Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cassie Issues Statement To NiNi + Selena Wants Back In PSR!

In a weird turn of events, New York Bad Girl Cassie has issued a statement to the queen, and its an APOLOGY statement. We honestly were not expecting this from her, but check out what she said in front of 2,600 people at a press conference. "Hello my name is Cassie Ventura and I am calling this press conference to address some of the issues that has been going on lately, a few days ago, I made a statement speaking on Nisha's husband Beith, at the time I did not care, but I now realize that my actions were childish and unnecessary, I am not expecting her or him to forgive me, nor am I expecting our friendship that we used to have to return, but I would like to let both of the Nichols know that I am sorry, and I hope I didn't cause any problems between you two because of my actions, so Beith I am sorry, and most importantly Nisha I am sorry, and I hold nothing against you for our fight, you were just doing your duties as a wife and I do understand that, I will not bother you guys anymore I'm really sorry" Audience members and camera crews were shocked as they expected her to throw some disses at her but she shocked everyone with this statement. NiNi hasn't responded to her statement yet, neither has her husband, but for those of you who care you can check out her full statement by clicking here. In other news, Selena Gomez who left PSR due to issues with Kat a few weeks ago wants back in. She started posting things on Twitter a couple days ago and the twitter posts graduated into statements check them all out. Her first twitter post dated April 28th  at 3:03Pm said "Oh god I woke up today thinking how maybe, just maybe I made the worst mistake of my life, I miss my family and I really miss NiNi :( I MISS EVERYONE EVEN THAT ONE!" (We assume she means Kat) Her second post dated April 29th at 1:55pm said "So I been trying to contact NiNi to apologize and to hear her voice (No homo don't say shit to me people) But she isn't answering, actually no one at the label is answering, I fear they are super mad at me, but if they are they have every right to be, @PSR I miss you guys!" And her last post dated today at 4:15 in the morning said "Finally got in touch with her, she agreed to a meeting with me on the 1st which is tomorrow, wish me luck guys, I just want my home back, I don't even care about  the money, I don't care if she never pays me, I just love that place so much! and I love her and I love her being my boss and mentor and friend" Then she made a statement about an hour ago after speaking on what she's been doing and after that,  she spoke on how she loves NiNi and all of her friends and label mates and how she loves PSR and how she is a fool for leaving. Check the audio of her statement here So do you guys think that NiNi will take Selena Back? Many fans are suggesting that NiNi should, what do you think?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Do You Think Beyonce Did The Ultimate Favor For Her Buddy NiNi?

We do,........ even though some of you and the media don't believe that, we believe the actions of BeyoncĂ© Jay-Z and Lil Wayne over the weekend was all a front for NiNi. For those  of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, as you know NiNi has been in severe hot water since Ramon announced he was having an affair with NiNi for over a year, and in the meantime, NiNi continues to make herself look more suspicious by not saying anything about it, so of course it was still all over the place and became the biggest topic in HISTORY even past MJ's passing and NiNi's album, and the media was bashing and smashing her. But Saturday, Nini's queen Buddy B met up with Wayne which was odd due to the fact that although they are all in the same circle, that's not a pair that you see very often together. Their excuse for being with each other was that they are working on new music together for B's new album. The media bought it and left it alone, but a couple hours later, the two were spotted at a restaurant together and the paparazzi followed them with camera's and  that's when the talk began, then she made the talk get much louder when she shared a 35 second kiss with him when they left the restaurant and the whole thing was captured by camera's and immediately afterwards, the media began going crazier then crazy, with this new story. After they finished kissing, Jay-z just happened to pull up in a limo, and he "Saw the whole thing" (we put that in parenthesis because we think this was all an act) and he got out the car and him and B began arguing loudly outside in front of so many people. Jay was saying things like "After all we been through, how can you do this shit  to me?" B was looking embarrassed at first but she started yelling back saying "Boy don't yell at me, I'm not one of your little friends!" And he replied "Yeah you're my wife but you're kissing this nigga" The argument continued for a few more minutes until all 3 went their separate ways, and B looked to be crying, and she denied an interview so did the other two. The industry burst with this story after about 20 seconds and it totally knocked out NiNi's cheating story and that is no longer anywhere to be found, all you're hearing about now is B. Here's our reasons why we think this was all an act. First off, the kiss that B and Wayne shared seemed really fake, and it seems like  they actually were trying to get it on camera because lets face it, If you're married why kiss another guy in public, not only that but what we mean by fake is she seemed as if she was acting and when he put his hand on her butt, she moved it away, why would she do that if shes so called "so into him" Second it seems strange that Jay just happened to arrive less then 30 seconds after the kiss happened and their argument seemed planned out and rehearsed, in a nutshell it seems like they were all just acting, and it just so happens that all 3 of them are at a level to know that if you want to get rid of a story make a new story, and that's exactly what happened, now NiNi's story is gone. 3rd,  B didn't seem to comfortable at the restaurant with him or when she kissed him, its as if she hesitated to kiss him at first and she seemed relieved when Jay showed up and stopped them and he was right on cue. And lastly we all know, that NiNi is the closest to B, Jay, Wayne and Ye in the industry, so why wouldn't they all get together and help their girl out, after all their all in the same circle and circle buddies stick together. B, Jay and Weezy have been denying comments and interviews all week, but we really feel that this was all a set up to help NiNi which means they now have all the heat on themselves which was nice but we think B was the ringleader behind all of it. So do you guys  think that was all an act? In other news, NiNi has spoken up for the first time since her cheating scandal, but all she announced was she will be going on Oprah's show Wednesday, so we have to wait and see what she speaks about!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

NiNi's New Album #1 In The Country!

Well NiNi may have been going through drama the last couple of days, but her album is one thing that is not, it is still climbing the charts and sales are still increasing every day and Forbes has named her album "The Highest Selling Album Of All Time", and they certified it as the best, and Global has certified it as the number 1 album of all time in the entire world, which means no one elses album is even close to hers and it probably never will be. "Fierce" is currently the most sold,  most rated and most talked about album out of all of her other albums in her 6 year career span, and we would like to say congrats to the queen!

NiNi Accused Of Being Unfaithful!

Wow the drama never ends does it? Only 2 days after Cassie's mega interview, the new person in the spotlight is now NiNi. Seems as If Teyana Taylor really was throwing a diss at NiNi the other day, because now she flipped on her and said something that shocked the world, and the events that followed afterwards shocked us even more. Early this morning a reporter caught up to Teyana and asked her how she feels about her former boss being involved in this mess with Cassie and what she said was shocking check it out. "I don't think anything about it, let it happen because she's doing her man dirty anyway, trust me we all know whats up everyone in that label in her circle whatever know whats going on, but we are not required to say anything about someone with her status, but trust me he'll probably be better off with Cassie" When the interviewer asked her what she means she said "Me and everyone else on that label have seen her many times not once not even 10 times more than like 100 we seen her bring her bodyguard there and they were in her private office for 2-3 hours sometimes, and she always told us to keep it quiet or we're leaving asap, so everyone kept their mouth shut, why do you think she doesn't say or do much anymore when her man is involved in drama with a woman, its because she has no reason to really care because she got her new man" Immediately after that, the media went crazy and ran the story and within minutes it was all over the place, NiNi didn't respond to it, but after 2 hours someone did,  who shocked the whole industry and his name is Ramon, NiNi's former bodyguard, who she was actually linked to many times before. He posted a video on Twitter and this is what he said "OK this is getting out of hand so I'm going to come out and say it, me and NiNi had a strictly professional relationship, until early of last year and that's when it turned sexual, we promised each other we would break it off as she said she didn't want to ruin her family, but it kept happening and we kept seeing each other, for a few more times, but by the new year, we both agreed to finally end it but being that we got so close we figured its only one way to really end it and that's if she fires me as her bodyguard which she did and that is why I do not work for her anymore, I'm sorry to everyone who may have been affected by this, it wasn't something that was planned and it wasn't something  that could be stopped right away, but I want everyone to know its over now completely done and it will not be happening again, I'm sorry" That goes together well as Ramon was released from NiNi's security team in early January of this year, and gave no reason why she let go of her best bodyguard. The media immediately began bashing NiNi calling her a liar and a cheater, and they called all the people who knew and backed her up scared ass kissers. Sources say people who are closest to her such as Ye and B knew all along but they will never tell on her but sources say some of the PSR women tried to tell her husband on the low, but he didn't believe it. To this moment, NiNi still hasn't spoke on this and its been over 4 hours now, but then again NiNi hardly speaks on anything anymore. So the question I have for you guys is, do you  think this is true, and If its not why would her ex bodyguard say it and why would Teyana say it too and throw all those innocent names out that she claims actually knew all along, that would cause unnecessary drama and beefs and why would she want to put herself through that? So as you can see its many questions that remain unanswered and only NiNi can answer them. *UPDATE* All of PSR and members of NiNi's circle have denied knowing anything and they say they never saw her bring anyone to the label and they insist that how can she bring anyone to the label when she's almost never there, and they really strongly doubt that she is being unfaithful as she has children and she wouldn't want to destroy her family and they insists that Teyana is a liar and so is Ramon. NiNi still hasn't spoken up. Stay tuned for more info later!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NiNi Has Another Fight!

