Sunday, April 27, 2014

KC And Keri Arent Feeling Each Other.....Is It Because Of NiNi?

When it comes to beefing inside the label, PSR is known for it more then beefs outside of the label, and today another one is steaming up and its between once good friends KC and Keri Hilson. Those two women had a serious fight over Twitter today which had the whole world talking. It started when Keri posted this statement "I love my job, I love my label, and I love my boss like yo she's the coolest ever, but being that cool makes you have alot of dick riders and this label has alot especially the Oakland Queen she's been showing alot of weirdness lately and that shit is bugging me, its not jealously people its just fucking disgust are you tattooed on her ass or something chick? We all know NiNi has at least 15 California Artists on PSR, but its only one who is from Oakland and only one that calls herself the "Oakland Queen" and that's KC. So naturally KC responded saying "I love how one minute its like oh you're so cool we gotta kick it and record a song together ASAP, but  then its like you're bipolar and you have all this bullshit anger on your chest that you cant let off in front of someones face, I hate fake ass females yo word to my son!" Keri responded saying "Someone has a guilty conscious huh, and FYI never fake babygirl watch yourself with that comment" After that, a war broke out over Twitter between the two and had over 70,000 fans tuned in commenting and supporting. The war started at 823am and it ended at 1pm on the dot after Keri said "I'm too mature for this I gotta go" The twitter war lasted for over 4 hours and it was many hurtful and disrespectful things said, you can click here to check out the full war as neither artist has deleted their messages. But one thing that we noticed throughout this war is that both of them seemed to keep mentioning NiNi and if you really pay close attention to what they both are saying, it seems as if NiNi gave KC a promotion even though KERI is royal and KC is not and KERI has been there longer then KC and that promotion comes with more money and more albums, basically more spotlight and it seems that  KERI doesn't feel she deserved that, AKA jealousy. Believe it or not, this happens more times then you realize, many female celebrities beef over jealousy and something as simple as this and sometimes it starts and ends on a good level and its over and forgotten, other times the beef continues and it evolves into a fight it just depends on what type of beef it is and how strong the beef is, and our guess: This beef is beyond strong. Its sad too because at one point KC and KERI were best best of friends to the point KC said that KERI was her son's godmother,  now look at it. Being that this beef is inside the label we feel that being that they see each other every day this will get so much bigger, we will let you guys know!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Livin With NiNi EP.4

Yesterday, the 4th episode of "Livin With NiNi" premiered on VH1 with over 50 millions viewers watching. It started off with NiNi saying "previously on "LIVIN WITH NINI" and scenes from the last episode flashed by. The theme song came on and introduced NiNi and this episode added new faces, the first of course is NiNi who is introduced as NiNi and she is standing there smiling, then it says Beith and underneath it says Husband, then it shows NiNi'S mother in law introduced as Sharon and it shows her beautiful kids as Aaleyah And Keivon" Then it shows them all together like they're posing for a picture and her cute little daughter is waving at us. That's a new version that wasn't on previous episodes. This episodes starts out pretty much where it left off at, with NiNi finishing her first show in Brooklyn New York. She exits the arena and is on the way to the limo when a crowd of fans that just left storm up to her to get autographs. Her bodyguards hold everyone back and escort her to the car and they pull off. Then she has a voice over saying "I love my fans but if you guys didn't pay for any backstage autographs don't expect to get it on the outside when I just went through all of that inside you know sorry" She then tells her driver she is tired and just wants to stay in New York for the night and she will leave in the morning. Her driver takes her almost an hour away to the busiest city in New York, Manhattan and takes her to the best hotel called the Plaza. When she exited the car all the fans and paparazzi cameras were there cheering and taking pictures she smiles and waves while her bodyguards escort her inside. When she gets in, hotel security holds everyone back and she goes to check in and gets into a argument with the clerk lady due to the fact that the lady told her its no rooms available and they only have honeymoon suites. NiNi says she will take a honeymoon suite but the lady informs her that honeymoon sweets are only for honeymoon couples and not for just one person. NiNi says "Look I been busy all day I just want to rest OK I'm not about to be trailing Manhattan looking for a hotel so I'll pay more for the room" The lady still tells her "Only honeymoon suites. At this point a voice over from NiNi comes on and she says "I'm seriously about to knock this bleep out which we assume is bitch. The two get loud with each other and the clerk lady calls security and security comes over and asks her what the problem is, NiNi says "She's my fucking problem get me the manger" The manager comes out who is introduced as Ryan Plaza Hotel Manager and asks is everything OK, the lady says "I was just telling this woman our policy about the honeymoon suites" NiNi says look I'm not going anywhere else, I'm willing to pay more for the damn room are you people serious? The manger then apologizes to her and offers her the room and tells the clerk to give her a key which she does and the lady looks like "Really? The mangers calls for help to carry her bags and the guys come over and she says "Its one bag I got it" NiNi looks irritated and the manager apologizes once again and she is escorted by security up to the room. While there she makes a phone call to her good buddy B who is introduced as "On the phone Beyoncé, NiNi's friend" she has it on speaker so we hear her but its also subtitles as well. They talk about what she had to go through to get in and B invited her to hang out and get her mind off work and stress. At the end they say I love you I love you too night and she hangs up. She jumps in the bed and the screen goes dark and a commercial break comes on. After the break its morning and a voice over NiNi says :So today I have agreed to have a girls day out with B, last time I did that it didn't go so well, then flashbacks show from the 2nd episode where she was throwing up all over the place from drinking too much, and she says but this time I wont overdue it" It was about 8am when she woke up and she jumped in the shower and came out and posted a good morning picture to Instagram and she checked out 5 hours early then she had to. Outside she was escorted to her limo and once again fans cheered and screamed out "I love you NiNi" and paparazzi continued to snap pictures. NiNi has a voice over and just says "Ugh" The limo drives her to the airport where once again it speeds up and is cut to show her landing at Chicago airport. She gets her car and drives to PSR. In the car she gets a call from Miss Tina, who is introduced as Tina Knowles "PSR Secretary" and she says "NiNi Nicki is really getting out of hand she is on the phone, she's just basically doing everything BUT working I just felt I would let you know" NiNi says well actually I'm like 10 minutes away so I'll come there for a minute and talk to her" Tina says OK and they both say bye. Then a voice over NiNi says "Here we go again with NiNi, I tried to put her bullshit in the back of my head but I guess I cant do that" She pulls up to the PSR building which is introduced as PSR Headquarters" and she goes in and stops at the front to talk to Tina for a sec and some artists are shown on the couches in the lobby area writing lyrics, they are introduced as Zendaya PSR Artist, Keke Palmer PSR Artist and Beauty PSR artist, NiNi says "Hey Guys" and they all say Hi and NiNi takes the elevator up to Nicki's floor which is floor 7. This is the part that we saw on the previews last week. She gets upstairs and goes in Nicki's studio and Nicki is seen drinking a bottle of Ciroc Vodka and she quickly puts it down when NiNi steps in but its too late because NiNi already saw her. NiNi says ah hell no what is that? Nicki says what is what? NiNi says Nicki I'm really not in the mood you got 5 seconds to show me whats in your hands, don't make me count! Nicki shows her the bottle and before she can speak she says Hell no you're drinking in her did you forget I got cameras you fucking idiot. Nicki says "Nisha calm down it was a sip Its not like I was sitting her getting drunk! NiNi says "I cant believe what I'm hearing so you're telling me because you weren't getting drunk it makes it OK to bring liquor in here and catch some sips when you're supposed to be fucking working. She was loud and she slapped the bottle out of her hands. Nicki didn't say anything she just looked down and nervous and NiNi said "Nicki I cant I wont and I'm not doing this with you anymore you're lazy, you don't wanna work you don't listen to me or nobody else you don't follow directions you know what I'm done with you just get out OK bye ill send you your last paycheck just go!" Nicki looked in shock and she said Nisha and called out for her but NiNi left her studio and slammed the door. Nicki sat down with a very shocked look on her face and sad music began to play. She got up and went to NiNi's office and she said NiNi can I talk to you NiNi said what? She said look I'm sorry I will do better OK I promise I will. NiNi said Nick that's what you said last time and the  time before that and the time before that how many times can you do better when you're clearly not? Nicki said with tears in her eyes Nisha I have nowhere else to go? NiNi said Nicki that's a personal problem if you ask me now please get out because if I have to kick you out I promise it wont be pretty. Nicki left her office and went back to her studio and gathered up all her things in a box and she took the elevator downstairs. NiNi came in a voice over "I cant deal with this anymore with her, if she wants to chill you can do that shit at home you don't come to work and act like you're home I'm just at my breaking point with her friend or not I just cant keep her anymore. Nicki comes in a voice over and says "I never thought I'd see the day I was dropped from PSR or any label for that matter and she is crying and puts the tissue up to her eyes, that was actually a sad scene. NiNi goes downstairs where  more artists are conversating and chilling and they all stop when they see Nicki holding the box and Cymphonique says Damn! Nicki says bye to everyone and they all say bye. Beiber says Keep your head up girl! Nicki shakes her head and walks out the building after saying bye to Tina. She gets outside and yells BLEEP! and she gets to her car and puts the box in her trunk and pulls off as more sad music plays. It then goes to a commercial break. After the break, NiNi says "So I've been thinking about my husband a lot I do miss him and then flashbacks of their huge argument over the separation showed from the last episode. She said "I think I'm gonna hold off on getting this separation see how it goes, but he wont know that Ima let his ass suffer first until I'm ready to tell him because I know he's suffering right now (laughs) It then shows at night at her house getting ready for the girls night out with B. NiNi has her hair wet and wavy and has a red club dress on looking very cute. A voice over comes on and she says "Its tons of drama going on in my personal life and my professional working with assholes and living with assholes, but tonight that's all to the side right now I'm going out to chill with B and one thing that woman knows how to do is have fun (laughs) It shows her leaving the house and meeting up with B in downtown Chicago and she is introduced as "Beyoncé- NiNi's friend" B then has a voice over saying "Since our tour together ended we haven't had much girl time so its nice to leave work and men and whatever else behind and have girl time nothing beats "Girl time" (laughs) The two go to "Club deuce deuce located in Chicago. Inside the two hit the bar and they both order a Kahlua and guys approach them asking them to dance but they both decline. NiNi looks kinda sad and B says whats wrong? NiNi says "I miss Beith" B said OK girl get your ass off this chair we're going to dance! NiNi says I don't wanna dance with anyone" B says we're dancing with ourselves" NiNi says no thanks" B grabs her arm and says you better get up or I'm dragging your ass to the floor" They both laugh and NiNi gets up and then a voice over comes from NiNi that says "You gotta love B she can turn anything into a joke and make you laugh that's why I think we're so cool" They both get on the floor and they dance and dance some more with their drinks in their hands sipping and dancing at the same time. The crowd cleared and let them two dance and they both danced with each other like how they did at Dancing with the stars" and the club was clapping in rhythm with the beat watching them. NiNi seemed like she was in a great mood smiling and having fun. However that was short lived when Beith showed up with a woman and B noticed him first and stopped dancing and she stopped NiNi and pointed towards the door and NiNi looked like "Oh no he didn't" She walked over  to where he and the girl was at, he was shaking guys hands saying whats good and this and that and NiNi came to him and he said "NiNI? What you doing here? She looked at the girl and looked at him, she shook her head and smacked the hell out of him in front of everyone and stormed out of the club. B ran after her and Beith was left looking shocked and he also ran after her. NiNi was walking fast like she was power walking and B caught up to her and said "NiNi STOP!" She said "B thanks but I'm leaving OK go back and have fun" B said No I'm going with her she raised her voice and said "B goddamnit its OK just go I wanna be left alone alright and she walked away" B let her walk away and Beith caught up to Beith and said "What the hell is wrong with her? She said "Really" and shook her head and walked away and she got into her limo and pulled off. It then went to commercial. When it came back on it showed NiNi entering her house and a voice over she said "I take it back this did it its most definitely over" She got all the pictures on the wall of her and him or just him and ripped them up and she had a fit or rage and then a knock at the door came and when she went to open it it was Beith she said how the hell did you get past my gate? He said "I have a key remember" She said well you no longer to access to me or my house go be with your new little bitch! He said Can I say something to you please? She said "I don't wanna hear nothing you gotta say just get out! and she threw a vase at him and he said dammit Nisha that was my cousin remember I told you she was coming down from Jersey this week and I was gonna show her around, she wanted to see the club so I took her" NiNi stopped in her tracks and a voice over she said "Damn I feel so stupid right now" She turned around and said That's Dana? He said yes and she's really excited to meet you" She said "Oh god she probably thinks I'm a bitch" He said she will understand she has a man too, come her baby" She walked to him and he got gushy telling him how much he loves her and wants to be with her and said some very deep from the heart things to her and made her eyes water and he got on his knee and said "I'm sorry baby I love you I want to spend the rest of my life with  you will you marry me again? She said Yes I will and they hugged and kissed and she apologized for smacking him and they continued kissing. Then she came in a voice over saying "I love that man so much he just really gets on my nerves but I haven't seen him in almost a month so you already know whats happening tonight (laughs) The last scene shows the two going in her bedroom and closing the door and you hear minor sounds but nothing nasty or big. Then the announcer says "Next time on Living with NiNi" and scenes from episode 5 show which show Beith and NiNi renewing their wedding vows and NiNi doing her second show and having a problem with an obsessive stalker fan that shows up everywhere she goes. And it also shows Nicki as a possibility she might be coming back to PSR. And it also shows NiNi getting in a fight and police putting her in the back of a cop car. Lots of drama for the 5th episode it seems. Sources say  the 5th episode will be a special hour long episode which has us all excited. Click here  to check out clips from last nights episode!

