Friday, January 31, 2014

Nicki KC And Ashanti Is On NiNi's Side

As you guys know the famous album battle between NiNi and Teiarra Marie starts tonight at midnight and people are beginning to speak up on who they feel might win due to all the camera men and women going around asking everyone their opinion. Today Ashanti spoke up and said "I don't know I mean Teiarra is my girl she's very talented but like I told her I think she is a little out her league on this one, I respect her for thinking she can you're always supposed to have mega confidence no matter what so that's good, but for the past 2 years everyone at PSR has been trying to beat the boss with album sales and none of us was successful whatsoever its like she's a magician or something you go up against her she will make you lose, but regardless I respect Teiarra because it takes guts to do this and she will have my everlasting respect forever win or lose just the fact that she volunteered to do what so many other failed at" Nicki said "I think NiNi will win only because she has never been beaten in 6 years and I don't see why that would change now once she gets in her creative mode its no stopping her at all and she has been in this creative mode for the longest and I think she has some mega tricks to reveal to us to help her win this battle but regardless my respect will forever be with Teiarra because she has balls (laughs) and KC commented as well saying "Teiarra is a monster with her vocals shes a mega dope producer and she is just so professional I look at her as one of my good friends, but I gotta say I think NINI will take home the trophy on this one though" They aren't the only ones, many other artists on other labels and even fans have expressed that they  think NiNi will win so Miss Marie is the underdog right now but she is aware that everyone thinks that NiNi will win as she posted this simple message to fans on FB "I'll show you guys who's the underdog" Don't forget to look out for this battle popping of tonight at midnight I will be giving you guys coverage on both of the albums as well as the stats of the battle!

LIV Releases First Single

That was fast. The up and coming Rap/R&B group LiV that was signed to PSR just 2 days ago has already released their first official mainstream single titled "Regroup" It didn't steal out number 1 or even number 2 in fact currently its at number 5 which is still great because if you're in the top 5 that means you have a hit on your hands and it is the talk in the streets right now. We like the song and we feel this song will solidify their place in the music industry and on the label. Click here to check out "Regroup" by LiV.....

Thursday, January 30, 2014

T Marie Is Doing All She Can To Win

Miss Marie has been hard at work getting her name and her image out  there in the hopes to gain more attention as well as more fans as the famous album battle date approaches. The battle between Miss Marie and NiNi Is gaining ridiculous amounts of attention, its even having people put up hundreds of dollars in bets as if this was a boxing match or a horse racing event. Statistics show that its more people following this famous album battle then the attendance of the Superbowl and currently over 95 billion people are following this battle so close all across the world even in foreign countries. This battle is so big that vendors are making shirts hats and other attire to support it,  such as a shirt of NiNi's face and Miss Marie's face and they're staring at each other with the caption of "Who Will Win"  other promo items include "NiNi rules" shirts and hats, and "T.Marie is a beast" shirts have been made. None of these items are endorsed or supported by either one,  but they did give designers permission to use their image and name. And who can forget a few nights ago when Miss Marie walked on stage at NiNi's show uninvited and the two stared each other down in the middle of a show as if they were about to fight and they were met with a very loud applause. This is a mega competition and both artists are going well out of their way to sell themselves for all of the publicity they will need and it seems as if they are doing a great job at it. The polls now show that over 77% of people think that Marie will win and over 89% of people feel NiNi will come out on top which is a considerable increase since last month when this battle started reaching its peak which showed 42% thought Marie might win and 61% thought NiNi might win. Despite all of the other things that's going on in the music game, this battle continues to be the most talked about and most popular thing and we feel it will stay that way for a while even long after the battle is over. Here's how the battle works. They both are dropping their new albums on the same day February 1st at the same time 12 midnight. That's when the official battle begins and it will last exactly one week ending on February 8th at midnight and at that time the score will be judged. Whoever has the most albums sold at this time wins the battle and gains the respect of pretty much everyone and according to NiNi, the loser has to buy the winner a seafood dinner and the loser has to come to work all day wearing a tuxedo, and NiNi made her confidence even more cocky by saying if she loses she will also wash her car, but she said she doesn't plan to wash anyone's car. Plus remember her N3 phone is also releasibg that day. So only 2 days left guys for this epic battle who do you guys think will be washing cars wearing a tux and buying a seafood dinner?

The Queen And The Fame Monster Go Number 1! + Adorable Instagram Photos!

Today a new song dropped by Lady Gaga and it features NiNi titled "We Be On It" The song exploded on the scene at 8am this morning and everyone is super hooked on it, it has a catchy beat and a wonderful hook combined with wonderful lyrics and verses from both artists. And even though this isn't NiNi's song she still took her number one spot which K.C stole from her with her new song as this new quickly jumped through everything and within 2 hours after its release, it was number 1 all over the country and number 1 in the UK on the billboard hot 5000. These two work so well together and we forgot how amazing they used to always sound together but they are showing us now that they still got it. Click here to check out "We Be On It" by Lady Gaga Ft NiNi. In other news, we always knew that NiNi looked beautiful when she was just waking up and if you thought that too, you were right. NiNi has been letting us into her personal life more and more lately and if its not through music or interviews its with pictures. NiNi is the number 1 most famous instagram user and its not a day that goes by that she doesn't at least post one picture to the site of where she is at or what she is doing and this morning she posted some very cute photos of her with no makeup on,  hair all over the place laying in bed with her eyes half closed and half open with the caption of "God why cant I sleep all day"??? and this picture gave us a rare glimpse of how her room and her bed looks which is gorgeous but more importantly it shows us the real Nisha which we are beginning to see much more of. Just last week, she posted pictures of her at a Chinese buffet looking like a regular person no make up hair in a ponytail and nothing special on with the caption "I love Chinese food y'all" People really respect the new NiNi and one magazine even went so far as to say "We love the new and improved NiNi" She even takes pictures of herself in the bathroom (not that way of course) showing her reflection through the mirror its really cool, or posting pictures at 4 in the morning looking tired with the caption "Bored on the computer cant sleep need a blunt so bad". The owner of instagram has reported that NiNi's profile has the highest amount of pictures out of all 2 million plus users and she has exactly 37 million 3 hundred and two photos which stretch back from 2010. The only person who is kind of close to that number is Ri Ri who is a well known camera junkie as well. Although NiNi is very open now, she still is not showing pictures of her and her husband together like most celebrities post on their profiles and of course we will never see her kids as one person asked her: "when can we see you and your hubby all cuddled up in bed or something?" her reply was "I don't know maybe soon maybe not I'm not always around him but when we cuddle up that leads to something else and I cant show y'all that lmao" and when she was asked: "when can we see your beautiful babies playing with mommy or something?" she simply replied "Never" So she still has some of that privacy that pissed so many people off in the beginning (No offense lol) but for the most part she is at least 98% open with us whether is be her sex life or her personal life in general and we couldn't ask for a better NiNi. Click here to check out all her pics on her instagram including the new ones from this morning!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fan Smacks NiNi's Butt She Is Not Happy + Did Justin Get Roughed Up By Eminem?

NiNi was at a show today in Memphis Tennessee and during the performance she went to the crowd to pose for the cell phone pics and let them touch her hand and she squatted down to let some people use the mic and sing the song with her and when she got up a male fan smacked her butt and she stopped the music and she said "Hey I don't know who the hell just did that but I made it very clear I don't like to be disrespected don't make me stop this fucking show" It was caught on video by a fans cell phone camera click here to check out the entire thing. She didn't cancel the rest of the show but she did give a warning that if it happens again the show is over, and it didn't happen anymore. By the way click here to check out this gorgeous selfie that a fan took when NiNi leaned in close to her and got in the shot. In other news, a rumor is going around that NiNi's controversial artist Justin Beiber tried to spit game at her and after she denied him he got physical and tried to grab her butt and boobs and Eminem stepped in and he had to show beiber how to respect a lady and he made Beiber apologize to her which he did. This story is all over the place but we really don't know If its true or not but we will let you guys know. NiNi has another show tonight in Nashville Tennessee lets hope its no more butt smacking! give you guys the pics and info on it tomorrow peace~!!  *UPDATE* The rumor about Eminem roughing up Beiber over disrespecting NiNi is false,completely made up just to generate a story. Beiber himself made this statement "NiNi is my friend my boss my inspiration like dude I would never fuck with her in that way she's married I don't disrespect married women I wouldn't want anyone doing that to me, and also nobody can rough me up regardless, just saying. So no truth  there guys!

