Saturday, January 16, 2016

Did Jay Go 2 Far With His New Song??

Yeah many "Ns" think so. He released a new
song today that actually seems to go at his ex wife and mentions the queen in a less than good way. The sing is called "Best Friend" and one line on the second verse, he raps "got rid of her found out I didnt need it,  real nigga rolling with a bad bitch like NiNi" The "N's" naturally attacked the king soon after and Twitter has been on fire. One fan tweeted "Don't call her a bitch while you looking like a camel" It was many other assaults against him, but Jay who rarely uses any social media didn't respond to anything. NiNi has been unavailable for comment so we don't know if she heard It yet or how she feels about it, after all her and Jay is really close. Stay tuned.

Next Up:

Next up in the #JanuaryReleases is Miranda Cosgrove. This is her 6th PSR album titled "Back 2 1" not sure of the title, but the music is on point as usual. She is number 3 on the charts and getting very good reviews current selling 500 million copies combined in the U.S and overseas. Click here to check out my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Back 2 1" by Miranda Cosgrove.

NiNi Will NOT Be Joining B And Coldplay

Unfortunately it's only one queen that will be making a surprise apparance at this year's "Superbowl 50" and that's "B". NiNi has been pressured from the "BeyHive" as well as all her "N"s" to take part in the halftime show for years, but she continues not to listen to them. She was caught up in LA on Sunset and she did a little mini intreview. After her victory over GaGa, paps wanted to know what's next and is she actually gonna make the halftime show. And she replied "Nah I won't be there, got too much to do at that time,  it'll be awesome though" This upset many people such as one fan who tweeted "Turns out NiNi will NOT be doing the halftime, I bought my ticket for nothing! Don't get me wrong I love @Beyonce and @Coldplay but the only reason I bought that expensive ass ticket was for NiNi  I hate a crowd but she's worth it. Anybody wanna buy my ticket??" Other fans have expressed upset as well,  and NiNi replied with one simple message "I'm sorry".......... too bad. Hopefully one year we can see miss boss lady hit the halftime show but it won't be this year. Click here to see her mini street interview.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Next Up:

Next up in the #JanuaryReleases is Ke$ha. This is her 7th PSR album titled "Next Up" which is ironic being that's she's next up. Its DOMINATING the industry and she is now 1st place. Click here to get my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Next Up by Ke$ha

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


The Queens are in fact teaming up again for a new collab and it's a remix to NiNi's popular song "Destiny" Can't here for more info. Still unsure about the Superbowl collab but we'll find out. (We always do :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Queens Rumored To Be In The Superbowl +Rumored To Be Dropping A Collab

NiNi and B are said to be performing at the half time in this year's Superbowl. NiNi was supposed to perform at the 2013 Superbowl but instead gave it to B after a dispute with the promoter. Both queens are tight lipped and won't confirm or deny. The main performance us Coldplay, but it's said they will join them at some point and sing with them. Since everyone is hush hush, we have no idea if this is true or not. Stay tuned. Speaking of them, it's also rumored that the two queens will be releasing a new song together. Stay tuned for more info on that.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Next Up

Next up in the #JanuaryReleases is Keri.  This is her 8th PSR album titled "Gotta Do It" It's produced by herself, NiNi and Solo. Click here to check out "Gotta Do It" by Miss Keri

Sunday, January 10, 2016

NiNi Denies Gaga Date Rumors, Confirms Bisexuality Rumors

For some reason, it's said that GaGa and NiNi are a thing.  But NiNi has settled that posting "Me and @LadyGaga are really cool but that's all. GaGa didn't speak on it which has fans thinking it's still possible just NiNi doesn't want it public yet. This comes only a couple days after the Kylie incident and once again fans wouldn't mind seeing a NiNi Loves Kylie or a NiNi loved Gaga.  In other news, we all knew NINI was bisexual, but she never actually confirmed it. We'll today she did. During an interview with Vybe , she was asked "so you have a husband yet you had a girlfriend, would you consider yourself bisexual? "She replied 'Damn you don't know that by now? Yes I'm bisexual, I love women I love men, but my husband knows what's up, and he knows what that means.  Click here to see her interview.

Legends Tour Bigger Than Ever. + Is China And Kendall Beefing?