Wow 2 fights in one day, must be a new record. Today NiNi had a fight and  this time, yes it was with Cassie. NiNi was spotted this time in downtown Houston and she was with Reginae Carter who gave her a huge hug when she saw her. They talked for a little bit and Cassie arrived and she got out her limo and sarcastically she said "Hey NiNi!" NiNi looked at her like she was crazy and she excused herself from Reggie and she walked across to where Cassie was and she said 'So mama what was all that shit you were talking, can you say it to my face" Cassie smiled and said "Don't harass me Nisha, I don't want to fight you" and she turned away from her, but NiNi grabbed her and turned her back around. A large crowd of around 2,000 people crowded around them screaming "fight fight fight" Cassie said "Nisha is this the kind of attention you want for your image, you already are on the verge of losing your husband, now do you want to be looked at as being a bully?" At that point, NiNi swung on her and hit her. Cassie fell to the ground, and she spit blood out. The crowd cheered, and Cassie checked her lip and saw blood on her hand and she laughed and she said "Try that shit again I dare you? and NiNi socked her again, and Cassie got up again and NiNi said "Go head hit me, and she closed her eyes, and Cassie hit her, and NiNi said "Bad move bitch" then the brawl began, they both were brawling throwing down, but NinI went the hardest and the fight lasted only 3 minutes because a flock of cops came and broke the two up and both of them were laughing at each other, and Cassie blew a kiss at NiNi and said "You're dead" NiNi said "Sure bitch I want to see you try" Cassie suffered a broken arm and a dislocated jaw as well as a sprained arm and busted nose, but she refused medical attention, and officers led them away and although they didn't press charges on them for fighting in public they did tell them if it happens again  they will be arrested, NiNi told the officer "Oh trust it will happen again pig" Then she left the scene. NiNi has been unavailable for comment on it and so has Cassie, but fans have been speaking on it ever since it happened click here to check out what they have been saying, we smell another beef! UH-OH!

Obama Tries To Get At NiNi!!!!!!! + Melanie Fiona And Others Defend NiNi Over Twitter!

EXCLUSIVE!!!! The president  has tried to get at NiNi today and we have proof from Obama himself. Earlier after NiNi's fight NiNi was scheduled for what the celebs call a "Royal Meeting" before that though, he made an announcement defending her fight saying "The woman began badgering NiNi and she had every right to defend herself" Then after the meeting, Obama pushed up on NiNi asking her to dinner alone and to his house (the white house) just to talk and whatnot. NiNi politely denied his request then he let it out saying "I been feeling a certain way for a while now and I cant help but feel an attraction to you, I know we have a gap in our ages but I really like you, and I wish neither one of use were married" NiNi got a look of disgust on her face and walked away with a mean look on her face. We know it went down like this because a fan was secretly recording them two as they both came out of the building and the entire video was captured, and he was close to her, in fact he was so close they looked like Siamese twins and she looked super uncomfortable. The fan showed this to media and now ITS ALL OVER THE PLACE and its causing a scandal for the president. Finally after an hour,  Obama went in front of over a thousand reporters and gave a speech this is what he said " I am ashamed by my actions, it was rude and disgusting of me, I acted like a child and I am sorry. I am sorry to Nisha, and I'm sorry to her family, and most importantly I am sorry to my wife and my family, it was a moment of weakness on my part and I pray to GOD that NiNi, her family, my family and the world can forgive my actions" It is said that Mrs Obama is beyond upset at her husband and word is she posted on Twitter "Oh he likes them young, well he can have all the pretty young thangs that he wants" Its also said that NiNi called up Michelle as they are beyond close to apologize for her husbands actions and to comfort her, but that hasn't been confirmed just yet, but what we do know is that NiNi was scheduled to join the royal family next week at a banquet, don't know if that will still happen. SO the new question is if Obama did that with NiNi who knows how many other women he may have on the side. Sources say his wife told him if he ever cheats shes taking the kids and leaving, so do you think its the end for the royal family? In other news, Melanie Fiona took to Twitter and posted "My my,  its some really disrespectful broads out here, no matter what anyone thinks of me I would never pull anything like that, that is so wrong, NiNi I am sorry you had to go through that and that bitch needs her ass kicked, yup @CASSIE I'm talking to you!!" Other people also have defended her over twitter including Boosie, Webbie, Gucci, Jay-z, Ye, Kid Sister, Ke$ha, B, SOLO, Tina, Matthew, Kevin Hart, Orlando Brown, Raven, Lloyd, Gaga, Miss Nana, Almost all of PSR, Shanel, and many fans. NiNi hasn't responded to anyone though. Click here to check out the video of our president getting at NiNi. Click here to check out all the people who defended NiNi and bashed Cassie over Twitter!

NiNi Gets Into Fight!! + Ashanti Drops Album

Did NiNi and Cassie fight? No not yet, but she did have a fight today, in Miami FL. NiNi was caught  brawling with a woman on camera throwing hella punches while the girl was hanging onto her hair trying to shield her face. It started after NiNi took a break from overseas and came back to America and hit up the MIA to sign autographs and whatnot. But when she arrived a woman was yelling things at her such as "BOOOOOOOO, Get outta here what are you doing for us!" NiNi laughed it off at first but the lady kept saying things and she started getting pissed off, and the lady screamed "We don't want you here!" and NiNi screamed "Well get the fuck out of here then!" The two were yelling back and forth at each other until the lady threw a balled up sandwich wrapper at her and NiNi ran over to her and it was time to rumble. The whole entire thing was captured on video from when NiNi first arrived until the fight was over, and the fight lasted 6 minutes. When the fight was over due to her bodyguard breaking it up, NiNi had a few pieces of her hair scattered all over the ground, and the woman's hair was messy and her face was bloody, and a fan was holding her back as she was still screaming at NiNi and she was yelling at the fan to let her go but she wouldn't let her go and NiNi's bodyguard wouldn't let her go. Cops weren't called but security arrived but by the time they got there NiNi's bodyguard already  took her away in the limo. It still hasn't been confirmed who the woman is, but no one seems to know her and she isn't someone from the media or the industry so her identity is a mystery. NiNI has been unavailable for comment. Click here to check out the fight video.  In other news, Ashanti has finally released her first PSR album titled "My Way Or No Way" and at first we were really excited since we haven't heard from her since her scandal with the minor a few months ago, but now that it released we realize we could've waited longer on it. The album dropped at 6am this morning and now its 12pm and it has sold only 154 copies (yup one hundred and fifty four!!!!!) That's the worse that anyone has ever done since the music game started. It doesn't seem that her sales are going up either, she has a few songs with NiNi on it but even that doesn't seem to be enough to increase her sales. NiNi didn't speak on her fight but she did post "I'm so disappointed in Ashanti that lady had almost a year to get this right and she drops garbage! I'm just not in the mood for this today!" Ashanti replied to her saying "No disrespect,  but thanks for making me feel like crap even more boss" Does this mean Ashanti will be getting dropped? Guess we have to see, in the meantime for those of you who may be interested you can click here to buy Ashanti's album for 9.99

