Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nini Makes A Statement! + Evan Ross + Katy Perry New Song!

This evening, Nini has made a statement regarding the incident that took place earlier and here's what she said>" Hey peeps, I heard about all that crap that went on earlier and I don't deal with people like that whats wrong with y'all women, I don't hang with people like that, I don't like people like that, I don't know if y'all have it in your head that I'm with you or something but I don't deal with that crap y'all are just crazy, I didn't mean to say y'all just some, but my heart goes out to the girl who had to go through all of this and yes I do remember you, and the other girl that hired people to kill someone, I'm disappointed in her, who does that I'm glad shes feeling better but you need to grow up however long it takes for you to grow but you need to grow up, you don't go around doing that to people just because you don't get your way, anyway that's all I have to say" Tameka has not responded to the statement as of yet but we are told she has heard it and cried because she knows Nini is upset with her. Amanda has not responded to anything as of yet, but we are told that she appreciates all of the support. In other news, Nini has signed 23 year old Connecticut singer and son of Diana Ross Evan Ross to a 2 year 2 album 45 million dollar deal with PSR and despite Diana and her Daughter Tracy wanting to join, she only signed Evan, so congrats to him on making the first steps on becoming a true PSR artist! Speaking of PSR artists, Katy Perry has been nonstop work work work ever since she has been there and she is really earning her place in Nini's circle. Today she released a song titled "Wide Awake" which sounds like a shot at Illuminati due to the fact that she speaks of being lost at one point and believing everything someone says, but her eyes are wide open and she See's the truth and she says she will not fall into any traps and basically she is thinking clearly now and not falling for any deceitful behavior, and that's where the title "Wide Awake" comes from. You can check that out by clicking here She also released another song today titled "Go To The Light" Ft Nini and Jordin Sparks which seems to be warning young kids that are starting out in the business to stay on the right path and it seems that they are telling them to go to the light which is Heaven instead of the money which is hell in the industry. Both songs have blown up the charts and we are told her album will be releasing very soon and her new movie "A Part Of Me" has done very well at the box office bringing in over 5 billion viewers and over 45 billion dollars in its first week of release, so its clear she is working hard for the label and she is contributing to alot of the success that the label has been experiencing, so congrats to her on that!! P.S check out the new song by Alex Mcqueen Ft China And Ciara titled "Pimpette" here

Suspects Caught! New Details!

Amanda has been found this afternoon in an old abandoned building in the basement nude and scratched up heavily. Police say she was raped repeatedly and 10 men were arrested for the kidnapping and rape. But the ringleader of this incident is a girl named Tameka "Tammy" wells, who paid each man who are all members of the south side crips $50 each to carry out the rape and beating, apparently because she was jealous of Amanda's TV interview and police say she is an obsessed fan who did not like the idea of Amanda taking over a spotlight she should have had. Police say Amanda was tied up with heavy ropes and she was taken to the hospital where she is now doing much better. Tameka went on a run and ended up in Bristol Pennsylvania, where police rolled up on her and closed in on her and she pulled out a gun and attempted suicide by putting the barrel in her mouth and pulling the trigger. She did not die, and police called for an ambulance and they rushed her to the hospital where she is in terrible condition and in a coma, but doctors say she will live. Police have made a statement saying that she will be given enough time to recover and afterwards she will be transferred back to NY where she will go in front of a judge to decide her sentence along with the guys she hired who are being held in a Brooklyn Jail without bail. That's all the info I have on this story at the moment but check back later on this story for more info!

Woman Says She Worships Nini, Then Goes Missing!

This afternoon, a Brooklyn New York woman who is 22 year old Amanda Richards was on the news because she claims to be the biggest Nini fan ever. She invited the news crew inside her house where its all filled up with NINI! She has posters, pictures, Cd's, movies, jewelry, news articles, personal pics, autographs, video games, PSR apps on her phone, and so much more and its like a shrine to Nini. She has her site and the PSR site bookmarked and says she checks this blog every single day and knows everything there is to know about Nini. She was awarded a world record for 'Most Dedicated Fan" and she said "I love Nini, she can do no wrong in my eyes, she is simply the best entertainer that ever lived, sure people think I'm crazy for all of this, but I don't care its my way of expressing myself,I got to meet her and even hang out with her which was the best moments of my life" She even has ice cream bars shaped into Nini's face! Most people call it obsessed but in her words she calls it "Committed" in other words she's committed to being the biggest Nini fan in the world. But all this excitement was short lived when one of her relatives made a trip to her house and discovered the whole house a mess!A Pillows were ripped, water was all over the floor, the couches were a mess, glass was broke, the TV was broke, lights were smashed, posters were ripped and it was just a crazy sight. The relative, who is unknown at this point made a frantic 911 call to report Amanda missing and described the scene of the house and officers arrived within minutes to start an investigation. It was many people on the street and some were even sitting on their porch and no one seen or heard anything, which is odd because if she was kidnapped and snatched out of the house someone would've seen or heard something because it was just too many people not too see anything. So police aren't sure if people know but maybe don't want to say because they may get in trouble or if they honestly do not know, but they are continuing their investigation into this mysterious disappearance without a trace. Its all over the news and being that this happened only hours after her TV interview about Nini, many people think its another obsessed fan who may be jealous, but we don't know. She did not leave any trace behind besides the house being all messy and her mom stated she would never go anywhere without calling her or letting her know, and her family thinks she has been kidnapped and murdered. If you guys have any information, the police are asking for any helpful info and they ask you to call the crime stoppers unit in Brooklyn. This is still a developing story.

Is Nini Affiliated With Jay Z And Roc Nation??