The legends crew took a small break, but they're back and bigger than ever. Everywhere everyone is talking about the "Legends Girls" and it is being voted as "The Best Tour Ever". The Legends Tour has been generating so many headlines and people take it very seriously. Can't say we blame them, those 3 are terrific.  They have a show tonight in New York.  Hope you guys have your tickets because it's said to be extra hot. In other news,  it's said that China and Kendall are beefing, but other reliable sources report it's false. Is it true? China was beefing with Niq so we don't find it hard to believe, but we have no actual proof. Stay tuned to find out.........

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tinashe New Music + Daya Apart Of #JanuaryReleases

Tinashe released a new song today titled "Secret"  It's produced by herself and NiNi and it's pretty cool. Its starting to get a buzz and it's getting popular. I like it. Click here to check out "Secret" by Tinashe. Also Daya has added herself to the #JanuaryReleases posting "#JanuaryReleases I'm In :)" Even though she was just part of the #NovemberReleases, she's back and this will be her 8th studio album. Exciting.

Millions Of People Turnt Up On Insta For Kylie Tweets

Since NiNi responded to Kylie's Insta pics, Insta has been buzzing. Since she and tyga broke up and since she confirmed she likes girls,  and we all know NiNi loves girls, billions of people have been commenting on NiNi's comments to the pics. Things like #KyNi are going around and many fans encourage a relationship and no one is against it at all. NiNi and Kylie didn't reply directly to all this chaos but they both posted something subliminal on the insta. NiNi posted a pic of Kylie in a wedding dress and captioned it "Guess I'm Getting Married Again Lmao" Kylie posted the exact same thing but with A pic of NINI in a wedding dress and the caption "I hear wedding bells" Both pics are fake obviously since neither one of them have ever been snapped rocking a wedding dress, but NiNi's pic received over 2 billion likes and Kylie's pic received even more than that (queen of Insta) We know it's all a joke and no one is taking it seriously believe me but fans actually do feel they'll make a cute couple. We do too but hey this isn't about us. Click here to read all the comments and chaos NiNi's comments on Kylie's pics caused (no not in a bad way. ......and P.S NO THEY ARE NOT TOGETHER AND EVERYONE KNOW THEY'RE JUST MESSING AROUND PLAYING) Just for those who actually don't know......

Friday, January 8, 2016

NiNi Comments On 3 Recent Photo's Of Kylie, Is Kylie Crushing????

We all know it's no secret the Kardashian's and the Jenner's have been blessed with fantastic bodies and Kylie, the most famous of them showed alot of hers today on Insta (which she is the queen of) And a certain someone took notice, which is the queen. She commented on all 3 pics. 1st pic she commented "Damn Ma" the second pic she said " You &'s all I gotta say! ;)" and the 3rd pic she posted "DAMN once again lol". Kylie responded having people think she mightve posted it just for her and might be crushing, replying LMAOOOOO :) What if I said it was all 4 U?????" NiNi didn't respond to that but it created chaos on Insta and believe it or not , people are into it and wouldn't be upset to see those two together.  Even the "N's" wanna see them two together.  It's getting pretty big. Click here to see NiNi's comments on Kylie's pics.

NiNi Wins!!!!!! + Next Uppers

The queen of the "Monster's" may have beat NiNi yesterday in the "1st part" But the queen of the game and the "N's" bounced back and like she said "I'll win the Second Part" and yup she did just that. Her album continued to be ahead of GaGa's all yesterday and last night, and last night it began getting further and further ahead. The bet was over by 1pm and by 1pm, NiNi was ahead by over 59% which officially makes her the winner. GaGa wasn't a sore Loser though, she tweeted "So proud of you, dope ass album Mami, tutor me ok lol" NiNi replied "yours was dope too, I was scared for a minute lol. Gotta collab more DEF!" Is another collab coming from these once upon a time enemies?  We fucking hope so and so do both their fan bases.  Let's hope and wish.  In other news,  next up in the #JanuaryReleases is 2 albums.  1st is Miss Marie with her 7th PSR album titled "Lowdown" pretty cool produced by herself.  Click here to see my full review, get stats, info and purchase links for "Lowdown" by Miss Marie. And the 2nd is Karmin.  Learn all you need to know about that here. Next is said to be Keri Hilson and RiRi.  Stay tuned