The "NiMi" Drama Continues

Like Latoya, NiNi and Mimi (Mariah Carey) have always been involved in tension with each other since NiNi first hit the scene which the media has dubbed "Nimi" which is a combination of NiNi and Mimi. No one is aware of how the tension between the two actually started but the most accepted story is that when NiNi first came out and released her first album which was "Dream Love" she,  like many celebs do was throwing an album release party and she passed out fliers to people that said "Album release party, everyone will be there weezy, young money Columbia and Mariah Carey (maybe) NiNi approached her and being that she was still unknown at the time, Mariah didn't know her and she gave her a flier and apparently, Mariah got upset that she included her name without her permission, NiNi's response was "That's why it says maybe, I'm here asking you now will you come to my release party?" Mariah allegedly said "No I would've if you didn't include me on it like you just knew I was gonna come, who are you anyway" NiNi took offense to that, and as NiNi started blowing up, Mariah forgot all about it and when everyone wanted to collab with this fresh hot new artist, Mariah jumped on board to as well, but when she saw her she remembered her and canceled her request to collab with her, which NiNi also took offense to. As NiNi continued blowing up she began saying little subliminal messages towards Mariah in her songs, and Mariah has been doing the same thing although both of them never actually mentioned each others names at all, but sometimes you can just tell. The most recent came from NiNi when Mariah and Nick got married and her 2009 song "How I Get Down" has a line that says "I cant stop spitting call me sick these bitches a trip look trick don't make me tell nick you on some other shit" Which caused loud talk about the beef between the two reigniting, but NiNi claimed that the line wasn't referencing Mariah at all, she says that Weezy and herself are the only ones who Nicki allows to call her "Nick" and that's what she calls Nicki and she was referencing Nicki when she said that" But even after that,  more covered up diss messages began turning up in both of their songs through 2009 2010 2011 & 2012 and when Mariah was involved in her feud with Nicki last year, it seems as if NiNi defended Nicki in a song saying "You American idol I doubt it cuz u a clown you ain't nothing hoe now sit your alcoholic ass down, which many say is a reference to when Mariah was heavy on Alcohol back in the early 90's. Mariah kept quiet and that was the last we heard of the feud. But today it seems to have gotten reignited with a new song by Mariah called "Dreaming" She sings on the songs but like many singers these days she has a small rap part on it which many say is all about NiNi, she raps "Shouldve just kept it I don't know you but you wanted to be cool wanna be me and don't you dare tell me that ain't true, wanted to be up in the booth do all the things that I do you built your life around me boo boo lets keep it true, went from nobody to Betty boop I'm thinking that's the same cuz you fucked yourself around for 6 years to get your name I can show you how to get platinum with or without me rapping the skills is still fire babygirl lets make it happen, no dancing with the stars but I'm most def a star all of y'all not hard still paying on your cars, ima say like it said it before don't make me show you, who are you whats your name nah I don't care to know you" The dancing with the stars line and the Betty boop line is what grabbed everyone's attention being that before "Hollywood" and Queen N came along NiNi was always Betty Boop. So now the media is having a field day with this,  with crazy headlines and the public is in a roar over this. But what about NiNi? Well she dropped a freestyle yesterday to Cymphonique's new song which maybe is the reason Mariah fired back in a line that says "You're over opinionated outdated degraded last pack nobody thinking bout you get your stupid ass bags packed, I still smell the liquor on your breath or is crack fucking rappers now and you think your ugly ass can rap, its a fact go against me shorty you wont win time to tell jimmy k to toss your man voice again" This is most def aimed at Mariah as the line of Jimmy K is referencing Mariah's old manager Jimmy K who dropped her in late 99 for quote "Sounding like a man" This freestyle though was made before MARIAH made her song rapping,  but NiNi mentioned her rapping which tells us she must have knew about it beforehand. Seems like the drama is heating up between these two ladies, Mariah and NiNi have never collabed in the 7 years that NiNi has been here and now we see why. So how will this end? Lets wait and see but our opinion: Not good!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NiNi Makes An Unexpected Visit To England To Visit The Site Of The Titanic, Causes Controversy + Disses KimYe?