This morning Nini was snapped with Jay-Z and Beyonce in downtown New York on their way to attend a royal meeting and they all threw up the famous Roc-A Fella sign when the camera snapped a pic of them which has many people questioning whether Nini will link her label with the famous Roc Nation Records (Formerly Roc- A Fella) then paparazzi followed all 3 of them for 3 blocks chit chatting and keeping the camera on all of them until they reached the building they were going to, and all 3 of them looked to be getting a little annoyed by them walking with them the whole way. Many fans have expressed interest in a link with PSR and Roc Nation and they have took to their Twitter and Facebook pages to ask Nini about a possible link up between labels. Nini has not responded or answered any questions as of yet, so if it is something happening, she is keeping a tight lip about it. Jay-Z is Nini's good friend, so it wouldn't be such a surprise if they decided to do business together and being that Kanye and Rhi Rhi still have contracts with Roc Nation, it would actually be a good partnership and make sense to link up. Do you guys want to see that happen? In other news, Nini has denied that she received breast implants. The story started a few days ago, due to many people saying her boobs looked like they became much larger overnight. But Nini has responded saying "I really don't believe in that kind of stuff, I take what God gave me, he gave me what I have for a reason and I wont go up against his better judgement and change anything, I did not have implants done, it was just the shirt, I don't show off that area alot and I may wear shirts that's a size higher than what I usually wear, but the shirt I wore was my correct size and you guys aren't used to seeing that so they looked larger than what you are used too (laughs)" We never did think Nini got implants, that's why we did not post the story when it first began to be talked about, and we see we were right. Also check out the new song by Kat Ft Mindless Behavior titled "All I Need Is A Friend" check it out here

Monday, July 30, 2012

Nini Pulls Up In a 2012 $199,000 Bentley!

This afternoon, Nini had an autograph signing in Detroit Michigan and she was rolling in style! She pulled up to the location in a 2012 Bentley which costs 199,000 dollars and she was looking as fly as her ride rocking a vintage CK designer outfit with PW Stunna Shades and 20,000 dollars worth of jewelry with PW stiletto high heel shoes with cherry sparkle lip gloss. She signed a total of 1,000 autographs without incident and she took a few pics with people and she pulled off while fans were waving at her. It was a beautiful moment from a beautiful girl! In other news, Nini has confirmed that she will in fact be heading over to Eastern Europe with members of her label to promote the new Europe release of the PSR line so stay tuned for that!

Nini's New Movie! +Beefs!

Nini's new movie "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger is officially finished and will be hitting theatres everywhere Friday! The previews for it have released today and even though we do not see much, what we do see looks really good and we must say we agree with the cast members and the plot of the movie as well as the director as he is a brilliant director and we cant wait for this movie! Check out the previews here In other news, Nini's new artist Carmen Amere is having problems agreeing with her contract as it keeps switching up and her advance money keeps going shorter and shorter and she doesn't have enough to finish any of her projects. We are not sure if this is a problem with the label's funding department or with Nini herself, but many people seem to think its tension between the two and that a beef may start up soon hmmmm......If I can find out more I will let you guys know. Speaking of beefs, The beef between Cymphonique Miranda and Nina B continues to get bloodier and bloodier and Miranda and Cymphonique were involved in a fight with Nina B and her sister Jesse in downtown NY this afternoon and police were called but no one pressed charges and no one had to make any hospital visits. Nini has stated she is sick of the drama but at the same time, she hasn't jumped in between the women yet at all so we see she is still trying to stay out of it, but we have a feeling if things get too bad she will step in, that way too much negativity wont come to the label. Another beef is popping off as well between Ke$ha and Melanie Fiona. My last post I told you about the song involved and Melanie made a statement directed at Ke$ha saying "Man she's a punk, who sues someone over a song? I think that's just BS, real men and women can settle any problems without any courts or cops or anything like that, people from the streets wouldn't even think about calling cops or dealing with courts they would rather die before they ever get helped from a cop, so by her doing all of this speaks alot of her street credibility in my opinion" When she was asked why she ripped off Ke$ha's song she replied "I didn't, the damn song came out after mines did and I thought she ripped me off but you see I didn't call any cops or take out no lawsuits I'm like its whatever I'll just keep doing me she do her, I figured she must like my music to steal it and I left it alone and now that the shoe is on the other foot she involves cops and judges over what? stuff that happens all the time, its just a misunderstand leave it the hell at that" Ke$ha did not respond well to those statements and made a statement simply saying "That bitch is a liar period" So another beef is heating up with a PSR artist! Also there is a rumor going around of another beef by a PSR artist which is Selena Gomez and the supposed beef is with Mariyah Carey! We don't know about that one yet, but many people say its true so if I can find some things out I will let you guys know! In the meantime don't forget to check out Nini's new movie in theatres Friday August 3rd!!

Nini Gets 2 New Artists! + Who Is Ke$ha Suing? + Nini Rents Out Condo For 300,000!

It seems that NINI isn't quite finished with signing people just yet as she has just scooped up 2 new artists to join the PSR roster and they are:
23 year old Los Angeles CA singer Elle Varner who has been signed to a 3 year 3 album 59 million dollar deal.
And 32 year old ATL singer Bobby V (Formerly Bobby Valentino) who has been signed to a 3 year 3 album 59 million dollar deal.
Congrats to the new PSR artists! In other news, Nini's artist Ke$ha is suing Melanie Fiona! The lawsuit being filed says that Melanie ripped off her song "Love Will Win" and renamed it to "It Kills Me" and it took her over 3 years just to get the lawsuit approved by a judge, and now it has! The lawsuit is for 1 million dollars and both singers are scheduled to appear in front of a judge next week to settle the lawsuit. Also, being that Nini is officially done with her new movie (check the next blog for info on that) she is returning back to work and back to the stage! She officially goes back August 3rd which is when her and her Tour Partner Beyonce is scheduled to be in different parts of Connecticut from the 3rd until the 27th and Nini has rented out a luxury condo to stay at while she is out there the entire time for 300,000 dollars!!! We are told its a very luxurious condo, but we could not get any pics of it nor did we hear any comments from Nini! Too Bad! P.S check out the new song which hit number 2 this morning by Nini Ft Jessica Lowndes titled "No" its a really cool love song and you can check it out here

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Woman Presses Charges On Nini!!!!