Elle Varner Gets In Trouble By NiNi

Seems as If every other week, someone at PSR is fighting beefing with each other or getting in trouble by the boss. Elle's husband or fiancé whatever he is (no offense) decided to stop by the label even though sources say he wasn't supposed to as NiNi has a major problem with him, and he bought their 2 year old daughter and Miss Varner took an unauthorized leave to go hit the diner with them and spend time with them and she was gone almost 2 hours before returning to work, but although she tried to sneak back in, guess who was waiting for her, the boss! NiNi was gone at first which is probably why she figured she can get away with it but it just so happens that she stopped in to see how everyone was doing and she discovered that Elle wasn't there. When she came back NiNi confronted her and asked her why she left without permission and why would she allow that man to come in. Tina is absent today which is another reason why he got in because she wouldn't have let him get in. Elle apologized and told her she just wanted to spend time with her daughter, but NiNi didn't care and her point was don't just leave without permission and she decided to embarrass the hell out of her and she actually sent  the security camera footage of Elle tiptoeing throughout the label trying to not make a sound as she was headed out the door and when she came back in she was trying to be extra quiet To YouTube and NiNi feels if she had to act like that she knew she was doing something wrong. The headline says "to everybody this is what not  to do when you're working" She told her since you wanted to get out so much go leave and she suspended her the rest of the day without pay. Once word got to Elle that she sent that video public she posted this on FB "OMG That is so embarrassing @NINI why would you do that to me?" NiNi responded to her saying "Excuse me what did you say to me? Elle didn't write back. The video has gained over 1 million viewers and literally everyone is laughing at her but a few people have told her to keep her head up its OK. Click here to check out the security footage of Elle sneaking out of PSR with her man. Speaking of Elle in a more positive note, she is about to release her 3rd PSR album in the next few weeks. We aren't sure of the title yet, but be on the lookout!

Brandy NiNi Collabo + Macklamore Says He Would Honored To Work With Or Join PSR

Today, just as Brandy said a new song dropped by her Ft the queen called "The Way I Move' Its a hard hitting club song which really can make you get out your seat and dance and its considered dance hip hop and the beat is amazingly fresh and dope produced by the best DJ in the world, Miss Solo. Brandy sounds nice with some sing rapping and NiNi is on the hook and gives it a better touch with her sometime twisty Eminem like word play and she does a great job as well, and we can imagine it will be much sexy dancing if they make a video or perform it on stage it just has that vibe that even the toughest person has to rock to. The song is receiving generally positive reviews from everyone and already is receiving radio play. We give the song points for originality swag and lyricism. Click here to check out "The Way I Move" by Brandy Ft NiNi. In other news, K. Michelle has been super super quiet, so quiet we forgot she was with PSR, in fact out of every PSR artist she is the only one we have been hearing absolutely nothing from or about, but just like Miranda today she resurfaced with a freestyle, over NiNi's "Ciroc and Kush" beat and she kills it and definitely turned back on her shining bright star, her vocals are right on point and at the end she tells us don't forget about me I'm back" It is not known why K. Michelle has been so quiet lately but that's no more as right after her bomb freestyle dropped she announced she is doing a solo world tour starting February 1st starting in New Jersey and will stretch over 35 states within 7 months and tickets go on sale 7am tomorrow morning as well as her 2nd PSR album which she said is called "You Know" will be dropping on her birthday February 20th and she promised us that if anyone forgot about her we will remember her for the rest of their life with this new album, sounds real confident and we are looking forward to her tour and her new album. Click here to check out K. Michelle's "Ciroc and Kush" Freestyle. Also Macklamore has stated today an in interview that he wants to work with PSR and he would be honored to work with them and maybe even sign with them if given the opportunity, click here to check out his interview....P.S Keyshia Cole resigned with PSR a couple days ago and already she has released her 1st come back song which is appropriately titled "Welcome Back" which features her once enemy Kat, very very dope song and believe it or not it has stolen the number 1 spot which was NiNi's" Take Me" which is the first song to do that in over 7 months, so miss NiNi will have to get her spot back and we are sure she will!. Click here to checkout "Welcome Back" by K.C Ft Kat

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Guess Who Made Up Obviously

Today a new song released by Nicki called "Destiny" where she once again shows off her wonderful singing voice as its full R&B and singing no rap and she shocked everyone at beginning of the 3rd verse where she is talking in the background over the beat and she says "Baby you are my destiny, I'm a child of your destiny and I know someone who knows a lot about being a child of destiny introducing the lovely Miss Rowland" after that Kelly begins to sing for the 3rd verse, this took many fans and even some PSR artists by surprise as everyone thought they were still beefing and no one even knew they made up, in fact when Nicki released the song to the public she made no mention of "FT Kelly Rowland", seems like she wanted everyone to be surprised which we really were, but its nice to see the two are working together and killing all of that bad blood. Nice song click here to check out  "Destiny" by Nicki Minaj Ft Kelly Rowland. Speaking of making up, Semi New PSR artists Victoria justice and Ariana Grande have been having tension since their time on Victoria's nickelodeon show "Victorious" but they too have released a song together that they put on YouTube only titled "I Wanna Kiss You" and even have a slide show as the video showing them hugged up and with the caption "BFF 4ever" Its really nice to see that everyone is at least trying to put this silly beef nonsense to the side and realizing they work together. But at this point PSR is totally beef free, but I probably shouldn't have said that as it seems to change every other week or so, but hopefully those guys can keep it together. That's all for now guys, check me out later peace~!

Miranda Mona L Collabo + NiNi Brandy Collabo Coming Tomorrow

Miranda was quiet for a little while but today she exploded back on the scene and gained her spot back with a new song called "Brand New" which features Mona L. The song is mostly pop although it has hip hop basses and melodies included for Mona L's part. The song quickly reached number 2 replacing out NiNi's number 2 song but it didn't beat out her number 1 song which of course is her sexually explicit new song "Take Me" It only took about 3 hours for the song to explode on to the charts and steal the number 2 spot and you can click here to check it out! Speaking of Miranda,  with her new song came an announcement of her still untitled album over Twitter and she mentioned it will be released on February 3rd so we only have less than a week to grab it and all her albums blow up and increase her royal and circle power, so looking forward to that! In other news, speaking of new songs, Brandy has confirmed over her Facebook that she is working on a song with NiNi she said "Oh man! In the studio right now with NiNi this song is gonna be dope I love everything about it, tomorrow y'all just wait till you hear it tomorrow!" This will be the first collab between NiNi and brandy in....actually ever so many people are excited to see how they sound together are you? Also EX PSR artist Guyana has awoke from her coma and she says that NiNi didn't hurt her, she said someone broke into her house and beat her and robbed her, so NiNi is cleared of all wrong doing in the case of Guyana. And Ex NiNi enemy Princess is rumored to be trying to join PSR which is making diamond pissed off, not sure if this is true or not but we will let you guys know!

NiNi Signs New Girl Group + Ri Ri Defends NiNi's Grammy Performance

NiNi has signed the girl group who has been blowing up all over Twitter and YouTube for the past 2 months and they call themselves "LivinVolume" or Simply "LIV" The group consists of Alyxx Dionne, Ash Angel and Cammi B and the girls hail from Northridge California. The 3 have released a few videos which are very popular on YouTube but their breakout song which is gaining mega success and attention is their latest hit titled "LGO" Sources say that the group were in talks to sign with Arista Records contract was printed up and all, but NiNi insisted that they sign with her instead and no hesitation they signed with PSR which makes this the 4th girl group to join PSR the others are Electrik Red OMG Girlz and B.B.O.D. Sources say that they have signed a 2 year development deal with the option to renew after 2 years for an official PSR contract if they do well and even though they are still largely unknown in the mainstream world and only underground NiNi feels that their exposure and fans they already have will put them in the mainstream light fast just like her other brand new artists such as Christina Beiber, Asia Sparks and India Benet. Do you guys know the LIV Crew? In other news, as mentioned before NiNi made her first appearance at the 2014 grammy's which was a big deal to everyone who was there as it was a huge shock to finally see her at an event, but that happiness was short lived because after NiNi's sex filled lyrics and performance on stage, she attracted the harsh attention of critics and even some upset parents who called her performance trashy slutty and whorish and disrespectful to people who really don't want to see all of that like elderly people for example who may have been watching. But today her highly controversial but always loyal artist Ri Ri defended her performance on camera but first on Twitter and this is what she said on Twitter "What's all this slut nonsense, really you people are that bold to brand her a slut just by a performance without actually knowing her like really? But on camera she had more attitude and she said "That girls performance was wonderful, name one artist who doesn't shake their ass a little bit at the Grammys' that's what the grammys are famous for...who remembers when Madonna and Britney tongue kissed on stage like come on, they wanna bring up elders and children, I don't even think kids should be allowed to watch the Grammys regardless due to all the shit that goes on in it,  keep them coloring or watching cartoons and I wouldn't even expect old ass people to be up that late to watch it, this is just crazy to me wasn't nothing slutty about that girls performance the choreography was brilliant the moves were hot its just people who want  to fuck up her moment and break her character, but she's a warrior I can guarantee they can never do that" Her statement sparked some controversy but Ri Ri who is more famous for her drama more then her music obviously doesn't care as she posted "Yup I said "old ass people" I sure did do something about it if you're not stop bitching" Click here to check out her Grammy performance again and you guys be the judge!