Today, NiNi made an unscheduled visit to England which was also unapproved as customs aren't allowing any Americans to the country at the moment as Obama and the white house are currently participating in a war with the country, which caused controversy for her going over with no clearance at all and not having to go through customs at all. She visited the La Brena dock which translates to the Titanic dock which is where the Titanic first set sail in 1912 over 100 years ago and its now a memorial for those who died on the ship. And she was snapped rocking stunna glasses with a Caribbean green and yellow outfit on snapping pictures of the memorial site and she posted them to Instagram. Her presence there was not accepted by anyone expect the fans of course who all cheered for her, but as far as the government is concerned, she committed a felony just by stepping foot in the country and then using her status to not have to go through customs, and the British capitol takes this as a very serious offense especially in the middle of a war. State officials approached her and told her to leave, but her bodyguards told them she has permission from her own government which is the president AKA Obama to visit the country on a business visit not a personal visit. This caused even more controversy as the England officials contacted the American government and it was confirmed that Obama nor the government allowed her to enter the country. NiNi was gone from the spot by the time they came to arrest her, and it is said that she has now left the country after her short visit, but this means nothing to the England government, as they still have the right to issue her an arrest warrant in her country for violating a set order. Furthermore, she entered the country without entering customs by using her royal powers which is not accepted no matter who you are which means that the customs agent that allowed her to enter without being searched and checked will be fined no minimum of 10,000 dollars and they will be fired as well as face up to 8 years in jail. And if the England government decides to pursue this matter further NiNi can face a fine of up of 1 million dollars as well as up to 12 years in prison, and she is already on parole as it is. She faces evading customs by unlawful purposes and entering a country illegally as well as false misrepresenting her true business there, and foreign countries take that very serious as there are many terrorists trying to enter other countries for  the purpose of harm or the sale and distribution of illegal items such as counterfeit items or illegal drugs. And since NiNi murdered the London reporter early last year, the England government isn't exactly a huge fan of hers right now. NiNi has been confirmed to be back in America, but as usual she is not scared and instead she is making jokes about it she posted "Oh boo hoo I came to the country tear tear omg don't hang me please I like my neck exactly where its at, awww tear tear" But this time someone responded to her which sparked a small argument and it was babydoll. She responded to NiNi's post and she wrote "NiNi girl chill you really can be in serious trouble those people don't play when it comes to shit like that, so we all worried for you, you should be too, that's really not something small" NiNi responded saying "Excuse me? Why the fuck are you in my business you need to be worrying about working and stop worrying about me are you serious Breanna? Babydoll replied saying "Nisha chill, you being all big and bad you're gonna find yourself locked up for a long time and you don't need that, I'm just trying to help you!" NiNi replied "I don't need your help and don't you ever put an exclamation point to me because you know you cant yell louder then me sweetie so like I said worry about you and what you got going on not me" Babydoll replied saying "Fine" Seems like these "sisters"are having some sibling rivalry huh. But Babydoll is actually right but NiNi always makes fun of everything serious which is something she should be expecting already because we were. So what will happen to NiNi? Stay tuned to find out! In other news, did NiNi diss KimYe? We all know that NiNi had a huge problem with the kardashian fam at first, even about to fight Kourtney,  but now she has admitted herself that she is cool with Kim and she is really getting close with Khloe because she is super cool, and she's that wild party girl she likes to hang out with which is a long way from where they were at first. But today sources say NiNi dissed KimYe which is Kim and Ye of course who is her own uncle. How did she do that? Well before this whole mess about her unapproved trip to England, she did an interview with Global and that interview hasn't been made public yet but sources say it was a question that was asked by them which was "How do you feel about Kim K being your aunt" NiNi replied "Marriage dude not blood that's how you gotta put it 4real, its whatever that's what he wants but if she was a real aunt I probably wouldn't claim her I think their whole entire whatever they got is a joke period" Did NiNi say this? We have no idea and NiNi isn't responding to anything today, she's only responding to what she wants to respond to and that's not whats actually going on now so we may never know but if we get anymore details we will let you know!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Did NiNi Get Caught Buying Drugs?? And She Had A Wardrobe Malfunction On Easter

Well, yesterday was a good day for some but NiNi's Easter was terrible with the Paparazzi, first the new headline was "Is NiNi Is A Junkie?" After doing some more research we found out that Media Take Out has a photo of NiNi in a back alley and she has on dark sunglasses taking a bag with white stuff in it from a man who is also in the back alley. Both of them look like they are trying to be careful and watch out for paparazzi. The next picture shows NiNi putting the white powder looking bag in her pocket giving the man money. This story was the Easter top story and its still a top story. Not only that though, but the third picture is the famous "PSR Curse" and it showed NiNi walking away from the alley and her jeans were slightly down and from the front and back we saw her thong. So we decided to analyze the photos more, and after cleaning the pictures up a little bit it most definetly is NiNi and she most definetly had her 19th wardrobe malfunction in the last 2 weeks, but as far as the white powder in the bag that she bought we still have no idea what that is. NiNi has been attempted to contact since yesterday night and she isn't responding to anything. We find it hard to believe that NiNi may be on drugs, but we really don't know until we hear from her, so once again when we find out something we will let you know!

NiNi's Cartoon Previews! + Drama At PSR

The previews for NiNi's new cartoon aired today during a BET commercial break. The previews show a cartoon version of NiNi and we also see other versions of other people, which we can tell is her husband Beith, her artist Miranda as well as Cymphonique and we also see who we think is Brandon T Jackson and Marlon Wayans, the preview was very short but it says its coming April 30th on the BET channel which is literally 9 days away and many people are so excited especially the kids. We will keep you updated on this cartoon as we hear more updates! In other news, sources are reporting that Kat and Alexis Jordan were involved in a fight today. The two are on tour and they had a fight before it started which made both of  them cancel it and pissed off millions of fans who came to see them. Keri Hilson who is said to be with them on tour as well is said to have broke it up before they quote "Killed Each Other" We believe it due to this post from Kat "Smh ungrateful people, they mess up then they blame you and they wanna fight you when all you're trying to do is your job" It could be a coincidence, but when it comes to PSR its really no such thing as coincidences. We will keep you guys updated on everything as we find out more!

Selena Goes G! + Keke Palmer New Mixtape and Pregnant Rumors

Today Selena Gomez dropped a new song called "Fuck With Me" and she shows that Mexican street blood that we always knew she had in her. She gets grimey on the song complete with a hardcore rap beat produced by Keri Hilson and Ye and her rap skills are very impressive. Who says that singers cant rap? She doesn't speak on killing people and things like that like most rap songs today do, but she keeps it street in the money sex fashion scene she even has a line that says "I got bitches riding me from the east to the west" Yeah that cute little Disney star from the wizard show is gone, just like most of the other PSR child stars. She speaks Spanish in one verse saying "Que Orsa papi Eisner etw Ebba Lao" which translates to "If you want a treat then daddy come fuck with me" Most people were shocked at the song, but just like with Cymphonique, China, Miranda and the other Disney/Nickelodeon stars it was only a matter of time before Miss Gomez hopped on the grown and sexy train. The song is receiving great reviews and has come in at number 2 right underneath NiNi's new song. The title however is stopping it from being played on the radio, but its all on YouTube, ITunes and everywhere else and its blowing up huge. Sources say that Selena will be making a video to the song this week and it will be much different than any video she's ever done, we cant wait to see it honestly. Click here to check out "Fuck With Me" by Selena Gomez. In other news, Keke Palmer has been doing amazing since re-signing with PSR, everything she dropped so far went platinum, and today she announced her 3rd mixtape is coming on May 2nd. The mixtape will be called "My Life" that's all the info she will give on it. Its a very highly anticipated mixtape and its coming soon, so be on the lookout guys! Speaking of KEKE, we all know she is dating Evan Ross, the two began dating after both appearing in the 2013 movie the "TLC Story" and now rumors are going around that KEKE is pregnant with his baby just like she was in the movie which is strange since it seems as if that movie predicted that. The rumors started after Keke and Evan were seen leaving a restaurant in LA and KEKE seemed to have a baby bump. Over the next few days, paparazzi continued to trail Miss Palmer and the bump continued to be there and most recently at one of her shows, she had a short cut shirt  that showed her stomach and you can tell something is growing in there. Although  the two haven't made any official confirmation as of yet, everyone is convinced that she is now carrying their first child although the two never speak to anyone about  their relationship. Its even reported that they got secretly married like Ke$ha and Big Sean did but that's for another time. Calls to Keke and Evan's reps were not returned, so all we can do now is assume based on pictures, but if it is true, eventually Keke wont be able to hide it and she will have to make some sort of statement or confirmation, and we will let you know if and when she does......

Friday, April 18, 2014

KC Releases New Song And Video + NiNi Has A Cartoon Coming Out?

Today, KC released a new song and video from her upcoming 2nd PSR artist called "Next Time (Wont Give My Heart Away) After the separation and eventual divorce from her husband Daniel Gibson this song was always in the works and its exactly about that, to think and get to know a person much better before you rush into marriage and although she doesn't mention his name, we know she is talking about him and that entire song and video is dedicated to him. Its a nice song and its doing very well with the female crowd especially the ones who are going through something similar with their men. KC's new album which is still untitled at this point is set for release for summer 2014 so be on the lookout for info on that. Speaking of KC, she is also set to head out on her 1st PSR world tour starting in her hometown of Oakland on May 21st and will head around the US until February of next year. Tickets will begin going on sale April 21st so all you big KC fans don't miss your girl in concert starting May! In other news, word from sources is that the queen has a new animated cartoon coming out. Its not many details on it, but it seems as being that she dedicated "24" to the grown and sexy crowd, now she wants to dedicate something to the young crowd, so obviously this cartoon will not be like "The Boondocks" or Futurama, we think its a cool idea, but sources say it wont be just a regular cartoon she will actually be in a cartoon which would be even more exciting to see. We don't have much info on it but when we get more we will let you know!

"I Think They Like Me"

A New song hit the music world today getting talked about blowing headlines and speakers out and beat out Cymphonique's new song called "I Think They Like Me" by everyone's favorite queen NiNi. The song samples Dem Franchize Boyz song "I Think They Like Me" on the hook and its a dope beat produced by Katy Perry complete with record scratching and gunshots which all add to the street lyrics. Its been a while since we heard the queen do it street, but we haven't forgot that she does it well and its a reason why she's the queen of rap. NiNi is solo on the song and the sample on the hook sounds nice as she has it skipping with the record scratching and it all goes together. The song was actually not announced, it was "shown", NiNi posted a picture on Instagram at 7:15am this morning with a picture of her studio and the caption of "I Think They Like Me" and instantly when fans saw that they assumed she was hinting at a possible song and when they searched they found out she was, that goes to show the queen doesn't even have to announce songs anymore all she has to do is show pictures of them and the rest will fall into place as her fans know whats up. Since it dropped its all over, the radio, DJ's are requesting it for the club and it hit number 1 almost instantly, and some people such as Lil Wayne and Jay-Z want to remix it and at least 4,000 fans have already posted their own freestyles to the beat on YOUTUBE. This song is generating a huge buzz in the music world and all around the world, and it has received mostly positive reviews from music critics. We give the song 10 out of 10 stars, we can see her new mixtape is gonna be dope! Click here to check out "I Think They Like Me" by NiNi.....

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Diamond New Album!

A completely unexpected album has released today by diamond called "Diamond In The Rough" Its produced by Ludacris and co produced by NiNi, Ye, Jay-Z, Solo and Diamond herself. It features 19 all brand new never before heard tracks. The album features, NINI, Solo, Beyoncé, Big Sean, Cymphonique, Kat, Monica, Lloyd, Ann Margaret, Kelly Clarkson, Azalea Banks and 2short. The album has sold over 560,000 copies so far and its doing well. Its available on the PSR website and iTunes as well as retail stores worldwide. Diamond goes hard on this album and it shows how much skills she really has. Click here to purchase "Diamond In The Rough" by Diamond.....We rate the album 9.9 out of 10 stars!