Nini has been arrested this morning! The National Enquirer posted this story at 6:01 this morning and being that they have a bad rep for posting wrong information, I was a little skeptical of the story. But after doing some digging of my own, I found out that the story is true and here's what happened: This morning, Nini was on her way to an autograph signing at the Super Dome in Houston TX and she made a quick stop in the ladies restroom. When reporters and paparazzi found out she was there, they stormed the bathroom trying to get a statement and was banging on the door trying to open the door while she was still doing her business. She yelled out "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME" and she finished doing her "business" and came out of the stall, where a lady reporter tried to get an interview with her, but Nini was pushing her way past all of them which included men as well, and the lady reporter was so desperate to get any type of interview that she began grabbing on Nini's hair and shirt and other people were grabbing her as well as if they were playing "Tug Of War" with her body, and of course Nini got fed up and the two people who were grabbing her which was the lady and a male reporter fighting over her, got pushed pretty hard and the male reporter bumped against the wall and he was fine, but the female reporter flew into the sink in the bathroom which was metal and hit her head with so much force that blood squirted from her head onto everyone including Nini and there was a pool of blood on the floor and she was unconscious. The whole crowd stopped and were staring in shock and they all ran out of the restroom as if they were scared of Nini, and everyone thought she was dead, but she got up and looked at Nini crying screaming "THAT WASN'T FUCKING NECESSARY!!!" And Nini replied saying "Fuck You". The police arrived and the lady pressed charges on Nini. They did not put her in handcuffs, but they were holding onto her walking her through the arena outside to the police car and many fans were in protest that that was happening even one fan getting arrested and sprayed with mase because she slapped the cop and said "Leave Nini Alone! Nini was put in the back of the police car with a visible angry facial expression and the officers on the scene declined to comment and drove off and fans were running behind the cop cars some were even crying. Her whole autograph signing was canceled and the reporter had to go to the hospital where we are told she is in really bad shape having seizures and slipping in and out of consciousness. The police released details almost 2 hours later saying that her bail is set at 12 million dollars, but she can not self post (which means post her own bail) and she has 48 hours to get bail set or she will have to remain in jail until a trial comes up. Being that she could not post her own bail, her loyal friends came to her side and helped bail her out. They included Kat, Cymphonique, Miranda Cosgrove and K.C and they all put 3 million dollars towards the bail, but Kat, who is Nini's best friend put the most up which was 5 million due to the extra for booking fees and all the other fees that's charged in addition to bail when you get arrested. After they posted the bail for their friend and boss, they were told she will be released in 2 hours once they get the paperwork ready and get a trial date set up and get her clothes and personal belongings back, and they waited the entire two hours for her in the waiting room and Kat fell asleep in the waiting room. After the two hours were up the officer bought NINI out and gave her her clothes and her cell phone and jewelry and she signed a release form and accepted the trial date of August 14th. Pictures were released of the 4 women in the waiting room and of Nini getting arrested, being in the holding cell, and getting released but they are almost impossible to find now because PSR management has reportedly paid thousands to get them pics off the Internet. When Nini was bought out, Kat ran up to her and gave her a huge hug and the others gave her a hug also. Nini looked like she had tears in her eyes and gave a big smile and said "I love you guys, thank you" And they all smiled and said "We love you too Nini!" at the same time and all gave her a hug. She signed her papers and the officer told her her car was in impound and would be available anytime after tomorrow and they all left the police station. They had the company limo and they all jumped in there after pushing their way through hundreds of Paparazzi crews and Kat was saying "No comment damn it, hasn't she been through enough" and they all managed to get past and get into the car with no incident. Nini has not made a statement on this incident as of yet and we are told the limo dropped her off either home or at a hotel to rest. So we are glad Nini is out and when her trial date comes up we will post all info about it. Speaking of arresting and pressing charges, a while ago I posted about the B.B.O.D crew getting arrested, and yesterday they finally got out after having a trial. And a judge ordered that they each serve at least 1 year of community service and pay a fine of 1,000 dollars each to the courts and Lexxy had to pay the 1,000 dollars plus an extra 1,000 to the mom of the little girl for the hospital bill, they have not been available for comment since their release and we are told they are back at the label in their studio trying to put the entire incident behind them. If I have any more info so will you!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Amy Getting Suspended?? + Nini And Miranda's New Song!

Word is that Nini's mega rising artist Amy from Karmin is suspended for 2 weeks from PSR! I don't have ANY info at all yet on why or how this happened or IF it even happened I just heard it through the grapevine, so Ill dig deeper and if I come up with anything I will let you guys know. In other news, a new song has released by Nini Ft Miranda Cosgrove titled "I'm Not Your Boo" and it is a certified smash hit that's burning up the charts and the industry check it out here

Little Boy Dedicates Letter To Nini + Performs Her Entire Video!

An 11 year old Little boy from Connecticut named Jason Packs has dedicated a letter to Nini and has completely mirrored her video for "Squad Up". He posted a video to YouTube where he has already received 146,000 views and he starts off the video by saying "Hey guys I'm new to YouTube, but I want to read something that I dedicate to the most beautiful person in the world, and my favorite singer Nini so here's the letter" He then begins to read the letter which reads>"Dear Nini, My name is Jason Packs, I'm 11 years old from Connecticut and I am your biggest fan. I listen to your music everyday and I don't think its anyone in this world that can sing or perform better than you. I love your label and I love you and I hope when I'm bigger I can marry you, my mom has said it would be OK as long as you are up to it. I love your new CD and me and my sister listens to it every single day, you're the best and I'm going to perform your steps in your video for Squad Up, I hope you see this, Love Jason" After that it switches up and her song "Squad Up" begins to play and this kid is a genius with the camera as he completely mirrors every step, every outfit and scene from the video even at one point having a wig on to look exactly like her and how her hair was in the video, and has dancers in the background just like she does and lip syncs the lyrics. Everything he does is EXACTLY what she does in the video and this kid is obviously a very big fan of her. Nini has praised him for his dedication to re-creating her video and she said quote "He did it better than me (laughs) Nini has posted the video on her site for people to check out and he has became an Internet celeb overnight and he made this statement "I'm glad that Nini likes it, I thought she would be mad at me because maybe she would think I stole her song or her ideas, but she put it on her site and she really likes it and that makes me very happy" When he was asked how did he do everything so correct he said "Well I just kept practicing in the mirror and looking at her video and I finally got it down right, even the hair which was my moms wigs, and she curled it and dyed it for me so it would look just like her hair" Many celebs have also praised the boy due to the fact that he did the video so exact and he is really dedicated to his favorite artist. Nini also made a statement saying "Its really cute I like it, the minute I saw it I was like wow he did it better that me (laughs) but I really appreciate it so much and he definitely has talent to be able to mirror everything so correctly the way he did and his letter is cute too (laughs)" Check out the remake of "Squad Up" right here