Thursday, January 7, 2016

GaGa Wins Fashion Event + Race For The True Win + New Music From Kat

Yesterday was the 1st part of the Epic battle between 2 of the biggest names in the music industry and it took place in Manhattan Nwe York in front of over 10,000 people.  They both modeled 5 outfits each and it was a mix between GaGa's "Little Monster's" and NiNi's "N's" and after 2 hours they both modeled their 5 outfits, and GaGa went weird on 3 of them (one was made of actual steak) the other 2 were normal. NiNi came out in her own brand Platinum Wear for the first 2 which was dope and fly, the last 3 was Tom Ford, Derion and Dior. After the judges collected the votes they stood side by side, and they announced "AND THE WINNER OF THE 2016 FASHION EVENT IS.................. (DRUM ROLL) STEPHANIE A.K.A LADY GAGA!!!!" The two hugged it out but NiNi had one last thing to say. She asked for the mic and the crowd quieted down. She said "I dress great but my music is even greater" (the crowd cheered then quieted down again) Then she faced GaGa and said "Babygirl don't get cocky.........Cuz we all know who's winning the second part" (which is ironic because GaGa's newest song is called"2nd Part" so you get why she said it like that) The crowd went wild cheering, screaming and clapping when she said that because they understood it too.) Gaga smiled at her and NiNi dropped the mic and walked off the model stage. Then she had something to say herself.  She screamed out "3rd Part Sweetheart, I'll make a sequel!!!!!!" The crowd once again went wild and she left the stage. It was really a cool event. Click here to see it. In other news, speaking of those two, they are in their "second part". They both released new albums today.  NiNi added herself to the #JanuaryReleases with her 15th album titled "Fury" and just like Fury it is FURIOUS. She goes extra hard and it's almost all rap. It's DOMINATING the music charts at #1. But how does Miss Stephanie look?  Well she dropped her highly anticipated 13th album "Karma" today and that too is dominating. She is right behind NiNi literally. NiNi has sold 4 million 85 copies so far and GaGa has sold 4 million 83 copies so far,  so although NiNi is in the lead, GaGa can pass her since she's so close. We'll know when the "War" is over which is tomorrow which is when it ends and whoever has the most by 6am, wins.  Stay tuned. Also Kat and her little lovey dovey lovebird Alexis dropped a new song today which is a remake of Whitney's greatest song "I wanna Love You" It's really bomb and it's getting great reviews. Click here to check out "I Wanna Love You" by Kat Ft Alexis.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

#NiNi Vs GaGa War Begins Today

The NiNi and GaGa war is all that's being talked about, it's huge all around the country and it started today.  GaGa is a huge icon and her boss is too and that's why it's so epic.  Later on today the bet starts, they will both appear at the famous Met Gala in New York where they'll go against each other in fashion and fans will vote who's the flashiest.  Tomorrow, they both release their new albums and fans vote on who's was better. Exciting. Stay tuned for more info on this epic war.....

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

GAGa Challenges NiNi To 2 Things

The two are cool now, but just like her artists do from time to time, GaGa has challenged her buddy to a war and it's two events.  1st, She's challenging her for a fashion event.  We all know NiNi dresses very fly, but GaGa turns heads with her.................creative outfits (like meat hats) and her "Little Monster's" go crazy over them) She wants both to dress their best and see who the crowd votes better. Next of course is the now famous album challenge.  Since they both have albums coming this month she wants to see who wins in sales. Loser goes live on TV and admits defeat (yup that's all) NiNi won against KP, lost again Tinashe but will she win both against GaGa?  Millions of fans are excited about this, it's trending on Twitter,  Insta And Fb and has its very own hashtag #NiNiVSGaGa.  Guess what, NiNi accepted the challenge posting "It's On Bitch @LadyGaga (don't get excited that's how they play with each other) Gaga responded "Get your game face on ho you're going down!  ;) Are you guys excited? We sure are. Stay tuned, we'll give you more info as we get it..........

Monday, January 4, 2016

NiNi Goes Insane........Again

I'll let the pics and the videos do the talking. Click here to see them

Sunday, January 3, 2016

1st In The #JanuaryReleases

Yup #JanuaryReleases has been created and first up in it is Icona Pop. Icona Pop has managed to stay outta the NHO category by doing many interviews, guests apparances, and signings, but when it comes to music, yeah they're there. Anyways, this is their 2nd PSR titled "Iconic" It's pretty good and getting alot of love so obviously their fans are loyal. They're at number 7 on the charts. Click here to view my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Iconic" by Icona Pop" speaking of them, they too deserve a congratulations due to not being in trouble ever since joining PSR and never getting into it with the boss. So congrats to you girls. ......