Monday, May 27, 2013

Where Is NiNi?????? + Beith Is A Business Man?!?

For the past two weeks, NiNi has not been seen or heard from by anyone. Her artists report that she hasn't showed up for work, and her tour buddy B has reported she has been solo with the ending of their tour for over 2 weeks. NiNi was scheduled for an important meeting and press conference last week, something she wouldn't miss for the world, and If she did she would call, but she didn't show to the meeting and she didn't call either. Fans are wondering where the queen is, and so are her artists, who have been continuing to work but state that they feel worried about her as it is unlike her to not show up or call. Rumor says that Russel Simmons was so worried that he put out a missing persons report for NiNi, and police have been searching for her day and night checking her home her hang out spots and other places she may be with no luck. So the nagging question in everyone's head is "WHERE IS NINI?" Stay tuned for more info! In other news we got word that NiNi's husband Beith is a business man investing in the cell company simple mobile and the owner of simple mobile has confirmed that he is a partner and he attends the meetings and helps with ideas for new cell phones and plans. Word says that he even is in the process of creating a new phone which will be named "The B Phone" we would like to say congrats to Beith and we wish him luck!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Princess Pulls A Cassie + NiNi's Husband Fights Jeezy!

Princess, ex female member of Crime Mob has in many people's eyes, crossed the line today after an interview where she pulled what many people are naming "A Cassie" Check out what she said! The interviewer asked her who is her biggest crush and she smiled and said "Beith, That's been my crush for the longest, I used to go over his house and I remember he always smells so good, and he looks really hot in a beater, this was like 2005 and that's 8 years ago, and the crush is still here, it ain't going anywhere, its getting stronger, come fuck with me daddy (laughs)" Although, she didn't go nowhere near as hard as Cassie did, she has generated much negative comments and reactions from the  public who is calling her disrespectful and heartless. Princess has not responded to all the negative criticism, but many of NiNi's friends have took to twitter to defend the two, check out the Twitter comments here. NiNi has not responded as of yet. In other news, speaking of Beith, he has been in the news for the first time since we first heard about him due to a fight with Rapper Young Jeezy in downtown Dallas TX. Sources say that Beith was with a woman and somehow started fighting with Jeezy after he arrived in a limo, other sources say he was alone, but one thing is for sure, there was a fight and a fan captured the entire thing on video, and Beith sent Jeezy to the hospital in a coma, and broke his hand on his face. But afterwards, everyone turned on Beith once the cops arrived and said he started it and Beith was arrested right there on the spot, but he was swinging at the officers and eventually they sprayed him with mase to calm him down, and threw him in back of the police car. A few hours later he was released and that's the last thing we know, but we are told that Jeezy is in a coma. We still arent sure what the fight was about. This is still a developing story, so check me out later!

Friday, May 10, 2013

NiNi Faces Heat For Her Controversial New Song

Yesterday, NiNi dropped a new song which is her first new song she dropped since her album dropped in March. The song is called "Gimme Dat" and it features Tamar Braxton, Demi Lavato and Rita Ora. NiNi seems to be speaking on many  things that has been going on lately and seems to be taking shots at some of the ones who have been talking such as Cassie, Ramon, MJB and KC, but it hasn't been confirmed If shes taking shots or not. The song is a huge success in the industry and has hit number 2 in less than 2 hours after it released right under "No Apologies" which has been at number 1 for a month now. But despite its success, she is facing controversy for it by saying something along the lines of  "Undisputed, heavyweight slashing through your kids do that everyday you very late send you on your merry way" That particular line has offended some people as many feel that she shouldn't be talking about slashing kids because 1 she has kids of her own, and 2 she has many kids who look up to her, and she says she loves kids. But NiNi quickly reached out which is something she never does, and she apologized for her offensive lyrics and insists that she meant nothing by it. Click here to check out the amazing song "Gimme Dat"

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mary Throws A Diss To Beith! + Queens Show + NiNi's Interview

