Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2 PSR Artists Will Not Be Invited To The Party

Sources tell us that 2 artists will not be invited to NiNi's party Saturday and those two are Honey Cocaine and Keke Palmer. The reason is because of a fight  the two had inside the label, and NiNi is putting them on punishment. Sources also say that Honey tried to explain to NiNi that Keke started the fight, but NiNi wasn't hearing it and Honey was so mad that she walked up to Keke and socked her lights out because she got her uninvited and she was actually arrested for it as she did that in broad day in front of police officers who were nearby, but that has been unconfirmed. Also the raffle has been gaining much attention over the past couple of days and sources say that over 65 million people bought raffle tickets, but only 10 can win, so if you win out of that many people consider yourself very lucky, the raffle is over Friday at 12pm, at which time the winning numbers will be posted, so once again GOOD LUCK! *UPDATE* We found out that the rumor about Honey taking her anger out on Keke's face in broad day light for making her uninvited to NiNi's party is true. This happened in Downtown Chicago where Keke was at doing autographs and taking pics with fans and she was around many officers of course,  and Honey stormed in and walked up to her and boom, Keke went down hard. Honey was calm as she knew the cops were going to arrest her and she went with them without a fight. She has been charged with assault on a public authority figure and assault in public and her bail is set at 20,000 dollars. The entire incident happened in front of thousands of fans and it was recorded by a local camera crew which shows the whole thing from where Honey first approached her, hit her and then was taken away by the officers on the scene, Fans booed at her as she was taken away by police. Meanwhile Keke laid there bleeding from her lip unconscious and sources say she went to the hospital with a dislocated jaw, she required 35 stiches and she is expected to be released later on today, it is unknown if Keke will press charges on Honey and add to the charges she's already facing.  Click here to check out the video. NiNi has not responded to this as of yet.......

The Queen Accepts Her Award + Royal Status Shoots Higher!

Today, NiNi released her very successful album "My Sisters Keeper" and the album music festival has awarded her with her first ever "Best Album Of The Year" award. At this point her album has more then tripled the amount it was originally at, every store in the world as well as every online music site including iTunes is reporting that  they are sold out of her albums and they don't know when they will be getting more because even when they received new shipments of her albums they went faster then they could load them onto the shelves. None of her previous albums have ever saw this much success, even 'Fierce" is no match for this album. NiNi accepted her trophy and thanked her fans and music buddies for their support and of course she thanked her sister for her inspiration. Now her royal status has skyrocketed into another galaxy as she is now considered the most popular most dopest celebrity in the world, which is a title that no one has ever had before, not even her, so its clear this album is about to open the door for bigger and better things for the beloved queen. Celebs have also taken notice on how successful the album is and according to sources, she is receiving many congratulations from literally everyone, fans celebs, producers, designers, videographers, photographers models pretty much everyone, now all that's left now is her movie, which will be getting a full review on Friday. Her new soundtrack song is also adding fire to the album as that is another really good song and it is number 1 on every chart in the world from America to Japan to England her album and her soundtrack single is number 1 and it will probably be there for a very long time. Once again we would like to say congratulations to NiNi. Also Asia Sparks has released her 2nd song with PSR titled "Gimme The Money" Features K.C and we like it. She is making a mark for herself in a big way. Click here to check it out!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Sisters Keeper Album Review!

At around 11:55pm last night, over 110 million people stayed up late and kept refreshing the page on NiNi's website to check for any new updates on her album, and just as she promised midnight her album hit her site as well as the PSR site. The album sold 99 trillion copies in under 30 seconds, and the number kept increasing more and more. Then at 6am this morning when it hit stores, it sold an extra 167 trillion copies. Now as I write this review its approximately 12:15 in the afternoon and after 12 hours NiNi has broken a new record as she has sold way past her last album "Fierce" There isn't an exact number for her album because the number that her album has sold isn't invented yet, but the media is calling it quadruple trillion albums sold, but even that made up word isn't close to how many albums she actually has sold. Here's the full review as promised:

Track number 1- "Got Game" This track is hardcore Hip-Hop and has some east and west coast elements on the instrumental and it features Jay Rock (Not her new artist the Watts California rapper) Ginuine and Mystikal. All artists rap on the song and quite good I might add. We give this track 10 out of 10 stars.

Track number 2- "A New Me" This track is smooth R&B combined with swag pop. This track is different for NiNi and she is experimenting with different styles of music and she is doing a good job at it with this track. She is alone in this song and she sings very wonderfully and hits all the right high notes. We give this track a 10 out of 10 stars

Track number 3- "If I Die" This is my first favorite track on the album. This song is Swag Pop combined with Rap elements. NiNi is alone on the song and she raps about her death and what she would want if she was to die, she speaks on how she wants everyone to act at her funeral, and most importantly she speaks on how she wants her sister to carry on in her work and never let anyone forget how powerful of a team they are. This song sends a powerful message and its different for her, we give the song a 11 out of 10 stars

Track number 4- "Hot" This is another song we like, its HIP-HOP with some R&B thrown in. This song features JANET JACKSON and both women sing rap on this song, its also a dance track that can make anyone dance as the beat is so catchy, Janet does wonderful as well, we give this track a 10 out of 10 stars.

Track number 5- "Move" This song is really nice, it features Erykah Badu and India Arie 2 artists NiNi has never worked with before. NiNi took a big risk on this song because the style is backyard old school type hip hop, and some artists cant pull that style off but NiNi did amazing on this song and Erykah and India did amazing as well, all women sing and very good too. The beat is old school but it has all the right new school elements as well, we definitely give this song 11 out of 10 stars.

Track number 6- "My Sister's Keeper" This song is pure R&B with some soul thrown in, NiNi is alone in this song and she sings about a sisterly bond between her and her sister that no one can break. She sings how it may be fights and disagreements but they always will have each other backs, and of course she speaks on how her love is so strong for her. Its a really beautiful song and if you have a sister you love to death this song can tug at your heart and even bring  tears to your eyes as she goes beyond deep. She sings very good and hits some amazing notes, we give this song 12 out of 10 stars

Track number 7- "Growing Up" This song is cool, Its Hip Hop and R&B with some soul thrown in. it speaks on her children, yup her kids, she speaks on how she would like to see them succeed and prosper and not let anything or anyone stand in their way, she also speaks on how they can be anything they wanna be with hard work and determination. The song features Tyrese Gibson and Kim K who both sing about their own children NiNi sing raps, all in all its a very good song and something as well that's different for NiNi. We give the song a 10 out of 10 stars

Track number 8- "Freestyle" This isn't a freestyle, but its put together like one as it has no hook just straight verses. Its doper then dope, It is Rap and it combines 3 beats by Jay-Z all in one which sounds very very dope. The song features Jay-Z Rick Ross and Common who she never worked with before. All artist rap on the song and they all do really good especially Jay who showed the world that he actually can rap very fast and he killed his part, NiNi did equally as well, and the Boss Rick Ross did good as well. We give this song 11 out of 10 stars

Track Number 9- "Bossin Me Around" This song is straight X Rated, I wouldn't even let me grown kids listen to this one lol. NiNi goes back to her X Rated roots and releases this song, its pure sex with moans all throughout the song and the lyrics, well lets just say my brother was honest and said he know.....from hearing the words, and the sexy voice she puts on is enough to drive any man crazy. Anyway the song is Rap of course with east coast rhythms and down south melodies. The song features Jackie-O, Khia and Trina yup the 3 nastiest chicks of the game and they all add to the steamy sex involved in the song. We give this song 15 out of 10 stars

Track number 10-  "Good Girl Bad Girl" This is our 2nd favorite song on the album, NiNi switches up as good girl bad girl on this song by going low singing when the beat is lower, then when the beat drops, she goes insane with rapping, it reminds you of Busta Rhymes "Touch It". The song is Rap/R&B and NiNi does super well on the song and her lyrics are most def on point. The song features Gwen Stefani and Cheef Keef who she never worked with, he almost got the song 9 stars as he wasn't a good addition in our opinion, but NiNi and Gwen actually made it up and now we give this song a 10 out of 10 stars.

Track Number 11- "Your Body" This track is R&B swag and it features Robin Thicke. Both artists sing on the track and they both sing very good. Its a sexy song and many say its a song you can have sex too and we agree, but  then again every song with Robin Thicke is going to make you want to do that. We give this song 11 out of 10 stars

Track number 12- "Bomb" This track is awesome wonderful singing and a wonderful catchy R&B beat. This song features Beyoncé and Angel and all 3 women sing very lovely on this song. This song can make you cry or make you happy and we love songs like that, this is our 3rd favorite track on the album. We give  this song 12 out of 10 stars

Track number 13 "Official" We all know this one, this is the one with The Notorious BIG and of course we give this song 20 stars out of 10

Track number 14 "Swag Poppin" This song is hard. It features Young Money artist Bow Wow, Drake and Shanel. The song is Rap with some Pop thrown in and NiNi Bow Wow and Drake rap and Shanel sing raps and she actually does really well with her part. The song is very good and we give it 12 out of 10 stars.

