Last Night + Someone Throws A Pie In Kanye's Face

Last night was Nini's show in Houston, TX at the Palace Music Stadium in front of 270,000 fans. The other queen was unable to make it so any song she was in had to be backtracked. The show started at 8pm and lasted for 3 hours until 11. They started off the show with Nini's new song "Cool" with B's verse backtracked and every time one of the featured artists part came on an explosion went off and they appeared out of nowhere which looked really cool. That song is super hot and they did a super hot performance to go along with it. But at the end which Ye has the last verse, someone from somewhere threw a pie in his face which made him fall on stage. He was covered in cherry pie from his head and it was dripping from his head onto his shirt. Jay went and helped him up and Nini stopped the music and screamed "WHO THE HELL JUST DID THAT?!?!?!" The audience went silent and no one answered "She said "OK if no one wants to talk I guess the show is over then" and the 4 artists went off stage and the crowd began booing hard and Ye flipped everyone the finger and he said "Y'all lucky this pie taste good as hell" No one left the stadium and everyone sat there, NINI's manager Johnny came out and said "I'm sorry guys, but the queen is finished with the show, so I ask that you calmly exit the stadium and we will do our best to make this up" But everyone booed again and people were screaming out things such as "No fuck that, I PAID 1000 dollars for her show, she's not gonna just takes peoples money and run, I ain't going no damn where" People were screaming out things like that and Johnny said "I can assure you people that she is not taking anyones money, someone threw a pie at Mr West and that is like a threat to the artists who is up here trying to do their job, she will make it up just hold onto your tickets please" But the crowd still booed and they wouldn't move, then Nini came out and said "OK I'm standing right here, I want one of y'all bitches to say I'M stealing y'all money while I'm standing right here,,,, anybody wanna speak" No one said anything and she said "That's what I thought, you blame the asshole who thinks this is a pie eating contest, if that person shows him or herself maybe Ill continue if not all of y'all are suffering and y'all know by now that I really don't care how that makes ya ll feel so whats it gonna be" Everyone began looking around and then finally a man identified himself as the thrower and he said "It was Me" Nini said "whats your name?" and he said "Issac Johnson ma'am" and she said "OK to my concert promoters if someone named Issac Johnson with this face ever tries to sign up for a ticket, he will be denied is that clear" Her ticket givers said "Yes Ma'am" she looked at him and he looked so embarrassed and she said "Dude you will never get to come to one of my shows ever again, so I want you to leave now, you will not be getting your money back and try me if you want money will be the last thing on your mind now get out!"He started to walk off while everyone was staring at them and she said "Hold up I want you to have something before you go"and a large pie flew out of no where and bombed him right in the face and it was pretty hot and the man screamed and ran out the stadium while Nini and the whole audience was laughing and she said "Take a break cuz I need one, Ill be back in 10 minutes and if any of y'all ever say I'm stealing money and running again I will never come back to Houston again y'all dig me on that? and the whole crowd said together "Yes Nini" and she walked backstage while some people got out their seats to get food or use the bathroom. After the 10 minutes was up she came back out and performed the rest of her songs with B's voice backtracked for "Chocolate" "True Love" Fresh" and "Who Do It Like Me" She had her hologram for "CANT SEE ME" AND "WHEN THE BEAT DROP" and that was amazing to see. The rest of the show went smooth but she did not do autographs like she was supposed to as she was still upset but everyone got their moneys worth. All in all it was a great show and it shows just how aggressive Nini can be...but we love that lol (no offense Beith) Click here to check out the entire show, (warning obscene language is used on the clip) In other news, Cymphonique has said she will be in a movie this winter with her buddies Selena and KC which will be sponsored by PSR cinema and although she denied to tell us the exact date, she did say before the year is out, and when she was asked if Nini will be in it anyway big or small she said "WAIT N SEE" So that's what we will do! Click here to check out her interview

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Karmin Drops Album!

PSR Hip-Hop Duo Karmin has finally released their long awaited 1st PSR album titled "Hello" The album was supposed to be released yesterday, but a delay caused it to be pushed back for a day and it has been released early this morning at 6am. So far the duo has seen a considerable amount of success from the album selling over 166,000 copies so far in the united states and over 125,000 copies overseas which bumps them up to 191,000 copies worldwide which is excellent. So far they haven't beat out the PSR high selling women, but Nini and many others feel they have the potential to beat at least one of them as  the day goes on and so do we. Although this first album probably wont get them to Nini's royal circle by itself, we feel if they book many shows and promote very hard they would have a very great chance of becoming royal or even presidential royal. The album is good and has been rated PG-13 as there is some cuss words but its not hardcore and the album is considered to be hip-hop/pop with a metro feel and we love that. The album is produced by Nini, Jonathan Franks, The Dream and Nick from the group and all producers did a wonderful job with the beats and the lyrics from Amy are definitely on point especially in song number 6 which is titled "Giant" which features Nini. The album features Nini, Omg Girlz, Kelly Clarkson, Kc, Ci Ci, RI RI,Katy Perry, Havana Brown, Ye, Breezy, Miley Cyrus and Kat and Keke Palmer and all their collab choices are good choices. Their album is available in retail stores worldwide for $9.99 or on their site for the same price, so head over to the site and grab the album and as mentioned before, when Amy's maternity leave is over, she will be making a video for most of the songs on the album including "Giant" with Nini. She will be doing a signing today, tomorrow and Tuesday only, afterwards she goes on her maternity leave until May 16th 2013, but Nick will still be working just to get them not to lose out on too much but you probably wont hear any new material from them until she comes back as he doesn't really sing or rap on the songs that's Amy. But for now we would like to say congratulations to Karmin on a wonderful album, click here To check out some songs from the album which we feel are the best! In other news, PSR artist Nicki Minaj has reached Nini's presidential level and her royal circle today! She was taken to a royal meeting and she is now apart of the most secret group in the world besides the Illuminati which means she has to b severely private or bad things may happen lol.... just kidding but she will be dropped from the group and so far she understands that so congrats to Nicki on obtaining the highest level in the game, she definitely deserves to be there, Also speaking of Nicki she has been hacked and the picture shows her making out with a very beautiful woman who's a model named Candy and they both are nude rubbing each other and kissing. Nicki has not commented on the photo so we don't know if its real or not but we will find out of course. Click here To check out the pic (WARNING THIS PHOTO IS EXTREMELY X RATED AND GRAPHIC......TO MY YOUNGER READERS PLEASE DON'T BE GROWN AND CLICK ON IT..... IF YOU ARE OVER 18 YOU MAY VIEW IT BUT PROCEED WITH CAUTION AS ONCE AGAIN THE PIC IS EXTREMELY EXPLICIT) P.S Selena Gomez has made a statement saying that she is not having a lesbian affair with Havana Brown and she said they are friends but that's it and the pictures that the media has floating around of them two are false. No one else that's linked up with each other at PSR has made any statements denying anything, so we're still waiting although Alexis Jordan spoke and killed everyones joy when she tweeted "Me and Nini???, man Nini wouldn't fuck with me like that, I don't even think she would look my way when it comes to that particular subject so leave it alone and don't talk about it again thank you!!!!!!!!!! As far as the rest,,,, the linking continues until they deny something which they haven't done yet, but if they do you guys will know. The queen has a show tonight in Houston TX at the Palace so if you guys have tickets see ya there!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Selena And Havana Brown?