Nini Gets Seriously Pissed!

This morning, Nini had a meeting to go to but it was something straight out of the underworld! The room where the meeting was being held was something straight out of a horror film, with Illuminati themes all throughout. There were hypnotizing black and white colors along with all seeing eyes and goat heads with horns on the wall. Nini asked why is all of the stuff there and she was told that room was the only room available just try to ignore it it will be over soon, but she refused to participate and she stormed out of the room and did not attend the meeting. The head bosses which include people like Russel Simmons, made a statement saying "We understand why Nini was upset, it was not a pleasant sight to see and we understand her choice to not participate in the meeting" Nini refused comments and was not available for questions. Why all of that stuff was in that room was unknown until a little while ago and here's the breakdown: All royalty members especially owners of labels have a meeting at least once a week to discuss their place and whatever improvements can be made etc. And they meet in what the industry calls a "Royalty Room" which is at least 87 of them all over the country and it seems that 86 of them were strangely unavailable and the only one that was available was the "Illuminati Royal Room" and the meeting had no choice but to take place there for 30 minutes. This room is where Illuminati members meet up and Nini wanted no part of it, even though that's not what the meeting was about, she still did not want to continue with the meeting. How do you guys feel about this?

Friday, July 27, 2012

PSR Gets The Best Label Award!

PSR Has received the best label award! It has officially been voted the dopest label on the planet by Vibe and many say PSR has the most talented artists in the industry! We would like to say congratulations to everyone's favorite label and all of the artists who call PSR their home!

Nini Is Having A Party!!

It seems that Nini is having a party next weekend!!! This comes from TMZ who published the story only hours ago. Apparently, someone hacked into Nipsey Hussle's phone this morning where there was a text message sent to an unknown person which said "Yo, my boss throwing a party next Saturday my n**** , I can bring a few heads with me so you one of Dem'.... get them bad bitches you be wit 2 dude don't be bullshittin' its at the Riviera in Austin or sum shit, can you make that?? If not I got u" Being that Nini is his boss, we automatically know he is talking about her, but what we don't know is who will be in attendance, what time it will start, how long it will last or what will go on, but judging by the last party she had we have a feeling it will be WILD! Usually Nini has a tight sealed lip when it comes to her parties, but if I can dig some and find out some more info, Ill post back later on it. Currently her party is the brand new huge topic attracting at least 75 million people checking it out on the web with 125,000 tweets per second and over 4 million google searches and it took the spot of the huge topic of Kandi and Nini's incident which is completely forgotten about at this point. In other news, has been voted richest female celeb once again in the Forbes magazine bringing in over 95 billion dollars in income this year from record sales and tour sales alone, not counting all of her other various projects and she has officially been named the highest paid woman in Hollywood show business. Also Cymphonique Miller has grabbed that title as well coming in at number 6 on the Forbes list but of course Nini is at number 1. Congrats to Nini!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kandi Makes A Statement!

Kandi, Nini's newest artists has come forward to address the incident between her and her boss this afternoon. She was live in front of approximately 3,000 people and she said>"I would like to say there is no beef between Nini and myself, It was a weak moment for me and I admit I was very disrespectful to her and to myself, and I would like to tell her how sorry I am, and I mean that from my heart, I really appreciate Nini giving me a chance with her label and in no way do I take her or the label for granted, I wasn't professional with my actions and I take full responsibility for any consequences I may face" Nini has not responded to her statement as of yet. In other news, Nini is in a new commercial about the double A Duracell batteries and we must say she looks FLY in that commercial which lasts 60 seconds. It basically shows her using the Duracell batteries to power up some of the things she uses everyday, like her microphone or her studio equipment and she says the only brand she trusts is Duracell. We are told she earned 60 million dollars for that one commercial but she did not sign on to be the official spokesperson for the company, it was a one time offer. She also is in a commercial for Pepsi, where she gets stranded and walks into someones house uninvited and the whole room stops and stares with their mouths open and she goes to the fridge to get out a Pepsi and drinks it while they are still in shock by seeing her and she asks them how to get to where shes going and they continue to stare not saying anything and she says make a right then a left? OK thanks, then she looks at the camera and says I get that alot" and smiles and walks out drinking the Pepsi while the people are still staring with their mouths open, then the announcer starts speaking about the product. Check out both commercials here

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nini Punches Her Artist!!!