Track number 15- "Get Your Game Right" This song in our opinion is the best song on the album. This song features Avril Lavigne, D-Woods and Mya. The song has Rock/Rap/Pop/Swag Pop/and a little R&B fused in and its beautifully put together with a wonderful beat, the beat is so catchy its stuck in my head. Avril rocks out and does amazing, NiNi SING RAPS, D- Woods Sing Raps and Mya sings and they all sound amazing together. We give this song 50 out of 10 stars (Yeah that high)

Track number 16- "Empire" This song features Ri Ri, every song NiNi does with Ri Ri is bomb and this is no exception. This song is Pop/Rap and both women sing rap on the song, lots of obscene language is used by both women, but it doesn't affect it at all, it actually goes right with the beat, we love it and its very popular, we give this song 13 out of 10 stars

Track number 17- "My Time" This song is another wonderful R&B song that features the late Jade. This song was completed 2 weeks before her death and in the beginning before the beat drops, she says "Rest in peace to my homegirl Jade miss you mama" Both women sing wonderfully on the song, and this in our opinion is the second best song on the album. We give this song 16 out of 10 stars

Track 18- "I'm A Star" This song is wonderful and its swag pop and features Star from the OMG Girlz. Both women Sing Rap and do amazing and the beat is amazing as well. We give this song 15 out of 10 stars

Track number 19- Bonus track "Back Again" This song came as a complete shock to everyone as this bonus track has Lady Gaga featured in it and everyone including us is in love with the song. The song is wonderful Pop and both women pop it up in the song and they both sound amazing together just like the good old days, its very catchy and the hook is beyond nice from Gaga. It was nice to hear them two together again and they created a very great collab with each other, we give this song 20 out of 10 stars

That's her entire album, it has beat out the current hottest album which is Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail and his album is no longer talked about its all you hear about is NiNi's album and now its 1:00pm and her album has increased at least by 999 trillion more sales, and her album has been certified platinum 1000 times which is something that her or no one else ever ever did before. No one can touch NiNi's album at this point, its that high. This album is all around the world and even in places like China and Paris its all over the place being talked about everywhere by everyone. We would like to say congrats to NiNi on such an amazing album, we honestly think this is her best album out of the other 5 albums she's released and so do the media and all the fans and even the celebs who have been calling her album the best all day long and its different then what we're used to and that's actually a very good thing, and she didn't use much PSR artists, she used artists she never worked with before and that worked out real good. The album is available on her site the PSR SITE and ITunes for 9.99 and in stores worldwide for the same price. Click here to purchase "My Sister's Keeper" The hottest album ever!

NiNi On Hot 100 Plus Her Lips

Every year BET airs a special called 100 of the hottest celebrities and this last  year NiNi came in at number 33, this year she came in at number 1, yup that's right number 1, to skip from 33 to 1 in one year must mean a lot as she must have gotten way more beautiful to steal that spot in such a short amount of time. That's not all though, NiNi's lips have been compared to Angelina Jolies and her lips have made it to the hot 20 lips of 2013 and her lips came in at number 2, she never was nominated in that category, this is first year of being lips worthy so to speak, and at the end of the show the lips get feedback and the judges say that NiNi's lips are like a fluffy pillow that they want to take a nap on, last year someone said the same thing about her butt, now this year its her lips, so NiNi gets her body parts compared to fluffy pillows alot as you can see. Its not really a high honor in the entertainment industry its really just a bunch of nerds who got  together and made a silly show to singe out the hottest celeb with the hottest body, but regardless congrats to NiNi on her number 1 hot category and her lips being fluffy lol.

2 New Songs Drop!

Looks like the tension at PSR is slowly starting to come to an end which is always good to hear. 1st it was Carmen and Carmen, who have made up, then it was Star and Keke who have made up then Cici and Miguel who actually performed with each other last night and are in the process of a collab, now its 4 other folks who have put their differences to the side to work together. 1st up is Demi Lavato and Rita Ora, who actually were in tension long before either one came to PSR, but today they showed us that all of that is behind them as they released a mega hot song today together titled "Slo Motion" The beat reminds you somewhat of Juveniles "Slow Motion" but they made it their own way and both ladies sing/rap on the song its actually a really good single and it has hit number 3 on the charts right behind NiNi. Click here to check out "Slo Motion" by Demi Lavato Ft Rita Ora. 2nd is Miranda Cosgrove and Cymphonique who were bff's at one point then they went through 2 huge fist fights and a short lived beef, now that's over and done with as well as they have teamed up to release "Come Back" a slow R&B song in which both women sing out their emotions.. Its slow but we actually like it, and we like that all these once enemies are actually putting away all that nonsense and learning to be a real team, that's the best kind of team there is, we can imagine that NiNi is very proud of them. Click here to check out "Come Back" by Miranda Cosgrove Ft Cymphonique. Also another pair of women who were enemies at one point have also settled their differences and released a song together and its Kat and Selena Gomez. Kat first showed us last week while she was on stage in LA that its no hard feelings between her and Selena and they sang a never before heard of song and had the crowd go crazy. After it was over they hugged on stage to a loud applause from the crowd, and Kat announced that the unheard of song will be released next week and this is it its called "For The Moment' and its pure pop and the song also features Young Money Artist Shanel but she's on background vocals only, pretty good song although we feel Shanel could've been written out of the song, no offense sweetheart, but all in all nice pop song. Click here to check out "For The Moment" by Kat Ft Selena Gomez and Shanel. Sources say there is now no more tension at PSR at least for now. *UPDATE* I take that back we have word that Keke Palmer and Honey Cocaine are not really feeling each other either, well it almost was perfect lol" Also a little earlier we mentioned that NiNi was in the process of creating a single for the soundtrack on her new movie and that has released today correctly titled "Cold World" which features Solange and Meek Mill. The song is beyond hot,  in fact many are saying its the hottest song she has ever released, NiNi and Meek rap on the song and Solo actually does a wonderful job with singing the hook and the bridge. The song quickly stole Taylah's number 1 spot in under 60 seconds and its spreading throughout the whole world across every state and country,   this is definitely NiNi's new number 1 hit and way more recognition for Meek and Solo. Click here to check out "Cold World"

PSR Is Complete

PSR is complete with the reconstruction of the 4th floor that was destroyed in the fire that happened late last week. Sources say its better than before, but this time NiNi is being a little more strict and putting a lock on the kitchen door after midnight, so if they get hungry they have to go out or order something which is smart. Although Keri blames herself to this day, NiNi still doesn't blame her, but one thing that Keri kept her word on is paying for her mistake and she has gave her entire tour paycheck and her entire PSR paycheck to NiNi which was 78 million dollars to pay for the damages. The estimated cost for the repairs was 62 million, but after it was all completed it actually was less coming in at a little over 59 million, still Keri gave NiNi an extra 19 million dollars, and sources say that NiNi did take the 59 million which she wasn't going to do, but Keri insisted so she did, and she did try to give her the extra 19 back since she gave her too much, but Keri refuses to take it back saying that the extra 19 is just for her screwing up in the first place so NiNi got free money, that's what we call a good artist. All of the artists have returned to work, and the new artists were finally able to go to their new home for the 1st time and they are beginning to work on their first PSR song. In other news, sources say that NiNi's new album will be releasing right around the midnight mark tonight on her website and on the PSR site and at 6am tomorrow morning in stores worldwide, remember we will be giving a full review of her album tomorrow so make sure you check that out, and we also will be doing a full review on her movie Friday so make sure you check that out as well.

NiNi Is Inviting Fans To Her Party + New Movie Title + Princess Makes A Statement

You have all been wondering if NiNi will be inviting fans to her party, and you now have your answer. She will be inviting exactly 10 of you guys, but to decide on how to do that, she will be holding a raffle, in every state she will have a ticket booth where you go purchase a raffle ticket for $1.00 and when the raffle is over on Friday, she will draw 10 lucky numbers and post the numbers to her website, if you have 1 of the 10 lucky numbers you win a trip to her famous party. If you win but don't live close, NiNi will arrange for you to get to Atlanta. Tickets go on sale at 12pm in every state, if you don't know where  the ticket booths will be located at in your area, you can go on her site after 12:30pm and her site will let you know the location in your particular area. So cross your fingers guys, only 10 of you can win, so get your tickets and hope that you're one of the lucky 10. Good luck guys. In other news, we have a new movie title for NiNi's movie and its "Its A Cold World In These Streets" which is a wonderful title, once again the movie will be released this Friday, 2 days after her album releases and 1 day before her party, movie theatres are already bracing themselves for the large crowd they know they will have over the weekend. Click here to check out the trailer once again. In other other news, PRINCESS has made a shocking statement and this time it actually is her this is what she said "I'm recording this statement from the hospital, and I just would like to say I'm sorry, I don't really say I'm sorry and I haven't said I'm sorry to anyone at all, but I'm sorry for my actions to Nisha, I would like to let it be known that this beef is over, I cant do it nor do I want to do it anymore, and that feeling is mutual between us" Many people were shocked over this statement but then again some actually were expecting that because they say quote "She knows she cant win against NiNi" Click here to check out her full 12 minute statement. NiNi has not responded to her as of yet. Also sources tell us that NiNi is working on a soundtrack song for her album, sources say that Meek and Solo will be collaborators in the track and we cant wait to hear it.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Roster Is Now 105

PSR has added 2 new artists to the roster.  1st up is 16 year old Los Angeles singer India Benet who has been signed to a 1 year development deal with the label worth 28 million dollars.  2nd is 27 year old Compton California Rapper Kid Ink who has been signed to a 1 year 1 album deal with the label worth 37 million dollars. This increases PSR's roster up to 105, congrats to the new PSR artists. Also check out video of NiNi in the studio finishing up the last bits and pieces of her album. Click here

Miley Cyrus Poses Nude + Is NiNi And B Sisters?

Miley Cyrus has posed Nude today in Def Jam spread but for a worthy cause as the media says.. Sources say she did it as a spokeswoman campaign to tell women to love their bodies and to love the skin that you're in. She is fully nude but big bold letters that say "LOVE YOUR BODY" IS COVERING HER BREASTS AND SHE HERSELF IS USING HER HANDS TO COVER HER PRIVATE AREA. The message is to let women know that God made you, and you should be proud of yourself and your body no matter how it looks. We feel that's a worthy cause to go bare, how about  you guys. Click here to check out the exotic picture. In other news, many sources are now claiming that not only are the two queens buddies, but they are actually sisters, well half sisters. Sources say that B and Solo's  daddy Matthew who already had a baby boy with another woman when he was still married to Tina is NiNi's biological father and they are her half sisters. They say that NiNi found out he was her father early last year. Honestly we have no idea where this story came from, but it started small but its now starting to spread as the media is trying to dig into who exactly this sister is that she constantly talks about and dedicated her album too, and this is what they turned up with, but how with no birth records or certificates or any other proof, that's the fishy part so right now we feel this is just their assumption, others feel that they are close and they share a bond like sisters and that is why  this story has maybe come up, but although its unprofessional for us to state our opinion here it goes, we feel this story is bogus, only because we feel that NINI or B or even Solo or maybe even Tina and Matthew would have spoken up by now, but then again all of them are the most secret private people we have ever known, so anything is possible, but we'll find out more and let you know, none of them have responded to these rumors yet......