Monday, January 27, 2014

NiNi'S New Song And Video Gets Banned! + NiNi Kills The Grammys!

NiNi dropped a new song yesterday. Its a very sexual explicit song I mean xxx rated. She talks about nothing but sex she says many personal things, she says go deep in me, she says she loves it wet and she referred to her dripping and leaking as making her rain and making it waterfall. She speaks on eating her sweet spot and making all it dry by draining all the sweet sticky stuff which is an obvious reference to her cum. She speaks on doggy missionary and cowgirl styles and screaming till she goes hoarse. Trust me guys this song is definetley x rated and not for children. And we do see what NiNi meant when she said she is growing up as most of her new songs all have been about sex and we see she is on her grown woman business and her music is all for the grown and sexy now. In fact this song which is called "Take Me" is so grown and sexy that it has been banned from BET MTV and VH1 for obvious reasons, she is really doing the most in the video such as spreading her legs wide open and bending over showing her butt in a thong, like it will make a lot of people go crazy I admit that no offense to Beith, but its banned for just that reason, and this is the first time any of her videos have been banned for being too too sexy. It almost seems as If NiNi and her queen buddy are competing for sexiest x rated song as B has been talking about sex a lot more lately as well. This new album coming by NiNi is said to be ditching her street side and showing more of her sensual sexual side which is cool. Although the video and the song has been banned from the TV and some radio stations you can still check it out on Youtube. Click here to check out the unedited version of "Take Me" (Warning very graphic sexual nature is in this video please be 18 or older to watch) In other news, yesterday were the Grammy Awards and NiNi murdered it! She was the very last act to go on and although her stage time was only 4 minutes and 22 seconds she blew the crowd away with 2 of her new songs "Rock" and "Lets Do It" The song lets do it is another sexual song just not as explicit as "Take Me" and that performance was mind blowing and it has some people saying it was slut music, and a slutty performance because of the things she did on stage such as grabbing her boobs and smacking her butt,  but she was met by a very loud applause from the crowd and this is the first time NiNi has been at one of the award shows in her whole career. She took home 9 awards, for best artist, best song, best album, best video, best label, best movie, best dance, best clothing line, and artist of the year, which is the most awards anyone has ever taken home for one single night. Most of PSR was there and they all said they are so proud of her even though she won over all of them and she looked fly as hell on the red carpet. Click here to check her out! and click here to check out her sexy performance! Congratulations NiNi!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The OMG Girlz Get Their Own Imprint Label!

Today sources revealed that the OMG Girlz are the first artists on PSR to get their own imprint label, if you don't know what that is its similar to Chris Brown's CBE ENT label, Trina's FlyGirl Records and many others. An imprint is not a building like Universal, PSR, Columbia or Capitol it means that the OMG Girlz can run their own label but they still have a parent label which of course is PSR. Lil Wayne's Young Money Records started as an imprint but he was still obligated to Universal, but after time and hard work he was able to get his building and turn it into his own label. So at this time the OMG Girlz can run something on their own but they still have to work inside of PSR and work for the boss but they will have their own floor dedicated only to them  for record label business and they also are able to sign artists but they can only sign artists to their imprint not to PSR, if they want to sign artists to PSR they have to go through NiNi first, but on an imprint they are able to sign 10 artists on their own without any permission any artists after 10 has to get permission from NiNi. They maintain complete control over their imprint and they are in charge of all marketing promotion sales and distribution of the artists and material they add. If they work hard and are interested in turning their imprint label into an official building they can accomplish that in a few years and at that time they can choose to still have their official label to be linked with PSR which is called a parent label, or they can choose to spread away and set up their own branches and be a major all by themselves, but for now they have a lot more responsibility they will bosses of the artists they sign but NiNi still will be the boss of them and whoever they sign which means regardless they all have to report to her at one time or another but their artists will report to them more. Others are said to be getting their own imprint soon as well, but we don't know who or when. Their imprint is said to be called "Officially Misguided Records" which is what the OMG stands for in their name, congrats to the OMG Girlz!

KC Is Back AT PSR! + New York Radios Apologize To NiNi

Today highly controversial artist Keyshia Cole re signed with PSR after being gone for 12 months exactly. After leaving PSR she signed with Columbia Records but was quickly let go as she has a severe problem with EX Destinies Child Artist Michelle Williams who still is signed there. Then she eventually settled with J records where she has remained for the past 6 months. But sources say that she received call from NiNi asking to her to come back and she quickly signed herself out of J and into PSR where she signed a 3 year 3 album deal. Her fans are happy with the home change as many of them have been wanting to see her back since she left. KC denied any comments on returning back to her new home, and she was unavailable for any interviews, but according to sources she is working on new material that we should be hearing soon. In other news, The other day we reported that NiNi's two newly released songs received heavy edits in New York only and after a very angry comment from hollywood, and talks of a new coastal war, the radio stations have finally issued an apology check out what one had to say "We are far from prejudiced when it comes to music, whether it be from east west south Midwest north it doesn't matter good music is good music and we would like to apologize to NiNi her fan base and anyone else we may have offended clearly it was a misjudgement on our part" No word yet if NiNi has accepted the apologies or not.....

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kelly Nicki Beef Getting Bad, NiNi Intervenes

Its getting dangerous around PSR because of the Nicki and Kelly beef and today NiNi was on interview with Oprah talking about click here to check out all she had to say in the interview about it!

Announcing The N3!!

That's right, today Samsung Announced the new N3! The phone is huge, a lot bigger then the Samsung galaxy s4 and bigger then the galaxy note 2, its about the size of the galaxy note 3 just a little bigger and its the first "Phablet" which is tablet and phone combined that NiNi has dropped. After the mega success of the N1 and N2 we've been hearing rumors about the N3 since early last year and now we have the details. Sources say that the phone has been in production since mid 2012 and it has a release date of March 1st 2014 same day as the famous "T Marie and NiNi album battle, and we feel its being released at that time to help promote her album even more and if that's the case, we feel NiNi will definitely be the winner. The phone is said to be running the newest android operating system Kit Kat version 4.4, its said to have a 25 MP rear camera which is the best camera on any phone and a 10 MP front facing camera for video chat and will have a very large 7.3 inch screen and will be totally dust proof scratch proof and water proof and you will be able to swim with it underwater just like the S4 but unlike the S4 you have to really make sure the back snapped on tight because if any water leaks inside its game over, but with the N3 it doesn't matter what leaks in because the entire phone inside and out is waterproof. Samsung also says its destruction proof and the shown a promo video earlier of a 60,000 lb 16 wheel truck running over the phone 3 times and not one scratch and it still works perfect. It will have retina unlock where the phone unlocks by scanning your eye ball to avoid unwanted access by thieves, you also will be able to take pictures record video play music call and text people and access the many features just by using your voice by saying commands such as "Cheese" to take a picture, or play stop pause next and forward for the music. Sources say this is the best phone coming out and its beating out the new Galaxies and the newest iphone and it hasn't even come out yet. Available colors will be titanium which is metal, black white frost and pebble blue and it will be available on AT&T and T-Mobile. At this time you can pre order early for the phone on both sites for 399.99, which is the most expensive that a phone is going for under a 2 year contract, even the s4 is only 99.99 on contract. If you choose to get the N3 without contract it will cost you 899.99 plus tax which includes Beats headphones a case and the charger and a wireless charger as well. Samsung says the price is high but it will literally pay for itself after you use it the first time, and they also say that with the N3's high extensive amount of new powerful features, a customer can own the phone for 2 years and still haven't mastered it or figured all the features out. Rumor has it that on the back of the phone will be NiNi's custom autograph but we aren't sure about that yet. But it will have the very famous PSR app and game preloaded on there for you already which saves you 9.99 if you was to go purchase it from the play store. So if you can afford it sounds like its a very nice android powered phone and you can click here to go preorder it now!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

