Thursday, November 28, 2013

NiNi Spotted Spending Thanksgiving Alone

Happy thanksgiving everyone! But apparently not too happy for NiNi, as she was spotted leaving the store with a bunch of bags by herself and entering her house by herself. NiNi refused to talk to any cameras on site and she had a sad look to her. Not that its anything wrong with spending the holidays alone, but we would think that's impossible being that she has a husband and 2 kids, but today it looks like she is cooking for herself and eating herself. We hit her up to invite her to our place to spend today with us but she hasn't responded yet. Its no one at work today everyone is off for today, therefore its no info, but check me out tomorrow for more when everyone is back. For now wishing all of you guys a safe and happy holiday!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NiNi Drops New Song!

NiNi has been competing with everyone lately, and she's even competing with her own artists. Everyone that drops a new song and beats her on the charts,  she drops a new song to take her spot back. Yesterday Keke dropped a new song with 2pac and it knocked NiNi down to number 3, and today she took her spot back with a new song Ft K.Michelle,T.Marie Letoya Luckett and Ashanti titled 'On My Brand New" The song stole the number 1 spot within 1  hour after its release and its the new talk of the industry. Not that Keke's new song is not still dominating the industry, but NiNis new song is the new talk of the town and all the queen is doing is getting her name bigger. This song is very dope and all women do amazing on the song especially K.Michelle and Letoya. The song is edgy pop mixed with RAP and some R&B thrown in and its beyond bomb. NiNi raps in the song like Twista she goes so fast you really have to pay attention to keep up with her and the other ladies sing. We give this song a definite 10 stars. Click here to check out "On My Brand New" by NiNi Ft K.Michelle, T.Marie, Latoya Luckett and Ashanti. In other news, Ke$ha has released her 4th PSR album today titled "Die Young" Ke$ha is the ultimate pop artist and her album is full pop although she does have a rap song with Big Sean, but regardless the album is great and we feel this is her best album. The album features Katy Perry, Kat, Big Sean, Monica Spears, OMG Girlz, Zendaya, Keyshia Cole, Lil Wayne, Avril Lavigne and Prince (Yes I said Prince) Surprisingly No nInI though, although NiNI is one of the producers on the album.....The album dropped around 6am this morning and so far has sold over 977 million copies her highest amount ever, which increases her royal status through the roof, The album is available on her site, the PSR site and iTunes for $9.99 click here to purchase "Die Young" by Ke$ha" Also the PSR album and Solo's album released and I know you guys are waiting on a review of those albums, I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to it but I promise I will I haven't forgotten about you guys, but they both are 10 stars! Now its off to NiNi's show, since it takes us over 5 hours to get to NJ, Once again we will let you guys know all the sexy details! PeaCE~! PS Kat and Cymphonique have both confirmed that they are in fact NOT dating they are just friends sorry I know how much you guys wanted that to be true!

NiNi Is Back On Her Show Business!

NiNi and her getting more popular by the second queen buddy are back on stage after 3 weeks of doing separate things concerning their new material. Their first show begins in Newark NJ at the prudential center tonight at 8pm sharp. Sources say that there will many guest appearances on stage with the queens from PSR and Columbia but we haven't found out exactly who yet. Sources estimate that being that NiNi has been all over the place lately more then ever due to her sick promotion and new mixtape its over 1 million people in attendance which is both of their biggest crowd ever. Tickets sold out literally in 4 seconds and there is no more left, so hope you guys got tickets since it was announced last night. We will get you the details. Although its storming in New Jersey at the moment the two decided not to cancel the show so don't listen to the rumors the show is still on. See you guys there! Lately NiNi has been very overworked due to her boss duties as well as her head CEO duties as well as her artist duties but she continues to leave her mark in the music world, and we are very proud of her!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Zendaya Drops New Song + Keke Comes Back Blasting!