Well this is a story that has been gaining circulation since early this morning. MJB (Or Mary J Blige as you all know her as) Took a direct shot at Beith's credibility as a husband. Check out what she said. "I feel that many men shouldn't be able to call themselves husbands, it takes a real man to call themselves a husband, just like it takes a real woman to be able to call themselves a wife, wearing a ring and saying I do doesn't make you a good wife or husband, its your actions that counts" Then when the interviewer asked her "Everyone says that next to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Nini and her husband is the most powerful marriage in Hollywood, do you feel that to be true? She replied "I feel she is a good wife, but he isn't a good husband, that's why I feel she was forced to resort to other measures as in find someone else who can satisfy her better, most women don't cheat just for the hell of it, its usually always a reason, so since she did what she did he obviously gave her a reason, and if a man gives you a reason to actually cheat, you cant be all that good, and I feel he isn't, that's my opinion, I think I can do a better job with her If I really wanted to" Although the media isn't blowing this up like they do with NiNi's stories, it still is in many media outlets and magazines. NiNi nor Beith have responded. Click here to check out her full interview! In other news, its been a while since I reported on the queens show, so here's one from last night complete with many sexy outfits, guest performers and plenty of crowns, bumblebees and bee buzzing sounds. The two queens made a trip back to Georgia for this one at the music hall palace in front of 82,000 fans, click,here to check out the entire 3 hour performance (warning, some scenes of the show are graphic and both women use obscene language, and many parents may not want young children to watch, we wont say to be 18 and over but we will say proceed with caution, when we say they went sexy hard we mean they went really SEXY HARD, view at your own risk!) Also, just days after NiNi did her famous interview with Oprah, she did a new interview with BET talking about pretty much everything, click here to check it out!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lady Gaga Scheduled To Perform With The Queens! + NiNi And Weezy Drop Another Song!

The self called "Fame Monster" Lady Gaga has confirmed the rumors of her joining the queens for 2 days to be true. She posted on Twitter "Performing with the queens soon, many women claim to be queens, but its only 2 real ones who I have so much respect for, and those two are @NINI and @BEYONCE, me performing with those women, can it get any better than that! #MAY4TH-MAY6TH #LONDONHEREWECOME!" According  to her post she will be joining the queens on their tour for 2 days starting May 4th which is this Saturday through the 6th which is Monday at the 02 arena after which the queens will be leaving heading to a few USA stops before they go their separate ways and their tour will be finished. NiNi has not responded to it, neither has the other one, but we assume that neither one of them may be too happy about it, but sometimes in this game, you have to do things that you don't want to do, and we feel this is the situation. So May 4th at the 02 arena in London at 8pm is Monster Vs Queen how do you think this will go down, we're curious to find out! In other news, just days after Weezy and B's so called kiss which we still feel was a set up, NiNi has teamed up with him and dropped a hardcore song called "Warrior" which features PSR artist the game on the hook. But you would think that two of the hottest artists in the game teaming up would be a bomb song right? But sadly that isn't the case with this song. Usually NiNi and Wayne's collabs are always fire, but for some reason this song is not receiving the same treatment coming in at 65 on the charts and 59 on the top hot 100, which is something that NiNi isn't used to seeing. So just why is the song not doing so well? Well many say its due to Lil Wayne killing it with his auto tuned singing which many people even his fans say that he kills the song when he does that. The lyrics from NiNi are fire, but If one person is bad in the song it kills the whole song, so with that being said, many feel Wayne killed it for NiNi and made her look bad. Regardless though, we reviewed the song and although we do agree that the song could've done without his singing, we still like it, the beat is wonderful, NiNi delivers really good and The Game is good too, and we give the song a 7 out of 10, but the media is giving the song a 4, we think it deserves more credit  then that. Click here to check it out for yourself. Also a rumor has been going around that PSR is shutting down and all the artists will be getting transferred to Def Jam, but NiNi has denied those rumors, and she insists that no one is going anywhere, even when she retires, PSR will still be in full force, always nice to hear things like that!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NiNi Goes On Oprah + Sticks Up For Her Artist + NiNi And B Piss Off Royalty

Today as promised, NiNi made an appearance on her good friend Oprah's show where she talked about pressure from the industry, her cheating scandal, Selena leaving as well as KC leaving and her album "Fierce" as well as the developments of PSR as well as her retirement. Check out half the interview below (We aren't allowed to post the full interview, and even if we were we wouldn't, its 2 hours for god's sake lol)

Oprah: Next up I have someone who is very special to my heart, a woman who's success is only matched by her spirit, everyone's favorite, NiNi!!!!! (NiNi Comes out waving and smiling to the crowd who were screaming and cheering, they give each other a hug and they  both sit down)

Oprah: Wow look at you you're all colorful like a rainbow! (The crowd cheers and NiNi laughs) You look beautiful.

NiNi: Thank You

Oprah: So NiNi I have to say its been alot of negative things going around about you these last few days, I'm so upset behind it, because I know its not  you, what can you tell me about that?

NiNi: Well yes it has been really negative for me, but at the same time, none of it is true, I refuse to speak on much negativity these days, because I have enough of that going on, and if anymore comes up I just let the media deal with it, that may not be the best choice but its my choice

Oprah: I understand,  you know I think we all do that from time to time, I know I do (laughs) So what made Cassie come out and say all this mess, and then yesterday she apologized for it, how does that make you feel?