Album Release Date Confirmed!

Everyone has been patiently waiting for this new album of NiNi's that we've been hearing about for so long, well the good news is you don't have to wait much longer as NiNi confirmed that her highly anticipated album "My Sisters Keeper" will be released this Wednesday July 31st. She confirmed it over her website posting "Out of all the shit I had going on lately, this album almost didn't happen, but I'm happy to report that I'm finally finished with it, I just hope the lovely young lady that its dedicated too is proud of it and me, July 31st is the day y'all so show me love on that day please" This album is expected to bring in way more attention and albums sales then her last album "Fierce" and being that its being released around the same time as her movie and her party, its gaining much more recognition as that is 3 things by NiNi at once which is something that has never happened in her career. We have details that the album will be a mix of R&B Hip-Hop and Swag Pop which is OMG Girlz Style and that's something that's totally different for NiNi, and many of her fans are excited to hear something that different from her, we still don't have artwork for the album or a official tracklist or the features, but that is what we have so far on her new album. When it releases we will give a full review on it, so stay tuned and check back Wednesday for that review! *UPDATE* First off, we have the official artwork to "My Sister's Keeper" and you can click here to check it out! 2nd we have sources saying that NiNi's new movie has received a new title, the new name is said to be "Officially Misguided" but we have no confirmation if that is true or not, not only that sources also say  that the movie is now complete and is being shipped to theatres, and if that's true, they went through that very fast, but that's actually normal since Tyler Perry is the director and his movies usually are complete within an few days, we'll keep digging to find out if this extra info is true, and we'll let you know!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Movie Confirmed To Be Released Friday + Did Princess Say This?

We have it confirmed that NiNi's new movie "Nothing 2 Lose" will in fact be released on Friday August 2nd. It has been confirmed by Mr Tyler Perry on his website. Click here to check out what he had to say. In other news, the media ran a story today where they say Princess said this "I'm sorry to NiNi, my actions were wrong and childish and I will never bother her or her family again" This statement has not been confirmed to be true, but when we find out more we will let you guys know! *UPDATE* The statement is false as Princess said "No don't put words in my mouth what the hell I gotta apologize to her for, if anything he should be apologizing to me" So all of you who thought this beef was coming to an end sorry its still here. That's all for now, check me out later for more info! Also rumor says that NiNi and Babydoll from the OMG Girlz had a huge sisterly fight  oday in ATL and NiNi left her crying in the hospital, even though this story is beginning to spread all over the place, we still don't have any confirmation on if its true or not, but as usual we will let you guys know!

Trailer Releases For "Nothing 2 Lose" + Paris Hilton Reaches Out To NiNi

Yup we finally have a title for NiNi's new movie and its "Nothing 2 Lose" The trailer previewed on BET during a commercial break at 11am and it looks intense, looks to be a lot of action and definitely some hardcore crime action going on. NiNi looks cute during her action scenes and Solange looks equally cute dressed as a bad girl, and according to the trailer it looks to be a big cat fight between them two. The movie is rated R for strong violence, drugs, language and some sexuality and nudity, but sources has confirmed that although NiNi showed her breasts and some of her butt during her famous sex scene in "The House" she is not the one showing nudity in this movie, but that's still OK. The trailer teaser only lasts about 2 minutes and it left audiences dying to see more, and once again it is the most highly talked about topic again. The trailer says coming soon, but sources say the release date has been said to be Friday August 2nd, but we aren't sure if that's true or not, but if its is, we are completely excited about it, as most of us has been waiting for a whole year for a new movie by her. We will try and verify the release date and let you guys know, and if we get any more info on this we will let you know that as well. In other news, Paris Hilton has reached out to NiNi over Twitter where she simply posted "NiNi can I join PSR Please?" NiNi has not responded to her requests as of yet, but many fans have expressed their uninterest in seeing her join the label saying she and her music are not hot enough to be with PSR. Some however do say that she is talented enough to be there, but we say we didn't even know that PARIS was a singer, but what do you guys think?

PSR Blazing Showdown Early This Morning!

Yesterday, we used the word "Fire" to refer to a hot song released by PSR, today we're using the word fire to describe the real hot stuff. In the early morning hours of today, at around 4am, Keri Hilson and some PSR security were the only ones inside the building. the security were asleep down on the main lobby level of the label, and Keri was in her studio on the 6th floor finishing up her seriously overdue 2nd PSR album. Sources say at around 3:35am, Keri got hungry and decided to go down to the 4th floor where the kitchen is at and cook something on the stove, some sources say it was a cheeseburger others say it was steak, but regardless of what it was, she sat in the kitchen texting on her phone and at around 4am she was so tired and she fell asleep while the food was still cooking. At around 4am the entire Kitchen was on fire while she was in it, she was woken up by the intense heat and the smoke alarms going off. She woke up and panicked and ran out and got the fire extinguisher and tried to extinguish the fire but the fire was too intense for her to put it out. The emergency sprinklers came on but even they weren't enough to put out the huge fire. Keri then looked for her phone but it exploded in the fire that was in the kitchen, at this point the fire was getting bigger and was beginning to spread outside the kitchen, and Keri ran inside NiNi's office to use the phone and call the fire department. They arrived within 3 minutes and after about 20 minutes they were able to get the fire under control without it blazing down the entire building. Sources say that Keri was burned badly on her arm and inhaled too much smoke to the point she couldn't breath for at least 6 minutes and had to be transferred to the hospital and the entire PSR kitchen is destroyed along with half of the 4th floor which has NiNi's office and Katy Perry's studio on it as well as the elevator which is not functioning. All in all, sources say that  the fire has caused at least 62 million dollars worth of damage and although that's a lot, that's a hell of a lot less then losing the whole label or a life, luckily no one was in there and the security guards were downstairs. NiNi has stated that she does not blame Keri for the fire even though she fell asleep, NiNi has said when you work that late its possible to fall asleep, its not like she fell asleep on purpose. But although NiNi doesn't blame her, sources say she blames herself and she feels terrible and she has offered to use her entire paycheck to pay for the damages. It is unknown if NiNi will keep her paycheck to pay for damages. As of right now, construction is beginning to start the repairs and the construction company says at least a weeks time it will take to rebuild the entire 4th floor so all of the artists are not actually off work, they still have shows and interviews and whatnot, but no one will be at the label until early or late next week. A fan that was out late night recorded the smoke from inside of the building and the fireman pulling up click here to check out the video.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Katy Defends PSR

This evening a comedian by the name of Lenny Washington said this about PSR "There's some fine artists on there NiNi has trained a team of warriors but in my honest opinion PSR is very overrated, its a such thing as being hot being on top then you have overrated which Is where you never want to be at,  just like when Drake or Nicki first came out everyone loved them then it got to that point like "Damn its them again here we go again" and that's how I feel they are, they were hot they still are on top, but its too much overrating going on and that actually can get annoying too much of something sometimes is not a good thing" Katy posted "How can anyone call us Overrated, If anything we consider ourselves underrated even NiNi says that she doesn't feel we get the respect we deserve and she's really right about that, so to say we're overrated is to say you suck, which you actually do, but us we aren't over rated we're just hated make no mistake about what the real term of overrated means sweetheart" Lenny has since apologized to PSR and has said he did not mean to offend anyone. Also check out a new song by China titled "Jesus Is My Light" its not gospel but the title can make you think it is, its actually R&B and we actually like it. Smooth laid back feel produced by YE. Click here to check it out!

NiNi Has Moved + Details On Mya Riverton

Sources say that NiNi's house in Dallas TX is still there, only it doesn't have NiNi living in it anymore. Sources say she had her very own parking space in front of her house with her name on it which has now been removed and a new family was seen checking the place out today. Looks like NiNi just couldn't deal with people knowing where her family stays at any longer. Based on why she moved we feel its because of this girl Mya Riverton and speaking of her she remains in the hospital and doctors say her condition is improving but not much and she still has a long recovery ahead of her, police are still investigating her brutal attack, but one thing that's for certain is that NiNi is not responsible this time. Also we have new info on her party. A hotel employee just couldn't hold this party as a secret and she told so many people that it spread faster then the industry is spreading it. We found out not only by her but by invitation as well that it will be taking place next Saturday August 3rd in downtown Atlanta GA at  the Blue Mountain Hotel/Casino/Restaurant/Strip club at 6:30pm. It is confirmed that the blue mountain can fit up to 6,500 people in it but we aren't sure of how many guests NiNi has on her list, but me and my wife are going which is awesome. We still aren't aware of the guests the theme or what will be there but NiNi's parties always has people full and faded as you all know, but we do know that no one under 18 is allowed so therefore some members of PSR will not be attending and for those of you who want to know if she is inviting fans, we still don't know yet, but next week is scheduled to be a huge flooding rain storm, but being that its inside that shouldn't matter. Last party she had we weren't allowed to get pics or video, if its like that this time then all we'll be allowed to do Is give you info on it. NiNi has a strict policy in effect as well. If and when we find out more concerning this party we will let you guys know. P.S some other info we have is about her movie and her album and Princess. 1st we found out all the cast members and here they are: Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock, Eve, Snoop, Eminem, MAC MILLER, The Game, Lola Monroe, NiNi, Solo, and Meek Mill as well as Tyler Perry who also serves as director and writer. As mentioned before the movie will be a crime movie such as Boyz In The Hood or other films like it and many people are excited to see NiNi playing a role like that and so are we. We still don't have a title, release date or anything else yet. Second her 5th album "My Sister's Keeper" is said by sources to be released on or before July 31st which is a special day considering that's the day that B got her signed to Columbia and when we first heard about her the date was July 31st 2007 so this album marks the 6th anniversary of her being everyone's favorite queen. We also hear that most definitely the album will be different and have people she never worked with before rather then the same old faces so that's exciting, NiNi hasn't confirmed or denied any of this to be true or false as of yet. And lastly we have Princess who is also still in the hospital but doctors say she is recovering fast doing much better and hopefully should be able to be released by her birthday which is August 12th so that's still a few more weeks, but Princess who always speaks something on NiNi denied to say anything about her now that she can talk. That's all the info we have for now, check me out later. NiNi is off today and so is her queen buddy so no shows until tomorrow night!