word is that PSR artists Selena Gomez and Havana brown are having a secret affair as the media claims to have official pics of the two cuddled up at sports events and even sharing a kiss on thanksgiving day (as the picture above shows) Alot of PSR artists are starting to be linked to each other, for example, Breezy and Jordin sparks continue to be linked, Miley and Jacob Latimore are linked, KC and Nipsey are linked, Katy Perry and Rihanna are linked, Cymphonique and Mona L, are linked, Kat and Monica Spears are linked, Nini and Alexis Jordan are linked, and the list goes on and on. Neither of these artists have denied anything but they haven't confirmed it yet, but we will do a little digging to find out whats true and whats not, that's all for tonight guys peace!

China And Prodigy????

Word is that little  China is not so little anymore and she is growing up within the music game and within her personal life. She's only 14 but she is getting thick and her chest area is sticking out much more. Not only that though, for the past 3 months she has been linked to 14 year old PSR mindless behavior member prodigy in another way besides music. Word is the two are dating! They are seen every where together constantly and they have recorded 3 songs with each other and even 3 videos with each other and he is seen at every one of her shows. Not only that but now rumor has it that she is pregnant by him, but we aren't sure about it and neither artist is trying to speak on anything concerning anything, but many people are waiting in suspense on some word on this and if we can find something out we will let you know, PS the queen is off today, but as usual ill do my best to get your info to you

NiNi's Mega Explosive Show Last Night

Last night was NINI's show in Atlantic City NJ and when I say it was explosive I mean it was EXPLOSIVE! The show started at 8pm and over 250,000 N's and bees were in attendance including us and everyone was super excited.  The first song that started was "Cool" the new number 1 song by Nini and Jay-Z, TYGA, and Weezy came out to help with the song. Everyone showed mad love for that song and all 5 artists killed it especially the queens who were doing their famous dances all around stage upstaging all of the guys. At the end Weezy jumped into the crowd and was caught by the fans and they carried him around stage, it was amazing. The show was filled with sparkles and fiery explosions and the vibe was amazing. But I know you guys would rather see it than read it, so here's a video clip of the entire performance click here. In other news, new material has releases into the PW line from Ke$ha the Omg Girlz, Cymphonique and MILEY CYRUS including hats, jewelry, headgear, bras, panties, wigs, human and synthetic hair, plastic color bracelets, wrist bands, lady and men's headbands, and many more things head over to the platinum wear site to check out all the new designs Selena also has some pretty cool shoes up there too as well as Mona l and Amy, so check it out!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Nini Gets Demi Lovato!

This morning, the queen has signed yet another artist to PSR and she is 20 year old new mexico artist and best friend of Selena Gomez Demi Lovato. Seems as if Nini is sweeping up all the really big talented artists and adding them to her roster which is fabulous. Demi has been signed to a 2 year 58 milion dolar deal with the label and she is the most happiest artist in the world by now as judging by her tweet early this morning where she said "OMG Just take a guess which label I signed with, too late its the platinum crew! Nini Selena Cymphonique, Ye, Big Sean Miley all the biggest names of that label are my new partners and that is sweeter than cake yay!" Many of her fans, in fact all 200 million of them are super excited at her new switch from Mic Records to PSR and not only them but other fans of PSR and Nini are happy about the new artist. No crashes on twitter or google, but still many many searches on that topic and we must say we are excited too. In other news we are told that a 3 some fight popped off between miranda cymphonique and beauty after an argument between the 3 but we still arent sure yet but we will let you guys no comments are screwy right now sorry!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nini's Dope New Song!

Happy thanksgiving guys! And today Nini has given us a sweet treat to enjoy before dinner and dropped a new song titled 'Cool' which features Jay Z Beyonce TYGA And Weezy all on the same song. The song is bomb and it has stolen the number 1 spot which was "Cant See Me"which is now at number 2. Tyga, Weezy and Jay Rap on the song, Nini Rap/Sings on it and B sings on it but in a fierce fast kinda way and the track is produced by Miranda Cosgrove who did amazing with the beat. The song is currently the most popular song out right now and it crashed the PSR site and its still crashed to this very moment with over 100 billion downloads within 28 minutes which is a new record for any song ever! You guys can check out the mega hit song "Cool" by clicking here. The queen is off today and pretty much every PSR artist is, so it may not be any info today although KC does have a show in her hometown of Oakland CA later on tonight if you want to check that out, but of course if I get any info so will you guys, Peace and enjoy your turkey day!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nini Signs 3 New Artists!