NiNi Drops 2 New Songs But They Both Get Severly Edited By The Radio

Today 2 new songs dropped by NiNi , well the first one I wouldn't say is her song its actually a freestyle that she did over Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love" beat and although she goes extra extra hard on the song and many fans are praising her freestyle skills, the radio did play it but they severely edited it on the terms of what they call "Too much offensive lyrics" You can barely enjoy the song because its so heavily edited much more then the normal editing of just cuss words, they literally edit out everything its like its just the beat that's all with little bits and pieces of her voice. The second song is a new song by her called "Changes" and that too is bomb, in fact it is the best song we ever heard by her, and it stole the number 1 spot replacing out her previous number 1 song and knocked her buddy down to number 4. But this song too made its way on the radio and it is so heavily edited that you can not enjoy it too much, so its seems like if you want to enjoy both these songs you would have to go on YouTube to hear them. *UPDATE* The NiNi Vs New York story is back again. NiNi has made us aware that her songs are receiving airplay with the normal edits on other radio stations in other states around the world but when it comes to New York the radio station Hot 97 to be exact which is the face of New York music,  they are the only ones who have it so heavy with editing.... this is what she said "We work hard its not as simple as going in a studio writing and recording, I mean that's the easy part but to get the song out to the public and even on radio stations is very hard to do even when you're big its hard to get your music on the radio and when you successfully accomplish  that you would want to see your hard work paying off by seeing it get distributed to the public but when you edit so much of the song it becomes worthless, you tell me why my shit is so screwed up in New York, but Texas Georgia even New Jersey and everywhere else in between has no ridiculous amounts of edits, I understand that they have to edit out cursing that ain't my beef but they did more then that and if you heard the radio version in New York you would see they edit out "I do what I want" like what the hell is all that about, New York and their radio stations have beef with me for one reason or another and that's fine they don't have to play me or get anything by me out there I'm most def cool on New York" NiNi has been involved in a war with New York since early 2009 when she called up Hot 97 and got into a heated loud argument with Angie Martinez who runs the station in a way and it got so bad that they had to cut the call off, and ever since then she has denied ever going to NY again and she hasn't in 5 years, then she had the residents of NY against her at one point by wearing a shirt that says NY with a line slashed through it and even though she said she didn't mean anything by it she still said "She doesn't care" which made talk of a new Cali Vs New York war like back in the day. Click here to check out New York radio's version of the songs and you will see why NiNi is so upset with them and we must say it is very ridiculous and we also feel they did that on spite just to mess with her, but that's our opinion.

Miss Tiff Renews PSR Contract + Controversey With NiNi'S Buddy Kyla Pratt

Today, PSR re opened and the first order of business was Tiffany Evans renewing her contract. She is now eligible for longer time more albums and of course more money and she renewed her contract for an extra 4 years 4 albums and 3 mixtapes, it is unknown the amount that she is getting now. Speaking of Tiffany, she has been doing very well lately with her music and its said that she will be starring in a new movie a little later this year. Jhene Aiko also has been doing very well and sources say she is gearing up to release her 2nd PSR album sometime in March so that should be very exciting. In other news, today some drama popped off with Kyla Pratt as a news story ran a print on how Kyla said she had sex with NiNi. This is what the article claimed she said "Me and Nisha go way back and when most people say that they mean oh we grew up together or something like that, I guess you can kind of say that although I didn't meet her until I was 16, but its more then that we used to do a lot together including sleep with each other she was actually my first, but I have so much love and respect for that woman, that's old news now but if It was to pop off again I wouldn't stop it" Immediatley afterwards of course the fans and the industry became flooded with questions for NiNi, but a little while after that, sources revealed that Kyla is suing the tabloid who printed the story for using her name first of all without permission and she claims that the interview never happened.  Here's what she said "I did not grant access to any interview I haven't done any interviews about anything or anyone in the past 2 years, its a complete work of fiction and I defenitley will be handling this problem" When she was asked by a reporter if she in fact really ever did have relations with NiNi her reply was "I really don't think that's anyone's business but my own if it did go down like that but for the sake of argument and to have you people leave her alone, no we did not, she is a wonderful person and a talented musician and she is my friend that's all it is" Still even after that statement some people still feel she is lying just to cover up what happened as she doesn't want any extra attention about it, but her lawyer spoke up too saying "Its a sick story and miss Pratt has every right to take legal action against the people who thought this up and I have advised her to do so and she will that's all the comment I have but its false plain and simple" *UPDATE* The tabloid who ran the story was Bergen Press who is largely responsible for ruining Michael Jackson's career with all of the nasty things and rumors they said about him, this magazine company is known for lying and hurting and doing pretty much anything to anyone just to get a story going, and after some research it has been revealed that Kyla is right she hasn't done an interview within 2 years and even If she did she would never do one with the Bergen press I don't think anyone will unless they are seriously desperate for attention, this story has been determined to be fake and the head guy from the magazine made this statement over his website "Bunch of pussies, its just a story its for fun, no one got hurt or killed behind it so come on let it go" He has been criticized by fans and industry insiders for his comments and his actions. Stay tuned for more info!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nicki And Kelly Fight!!

After their highly publicized beef and Nicki making a diss song towards her, we already knew and was expecting a fight to pop off between Nicki and Kelly,  we just didn't know it would be so soon. Today Kelly and Nicki showed up at PSR for just a few minutes to pick up some things, PSR is closed today so they weren't too long but they bumped into each other and after a few heated words and bitches directed at each other,  a huge fight broke out between the two,  they were rolling around on the ground getting snow all over their hair and clothes. It wasn't too many people out since its at least 10 inches of snow on the ground but people who were shoveling recorded some of it on their phones and others called the police who arrived within 2 minutes and broke up the two. Just as fans thought Nicki murdered her, no offense to Kelly, Kelly walked away with severe blood dripping from her nose eyes and mouth and she needed an ambulance, Nicki walked away with just a couple of scratches so we all know who won this fight. Sources say Police arrested Nicki but only to calm her down as she was really upset and they released her within an hour. Kelly didn't receive extreme trauma like how NiNi does to people but she did require stitches to her head and her temple and was released with pain medicine. Stay tuned for more info as it develops! Other than that no other info since as I mentioned PSR is closed today due to the snow, but its said that the two queens still have a show tonight in Memphis Tennessee where its not snowing so I will give you info on that later! Click here to check out video of their fight

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kelly Rowland And Nicki Beef

WELL RIGHT After we thought that all the beefs were over we have another one and this time it's between Kelly and Nicki . This started because Last week Nicki Attended a show by Jay Z and he had his security guard throw her off stage when she tried to go on stage with him as if he didn't know her even though they both worked together many times before. After that Nicki began taking smalls shots at him in her interviews and her songs saying she can take him and he's very cocky and he thinks is all about him. But Kelly spoke up he said he's like a brother to me I know she's on the same label with me but he still is a newcomer in away and she needs to show respect for people that did it longer than her you just don't do that it's only going to make her look bad not him" Nicki immediately responded on a freestyle called Watch Your Mouth" where she has a few lines directed at Kelly such as "Get off his dick I can bet a couple  mil that you wanna be his bitch you lil dusty ass bitch" and another line where she calls her a destiny child reject and told her to get off of Beyonces pussy and get her own. Kelly hasnt responded yet but we are sure we will hear much more of this since they are onl the same label. Sources say Kelly has heard her diss and words about her but she is not responding since she thinks Nicki is childish. Many fans are murdering Kelly saying she should've stayed out of it just like RI RI and saying many hurtful things about her and sources say the fans made her cry but this is unconfirmed. Stay tuned for more Info

Cymphonique Drops New Song Announces New Album + NiNi Will Be At The Superbowl And Grammys

Today Cymphonique dropped a new song titled "Bigger N Better" Its a R&B song and she sings really good, but like many of her other songs she always has a small rap part towards the end, and the song is bomb. It is produced by Miranda and co produced by Cymphonique herself. Click here to check out "Bigger N Better" by Cymphonique And she also announced her new album "Im Doin Me" will be released on February 1st, and the anticipation for this album is very high. In other news, it has been announced that NiNi will be performing at the Superbowl during halftime next month. She was supposed to do it last year but backed out at the last minute but this year its said that she already agreed to it and signed on to do it, which increased interest by over 200% and its estimated that a large spike of fans increased dramatically in the last hour from 12,000 attending the superbowl and now since NiNi is going  to be there its said that over 90,000 fans will be in attendance which means the stadium will have to add more seats like they did last year. NiNi herself has been doing promo's for the halftime show since yesterday posting with a football jersey holding a football that says "Halftime on it" In fact that was the first pic in a long line of pics that made everyone think that they must mean something and we got our answer today when her PR Rep confirmed she will be performing an explosive halftime show. It is not known at this time but we will let you know. Also speaking of performances, she is also said to be added to the list of performers who will be at the Grammys. NiNi has never performed at any of the big award shows, so this is a very big deal for her fans, although she has won many grammys in her career she never was there, so we will see it still is unknown if that's true or a rumor but as usual we will let you know.....Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Toya Wakes Up!! But Falls Back Out