DJ Khaled Propses To Nicki

DJ Khaled has proposed to Nicki Minaj over video on MTV and he showed a 10 KT diamond engagement ring that is valued at 600,000 dollars he spoke on how he loves her and wants to be with her. The thing is though, Nicki and Khaled aren't even dating so sources say Nicki is beyond creeped out by that, but she has yet to respond to him. He even got really emotional when he asked her to be his forever. It was sweet but very very weird all at once. Click here to check out Khaled Proposing to NiCKI with a huge diamond ring on MTV. In other news sources were able to get video of the filming of NINI'S new movie, looks to be very exciting. Click here to check that out!

Lauren London Has A Crush On NiNi A Big Crush!

She didn't say that out loud, but we do know it. We know it because believe it or not Lauren has a diary yup I said a Diary, the most secret part of a woman's life and somehow the media got their nosy little hands on it and published her entries everywhere. One entry is dated July 15th 2013 and it reads "I'm hot, dripping wet, it feels good,  I just saw that beautiful damn girl again, she makes my body melt, when I see her I just cant help but say her name and close my eyes and imagine some nasty things. She gave me a hug and she smelled so good I think that's what made me fall for her in the first place that smell,  damn its so good NiNi, NiNi, NiNi why cant I have you? Another entry dated "July 24th 2013 reads "I had a dream about you, I'm so pissed I lost your number I would've wrote you and told you, I miss her I want her here with me, I would give up anything to be with her, for her to do whatever she wants to me physically mentally and of course sexually x rated sexually, when I see her I cant help but think sexually about her, my wet spot is always hers for the taking and the keeping" Since this has leaked its been all over the place, not bigger then NiNi's movie, party or album topics but pretty big since no one even knew Lauren was into women, she did a pretty good job of keeping it quiet, that's what we call deep in the closet. Lauren refused any comments on her diary getting leaked but she did post this on Twitter "My damn business is my business I hate this game, I swear I do, y'all think that shit is funny ain't nothing funny about what they did, this game can kiss my ass" She still didn't mention anything about her strong crush for NiNi. NiNi has not responded to Lauren as of yet. How do you guys feel about all of this..........

Taylah P Sets PSR On Fire!!

No not that kind of fire, but she did release what is being called the hottest song of the year today called "S.W.A Aka Shorty With An Attitude" The song literally blew up the charts and stole the number 1 spot on the charts beating out NiNi's number 1 song official within 1 hour which is something that no PSR artist or any other artist period has ever done. The song features Azalea Banks on the hook and its a fast tempo down south beat which is considered South R&B Rap. This song has bought PSR much more attention and many new fans and everyone is looking to buy this new song and it has sparked a brand new interest in TAYLAH and the media suggests that when her 1st PSR album drops it will do beyond well due to how popular this one song is. The media says this is the hottest song that was ever released from PSR, but we have to disagree as we feel its many songs that can top that and I can name 3 without even thinking, but at the same time, we do agree that the song is beyond boss and its really good, and we give it 1000 stars out of 10. Taylah is looking at her first number 1 hit and we would like to say congrats and we also would like to give credit to the boss for making a wonderful beat. Click here to check out "S.W.A" In other news, today NiNi got an offer to come and perform at the white house for the presidents daughters birthday, but she has politely denied his request stating that she just simply is too busy right now. After the scandal of Mr Obama admitting he has strong feelings for NiNi, she hasn't been as close to him as much as she used to be and neither has his wife instead NiNi and Michelle are the ones who seem to be getting closer. Early last week his oldest daughter Sasha posted this on Twitter "My dad calls everyone a Jackass, but he's the real jackass how dare you like NiNi, and disrespect our mama, I hope her husband beats you up" But that Tweet was deleted within 10 minutes and she has since been seen with her dad on many occasions looking happy to be around him, but we do feel its definitely tension in the Obama family, but NiNi has distanced herself from all of it. Also, although Breezy was released from PSR not too long ago, he still maintains a cool relationship with them and he released a song today with Miguel and Ke$ha titled "Say My Name" click here to check it out

Friday, July 26, 2013

NiNi Is Having A Party!!!!!

Sources say that NiNi is throwing one of her famous parties soon. Its unclear when the party is taking place,  where its taking place or the guests involved but as you all know NiNi's parties have become legendary and just as famous as she is. Every party that NiNi throws is always front page news, and so far the news of this party has spread across the world and its now even bigger then the topic of her new movie. As mentioned we aren't clear on any details as of yet, but we do know that a party will be taking place very soon. When we find out more we will let you guys know! Also, yesterday Miranda Cosgrove lost her baby due to an accident on stage, and today she has spoke up on it for the first time click here to see what she had to say.

Everybody Is Poppin Up To NiNi

Now that NiNi is boss of the game, everyone is showing up to her for literally everything, and sources say that people are being super super nice to her even the ones who used to beef with her like Foxy, Cassie, Lil Kim, Gaga, Willow and Rasheeda. Label owners are showing up to her just  to ask her if theres anything she wants them to do, and is there anyone they should release and everyone is literally doing the exact opposite of what she asked which is bowing down to her, and sources say that she is annoyed. In fact she made a statement saying "I asked don't bow don't be extra nice don't treat me any different and y'all still doing it, I don't care if it sounds weird I just don't want anyone acting different just because I got this new title attached to me cuz y'all know damn well y'all don't act that way and you wouldn't be acting that way if it wasn't like this, cut it out I'm serious next person is cut I'm so serious try me" But one thing that NiNI did do is make her 2nd official business decision now and that is to limit the amount of paparazzi in the game and get rid of lazy label owners and other industry owners. Sources say she got rid of at least 26 label owners due to laziness and non promotion, she got rid of at least 17 designers in the fashion industry due to theft and embezzlement and at least 16 paparazzi groups have been released as well for being too wild nosy and personal. So far no one has spoken up on the new boss as of yet, but we are sure that someone who was fired will have something to say soon. Russell has tweeted that he is proud of how she is running the game and he supports all her latest decisions. Also Rita has made a statement about her bizarre incident calling it silly and says she took Profopol for depression. Its known that the powerful drug profopol has made people shoot themselves in the head, rape their kids and even kill people, that's why its only best if a doctor gives it to you and monitors you while you are on it. Rita claims that she took it and took too much and the side effects made her go crazy but she is fine now and she will never take the medicine again. Being that those exact same side effects do happen when you're on Profopol, everyone believes her story, they still call her crazy for taking too much and taking it without a doctor but her show is back on as everyone got their tickets back and no one is afraid of her anymore. We call that a happy ending. Also Selena Gomez is not back at PSR sorry....I know how much you guys wanted that to be true.....

What Happened To Rita Today?

Today, was freaky indeed as Rita Ora seemed to be possessed by something or someone. It all started when she took her lunch break with the boss. Paparazzi camera's followed them and they knew about it but  they went on their business. They went to a small little café to grab lunch and Rita was heard commenting on NiNi's drink and she said "Girl I'll be your first customer" and she ordered a "Platinum Pink Passion" from the counter. NiNi seemed to be in her own little world so it seems as if she didn't even know she ordered it. The guy asked to see her ID and she said really and he said "Really ma'am" and she showed it and he gave it to her. Then NiNi snapped back into this world and noticed her opening it and she said "Why did you get that?" Rita said "Damn girl you didn't hear a word I said huh"? Right before she took a sip,  the drink flew out her hand and she started screaming and yelling and moving around as if she was getting hit by something invisible. The people who was in the café were freaked out and they ran fast out of  there. Meanwhile Rita continued being tossed around by invisible hands and the paparazzi camera's captured all of it on video. She screamed "NiNi help me" and NiNi screamed "You're a goddamn idiot Rita" and a large bruise appeared on her face and her neck went way back,  at the same time her shirt flew up and her bra ripped off and her breasts popped out of her shirt as if these invisible hands were trying to rape her as well. At that time NiNi went over to her and hugged her and the invisible hands stopped and she grabbed NiNi tight and was crying holding onto her. NiNi screamed for the paparazzi camera's to go away and they said "No way girl what the hell just happened?" And she screamed I CAN SHOW YOU WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU TELL ME NO AGAIN" They packed their stuff and ran away from her. But regardless the video leaked within 1 minute and everyone is saying that Rita is on drugs or she has mental problems and many people are comparing her to Amanda Bynes. Some also say  that she is just trying to get attention so all eyes can be on her which lets face it at this point it is. Besides all that everyone is literally so scared to be around Rita as the churches and people who believe in ghosts all say she was showing signs of a demon attack and she must have a demon attached to her and all of her fans cancelled their tickets to her show tonight as they are too scared to go to her show. So what do you guys think? Do you think Rita has a Demon attached to her? Attention or what? Rita nor NiNi have commented on the incident, but PSR reps have said she is doing "quote fine and there is no reason to be afraid of her" Sources say she lost all her ticket sales for her show tonight so she had to cancel it, but she will be making a statement shortly so lets see what she has to say about it. Click here to check out this crazy incident on video (WARNING THIS VIDEO IS GRAPHIC WITH VIOLENCE AND NUDITY IS SHOWN AT THE END WHEN HER SHIRT LIFTS UP AND HER BRA RIPS, PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK) In other news, Selena Gomez showed up at her old home this afternoon, the reason is still unclear but she was inside for more then 2 hours. When she came out she refused comment but sources say Selena is back at PSR do you guys believe that?