This afternoon, Nini announced she added 3 new artists to the PSR Roster and those 3 artists are 30 year old southern Louisiana rap artist Lil Boosie, 27 year old southern Louisiana rap artist Webbie and 26 year old Canada rock singer Carly Rae Jepsen. Boosie has been signed to a 2 year 29 million dollar deal, Webbie has been signed to a 2 year 32 million dollar deal and Carly has been signed to a 2 year 68 million dollar deal. Carly was unsigned but she still has over 100 million fans worldwide and all her fans are super excited that she picked PSR as her home after shopping herself around to labels for over 7 months and apparently shes very Happy too as she posted this morning on Twitter "The greatest label in the world wanted me, how could I possibly turn that down, thank you to all the labels who wanted me but PSR is where I LIVE now and that's the way I love it mwah!" Carly being signed to PSR has become the biggest thing since Nini announced she was pregnant and so far google has crashed from being searched on that subject by over 300 million people and over 75 million tweets per second on twitter about it made twitter crash for over an hour. Lil Bossie and Webbie are similar with 47 million tweets per second and over 40 million google searches, but no crashes from them. We feel Nini made a good choice with all 3 artists Do you guys? In other news, Saturday Karmin's super highly awaited first PSR album titled "Hello" is dropping and many fans are really eager to grab it and Amy announced videos will be made for most of the songs on the album after her maternity leave is over, we cant wait for the album, check me out Saturday for all the info on this mega expected album! And congrats to the 3 new PSR artists!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012



Nini's Show Last Night + FIRE COLLAB


Monday, November 19, 2012

Nini's SHOW Last Night

Last night was Nini's show at the Trump Music PALACE In Sin City Las Vegas Nevada. It started at 8pm on the dot, and over 190,000 N's and Bees were there to enjoy the show including us. It started with Can't See Me" which the guest was Jay-Z and they killed it as usual. Then NINI kept up with her promise and she began performing songs from her new mixtape "Do Me" which is our favorite song and Miley Cyrus came out as she is featured in that song and They killed that. Next was Cancel That Bitch" which SOLO Is featured and she came out and helped her with it. This whole time B took a break and let Nini perform her songs with her guests or by herself. Nini performed a total of 6 new songs from her mixtape and we all enjoyed every single one of them. After she was done with her new songs, the other queen came back out to finish up with her and the last 2 songs was "Chocolate" and "Who Do It This Fresh" and they ended the show with "I LOVE YOU VEGAS" and they exploded with a bomb that went off and disappeared off stage which is alwaycool to see. They had no backstage autographs, although they did sign a couple autographs on their way out and they went their separate ways. The show went well as usual and they killed it as usual and we would like to say congrats. Check out the video clip of the entire performance by clicking here. In other news, a rumor is spreading that Nini and PSR artist Diamond had a fight this morning, but that's all we know, we don't know why or if its even true, but everyone is saying that it happened but we have to find out whats up and we will let you guys know!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Its A BOY For Tiffany Evans! + The Queen Is Back To Work!

This morning PSR artist Tiffany Evans has tweeted a pic of her new born baby boy with a caption that reads ITS A BOY! The baby weighs 5lbs 7oz which is a healthy size and he is so adorable and she has named him Keyshawn JR after His Daddy! Many PSR artists including Nini have congratulated her on her new delivery with NINI saying "AWWW he so cute congrats mama I mean that from the heart! And 100 other PSR artist have posted kind things about her as well as other artists in the industry. Tiffany will be on maternity leave until May of 2013 but as mentioned last night, her new album "A New Me" will still be dropping on new years day so be on the lookout for that and once again congrats to Tiffany! In other news, the queen is back to work today and she has a show tonight in Vegas at the Trump music palace at 8pm we will be there so if you guys have tickets, see ya there!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Breezy Makes A Statement + Tiffany Rushed To The Hospital!

PSR artist BREEZY has made a statement regarding his statement earlier about Nini saying "Nah I ain't mean it like that, I admit that I put it very wrong but I look at her as a sister nothing more, I was referring to her skills and whatnot not anything like that, I don't even look or think about her that way nah cant do that" Believe it or not some people were very excited when they thought that those two may be having answer affair with one fan tweeting "They need to be together so he can get his mind off of that tramp bitch RI RI, they make a hella cute couple and they'll have some cute ass babies" Nini doesn't have twitter anymore but she did respond to the girl on her site saying to Chanel bitch shut the fuck up don't make me beat that ass I'm hot today!" But regardless the rumors are false which we kinda knew anyway. In other news, PSR artist Tiffany Evans was in the studio recording when her water broke, Tina called the ambulance and they determined it was a false pregnancy, and  they gave her pain meds and allowed her to stay at work. But 2 hours later her water broke again and this time she was in terrible pain, Tina wasn't around this time so Ke$ha called the ambulance for her and this time they took her in the back of the ambulance and rushed her to the hospital. The media tried to get info on it, but news went quiet for hours, then stories started emerging and many began saying that she had a boy, but then other stories began saying she had a girl, but at this point she hasn't confirmed anything as of yet, so right now its still in the rumor stage, but we do know for a fact that her husband Keyshawn Wilkins was seen entering the building and he denied any comment. At this point we do not know what the sex of the baby is or if she even had the baby, but we do know that if she did have the baby she had him or her at least a month early than what she said on her site and she was supposed to go on maternity leave in December, but obviously her maternity leave starts now, but we are told that her 1st PSR album which is due on New Years Day 2013 will still drop as she is finished with it and she is leaving something for her fans to enjoy. We don't know if she will give pics or even info on her baby but if she does I will let you guys know. Speaking of pregnancies, Amy from Karmin is due in February and she begins her maternity leave on December 1st and Karmin's album is due on November 24th which is next Saturday, so she got what she wanted to get done and out of the way before she left, and we are told Tiffany will be on maternity leave for 6 months and so will Amy, Stay tuned for more info on these pregnancies! And for Tiff, GET WELL SOON! And congrats on your new bundle of joy if he or she is here!

DiD Breezy Really Say This?

Hey guys just a quick little update, so the national enquirer reports that breezy said this in a statement "Yeah Nini is my girl that's my sister, shes the reason I'm still here and responsible for my success and she got that good good so we always get it in (laughs) Fans immediately started suspecting that she is having sex with Breezy since he said that, but at this point its still in rumor status since neither artist has denied or confirmed it, but we'll keep our ears open and let you guys know!