Livin With NiNi Ep.3!

Last night, episode 3 of "Livin With NiNi" aired at 8 on VH1 with over 1 million viewers tuned in. The episode started off with NiNi's voice saying "Previously on "Livin' With NiNi" and scenes from episode 2 flashed through and then the theme song came on. The show started off at NiNi's house and it says "NiNi's house 6:45am" and the camera pans inside her house and she is seen under the covers in bed. Her phone goes off and it wakes her up and she puts it on speaker and its her manager "Johnny" who says "NiNi we were able to secure you several locations for the tour so we need you to come down and sign with the corporations, she replies "OK I'm just getting up, let me get ready" and he says "OK see you soon" in a voice over NiNi says "So I was finally able to get all of my arenas secured, so the next few days will be crazy for me to get everything in order which should've been done, but that's what happens when you work with assholes" It then shows her getting out of bed and she has on women's boxers and a wife beater rocking the no make up look and it shows her getting into the shower and getting out wrapping a towel around herself, and the first thing she does is go on instagram and take photos like she does every morning and the time clock flashed by and tick tick tick she was getting later and later and still wasn't even dressed yet. A few flash by's showed her eating toast, watching TV, and laying back in bed saying to herself "No I don't want to go, don't make me. When she finally was all up and ready it was a little after 9 and she left the house where a security guard escorted her to the limo. Fans were crowded outside her gate and when she came out they all cheered and started flashing pictures and screaming out "We love you NiNi" NiNi waved and said "I love you guys too!" Her gate opened and a few more security guards posted in front making sure no one can get past the gates, and NiNi got into the back of the limo and the driver pulled off as the gates closed behind them. It then shows her in the back seat of the car doing her hair and her make up and in a voice over she says "This isn't my day, I'm cramping, my head hurts and I don't feel like doing anything, but who else is gonna get it done?, I guess I'm very unreasonable to think my managers can handle this one without me" On the way to the airport, NiNi tells the driver to stop at a mini mart so she can get a red bull, he pulled over and escorted her into the store and some fans noticed her and asked for autographs, she signed a couple got her red bull and was back on the road. Another voice over says "Man, these fans kill me (laughs)" It then shows her pulling up at the airport and speeds up showing her going to her gate and waving at fans who were taking pics of her along with some Paparazzi as well. Its shows her boarding the plane and it switches up to her landing in Chicago and hopping into her car. After a commercial break, she is seen arriving at the PSR building where the subtitles pop off and says "PSR Headquarters" Her manager Johnny is then shown and he is introduced as "Johnny" NiNi's manager, after discussing plans for the tour she finds out that her production company isn't planning on funding the tour which sends her into a rage and she argues with the head of her company over the phone which we hear her say "Goddammit you work for me not the other way around" The man says "Nisha we can't provide funding for anything overseas you know that better then that, now if you keep it in the United States, we can fund it but any overseas it must come out of your pocket" NiNi wasn't trying to hear it and she hung up on him, and although  he tried to call back she turned her phone off, and she came in a voice over saying "*Sigh* this isn't my day, this asshole wont provide me funding anymore which now means either my entire overseas schedule is shot or I would have to put up at least 5.8 trillion dollars myself which ultimately means I make no money, so either way I'm fucked, I knew I should've stayed home today and on top of that it smells like ass in here" Another commercial break comes and when it comes back, we see NiNi conversating with Teiarra Marie in the studio and she is discussing her tour schedule and she paired her up with Big Sean. Miss Marie is introduced as "Teiarra Marie PSR artist" Her phone rings and her production company agrees to the funding as long as she does 19 overseas locations instead of the originally planned 14 so they can get reimbursed for some of their money and she agrees to it. In a voice over she says "Not the best plan, but it still gets me where I need to be" Then it says "Coming up" and the scenes show NiNi pressuring Nicki into putting in more work, and in a voice over she says "Nicki is my girl she always has been down for me, but they all  know this is a business not a school, its no friends when you're in this building, and if you cant get your business right you have to go" and it shows Nicki looking nervous" After the break a voice over by NiNi says "So I'm getting ready to go to rehearsals, my first show is in 2 days, I'm excited for this tour I haven't really been performing lately, so it's gonna be dope and get back on the stage, but I do miss hubby even though he's an asshole sometimes (laughs)" Meanwhile back at PSR, NiNi walks in on Nicki and when Nicki is shown she's introduced as "Nicki Minaj PSR artist" and instead of working, she is posting pics to her instagram on her phone and NiNi says "Nicki what the hell is this?" Nicki doesn't reply she just puts her phone away quick" and NiNi says "Girl, what I tell y'all that shit is not happening here, did you even do the 3 songs you told me about 2 weeks ago? Nicki says "Well I didn't finish them if that's what you mean, but I did start on them" NiNi looks at her like "Are you serious" and she says "You started them?? its been 2 weeks and you only started them is that what you're telling me" Nicki once again doesn't say anything and looks at her like she is nervous and is at a loss for words. NiNi shakes her head and walks out of Nicki's studio, Nicki calls after her but she slams the door and we see Nicki sit down and put her hands on her head. Then a voice over from NiNi "Nicki is so lazy, I cant have lazy people, no work will get done which apparently its not, then after a long pause she says "I might have to get rid of her" Nicki then has a voice over and she said "I admit I haven't been doing much work, I have this new movie that I have been working on and that cut into my time a lot, but regardless I guess I do see Nisha's point" NiNi leaves the building looking frustrated and it pops up "3 days later" and we see a long line of people lined up outside the Metro Stadium in Brooklyn New York which is where NiNi had the first show of her "One Woman Show" world tour. Fans are lined up for miles cops are in full force and the streets are completely blocked off and packed. NiNi is in a voice over and she says "Its a lot going on at that label, and a lot of shit that I'm not too pleased with but tonight I have more to worry about, its my first night of the tour and my first time performing in New York for over 3 years, I'm not usually a nervous person but tonight I'm extremely nervous so PSR is the last thing on my mind right now" A city away in Manhattan, NY NiNi and her dancers are in rehearsals preparing for the show which started in 2 hours, and it showed her taking control like always and yelling at people to get it right and don't slack off. The music played and they danced and after an hour went by she was fairly satisfied with the routine and they were ready to go. Meanwhile back in Brooklyn, some fans started getting the OK to go in, NiNi's limo pulled up and everyone cheered and she stepped out wearing a fur coat with some designer jeans and a LV shirt. She waved at everyone and went inside the arena. The guards took tickets and let the fans in one by one, which the camera sped up. Inside,  the camera' went backstage showing NiNi's make up people doing her hair and doing her makeup and whatnot. The show began a little late at 8:15 instead of 8 on the dot, but fans didn't care. The camera's showed us some of the show, not all, but we did see she killed it with her signature fireworks, and exploding out the floor. Her guest was RiRi and they performed their new song together and the audience loved it. At the end she screamed "I love you Brooklyn! The crowd went wild and it cut to NiNi's voice over and she said "Well it turned out great, I was so nervous but somehow once I stepped on stage that feeling went away, that just tells me this job is annoying at times, well most of the time (laughs) but its something that I'm born to do" and she smiles and the last scene shows a picture of the arena outside and it fades to black saying produced by Ryan Seacrest" Then the female announcer says "Next time on "Livin With NiNi" and the scenes from the next episode come up and it shows NiNi in a voice over saying "I'm having the time of my life with my shows, but Nicki is getting worse and now she's coming in late in addition to be lazy and its an excuse for everything" It then shows her confronting Nicki after she was caught trying to sneak drinking a bottle of Vodka she bought in instead of working and it shows NiNi saying "Nick I'm tired of you and I'm tired of your excuses just get out please, I'll mail you your last check" and she walks out her studio and slams the door and Nicki looks super shocked. It then shows Nicki walking away from the building saying "Bleep! which we assume is either Fuck or Shit and it shows her in a voice over crying with a tissue up to her eyes" and the female announcer says "Next Wednesday at 8 only on VH1" This episode was more or less showing what her job description is all about and we see its not all fun and games she has it rough, maybe more rough then anyone else on PSR, but its nice to see she knows how to bounce back and handle it as it comes. Her husband wasn't shown in the official episode neither were her kids, but after the show went off it showed a bonus clip that wasn't featured in the episode, the female announcer said "Cant get enough of NiNi?, check out tonight's and other episodes of "Livin With NiNi" by logging on to VH1, check out this bonus clip of Tonight's show. The clip showed previews of what happened last show where NiNi and her husband argued and NiNi said she wants out and it shows Beith trying to patch up things with NiNi and he calls her constantly but she doesn't answer and it shows her headed into a court room to get separation papers and it shows her signature at the bottom and the judge tells her she has to get his as well or he cant grant it and in a voice over she says "Beith sign something?, shit that wont ever happen" Then it shows him coming to her house and she opens the door he said "You look beautiful" she ignores him and says "What do you want" he went in for a kiss and she moved and walked away and he came into the house. It then shows her handing over the papers and she walks away. He opens them and begins to read and yells out "Yo what the fuck is this" and it shows him ripping the papers up and she yells "Get the fuck out my house!" he said "fine don't worry I wont ever come back to your house" and he walked out and before he left he said "My kids are coming with me you just keep worrying about yourself" Then he slammed the door and she ran to the door opened it and screamed "Those are my fucking kids fuck you its over" Paparazzi was all outside and he walked past them and they were "Beith! Beith! whats going on can we get a statement?" He ignored them and got in his car and pulled off and then NiNi slammed the door and she looked at the ripped up papers on the floor and she said under her breath "Fucking bastard" and it showed her in a voice over with tears saying "I cant do it anymore its done" Then the female announcer said "Check out this full clip on VH1.COM" It was a wonderful show and everyone is talking about it, the one thing that's good about NiNi's show is that its real instead of just creating random things for entertainment like most reality shows do. Don't forget to check out episode 4 next Wednesday at 8 on VH1 and you can click here to check out her full show in Brooklyn!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More Drama + Is Nicki Headed For Unemployment?