Today new PSR artist Zendaya dropped a new song titled "God Made Me Beautiful" its a great song dedicated to the big guy upstairs and its not a religious freak kind of song but it is a really cool song. Zendaya has been with PSR a little over a month now and so far she has dropped 10 highly successful songs including 5 hits and this is another hit added to her belt. Its receiving very positive reviews and we like it too we give it a 10. Click here to check out "God Made Me Beautiful'' by Zendaya. In other news, yesterday Keke told us she has some bomb new material in store for us but we weren't expecting it so soon. Today she dropped a new song also titled "Am I Wrong" which features the legendary TUPAC! The song exploded onto the charts within 10 minutes after it released and it knocked everyone below her including NiNi. The song is rap of course but has some pop thrown in as well and its a bomb song we say its Keke's best song ever and we aren't the only ones, the PSR crew and the industry feels the same way. She announced a video will be made for it and she also announced a collab with Nicki Minaj so we smell more fire coming. Click here to check out "Am I Wrong" by Keke Palmer Ft TUPAC!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Cymphonique And Kat Linked Together + Keke Returns To PSR

We all know most of the women at PSR are into women, and although it was a shock when Kat came out the closet announcing that she is a lesbian late last year, we weren't too shocked as most of the women on PSR are either lesbian or bisexual, in fact its very few straight women on the label, and Cymphonique is no different, she came out announcing her bisexual status early this year and once again we weren't too surprised, but today we are sort of surprised because Kat and Cymphonique are said to be dating. Cymphonique's 21st birthday just rolled around last week and the two were spotted hanging out all over each other, a picture is worth a thousand words, and ever since tthen the two are constantly linked to each other, but as far as a real confirmation we don't know since neither one is speaking on their relationship or how far the relationship goes. One thing that is for sure tho is the fact that they are banking heavily on this because ever since this story broke they have both got more popular and both their material has sold higher then ever, yeah thanks to all of you perverts out there lol. We cant confirm a real relationship everything is just speculation so therefore its in rumor status but they are super close dating or not but of course you don't have to be dating  to be close, so when we find out more we will let you guys know! Speaking of them two they have a new song out together titled "Fall In Love" which just adds fuel to the fire, but its a great song produced by Drew Sidora. Click here to check out "Fall In Love" By Kat Ft Cymphonique. In other news, KeKe Palmer has returned to PSR and made over 62 million fans happy, even PSR said they are happy to have her back and she made piece with her ex enemies which were Miley Cyrus, The Omg Girlz and Miranda Cosgrove and everyone welcomed her back and many of  the artists would like to collab. Keke made this statement saying "I don't think I ever was gone just on a break but I needed that break and it changed me because I have learned to respect people and chill with my attitude I think that break is just what I needed and NiNi knew I needed it so I really appreciate her even more for sending me on a self awareness journey that lady is a genius" Sources say KEKE is right back to work and although she was busy starring in a movie on TLC's life, music is her number one passion and she says she has many new dope songs that she is sure we will love. Sources also say that Keke is doing 1000% better then ever and NiNi IS very proud of her and she is on her grind. We actually missed Keke too, our opinion, PSR just isn't the same without her. She announced a new song coming tomorrow so be on the lookout for that, we will! Also tomorrow NiNi is scheduled to attend court for copyright, we will let you guys know all the details tomorrow!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

No word on ninis new movie yet

Last month nini announced she will be making a new movie but the talk about that has died fdown as she nor anyone else have mentioned anything about it. In fact when she was asked about it her reply was "I don't know " so we can't be sure if its still happening or not but if we can find out we will let you know. In other news the psr album has released today as well as solos first psr album both albums are bomber then bomb but I don't have much time to go into full details on them so check me out a little later and I will give you guys the full 411 rundown on both albums. Peace!

Nini Denies Stealing Song

Yesterday rock and roll female artist Sarah Mitchell accused Nini of stealing her song and renaming it "Riding Dirty" today nini has spoke up on it and she said. "I don't even know who she is how can I steal her song I'm sorry but I don't listen to rock too much. Many people the beats sound similar honestly I don't even hear that and I listened to it over and over so whatever but she's so certain I stole her shit when I made it clear many times that I don't steal anything all my work is original not trying to brag but why do I even need to steal anything especially rock come on. When she was asked if she's going to court she responded. I guess I don't have a choice she's dragging me to court and wasting a full day of my life but I bet she won't win because anyone who is smart enough can tell off top its nothing similar about them two songs" Sarah had also responded saying people use my stuff all the time but not to make money or get rich just maybe as a freestyle or whatever but she literally made at least 50 gs off that song I mean I should get at least 50% of that since its mine where's my cut when you don't cut the original Artist you're asking for trouble with copyright royal or not she can get me my cut and we good or if not the courts can make her give me my cut whatever way she wanna go that's not a threat its a fact sorry but I don't work or loan for free. Do you guys smell a mini beef developing here. We will let you know more when this story develops!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Tegan And Sarah Unites 2 Legends Of The 90's