NiNi: It doesn't (The audience laughs) I mean I'm not sure where all that came from because I used to be really good friends with her, (OPRAH: Right) so it was definitely a shock to me, but its something I come to expect now dealing with this line of work, people can turn on you in a heartbeat which is why I try not to get close to many, its only a few real friends that I have that I call close, other than that everyone else is either associates or business partners, and as far as her apology goes I don't accept it because the things she said is just unforgivable.

Oprah: OK we're going to switch subjects now because it seems like you want  to punch someone (everyone laughs) OK tell me about your ex bodyguard like whats going on with that?

NiNi: Do I have to? (Laughs, audience laughs) Um well he lost his mind that's what, its no proof to anything he said and to this day I still don't understand why he said what he said?

Oprah: Do you think he holds a grudge for letting him go?

NiNi: Well hes never been one to hold any kind of grudge towards anyone, he was released for personal reasons and as far as I'm concerned it was all good, but who knows as I said before this is why I don't get close

Oprah: OK, I see, did his statement affect your marriage in anyway?

NiNi: Please no one can do that (The audience cheers) My husband knows the deal so no harm done, but he was irritated by it (Everyone laughs)

Oprah: Speaking of him we have a tape of a statement he made lets listen (They play Beith's statement) He never usually lets his voice be heard is that right?

NiNi: Yes he would rather not but when he does, you know he's mad (Laughs)

Oprah: OK we have NiNi, stay tuned everyone when we come back we'll hear more from my girl we'll be right back (The audience cheers) Welcome back everyone we're here today talking with my girl NiNi (audience cheers) So NiNi I understand that you let Selena go is  that true?

NiNi: That's the media's version, the real version is she left on her own free will due to an issue she was having with another artist, I didn't want her to go but apparently she did.

Oprah: And now she wants to come back right?

NiNi: She does, I actually had a meeting with her before I came here

Oprah: Will you be letting her back?

NiNi: I don't know, because I did tell her If she leaves don't ask to come back, but I feel sorry for her, that's just the kind of person I am, but its something I have to think about and that's what I told her

Oprah: OK and what about Keyshia Cole?

NiNi: Oh God! (Everyone laughs) It was alot of drama with that one, but again she was not released she left on her own free will

Oprah: Everyone is saying you guys are at war now

NiNi: Honestly me and Keyshia were at war long before she even left, now she releases a song and many say its aimed at me, but I haven't responded I don't even know if it is for me, but I did address it

Oprah: So would you ever consider getting her back?

NiNi: Nope (The audience laughs)

(Oprah pulls out a copy of NiNi's album Fierce and the crowd goes wild,) So this is a copy of NiNi's new album Fierce and it is in stores now, so NiNi how do you feel about the success of this new album?

NiNi: Well it definitely was a change for me, I wanted everyone to see how much I matured in my music, and all the things that inspire me to do what I do and why I do it, and alot of  the fear, emotion and even anger can be heard in this album , I literally put everything I had into this album, which is something I've never done before, and I'm super proud of myself and the album and I love my fans for their support to help me get it to where its at (The audience goes wild)


To check out the full interview which is 2 hours and 2 minutes long click here. At the end of the interview, NiNi performs on the show her song "No Apologies, but she was alone minus B and Pac they were backtracked and she had the audience in a frenzy! In our opinion that was the best part of the show! In other news, NiNi has come to the defense of her artist Keri Hilson who was accused of being stuck up at one of her shows throwing out demands and making people bow down to her and then ordering a bunch of food and not paying. NiNi Posted "Keri I know whats up, and the media is gonna get you no matter what, put it like this you haven't actually made it until someone either calls you gay, or lies on you, so I guess you made it and Im really proud of you! don't explain yourself mama that's what they want you to do, we all know whats up, if they don't then fuck them! It has been confirmed that Keri did not act like that at all it was just the media doing what they do best. Keri has posted on twitter "You guys will never know what its like to have a friend like @NINI thank you babygirl! How sweet. Also NiNi and her queen buddy upset royalty, yes we mean real royalty last night at their show. Their show was in London at the 02 arena and The princess and prince was there as well as the king and queen, and before the show both women were supposed to go in their private VIP section to make chat sip tea and sign autographs which is what  they both agreed to do, but neither one of them showed up and the royalty was outraged, but realizing their mistake they actually put the spotlight on the royal family and even called them up to help them with their song "I Want You" They embarrassed the hell out of them, but the royal family came up and sung their song with them and they all held hands and sang the song,  even though the royal family sounded terrible they still were met with applaud and all was forgiven, so now NiNi and B are back in good with their real royal friends! Isn't that nice to hear!