Nini has punched out one of her new artists who goes by the name of Kandi (or Candy Gurl)! It started with a visit by Nini to the label after she was done shooting some scenes to her new movie. As usual she stopped by all of the studios to check how everyone was doing, and when she got to Kandi's studio, Kandi welcomed her in to check out some of her new material, after agreeing that her music was industry ready, Kandi decided to invite herself into Nini's pants (yes I said pants) She went under her shirt and tried to grab her boobs and tried to put her finger down her panties and tried to kiss her, in a nutshell, she tried to have sex with her right in the studio. But Nini didn't allow that to happen and KANDI was begging her to have sex with her pushing herself all up on her and Nini pushed her off and punched her in the jaw and she fell on the floor and blood leaked from her lip. Nini bent over her with a very annoyed expression and said "Look if you want to stay here there will be no more of that, you understand me, that's disrespectful and I don't like that, I'm not going to tell you again because if this happens again you will be gone no matter how good you're doing" She threw her a box of tissues and told her to "clean up and get back to work" and walked out of the studio and slammed the door while Kandi still laid there crying saying sorry. The reason why we know this is because Nini has cameras all posted throughout the label and the camera posted in Kandi's studio captured all of this and somehow the video has been released to the public which has completely embarrassed Kandi so much. And now this video is all over the news, and Nini has made this statement> "I don't know who leaked the video, that was a private moment and once I find out who did they will be dealing with me. I'm not sure if it was an inside leak or an outside leak, that's what I'm working on finding out" Kandi has not been available for comment. We are not sure of Kandi's condition or if her jaw is broken or not but she hasn't been heard from at all. Stay tuned for more info on this developing story!

Mac Has Been Dropped!

Nini's artist "Mac" has been dropped after being with the label for over 1 year due to "Lack Of Agreement" He was signed to PSR after being heard on Myspace Music by one of Nini's A&R departments back in 2011, and he was on top at one point with his first album off the label selling 199 million copies in its first week. But recently he hasn't been so popular with the fans it seems, because his mixtapes and singles just aren't selling they way they used to, and Nini has given him one last chance to bring his stats back up by letting him stay and release an album. Well that album has been released two months ago and unfortunately, it only sold, 2,000 copies which is absolutely pathetic and she gave him two months to see if it improves, and since it hasn't she had no choice but to drop him since he is now a very big risk to the label. Mac posted this on his Twitter earlier>"Why y'all not showing ya boy love? I just got dropped from the only home I ever knew, y'all support the wrong people, it ain't Nini's fault its y'all fault!" Nini has made a statement regarding his releasing saying> "Mac has been released, I'm sorry but I really cant take the risk and I have been taking it for so long, but I cant anymore, he understands and that's all that matters, so any hate mail or bullshit comments keep it to yourself because I don't have time for it" Reportedly the release was on a good level with no hard feelings with a hug and a "see you later" and they remain cool with each other, and reportedly, Mac is looking for a new home. How do you guys feel about all of this? P.S check out the new song by Nini Ft 2Chainz titled "My Cup Full" right here

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nini Responds To Khloe + Lexus Settles Out Of Court + Miranda Steps In With Cymphonique

Nini has responded to Khloe's highly emotional statement and she has said she appreciates the apology and she accepts, she also has revealed that it is not a beef nor will it be a beef starting up and Khloe has posted this on her TWITTER page>" Thank the lord JESUS that this is over!!" So it may start calming down, but then again maybe not? Speaking of beefs, Miranda Cosgrove has officially joined her best friend Cymphonique and Nina B's beef after Nina called her out in an interview for no reason at all saying "Neither one of them deserves to be at PSR, PSR seems like a real talented professional label, why the hell are they there? I love Nini to death and she knows I do, but I told her to her face the other day that they were not good choices, they need to grow up, Miranda wants to be down so bad its actually funny, its hilarious to see a pale white girl from Nickelodeon coming from Pasadena acting like a black gangsta bitch from Compton or something, she need to go sit her dead looking ass down and go back to the barbie dolls cuz that bitch looks dumb, and the other one HA HA enough said" We are not sure how Miranda's name was involved in it when she clearly did nothing wrong and didn't even say one thing about that, but she has made a statement on it saying>"I'm not sure why I'm in this but I don't mind being in it, Most people think I'm soft because of my skin color or where I'm from, that doesn't mean I'm a bitch or a punk, so I'm glad she's thinks she knows me but she is dead wrong on that" This is getting out of hand and people are lining up to see these three beauties brawl. So far Nini has not had one thing to say about this 3 some beef, so its obvious she is distancing herself from it and letting grown women handle their own affairs which is great! In other news, Lexus has agreed to settle the lawsuit against them out of court to avoid any controversy surrounding a trial, and they Will be meeting with Nini this Friday to settle it.

Nini Sues Lexus!

Nini has put out a 100,000 dollar lawsuit against one of the biggest car brands in the world LEXUS. The lawsuit is for a recent new commercial by Lexus introducing a new 2o13 model and they use the instrumental to her song "Riding" and they used it without entering into a contract or even asking her permission. The lawsuit is scheduled for a hearing as early as next week, unless Lexus offers to settle out of court, but in the meantime, here's what the company owner had to say>"We had no intentions on copying or plagiarizing anything, we edited her voice out and kept only the instrumental of the song that way we wouldn't be committing copyright, the song is not there for us to make money, that's what our cars are for, we are not trying to make money off of the song being in the commercial we are trying to make money off of the new model car that was on the commercial so we wouldn't expect to see any profit from the song anyway, if anything we hope to see profit from the car" One thing that Lexus doesn't understand though, is that even if they edit her voice out, its still her beat so that still is committing copyright, just in a different way, if Nini didn't say that her beats can used for commercial purposes or non-exclusive rights, then that makes it ILLEGAL and obviously Nini is not about to have someone use her stuff without her permission, and we back her up on this one. Check back later for more info on this story