Cassie Is In Serious Hot Water, She Responds

Well NiNi still hasn't spoken up on Cassie's outrageous interview yesterday, but seems like now she doesn't have to, because the media has been doing that for her all this morning. The media has been blasting Cassie in the tabloids and in the papers calling her a disrespectful whore and other nasty things that I wont mention lol. They also have been saying she needs a good ass kicking from someone. But Cassie, who has been in the news alot recently with her most recent appearance being for nude pics in which she told people to stop bitching as if they never seen pussy or titties before, and her sexual connection to Nicki Minaj, spoke up on it and this is what she said.
"First off im not the only one that wants to fuck him, I hang around many of these women and even some of the PSR women and you wouldn't believe what they say behind closed doors, why is no one attacking anyone but me, you  think I care about your dumb ass attacks, fuck you fuck the media and fuck yall fans who want to turn on me for saying what I feel, I know the man is married like who doesn't that don't mean I cant speak my mind and whoever has a problem with me speaking my mind can go to hell and lick the fire off of Satan's dick because none of yall are getting to me, so to everyone DEAL WITH IT! Or get the hell on!"
When she was asked If she is concerned about possibly hurting NiNi's feelings or worrying about an attack from NiNi she replied "Please I cant hurt that woman's feelings no one can, she has a heart of steel that nobody can break so fuck all that hurting feelings stuff, and as far as an attack, I actually am expecting a fight" That statement made her look even worse, and made her lose many fans as they say  they see the true side of her. But Cassie wasn't like this when she first came out, she has been getting wild like this and saying "Rihanna" type stuff since early last year, and she started acting like this only after she started hanging with Nicki and Amber Rose so maybe they are her bad influence, but after all this,  Nicki and Amber have distanced themselves away from her and want nothing to do with her. You can click here to check out Cassie's full statement. Do you guys think NiNi will be responding or fighting? In other news, speaking of NiNi, she has announced that her and B will be re-releasing their video for "No Apologies" early next month like around the 2nd or 3rd of May (THANK GOD LOL) So be on the lookout for that!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Uh-Oh Cassie Turns On NInI!! Guess What She Said + Teyana Taylor Turns Too!

This is one story that is brewing all over the industry, and at first we thought it was a fake, but after some digging we found it to be 100% true. Cassie who started with PSR when PSR first started in early 2008 but was dropped shortly after due to not having a large enough fan base and no  hit records  to profit from,  has done the ultimate! Many fans thought that Cassie would be bitter towards NiNi for dropping her without giving her a long enough chance (Nini wasn't always how she is now,when the label first started, she didn't give  anyone any chances  to improve, now she does) But after 5 years Cassie never spoke of it, so we assumed she didn't mind,and we figured all was good  between the two, since they recorded a song together back in 2010 and in 2011,, and they were in a few pics with each other. But today that all changed! Cassie who is actually doing way better now than she ever was, was doing a interview, and she was asked what all female celebs are asked at one point or another, which is "Is there anyone that you would love to take home with  you" and her answer was shocking check it out. "Um If you mean anyone from this industry no, I go after regular guys they're way better, and right now my eye is on daddy Beith. That man is something else, what I like about him is he is rough but he still has that soft spot that every woman loves and I am so into him, I'm serious I would literally fuck the brains out of his head, I can make him so much happier, she cant be making him too happy, she's always busy so I'm sure she never fucks him or hangs with him" Then the interviewer asked "So you would actually break up their happy relationship just for sex" and she replied "First off I don't think its all that happy, and second even if it is I can make him happier, and those kids I can make them love me and call me mommy, I love kids and kids love me (laughs) Ay Beith you need to break me off some of what you got, how big are you working with" WOW! So the question everyone wants to know is what the hell is wrong with this woman? We never had any evidence that the two were beefing or anything like that, even though they had a small disagreement back in 2011 but have since made up and did their song shortly afterwards, so why is she acting like this? Well the real answer, we don't know, but Cassie is known to speak her mind no matter who likes it or not, so maybe that's what she was doing, but some think that her and Beith did actually have sex which is the only reason she would say all of this like that, and she is just trying to cover it up, but she was unavailable for comment. NiNi also hasn't spoken up on anything yet, do you guys think she will? Another person who has seemed to turn on NiNi is former PSR artist Teyana Taylor who didn't go as bad as Cassie did, but she seems to have given NiNi and slight diss at a signing when a reporter approached her and asked her how it was working with NiNi and PSR and she replied "Who? who's that I don't even know who you're talking about, whats PSR, is that a gang?" Many think she was just using a strategy that some celebs use to keep their business private and not tell the reporters anything, but being that she said all of this in a straight face with almost no sarcasm, many think that was a diss to her former label and her former boss. Taylor who was dropped from PSR mid 2012 hasn't been seen or heard too much since her release, but sources say she is now signed with Arista Records, who has had their fair share of drama with PSR, so do you think there will be a new beef between NiNi Teyana And Cassie? Stay tuned to find out!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Is KC Taking Shots At NiNi??? NiNi Seems To Think So!

My my my, more and more drama with our favorite queen! The news now is that KC who left PSR a little over a month ago, and formed her own label called "Star Bright Records" has released her first song since starting her own label a little over 2 weeks ago. The song is R&B but in the song she seems to take small shots at NiNi. Its still being debated, but many seem to think that she is including NiNi, check out the lyrics and be the judge yourself. In the first verse she sings "I Know how it goes, when the game gets cold you turn your back when I needed you the most, so Ima go, don't forget it y'all need me, ain't nobody gonna have your back like I did sweetie you need me but now you Cant See Me" Many think that is a shot at NiNi just by the things she said and it kinda went down like that and she says "Cant See Me" which many people feel is a reference to NiNi's song "Cant See Me" 2nd verse she sings "You wanted me to go so I guess you got your wish baby I don't want your money you can spend it on them other tricks, I gave you all I had but I cant do it anymore but just know you lost a good thing but now I'm out the door" 3rd verse she is just talking and she says "Why why why would you think of quitting me I'm the best that ever happened to y'all baby you need me". Once again these lyrics are still being debated but many seem think she is really taking shots at NiNi , we'll try our best to find out and we will let you know, but for now KC has been unavailable for comment. NiNi though thinks she is taking shots and she responded with a video on her site and in the video she seems serious and she says "SHE THINKS SOMEONE WANTED HER TO GO REMEMBER YOU WANTED TO GO, SO DON'T BITCH NOW NOBODY FORCED YOUR ASS TO DO ANYTHING AND IF THAT SONG IS FOR ME, YOU FAILED BIG TIME JUST SAYING HAVE A NICE LIFE KEISHA" KC hasn't responded yet. What do you guys think?

Are The OMG Girlz Breaking Up? + Miranda And Cymphonique + Kylie And Kris Jenner

We found out that the fight between Star and Beauty did in fact happen over a dispute the two had, and now rumors are swirling that the group is having so much tension that they are deciding to break up. Rumors says that they will still be apart of PSR, but as solo artists only not as a group. We don't have solid proof that this is true but we do know that there is tension between the two women, we'll keep digging and let you know more! In other news, Miranda and Cymphonique continue to bicker towards each other. Only 1 day after their fight they were on the verge of fighting again after paparazzi caught the two arguing outside which was broken up by PSR security guards. No fight happened, but if the security guards didn't interfere, it probably would've been. Rumor says that Cymphonique is releasing a new song and takes shots a Miranda in it, but since the song hasn't been released yet, we cant confirm that this is true. NiNi has responded on the two and she spoke from Japan saying "I'm disappointed in everyone its not just them its not a particular person, I'm upset at my entire team, because not only are they proving it to me but also to the whole world how immature and irresponsible they are, if they cant handle themselves when I'm not there, how can I trust them to do anything else?" More drama comes from Kylie and Kendall Jenner who did post apologies on Twitter to NiNi but for some reason NiNi has not accepted their apology, but one of Kylie's friends added insult to injury replying "Girl don't worry about it she's a big baby" The reply is from an unknown person, but many say its Kylie's friend, but that still is being debated as it can just be a fan, but regardless we're sure that pissed NiNi off even more, but she hasn't said anything yet. Stay tuned for more info on these developing stories!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kylie And Kendall Jenner Piss Off NiNi