Rita Gets Right To Work! + Nini's birthday mixtape hits the 1 B mark

21 Year old London singer/rapper Rita Ora wasted no time in getting to know anyone or pal around with her new PSR buddies, instead soon after she signed the contract she was given her own studio like all the rest and she started working right away, she was given her own producer, sound mixer, master and engineer, and so far she has been hard at work starting on her first song off of PSR as well as beginning work on her first PSR album. Alot of PSR artists feel that Nini made a smart good choice in signing Rita including her good friend and fellow Roc Nation artist RI RI, Ye, Lucci Vee, Leona Lewis and Ke$ha as well as the OMG Girlz who said quote "Rita will blow up now like she is supposed to its her destiny!" So her new home is already showing her lots of love, which is always good and the queen says she believes in her, so do we, we are told her and Nini will be working on their collab song soon when Nini comes back! In other news, Nini's mixtape "Birthday" is the most popular mixtape out right now, beating out Ke$ha's mixtape and Selena's and Kat's and has been downloaded by over 1 billion people so far which is the most downloads any of her mixtapes ever seen, although the mixtape is free she still has seen a substantial amount of profit from the promotion of it as well as the two 99 cent bonus tracks and she says she will be including the hottest songs from the mixtape in her shows when she gets back to work Sunday, we cant wait! Congrats to Miss Nini, Your N's and and ourselves are so proud of you! As mentioned before, the queen is off today too, but she does have an autograph signing in Houston TX at 11am this morning, so make sure you get there to get whatever you have signed. That's all for now Peace~!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Rita Ora Signs To PSR!!!

This afternoon, Nini announced on her site that she has just signed Roc Nation artist Rita Ora to PSR! This news comes unexpected of course, but its something that her fans are loving very much, and every comment on it so far has been nothing but positive. Miss Ora has been signed to a 2 year 2 album deal for 50 million advance and she must produce 2 albums and 1 mixtape to be considered for a larger deal, but her fans have the most confidence in her, she is only PSR roster and will not be shared like her label mates Kanye, Ri Ri and Big Sean. Rita posted one simple thing on Twitter that said in big bold letters "PLATINUM!" Congrats to Miss Ora. Her former boss Sean Carter aka Jay-Z has also shared in happiness as he said "I'm happy for her, I think she could truly blossom to her full potential, she's still my girl and I still would like to work with her, but I feel PSR is where she truly deserves to be. Do you guys feel that way too? In other news Actress Drew Barrymore has called Nini an inspiration in her work. Check out her full interview statement here

Russel Simons Makes Statements To The N's

Today hip hop mogul Russel Simmons who is Nini's boss made a statement at the N's (Which are Nini's fans) he said "Guys I understand you may have personal preferences and all but please give miss Nini a break shes a personal friend of mine and i hate to see her go through so much so just relax OK if not for me do it for her" This was an obvious continuation to Nini's statement last night asking fans nicely to stop complaining about things that aren't their business, and so far fans have taken noticed and so far have stopped once they found out shes under more stress because of them. In other news, Nini says she will be making a drink alcoholic and non alcoholic and although she doesn't have a name for either one yet, she says shes trying to drop her drink before CHRISTMAS. So be on the lookout for more info on that under the "New Stuff" section on her site! Once again she is off today and tomorrow and will be back Sunday, but Ill try and get info for you guys!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

NiNi Sends Statemet To Fans + Speaks On Rita Ora

This evening, the queen sent out a rather annoyed statement directed at her fans which basically called out the ones that is getting her into more nonsense because of their constant complaining about simple things and she also revealed why she doesn't do much for her fans anymore. Check out the full audio clip here (Obscene language is used so be aware of that before you listen) In other news, Nini posted on her website about 21 year old Roc Nation artist and PSR link up artist Rita Ora saying "Right now,  I'm bumping R.I.P By Rita Ora!!!!!,.....I had this song on repeat all day and I cant stop listening to it, say what you want about her, but she's like the hottest new artist out right now, well in my opinion anyway, a collab between me and her will definitely be popping off soon, Gon miss Rita show these people what London is all about lol! The media caught up with Rita a short while afterwards and asked her opinion on Nini's statement and she said "God you know, you never really know you made it until you hear something like that from someone like that, I'm so glad that she even knows who I am let alone listens to my music, that's truly a blessing and yes a collab is something I'm dying for (laughs) Nini has also confirmed that she will in fact be back to work on Sunday, but she will remain off Friday and Saturday so there will be no shows until Sunday night, but as usual , Ill do my best to keep you up to date with all Nini/PSR news but for now, that's all I have for you guys.....Peace~!

Sorry Guys

I know most of you guys wanted to hear about what happened at Nini's birthday party and I received over 7,000 emails requesting the story, but unfortunately The queen has not allowed me to share any info on the party other than it was really really fun and two PSR artists Keri Hilson And Nicki Minaj believe it or not, actually made up with a hug and a smile which was amazing to see. There were drinks and.....other things, but that's all I can say, and No guys I have no pictures sorry. But  the party was fascinating and everyone showed the birthday girl tons of love which shows she has wonderful friends and artists. Solo did a wonderful job at dj'ing and she kept the party going all night long. Nini did however allow me to post one small video clip of the entrances of the guests which last 3 minutes long so you can check out who arrived within that 3 minutes by clicking here. In other news, the queen is out today, actually both are and they have cancelled their show tonight in fort worth TX, most of PSR is out as well today, so I may not have much news, and if I don't I definitely will make it up to you guys tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Many People Wish Nini A Happy Birthday OvEr Twitter

Many people flocked to twitter today to wish the queen a happy birthday. These people include Shawna, azaelia banks, lady gaga, Cassie, Remy ma, Lil Kim, foxy brown, usher, solo, all of her artists, Russel Simmons, reverend run, Terra Marie, princess, Melanie Fiona, diddy, Rita Ora, jay z, the obamas, all of the basketball wives, all of bad girls club, all of vampire diaries, all of 90210, the kardashian sisters, Megan Good, eva longoria, mariah carey, swv, brownstone, aretha franklin and tons of other people. Its obvious that her birthday is special to many many people and once again we would like to say happy birthday to her once again. now its off to her party, check me out tomorrow guys! peace!