NiNi Dances With Elementary School Kids With Lola And Michelle

Today, NiNi, Lola Monroe and Michelle Obama hit up the MLK Elementary School in Newark, NJ to talk to kids, specifically the young girls about the importance of staying in school and staying away from drugs and protecting their bodies as they get older. NiNi talked to a group of 5-7th graders about everything from having babies at young ages, falling in the wrong crowd and peer pressure, and it was all eyes on her, which is amazing considering most kids that age have ants in their pants all the time and she received many tears from the young girls as she walked by them and hugged them and of course applause . Afterwards Lola NiNi and Michelle danced with them to a few of NiNi and Lola's songs and the first lady was getting down and NiNi even taught them her famous queen dance. The kids at MLK got a memorable surprise and hopefully a powerful lesson that they wont ever forget, and half of it was recorded from a teachers cell phone. Click here to check out NiNi at MLK Elementary School. In other news, speaking of Lola, we found out a few extra things about her today. 1ST is that she is in the process of making a song with the boss that will be included in her 3rd PSR mixtape and her contract is up for renewal August 1st which sources say she will be renewing for a better deal with PSR. Also she is another cast member in NiNi's highly waited for movie, but once again we don't know her role as of yet. What we do know is that since yesterday, her movie has spread across all 50 states and its literally the biggest talked about topic in the world, which is normal since everything she does is front page news, but this movie is more talked about then her last 3 movies, so we can imagine how those movie theatres will look when it releases. Sorry though guys we still don't have much info on it because NiNi and her team are too secretive, so all the info that we are getting are coming from reliable sources,  but check back later we might surprise you!

Fan Passes Out At Show + Movie Details

Last night was NiNi's show in El Paso TX at the Music Greenback Stadium with over 49,000 heads in attendance. The show began earlier then originally thought which made many people late and some weren't able to come at all which made them waste their money for tickets. The show began at 6pm and lasted until 8pm and it went super well and the best part of the night is when they bought out the TUPAC hologram for "No Apologies" and when they bought out the Biggie hologram for "Official" It really was an amazing show. Click here to check out their whole wonderful show. After the show though, they did backstage pictures and autographs and when B signed a woman's picture and gave her a hug she broke into tears but that's all, but when NiNi signed her picture and gave her a hug she literally passed out and hit the ground hard. Some fans laughed at her but NiNI is used to seeing that and she sprinkled some water on her face and asked her if she was OK and the lady got up with a big kool aid smile and told NiNi she loves her. NiNi thanked her and they kept it moving without anymore incident. The fan passing out was caught on a fan's camera cell phone and you can click here to check it out! In other news, we have more details on NiNi's new movie. 1st off Solange is going to be a star in the movie, along with Eve which has confirmed to be true. Other cast members we have so far is Meek Mill Eminem Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock and Snoop Dogg, but  that's all we know about the cast. Filming began late last night in Detroit, and will continue today in Detroit. That's all we have so far, but we are following this very closely so we will let you guys know what else we come up with!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

NiNi Is Making A Movie Officially

In the world of NiNi news about anything concerning her travels fast. We have details about her new movie. We still don't have a name yet but what we know is it will be a crime drama which is something that NiNi has never done before, and we still don't have a full cast yet but we do know that it will be wrote and directed by Tyler Perry and Solange Knowles will be starring next to NiNi. Sources also say that the movie will be filmed in NiNi's home state of California but that is unconfirmed, and sources also say that Eve will also be in the movie but that is unconfirmed also. We still don't know the roles of anyone or the rest of the cast or the title, but we are just giving you the information we have as of right now. NiNi continues to remain tight lipped about it. We are following this movie really closely and when we find out more info on this we will let you guys know! Also Ke$ha has officially opened up about the incident where she punched a man and knocked him out and how appreciative she is of her boss. Click here to check out her full interview!

NiNi's Drink Is Not Popular For Some Reason

Although NiNi and Ke$ha's popular "Platinum Passion" fragrance and the royal shirts and pretty much everything else in PSR is selling faster then they come in, In early April, NiNi released a drink titled "Platinum Pink Passion" which is a combo of PINK lemonade rum, vodka Bacardi and a splash of grape juice. Sounds delicious right? We think so too, but strangely no matter how delicious it sounds and the fact that its by NiNi, it hasn't seen any sales since it was released. Bars and restaurants have picked up the drink and contracted her to provide it to them for them to serve but even they announce that no one is purchasing the drink, and no money is in her fan sales from it. Sources say that its available in almost every liquor store in the world and its odd to be in that many locations and not attract any customers, and its said that NiNi and PSR management is considering to recall the drink (which means kill it and take it off the shelves) Why do you guys feel that NiNi's drink is not selling as much as all her other things? In other news, when it comes to NiNi its no telling what people would do, today she was in El Paso on her way to rehearsals for her show tonight and she stopped and did a few autographs and before she left her NiNi chain snapped and she didn't notice it fell off her neck but a male fan did. And she got into her limo and pulled off and he picked up the chain and literally chased her down to give it back. He chased the limo for 37 blocks where the limo stopped at the rehearsal studio and he personally handed it back to her out of breath and all and even NINI looked at him like he was weird but she thanked him and took a picture with him. Crazy huh lol

NiNi Gives A Preview Of Her New Album + New Items Added

Today, NiNi posted her entire album on her site with each song with a 20 second preview for each song, and it shows exactly how popular this album will be. She didn't name the names or say who's featured in it all it said was "Track 1, Track 2 etc", and even at only 20 seconds a piece over 68 trillion people went to her site to listen and her site crashed twice. She didn't reveal any album artwork or titles but she has some pretty hot beats and lyrics as usual. Click here to check out the preview of "My Sisters Keeper" In other news, after almost a 1 week delay, Platinum Wear has some new items added. 1st up is Hair. Yes I said hair, we all know you ladies like to look good, So NiNi has added some authentic Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair in 3 different inches and colors for $199.99 a piece some lengths and colors vary by price. 2nd is name belts silver and the ones that light up across the LED screen for 49.99. 3rd is name earrings male and female, when you checkout, just type in what you want the name to say the prices vary by the color jewelry you want, she also has name chains as well as belly rings nose rings tongue rings and even X Rated rings for you women or men that may have piercings in those X Rated Areas these vary by price by size and color. 3rd is Henna Tattoos, which are fake but last as long as 3 months and look real. She has the entire book of tattoos and the tattoo spray machine to spray them on, this is for kids 12 and up and it varies by price on how big of a set you're purchasing. Click here to check out All of these new items at the P.W site. Also the queens have a show tonight in El Paso TX at 8pm, tickets have sold out in less then 1 minute, but there are still some available by clicking here.....

New Songs Drop + Miranda Cosgrove Kicked In The Stomach

Today, 3 new songs dropped by the 3 new PSR artists. 1st up is Ann Margaret who actually collabed with her rock and roll icon Avril Lavigne in a song called "Rock" Its a pretty decent mix of Rock and Pop and both do amazing and its attracting lots of fans and attention, so Ann is doing pretty well with PSR so far which is always good. Click here to check out "Rock" 2nd is new PSR artist Katherine McPhee who dropped a song with Jessica Lowndes titled "One Time" Its a R&B song with some Pop thrown in and both women sing. The song is fastly gaining attention in the mainstream industry and is receiving pretty decent reviews. Click here to check out "One Time" and last is Candice Glover solo with a song called "I Made It" its gospel mixed with R&B and its receiving mostly positive reviews. Click here to check out "I Made It' In other news, being pregnant and performing don't mix, especially when you're a huge PSR star. Miranda was out in her hometown of San Diego California this afternoon, and even though she's 5 months and beginning to show and she was advised not too, she still is working and she still went to perform. It all went well, she even showed she can still dance with being the size of a small house. But after she was done, fans stormed the stage to grab and touch her and she fell on the stage floor and they stepped all on her including her stomach by accident. Security ran out and broke up the large crowd and she was on the ground holding her stomach in pain and she was rushed to the hospital. 17 fans have been arrested for the incident. *UPDATE* Miranda's doctor has confirmed that she has lost the baby as she suffered a terrible miscarriage when she arrived at the hospital and they tried to save the baby with all efforts but they were unsuccessful. Sources say Miranda is devastated and now that she has stopped crying she just wishes to be left alone. We would like to say Get Well Soon to Miranda.......

NiNi's Fight With The Fan Video Goes Viral + Millions Find Out NiNi's Birth Last Name

The other day when NiNi returned to work, her first comeback show in Alabama left fans with a memorable event where she was singing and a large metal fan behind her snatched her hair inside of it and jerked her back as if it wanted to suck her whole body into it, and the amazing part is despite having a hair fight with the fan NiNi kept her cool and continued to sing as if nothing was happening, even when the security guards were trying to get her hair free, she still remained singing hitting those high notes we all love. Afterwards she joked about it saying "I got snatched, that fan was hating cuz I'm cooler then it is" The video of the hair fight has went global reaching almost every state and country around the world, and meanwhile NiNi still continues to joke about it such as writing a handwritten lyric changing around a lyric to Beyoncé's song Halo. In the Beyoncé version she sings "Gravity cant begin to pull me back to the ground again" in NiNi's handwritten changed version she writes "Gravity cant begin to pull me back out of the fan again" NiNi isn't bothered by her somewhat embarrassing moment, In fact she says it was funny to her and she says quote "That fan Is a hater, It put up a good fight but in the end it knew who blows cooler, now what" Click here to check out the fan hair fight with NiNi onstage. In other news, we all knew that NiNi's real name is Nisha, and we know her marriage last name is Nichols, but no one actually knew what her birth last name was. But due to her being credited as a director on an episode of "The Game" we find out her last name is King, which is ironic being that she's a queen. We're not sure exactly why this is important but its a big topic right now and fans love her last name. Also NiNi has confirmed that she is in the process of making a movie that will be directed by Tyler Perry. She hasn't confirmed the release date, the cast or anything else about it, but we are psyched about it!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Updates On Females + Ke$ha Gets Arrested + Roster Is Now 102