Khloe Makes A Statement To Nini

This morning, Khloe has made an emotional statement adressed to Nini and her fans. Here's what she said>"Good morning, I myself would like to apologize for the statement that I have made yesterday regarding Nini's husband, I didn't know it would turn out this way, and now that is has, I regret ever opening up my mouth in the first place, so for that reason I would like to issue a personal apology to Nini, me and her go back a long time, I have known her for the better half of 5 half years now and she knows I would never intentionally disrespect her in anyway, but I understand her points and I admit my statements were uncalled for, also I would like to apologize to any of her family members or fans who may have been offended by the statement and also to her husband, I just want this to be over" Her statement sounded very emotional as if she was fighting back tears check the audio out here.......Nini has not responded as of yet to this statement, but her management has reported that she is aware of it, so now the big question is, is this war over or is it too late because its too deep? In other news, Nini is not the only one who seems to be involved in a war, a while ago I reported about Cymphonique and Nina B beefing, and that is getting bigger. Nina B has released a new diss song directed at her which calls her out her name and all kinds of other names and disrespects her status and place in the game, even suggesting that she only became royalty by performing sexual favors for people with a line saying "You ain't royalty bitch, who dick you had to suck" The song is titled "She's Not Real" and Cymphonique has not directly responded to it, but instead she released a song of her own that has one small line directed at Nina saying "Man she's funny babygirl got no money, I thought that I was young but these bitches standing under me, she wanna get with me because she scared of what I'm gonna do biggest slut out of New York I can have your homies running too, looking like a troll leprechaun on deck catch her slipping ima wet her you can really call her wet" The song by Cymphonique is actually not a diss song its actually a song off of her upcoming mixtape, but she included that small line in the song at the last minute. July 21st, they bumped into each other while Cymphonique was signing autographs in New York, and although a fight didn't break out, fans say that the looks they gave each other were scary. So the only two PSR artists who seem to be involved in wars right now is Nini and Cymphonique, question is will there be more???

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nini Says Her Movie Will Be Released "Very Soon"

This evening Nini has shared with us in a statement on Global that her new movie "What Doesnt Kill You Makes You Stronger" is currently 89% completed this is what she said>"We have been working day and night on this movie and its coming out really good, we barely had breaks and if we did it was maybe 20 minutes, maybe we will get lucky and have an hour but that's rare, its been work all day all night for the past 3 weeks starting at 5am and finishing around 2am the next day with only 2 breaks in between. But its definitely worth it and the cast has worked so hard, myself included and I cant wait to see their faces when they see how it comes out on the big screen which will be here alot sooner than you may think, its 89% done (laughs) She was asked what made her choose the people she chose and she replied "Its just certain people I felt would go good in certain roles , and everyone I have is fulfilling their role perfectly and it just goes right" We still don't have the official release date or even a theatre movie poster yet, but all in good time I suppose, and all we have to say is HURRY UP! LOL. In other news, Rihanna has been called the highest selling artist of PSR and she has been voted in 6 categories and her new album is due by the end of the summer and she has been working with every artist and producer in the game and this album will be a mix of everything from rap to r&b to rock to metal to punk and she has said she wants to give her fans a taste of every side of her. We wish her and PSR the best!

Nini's Statement Part 2

Nini has made yet another statement about Kim's baby sister Khloe check out the full audio by clicking here Khloe has not responded to this statement as of yet, but sources close to her tell us she is sick of this and her attorney has made this statement "We wish that the media and the fans just give us our privacy in this difficult time, Miss Khloe Kardashian regrets her actions and just would like to put the whole incident behind her, it has become a media circus over the last few hours and we ask everyone to please just let her relax and have some time to herself" Apparently, Kim's older sisters Kim and Kourtney are angry with their sister as this is bringing much more drama to the Kardashian name as now their mom and other relatives are getting death threats and hurtful words said to them. Nini has not responded to anything else as of yet, but this story is currently number 1 on every news outlet and media site in the country and its a very huge topic that is continuing to get talked about hourly. Kim has made a statement saying "We are not responsible for Khloe's actions, we were not aware that she accepted to do the interview because we advised her not to, we ask that the media and Nini's fans please just stay out of it because it can get worked out privately like it should, without all of the death threats and mean and hateful things that's being said" Kanye West, who is Nini's uncle is also apart of this as of earlier he got into a huge heated argument with Khloe which thousands of people were witness too and we are told Khloe's husband got in it too. This is blowing up and getting very crazy but obviously people are not about to stop!

Nini Makes A Seriously Angry Statement, Klohe Reacts!

This afternoon, Nini has made a statement regarding the situation with Khloe Kardashian and she sounds pissed and a little funny in an evil kind of a way. The audio lasts for 10 minutes and you can check it out here Khloe has heard the statement and had this to say>" Oh My God, I cant believe she's reacting the way she is, I mean damn, it was just a question and I answered it are you serious, its really not that big a deal, I'm not about to come after him or try and break them up, give me a fucking break! In my opinion she needs to chill and stop reacting that way I mean damn maybe I shouldn't have said it and I get that, but I don't see any reason for it to be getting this out of hand, God come on now, take a chill pill Nini for fucks sake, Jesus Christ just stop!" Nini has not yet responded to the statement, but many say that sounded like a challenge, we don't think so but many fans think a beef will start because Khloe is the only Kardashian who isn't afraid to say whatever is on her mind and that will not sit well with Nini. She also posted on her Twitter page saying>What Beef? what are you guys talking about! Did I say that? I didn't hear her say it so until she starts beefing with me stop calling it that!" Do you guys think this is starting to get out of hand or is the party just beginning?

New Song Plus Nini's New Designs!

This afternoon, a new song has released by Nini Ft Christina Milian and Keri Hilson titled "Girl Swag" its very very nice and very close to stealing the number 1 spot check it out here Also Nini has released 190 new designs in the Platinum Wear clothing line including Bras, Panties, Jeans, Shirts, Tops, Shoes, Jerwerly, Glasses, Handbags, Dresses, and Headgear. Check all of them out on the Platinum wear site www.platinumwear.com and everything is 50% off for a limited time! Congrats Nini! Plus check the new song by Electrik Red Ft Olivia and Kandi titled "He Wants Me"

Nini Tells Khloe Kardashian "STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN"!