Today, Wendy Williams woke up and although she is in much pain she dropped a bomb shell on NiNi which the police were waiting for. She admitted that she did not see NiNi in her house nor did she see anyone who may have shot her, but she did say that shortly before,  they had a huge argument over text and NiNi threatened her with phrases like "Watch what I do to you lol" Without her being able to definitely say that it was NiNi, the police can not arrest her, but NiNi is a person of interest and  they would like to have a word with her as the cops always suspected NiNi from the beginning and this is what they needed to hear. No suspect has ever been caught despite exhausting searches from cops. Wendy's time in the hospital wasn't met with sympathy, almost everyone in the game has a problem with her due to her tell-it-all-even-if-its-fake kind of personality and she got many nasty comments from many celebs such as Cassie who said 'LMAO I knew someone was gonna shut that damn mouth sooner or later, I'm just bummed it wasn't me" Solo posted "Wendy you shoot us down all the time I guess you just needed to get a taste of your own huh lol" Many other people such as Nicki, Method Man, Redman, Nivea, Weezy, Tyga, Shanel, J-LO, Beiber his sister, Jackie-o and Foxy Brown have also made similar jokes about her getting shot, and the only person who defended her is her long time friend Remy Ma who posted "Yo a woman got shot and all these people laughing and cracking jokes about it that's what y'all about 4real??, you call yourselves professionals that's not role model behavior, say what you want about her as an entertainer, but this is deeper then just her show,  she could die no coming back from that and y'all joking y'all niggaz bugging" As usual the one and only Ye who always has rants every other day responded to her posting saying "Who you, where the hell you been, you wanna get right with her baby girl, I'll knock those fucking eyes straight miss MA" No one else has responded or even acknowledged her statement. So cops would like to talk to NiNi but NiNi is not available at the moment so as usual they have to make an appointment to see her and as usual the members of that super secret royal circle of hers aren't talking so they probably wont be talking to her anytime soon especially since her "One Woman World Tour" starts tonight. Stay tuned for info on that! In other news, sources say that Nicki Minaj is about to be released from her contract with PSR, which will explain the previews for NiNi's show for episode 3 where a preview showed her thinking if she should get rid of an artist. Nicki hasn't been too active lately, she only released one mixtape since she signed with them, she did many singles, but no album yet, so maybe that's why, Its also said that Nicki is broke and is thinking about filing bankruptcy but we honestly don't know if any of this is true, but as usual we will let you guys know when we know!

The PSR Wardrobe Malfunction Curse

Every since late 2012, PSR has gained the name of "The PSR Wardrobe Malfunction" Curse due to mostly all the females having wardrobe malfunctions back to back, and that name is still following them. Just this week alone, Rihanna made an appearance at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards where she performed with Eminem their song "Monster" and while she was bouncing around on stage she showed more then she probably ever would want to, wearing just a long white T-Shirt and it flew up and revealed her lady parts as she was wearing no panties underneath. A couple days ago, Selena Gomez made an appearance at Coachella in Chicago and after giving one of the reporters a hug her dress slid to the left and her nipple popped out and stayed out for over 10 minutes without her even knowing it until a security guard alerted her attention to it. Yesterday, during NiNi's fight, which wasn't noticed at first,  after NiNi was pulled off of Sarah by the cops her thong was showing and her shirt slipped down for half a second and her bra slipped down as well showing her nipples. The video of the fight has since been removed from the Internet by NiNi's PR team. Over the past 2 weeks the PSR artists who have had embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions are: Katy Perry, Demi Lavato, Nicki Minaj, Brandy, Kat, Ke$ha, Kelly Clarkson, Alex, Ariana Grande, Jazmine, Monica Spears, Jhene Aiko Kelly Rowland, Solange and even Ye who's balls popped out of his boxers after his pants fell down while trying to get away from paparazzi. The worst though has to be Cymphonique who on April 7th suffered a serious malfunction when her entire dress gown fell apart and completely fell off her body revealing her full breast and nipples and she literally was topless in front of thousands of people and had to be covered by her bodyguards and escorted out. Doesn't any of these women believe in wearing Bra's anymore? So the PSR curse lives on. Click here to check out the many people the PSR curse has claimed in its clutches over the years. In other news, NiNi is rocking the Vybe Magazine this month, she had an awesome photo shoot today and she was in New York promoting her new fragrance "Lady Killer" and she confirmed that the April issue of Vybe has her on the cover, which will be her 5th time in 5 years appearing on their cover, we all know how much NiNi loves Vybe Mag. We have the copy of the front cover and she is smoking hot. Click here to check it out! P.S don't forget to check out episode 3 of "Livin With NiNi" tomorrow night on VH1 at 8pm!

Its Cymphonique's Party And She'll Get Loud If She Wants To

Today, Cymphonique released her very long awaited overdue song which is her first new song since her 3rd PSR album dropped almost 7 months ago, and its a hard hitting party anthem titled "Its My Party" She has some smooth lyrics combined with a mega hard beat. The video for the song also released today and it has tons of females dancing on top of cars all dressed up with hats and street clothes with California Lowriders bouncing all around them, its actually a really nice video and it has received over 14,000 views on YouTube since it was uploaded this morning. Fans are showing her lots of love for the song so far. She also has another song which she posted a little while ago which is a freestyle called "Murder She Wrote" and we get to hear her amazing rap skills in which she calls herself the first "R&B Trapper", she has bomb flowing skills. "Its My Party" made it to the hot 100 charts and so far is number 2 under NiNi's new song "You Know What It Is" and her freestyle is gaining massive attention on the mainstream freestyle scene. Click here to check out "Its My Party" and the "Murder She Wrote" freestyle by Cymphonique. And also Cymphonique mentioned a new world tour beginning this month starting in her hometown of New Orleans Louisiana called the "Turnt Up Tour" it begins April 21st and will stretch halfway across the world and will be wrapping up around December of this year. Click here to check out her twitter post!

Monday, April 14, 2014

NiNi Is Back In Drama

That title is nothing new when it comes to NiNi right, after all everybody's favorite queen is always in some drama here and there, she wouldn't be NiNi if Drama wasn't attached to her in some way, and this time its with one of her own staff members. Sarah. B. Leighton, a 24 year old PSR makeup artist who is responsible for all of the makeup/hair and clothes for the PSR artists was involved in a fight with the queen today. Paparazzi was in front of the PSR building all day. It reminded you of what the Kardashians go through where people stand in front of their hotels or restaurants where they're at for hours just waiting for them to come out. And NiNi and Sarah came out and this is their full conversation before the fight. Sarah: OK I wanted to talk to you because I realize that I am your assistant in some ways, but I don't like how you were treating me in there, its like you were showing off in front of your artists and that hurt my feelings, Im really trying my best and you just treat me like dirt, Im better then that Nisha". NiNi: First off I have no reason to show off in front of anyone, its a real important day for me, and you fucking know that,  I just don't need this right now Sarah I really don't" Sarah: I understand that Nisha but the fact of who you are doesn't give you the right to just be mean to everyone and treat people like garbage when I'm trying my best, I did everything you asked and you have the whole world laughing at me in there because you calling me a dumb cunt and making me look stupid like what did I ever do to you?" NiNi: Sarah grow the fuck up, look I really cant be bothered with this right now I cant be bothered with your emotions right now, I mean come on you know whats up today so I'm sorry if I don't care at the moment, jut let it go just leave me alone OK" Sarah "OK fine because I quit" "Sarah begins to walk away and NiNi says "Fine if you quit don't bring your ass back here asking for a job" Sarah yells "Fuck your job!" NiNi Yells "We'll see how far you'll get without me bitch" and Sarah begins walking back and she says "What did you just call me?" NiNi said you heard me! Sarah says "Don't ever disrespect me and call me out my name I don't give a fuck how many camera's out here you attention whore! NiNi says "Neither do I bitch and I just did what you gon do about it? Sarah gets in her face and she says "You know what I don't know how anyone can stand to be around you, you are the most egotistical self indulged conceited know it all most disrespectful self absorbed person I have ever met, I hope your label falls apart" at this point NiNi was laughing at her but in reality in her face we can see she looked like she got hurt by that, then Sarah said "It was a displeasure ever working for you broad" And at this point NiNi swung on her and the two began fighting and usually we are used to seeing NiNi damn near murdering someone when she fights them, but with Sarah she had NiNi struggling, she actually got her on the ground and got a few punches in, but when NiNi started getting madder she started going harder on her and she turned the tables and was punching her stomping her and she spit on her and a security guard broke them up and they both were held back. NiNi took off her heels and  threw it at her and screamed "Bitch you fucked up I swear I'll kill you while you sleep" Sarah was fighting to break free to get back to NiNi and she said "Fuck you nisha try it" The cops came in less then 2 minutes and being that NiNi did the first swing when Sarah wasn't even fighting her, Sarah was able to press charges if she wanted but she didn't, and she refused to go to the hospital and so did NiNi and the cops didn't have a case so they had no choice but to let  them go, but they  took Sarah away in the back of their car to get her away. And the cop said  this to NiNi "Look you're really testing my nerves, one more slip up from you I swear I will lock your ass up for life! NiNi said "Fuck you pig go home and fuck your mama some more" He looked like he wanted to kill her but he walked away and drove off. The entire thing was captured by Paparazzi cameras that were on the scene from start to finish. The video is over 24 minutes long click here to check it out! A short while afterwards Sarah posted this on Twitter "Yo 5 years of kissing her ass and I still get treated like im at the bottom of the pyramid, fuck your status fuck who you are fuck your label fuck you! you ain't better then me or nobody else mama" Within 20 minutes of this post the new headline was "New Beef As Usual With NiNi" and its gaining massive attention. NiNi hasn't made any public appearances or posts speaking about it. All we can see is Uh-oh. Stay tuned for more info!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