NiNi Drops Mixtape Today

HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN!!! Today she dropped her new mixtape called "birthday" featuring 13 all original songs. the mixtape in entirely produced by Solange Knowles and every song on the mixtape bangs hard. Its clear Nini is perfecting her skill and she is getting so much better. The mixtape features Miley Cyrus and Keyshia Cole only with one song with the hook done by Kat. Our favorite song on the mixtape is track number 11 which is "Do Me" Ft Miley Cyrus. Every beat on the mixtape is fire and its clear that Solo is a genius with her producing skills! The mixtape is available for free download off of her site, but its two bonus tracks on the mixtape that is 99 cents apiece that you can also download off of her site. So far the mixtape has been downloaded by over 175 million people and counting and this is her most successful mixtape up to date. We would like to say congrats to Nini on her successful mixtape, and once again happy birthday! In other news, Nini's party is tonight at 6pm New York Time, we still don't know exactly how many people will be attending, but we do know its over 1,000 people.....We also know that its absolutely NO CAMERA'S ALLOWED Nini's made that clear (Sorry Guys) but I am allowed to tell you what happens only to a certain extent and I say certain extent because remember Nini's circle buddies will be there and royal business is strictly confidential, but Ill do my best to let you guys know something! If I can!

Monday, November 12, 2012

NiNI Is Having A Party!!!

Nini is having a party tomorrow for her 23rd birthday! I Am not allowed to tell yu guys where its at, but it will be in New York tomorrow evening and I'M INVITED!!!! Not sure how many guests are attending or what events will be taking place, and I'm not sure if cameras will be allowed inside, but allwill be found out within time. The industry is going crazy and many people are trying to find out if they can get invited, that goes for fans and celebs alike, but as usual Nini has a strict tight list and not just anyone is invited. The more info I get on whats sure to be a wonderful huge a list Hollywood party Ill let you guys know if I can!

Nini Calls Diddy A Swagger Jacker!! + Gets On Cassie

Exclusive news, this is not a rumor, this came out of Nini's mouth (well not mouth but words....whatever) she calls P Diddy a swagger jacker and gets on Cassie. Nini went on a rant on her site this afternoon saying "Whats real anymore, everything seems to be an illusion things aren't what they seem people are fake, I'm surrounded by morons, pedophiles, murderers and swagger jackers like Diddy, bad boy my ass punk!, Cassie has to be the most disillusioned person I ever met in my life she's so far out of touch with reality that she really thinks the wacky shit she does looks cool reminds me of GAGA, omg I'm in the wrong business people!" No one knows why she had this rant but someone or something mustve pissed her off and the two people she spoke on did not take well to her comments with Cassie posting on twitter "Why you getting on me sweetie, mad cuz I got more attention and respect from your artist then you do lmao (She was referring to Nicki Minaj) leave my name out your mouth honey thanks love!" And diddy also posted on twitter saying "Nini I never once disrespected you not once, its always been love mama, so do me a favor just show me that same respect, you don't have to like me, but I would appreciate you approach me first if you have a problem before letting the whole world see some dumb shit like that, and as far as swagger jacker goes you have many artists like that, but I'm not that artist girl" People once again are bringing up that she did this because of the new york situation being that diddy and Cassie are both from new york and being that she singled them two out and they just happen to be from NY seemed odd to many but no one really knows why or what they or anyone else did to her. One fan though took her back and responded both to Diddy and Cassie saying "Shes under lots of stress shes probably sick of alot she goes through too much, if it was a mistake by her calling y'all out I'm pretty sure she will apologize but no offense y'all will probably never be on her level so y'all wouldn't know how much pressure shes under" Cassie responded to the  girl with W.E and Diddy replied "LOL" Many other artists took up for her and said pretty much the same thing which is she is under alot she probably was just upset and ranted on anything that bugs her and it just happened to be those two.....But those two aren't buying it. Nini has not been available for comment all day. In other news, Nini has also confirmed that she will be making her own drink, which is what everyone has been waiting for, she promised full details on that after her birthday so stay tuned for info on that!

Nini Once Again Causes Controversy With New York

Today the queen returned to work, and she caused controversy with new yorkers once again. It first started when Nini stopped at a small grocery store for a red bull, and they were out of it so they offered her the NY energy drink "New York State Of Mind" which many say is very similar in  taste and appearance to the red bull, but Nini refused it which isn't a problem in itself, but people took offense to it.  Then later on in the morning she caused controversy again when she appeared in a photo shoot and the background looked like the tall buildings in NY and they appeared to be half destroyed and on fire, not only that, after the photo shoot she was asked if she will be having any New York rappers on tour with her anytime soon as many fans would like to see her perform with people such as G-Unit Remy Ma Fat Joe and many other NY rappers and she replied "No not new york, Just Texas for now, maybe in the future i don't know, but my next tour will be probably still be south, I don't really like working with too many new york rappers and its a reason for that" That sent New York into a frenzy and talk is back that she does not like new york or new yorkers. Many new york rappers have also spoken up like bad ass Remy Ma who said "If she has a problem with New York she has a problem with the people because we all stick together, but I'm not really speaking up on much cause I really don't know the story on that, but I do realize that she's spits alot of negative stereotypes at New York, which is ridiculous because that's where her most sales are coming from but whatever Ima leave it at that" PSR artist and New York Rapper Jadakiss said "She ain't got no problem with New York if she did I wouldn't be here, so use your fucking brain" Nini herself has not responded to anything as of yet, but her management did saying "All this new york talk is ridiculous, maybe Nini does have a problem with New York law enforcement, because that came out her mouth but not once has she said she does not like the state or its residents, she only refuses to perform there anymore due to a certain event that caused her to feel that way but its nothing to do with where she is from" Her artists have also backed her up and many of them said she doesn't have a problem with New York"Nini did post something on her site in big bold red blood dripping letters which pissed people off even more which said "PUCKER UP BABIES!!!! KISS KISS BITCHES!!!!!!" Which people took as she was making fun of all the people who were complaining calling them babies and telling them to kiss her ass, but still Nini has not denied it or confirmed it at all. One thing for sure is  she still has loyal fans who worship her in that state so no matter what her sales continue to be the highest out there, but the ones who don't worship her which is only 2% of the entire state she has lost that 2% due to what we call nonsense, so go figure. In other news, Nini has a show tonight in Atlantic City NJ back where it all started, so make sure you get your tickets early  they're going on sale now and already are selling fast!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lady Gaga Says Nini Stabs Her Self Esteem