Some new drama is cooking up in the Kardashian/Nini war. This morning Khloe, Kim's youngest sister did a interview on Media Take Out, and she was questioned about having crushes and who she would date. The interviewer asked her would she date anyone who isnt a celebrity and she said>"Yup, I do that all the time" Then they asked her is there anyone she has in mind, and she said>"Beith, he's cute but I think he's married to Nini, but if he wasn't I would make that boy mines so fast (laughs)" This isn't the first time that Nini's husband has been mentioned by Khloe, in fact this is the THIRD TIME with the first two being similar to that statement. Nini did not respond to the first two, but this time she must've gotten fed up because she bumped into Khloe and told her to stay away from her man! So now it seems we have more drama kicking off with Nini and the Kardashians and as usual, Beith continues to say absolutely NOTHING about ANYTHING. Kim has took to her Twitter this afternoon trying to resolve the situation where she wrote a Tweet on her wall saying "My sis @Khloe is really disappointing me right now, I believe she is being seriously disrespectful and I don't like that she is bringing more negativity to the family" Then she tweeted to Nini saying @NINI I apologize for my sister, she's really being naive and right now I'm really upset with her, I apologize for her and I promise you she wont be saying nothing about your husband anymore that's my word" and Nini replied simply by saying "Just leave me alone Kim" Fans have been tweeting about this all morning and afternoon, especially after Klohe posted this on her Facebook page saying>"She needs to calm down, Its not like I said I'm stealing him, I just voiced my opinion and NO FUCKING ONE CAN TELL ME I CANT HAVE AN OPINION!" Many people think that statement is whats gonna piss Nini off and make this war get deeper. So what do you guys think? Do you think this so called Nini/Kardashian war will get worse?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nini Gets Two New Artists!

This afternoon, two new artists have joined the roster at PSR bringing the roster up to 116. First up is 23 year old unsigned Chicago rapper who goes by the name of Lucci Vee, who is most famous for her remix to Tyga's "Rack City". She has been signed to a 2 year 2 album 25 million dollar deal. Next up is 25 year old ATL singer Sammie who has been signed to a 3 year 3 album 43 million dollar deal with the label. Congrats to both of the new artists!

Nini And Lil Mama Beef?

We are hearing alot of stories from different places that Nini and 22 year old New York rapper Lil Mama may be beefing. The story started because of a song that released 2 days ago by Lil Mama titled "Fake Female Rappers" and its two specific lines that made everyone think she was referring to Nini. She said> babygirl Im heavy weight and you lighter than a feather keep it moving you dont want it I can prove it that Im better, no queens in this game only fake bitches thats rapping, fuck you up a million times if you wanna call it platinum" That line stood out due to the fact she said Platinum and it just so happens that Nini's label is called Platinum Sound Records and the fact that Nini is considered a queen in the game. Second line says> I been winning since the beginning you couldnt cut it in the streets so you started up a label but you still aint gonna eat, I can look you in the face and see the fake you aint great just another wanna be your life is whack so get back" That line is obvious because of the part where she says "you started up a label"and thats exactly what Nini did. A Song has released by Nini also titled "Whats Fake?" and has a line that seems to be a response and it says> "Whats good Lil Mama where you been I heard you fallin' out these bitches hating but gon' wanna taste it when I call em out, I never bother with them cuz they ain't up on my level but this nappy headed hoe gonna get burnt like a tea kettle" We haven't heard from Nini or Lil Mama on this supposed beef and we don't even know if these songs are real or if the beef even exists, but we will dig a little deeper and let you know...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nini Denies Affair With Amber Rose

This afternoon Nini has made a statement regarding the recent rumors of her and Amber Rose possibly being a couple. Here's what she said>"I guess you guys want to know whats going on with these rumors, well its nothing going on I'm not trying to be mean I mean she seems like she's cool but its not happening, Honestly I want to know too why she's everywhere Im at, It seems like im being stalked but im not messing with her never was its just not happening so get that out of your mind" That statement reached Amber and a camera crew asked her opinion and she said >"(laughs) oh god she's so sexy when she makes serious statements like that right, no I'm kidding but she's right it isn't anything going on and I'm not trying to come off as stalking her or anything like that or being disrespectful and I hope I'm not offending her, but she knows how I feel about her and its not going anywhere as I said before that's my super crush she does shit to me I cant understand (laughs) but no stalking no beef no hard feelings ma (blows kiss)" Obviously, Amber has deep feelings for Nini which Nini doesn't have back, but that doesn't seem to be affecting her at all, in fact it seems to be making her want her more by her playing hard to get. What do you guys think will happen next?

Ke$ha Is On Her Way To Royalty!

Seems that Nini's artist Ke$ha will be hitting royalty soon. She dropped a mixtape a week ago which is doing well selling over 20 million copies and she has met her sales quota to become apart of Nini's royal circle. Congrats to her on that!

Nini And Amber Rose A Little Too Close??

We all know that Amber rose absolutely ADORES Nini, even one point with her saying she would sleep with her right away if she had the chance. Rumors say that she may have already gotten that chance! Over the past couple of weeks Amber has seemingly been spotted EVERYWHERE that Nini was, whether it was at a show or an autograph signing or even at a lunch restaurant, so you know it was only a matter of time before someone did some research on these two. Nini and Amber have known each other for quite some time, in fact since 2009 after meeting at the BET awards and ever since, Amber has been crazy in love with Nini and despite her many public famous relationships (Ye, Wiz Khalifa etc) she has said its always a special place in her heart for Nini and that's her biggest girl crush ever. Rumors say although the two are not "Friends" they have on occasion had the title of "Friends With Benefits" but that's all Nini wanted and Amber doesn't seem to understand what a one night stand means, so she is around Nini all the time now because she refuses to let her go. Nini doesn't want her in a relationship way, and Amber does, so its a big problem there, and Amber keeps showing up everywhere Nini is because she is now in love with her! We are not sure about this, but this comes from The Legend Media Crew and they are 98% correct about everything as they do their best to only report only the truth so we're not sure but we are waiting to see if "Queen N" will make a statement regarding her new "supposed lover" Nicki Minaj has been dragged into this as well, as the rumors are still floating that her an Amber Rose are having an affair after a pic was posted of Nicki grabbing Amber's boobs from the back and they both were smiling and Nicki admitted it was a real pic , so now the story goes that its a threesome between these three women......what do you guys think?

