Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NiNi Makes Statement + Taylor Gets Attacked By PSR And Fans

Early this morning a statement released by NiNi concerning Tay's (yeah she goes by Tay and TiTi) statement about her being fake and using her body as a selling magnet. She commented that her body has nothing to do with the amount of success or fans she has, and even refers back to when she first hit the game in late 2007 and she said quote"When I first got signed, I didn't even have alot of body" She told TiTi not to include her in her bestie drama, and insinuated that maybe the reason why Lena, D and Nessa acted the way they acted is due to her own self doing something. She also said she can ruin her music career (which she can) and that if anyone wants to get involved quote "be my guest I don't give 2 fucks" Click here to listen to NiNi's statement. (warning, the statement has obscene harsh language as expected with NiNi, listen at your own risk) In other news, PSR is less then happy about Taylor's assault rant, and many of them have fired back hard against her today. I damn sure ain't about to post about all because ALL of PSR literally got at her today, all except 1, and thats Anna Margaret, which is probably because she's still young, but here are the hardest fire backs. 1st up is ex bestie Lena. She posted "You have the nerve to call someone fake you boogie bitch? Obviously everything I ever thought I knew about you was fake, I wish you would call me a bitch again, or fake, because sweetie it will be on and poppin' like when we were 15, and you know I beat that ass then, and I'll beat that ass again. Yup I sure didn't come visit you, was it because I wanna keep my job, nah its because you're a fucking manipulating bitch and its so sad that it took me so long to realize it, but better late then never, you think you done with me, trick I BEEN done with you since forever, R U that stupid to realize that I haven't been returning your calls wtf u really are stupid. Is any of her fans mad? GOOD!!!!!!!!" Bestie number 2 was next Demi. She posted "Hmmmmm, a broad who lies about the dumbest shit, she says one thing and means another, she pays the media to make it "appear" like she has more fans then she has, and you're calling ME fake, bitch I cant believe you used that word. Oh Tay Tay, please don't fuck with me, I kno so much about you and your whole fake ass lifestyle, don't make me expose you sweetie because if I do, I guarantee you will go into hiding for the rest of your pathetic life, never tell anyone ALL your secrets, because they can fuck you over, and trust me, keep pulling this #stupidbullshit that you're pulling, trust me I'll be that one to use EVERYTHING against you, don't ever talk to me like that in your life, you must be out your mind, oh and by the way Joe left her because she likes to smother mayonnaise all over her body as a habit, yeah weird broad, yup I said it, keep going baby cuz I can go harder, I will hurt you harder then you can hurt me and that's a threat" Then it was Nessa. She posted "LMAO Bitch, bitch bitch, are you super happy because you know how to curse? good 4 u. Listen, you may think you have me all figured out, but you really don't, you are a 90 pound lightweight, did you forget I always used to carry you around, I can blow on you and have you fall, ugh I swear I can't believe your little so called "rant" half of what you said is describing yourself, what, you think you're so perfect? Why because mtfs are telling you that, filling your head with that BS, trust me honey, they only like you for one reason and one reason only don't get that twisted, that's why every boyfriend you ever had since 15 left you.....OOOOOH, I feel like exposing this bitch so hard right now, I'm funny to you? no bitch you funny to me really, with all the shit I got on you, I should've been the last bitch in your mouth" Next is Tinashe, she posted @Taylor, girl gtfoh, usually when people say some down talking shit about someone or something, they're jealous as all hell that they aren't that person or aren't in that persons shoes, and bitch you wish you were PSR because the shoes you're in are lame, you wish you was with PSR, UR not so lets down talk it, you wish you was all us UR NOT so lets down talk them, same shit different day, and no bitch you're the fakest broad I ever met, it wasn't a privilege to meet you, not in the least baby girl, and by the way, talking shit isn't your strong side cuz you sound so fuckin stupid its almost laughable 4real just chill wit all dat" Ye is next. He posted "I snatched the mic from you in 09', now I'll snatch your life, I promise you if you ever disrespect @NiNi like that again I will hurt you in ways you can not and will not ever understand, that's a threat lock me up #tryme" Next is Seyven Streeter who posted "Whats going on in your head @Taylor, you all mad and you putting other people in your bullshit and for what? because @NiNi didn't record a song with you? are you that immature?, proves that no matter how much shit you talk about her, its obviously something you dig about her since you putting yourself through all this and starting all this shit over a missed song, baby girl grow up please damn get a fucking