A few weeks ago NiNi signed identical twin singers Sarah and Tegan and  today they released a new song titled 'Miss You" which unites 2 female legends of the 90's which are Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes and Aaliyah. Lisa and Aaliyah never actually worked together when they were alive but this song shows us that they should have. The lyrics are well known, Lisa's verse is from TLC's hit 1995 song "Waterfalls", and Aaliyah's verse is from her 2002 hit song "Rock The Boat" but regardless if they are old verses they go together and its a real nice song and its getting much love from the industry world, the fans and the families of Left Eye and Aaliyah. The song is produced by Polo which is NiNi's old producer and we give it 10 stars. Click here to check out "Miss You" In other news, we just have word coming in that female rock star "Sarah Mitchell is suing NiNi for stealing her song which is the ever popular "Riding Dirty" which is track 7 on her new mixtape. We will admit that the beat sounds very similar but that's where it ends, NiNi has a rock guitar spot added in but the lyrics are way off, but regardless of the fact that music is recycled from time to time she is still suing her for copyright damages in the amount of 7.9 million dollars. Sources say NiNi is expected to show up to court on the 26th which is next Tuesday so we will let you guys know what happens, NiNi has not commented on this situation as of yet, stay tuned for more info!

NiNi'S New Mixtape Continues To Dominate The World

NiNi Released her 24th mixtape titled "24" last week on her birthday the 13th and ever since it released nothing has been able to compare to it, even her buddies album which released a couple days ago, and although she sold over a billion copies of it, it still hasn't passed up NiNi. She made a bet a little while ago that although it was many people beating her out on the charts her new mixtape will regain her champion status back and by the 14th she did exactly that knocking every new song and every artist down to the lowest spots on the charts. Even new songs that are just being released are always going underneath her new songs. She hasn't been doing shows much as she has been heavily promoting her new mixtape and B has been heavily promoting her new album but she said that they will be back on stage Monday the 25th and she also stated that a video for every song on the mixtape will be made which is cool. If you don't have it already you should, its available on iTunes the PSR site and her personal site for 5.00. Click here to get a copy of "24' In other news, Tamar Braxton has released a new song Ft Diddy Keyshia Cole and Mikky Ekko titled "Balls Of Fire" its badass. Demi Lavato and Cymphonique also have new songs out, click here to check out all 3 new songs!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cymphonique Calls NiNi A Bitch

Bad bitches run the world. At least that's what this new song is doing. And for those of you who were expecting drama from the title, no that's not happening. Today a new song dropped by NiNi Ft Cymphonique titled "Bad Bitches" and Cymphonique kills her rap part especially with the line that goes "I done been around the block, sip Ciroc drop top running with this bad bitch look up we on top" Don't mind me but I really liked that line. Of course the media tried to make it into a beef before we actually found out that she only called her that because of the song, but when they first broke the headline of "Cymphonique calls NiNi A Bitch" most people didn't believe it anyway, and then they looked totally stupid when this song dropped a little while later. We aren't sure who's song this is, some say its NiNi's 5th and final teaser song from her new upcoming mixtape, others say this is Cymphonique's new song from her brand new upcoming album, but regardless of whose song it is it is beyond badass! The song hit the industry and within 1 hour it stole number on the billboards and took number 1 on the hot 100 list and is number one in 17 different counties including Brazil, China, Europe and Mexico. The song is rap, but not hardcore rap, its more like a woman empowerment song, meaning its more aimed at women then men and most women will feel hard about it, that doesn't mean NiNi left her male fans out. Although the lyrics are aimed mostly for the women, the beat is aimed at the males as any male can nod their head to that beat, hell we did. This song is the buzz around the music world and its a trending topic on all of the social networking sites includes Facebook and TWITTER. Many people want to remix the song already and Youtube has the wanna be rappers freestyling to the beat already, never before has a song got so popular and spread so far so fast, but when it comes to the queen anything is possible. Many of the PSR fans are demanding a video, but NiNi hasn't answered them yet, but its a really amazing song, and for the first time ever a song that has literally NO negative reviews all positive. We give this song a definite 10 stars! Click here to check out "Bad Bitches" By NiNi and Cymphonique!

Friday, November 1, 2013

NiNi Signs 3 New Artists

Today NiNi signed 3 new artists to PSR. 1st is up is 16 year old London singer Lorde, who made her mark with her hit song "Royals" She has been signed to a 2  year 2 album deal with the label. 2nd up is the Canadian twin sister group Teagan and Sara who made their mark with their hit song "Closer" They have been signed to a 2 year 2 album deal as well with the label. We would like to say congrats to the new artists!