T.Marie, Eve And NiNi

Today, NiNi dropped the first single off of her upcoming mixtape "Rize Of The Queen" titled "You Know What It Is" It features her battle buddy Miss Marie and it reunites her and her fellow cast member from her movie "Its A Cold World In These Streets" Miss E.V.E. The beat is vicious, from the moment it starts playing, that beat draws you in. Its deep bass and has rich undertones and you can tell its a Kanye beat. NiNi hasn't switched up too much from "24" but she seems to be adding some street in it now as well. Check out this line "I gotta do it bigger, bigger then these other niggas, If you want it come and get it all these niggas wanna hit it bet a Milli I'm the realest catch you slippin ima kill it goin hard until they feel it keep it street sexy and business how a real bitch live it" She does her famous fast wordplay on here and it sounds dope, compare her lyrics with the beat and you have a dope song. Miss Marie takes second verse and she sings but she does equally well, with some nice harmony patterns in her voice, and Eve goes in, she raps and does it really good, and many people are saying that she may have out rapped NiNi. The song quickly shot up to number 1 beating out her song from "24" which was "Make Me Wet" which spent over a month at the top, now we feel this song will be here for a while as well. Click here to check out "You Know What It Is" by NiNi Ft Teiarra Marie and Eve. In other news, today, NiNi was spotted with the no makeup look going to a dermatology office in Santa Barbara CA. She gave a quick little wave for the camera before entering the building. Gotta keep that skin flawless right. Click here to check out the photo!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Livin With NiNi Episode 2!

Yesterday, the second episode of NiNi's new show "Livin With NiNi" aired on VH1 and was viewed by over 320 million viewers. The show starts off with NiNi having trying to prepare for rehearsals for her new "One Woman Show" world tour but finds herself running into trouble trying to secure spots for it. The spots that she has picked up which include Germany, East Africa, Jamaica, Trinidad and Europe all have sold out arenas occupied by others and their own tours, which means that NiNi will have to cancel those spots potentially losing out millions of dollars. In the backstage talk voice over she says "I need a drink, just a girls night out" It then shows Katy Perry and Kat and introduces them as Katy Perry "Psr Artist" and Katerina Graham "PSR Artist" and Kat has a back voice over she says "NiNi called us up and she wants to have a girls night out, its not often we really get to just kick back and hang up together due to all of our hectic schedules so nights like this is really fun, and when we party trust me we party!" It then shows, the 3 all dressed up in club dresses lots of cleavage showing and lots of beauty going around. They enter the club making their way past paparazzi and fans who wanted pictures and autographs. They get inside the club and NiNi in a voice over says "This place is packed, but its the 40/40 so you gotta expect that" They hit up the 40/40 club in Atlanta and while they are there they run into familiar faces. First is Jay-Z who recently just opened the club and is there checking how its coming along, and when he pops up he is introduced on screen as "Jay-Z Hip-Hop Artist " They mingle and then they all separate and they hit the bar and they all take shots back to back to back to back to back to back and they all get wild. Guys in the club try to take advantage of that by pushing up on them and NiNi actually was talking to one, and the subtitles came on the screen since it was so loud and she said "You're really sexy" He said "You are too" she said "What are you gonna do about it" and the two almost kissed until Katy pulled her away and said "What are you doing you're married" NiNi said "So, what that mean, just cuz I'm married don't mean I don't know how to have fun goddammit. She was slurring like hell and her eyes were low she was tripping over everything and screaming and shouting just acting really crazy. And Katy had a voice over and said "At this point NiNi is so drunk, she's falling, she's singing she's flirting, her man wont be to happy, Its time to get her the hell out of here before something happens that shouldn't" The two tried to grab her and walk her out and Kat said "Come on we're leaving" but NiNi screamed "Get the hell off me, why y'all being so mean to me, I'm always good to y'all, you hate me I hate you" and they pretty much ignored her and continued to walk her out. The security guards at  the door helped them hold her up and they walked her back to the car and put her in and she fell on the floor and she was slurring saying "I cant get up why cant I get up" It was the first time we ever saw NiNi how she is when she gets drunk as hell" After that they all returned to NiNi's house and they were both holding her up and Kat said where's your key and NiNi tried to lick her nose and she said "NiNi stop where's your key" NiNi continued to act crazy as hell and eventually they looked under the mat and found the spare keys and opened the door. They got in and Katy went to the kitchen to make her some Coffee and Kat took her to the bathroom. NiNi was bumping into things and couldn't stand up straight and Kat told her she had to throw up or she would feel like that all night and even worse in the morning. NiNi kept protesting calling her all kinds of different names such as "Fat, Rat, Bat and Hat" but eventually she actually threw her head in the toilet and yeah you know the rest. Very nasty scene beware, you don't see it but you hear it plopping in the toilet and you hear the noise she makes. Kat holds her head but her hand slip and goes to her mouth and she says 'eww I got it on my hand" then she is in a voice over she said "Ugh that shit was so nasty" of course the shit got bleeped out. The part was actually pretty funny. Katy came in and she said "Eww it smells like Vodka and rotten eggs in her and laughed. After NiNi finished they took her to the bed and she passed out. They put the cover over her and spent the night at her house. Her husband or kids wasn't there, That entire scene was just so intense. Next morning, they woke her up it was around 2:30 and she didn't want to get up and Katy joked and said "You smell like vomit and Vodka. NiNi said she is never drinking again and didn't know remember anything and Kat said "You don't remember flirting with guys" she didn't and NiNi asked did her husband know, and they said know and they aren't telling them, she is and NiNi said she will just not now. They told her she had an important meeting to go to and eventually she got up took a shower and they all left together. It switched up to the label and Cymphonique was recording a song and NiNi stopped her and told her to kill the song she has work to do, Cymphonique complained that everytime she is trying to complete her long overdue song she is always stopping her, NiNi said she didn't care and Cymphonique said she'll do it when she feels like it quote right now I'm doing my shit. That sparked an argument between the two and it was a heated argument and they both were in each others faces as if they were about to fight. Cymphonique screamed "Bleep your label" which of course was fuck your label! and she walked out and NiNi screamed "Bleep you too bleep don't bring your ass back here either which we assume of course was fuck you bitch. After that, NiNi's husband was shown entering the house calling for NiNi saying "Yo girl you home" He had the kids with them and they of course were looking super cute. He said "OK mommy isn't home so we're gonna have some fun tonight. The next few scenes showed him interacting with the kids and playing with them putting them to sleep, and he waited up for her but she never came home and she came home after 3am and he was up in the dark and when she came in he turned the lights on and she jumped and she said oh hey babe what you doing up so late. Then he said "Nisha you said 9 its 3 o clock in the fucking morning! She said OK I was working what the hell is your problem' He said "Just tell me are you cheating cause if you are I'm taking my kids and I'm out" She said "Your kids" and that started an argument and they both got loud all you heard was bleep bleep bleep bleep from both sides and both kids woke up and came out and they both stopped and she said "Hi babies and she walked up to them and gave them a hug and she made them smile and Beith sat on the couch and put his hands on his head and then NiNi came in a voice over and the scene we saw on the previews is what we saw here where she was crying and she said in a teary voice "I'm tired of getting accused, I work and I have to get yelled at for it I can do it anymore I'm so sick of this shit" After commercial came back NiNi was in a voice over she said "After my drunken night and my argument with Cymphonique and Keith its just been too much for me then I still have to worry about these shows getting cancelled and on top of that I still didn't tell him that I was flirting with other men" It showed her outside her house and Lady Gaga showed up and it introduced her as Lady Gaga "Artist" and she gave NiNi a hug and they talked for a minute and NiNi told her its been too much drama in her life lately and its beginning to get too much for her" Gaga offered her comfort and NiNi hugged her and said thank you, it was so nice to see those two back together again. She then brought her daughter out and she ran up and hugged Gaga and NiNi said that Gaga is her favorite singer and Gaga did a special show in their backyard just for the kids. In a voice over NiNi said "Out of all the bullshit this was a pretty good day" Cymphonique called NiNi and she had it on speakerphone and the subtitles for what Cymphonique was saying. Cymphonique apologized and NiNi apologized to her as well and NiNi said she is always welcome at the label and she isn't going anywhere and Cymphonique said Love ya and NiNi said "Love ya too" It was sweet. Meanwhile, NiNi still struggled to find a way to tell her man that she was flirting with other men, in a voice over she said " Ah God I don't know what I'm going to say to this man, drunk or not I still have to tell him, I mean I didn't fuck but its still a pretty big thing, but I don't feel up to arguing tonight maybe tomorrow" Next day Beith came into NiNi's room and sat next to her and she got up without saying a word and just left out" He came in a voice over and said 'Our argument was pretty bad, so I understand she just needs space and that's what I'm going to give her" And the last scene shows him leaving the house with a note that says I'm sorry' The previews of the next episode then showed and it showed that NiNi finally secured her spots for her world show but still runs into a problem when the budget doesn't get approved and she says "OMG I cant fucking win! Then it shows a woman who has taken an interest in NiNi and its implied that NiNi may have taken an interest back in her which sends her husband into a jealous rage. She also finally tells him what happened in the club and he takes it well and it leads her to question why he isn't jealous and its implied that she is doing anything to get some reaction out of him. She also speaks on a radio station in Chicago that gets shot up and a person ends up shot, and it looks as if her husband has a conflict with Ke$ha and Big Sean. And its implied that NiNi and Beith might be headed for a separation. Plus in a voice over she thinks whether she should drop and artist or not as she says "She's been messing up lazy just bad period, looks like I might get rid of her" Once again lots of drama like all reality shows and it just keeps  getting more and more interesting cant wait till next episode. Don't forget to check out episode 3 next Wednesday at 8pm! Click here to check out some clips from last nights show!