Today, Tracy Lane the woman from Brooklyn NY posted an apology to NiNi over Twitter and by statement. This is what she said "At the time I didn't think nothing of it, but I do realize that I am actually a fan, and what I did was so wrong so I would like to apologize to Nisha, I'm sure she doesn't accept it and I don't blame her but I am very sorry and it will never happen again" NiNi has not responded to her apology and she probably wont. But the other woman Mya Riverton who showed up to NiNi's house In Dallas TX sources say that she has been beat pretty bad and was sent to the hospital with dangerous injuries and doctors report she is very close to death. Police immediately suspected NiNi being that  they knew she showed up at her house to have sex with her husband and not too long after that she was brutally attacked in her house. Police have searched her house and found no fingerprints other than Mya's. Police immediately went to PSR and NiNi's crew backed her up saying she's in Tennessee with Beyoncé rehearsing for a comeback show, and when they called up Tennessee it was confirmed that NiNi was there all day, and even the security camera's back up the fact that  they were dancing and rehearsing half the day so NiNi was automatically cleared as a suspect but they continue to investigate on who attacked her. Doctors confirmed that she required 10 surgeries for blood clots in her heart and lungs. They also confirm she has severe trauma to her brain and her ribs and her heart is very weak. She also has 2 missing teeth a broken jaw  a broken nose a broken arm broken leg a fractured skull a broken chin bone and several other trauma to her bones, and although she isn't on life support she is in very bad shape and only time will tell If she will make it. Her family was at her side all morning today and they are offering a $500 dollar reward for info to help the police make an arrest. So far no one has stepped up to claim the reward. In other news, PSR Artist Ke$ha was arrested last night for assaulting an industry scout at a charity event. Ke$ha was there repping PSR and her charity and although the info isn't clear she attacked him and knocked him out with one punch, and his secretary pressed charges on her. She was arrested and they set her bail at 500 dollars but the good old boss posted her bail for her after her show last night and took her away in her limo. That's nice to see boss to the rescue no wonder why  they all love her so much. Ke$ha still has a court date for the assault. Also Katherine Mcphee and Candice Glover have been confirmed to be official PSR artists. Katherine has been signed to a 2 year 2 album deal worth 45 million dollars with the label and Candice Glover has been signed to a 1 year 1 album deal with the label worth 3 million dollars which brings up the total PSR roster to 102. Congrats to the new PSR artists. And new PSR artist Ann Margaret has turned 14 today and she promised her first official song to drop today so be on the lookout for  that. Also click here to check out video from the queens mega huge show last night!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NiNi Gets New Artist!

At first China was the youngest PSR artist on the label, but today that changed as NiNi got 13 year old Los Angeles Rock/R&B singer Ann Margaret who is most famous for her McDonald's commercial titled "An Excellent Source Of Happiness" She turns 14 tomorrow so this is a pretty good birthday present. She tweeted "This is awesome me and my family love NiNi and PSR its just we never imagined that I would be there, there really is a God I swear" She has been signed to a 1 year development deal with the label. She is unknown in the large world of celebs, but she has made a big presence in the underground scene and even has a few industry songs out with PSR Artists Ke$ha and Vanessa Hudgens, so most celebs have heard of her before. NiNi feels she has potential to blow up and she will help her get to where her talent deserves to be at. Have you guys ever heard of Ann Margaret?

NiNi Made Her First Business Decison Today + Updates

Today, the new boss of the game made her first official decision which is something that everyone was expecting anyway which is she no longer wants any label to sign Princess nor does she want any label releasing or picking up her music. On the underground scene though NiNI has no control over so if her music finds its way there its nothing she can do but sometimes even underground music can find its way in the industry but regardless every label is banned from signing Princess which rains on Arista Records parade as they were offering her a 2 million dollar contract to sign with them. People have expressed happiness and even relief at NiNi's decision but just like one media outlet said "That doesn't mean that she can never show her face in the game again which is true. Princess has not responded to this as of yet. In other news, we have updates from all the drama that went on earlier today. 1st off the girl from Brooklyn NY Tracy Lane has been found to be a fake. Her sister Jasmine Lane exposed her as being fake and said that her cousin helped her fake some pictures and that she has a big crush on NiNi's husband. Since the exposure, Tracy's twitter account has been dead and she is nowhere to be found. Something that was found to be true though is the girl who showed up at NiNi's house. She was fully topless and tried to invite herself in the house but was denied. Paparazzi caught up to her and found out she is 28 year old Mya Riverton who lives in the area. They stopped her for an interview and here's how it went. The paparazzi asked "Why did you go to a man you don't know with your shirt off in broad day light? She replied "To have sex with him duh, isn't he so sexy and he has a really big dick" They asked "How do you know what he has" She replied "you can tell" They asked did he let you "She said "No only because he's probably worried his chick will find out but Ill get him I always get what I want" They asked "Recently NiNi has been involved in a war with Princess because of this very same thing that you're doing now are you worried at all that NiNi will fight you" She said 'Nope she don't know where I be or where I stay, plus shes never home she's too busy fucking her bodyguards and her fans, she ain't worried about him I mean god the woman doesn't even be home with her kids he has to be there with them and do it all alone, So I ain't tripping off of that' They said "That's true but lately NiNi seems to know where everyone is regardless if she isn't supposed to know or not, so are you worried about  that at all?" She replied "GOD y'all talking like she's god or something chill out, Its probably because she sends people to spy but I'm not worried I'm not a punk and I have many family members who wouldn't care who she is so if she comes its many people that's going to be waiting" This interview has sparked a reaction from the industry and the fans and mostly everyone is calling her disrespectful and trashy, Once again NiNi hasn't responded to anything as of yet....

Collab Drops + Lil Wayne Puts The Whole Game Down For NiNi Sparks Talk

Yesterday, we told you guys about new PSR artist Asia Sparks and that she was already at work on her first industry song and today we got to hear it. Its called "So Excited" and features NiNi. The two women work amazing together on the song and they both rap wonderful. Asia has the 1st and 3rd verse and NiNI has the second verse and the hook is chopped and screwed.  The song has come in at number 2 and even though its a hot song its still not hot enough to replace NiNi's current number 1 song which is "Official" Click here to check out "So Excited" In other news, today, NiNi's boy Weezy called NiNi incomparable and in fact many people are saying he was talking like he likes her or obsessed with her due to how he put so much on it this is what he said "All these people in the game cant compare to NiNi, she the boss the bomb boss, I'm blessed to even know that girl, she succeeds in every thing she does, If there was no game anymore she can bring it back by herself, no one else in this game can even say they close to her level not even me, so all these rappers and singers gotta bow down to her for life and that's real bow and kiss the fucking ring" Celebs didn't take offense to his statement because obviously everyone knows it true, but some due feel that he was basically bowing down to her and kissing her ass and many think that he's only acting that way to stay on her good side being that she now is in charge of him. Weezy hasn't responded to the idea that he may be kissing up to the boss, Neither has NiNi. Also currently Jay-Z's new album "Magna Carta Holy Grail" is currently the hottest album out right now selling over 88 trillion copies within a week and the number is still going higher, so NiNi has a new album to compete with and fans are waiting to see who will win this album battle. Speaking of Jay, it is said that after all this time since his beef with Nas back in 2002 of not being in a beef he is now in a beef with an artist from his connection label PSR and its said to be Ace Hood. The beef is said to have started at a show that they both were scheduled to be at at the same time, and Ace refused to leave when Jay came out and its said he something like "Fuck you and your royal status bro that shit ain't about to me leave" and the two were about to fight on stage in front of fans until they were broken up by security. But this is still in rumor status. *UPDATE* It has been confirmed that not only is it true about Jay and Ace Hood, but theres also tension between Jay and Two Chainz as well. No diss songs have been released by either artist as of yet.

NiNI Returns To Work And The Drama Follows Her + She Proves She's A Warrior At Her Comeback Show

Today, NiNi officialy returned from her 3 week vacay, but that doesn't mean that was a good thing as a female began talking and saying some outrageous things. She first gained attention on Twitter where she posted "I know its many people who been saying some dumb shit about Nisha and her man, and at this point y'all don't know what to believe but me and Beith we used to call him OG B we used to mess around and we still do, I don't care obviously she ain't satisfying him so I can and I do, and I'm not worried about her coming after me because she wont touch me I ain't no bitch like the rest of those broads that will just let her" Then she graduated to statements and she said "He got a really huge... you know, you cant imagine how big that is, so besides being sexy,  daddy got the total pussy pleaser package" The media began to search the identity of this girl and while they were doing that, another story popped up about a woman appearing at NiNi's house in Dallas TX either half or fully nude begging to have sex with him and sources say he looked at her up and down and finally agreed to let her in, and fans say they heard loud noises from the woman from inside the house. The sources claim that they just happened to be around the area and when they saw the nude woman approach the house they began rolling cameras.  The identity of this supposed girl hasn't been revealed yet and the media has yet to show a proof video of this happening so therefore its still in rumor status. Now back to the other girl, she has been identified as Tracy Lane from Brooklyn NY 24 years old. She had pictures to show the two together and one photo shows Beith looking a lot younger smoking a blunt with her, and she claims that he comes to see her almost every night and she also claimed that she has the power to break the two up because she has some quote "Good Goodies" and that they are divorcing anyway. There isn't any real way to confirm either of these stories as being true unless of course Beith speaks up which he hasn't done yet, because both of these events has his name in it more then NiNi's. The girl from Brooklyn also claimed she knows the name ages and favorite foods of both of NiNi's kids and she says "How would I know that If I wasn't dealing with him, obviously he told me" The identity of the so called nude woman showing up to the house has still not been revealed. NiNi has not responded. Speaking of NiNi though, she did her big comeback show this afternoon with her queen buddy in Alabama just like she said and when she was performing one of the large fans on stage caught her hair in it and NiNi didn't miss a beat or a note, she continued performing like nothing was happening. But the scared looked security guards and stage crew rushed to help free her hair from the giant fan. If you watched NiNi's HBO documentary "My Life" You will see that she is a very hard person to work for and the guys who ran to help get her hair free had on look on their face like "My job is on the line if I don't free this girls hair. Eventually her hair did get free, although it is not known who actually freed it, but NiNi didn't appear hurt or even bothered by it which shows just how much of a warrior she is. Fans were kind enough of course to take out their cell phones and record the entire thing and everyone was so surprised how she kept her cool with a giant metal fan pulling on her hair. Click here to check out the video and the little joke she made about it after it was over. After the show though, NiNi was approached by Paparazzi to ask about the two women who have been all in the news all day, and she did her now famous thing which is snatch the camera and break it which she did and she threw some pieces of it at the Paparazzi crew, and they shouted at her "That's so rude NiNi, you owe me 2,000 dollars for my camera" B quickly grabbed her and they both jumped into a limo and pulled off. Still no word from NiNi on anything yet. But on the bright side, NiNi will be doing her 2nd comeback show in Nashville Tennessee tonight at 9pm so hope you guys got tickets already because they are now sold out. Stay tuned for more info on these developing stories......