Toya has woken up today for exactly 1 hour and the minute she woke up the police were the first on the scene and they quickly asked her "Who did this to you Latoya" and very weak reply was "Nisha" 5 minutes after she said that she slipped back into a coma and despite trying to get her to wake up again she wouldn't. Police went to question NiNi again and they asked her why she would say her name out of all people, NiNi said she didn't know but assumed it was because they are having little problems so its just to implicate her in something she has no business being implicated in. Although police confirmed that NiNi wasn't responsible for Nivea since she was in LA with her girls they haven't determined if she is responsible for Toya or Guyana, and by legal right a person who is named in a crime that's considered very dangerous to the public AND who is on probation can be taken in or questioning with or without a lawyer, and that's exactly what happened, being that NiNi was named a suspect by the victim, the police took her in handcuffs out of PSR and that's all we know right now but she hasn't come out yet. Toya's family however is beyond pissed, check out this statement that her mom made earlier today "My baby is laying in the hospital, suffering all kinds of injuries while she is able to count her money spend her money take trips and live ghetto fabulous, don't have a care in the world despite the fact that she damn near killed my baby, but you know what nothing wont go down, no justice or law will ever come to her, its so many people's families she has hurt by hurting or even murdering a loved one, I don't understand why a murderer is still allowed to run a record label and be around other innocent people, but I guess because she is royal all is forgiven its just not fair" Sources say her older sister and a few of her cousins had some nasty words for NiNi also but those statements weren't published. Ye with his crazy rants took up for his niece and he made statement towards Toya's mom over an hour after she did and this is what he said "She don't know any damn thing but she keep talking shit I will smack her false teeth out her mouth you know that bitch ain't got no damn teeth or hair and please print that and yes you can put Ye said it and if any of her fam want it they can get it so whats good with it" Her mom made another statement simply saying "That's what kind of family she comes from so I cant expect any civilization from them just so disrespectful" NiNi o course made fun of it like always by posting a video on Youtube dressed as an old woman with fake teeth talking like an old woman and at the end the teeth fell out and she screamed "Dagnammit NiNi this all your fault you bitch" its actually very hilarious and NiNi is very funny. Her mom didn't respond to the video but 600 million people have viewed it so far and everyone is on her side with comments such as "Fuck her mom tell her to go dig a grave and bury herself damn ain't she like 4000 years old let your dumb ass daughters fight her own battles" or "That Lady NEED TO GO POP SOME XANAX OR SOMETHING AND DIE" So bigger battle going on stay tuned for more info!

NiNi And CiCi Have A Fight

I bet that got yall attention lol. No not an actual fight, just a dance fight! the two had a fierce battle outside the PSR building where everyone was invited to watch. It was a dance battle and they covered from Krunk to 2 step. The fans and the PSR artists were the judges and according to the judges it was a tie with CiCi receiving 50% of the votes and NiNi receiving 50%. It wasn't a battle for money it was just for fun which is something that PSR doesn't get enough of. The battle lasted about 45 minutes which each woman getting 4 songs to dance to and 5 minutes to dance a piece. A fan recorded the entire thing. Click here to check out all the belly dancing and stepping from the two.....good job ladies, its always good to see beautiful women dancing so sexy, no offense to Beith or Future lol.........;) In other news, Carly Rae Jepsen has added herself to the long list of beefs known to PSR history. She is beefing with Avril Lavigne who is a friend of NiNi and for some reason Justin Beiber who actually was responsible for discovering her back in both of their home country of Canada., We really aren't sure yet as to why she has these two beefs, especially with Beiber who by the way is also a PSR artist so that's never good, but Avril we hear there has been tension from them since day one so maybe its just getting worse but when we find out more we will let you guys know! And speaking of beefs, Cymphonique Ri  Ri and Katy Perry all were involved in a beef with each other, but today they returned to work as their 6 day suspension is up (yes it was 6 days not 6 weeks sorry) and sources say they have all made up with a threesome hug and they are all friends again, we love happy endings like that, and Cymphonique and Katy are ready to continue touring together and they are happy with that. Stay tuned for more info!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

NiNi Drops New Song With Weezy + Monique And Jasmine Release New Songs As Well

Today, NiNi dropped a song with her frequent collaborator Weezy F titled "Sticks And Stones" Its a pretty bomb song and the rock and roll theme instrumentals added in is a nice touch and that tells us that it was produced by Shanel since that is her signature style. We honestly have nothing negative to say about  the song and neither does anyone else. Its most definitely climbing the charts beating out Beyoncé's Drunk in love which was at number 2 and now "Sticks and stones is in that spot but it still hasn't beat out NiNi's previous song which is still at number 1 right now. Click here to check out "Sticks and stones" by NiNi Ft Weezy. In other news, Monique and Jasmine, 2 of PSR's biggest newcomers also have been doing well and today they both released new songs. Monique's is called "Afraid" and features Eminem and Ri Ri its a pretty cool song and it is getting much love and respect in the music world. It is produced by NiNi and co produced by Jay-Z. Click here to check out "Afraid" By Monique Ft Eminem and Rihanna. Last but not least is Jasmine who is now going by the name of Jazz and her new song is called "Why You Mad" and she goes extra hard on the song rapping faster then the bone thugs and then another hot artist is on it with her and its Asia Sparks and she goes double hard. The song is pure east coast hip hop and it is dominating the music industry as we speak and we feel this song may have the potential to beat out NiNi's new number 2 song and steal her number 1 song's spot, so we will see. But its produced by Taylah P and Asia Sparks and we give it 10 stars. Click here to check out "Why You Mad" By Jasmine Ft Asia Sparks. Also NiNi has a show tonight but we aren't sure where exactly she will be yet, but we will let you guys know...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nini Announces New Album + Katy And Cymphonique Get Suspended

Today NINI announced her 7th album and she said its called "Number 1" which we feel is appropriate for her status. This is The album that will be competing with miss Marie in February. She gave the release date as February 12th which is exactly the same day as miss Marie's album is coming out so we have two great albums coming in less then a month but we only one can win. Who will it be? Well according to a tmz poll 75% of fans say. Nini will win the other 25% say miss Marie might win so I guess it all comes down to seeing for ourselves. Stay tuned in for more info on this infamous battle coming up.  In other news. Nini warned Katy and cymphonique that if they continued acting like children they will be suspended because she is sick of the psr females and they listened for a while but today they had another fist fight in Atlanta which started as an argument on twitter. When nini got word of it she immediately suspended  them both. Different sources say different lengths. One source says they've been suspended for 3 months others say for 6 months but we still don't actually know how long the two women got until someone confirms it. Keep checking back and we'll let you know more when  we know!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Nicki Releases Very Explicit Freestyle But Gets It Shut Down + Azalea Is Getting Big

Nicki Minaj released a very sexually and profanity explicit freestyle titled "Boss Ass Bitch" and it dropped yesterday but it only was in circulation for a little while after that it was shut down by Universal who she still has contract obligations to even though she is now with PSR, and she posted a tweet saying "Damn universal wtf is wrong with yall its just a freestyle damn" Universal says that Nicki went her hardest and her rhymes is most def on point but that freestyle isn't even for 18 and older its just too damn explicit . She talks about getting ate out eating out other girls she says a line about her vagina talking during sex and making other girls vagina talk while she is having sex with them and also giving oral sex to men and women and anal as well as cumming on her boobs and she squirting on two girls and one guy at once, so yeah you can see why that freestyle is not going to be released. NiNi Is the only one who has control over if it stays or not, and yes she does agree its a little too explicit BUT she did still keep the song on youtube, you know the boss always looks out for her team. Click here to checkout Nicki's very explicit freestyle on youtube. Please be at least 60 to hear this lol Nicki you crazy mama that's all we have to say. In other news Azalea banks went from nothing to getting fame for beefing with NiNi then she shocked the world by signing with PSR and ever since she signed with PSR she has gained over 788 million fans and every thing she puts out now blows up and we all know its because NiNi is a great mentor. And now she is huge!!!  everywhere you look its banks banks banks and she is on everyones song reminds us of wayne and everyone is requesting to collab with her. Its nice to see her blowing up because now that she has our attention we realize she is very talented even more talented then Asia Sparks who is beyond dope no offense girl. She just collabed with Solo in a song titled "My Man" and its beyond dope click here to check it out. We feel Azalea definetley belongs at PSR. Congrats on all your success that woman will be royal soon i'll bet my life on that......