life that's word on my moms" Others also posted disses to her, and some did diss songs to her such as Solo with a song called "Tay Come Out And Play which is a non subliminal diss song and Solo does extremely well on that song and she gets her pretty good. Others who have subliminal and non subliminal diss songs towards her are KP, Cymphonique, Jordin Sparks, Ye, Diamond, Beauty, Star, Babydoll, Ke$ha, K. Michelle, Brianna Perry, Carmen Amere, LiV, Monique, Monica Spears, KC and Alexis Jordan. Fans are now attacking Lena, D and Nessa even more now because they cant understand why they're acting like that towards Taylor when they are the reason why she's acting like this in the first place, and they feel like they are acting like she is being like this for no reason when they actually caused this, but they do feel that Taylor shouldnt've attacked everyone like she did when they had nothing to do with it, because she just created unneccesary drama for herself, and one thing that PSR does well is go hard when it comes to dissing. Well, so far two of the besties had something to say about that. Lena posted @TiTiFans Yeah yeah noise noise, not affecting nobody just stfu FUCK...........Y'all fuckers are annoying, y'all don't know the bitch, so be the hell quiet matter fact I challenge any of you people to spend 3 whole days with her, if you get through it with no problems I''ll make it rain with 5 stacks in Ur hand try me" Demi posted "Who the fuck asked for any of y'all opinions, she calls us ass kissers huh, but y'all following behind everything she says, who's the real ass kissers tho #REALSHIT" Nessa hasn't responded to Taylor's fans yet, but many others did like Ari she posted "When you don't know what the real deal is, you think whatever you want and make up shit in your own mind, but we can care less what y'all think, because we know its just a bunch of worshippers worshipping a bitch who doesn't even deserved to be worshipped by anybody, so we forgive you @TiTiFans (wow big Sean must be getting to her, don't take that as a racist statement cuz its not, it's just that Ari never used to talk that way) Anyways, fans are attacking her too, about an hour ago, it was a whole topic on Twitter with the hashtag #EATRABBITSFORDINNER and it was at least 600,000 posts with mean things about Taylor (not kidding) and even some media outlets dissed her. Just goes to show when you mess with PSR, you're in a shitload of trouble. Taylor's fans continue to remain on her side, but even one of her fans posted "Man I love Taylor but its no way that her or anyone of us can go up against the queen or PSR, so y'all should just back up" That fan was dissed by the rest of Taylor's fans, so obviously she has some really loyal fans, but the smart ones like the fan who posted that, are getting blasted for being a "traitor" (gimme a fucking break guys really, I'm sorry I just had to say that) But NiNi and PSR fans are the most loyal out of any other fans (trust me) and they are sticking by the queens side and PSR's side and sources say that Taylor has at least 200,000 death threats to her so far. People outside of the music industry (model, fashion, dancing acting industries) have also defended the queen and PSR, but as I said I'm not posting everything because this will be a 90 page blog post, so if you'd like to read ALL the people who attacked Taylor today, click here (some of them are really funny)Everyone has been wondering why the three besties abandoned their so called bestie when she was in the hospital, we still don't know but Nessa, Lena and D were all around each other today since they are all on tour with each other, and they all said that it has nothing to do with PSR or NiNi, but they didn't give actual details on why, so it seems like it must be on a personal level. Sources say that Lena, D and Nessa are beyond done with Taylor, but Demi ( the most outspoken one of the group) made an extra statement she said "Yeah all our mama's are super close, and I love her mom, but if her mom has a problem with me now, so be it, I really wouldn't care, because trust me Its more people that will have a bigger problem with her, no disrespect Mrs Swift, just keeping it real you know how I am" KP Also made a live statement she said "It originally started because she thinks she knows everything and her mouth gets her in trouble, she said something I took offense to, but now its way deeper than that, some things she said can never be taken back no matter how many times you apologize and I want to see her suffer, interpret that anyway you want, I really don't care, bitch deserves it anyway, am I right (camera man says yes) Katy says exactly, even he knows it and blows a kiss to him and walks away. This is a crazy chaotic day and Taylor has not responded to any of these disses towards her yet.  But the new headline is Taylor Vs. PSR and believe me, that headline is being heard around the world right now. Its like its a battle, and one one side you have the PSR crew and all of their fans, and on the other side you have Taylor with all of her fans ready to go head to head, its getting that crazy. More is going on, so check me out later for more info.......

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