This evening Lady Gaga was doing a interview for fox magazine and she was asked what does she really think about Nini and she replied "Oh she's gorgeous like totally,  she makes all the girls look ugly (laughs) she kills my self esteem she stabs it (laughs) but she's a wonderful talented artist, no doubt abot that" Many find it odd that Gaga spoke so highly of Nini when they supposedly dont like each other, and whats even more weird is that for the first time in almost 2 years since she has been talking about Nini, she did not sound sarcastic with what she said, she almost seemed happy to talk about her. The reporter though, respected Nini's wishes and didnt ask anything else about her, as she didnt want any drama with Nini like the other reporter got earlier. Gaga almost seemed like a different person on that interview she was being sweet and soft spoken and we say almost because she kind of still kept it weird by wearing a outfit covered in blood and a hat with roaches on it, but thats just Gaga being Gaga thats her style and who are we to judge right? Anyways calls were put out to Nini for her to make a statement on how she felt about her comment on her, but Nini has been unavailable for comment ever since her show ended and managemnet did not return calls.....What do you guys think Gaga is up to? In other news, speaking of Gaga she has pulled down her new perfume "Platinum Sound Smells" as her management said she agreed that it sounds too much like Nini's label and she quote "doesnt know what she was thinking not noticing it before" instead she is coming with a new perfume with a new name, but she is currently working on a album and she says she wants Nini on one of her songs, so that still hasnt changed, and we're sure Nini's answer hasnt changed either, but only time will tell right? Thats all the info I have for tonight Ill get @ you guys tomorrow.... peace!

Nini Makes Suprise Appearance At Show Tonight

Tonight in Dallas TX a show was going on by queen B and Nini was not supposed to be performing but she showed up and made the crowd go wild. The first half of the show B did songs by herself in front of over 75,000 people and she bought out some artists from her label as guests such as Mariah Carey, and Jojo. She performed a total of 7 songs by herself the first two hours. Then all of a sudden the beat to Cant see me plays and fans go wild, and she says OK y'all I want everyone to sing the queens part and just sing along with me if you know the words, but first let bring out jay, everyone put your diamonds up and say hova" Everyone put the diamond up and screamed hova and he came on stage. His part is first so he did that and when Nini's part came up, people were expecting her lyrics to be backtracked, but instead a few seconds before her part started a cloud of smoke filled the stage and a loud bright explosion went off and Nini exploded from the floor and received a very large standing ovation. Jay screamed "GIVE IT UP FOR THE MOTHERFUCKING QUEEN!" Everyone showed tons of love and applause, then Nini did her verse as well as danced around on stage. She was dressed like a ghetto fly girl with a rag over her head short shorts and a white tee with stunner shades on her head, she was looking quite cute. They all finished the song and the audience was so happy to see her there. She performed two more songs which was "Chocolate" and "When The Beat Drop" and they finished the show off with a explosions as well as floating in the air blowing kisses at the crowd and disappeared while they were in the air which is always cool to see. Fans continued cheering and clapping even after they were gone and they continued for about 10 minutes before heading backstage where they signed 250 autographs and boobs apiece and went their separate ways. Nini made headlines just by showing up unexpectedly and its all that everyone is talking about and she certainly left fans happy that they decided to show up which proves even if Nini is off work one day still go to the show you never know what might happen. Check out the video starting when Nini arrived by clicking here. In other news, a couple announcements for PSR/Aftermath/SHADY artist Eminem, 1st off he announced his first PSR album is due on January 15th 2013. Second he seems to be tangled up in a feud with Young Money Boss Lil Wayne, apparently over Nini.....We do know for a fact that it is drama between the two men, but what we arent sure about is if Nini is the reason, but we will do a little more digging and let you guys know peace!

Reporter Pisses Off Lola Monroe And Gets Attacked By Nini

This afternoon, rising PSR artist Lola MONROE was doing an interview for 20/20 and as usual Nini's husband came up in the conversation and the female reported asked "So would you have sex with Beith?" she replied "No" she said "Why" Lola replied "Um what do you mean why, he's my boss's husband" the reporter said "So that's the only reason why you wouldn't have sex with him?" and she said "I guess..... OK I thought this was about me if you want to talk about him why don't you get him in here" and she got up and left. Nini heard about it and she was beyond pissed. She caught up with the reporter and gave her the scare of her life. She approached her at a small gift shop in downtown ATL and she walked up to her, and the lady jumped back and Nini said "Didn't I tell you bitches to leave my husband out of your fucking mouth" the lady said "I'm sorry nini I just....." before she even finished nini threw a punch at her but it seems like she intentionally missed, the reporter got on the floor and got into a ball position crying and begging her not to hurt her. Nini then picked up a fish tank that was in the gift shop and poured all the water all on her with the fish bouncing all over her the lady screamed as they were humongous fish and she got up and ran out the store. Nini then pulled out a 100 dollar bill and gave it t o the store owner and said sorry for the mess and she left out. We are told that the reporter quit her job and she is never going to be a reporter again. She's not the only one though, just last week Selena was asked the same question and she responded that she wouldn't have sex with him because of Nini, but when she was asked if she would without Nini being in the picture she refused to answer. Over the past month over 20 people have been asked if they would have sex with Beith which include "Ke$ha, keke Palmer, Miranda cosgrove, monica spears, monica, Alexis Jordan, kc, solo, beyonce, Tina Knowles, jay-z (yes i said jay z) Vanessa hudgens, Amy, Ashanti, Lola Monroe, Mona l, china (yes i said china) Olivia, Jessica, and Leona Lewis and even Melanie Fiona, and all those people who have been asked that got upset by the question with the worst being beyonce who said they are very disrespectful to ask a question like that. Nini is making a mission to find out the reporters who asked all these people about that and she's making it her problem, so probably more fights are coming up soon.....In other news, Nini says she is not being sued by Def Jam, the rumor started 3 days ago, but she confirmed that it is not true and def jam wouldn't go there with her, so no bad news there. Also we are told that Nini and her bosses are having problems with each other, but we have to find out more before we can report anything so we'll let you know! And Nini confirmed that solo is the only producer on her new mixtape and that she did a great job, we believe it no offense but solo is a better dj/proiducer than she is a singer, but thats just our opinion!