Monday, July 22, 2013

NiNi Gets Into Accident On Her Way To P.O

Today, NiNi was on her way to her 1st P.O meeting when a large black BMW Truck smashed into the side of her limo. The BMW Truck swerved out of control and so did NiNi's limo and the truck smashed into a tree and went up in flames. The driver of the truck got lucky for a few seconds, but  then once again was unlucky as he jumped out of the burning car quickly but jumped into the middle of the street where a large 16 wheel truck ran him over and his entire body exploded all over the place. NiNi's limo was smoking as well but it didn't catch fire and she got out the car and she appeared OK but her driver was dead on impact.. Witnesses called the ambulance for NiNi but she refused medical attention saying she was fine. Police arrived and questioned her and released her. The driver of the BMW truck had his body parts splashed all over  the street and the only thing remaining of his body was his teeth since the truck ran over his entire body with 100 pound wheels, NiNi was not at fault for the accident due to the driver running a red light. Nini has been unavailable for comment since. Stay tuned for more info!

PSR Roster Is Now 99

Today, NiNi added a new artist to the PSR roster and its 24 year old southern New Jersey female rapper Asia Sparks who was independently releasing her own music on the underground scene but still was unsigned with no home. Her music is splashed all over YouTube and all over the web, and she has been signed to a 1 year development deal with the label worth 37 million dollars. She tweeted "Independent hustlers never have to stay independent,  if you have a dream work hard for it to come true, keep on your grind and never let anyone tell you that you cant do it, the platinum team is where I'm at, and that's from believing in myself, oh and by the way this place is fucking awesome lol" Although she is totally unknown in the world of celebrities, the underground scene is buzzing about her and obviously she is very popular among the unsigned artists, and she is generally considered a decent fit with the label. Congrats to Asia Sparks for finally finding her home. Sources say that she is working on a new song already and that NiNi will be her collab so we are waiting to see what happens with that. Do you guys know who Asia is? Do you think she's a good fit with PSR?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lady Gaga Confirms Feature On NiNi's Album

Today a tweet posted by NiNi's ex Besty said that she is featuring on NiNi's New album here's what it said "I'm featured on "My Sister's Keeper" on track 13, but that's all I can say, we worked so hard on this song together and it came out dope, every song we ever did with each other was bomb, and this will be even more bomb" This was posted on Gaga's official twitter account, and fans are dying to hear this collab, honestly this supposed collab is more wanted then the tupac and biggie collabs, but we find it suspicious only because of NiNi acting like she wants nothing to do with her anymore, but times change I suppose and it could be true, but at this point Gaga is the only one who has confirmed it to be true, NiNi hasn't. Are you guys looking forward to a possible Gaga and NiNi collab like the good old days? Honestly we are too! In other news, NiNi came back to PSR for the first time in over 2 weeks and paparazzi spotted her and she granted them a mini interview. She was only there for about 10 minutes which tells us she just went  to show her face and check up on everyone, and she said to the camera's "I guess y'all will be seeing me Tuesday" So the queen is coming back Tuesday and she will continue her shows with her queen buddy who has been doing pretty much all of the shows by herself and she has confirmed that she will be in Alabama Tuesday morning and in Tennessee Tuesday night. So be on the lookout and get your tickets for NiNi's big comeback show. Also doctors say that although Princess cant speak she is able to write and the nurse confirmed a statement she made which is handwritten and here's what it says "As you all know I'm princess and I'm in this hospital because of Nisha, I am not ashamed to admit that, but what I do know is that Nisha is a stalker which is how she knows my every move she sends people to spy on me, I have my dirt too I'm not denying that, but shes dirtier she plays mind games and then turns it around to make it seem like I'm the bad one, shes smarter then I thought I will admit that but I'm on to her and I will always come out as smarter, oh and by the way hey beith honey I'm OK don't worry" NiNi hasn't responded to her statement as of yet.

NiNi Joins Tray Martin Rally In New York + NiNi Is Now Head Boss

This morning, NiNi joined the Trayvon Martin rally in New York City with his parents and thousands of supporters to demand justice for Trayvon. The streets were literally packed with over 67,000 people and many businesses were closed and many streets were blocked off and it caused a huge traffic jam. It  got so big that cops came to shut it down, but even when they did no one left and NiNi with her huge mega phone shouted "We wont be silenced anymore" and all of her followers began shouting the same thing and cops basically gave up and let them continue. Many celebs were also in attendance such as Jay-Z Solange, Ri Ri, and basically all of PSR was there as well to voice their support. Click here to see video of the rally with NiNi as the center of attention with her bullhorn. In other news, although NiNi still has a couple of days to return to work, she took over position of head industry CEO in addition to her PSR CEO title. She was spotted entering Def Jam early this morning a couple of hours before the rally and she came out almost 2 hours later. Sources say that Russel's official start of retirement began yesterday, and today is the official start of NiNi being a business woman, and although Russel stayed fashionable with suits and ties, NiNi has said "I'm not wearing any suits or ties sorry I'm not a lawyer lol" So just because you are a business woman doesn't mean you have to dress like one. NiNi also stated that her new album "My Sisters Keeper" is getting closer and closer, and she also mentioned that New items will hit the Platinum Wear Line tomorrow and she said it will be quote "Some bomb stuff" so look out for that tomorrow!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Suspects Captured Warrant Issued For Princess

The suspects in the PSR burglary has been captured due to an anonymous tip and police arrested 7 guys hiding out with all of the things they stole in the basement of an old abandoned building. The tip mentioned the men were spotted with the 3 big bags and police stormed in the basement and they surrendered without a fight and cameras captured every last one of them and took them in. While they were locked up sources say they weren't talking but eventually they all gave up the one person who's responsible which is Princess. The boys who are between the ages of 15 and 17 said that they know Princess as they live not too far from her and she promised to pay them 35,000 dollars to commit the robbery. The men will be booked on attempted murder for shooting the male fan, illegal possession of an unregistered firearm and grand theft. Princess however is being called the ringleader as she gave them all positive direction. The 17 year old leader of the group is said to be a genius when it comes to security systems being that he works in a security outlet with his dad most of the time and that's how he was able to disarm her security system. PSR management says that they will be updating and upgrading their security system so this will quote never happen again. Princess has a warrant issued for her arrest as being the ringleader of an armed robbery and although the law says they cant arrest suspects while they are in the hospital, the warrant will stay on her and when she is released from the hospital she will be arrested. the 7 men gave up their contact in a plea bargain to get a lighter sentence. All 7 are being held without bail and they all are being tried as adults. The ironic thing is is that all of them are fans of NiNi. If they are convicted they face up to 10 years in jail which is down from the original 18 years they could've got If they didn't give Princess up. Princess on the other hand, if she is convicted she can face up to 26-30 years in jail. NiNi has not responded to the outcome of all of this but police have recovered the stolen property from the PSR artists and have returned it to them so all is well. Princess is still unable to comment from the hospital about her involvement.

PSR Has Second Break In

Since the 1st incident where Monica Spears was shot in an attempted robbery, PSR is not running 24 hours like it used too, by 12am the doors are closed and its lights out, but its a good thing and a bad thing at the same time, good because nobody is there to have to worry about getting robbed but bad because when its lights out and no security is around that's when sneaky people do things. Every artist has a safe in their studio with their own personal combination. Usually they don't keep money in the safe usually its just lyrics to new songs and maybe jewelry and other things. This morning at around 3am, the doors to PSR were opened, and NiNi has a top security system which shuts the building in lock down If the system detects an intruder and a little light blinks In NiNi's office that alerts the cops, but whoever broke in knew how to disable the system before it went into lock down and notified the police, and police say this person must be very experienced with security systems and maybe works as a security installer being that the security system that NiNi has set up is very hard to break. This person or people snuck in quietly and being that they disabled the security system no cameras were on so they weren't able to get recorded. They took many things including personal pictures that were on Tina's desk, and they hit NiNi's office cracked the safe and took some of her jewelry and her official track list to her new album as well as the rough copy of her entire album and sources say she had a credit card in there as well. All of the people who have been hit include: Tina, NiNi, Katy Perry, Kat, Ciara, Mya, Rita Ora, Cymphonique, Miranda, Alexis, Monica, Jhene Aiko, Miguel and Keke Palmer. The crooks didn't get any money, as none of their safes had money in them, but they did make away with over 77 billion dollars worth of jewelry from NiNi, Kat Keke and Katy Perry who all had their jewelry in their personal safe, and as mentioned NiNi's rough copy of My Sisters Keeper was stolen as well. They also took over 4 million dollars worth of studio equipment from Ye's studio and the OMG Girlz Studio and they were able to get through all this in only 20 minutes, so its apparent this person or these people are very experienced with robbery. Sources say that a fan walking his dog late night saw 7 men exit PSR with big plastic garbage bags full of stuff and he threatened to call the police and as he  took out his phone he was shot 37 times all over his body, we know its true because its literally a pool of blood in front of the PSR building. The man however did not die he is in serious condition at the hospital but he is alive, his dog however sadly got shot twice in the head and she died laying right next to her owner. Police have been at the scene since 7am this morning but these guys are professional as they left no evidence at all, no fingerprints no video surveillance they didn't even trash the place, honestly for crooks they were really neat with everything even the break in didn't break the door. NiNi has given all of the artists a day off today while police investigate and she gets to the bottom of this. She has refused comments, so we will let you know any updates on this story. Also today NiNI takes over Russel's position, stay tuned for more info on that as well. *UPDATE* Now that Princess is up at the hospital many many sources are reporting that a tip from a man says that she hired some guys in her neighbor hood to carry out the robbery, but Princess has been unavailable since she is in the hospital, Police say they will investigate Princess as well.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fabolous Reaches Out To NiNi + NiNi Speaks On Her House