Monday, April 7, 2014


Today is NiNi's day off, but that never stops her from reaching out to her fans and still keeping herself at work. She posted a picture of her home studio and posted that a new song by her called 'Bossy" was completed today and it will be releasing tomorrow. Sounds like an interesting title right? We think so too! She also posted this on Twitter "Check out "Livin With NiNi" this Wednesday on VH1, special thanks to my sis for appearing with me!" Meaning we finally get the see the sister who she always talks about so much and the girl who inspired her 2013 album "My Sisters Keeper" Nice announcements from the queen today.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Results Are In

The battle between the PSR crew and the KED crew was fierce both sides gave it all they got but only one walked away as grand champion. As mention the last street battle was note televised but the show went on anyway as planned and the results have been posted. The KED crew had a final score of 10.2 which is their highest score to date, the PSR had a final score of 10.4 a slightly higher score. That roughly translates to the KED crew coming in at 95% and the PSR crew coming in at around 97% which means the PSR crew are the new champions of dancing with the stars and they have stolen the championship from the 7 year champions the KED crew which no one has done. You can only imagine how much love they're receiving right now. The PSR Crew took home a huge 13 foot trophy to put on display in their label and a huge check for 2 million dollars which is 100,000 a piece for each member of the crew. They also had a chance to travel the world showcasing their dance moves. Appearing on other shows as well but The crew has expressed they are currently not interested in being full time traveling dancers at the moment as the music world is where they belong. The KED crew posted this on Twitter "Congrats to PSR, you guys went in and we have the most respect yall to the fullest appreciate the competition we'll see you guys again soon. Good luck. And as promised Nini kept her word about NY and stayed behind to mingle with fans sign autographs and take pictures before she left. However the downside to this Nini has damaged her leg even more due to the fact that she wasn't completely healed yet but on the bright side she has med and she's a champion. Click here to check out the final results. Congrats to the PSR crew!

Nini Misses Battle......Dancing With Starz Producers Reschedule

Yesterday nini was taken by the cops for questioning but she missed the deadline of 6pm to be at the arena which automatically meant that the KED crew won by default. That should've made anyone happy right after all winning is winning no matter how it goes right? Well not to the KED crew. According to sources they are not comfortable winning by default they define themselves being the best by competing against the best and winning, and apparently they made a huge deal about it and them along with upset fans convinced the producers to allow a reschedule. The rescheduled battle is set for today at 5pm. However, it will not be televised as they couldn't secure a TV spot for today as this isn't their regular scheduled programing day so the show will still go on but the results will be posted online 30 minutes after the battle. Nini and her crew were spotted early in Brooklyn entering the arena. Cameras nor fans were allowed only the shows producers and judges. So the battle is back on! Check me out later for the results!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Police Show Up At The DWS Arena

NiNi and her crew showed up at the Dancing With The Starz Arena about an hour ago to rehearse before the big battle tonight, and soon after police showed up too which had the paparazzi going crazy taking pictures and  trying to get interviews. Word is that police are now beginning to suspect not NiNi but her husband, the bullets that pierced through Wendy belongs to a Glock 9 registered to a Keith Nichols which of course is NiNi's husband, and since she is Mrs Nichols, and Mr Nichols location isn't known at the moment they approached her and they escorted her out of the arena and all her crew were complaining and talking mess to the police. NiNi said "Chill I'll be back before the show OK" She wasn't in handcuffs and she willingly went and got into the back of the car. The fans that were being nosy outside booed at  the cops and a couple got arrested for throwing things at  them like hot coffee and Snapple bottles. The police made a statement saying "We have reason to believe that Miss Williams was attacked by NiNi's husband Keith Nichols as the gun that was used to attack her is registered in his name and we found that out by doing a trace of the bullet shell casings that were left at the scene. We have been unable to locate him as of right now, so we hope to locate him from his wife, she is not a suspect at this time and she is not under arrest we just would like some questions with her" The PSR crew is pissed because if NiNi isn't back before 6pm tonight the PSR crew will forfeit the battle and the KED crew will win. In New York its already 3pm which means she has exactly 3 hours to return in order to finish the battle. The PSR crew have tried to ask if they can finish without her as that's what she would want but since she's the leader and she was there yesterday she has to be apart of it. Lets hope that NiNi gets out in time. Keep your fingers crossed guys! Stay tuned for more info!

Biggest Dance Battle Of 2014!

Yesterday was the dance battle between the PSR crew and the Knock Em Dead Crew. This was in Brooklyn NY at the Dancing With The Starz arena. At around 5:30pm fans lined up in front to enter the arena, it was a little over 25,000 people in attendance. Some fans had homemade posters that said things like PSR or Go PSR! Others had posters praising the "Knock Em Dead Crew" The show started at 6pm and the PSR crew was introduced one by one and were met with loud applause. The PSR crew all danced with baggy clothes reminded you of TLC, and with the addition of B and Breezy they had 2 over the limit and the KED crew were allowed to grab two more as well. Then the KED crew was introduced one by one and they too were met with loud applause. The way these things work is that both crews have to battle other crews and win to get to the final round which will be the battle between PSR and the KED's. One by one, PSR and KED battled other crews and had  them eliminated. PSR came with the fire with dances ranging from Jerking to Dougie to all the newest dances including their  own dances. The KED crew kept up bringing in some hot moves as well, and they eliminated some of the best crews around without even trying. So it was clearly shaping up to be a great competition between PSR and KED and the KED crew def has what it takes to give PSR a run for their money. As the show continued PSR switched things up and got creative and had the stage looking like one of their shows, with lights and mini explosions, there were flipping back flips front flips, cheerleading moves and everything else in between. Throughout the night, NiNi and B were  the ones who everyone agrees stole the show. But small drama popped off being that KC and B are on the same team and they have problems with each other. During a commercial break B and KC were involved in a small argument backstage. The producers of the show refuse to release details on what the argument was about, but they did announce that both women ended it themselves without any interfering by NiNi the shows producers or anyone else. Although its drama between B and a couple of other dancers, everyone worked together and put it all to the side which is what you do in a team regardless. PSR and the KED danced their way through all the rest of the competition and advanced to the final round. When the finals came it was intense, and after a coin toss, the KED crew was set to go first and one guy screamed out "Watch and learn little girls" NiNI put her middle finger up at him and he winked at her, all of that is accepted at dance competitions so please don't think its a beef between them. Anyways, the KED crew went first and they had 5 minutes to show off and they did an amazing job, they saved the best for last and they had a huge applause from the crowd. All 3 judges gave them a 10 and as the cameras moved around the stadium when they got to the PSR crew who were standing towards the side watching,  some of them looked a little nervous. After they were done, the PSR crew called a time out and it was granted and the host set a commercial break. The crew went backstage and no one knows what they did, but when the commercial break was over they were on stage and the lights dimmed and lights came from all sides of the arena like a light laser show and the beat to "Boss Bitches" which is NiNi Katy and Diamond's 2012 song started playing and fans cheered loud. They started dancing and flipping and doing everything, they too seemed as if they saved  the best for last, but as the camera's circled around the entire group we noticed that one person was missing, and it was Breezy, we'll get on why later. In their 5 minutes they did equally amazing and the best move in my opinion is when China ran up to NiNi and NiNi grabbed her foot and flipped her backwards and she did at least 5 back flips in the air landed and fell right into a split, yeah it was awesome, and the crowd and judges went wild. When their 5 minutes were up the crowd went super wild and the KED crew who were standing on the sidelines watching put their thumbs down shaking their heads. The whole crew were breathing heavy and looked super tired and all 3 judges threw up a 10 for them as well. Then the host said they have to tally up the results of voters and they will be right back. A commercial break came and when they came back the host had the winner in his hand in an envelope and after a drum roll he said "I have the winner, both teams did amazing but only one will call themselves champion of "Dancing with the stars" Then he opened the envelope and announced that according to the votes from fans, its a tie, the crowd booed and so did the KED crew and the PSR crew, The only way to settle a tie is to have another dance off, but with both teams on stage which they call a street battle where both teams go head to head for the chance at the tie breaker, but there wasn't enough time left and the host announced that both teams will be back tomorrow, which is today to break this tie and he asked who will walk away with the championship and 100,000 each for their team, find out tomorrow at same time same place thank you ladies and gentlemen good night. The crowd was going wild and both teams were staring at each other up and down and they all looked pissed. It was the highest amount of viewers ever for an episode of Dancing with the stars clocking in at over 10,000 viewers although that amount doesn't beat NiNi's new reality show viewers. So looks like we get to check out this fierce battle again and this time anything goes in a street battle, so we can expect  to see some real hard hitting going on. After the show, they did small interiews with the crews and they all said they are excited to come back and they both feel they will be the win, NiNi said she doesn't know what losing feels like and she wont feel it now, she also announced that Breezy sprained his ankle which is why he had to sit it out but she hopes he will be good for the street battle. Be sure to tune in tonight at 6 for the final battle between PSR and KED! Click here to check out some clips from last nights show!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Wendy Williams In Hospital + Khloe Defends NiNi