RI RI Adds Herself To The Beef By Defending Cymphonique

Katy Perry and Cymphonique are wrapped up in bitter beef at the moment after the two had a huge fist fight yesterday before their show started in Santa Ana California and today Rihanna added herself to it by taking up for Cymphonique. Katy and Ri Ri used to be super close, in fact they were so close that they posed in pictures together kissing and holding each other's boobs leading people to believe that they were dating, but after Ri Ri got back with Breezy and Katy voiced her opinion that he is bad news for her and Ri Ri defended him instead of her, they fell out, there wasn't any beef between the two they just wasn't speaking to each other even though they are on the same label, but they kept out of each others way. That changed today when Ri Ri posted this statement on her Facebook "Cymphonique, don't worry about Katy because if she isn't the center of attention she has a bitch fit because she is beyond spoiled and she is used to everyone kissing her ass and bowing down to her and the minute that someone does the opposite she is ready to fight, you got me and everyone else on the team don't even worry about her and if you ever need help just hit me up real talk" A short time afterwards Katy responded to her saying "Rihanna I tried to be civil to you, I kept my mouth closed even though I think you're the biggest hoe on the planet, but sweetheart your mouth runs to much your mouth is always open just like whats between your legs, and you need to stay out of things that isn't your business and this isn't your goddamn business, if she needs help is that what you said chick please I can deal with both of you two wanna be fake broads with one hand tied behind my back, dont make tell everyone what happened back in 2010 so don't go there with me" After that Ri Ri went totally silent and to this minute hasn't responded, so what exactly happened back in 2010 we don't know but ever since KATY mentioned that the media has been hard on the job to find out, but for now seems like Katy has beef with Cymphonique and Rihanna. Stay tuned for more info. *UPDATE* A little while ago NiNi sent a multiple tweet which is one post that goes to multiple people and she sent one to all 3 women and it said "AY CUT IT THE FUCK OUT!!! YALL BROADS NEED TO GROW UP REAL TALK,  KATY DONT GET ON MY BAD SIDE AFTER I PUT YOU UP SO HIGHLY, RI RI YOU JUST BEGGING TO GO ON MY SHIT LIST, AND CYMPHONIQUE ME AND YOU NEVER HAD A PROBLEM DONT MAKE IT GET THERE, IM NOT SWITCHING ANYBODY YOURE STUCK WITH HER FOR TOUR SO DAMMIT DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO YOU DONT GOTTA FUCK EACH OTHER JUST PERFORM AND GET THE HELL AWAY ROM EACH OTHER SIMPLE SO DONT ASK ME TO CHANGE NOBODY, AND RIHANNA STAY OUT OF IT I ALREADY TOLD YOU IF SHIT AINT YOUR BUSINESS BACK THE FUCK OFF, I SWEAR TO CHRIST IF I HAVE TO SAY THIS TO EITHER ONE OF YALL AGAIN ALL OF YALL GONE CUZ IM SICK OF ALL YOU DUMB ASS FEMALES!" Neither one responded but seems like it worked as Cymphonique and Katy rescheduled their Santa Ana concert for tonight at 8pm so hopefully you guys held onto your tickets. Damn isn't NiNi a beast? lol

Sunday, January 12, 2014

NiNi Is Google's Highest Searched Person Of 2013 and 2014 So Far + Fight In Cali

Last year google had the highest amount of searches with the word NiNi totaling over 57 trillion searches and keywords and this year its over 4 million so far with keywords such as NiNi Nivea Beef or PSR and New album and NiNi is the highest trending keyword on the Internet so she is dominating the music world and she is dominating the Internet as well, congrats to the queen! In other news, Kid Ink has released his first PSR album titled "Words Of A Hustla" the album hit the industry world around midnight today and so far has sold over 100,000 copies with most sales coming from California. The album features NiNi,The game, Nippsey Hussle, Katy Perry Cymphonique Snoop Dogg Kendrick Lamar Tamia, Fabolous and Too Short. We give the album 10 stars all the way. The album is available on the PSR site and on iTunes for 9.99. Click here to purchase words of a hustla by Kid Ink. In other news, the fights at PSR seemed to be calm but we all knew that wouldn't last long. Katy is on tour with Cymphonique and they were in Santa Ana California today but it was cancelled because the two had a huge fist fight and refused to perform with each other. We aren't sure what they fought about but if we find out more we will let you know!

Kim Wants NiNi To Be Her Bridesmaid + NiNi And PSR Celebrate Tina's BDAY

Kim is currently preparing for her wedding to MR West, After a very rocky engagement for last year, including Ye getting RI RI Preggo, sources say that the two have it all patched up and are stronger then ever and are finally ready to tie the knot. Sources say that the wedding will be in L.A and over 15,000 people are scheduled to attend and its only one person who she wants to be her bridesmaid and that is her future niece NiNi. Sources say that Kim has been asking NiNi all week but NiNi hasn't given her a response as of yet, and word is even Ye is asking her to be the bridesmaid. Kim and NiNi have become cool after a bitter beef with the kardashian clan at one point but regardless it seems that NiNi may still have a few bitter feelings as she isn't returning Kim's calls and many sources feel its because NiNi knows that Bruce Rob Kris, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall will be in attendance and she doesn't like any of them, which could be the reason why NiNi might not want to go. Some sources are bombing Kim saying she doesn't care if she is close with someone as long as she can have a big name around her and NiNi knows that too, others are defending her so its mixed emotions but for now we aren't sure when the wedding will be or if NiNi will be her bridesmaid or even in attendance, but if we find out more we will let you know. In other news, NiNi and the PSR crew celebrated Tina Knowles 60th birthday yesterday Jan 11th and they took her out to eat bought her a couple of things and threw her an appreciation party at the label everyone was in attendance including both her daughters. Security was tight so we couldn't get close and unfortunately we weren't invited but sources say that Tina was surprised and wasn't expecting anything like that and she was very grateful. Loyal to the assistant boss is always good! Click here to check out footage from outside the party!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Police Question NiNi

Today  the head police officer on this case made good on his promise to question NiNi. Today around 2pm the police arrived at PSR and sources close to the label says NiNi was  there waiting as she knew and guess who else was there, her buddy B. Sources say that they questioned her and although they insisted on a private room to talk alone her response was "Anything you have to say to me you can say it in front of them too, ain't nobody recording this" And since she isn't under arrest its no law that says you cant have other people present when they question you as long as you aren't under arrest in that case it changes. They began questioning her about Nivea, Guyana and Toya and she claims she heard about it but she didn't do anything to anyone of them. At this time according to sources, B Kat and China gave her alibi. B claimed that the other day was her anniversary and she NiNi  Jay China Kat and a few others from the label, hit up the 40/40 club in LA by the staples center to celebrate, they got drunk and spent the night at  B's house afterwards and had an all girls lunch the next day. The police called up the 40/40 club in LA and it was confirmed that the women were in fact there on the night in question and they also hit up the staples center who confirmed that they remember seeing a lot of people as if it was a celebrity event on that night. They also called around to all the lunch spots in LA that the women claimed they hit up and it was all confirmed that the women came through there which makes it impossible for NiNi to be fighting if she was halfway across the world with her girls. After everything was confirmed the police apologized personally to NiNi and made this statement "We have questioned MRS Nichols and she is not a suspect and she has been cleared of any wrongdoing, to  the families of the victims we would like you to know we are doing everything we can to find the suspect or suspects that committed this brutal crime. Now of course NiNi got off but that's when the talk started, we all know that B NiNi and Jay are the 3 most powerful royal names in the industry that's why they're called queens and he's called king which means that B NiNi or Jay or even some members of PSR can pay off people to say whatever they want them too, or even if they don't pay them they can use their royal powers to get their way and that's what many people think happened. Many say that Jay or B used their royal powers to get the 40/40 club to provide an alibi and even might have paid millions to keep it all together to get nini off the hook, after all what are friends for, but with no proof of that , its no way anyone can do more then assume, but for now NiNi is off the hook which is always good! In other news, word on the street is that NiNi and Compton's King The Game are teaming up to release a track my wouldn't that be a bomb song stay tuned to find out if and when that might happen!

Toya, Guyanna and Nivea All Get Sent To The Hospital, Is NiNi To Blame

Reports are coming in that NiNi's ex artist Guyana, Wayne's ex Toya and his current chick Nivea have all been sent to the hospital after being hurt pretty bad. We are told that Guyana has multiple broken bones including the ones in her face, neck, ribs and chest and she is in a coma, the other two have similar injuries except they have massive brain damage and they too are in coma, but doctors refuse to release anymore info on their conditions. We all know that Nivea and NiNi are involved in a bloody beef, we all know that NiNi and Toya have been somewhat beefing for the longest ever since Toya said she wants to have sex with her, so immediately the finger and heads turned to NiNi when the news of their hospital visits came to light. But what about Guyana? We aren't aware of any beefs between those two, and as far as we're concerned she left the label on good terms, so who sent Guyana to the hospital? That's the question as well as who sent the other two that police are trying to figure out. Reports say all three women are very close to death, and police want the person responsible and they too think NiNi is to blame checkout what the head officer had to say about NiNi at a press conference this morning "We are actively pursing any leads we get to hopefully make an arrest in these 3 cases which we feel are related down to a T, We have no suspects but we do have a very strong person of Interest and that is uh 24 year old Rap Star Dontanisha Nichols who you better know as NiNi, She is a person of interest because uh she was in altercations with these women and the nature of the injuries are damages that she has inflicted before so its becoming her signature to inflict that severe damage and thats what points us to her, at this time we only would like to question Miss Nichols we cant make an arrest without evidence and we have none at the moment, if she is not our perpetrator we would offer our sincerest apologies but right now we have to explore every possibility and every avenue that we can" Many people feel exactly the way the cop feels that everytime NiNi sends someone to the hospital they have severe injuries like massive blood loss or brain trauma and being that these women have at least one of those injuries that's the reason people believe it may be her, but if anyone knows anything whether it be her artists or her fans no one is talking. Do you guys think NiNi is responsible for these women ending up in hospitals?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tegan And Sara Announce New Mixtape + Lorde Announces Mixtape + Nivea Calls NiNi Fake

Twin sisters Tegan and Sara have announced their first PSR album today over their Twitter. They announced that their new album which is untitled at the moment will drop on their birthday which is February 21st. Tegan and Sara were very popular before PSR but now with PSR they are even more huge, and everyone is dying for this new album of theirs. Lorde, who also hasn't been with the label too long announced new material but she skipped the 1st album and decided to release her first PSR mixtape instead. That will be released on January 15th and she said quote unquote "It will rock!" so be on the lookout for this new material over the next few weeks. In other news, Nivea is still at it as if she really is trying to get a response from NiNi and today she called her fake when a camerawoman asked her why she thinks NiNi isn't really responding to her and her answer was because she is fake she talks all that mess but when she see someone is a real challenge and willing to not back down that when she backs down, that's why, so I win by default lets be real you wont agree to a rematch you wont respond you scared sweetie bye its over" NiNi still hasn't responded. On a more positive note NiNi is performing in Newark NJ tonight at the prudential center at 10pm so see you guys there if you have tickets!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

NiNi Responds To NiNi

Today NiNi responded to Nivea over a video that she posted on her website. This was a response to Nivea's bold statement asking for a rematch that she made towards her yesterday. Click here to check out the response video! Also NiNi has a show tonight in Atlantic City NJ at 8pm. Its negative 8 degrees up there so make sure you dress very warm if you have tickets, we'll get you the details on it as well as pictures tomorrow!