Kim K's half sisters Kendall and Kylie managed to add themselves to the war between Kardashian and NiNi when Kylie posted on Twitter "Right now my favorite singer/actress is NiNi she has the best voice, best looks and the most delicious looking booty lol" NiNi no longer has a Twitter account but she still has a PSR twitter account and she responded saying @KYLIE Yo was all that really necessary like really, I swear y'all females get on my last nerve!" Kylie didn't respond. Then her sister Kendall pissed her off about an hour later when she posted a pic on FB of NiNi and had the title "TACKY LOL" written underneath it. The picture that was posted was a pic that the paparazzi caught of NiNi when she basically just had her hair like whatever and she had on a jogging suit looking regular. Sources say that Kendall was only joking and NiNi wasn't the only one, in fact they say she does things like that all the time and other names who have been shouted out include Cici Ri Ri and even all 3 of her older sisters and even her mom, sources say quote "She's just playing around" But NiNi, unlike all the rest didn't take it as a joke and she posted on her site "LMAO I'm tacky?? Sweetie you couldn't out dress me on my WORST day so please don't even try to go there with me" Kendall has insisted that no one but NiNi ever said anything to her and she insists that she has no problems with NiNi or anyone else that she roasts and says in fact she is a huge fan of NiNi. Kim K didn't take it as a joke either though. Kim, who is being way more accepted into the secret royal circle and into NiNi's life, didn't like either one of their posts and she responded to both on Twitter saying "@ KENDALL AND KYLIE Do y'all really think any of that was funny, y'all two are the most immature people I have ever known and it makes me embarrassed to even be slightly related to you two! GROW UP and act your ages!!! Sources say Kim K has been very different ever since being around the royal folks and now she is just like them, her sisters say they hardly know her anymore and she is not the same Kim she is more secretive about everything and she is close to NiNi and NiNi's circle more than her own family. In fact she's even doing lunch with some members of the circle and her fam says they do not like how she has changed, but on the bright side NiNi is alot more cool with her now. Kendall and Kylie have not responded to KIM or NiNi as of yet, but is it more tension in the world of Kardashian and NiNi? We think so. NiNi's show is tonight, Ill have all the details for you tomorrow peace!

Lucci Vee Gets Dropped!

Well it seems like everyone is leaving PSR, but we think this wasn't Lucci's idea, it seems as if this was NiNi's idea. Today new artist Lucci Vee was dropped from PSR, we really don't know why, but sources have at least 26 different reasons. Ill name a few. The 1st is that Lucci is fighting everyone and making life miserable for everyone else. 2nd is that she had a fight with NiNi and NiNi kicked her out, and the last is that Lucci is lazy since she hasn't released anything but one collab song since she has been with PSR. Those are the main 3 things that we believe all the rest is total nonsense. Lucci though, didn't really take it well, as she posted on Twitter "Damn she kicked me off, no reason no explanation just get the fuck out! Its all good,  NiNi is the best boss I ever had and ever will have, she taught me alot and I learned so much from her, she is the ultimate boss, female and role model, and I am honored that I had the chance to be in her presence! #BYEBYEPSR :(          We still don't have the real reason why Lucci Vee was thrown out, but sources say although her twitter post sounds like NiNi just told her to get out, it wasn't like that and Lucci went with no problem. Lucci was working on her 1st ever album and to our understanding she had about 3 songs left before completion. So far 2 record labels have offered to pick her up and that is Kc's new label "Star bright Records" and Young Money. Sources say that Lucci turned down Kc's offer only because her label is new which means it will take her a while to get to where she needs to be since Kc's label has to get big first before any of the artists can get big. YMCMB on the other hand is huge and sources say that may be her new home so we have to see. NiNi was unavailable for comment. In other news, Diamond has spoken out about all the fights and drama at PSR, we're sure she pissed some people off. Click here to check out what she had to say. Also click here to check out her new song!

NiNi And B Are Confirmed To Be Buddies!

Looks like Gwyneth Paltrow has to move over because seems as if NiNi is B's bestie. NiNi was spotted earlier in Japan and was asked if her and B are besties and she replied "I really don't believe in that word, but we definitely are really good friends though. B also was spotted in Japan and was asked the same question and she replied "We're really good" Its nice to see that despite all the competition between them due to their "Queen" status and everyone trying to put them against each other they can actually just forget about competition and be friends, its really hard to find that especially in the industry good luck guys! In other news, sources say 2 fights broke out in the PSR building between Miranda and Cymphonique and then an hour later between Star and Beauty. We definitely know the fight between Miranda and Cymphonique happened, but we aren't sure about Star and Beauty. But we do think its true due to Beauty posting "She was supposed to be my sister my best friend, God I hate that word now its a load of bullshit!" So can she be talking about Star, well we don't know since no one is commenting on it. Miranda and Cymphonique however fought but we still don't have the full details, but sources say it was largely and mainly because of creative differences between the two, but that's just what is said when no one actually knows lol. Like Beauty, Both of them took to twitter describing their fight and Cymphonique posted "My knuckles are bleeding but I think her teeth feel it more than I do lmao!" And Miranda posted "I'm sick of dealing with the childish people that this label has to offer, don't let her fool you though it was only one winner and it sure wasn't her........... BITCH!!" A Twitter beef didn't form or anything, but these two have been having tension since early 2012 and actually had a fight back in June of last year, so this is their second fight in less than a year, and the really sad part is that they used to both be super close friends.... now times have changed. They both have stated though, that they are not going to be ran off by anyone, Miranda said "I love Selena I grew up with her, but she let someone else kill her spotlight and I wont have her or anyone else do that to me" Cymphonique also commented saying "Please that girl couldn't run me out if she tried, NiNi's opinion is the only one I give 2 shits about, you think I care that she feels I shouldn't be here?" So seems as if no one is gonna pull a "Selena" move but we'll see. Also Ri Ri was released from the hospital today, and to make her feel better NiNi and B invited her to Japan to perform with them tonight, after all she may annoy them but she's still their buddy and royal circle member right? Stay tuned for more info on these fights later, Peace~! P.S Check out Havana Gingers New Song "Lighters Up" Ft NiNi HERE

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NiNi Gets Criticism For Her Demonic Video!

Now that NiNi's new video has dropped the talk has started, but the talk is not only directed at NiNi its directed at B too. Neither one has responded yet, but B seems to be making fun of the talk as she posted a pic on Facebook of her with a shirt on that says "Awww" on it as if she is saying "Aww, look at the little babies crying" lol (Yeah we made that one up) but of course we cant be sure if she is making fun of it or just wearing a shirt. NiNi on the other hand hasn't said one word yet on anything and usually she is the main one who makes fun of pretty much everything. Click here to check out all the talk about their new video. In other news, NiNi has confirmed that this year she will in fact be at the BET awards, last year she was supposed to appear, but after the owner called her song childish and suckish she didn't show up. But this year she said she is going and she is nominated for best artist, best album, and best song for "No Apologies" she also confirmed she will be performing her new song there, so we cant wait until the BET awards this year!

NiNi's New Video Is Strange + NiNi Drops Selena!!!

