Friday, January 30, 2015

China Gets Taken Away By Cops During A Rehearsal + OMG Beef Is Real

Today, the famous legend threesome were in Atlanta rehearsing for tonight's show when all of a sudden three cops entered and told China she was under arrest and slapped handcuffs on her. Everyone, including China herself was asking what she did, but they ignored everyone and just continued to read her her rights. They tool her out and placed her in the back of the police car. NiNi told everyone to stay put and she left to go to the precinct. We haven't been hearing anything that China has done lately, so the reason why she was arrested is unknown, but many people say Taylor had something to do with it. We reached out to her, but she is unavailable. It is unknown whats going on with China or whats going on with her right now. We are currently digging for more info, let you know soon. In other news, we've been hearing about a possible feud between Beauty and her ex group The OMG Girlz. Since she split with them and went Solo, there's been talk of beef, but its never actually been confirmed, well today it has been. A source close to all 3 mentioned that they are involved in a feud and they have been for the past 9 months and its getting worse between all of them. Its still unknown why the feud started, but many think that Star and Babydoll feel betrayed by her leaving the group, and maybe jealous because she is having more success as a solo artist then what she was having in the group. Also its said that a recent interview by beauty has her saying that she felt held back by being in the group and she couldn't spread her wings because she always had someone in her ear doing what they wanted to do, being that Star is the leader of the group and very strict about their sound, many felt she was referring to her, and obviously Star and Babydoll took offense to that, and called her fake and a traitor. Those messages were deleted very very fast, but they were still seen by over a million people click here to see them. So far it hasn't been any fights yet, but its said that Reggie, who was with OMG  Girlz for a while before leaving due to issues with Babydoll and Star, and was always close with beauty, is taking Beauty's side naturally including herself in the beef. Its many stories as to why these once upon a time "sisters" are now against one of their own, but unless you're them, you wont know the real reason. But it is true, they are beefing with Beauty, and Beauty is beefing with them, but why is anyone's guess. Stay tuned for info on their beef.........*Update* China is being charged with robbery as witnesses report her robbing a store with a fake BB Gun and then robbing an elderly couple who was out taking a walk, and witnesses say they know her face (come on really, even I don't believe that) but regardless, she is being held on 1 million dollars bail, which sources say NiNi has posted for her, and she has a court date for Feb 7th and if convicted she faces up to 7 years in jail. Crazy crazy nonsense.......Check back later for more details on this.....

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