Rita Ora And Jay-Z Beef

Rita Ora and her former boss Mr. Carter are involved in an intense fierce beef right now. The beef started because of unpaid royalties that are owed to Rita. She was with Roc Nation for approximately 3 months before signing herself out to sign with PSR and within that time she did 8 songs for the label all of which have blown up and although she didn't do much she is owed approximately $2,957.00 for the songs. But the last time she tried to contact Jay he wouldn't take her calls and when she finally met up with him he treated her like he didn't know her and he ignored her and his bodyguards escorted her away from him. Later that day she spoke to TMZ saying "It's wrong like I though ol boy was my friend, and I see its real hard to have friends in this business, anything he needed I did I was there but I cant get that favor returned, but its cool it ain't even about the money its just don't play me like I'm nobody, its over though I ain't about to let it get to me" Although she said she is letting it go, a short while after that a song came out which is her now famous PSR song titled "Fake People" which features her ex enemy Demi Lavato, and when it came out late last year many people wondered if a specific line was directed at Mr carter where she raps "Its funny how the money making niggaz turn dummy Mr Roc is in the building but them rocs still bummy" Rita herself never mentioned if that was meant to be a diss or just a song but looks like we got our answer today from Jay because almost 6 months later he dropped "Drop A Bomb" where he says "Young HOV is in the spot but she all up on my cock you see she keeps saying roc that's cuz she miss it at the top, I got love for the team but you running with the cops make it stop cuz I remember when them shorties made you drop on the block" This is an obvious reference to her line and when Nene and Kendra jumped her outside of PSR last year. That song from Jay dropped early this morning and today Rita went all out on him blasting him on twitter saying "I got a few things to say about the camel, yes I mean jigga, first off homeboy don't run shit, he's a yes sir guy, he's the one who runs errands for the big boys, he himself isn't a big boy he just wants to be one, I remember him telling me I need you to help me write this song because I never actually did it before because I got so much running around to do, I'm like well whoever writes it for you does a good job trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, and he like its mostly the producers but I need to do it myself I just don't know how. I saw him one time at the label putting lipstick on I swear to Christ on my daddy's grave RIP I'm like yo what this nigga putting lipstick on for he told me it helps him with the creative process I'm like damn dude is sick but he was boss so I let it go why you think his lips always so damn pink its like permanent now even girls lips ain't that damn pink. Jay comes off as this rockafella hustler gangster like dude be real you don't live the life you rap about, I call that a studio gangster. Don't ever pick fights you cant finish and don't ever pick a fight with someone who used to be around you everyday because it comes back to bite you" Immediately this beef begin gaining huge interest and the media has been hounding Jay about his so called lipstick problem and he refused to answer the question which always looks bad. So is Rita right being that she used to work with him, many say yes because who would know him better then someone who spent a lot of time around him, others say this is all just publicity for her and PSR, what do you guys think?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Nivea Finally Speaks Up On NiNi + She Is Another Beef

Its been almost a month since NiNi and Nivea had their now famous fight, and today Nivea spoke up and she is challenging her to a rematch this is what she had to say "I know she's supposed to be this hardcore Cali street girl and blah blah blah but see other people who she has fought have never asked for a rematch and they only lost because she is very famous for catching people off guard like really every time we hear of her fighting it always starts like oh they were arguing and while the other girl was yelling she hit her when she wasn't expecting it and then she didn't have time to react, and that's my situation she caught me when I'm about to take off my earrings and shit like that's not hard that's a coward she know she cant win if someone is at full attention which is why she always is able to get  the upper hand that goes for cops too they're so busy trying to deactivate the situation and she swings off on them when they aren't expecting but its cool because I'm ready for you this time baby girl I want a rematch and watch me get up in that ass, no homo she probably like that with her homo ass"  NiNi has not responded to her bold statement as of yet. Another beef  that's popping off is between NiNi and Mandy who has been a long standing Death Row artist since the days of Tupac and Biggie, she was around for it all throughout the whole East VS West thing and had a huge part of it. and she is also the daughter of late rapper Eazy-E and half brother of Lil Eazy his son. Yesterday a comment was made about Death Row boss Suge Knight and her reply was Fuck Suge Knight. To understand why she said that we have to take you back to 2011 when it first started with Suge making an out of nowhere comment about NiNi saying "Artists these days are faker then fake goes, like NiNi, she says she's so Cali but she signing all these New York niggas a real west coast artist don't bang with the east period and all these west niggaz like the game snoop ke$ha katy perry and whoever else, banging with the east when the east got no love for us out here" SUGE seems to be stuck in his old ways and still wants to reignite an east west feud and this is literally why no artist likes suge whatsoever and all the artists who were on Death Row left after that comment. NiNi didn't make too much out of it she just said  "He sounds so Immature and you what like 45 wow" Fast forward to last year NiNi hit up Compton and she and her bodyguards were approached by 6 guys and the story goes they were paid by Suge to snatch her up and rob her.... a fight broke out between her crew and the guys and gunshots were involved and NiNi was able to safely get away. Afterwards NiNi started beefing with Suge and everyone in they mama got involved with her going at him even old Death Row artists like Snoop Dre and Kurupt took her side and she made a few diss songs to him before she announced she don't do diss songs anymore and it seemed to die down. Now you see why she said "Fuck Suge" but Mandy has remained loyal to him despite of his ways being they both grew up in the same neighborhood in Compton and when she heard that she said "Its easy for her to speak on someone and say fuck this person that easy when you don't even ride through the hood anymore, she done went Hollywood and she got to nerve to say fuck someone we still out here in the hood ain't shit changed but our change same zip code same address where you at you never here so you can never even get on our level Hollywood and yeah I said that" NiNi responded to her today she posted a video on YouTube saying "Man everybody wanna speak up now its cool seeing that, you got this broad like I forgive her she don't write her own shit and she a puppet for her boss she do everything he tell her to do, she don't got a mouth he's her mouth so its OK babygirl I know you don't even know what you're saying, and besides that I got mad love for your pops so I don't even wanna go there with you but Eazy get to her tell her don't push me" Looks like something serious is about to pop off and the new headline is NiNi VS Compton but surprisingly Lil Eazy who also raps and was at one point in the process of signing with PSR spoke up in defense for NiNi saying "This nigga saying Compton this Compton that when he don't even be in the hood no more all his old homies he ran with starving right now he ain't been through here since the early 2000's he aint swinging shit or helping with no causes out here dude he a bitch he a mark on crutches let him walk through any hood over here all his shit gon get dripped on crip he's a mark don't nobody got respect for him and my sister she feeds into it but I don't see it going any further then where its at between them two, last time NiNi came through here she showed love and we showing it back that's how we do down here" Usually when you beef with SUGE you end up dead so do you guys think NiNI should be more careful now?