Vanessa Hudgens Found Guilty Of Murder

Last week PSR artist Vanessa Hudgens went to court being sued by the family of the woman Patricia Peterson who she accidentally caused the death of a little more than 4 years ago. After a week long trial, a Los Angeles Judge has found Vanessa Guilty of Vehicular Homicide and leaving the scene of an accident. She has been ordered to pay the family of the deceased more than 112 million dollars and she must return back to court from her cell Wednesday to decide what her sentence will be. Her manager stated that being that this crime is over 4 years old she may get off with just the fine but its highly unlikely that she will be facing any jail time since its so long ago and she never faced trial for it in the first place. She must pay the family the fine she owes them no later than December 1st. The family has made a simple statement saying "We feel justice has been done" Nini posted "We're behind you every step of the way babygirl!" on her site and Ashanti's new video "I'm On It" has both women wearing a "Free Vanessa T-Shirt" so its clear her home supports her well and she made a statement from Her holding cell saying "I have the best home and friends in the world, thank you guys so much" She has to remain in the holding cell until her sentencing date on Wednesday at which time it will be decided if she has to get transferred  to an official prison or be released. We are covering this story and we will let you know more details when they come out! In other news, Nini's new mixtape is done according to Nini's last N update saying "Mixtape finally done!! Tuesday is almost here! isn't it oh yeah it is yay lol!" Everyone is super prepared for this mixtape and her birthday and we are told fans have actually bought her gifts for her birthday which is a little creepy but nice as well. Nini has no appearances or shows today either but she will be back to work tomorrow and the queens will be performing at the MET GAMMA in ATL so make sure you check that out! P.S speaking of Vanessa it is rumored that PSR christina Aguilra approached her before she went to court and asked her to have a threesome with her and her boyfriend which has bee n confirmed by many people, but Vanessa declined the offer politely and smiled. Wow thats crazy considering the big age difference but christina has been known to pull things like that. And yes Christina and Carmen are back at PSR after being suspended for a month.....They are both back to work on where they left off.....

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Illuminati Wants Beith!

Today a new video released which is the video to PSR artist Ashanti's song ft Beyonce titled "Im On It" Although the video is extremley tight and sexy many people seemed to Notice some things in the video, First look past the obvious symbols like horns and eyes and you will first see a picture of Katy Perry in the far background next to Beyonce with darts in her picture which flashes by very quick. That usually means that person will be dead soon. Then another scene shows B and Ashanti dancing next to each other and very fast a picture flashes by 6 times which is a pic of Beith with a large eye next to his pic, even one point Ashanti seems to praise the picture. Traffic flooded the social sites like twitter where everyone was discussing those 2 scenes and many say they now want beith. Calls went to B and Ashanti and they were not returned and Nini has not returned any calls yet either, but the question is whats going to happen next stay tuned and ILL LET YOU KNOW. In other news, Melanie Fiona has confirmed that her and Nini did not fight check out her statement here

Did Nini & Melanie Fiona Have A Fight? +Nicki N Keri

Rumors have been flooding the web since early this morning that Nini and Melanie pounded on each other this morning after a heated argument while Nini was out in ATL doing a autograph signing event. Rumors says that the two bumped into each other at the event and both were scheduled for autograph signings there, but Melanie's fans dumped her and went over to Nini's side to get her autograph which pissed Melanie off and she came over to Nini and said something like "Why are you here, this is my day" and Nini responded saying sarcastically "Aww is someone a little jealous because I stole all her fans" at which point Melanie said whatever and she walked away but knocked into the table where NINI was signing the autographs and the water and the papers as well as the table fell on Nini at which point Nini got up and ran to her and they started brawling for at least 10 minutes until both of their bodyguards broke it up. We are told that Melanie had numerous injuries to her lip face nose jaw and chest and NINI only had a bruise on her left cheek. Both women were kicked out of the building for fighting and both refused to go to the hospital. This comes from the National Enquirer and they are known for printing bogus stories, so we aren't sure if this is true or not, but we do know they were in fact in the same location together, but that's all we know.....We are still doing some digging and we will let you know when we come up with something else. In other news speaking of fights, Keri Hilson and NICKI Minaj had a brutal fight yesterday afternoon after running into each other in Keri's hometown of Atlanta Georgia. Nicki was down there to promote her new mixtape and new song, and it started on a local radio station which Nicki was doing a interview on the station, and they were talking about her beef with Keri and they informed her that Keri was back home visiting family members and Nicki responded so. Keri called up to the station and a fierce argument between the two popped off and after the radio interview ended, Nicki left and someone started shooting at her as she was exiting the building, we do know it was not Keri. But Nicki figured it was so she stayed out in Atl the whole day and was provoking Keri to come find her and whatnot, even making a video speaking on how fake KERI IS with all her barbies backing her up. Nicki was at a mall in downtown ATL and Keri showed up with about 17 women at around 545pm and approached NICKI and immediately a brawl began between the two. Nicki's barbies and Keri's goons did nothing but watch and no one was jumped, but Nicki and Keri were taking out all their anger on each others faces, and it wasn't until Mall security broke them up that it stopped which was about 30 minutes and they were on a high floor so the security didn't know what was going on until a worker from one of the stores called them. When the fight was broken up, Keri was laughing as Nicki was in her NEW YORK state of Mind cursing and wilin out. Nicki's lip was bleeding as well as her nose and she was walking with a limp, Keri also had a bloody nose and lip and she had blood in her eye, but both women were not seriously hurt, and they both refused medical attention. It was only a matter of time before they fought,  in fact people were betting money that it would be soon, so I guess they won the bet, but the question is now what happens at PSR when it comes to those two. Guess we will find out soon enough!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Nini's show

last night was ninis show in Savannah GA at the Savannah music stadium at 9pm. The show started with a comedy act with the two queens and b came out on ninis back and nini was giving her a piggy back ride. Our favorite part is when B was on nini's back and she said its weird how this feels like im flying and nini said no whats weird is how i can carry your big ass on my back and she dropped her and B started fake crying, sounds dumb right but it was really funny and the whole audience was laughing just by face expressions and things like that....The comedy skit lasted only 10 minutes and it was hilarious. Watch the clip here Then the show started with guests such as jay z kanye west breezy RI RI and ll cool j (yes i said ll) the show was amazing as usual and the songs that were performed were chocolate, when the beat drop,cant see me, single ladies Dream Love, True Love and mirror. check out the entire 2 hour show here. in other news the queen is off today no shows no appearances and she will be off until Monday, she will not be at work on Tuesday, so as usual ILL DO MY BEST TO GET YOU SOME NINI/PSR INFO THROUGHOUT TODAY AND THE WEEKEND.... PEACE!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