Today, NiNi's new video for her new song "No Apologies" dropped on BET 3 hours earlier then it was supposed to during a commercial while "The Parker's" was playing and we must say it has us spooked. First off the video is dark and we mean dark is in DARK as in low lights and scary looking atmospheres. The video reminds you of Lil Wayne's "Love Me" video, it has women in cages with weird looking eyes and long snake like tongues, it has the black and white colors and the hypnotizing rays in the background and women with hypnotizing rays in their eyes. B is dressed in all black and white with an all seeing eye on her shirt and NiNi is dressed in black and white standing on top of a pyramid with a bunch of men standing around her and they look like they are under her spell. At 3 minutes and 10 seconds it looks like a goat head flashed by 2pac who is actually in the video as a hologram and it looks so real but still creepy. On the bright side the only part in the video that is actually NOT scary is when 2pac's part come up and a light shines from the sky as if he is coming down from heaven and angels surround him, its looks cool but as quickly as that happens the darkness comes back as he starts rapping. Many hand signs are shown in the video by both women and even the 2pac hologram and a large eye is seen behind them very quickly, and B's eye's go red for a split second (You wont see it unless you're really paying attention, and NiNi's eyes go green for a split second also). The video is 4 minutes and 34 seconds long and although we love the song we really HATE the video (No offense queens) but regardless the video is doing well attracting millions watching it and its now a trending topic on YouTube and Twitter so the video is just as popular as the actual song. Click here to check the video out (WARNING THE VIDEO IS SUPER CREEPY WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!) In other news, sources say NiNi has dropped Selena Gomez from PSR today! Sources say seems like Selena was dead serious when she told NiNi to get rid of Kat or she will quit because they say NiNi didn't want to drop her but Selena told her to terminate her contract as she is not staying there as long as Kat is there. It is said that NiNi even tried to talk her out of quitting, but as long as Kat was not leaving she was, so NiNi let her go. Of course this is all over the place, but despite all the attention its receiving, we still cant be sure if its true only because this wouldn't be the first time a rumor like this turned out to be false (This is actually the 8th time) But we will keep checking into it and let you guys know!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Katy, Keri, Tamar, Miranda All Have Albums Coming! + NiNi Backs Out Of Pepsi!

Here's the rundown!
April 25th- Katy Perry (3rd PSR album)
April 28th- Keri Hilson (2nd PSR album)
May 2nd- Tamar Braxton (YUP I SAID HER ALREADY!) (1st PSR album)
May 5th- Miranda (3rd PSR album)
 Be on the lookout for these albums coming withing 1-2 weeks from now!
In other news, NiNi has backed out of her deal with Pepsi. Sources said that she was fired, but NiNi has confirmed that that is definitely NOT the case and she insists that she left on her own free will. Ever since NiNi announced that she will be taking a deal with Pepsi, many organizations were against it, mainly the ones who are against soda, but regardless NiNi still went ahead with it and did 2 commercials for them which both are airing next week, but now she has terminated her contract with Pepsi, so apparently she is starting to jump on board the "Soda is bad for you" campaign and maybe she decided she is sending out a bad message. Pepsi will still advertise her commercials next week as planned regardless though, they paid her for her commercials and its a done deal. But after NiNi left, they went looking for a new spokeswoman and they checked with the same label and they got Miley less than 2 hours after NiNi walked away, talk about interactive lol, so Miley is the new Pepsi spokeswoman congrats!

Selena And Kat, Its Tension In The Air!

It seems as though every time NiNi pairs someone up with each other for a tour together, tension forms. We saw it happen with Keri and Ke$ha, Ri Ri and Ci Ci and OMG Girlz and Jordan Sparks, now its Selena and Kat. Kat is the one artist who NiNi is very proud of because not only is she a great artist and really passionate about her work, she literally NEVER gets in trouble or pisses off the boss, in fact besides her music you don't even hear much about her. BUT today that changed as her and Selena started their first show in San Diego CA and first they couldn't agree on the costumes, then they couldn't agree on the routine, then the schedule it just went on and on until Selena took her frustration out on Twitter posting "I wanna ask y'all if anyone was dealing with an obnoxious self centered person would you fuck her up or walk away, well I'm leaning towards fuck her up honestly!" Kat responded saying "You think I don't know who you're talking about barbie? If that's what you feel you CAN do then you can come TRY to, but honey don't hurt yourself because I really doubt that you CAN! Then they left Twitter alone, guess that got too boring for them lol and they did their show killed it but afterwards they had an argument backstage that turned into a fight. Security says that Selena started the fight by calling Kat a failed washed up actress turned suckish musician which offended her and they began arguing and sources say that Selena took the first swing and missed then they threw down with Kat coming out as the winner. Now its said that Selena's family is after Kat. Neither artist has spoken up on their fight, but we feel that their tour is now over. UPDATE* Sources say that Selena approached NiNi pissed off yelling saying "Either you get rid of her or I quit!!!!" NiNi then said "Well quit" which shocked Selena and she walked away with an attitude. Does this mean that Selena is no longer apart of the PSR crew? Well that's what we are trying to find out right now and we will let you know. In other news, NiNi has pushed up her new video for tomorrow! This should be very exciting. BET has confirmed that her video will be airing at 6pm tomorrow, so make sure you check that out, but if you miss it I'll be posting a link for you to check it out!

Ri Ri FLIPS inside of PSR Gets Sent To Hospital!

When the story first broke of Ri Ri being admitted to the ER,  fans figured it was another one of her drunken nights or her so many "Illnesses" that she claims to have so much. But after a little while sources was going crazy with the real reason and that reason is SHE IS FLAT BROKE! Yup I said the dangerous B word. Many of you may be wondering how Ri Ri is broke when she is pretty much the highest selling artist on PSR besides NiNi. Well between her tour costs, her album, video wardrobe and many other costs she is down to her last dime. She made approximately 177 billion dollars off the sales of her new album "Unapologetic" but she made 6 videos for 6 songs, then her "Diamonds" Tour, then her "Caribbean Soul" fashion line in addition to all of her PSR ventures, that money ran up faster than her albums sold. Word is also that she has been avoiding paying taxes since 2008 and the IRS drained her last funds from her account leaving her with pretty much nothing. So when Ri Ri checked her bank statement she was in her studio at PSR and when she discovered that she had nothing but zero's, she completely flipped and went nuts. She screamed she cried she knocked things over and she had a small seizure which prompted Miss Tina to call a ambulance for her and they arrived and took her to the hospital and she was unconscious with a large bump on her head due to her bumping her head on the water fountain during her rampage. Doctors wont comment on her condition but sources say she will be fine, and as far as her money goes as long as she keeps up her good work with PSR and her tour and album sales as well as her fashion line sales she should make that money back by next month, unless of course she is throwing out more money than she is making which it seems like she is doing due to all the things she has to pay for herself such as videos arenas etc. No one at PSR commented on Ri Ri's situation and we don't think they will, so we just would like to wish Ri Ri luck! In other news, China has released her first mixtape off of PSR titled "This Is How I Do" She posted it for free download on her site and so far it has been downloaded by over 3.9 million people. Click here to get yourself a FREE copy!

Monday, April 15, 2013

NiNi's Show!

Last night, NiNi had her first show since coming back to work down in Mara, Japan at the Shi-Shi Music Stadium in front of over 90,000 screaming adoring Japanese fans. She totally killed it and even though we couldn't make it to Japan, we were lucky enough to have a fan record the entire thing from her phone and posted it on YouTube so you can click here to check out the explosive show with all the fireworks explosions sexy dances and of course every one's favorite, the comedy skit at the beginning. The public has been going nuts over this show and although this isn't NiNi's first show it is being claimed as her best one so far. She had so much energy and she out danced and out sung her queen buddy, but the most EXCITING part of the show came at 1 hour in when her and the other queen performed their new song "No Apologies" and they had the tupac hologram. That right there made us pissed that we couldn't make it lol. Anyways the song started with the lights dimmed and the explosions lit things up and fireworks went all in the sky and B came out dressed like tupac she was very accurate in how she looked even down to his famous "Thug Life" tattoo on his stomach which was on her stomach and she even had her bandanna to the front like how he wore his and she came out and immediately everyone screamed and cheered as they already knew what was going on. She tried to talk like him but her girl voice didn't go too deep which is fine but she did a pretty good impression of him. She said "Yo, I'm riding with the queens, well really they are riding with me 2-p-a-c its thug life baby!" Immediately the crowd went crazy and an explosion went off and tupac came and stood beside her and once again the crowd went so loud and the beat dropped and NiNi came out and all 3 murdered it and at the end they both hugged the hologram and the strange thing is that it hugged them back and B gave it a kiss on the cheek and the hologram actually spoke in 2pac's voice saying "These my girls, show love or go home" Then the hologram disappeared into a cloud of smoke and the women stood there as the crowd gave them the loudest standing ovation ever. It was creepy as ever but a very good performance and it was the best performance of the night. The show lasted  around 3 hours and every second of it was enjoyable! Congrats to the queens!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

NiNi's Song Has Made It To The Movies!