NiNi Talks Role Model Says She Felt Trapped In New Interview

Today NiNi granted BET access to a private interview where she talked about many things and got really personal which she been doing a lot of lately. One of the things she talked about was being a role model and she said" I  know that kids these days growing up need something positive to look up too, but being that role model just isn't me anymore, for the first time In my entire career I am able to express myself in a way I cant do as a role model, I can express myself more sexually, I can come off as that gangsta wife, basically just do me" When she was asked does it bother her that children are sad because they lost the old NiNi, she replied 'Its no old anything its still me its just I cant express myself fully being one, I love the children I appreciate them believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself, but music is all about expression, if you're feeling a certain way you pour your heart out in the song, so if you feel angry you pour it out, if you're feeling horny you pour it out, its just a way to artistically express  the way you feel, and I think I have done enough role modeling and now its just time to be a role model to myself" She also spoke on her sex life which is also something she does a lot of, in fact most of NiNi's new songs are about sex and she speaks on sex a lot. She said "I don't see myself as that kind of lady in the streets freak in the sheets kind of person, I'm a freak no matter where but I also don't advertise it because I have no reason too" and she also said she likes to smoke after climaxing saying "I like to have sex when I'm drunk its nothing better then that, and then you get your climax, your toes curl up and you roll over and light up, I'll light up a cigarette a blunt whatever is available at that moment (Laughs) When she was asked do her and her husband have a healthy sex life she replied "If he can still get it up its a healthy sex life (Laughs) but yeah I don't see him as much as I should but when I do he shows me how much he misses me and I show him the same lets just leave it at that (laughs) She also spoke on her new album saying "I'm in the studio right now working with new producers I'm working with Jay, Neyo, The Dream, Maklamore, TYGA its just so much talent going onto this new album and it definitely will not be for children's ears. When she was asked to explain what she meant by that she said "I have matured in so many ways and its tons of things I always wanted to get off my chest on my previous albums but I always had to hold back because I was worrying about what this person might think or how this person may feel, and I never did what I wanted to do, now that's changing and I just don't feel its something kids under at least 16 should be hearing as I said I'm not trying to lose my younger audience but at the same time I can hope that the parents of my younger fans can understand that I just need to do what I feel is right for me" when she was asked about her younger artists copying she said "No no lets get that right my young artists are not biters they have their own style, but its the same aspect they too are feeling that they need to express themselves, I mean you see China is cussing and talking about sex in her songs which changed from songs about bubblegum to sex now, Ann Margaret is really deep in her grown business and many people look at me like oh why aren't you stopping them, like why would I no they aren't grown but at the same time, its expressing and if they feel that's the way they need to express themselves let them do it because If someone told me I cant express myself I wouldn't listen just because I am their boss doesn't mean I will kill their creativity I give them advice and the freedom to do what they feel, many people might think its wrong but you really have to be in our shoes to understand where we are coming from" She refused to answer any questions about her her buddy and her label seemingly going out of their way to disrespect GOD so that question was thrown out and she also mentioned about her famous album battle saying "Tearra is my girl she is amazingly talented but she grew balls with this (laughs) no one has ever done this to me before so I feel it will be interesting but I wont toot my own horn yet because she is really talented so who knows she might stomp all over me (laughs) guess we just have to see but I'm definitely ready looking forward to it and just like I told her you want a battle I will give you a battle and don't think I'm holding back just because you're my girl, the loser has to buy the winner a seafood dinner and come to work dressed in a tuxedo all day, and um I don't own a tuxedo (laughs) To check out NiNi's full 39 minute interview with BET click here

Sunday, January 5, 2014

NiNi Issues Apology To Christians For Her Actions

Today NiNi gave an apology at a live press conference and she said "I have offended many of my deeply spiritual Christian fans and I would like to say sorry. Being a religious person myself, I never meant to throw off the image that I might be anti religious or anti anything for that matter, but at the same time, a picture is a picture, I don't like to be defined just by an action that I do, and based on a picture people put a whole new vision of who I am and that is what I don't like, but as I said before, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I used to care about what others thought of me, but now with the best intentions and most respect that I can put this in, I have reached the level where I feel that the only person's opinion who matters about my own life is my own, I love my fans to death male and female, but when it comes to my own life, no one defines me or my actions but myself, doing good is bad doing bad is worse, so no matter what you do you get blamed regardless and that is why I learned that I'm going to stop worrying about what others think of me and focus on worrying about myself, but regardless I am sorry to those who I may offended as I said many times before god is a big part of who I am and why I am here today, so any representation of me disrespecting him is totally coincidental" Some people have accepted her apology others still aren't convinced and they feel she is just apologizing because people wont let up and its her attempt at shutting everyone up and putting this to bed. How do you guys feel about her apology. She didn't mention on why her team is doing the exact same weird things which still has her label in hot water. How do you guys feel about all of that?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Miranda Zendaya and Ravaugn Announce New Albums

Today, Miranda, Zendaya and Ravaugn announced their new 2014 albums. Miranda posted on her facebook saying "New album "Hard Life and Good Times" coming on February 4th, Cant wait and I worked with so many talented people on this album, I worked so hard on it I hope you guys love it!" Zendaya posted a picture on her instagram that shows her album cover which looks great and the album is called "The First" which is appropriate being that this is her first PSR album, and the caption reads "January 10th" which is the due date. And Ravaugn posted simply on Twitter saying "2nd album, 1/21/14 which is the due date so we have some pretty good things to look forward too. Sources say that Kat is also due to release an album soon which is even better, so be on the lookout for all of these new albums, looks like 2014 will be a great year for PSR. *UPDATE* Yes Kat will be releasing her 5th PSR album titled "Still Here" which we assume celebrates her still being at PSR after 4 years which many people don't make, in fact her Miranda and Kelly Clarkson are the two who have been there the longest and she announced its due before January is over so that has many people very excited including us, and don't forget that NiNi and T Marie have albums coming out next month too, which is the famous album battle, so great things to look forward too over the next month. P.S we just got word that Guyana has been released from her contract at PSR, but apparently this happened almost 2 weeks ago, but no one knew, we have no idea why she was released as she was doing a great job with touring and sales, but if we find out more we will let you guys know. Also check out Keke Palmers new song  titled "Back Where I Belong which features NiNi , everything that girl has been doing lately is bomb and this song is no exception. Click here to check it out!! And click here to check out China's new song with her oldest sister titled "Pick Me Up"

NiNi Gets Lashed Out At From Fans And The Media

Lately, many celebs have been seeming to go out of their way to disrespect the big man upstairs. Just a couple days ago, the other queen pissed many off by posting a photo on her instagram and facebook that shows her posing in front of Jesus Christ at the last supper and she is basically posing in front of him as if she is intentionally blocking him out. Fast forward to a day later Cymphonique's new song with Weezy shows a scene where they both set a cross on fire, which has angered many people and also has attracted nasty comments to Cymphonique and Weezy, then not more then 24 hours later, NiNi posted a picture to her instagram which shows her in front of a airbrushed wall with Jesus and she has her middle fingers up with a shirt that says "Badder then him" That picture was the icing on the cake and many fans went to Twitter and FB down talking NiNi which is something you don't see too much, with one fan writing "I'm a huge fan of both queens, but I don't like it, their actions lately are becoming very weird and different, if you're not Christian fine but don't disrespect people who are, its low and classless and these two were the main women I always thought had class, its disrespectful" The two queens have been involved In many controversies lately, last week B released her song called XO and has a small audio clip of the challenger disaster where back in 86 a rocket took off and blew up shortly after killing all astronauts on it and many criticized her for using that clip as it brought back painful memories to the families of the deceased and although she apologized, she still continues to face nasty comments by refusing to scratch the song off her new album and even making a video for it. Then a couple weeks ago NiNi dropped a song where she says something along the lines of "Make it drop like the towers" in which she is referring to the twin towers that were hit by terrorists on September 11 2001, and once again hearing that bought painful memories back to the families, and she was lashed at from many but unlike B she didn't issue an apology. Not just the queens though, PSR is becoming increasingly talked about and not in a good way, as many of the PSR artists are doing weird things like Lloyd and Beauty's song "True Love" where they are seen standing on an American flag stepping and walking all over it which many people find is disrespectful to our country, they too have not issued an apology. One person even went so far to say, I'm a fan of NiNi and her friend, as well as her label, but lately I've been noticing no class from either one, its like they're just doing whatever they want because they can and they aren't realizing or caring how it affects other people. NiNi and her buddy had an interview where they both actually said that they feel they have reached a certain point in their career where they do what they want and not have to worry about what people think about them because they deserve to be their own boss, which sparked even more drama. So whats up with all this controversies with the queens and PSR, many people have said that although B isn't with PSR she is very close to the label and its like she is with them because she is acting just like them and many have lost respect for her. Some people feel that they are being brainwashed by their men, B from Jay and NiNi from Beith  since all of this is totally out of character for everyone involved. What do you guys think?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

PSR Throwing A Welcome Home New Years Party

We just have word that PSR is throwing another huge party for the new year to celebrate all of their wonderful accomplishments of 2013. Its also is a welcome back party for their boss who was released from prison yesterday. We have no word yet on how big the party will be, where it will be held or what time it starts,but if we get more info we will let you know! This new year will be filled with lots of new material from PSR. Ke$ha is releasing her 4th PSR album,Monica is releasing her 3rd, Asia, Victoria, Ariana, Honey, Cymphonique, OMG GIRLZ, China, KERI Hilson, Big Sean, Future, Lloyd, Kid Ink and many more is releasing new album this year. And of course its that getting more famous by the minute album battle between NiNi and T.Marie who both are releasing albums around the same time in February, so lots of exciting things! Happy new year everyone! More details when we get it!