Thursday, January 8, 2015

NiqNiq Gets Hurt + Media Makes Up New Name "TayNi"

Today, Cymphonique, was doing a show in her hometown of New Orleans Louisiana doing a show. The show went well, but after the show is when the problems started. She was outside signing autographs and taking selfies with fans when a person dressed in all black with a mask on walked up and literally knocked her on the head with a hammer. She instantly fell to the ground and the person hit her in the head again. Some male fans tried to attack the attacker, but the attacker hit some of them with the hammer too and ran away. NiqNiq was laying on the ground bleeding heavily and unconscious. Her manager and bodyguard rushed to her side, and a fan called 9-11 and an ambulance arrived within 2 minutes. Police also arrived  and blocked off the whole block and kept fans back. A Fan was recording Cymphonique and happened to record the attack. The fan showed her video to the Police, but they don't have much to go on because the attacker had on a mask which shows no face. She was wheeled away to the hospital where her condition hasn't been revealed yet. Being that its this mega huge super war between Tay and PSR, many think that she hired someone to pull this off, but some  (mainly the conspiracy theorists) feel that its the dark part of the music industry that beat her with a hammer. Last week, Cymphonique was at a show, and at the end of a song, she screamed out "FUCK ILLUMINATI!!!" It wasn't expected, but the crowd cheered loudly for it, and many say that's their revenge for it. Cops are looking for the person responsible, but as mentioned being that he or she was wearing an all black mask, that's a little impossible. The fans who were also attacked, suffered head injuries and massive loss of blood, but doctors expect them to be OK. Cymphonique, lost at least a liter of blood from her head which isn't good. Millions of fans have rallied outside of the hospital showing her support and her father and a couple of her brothers have been seen entering the hospital so far. Click here to check out the video (warning, if you have a weak stomach, do NOT watch, when she gets hit, blood squirts out her head and when she falls more blood continues to puddle, I don't need any of you hitting me up saying I made you get sick all over the place, be warned) In other news, the beef between Taylor and PSR is getting even bigger, and now the media is calling it TayNi (a combo of Taylor and NiNi, y'all know the media always does things like that) Yesterday, queen N had a fight with Taylor, and queen B destroyed her over Twitter, which many sources say had Taylor super pissed and super sad, more so then anyone Else's post. Today Taylor posted her own message and said "Please, all you guys just stfu, your fancy royal status don't mean anything to me, half of y'all don't even deserve to be royal, in fact NONE OF Y'ALL DESERVE TO BE ANYTHING. and @Beyonce @Selena @Demi @ Nessa @NiNi y'all all act exactly the same, y'all say the same shit wtf are y'all reading the same script of bullshit, or is it just that y'all too busy eating each other out to the point that y'all in a little circle discussing exactly what to say? because y'all broads are just lame, pay attention, you're saying the same shit that she said DUH!!!" Tinashe, kill that whole Cali Compton act please, nobody takes you serious at all, and you were bullied your whole life in Cali, not so much the hard "ooh I'm a Cali bitch"image that you portray is it, y'all think you have stuff on me, I have more,  trust, I know about all of y'all so please, and @Ye, boy just sit down, everyone hates you anyway, you're not even worth any words dude. To the rest of PSR, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH Once again "Pay attention, you're saying the same shit that they said" get a life people lol" This war is getting terrible and honestly its beginning to be the worst war in history, more worse then any of NiNi's other wars, even Gaga, because EVERYONE is in it. The Brandy and Obama story disappeared from the media, all you hear in the game and on the regular news is "TayNi" and the PSR war, so obviously this is the biggest story of 2015, hell, of ALL TIME, Its getting worse, check me out later for more info,..

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