NiNi's new song "No Apologies" has made it to an upcoming movie and will be on the soundtrack! Its still unclear of what movie will be using the song but its a movie that is dropping in the middle of this year! Speaking of that song, it continues to do better and better and so far has sold over the unlimited mark and its only been a couple of weeks! The song is certified quadruple PLATINUM and is being played in almost EVERY country in the whole world and it is number 1 in every country that's playing it and fans cant get enough and the new nagging question is "When will the video be done?" Well NiNi has answered that question earlier today on her site and she said "Video coming on the 21st!" So obviously we have to wait for another week but that's OK because NiNi has alot going on to keep us occupied until that time comes such as being on the cover of this months Vogue Magazine, or being back to business (Yup her first show starts tonight and we cant wait!) and other things, so we would like to say congrats to NiNi! In other news, its a rumor floating that says 50 Cent has said that anyone who ever worked with or signed with PSR is at the bottom and they suck all because they are doing business with an unfit label. No word yet on if the story is true, but no one seems to care at all. Usually fans will be flipping and it will be all over the place, but lately 50 hasn't been as popular as he used to be and no one seems to care about what he says anymore. So is this true? Well when we find out we will let you know!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Story About Toya Is False + Fight Pops Off!

The story that Toya said some disrespectful things towards NiNi is false, as Toya confirmed it by a statement. We kind of knew that it was false only because NiNi and Toya are actually cool with each other, but its always good to get some verification instead of assuming. To check out Toya's statement click here. In other news, a wild fight has broke out 2 blocks away from the PSR building and it involved Beauty and Tae. NiNi and Beauty were on their lunch break together and they hit up a local hamburger spot around the corner, NiNi didn't want to stay in and eat though so she went back to the label, but Beauty actually did want to stay so she stayed alone. It is not known where her girls were. We aren't sure exactly how it got started but the whole thing was recorded on a fans video phone and they fought inside the burger joint knocking over tables chairs and even people and the manager called the police who arrived and arrested both as the owner of the hamburger joint pressed charges and is also suing for damages to the store. It is said that Beauty apologized to her fans only because that is not the impression she wants anyone to have of her and she insists that she is not a bad girl and she blamed the entire fight on Tae. Immediately the OMG Girlz fans began attacking Tae as the video shows Tae flipping over Beauty's table with her food on it, and many say that Tae is just trying to build her image as all artists do, others say of course that she is jealous. That's all the info we have for now, but we have the feeling there will be alot more as this fight is all over the place and when we find out more we will let you know!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Did Amber Rose Defend NiNi From Toya?

Word is that since NiNi returned, fans are confident that the crazy things happening with PSR at the moment will calm down, but sources say that Toya isn't sure about that and she was heard making a comment about NiNi and her label saying "It doesnt matter if she is back or not, They are all unprofessional to me, that woman needs to do a better job at running her shit because she lets them step all over her if it was me all their asses would've been kicked"  Then sources say that Amber Rose stepped in over twitter and defended NiNi posting "TOYA Grow up and stop with your mouth because one day someone will knock you the hell out, these people are grown men and women and she is not their damn mama, you just don't know,  everyone is so sick of you and that mouth and I pray to God somebody fucks you up it might just be me #JUSTSAYING' Of course this has not been confirmed, but that post is posted on Amber's twitter page, but some fans say the page is fake others say its a real page but she is actually referring to something else. So do you guys believe this to be true? In other news Tiffany Evans has released her first song since having her baby called "ATL" Its a nice song with down south instrumentals added to it and she gives it that southern hospitality. The song features TIP and Kandy Gurl and you can check it out here

The Queen Is Back!!!!!!! + Star Gets Arrested + OMG Girlz Beef?

This morning, NiNi returned to work with millions of cheering fans awaiting her return. Her voice is still weak but she seems strong and her voice sounds really good. She announced she will not be performing just yet until Monday, but she is well enough to do a few collab songs and finish up her work where she left off. She signed a few autographs and we are happy to have her back. In other news, Star who was involved in a fight with a news reporter yesterday has been arrested today as the reporter pressed charges. The fight was obviously due to something nasty that the reporter had written about her in her magazine, and when Star ran into her she punched her as that was her revenge. Star was working in the studio at PSR when the police barged in and snatched her out and took her in cuffs. Her mom and TIP went down to the police department with her and bailed her out for 100,000 dollars and she has a set court date at the end of this month. She was ordered to pay a fine to the victim of 20,000 dollars and a legal restraining order was filed against her. Star has been unavailable for comment. Speaking of Star, her and her girl group the OMG Girlz are now in what seems to be their first ever music beef, and its with a woman who is not new to fame, but who is definitely new to the music scene and her name is Lashonate Heckerd or as she calls herself "Tae Tae" According to our records, she joined Roc Nation on April 1st and released her 1st song yesterday titled "Finally Here" and in the song, she seems to take shots at the girl group, check out a few of her lines. "THEY WONDER WHO I AM, CUZ I'M FRESH LIKE DAMN, I'M ON MY GROWN WOMAN SHIT NOT THE OMG CLAN, WHEN THEY SEE ME PULL UP ROLLING WANNA ASK ME WHAT I'M HOLDING I'M A STAR GOT BEAUTY AND MY BABYDOLL IS FOLDING" Some say that line is a intentional disrespect to the OMG Girlz since she just so happened to mention all 3 of their names at once, but if that isn't enough to convince you check this line out. "I MADE WAY FOR THE QUEENS BUT ALL YOU OTHER BITCHES BACK IT UP, ILL MAKE ALL 3 WRAP IT UP I'M OMG SPECTACULAR, HEARD YOU TRYNA BE GROWN ON YOUR WHACK LIL SONG, BUT ALL 3 OF Y'ALL IS PUSSY TAKE THAT WHACK TAMPON FLOW HOME" Once again she seems to be speaking on the 3 women, since of course she keeps saying "ALL 3" but this line really got us believing it. "OK THEY CALL ME TAE, GOT ME ROCKING WITH JAY, I HEARD Y'ALL SIGNED WITH THE HOTTEST BUT I CAN THROW YOU AWAY, Y'ALL AIN'T NOTHING BUT SOME MUFFINS IMA STUFF THEM THEN I BUST THEM GOT YOUR MAMA IN THE DIRT AND YOUR DADDY SAYS YOUR NOTHING" Obviously once the OMG girlz heard this, they assumed it was about them and immediately went in the studio and recorded a song aimed at her called "Tae" Star goes the hardest as she says "Tae Tae Tae, you can throw me away? I almost laughed when you said that cuz to me you so fake, you been here for like a hour and you claiming that you G,  mami go back to the movies cuz its real in these streets" Then she said "Don't talk babygirl cuz ima do what it do,  you think you big I have some barbie dolls that's bigger than you" OK so just why are these women beefing? Well some sources dug a little bit and it turns out that Tae does not get along with Star's mom Tiny, last time they all bumped into each other and a fight broke out between The Omg Girlz,  Tiny,  Tae and Tae's crew. Ever since then they all cant stand each other, and now Tae, after almost a year later, finally is firing at them over a song since she is now signed. So a new beef once again, stay tuned for more info on this new developing beef. P.S Drake and Lola have been confirmed to be at war, but it is still unknown how or why it started so 2 beefs in the PSR world, one of these are going to end badly, which one do you think it will be?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why Did This Person Hit A Reporter? + Lola Monroe Taking Shots At Drake?