Friday, July 20, 2012

The B.B.O.D Crew Gets Arrested!! + Miley Cyrus Gets Robbed Stabbed And Hospitalized!!

Whoo! The drama is heating up today guys! First the B.B.O.D crew has been arrested today. This happened earlier today while they were at a nightclub signing autographs and apparently a female group (not celebrities) came up to them talking down towards them. Apparently, all 4 women of the bbod crew knew the other group of women from their childhood growing up in New York and there was always tension between them. After a few heated exchanged words they began to brawl and I mean REALLY BRAWL, and in the process, Lexxy broke an innocent women's kids nose by swinging and hitting the little girl by mistake. The police were called and the other group were hurt but not too bad, the lady pressed charges on Lexxy and the club owner pressed charges for the disturbance on ALL of them. They were put in handcuffs and "Money" the oldest was still going crazy resisting arrest and cursing at the cops and spitting on them and it got to a point she was becoming a danger to everyone's safety, so they sprayed her with mase and threw her in back of the police car by herself and put all the others in separate police cars. Before they put Lexxy in the backseat she told the mom of the little girl she hit to send her the hospital bill and she will pay it. The officer on the scene made this statement "Yeah all 8 women will be booked and jailed tonight where they will remain until a trial or if a trial comes up, it will be up to a judge if they will have a bail set so we do not know that information as of yet and we will make a statement when we do, its tragic and unnecessary that women can not be around each other without a fight, now look they are all going to jail and for what, because one is prettier or one has more money or one has a better boyfriend? Its ridiculous its not worth it just walk away" All 8 women have been taken to the Brooklyn NY police department where they have been finger printed had their mug shots taken, booked and put in a jail cell all separately. They did have bail and all of their bail is set at 1 million dollars which neither one of them has paid yet. We are not sure when their trial will be, and this is still a developing story so check back later for more info on it! In other news, Miley Cyrus, Nini's newest artist has been robbed and stabbed today by a gang of men while she was on her way back to work from getting breakfast. She didn't take her bodyguard because she felt she didn't need him since the store was right across the street. It happened at 6 this morning and no one was out except for her, and the men ran up on her put a knife to her throat and robbed her of 75 million dollars worth of jewelry, and her handbag which contained her credit cards her checkbook her drivers license and over 3 million dollars. They punched her and was about to rape her until she fought back and punched one of them in the jaw and tried to run but they caught her punched her again and stabbed her in the stomach. They were about to stab her again but a taxi was driving up, and when they spotted him coming they took off with all of her belongings and the cab driver got out to chase the men but they sped off in a unknown white car. The man called the police and sat with her until the ambulance arrived even though she blacked out and he says she was crying asking for help until she passed out. The police arrived and took his statement and let him go. Miley was wheeled on a stretcher to a nearby hospital where her dad was the first to visit her, and we are told she is still in very bad shape and still unconscious. The men have not been identified as of yet, neither has the car. This too is a developing story so check back later or tomorrow!

Miranda Cosgrove's New Album +Omg Girlz!

Nini's mega artist Miranda Cosgrove has released her new album today. It was originally supposed to be titled "RAIN" but she changed the title at the last minute to "High Maintenance" which we dig! The album released worldwide and was distributed by PSR at 12 midnight this morning and so far has went TRIPLE PLATINUM which means 300 million copies which is almost up there with Nini's new album "The World Thru My Eyez" which sold a little over 700 million copies so far and is continuing to go up every day. Miranda has officially beat out Nini's two top selling artists Cymphonique and Kelly Clarkson with Cymphonique selling 250 million copies of her last album and Kelly selling 196 million copies of her last album. That means that she officially bumped up from music royalty to presidential royalty which means she will move up higher in Nini's circle. The album features appearances by: Nini, Kat Graham, Cymphonique, Keke Palmer, Keyshia Cole, 2 Chainz, BIG SEAN, Ye, Beyonce, Chrisette Michelle, Kelly Clarkson, Lauryn Hill, Victoria Justice, China and B.B.O.D. The album has sold out 100 million copies within 3 seconds of releasing and it just kept rising throughout the day. Miranda admitted she hoped that it would do well but had no idea it was going to do so well and credits the album's success to her boss. The album combines Hip-Hop R&B as well as Pop and Electronic Techno to Rap. It received 5 stars and is on the billboard hottest albums of the year at number 8 which is 7 spots down from Nini who is at number 1. We would like to say congrats to Miranda on the success of her new album and if you guys would like to get it, its available at literally every music and shopping store around the world for $10.99, or you can download all 21 tracks directly off of her site www.mirandacosgrove.com for $10.99 or Itunes for $9.99. Also check out the new song By Nini and Keisha Chante titled "I Cant Do This Anymore" which is literally the hottest track that is out right now! Check it out here In other news, The Omg Girlz (STAR, BABYDOLL AND BEAUTY) have officially landed their spot in Nini's circle earlier today and attended the royalty meeting to meet everyone in the circle including Nini who was there and they all explained to them the rules of the circle which they must follow if they want to stay in. So congrats to the OMG Girlz as well!

New Details On Nini And The Reporter + New Song

New details have emerged about Nini and the reporter she flipped out on, Nini made a statement and by that statement she confirmed that the stories of her getting her butt and breasts felt on by the reporter are true and that was the reason for her flipping out on her, due to it being in her words "Disrespectful" The reporter has reportedly sent out an apology to Nini which has not yet been answered and she made a statement addressing the incident and apologized to Nini and any of her fans and family she may have upset by the incident. Nini was not available for comment. In other news, A new song has released today by Nini ft MGK and Chrisette Michelle titled "Sky's The Limit" and even though its not destroying her previous songs that she just put out, it still is doing well and it has reached number 6 and has been downloaded over 75,000 times off of the PSR site. Check the song out here Also The Game, Nini's newest artist has confirmed that a new collab song from him Nini and K.C is in the works and is coming soon and he is working on a new album. Check back here later for more Nini News!