Fabolous, who was constantly collabing with NiNi in her humble beginnings, has reached out to his old buddy on her site posting "What up NiNi, been a minute since I heard from you I'm real proud of you for where you're at real talk, but I need you to holla @ me when you get a chance OK, I appreciate it" Sources say that Fab's Mom has been in a very long battle with breast cancer, and now she is losing that battle, doctors don't give her long and they have already stamped an expiration date on her foot of 2 months, and sources say that her dying wish is to meet her favorite singer before she dies, and that's why Fab is hitting her up for a favor. Of course this is unconfirmed and we cant take it seriously due to other possible reasons that's floating around such as the two were dating at one point and he misses her and he wants her back, or she's pregnant with his baby and he wants her to hit him up to see if she wants to keep it or not and many other wild stories, the story about his mom though is the latest in all the stories that's been going around since he posted that and that's the one that's the most believable, but we still aren't sure exactly whats real and whats not. If we find out we will let you guys know. In other news, yesterday fans received a shock saying they saw two little ghost girls in front of NiNi's Atlanta house and the talk is still going on today and today NiNi made this statement about it "I am definitely aware of the history surrounding the house I live in, I was aware of it about two weeks after I first moved in, and yeah pretty much I believe you guys, I don't think y'all are crazy or weird or whatever the media is calling y'all because I see them every night sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and they both are In my room staring at me looking like they don't know who the hell I am, I wake up see them say hi and go back to bed, its literally that much sightings of them that I'm really used to it its nothing to me its as normal as me breathing or taking a shower,  I seen their mom and dad too they're all still here and they don't do shit, I hear voices and see shadows and hear whispers but it really doesn't bother me you guys may think I'm crazy for that but that kind of stuff doesn't really scare me like It would most people, the way I see it if you can get through the terror of the music game then you can pretty much get through anything, but  they are lost they still believe they live there not knowing they're dead and that its a whole new generation so I leave them alone and they pretty much leave me alone" Since NiNi made that statement every paranormal investigator in the country wants to come to her house and investigate the haunting and the media is having fun with this story as this is first story they have ever come across in how ever many years that a celebrities house is actually haunted and not only that she is OK with it, so its all in magazine's and in media news outlets and the headline is "NiNi is cool with the ghosts" she has a full page article in Global Magazine where she is speaking on it, click here to check out the article and click here to check out her full 20 minute statement. Wow, creepy NiNi very creepy, but you're a brave little queen we see.......

Today is NiNi's Last Day Of Being Just An Artist

Well NiNi isn't just an artist due to her boss status at PSR, but you guys know what I mean. today is the day Mr Russel Simmons is retiring and the Hammerstein ballroom is now being prepared for his huge retirement party tonight. Sources say that its over 75,000 people on the attendance list so far including the President and his family as well as celebs, reality stars and fans. But a couple of people who aren't on the list including me since I cant make it is NiNi and Katy Perry as well as Ri Ri and Ye. NiNi appreciated the invitation but she said she just wants to rest today, Katy Perry has a show she has to be at around the time his party starts over in Europe, she sends her love and best wishes to the Simmons family though and so does NiNi. Ri Ri Cant make it due to her being over in London for her Unapologetic Tour she tweeted "Have fun Russ, hold it down for me. And Ye isn't going due to him wanting to spend time with his kid today since its his day off, however sources say that Kim K and her sisters are attending. Starting tomorrow NiNi will take over Russel's position of Head Boss but she wont be taking his chair at Def Jam, she insists that she can manage all of the labels and her new responsibilities while still having her office at PSR where she said quote "I feel the most comfortable at, I couldn't go to any other label, I have to stay at my home regardless" Russel has stated that while he does expect NiNi to show up at Def Jam from time to time to take care of business paperwork and all the other things that her new businesswoman title will bring to her, he says he is very confident that  she will be able to run everything from PSR but he has expressed that being a businesswoman is mega huge and he hopes that she isn't under too much stress to assume her new position, but then he took it back saying "What am I saying of course she can handle it that's why I picked her, good luck NiNi!" Do you guys feel that NiNi will be able to run all of the labels all of the artists and everything in the entertainment industry, or do you guys feel she goes through too much as it is to take on any more responsibilities and be a businesswoman, a boss a performer and an artist?

NiNi Track List Leaked + 3 New PSR Albums

When it comes to NiNi, her stuff is so highly anticipated that people just cant wait for anything from her, and when it comes to leaking stuff, she's always at  the top of the food chain. Today a track list hit the web that claims to be her new Album's track list written on a piece of tissue in pen which many say is her handwriting. The track list up for debate shows that she will have features from Jay-Z, Ginuine, Lloyd, Tyrese, LL Cool J, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Diggy, Ye, Miranda and Miguel.. The track list looks to have 19 songs which is the same amount of songs that her last album "Fierce" had. NiNi hasn't responded to this supposedly leaked track list as of yet, so its no way to be sure if its fake or not, but we will find out and let you know. *UPDATE* after further determination the leaked track list is said to be fake, and NiNi has not approved any pictures of her track list to be leaked or anything else. Sources and PSR reps confirm that NiNi is super private when it comes to her material and if something gets leaked by her, 99% of the time its not real due to her being a perfectionist. NiNi refuses to let anyone know about the musical style of the album, the features or the due date, so basically we just have to wait and see. In other news, 3 PSR albums have hit the industry today. PSR has been very hard at work and a lot of albums have been releasing and doing very well. And while NiNi is gone they have been doing great which is the exact opposite of how they usually act when she's gone. 1st up is China who since she joined NiNi's royal circle has been blowing up huge and she released her 3rd PSR album titled "In The Land Of China" and it has sold over 66 million copies within 27 minutes and the number is still going higher. The album is R&B Hip-Hop and Pop and it features NiNi, Diamond, Miguel, Kelly Clarkson and Ke$ha. The album is available on her site and the PSR site for $9.99 as well as on iTunes for the same price or you can buy tracks individually for 99 cents. Click here to purchase "In The Land Of China" 2nd is the OMG Girlz who confirmed that they split up and have taken solo careers on PSR, and this is their last group album together due to the fact that they were working on it before they split up and they decided to just finish it. This last group album is their 3rd PSR album and their royal statuses just climbed higher to the top with this. Its called "Real Recognize Real" and everyone is saying its literally the hottest album out for the summer right now at least until NiNi's album comes out. The album is full swag pop, has sold over 788 million copies and features Ri Ri, NiNi, Cymphonqiue, Alexis, Amy, Kelly Clarkson, Ciara, A$AP Rocky and Miguel as well as TIP and Reginae Carter. Their album is being called number 1 by the music critics and its available on their site, the PSR site and on iTunes for $11.00. Click here to purchase "Real Recognize Real" And last we have Ke$ha which is her 3rd PSR album as well titled "Glitter" and she has sold over 189 million copies in the US and over 90,000 copies in other parts of the world. Her album is a mix of rock-pop and Hip-Hop and features NiNi, Kat, Katy Perry, Keri Hilson, Monica Spears, China and Miguel and her album is receiving positive reviews as well. Its available on the PSR site and on her site for $9.99 click here to purchase "Glitter" Also check out the new mixtapes that released today from Miley Cyrus, Kat, Katy Perry, Sexxy Lexxy and Jessica Lowndes click here to check out all these mixtapes. Kat's and Jessica's are free the others are 1.00. Congrats to all the artists for their successful albums and mixtapes.

Old Rare Video Leaks Of NiNi!

Today an old video leaked of NiNi when she was still in the underground scene, which shows her with her cute little pig tails that she used to wear when she first came out, and it showed her about 2 weeks before she signed with her first ever record label Columbia Records with the help of her buddy B. The video shows B introducing NiNi to many of the management and staff at Columbia and she always introduces her as her friend. NiNi was a little shy at the time as she wasn't saying much mostly B was doing all the talking and at one point B was heard in the background saying "I'm telling you this girl can sing her ass off, I vouch for that and I take full responsibility for her being that she is unknown with no stats, but I guarantee you, with her voice she will blow up" . Its amazing how she probably didn't know exactly what she said will come beyond true a few years later. Anyways the video shows NiNi meeting with the head boss on Columbia and singing for him and he said he likes her a lot and it shows her and B having a singing competition towards each other, and NiNi looks really young, with an even bigger baby face then she has now, I guess we forgot how NiNi actually looked when she first started out, being that we're so used to seeing her now everywhere, but she looked so cute and shy and its obvious she definitely changed a lot from then to now, (NO OFFENSE QUEEN LOL) The video also shows how much B actually went though to get her in, she spent most of her time promoting her and getting her booked for shows with her to gain her some fans and attention, and this was back in 2007 and now its 2013 and now NiNi is bigger then her queen mentor and they still are looking out for each other after all this time, its amazing how strong some friendships can be, and on the video NiNi is seen signing the contract and meeting Columbia artist Mariah Carey for the first time, and Mariah commented to her saying "If you're going to be in this game, be the best at anything you do, cause only you can look out for you, no one else will do that for you" To this day NiNi says that her advice stuck in her head this whole time and its still there. Click here to check out this rare video of NiNi's first beginnings from 07!