Today a reporter got sucker punched and it was by none other than Star from the OMG Girlz. The reporter had to be rushed to the hospital as she was hit with heavy rings in her jaw which dislocated her jaw in 10 different places. But why did she get hit? We don't know yet, but witnesses say Star hit her for no reason, but we find that one hard to believe , but at this point we don't know the full story, we're still trying to find out and we'll let you know when we know....In other  news, Bad Girl Lola Monroe seems to be taking shots at Drake on a new song called "I Got It" as the song has a few lines that seems to be aimed at Drake such as "Take Care my nigga because you funny to me, you niggas bummy got no  money niggas dummies to me" Then another line that says ""You say you started from the bottom but to me you never started, you a lame dick rider nigga come out the closet' The question that everyone wants to know is why is she taking shots at Drake all of a sudden, some say its because she's taking up for Breezy, others say she's just doing it for some attention, but the real reason is unknown. Lola has been unavailable for comment, and Drake hasn't spoken up yet, but some say there is definitely a beef starting to form and honestly we think so too,  do you? *UPDATE* Drake has responded to Lola's song with a freestyle track released by him called "Drop Bombs" and he says "EVERYBODY SAYING MY NAME LIKE I'M DESTINY'S CHILD, SHE KNOW SHE WANT ME BUT SHE NEVER HAD A REAL NIGGA PUT IT DOWN, SHE THINK SHE MAKE HOT SONGS BUT SHE AIN'T DROP ONE IN SO LONG I WOULD'VE BEEN THREW HER THE DICK BUT THE LINE WAS TOO LONG" So it actually seems as if a beef is forming but we still don't know why, but when we find out we will let you know!

Nicki Makes It To The Royal Team!

Seems as though miss Nicki is doing way better since she the YMCMB crew. In fact she is doing so good that she made it to NiNi's royal circle and is even in good with the president as they were spotted at a restaurant over the weekend. Nicki's album sales and tour sales have improved and we think its safe to say that even though Young Money is hot and successful, it seems as though they were holding her full potential back. As with any other celebrity, Nicki who was once an open book, has now turned into one of them celebs that people hate, which is more secretive and anti-social, which of course always happens when someone gets to the royal circle, such as Kim K who has not been herself since she started being more accepted into the circle. Of course the conspiracy theorists say its due to the "Illuminati Circle" which is what NiNi's circle is called, especially since B is in it, but then others say that's just how NiNi's circle is, what do you guys think? In other news, Reginae Carter has finally spoken up on her jokes about the WILD crew and she apologized to the two and said she doesn't want any problems with either one, as she is big fans of both, and she promised it will never happen again. B Perry said "Her mom thinks we are bullies or whatever, but in this game its all about rep, if you have none then go home, and we have to protect it no matter what, but we do accept her apology, it was never a real beef anyway, at least not in our eyes, so we're done with it from here on out" Also CiCi and Jessica have also worked out problems with each other, and Jessica has apologized to Ciara and they made up, so these are two stories with happy endings in the crazy world of beefs, but we have the feeling that soon, a beef will come that doesn't have a happy ending.........

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Selena Gomez New Song + Sevyn Streeter Might Be Moving To PSR!

Today Selena Gomez has finally released a new song titled "Im Back (Come N Get It)" produced by Mona L,  its Pop and it sounds pretty decent and she throws NiNi's name out in the  Song with a line that says "bow down and kiss the ring of the the queen like NiNi" (She was referring to herself but compared her status to NiNi) The song has done very well so far and it has hit number 3 on the charts beating out "Can't See Me" (Yeah we couldn't believe it either) Click here to check out "Im Back" by Selena Gomez and click here to purchase it off itunes for $0.99. P.S yes NiNi is still sick but she is doing her best to get better to come back to you guys, gotta just be patient Laryngitis isn't a 1.2.3 thing to go away, in the meantime Ill be giving you all info on PSR until she returns, don't ever say I don't look out for y'all lol......Oh and also Sevyn Streeter,  the one responsible for the mega successful song "I Like It" and ex member of RICHGIRL is said to be the new member of PSR since she is seen with them alot now and she is collabing with almost everyone on the label, including the boss, if she is not with them she really must be cool with them then, but we will let you know more when we know!

Jessica Lowndes Gets In Hot Water With Ciara

Looks like theres another tension battle cooking up in the crazy world of PSR. Jessica is in trouble with Cici after calling her a Giant. Basically it started when a Interviewer asked if she thinks she would win a fight between her and CiCi and she replied "Hmm I don't know have you seen her, she's a giant that's the tallest women I ever met in my life (laughs) but the bigger you are the harder you fall I suppose" The way that Jessica put it, you can tell she was joking, but Ciara didn't like her joke and she said she felt it was no reason to say all that and she could've declined to answer the question or just gave a simple yes or no, but the fact that she decided to add all that extra says something and Ciara said she was offended, but regardless of her height she would not win. Jessica responded to her saying "God I was joking, that lady needs to learn how to have a sense of humor and stop being so serious" Sources say the two never had any problems with each other before until now and they even recorded a song together, and while sources say there isn't a actual beef going on they say maybe it can turn into one, if it doesn't it definitely will remain tension between the two. So do you guys think Jessica should've kept her mouth shut or is CiCi just being too sensitive? In other news, NiNi's new song "No Apologies has hit number in every country around the world, and some countries are even naming that song "The best in the world" NiNi has announced that a video will be made for it on her site earlier but she didn't give a date on when, so guess we have to wait and see!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Does NiNi Have A Jealous Artist?

Sources say NiNi's artist Guyana is beyond Jealous of her boss, so much that she doesn't even rock PSR line clothes. It is true that Guyana seems to be the only PSR artist that doesn't ever get snapped wearing anything PSR, but her excuse last time was most of the PSR clothing is for girls with curves or girls with a plus size figure and most of the outfits don't fit her, but she does wear what she can fit into, but sources say that that's not the real reason, and the real reason is that she low key is super jealous of not only NiNi but many of the other PSR artists as well. Guyana has been unavailable for comment, but sources also add that Guyana was put in charge on guarding NiNi's office while she's on sick leave and instead of making sure everything is fine, she trashed the office and blamed it on a break in burglar, we aren't sure if this is true, but we sure will find out soon enough, and if it is true, then why is she jealous of the one lady who gave her the biggest shot ever? Well whats not to be jealous about, but besides the obvious reasons, sources say that she feels NiNi respects her royal artists more than anyone else, and she gets treated unfairly at the label, and not only that, she doesn't like how NiNi is basically above everyone else, and that's where the real jealousy comes from. So do you guys believe this story? If it is true, will Guyana be getting dropped? Stay tuned to find out. In other news, Toya has fired back at Ke$ha and Brianna Perry in defense of her daughter Reggie. She released a song called "Bombshell" where she attacks Ke$ha and B Perry with one simple line which is Y'ALL AIN'T REAL!" she called the WILD group a fake and called them both phony wannabes and she said if they come at Reggie again on any song they will both end up dead, she called making songs against your problems a bitch move, and she said real women settle things face to face. She also spoke up on them saying "She's a kid and she clearly stated she was joking, but they still attacked her like she was one of these crazy broads in the game, they hurt her feelings with that song, but they couldn't even be real women and address the situation face to face they had to bang on wax? It would've been settled if they just been real and handled it like real bitches but now they in a whole mess of trouble that's daddy's girl, and daddy ain't too happy" Ke$ha and B. Perry haven't responded yet. Uh-Oh we smell another beef coming on do you?