6 PSR artists Gets Busted For Smoking Weed

This afternoon 5 PSR artists got busted for smoking in the back of a football stadium in Los Angeles California which were Nipsey Hussle, Miranda Cosgrove, KC, Katy Perry , Miley Cyris and Alexis Jordan. All 5 of them are on tour together and they had a show this afternoon at the staples center in LA and it seems they all decided they needed a little something to go on. All wouldve went well but a fan spotted them and told them they don't allow that around there, Nipsey said quote "Fuck outta her Lil nigga mind your goddamn business" The fan who was a white kid ran to tell the campus security and they called the police and they arrived and stopped them. Nipsey held on to the weed and told the cops that he was the only one the women ain't have anything to do with nothing and that they weren't smoking, but the police didn't want to hear it and they booked all 5 of them on marijuana charges, and they all confirmed the show will be cancelled today. They each have bail set at 90,000 dollars which they are not allowed to pay for themselves. They remain in an LA prison until someone bails them out. We are told Miranda's mom who is pissed will be bailing her out, Alexis Jordan's father will bail her out, Miley Cyrus's fiance will bail her out and Rihanna will bail Katy Perry out, And KC'S husband will bail her out, as far as Nipsey he may not make bail, but its a waiting game. They will all be released 24 hours after their bail is posted and so far we hear all except Nispey has their bail posted. In other news, Nini says she is not mad at them everyone gets high these days, but she called all of them stupid for doing it in such a private area and she says quote "They were just asking to get caught, but that's their problem every last one of them is grown, no matter how mean that sounds adults gotta take responsibility for their own shit I did plenty of times" They all will have trial for weed charges which in the state of California their penalty will probably be a fine and community service but we will wait and see!

Melanie Fiona Beefing With 2 PSR artists Now??

Word is that not only is 29 year old Melanie Fiona beefing with 25 year old PSR artist Ke$ha but its rumored that she is now beefing with 24 year old Atl rising PSR Artist DIAMOND. This rumor started after a song titled "Shook ones female mix" released by Diamond which has a line that goes "She said my name so now i gotta get her, got bitches in the A that'll split her while the niggaz get her, tried to step back cause it wasn't my beef, but I'm glad she beat your ass ke$ha mami you a beast" Of course that line refers to Melanie and Ke$ha fighting and we all know that Ke$ha did some extreme damage to her, but it is unknown what she means by "she said my name" because we haven't heard Melanie speak on her at all, but Melanie did say this this morning after being asked how she feels about Diamond's new song and she replied "Fuck her too" So it looks like another beef is starting to pop off, Diamond wasn't available for comment, and Nini hasn't spoke on anything as of yet! Ill let you guys know when I get some more info! P.S COMMENTS ARE DISABLE TODAY SORRY!

Brianna Perry And K.Michelle Confirm New Albums

Besties and rising PSR artists K.Michelle and Brianna Perry have both announced over twitter that they are at more than halfway through their new albums, K,Michelle confirms shes at 92% and Brianna says shes at 89% Miss Michelle announced her new album titled "Stars and Love" will be dropping on November 30th and Miss Perry confirmed her new self titled album called "Brianna Perry" will be releasing on December 1st so make sure you be on the lookout for these two long overdue and highly anticipated albums! In other news, PSR is slowly returning back to normal, this morning KC and Monica made up and settled their differences over twitter, and later on posed in a pic with each other hugging and smiling and they say everything is cool. Not only them, but Sexy Lexxy and Lola Monroe have also settled their differences and are rumored to be in the studio together working on a collab song and they also were snapped in a pic together earlier today. As well as Mona L and Moe Money who have also settled their problems and told the world they have been friends since they were 11 and that's how its gonna stay. Kelly Clarkson and Miley seem to be really close now, and the OMG Girlz and Keke Palmer seem to be good with each other also. And Jessica and Olivia seem to be cool once again with everyone on the label, and Rihanna and Nicki settled their problems also and RI RI tweeted "I love My Bitch lmao!" so everyone on PSR Is cool with each other but its still two people who are getting bloodier by the second which is Nicki and Keri who seem to be getting worse, but as far as everyone else all is well. We are told that Nicki and Keri in fact had a fight last night outside the label, but we don't know if that's true or not, but of course we will find out and let you guys know. The queen is off today, so Ill do my best to get info on her, but she still will be performing tonight in Savannah Georgia, so if you guys have tickets see ya there!

Nini Is Dropping A Mixtape On Her Bday! + Sadly Keke Palmer Is Not Lying

Fans went crazy this morning after Nini announced that we will be getting to hear some new material from her before her album drops in march. She posted on her website "Hey guys its Nini!, I am so excited to bring you my new mixtape "Birthday" which releases on November 13th (yay) I'm releasing it online for free all you have to do is go to my site and click download and you can enjoy all 13 songs. This is something to hold you guys until my album, Hope you guys enjoy it MWAH!" People were extremely happy at the news being that we have been waiting on something from Nini forever and now we are finally getting something and the title is appropriate for the day its releasing. We are told its all new never before heard songs on the mixtape, but we don't know if there is any collab songs or who produced it, but we will find out soon! In other news, it has been confirmed by KeKe Palmer's mom and personal doctor that she does in fact have cancer, but her doctor says she is strong and she is beating it with treatments every week and she is 50% done with it. Fans poured in front of PSR with lit candles and balloons and cards to show their support for KeKe and some female fans were in tears when the news was confirmed. Keke came outside and thanked everyone for their support saying "I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart, I wont let this beat me I will still be performing and I am still working on my new album, but Nini doesn't like a big crowd like this in front of the label so if you guys don't mind can you just come to my show tonight, I appreciate everyone of you, thanks" The crowd left and she returned back inside the label. Many of her fellow label mates are also showing support like OMG Girlz who were actually having problems with her at one point and they posted a pic on twitter of her and tweeted "Get well soon to miss Keke she's a fighter and she will beat this!" other people who have done similar things are TIP, NICKI MINAJ, MIRANDA, MILEY, JORDAN SPARKS, NINI, TINA, SOLO, B, KAT, AND EVEN SNOOP DOGG AND THE GAME. We would also like to say get well soon to Keke Palmer!