Do You Guys Think Lorde Will Fit In PSR? What About Sara And Tegan?

Word is that newcomer 16 year old Lorde who is most famous for her highly successful song "Royals" is interested in joining PSR, as well as identical twins Tegan and Sara who is most famous for their highly successful song "Closer" and sources say NiNi is very interested in signing all 3 and they say that she said "She would love all 3 as she is huge fans and feel they will do well, but she has to get approval first before she signs anyone new. But we thought you were the boss Hollywood? Anyways how do you guys feel about Lorde, Tegan and Sara joining PSR? Good idea or no?

Cat Fight At PSR

The Drama at PSR ended for a little while but we all knew that wouldn't last long at all, come on it wouldn't be PSR without some drama here and there. Anyways today a fight broke out in front of the label between Asia Sparks and Diamond. The two went to lunch at the same time and they were tangled in an argument and Asia was heard saying "Look I don't do all this arguing shit, so if you tryna take it there then lets take it there" Diamond continued running off at the mouth and Asia hit her and the two began brawling. A large crowd gathered around  taking pictures and recording while the two threw down. They both were on the ground punching each other until PSR security came out and broke up the fight and told all the fans to leave. Both women were bleeding and their hair was all messed up. The head security guard called NiNi in Paris and told her and her response was "Tell them I said they both getting the hell out" and they were both suspended for 3 weeks. Asia threatened Diamond saying that if her suspension interferes with her releasing her first album she will kill her and stomp on her dead body, and Diamonds response was to spit on her and say "Fuck you bitch, I hope your album flops" at which point Asia charged at her but the security guards were holding them back and they sent both of them away in separate limos. Asia spoke of the fight on twitter and most of the fans are on her side and Diamond responded to the fans saying "I don't know what y'all siding with her for its not like y'all getting any pussy just for being on her side you fucking trashy assholes" and that pissed off many of her fans, but it didn't evolve into a twitter beef. We did some digging and found out that those  two have been having tension between them for the longest so this was bound to happen sooner or later. When we find out more we will let you guys know. NiNi is coming back to America tomorrow and sources say they are scared and don't even wanna be around when she comes back, wow queen its like that lol.  We also have word that Carly Rae Jepsen and Tamar Braxton were involved in an altercation, but we aren't sure of that one yet, but we will let you guys know!

The Beibers Release A New Song + Kat's Album Finally Drops!

Justin and his sister Christina have collabed together on a new song title "My Love" Its a smooth R&B love song and its pretty good. The Beibers haven't been in headlines recently but they have been doing well for themselves. This is their first collab together since she joined PSR or even joined the music game and ever since she signed to PSR she has gained much popularity. We give the song 8 out of 10 stars. Click here to check out "My Love" By the Beibers. Other new songs that have released over the week are Carly Rae Jepsen with "Sunshine" Demi Lavato with "Don't Break My Heart" Rita Ora with "Up Till 9" Nicki Minaj with "Sign Of The Cross" Kelly Clarkson with "Run Away" Miranda Cosgrove with "Free" Cymphonique with "I Don't Know" Kelly Rowland with "Let The Beat Drop" Alexis Jordan with "Starin' Out My Window" Rihanna with "Monster" Mia with "Help" Jazmine with "DJ Got Me Hot" Latoya Luckett with "Save My Life" and Ke$ha with "Blow Me" Click here to check out all of these new songs! In other news, Kat was supposed to release her 5th PSR album on her birthday September 5th, but due to all the craziness that was going on with PSR back in September it was pushed back and today it finally dropped titled "Doin My Thang" The title isn't the best but the music is magnificent! It features 17 all original tracks produced by NiNi and Kat herself. The album is a switch from her usual style of music and its more hardcore and grimey and its nice to see her take it there. It ranges from street, to dance, to club, to love, to emotion so she has at least 6 different mixes going on in the album. The album features Miranda, Alexis, Karmin, Justin Beiber, Asia Sparks, Lil Wayne, Tyga, Lorde, Nicki, Britney Spears, Nick Cannon, Mariyah Carey and Eminem. The album released around 6am this morning and by 8am it sold out over 600,000 copies in only two hours. Fast forward 8 hours to right now and she is currently at the 132 million mark in the US and over 76 million overseas, and this is her highest selling album ever. The album is available on her site the PSR site iTunes and retail stores worldwide for $6.99. We give the album 1000 stars! Click here to purchase Doin My Thang" by Kat. Congrats on a wonderful album!