Friday, April 5, 2013


That's right, and the two artists are Katy Perry and none other than NiNi. Katy's warrant comes from the time she fought a police officer and poured her coffee all over him, she was scheduled to go to court for it but never showed up, NiNi's warrant comes from not reporting to court this past 2 days and the court issued a no show warrant for her. NiNi insists that she has been sick that's why she didn't go and she says she did call in to inform them that she needs to reschedule, but the courts say they have no record of her ever calling. Both women are due to either turn themselves in to avoid being followed,  pulled over and arrested or set up new court dates no later than the end of the day today. In other news, just as NiNi promised, the new collab track with Mystikal and Busta Rhymes has officially dropped today titled "Whats Swag" the song is brilliant and produced by none other than uncle ye, who did amazing with the beat. All artists rap on the song of course, but its not your average rowdy song although these 3 are known for being seriously fast rappers and all of them go extra fast as if they are competing with each other. Although its impossible at times to keep up with the words we still give it 10 stars, and the song has hit number 2 on the charts beating out Keri Hilson's new song. Click here to check the song out! Also Ms Ke$ha and her new group W.I.L.D are in a beef and this time its not with other PSR members, its with Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae and Lil Wayne's baby's mother Lauren London. Basically K Michelle has beef with Lauren after Lauren supposedly said that K Michelle is washed up and she isn't a very good singer, but that has been unconfirmed. The other two which are Ke$ha and Brianna Perry are with Reggie, and when we first heard that we were confused on how a girl who isn't even in the game can have beef with some pretty powerful names. But the answer to that question can be found on Reggie's YouTube page where her and her friends were making fun of a song by Ke$ha and B Perry called "I'm The One" and Reggie said something similar to "OMG they call that a song, that gives me a headache, I think they are whack, K.Michelle is the best in that group, the other two are only there for show" Although Reggie says she was just joking around with her video, Ke$ha and B.Perry didn't take it as a joke (No celeb takes things like that as a joke especially when their name gets called) and they responded to her on  a song called "Epic Fail" and even though they didn't go really hard on her they did enough to make her get the message which is pretty much don't screw around with stuff you know nothing about, Reggie hasn't responded yet, neither has her daddy, but how do you guys think this will turn out? In the meantime, K Michelle hasn't released any songs towards Lauren yet, but she did say earlier "Lauren,  its like that now, after I let you sleep on my couch when your man kicked you out I see how you get down its cool though, she don't want it" Not known if that's true or not, but sources say K.Michelle was just trying to embarrass her as they never met, but who knows, and if they never met why is Lauren speaking on her? These are questions that can only be answered by the ones involved so until then we have to wait and see. It is known that NiNi's is cool with Lauren,Reggie and Weezy so do you think NiNi will have to make a choice in these 2 new "Beefs"

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Keri Hilson Amy Missy Collab + Karmin Reunites!

A new track has released by Keri Hilson Ft Amy And Missy Elliot Titled "My 2 Step" produced by NiNi and Jonathan Markus. The song is really good and has a laid back vibe to it and its doing pretty well around the industry coming in at number 4 right under "Cant See Me" Click here to check the song out! In other news, Karmin fans should love this one, the bickering married pair Amy and Nick have put their differences aside and rejoined as KARMIN and they both released their first song together after over 4 months,  and although its not the best song they've ever did, its just nice to hear those two back in action on the same track with each other. Click here to check out Karmin's new reunion song titled "New (and It Feels So Good)" WELCOME BACK KARMIN! P.S Selena Gomez has been M.I.A lately as she has been working on her Disney show "Wizards Of Waverly" as well as her movie with Vanessa Hudgnes and Miley Cyrus, but she has returned to her music and promised us a new song before this week is up, so be on the lookout for that as well as new material from her buddies Miley and Vanessa!

NiNi Cancels Show Due To Laryngitis!

NiNi has come down with Laryngitis (For those of you who don't know what that means.  it means she lost her voice temporarily and she is unable to speak) We figure its due to all those high notes and shouting she does, but she says its a side effect of the medicine she has been taking to keep her energy and her health up. NiNi was scheduled to fly across the world back over to the US for a conference and a royal meeting as well as to promote the launch of her new fragrance and drink, but she has cancelled all of those as well, and she says she will be taking a few days off to recover her voice. Get well soon NiNi! In other news, a rumor has been floating around that NiNi and Nicki Minaj had sex and someone claimed to have the video of them two and is trying to sell it on the porn market for $100,000. This story has been confirmed to be false, and its just someone looking to get attention, Nicki and NiNi also denied the allegations of them having any sexual relations, and they both say its quote "Strictly professional" Not only her, but NiNi has also been linked romantically to Kevin Hart after they were seen side by side at the opera ball last month, both have denied the rumors and Kevin says NiNi is just a friend and he made a joke about it saying "If I was NiNi's type, I still wouldn't be her type.   I'm the type of brother who chases after someone like her, and she runs over my foot with her car" NiNi has said she isn't romantically involved with anyone but her husband and she wishes that the media will stop trying so hard to get dirt on her because they wont be successful. Check me out later for more info!

NiNi Announces New Collab With Busta Rhymes And Mystikal + Miley Renews Contract!

This afternoon, NiNi announced on her site that she will be dropping a long overdue collab with her two buddies Mystikal and Busta Rhymes. This song was announced back in 2010, but due to unforeseen events in her schedule, it never happened, but now that NiNi had some spare time in her schedule she got it completed and says it will be releasing on Friday April 5th. Despite many people asking her to post a clip of the song, she insists that no one will hear it until it releases, so we just have to wait. In other news, Miley Cyrus contract has ran up and NiNi has offered her a new 4 year 4 album deal worth 999 million dollars to renew with PSR. Miley accepted without hesitation and announced her second PSR album over twitter announcing it as coming April 15th and says she will rock everyone with this new album, so make sure you get her album on the 15th!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Demi Lavato Drops New Album! + So Does Carly Rae Jelpsen And Rita Ora!

3 people today have released new albums all on the same day today. The 1st is Newcomer Demi Lavato whose new album is called "One Way" and its full pop/r&b and features NiNi, OMG Girlz, Cymphonique, Kat, Katy Perry, Keke Palmer and Lucci Vee as well as Ye. The song has currently sold 300,000 copies and counting, so she's doing pretty well, although her sales aren't quite at royal status yet, but it definitely is at a good level. Click here to buy "One Way" by Demi Lavato on her site for $8.99. 2nd is Newcomer Carly Rae Jepsen titled "The Sounds Of Love" which is fully pop/rock. Her album is doing slightly better than Demi's coming in at 798,000 copies so far. Once again, not royal status, but very good for the 1st album. The album is all her by herself except for one song with NiNi and TIP. Click here to purchase "The Sounds Of Love" by Carly Rae Jepsen off her site for $10.99. Last is Rita Ora who has been receiving a very large amount of buzz since she first came out on Roc Nation, then switching to PSR created even more buzz for her, and everyone has been waiting for her 1st PSR album and here it is. The album is simply called "RITA" and its a combo of rap/hip-hop, pop, and r&b and it has sold 132 million copies so far, which also is not royal status but very close and also she beat out the other two albums that dropped. The album features NiNi, Katy, Jhene Aiko, Jay-Z, Ri Ri, Breezy, Kim K, Snooki, Solo, Nicki and Nipsey and its doing very well. Her album is currently number 13 on the charts, Carly's is number 16 and Demi is number 17,  so all 3 albums are doing well by PSR standards. Click here to purchase "RITA" By Rita Ora off her site for $9.99. Congrats to all 3 on their new albums! Albums to look out for coming soon is Cymphonique, OMG Girlz, Paul Wall, Nipsey Hussle, Lucci Vee, Ashanti, Kid Sister, Mindless Behavior, Nicki Minaj, Electrik Red and B5.

NiNi's New Song Is The Number 1 Song In The Country! + Tamar Brtaxton Collab

NiNi's new song "No Apologies" is currently the number 1 song in the whole world according to US Forbes who said that the single is getting radio play worldwide and the song is the most purchased song since Mj's thriller album. So far her song has sold as much as her album, way past the trillion mark and its being played in many clubs and hotspots by any DJ who can get their hands on it. The song has been voted by US Culture as the best song of 2013 and it even received the presidential treatment being downloaded as a ringtone by Mr and Mrs Obama as well as their children, and countless others including fans and her fellow musicians have the song as their ringtone. The song's success calls for a video to be made, but no word on when or if that will happen. But in the meantime we would like to say congrats to NiNi for her song! In other news, speaking of nice songs, Tamar Braxton has released her first song off of PSR titled "The Pain Is Still Here"and it features her new boss as well as Rita Ora and the song has hit the number 2 spot right under NiNi's new song on the charts replacing out NiNi's current number 2 song which was "Can't See Me" which is now number 3. The song is wonderful and we give a shoutout to TIP for a well put together r&b beat. All women sing, although Rita has a small rap part on her verse, and the singing from all 3 is amazing. The song has been voted to do well with women between the ages of 17-24 who ever lost that special someone in their life. The song released early this morning and has been downloaded by over 65 million people so far and its being called the second hottest single of the year (the 1st is NiNi's new song) Tamar hasn't been with PSR long but she is already making her mark and proving to her doubters that she does have what it takes to be with PSR. Click here to check the song out!