After the chaos that popped off yesterday between exchanged text messages between NiNi and Wendy Williams, fans went into riot mode bashing Wendy especially because on her messages she was being super conceited which she is so well known for doing, and the fact that she put NiNi down in a sophisticated way, you know something was bound to happen. She was shot 2 times at around 9pm last night in her New York home, by an unknown attacker or attacker(s). She was shot once in her head and once in her chest. She was rushed to the Manhattan Hospital where she had to go through 4 surgeries to save her life. Doctors say when she was brought in she was at least 98% close to death, and she had to have extensive blood transfusions as she lost over 79% of her total blood and she also had to undergo a brain operation. Doctors have managed to stabilize her and they call her a very strong fighter because her injuries that she has are fatal to anyone, they still she is in a coma trying to go strong, but its still too early to tell. Police suspect fans as many fans sent her death threats to her personal FaceBook account. The fans who sent the death threats have been questioned and cleared and police continue to look. Surprisingly, and I am not sure if I'm speaking too early right now, police do not suspect that NiNi is responsible for 2 reasons, usually guns aren't NiNi's M.O usually she will fight not shoot, secondly although NiNi is in New York too, she is an hour away in Brooklyn and she has tons of witnesses and cameras that places her in rehearsals at the time Wendy was attacked, so NiNi has been cleared, and police continue to suspect it is a dedicated fan and they hope to make an arrest soon. Fans aren't the only one who has been defending NiNi left and right, her ex enemy Khloe Kardashian also had a small rant when those texts hit the Internet. Check out her Twitter post :OMG REALLY? What is it with you disrespectful women liking or wanting to get busy with someone elses man, where clearly the two are quite content with each other, then you wonder why you're on the wrong end of the stick, frankly people you deserve to be there until GOD finds something to do with you, I mean come on, don't you have any respect for yourself? You're willing to give yourself up to someone that doesn't even know you or want you what does that say about you and that's how you want people to really look at you, this not only is disrespectful to those two but to yourself as well, grow up women and act like women instead of little girls in elementary school!" Her post received at least 5,000 likes in under an hour and has been retweeted more then that, including a like and retweet by NiNi herself. So yes Wendy is on everyone's shit list, which she was already due to the fact that she talks mess about everyone whether its true or not just to keep her show going, now its just even worse. Stay tuned for more info on this developing story!

Livin With Nini Airs On VH1! Attracts 30 Billion Viewers! + Huge Battle Today!

last night at 8 p.m.Nini's reality show aired on VH1. it attracted 30 billion viewers which is more than vh1 estimated. The show showcases her daily life as a mom a wife and her professional life as well. the first episode started out basically as any other reality show does which is introducing her life to the cameras. her husband was in this episode and we got to see exactly how close they are and they seem to be a real happy couple.we got a chance to see how they act with each other, some of it was good if some of it was bad. Towards the middle of the show they got into an argument because they were both out to get food and a lady walked by with her face blurred out and she said hey cutie and he started to talk to her he said what's up how you doing today? And they began talking as if they knew each other for years, and Nini said do you not see me standing here? his reply was what I cant say hi to nobody now? They began to argue  outside and Nini began talking in a voice over like most reality shows do she said seriously don't fucking disrespect me dude of course that was bleeped out. The argument ended outside but it continued inside when they got back to the house which made him storm out the door saying fuck this. she then started talking again to the cameras she says sometimes he's an asshole I don't think he's doing anything but still am I wrong anybody? everyone who was introduced had their name and relation pop up on screen, for example when her husband was shown it said Beith Nini's husband, other people who were shown were her husbands mom whose name is Sharon and her title is ninis mother in law. Them to seem to have a very good relationship together and she talked to her about her son and she was there for her like a real mother would be. Other scenes show her at the label we see the inside of the label of course we see some of the artists whose names pop up with the title of PSR artist and we even get to see her recording a song with Kat which is the new song they just dropped and we see how close Nini and China are and the aggravation she goes through at work with paparazzi and some psr staff. We see the full inside of her beautiful house including the studio where she shows us some of the preparation work for her new mixtape that she recently announced. Towards the end of the show, her husband comes back and he apologizes to her and she forgives him and the two hug it out which was cute, then we finally get to see her kids. They came to her house and were brought over by Beiths mom and they are adorable, they look exactly like nini every feature of them looks like her honestly not many features of her husband. Her daughters name popped up as Ninis daughter Aaleyah. And her son who also looks just like her popped up as ninis son Keivon. the last few scenes showed husband and wife spending time with the kids we get to see Nini making them sandwiches doing her daughters hair playing with them out in the backyard playing house with her and many other beautiful mother things and we see how great of a mother she actually is and it seems as if her kids really adore her especially her daughter and most important we get to see Nini as a Human being like a regular person. It's a beautiful show and so many people cannot take their eyes off of it. It is literally everywhere today all over the place people can't stop talking about this new show and vh1 estimates that this might be the most popular show ever, we think so too. The previews for the next episode shows Nini getting into an argument with Cymphonique and it shows Lady gaga coming over to the house to spend time with her daughter. And it shows Nini in tears saying I can't do this shit anymore. That looks like another exciting episode with plenty of reality drama and that comes on next Wednesday at 8 p.m. So you do not want to miss it. This show is the most popular right now and almost everyone is giving a great review! Did you guys happen to see it last night sound off in the comments with your opinion's. Click here to check out some clips from last nights show.. In other news, the huge dance battle between PSR and the knock em dead crew will be taking place today on Dancing with the Stars at 6 p.m. Stay tuned for more coverage on that throughout the day! Check me out later...Peace!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

B Isnt As Close With PSR As We Think + NiNi And Wendy Williams Beef!

When it came to B, she always has been considered the affiliate of PSR, Pretty much hanging around there more then her own label which is Columbia. But tensions are flaring, between B, Miley, KC and Ye. Lets start with Miley. Ever since Miley turned 18 a couple years ago, all she has been doing is pissing people off, and doing some very weird and bizarre things at times, but one thing she's famous for is beefing now. The beef between Miley and B started from an interview Miley did where she said "I'm my own person don't compare me to B especially not her, just because people search for her and me a whole lot doesn't mean I am her or want to be her sorry I'm not a goody two shoes. This interview took place last week and today B posted on Instagram "I don't pop Miley" Molly is the famous drug that is sort of named after miley and made popular by all these rappers and some singers. but its spelled M.O.L.L.Y, B posted I don't pop M.I.L.E.Y which many people took as a direct insult to Miley being that Miley is the main one who does her best to make the drug popular. Miley has beefed with Katy, Rihanna and even NiNi and one point (Remember their famous Twitter argument), now she adds B onto her list of her beefs, and B being the Diva she is, probably wont fight or let it get further but its still worth mentioning. 2nd is KC. B and KC has always had a problem and KC made it worse when B first dropped Bow Down, and KC said "1st you love your girl now you're calling them bitches and telling them to bow down to you, role model really. It recently got bigger as B just responded to her by liking a post on FB where a fan said "Bow down oh sorry guess KC wont like that I said that, because no one bows down to her" B liked that post which made KC post "Bitches like stuff for what, was that really funny, you think she was referring to you or something" So that's getting big. And last but not least is YE. Being that Ye and B are basically best friends we think this is just a dispute between friends, but this started with Ye posting "Yo, why am I hearing all this whack music yo, what happened to hip hop, what happened to the Jam Master Jay's and 2pacs and Biggies, now I'm hearing shit like drunk in love like really, why the hell was I apart of that remix, where the real music go. b responded by posting this on Instagram with a photo of her with a Texas shirt on "You Mad Son? Which is the title of Ye's newest song which is exactly called "You Mad Son" of course no doubt that was aimed at Ye, and Ye responded saying for what tho? Yeah it seems as if B has problems with some artists on PSR. Will that affect her friendship with NiNi. Stay tuned for more info on that. In other news, another beef that is really gaining big attention is between NiNi and Wendy Williams. Yeah Wendy Williams. Apparently they had a big argument over text about Wendy Liking NiNi's husband and its very famous to post the text convo online and that's exactly what NiNi did with the headline of "Look what this man said to me" Its gaining so much attention and fans are ready to jump Wendy who is in NY today, hmmm interesting. What do you guys think?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

NiNi Has A Rant Over Facebook

Today NiNi pulled a Ye move and had everyone on FB take notice. Click here to check it out!

Rize Of The Queen!! + New Reality Show!!

Today we got some pretty cool announcements. 1st NiNi announced that she is currently working on her 25th mixtape which will be titled "Rize of The Queen" She posted this message on Instagram early this morning at around 6:07am with a picture of her studio underneath it "Currently working on number 25, yup the 25th mixtape, appropriate title "Rize Of The Queen" I got this in the bag, its gonna be dope, got so many new ideas in my head I cant stop writing right now" She didn't announce when it will be releasing, but that post by itself was enough to get everyone excited. Exactly 2 months ago, NiNi gave us her still popular then ever album "24" so naturally everyone is ready for new material, and for those who were wondering when that will be, you got your answer this morning. Although it has no release date, "Rize Of The Queen" is becoming a very anticipated mixtape by everyone. We aren't sure if she will do something different like she did with her album or keep it the same, its still so many details we still need to have, but we are hoping that NiNi mentions more as time goes on. But for now, a mixtape from NiNi is coming soon. The second announcement is what everyone has been waiting for since 2011, she finally teamed up with VH1 and she is dropping a reality show called 'Livin With NiNi" The minute that this was announced, everyone began asking questions mainly when is it airing. Here's what we know about it so far: As mentioned its called "Livin With NiNi" It will show her day to day life at home, at work, during free and the best part, during mommy time. Yup, we are told that her husband and her kids will be in the show as well, and she wants to show how she interacts with her kids. The pilot episode (Which means the first episode) Will air April 3rd, which is TOMORROW! at 8pm on VH1. VH1 has said there will be a new episode every week at the same time. The show will lasts for 30 minutes like most reality shows do and will show all the highs and lows of NiNi's personal and professional life, and for the first time we get to see NiNi like no other actually being a real human being, wife and mother rather then just a queen. The preview aired today with the headline "See NiNi Like You've Never Seen Her Before"  and immediately fans went NUTS especially since we finally get to see her little ones, although the previews didn't show them yet, we just have to wait until tomorrow. Word is that she has already completed 2 episodes for the 1st season, she signed onto a 2 season deal, and she will be paid 1 million dollars for each episode on the 1st season. Her pay will increase if the show is a success by the second season. Its still not known if her husband and chill will be regular characters or just once in a while.  The VH1 website crashed 20 times today alone with people searching for news on her new show and they estimate that at least 100 billion people will be tuned in tomorrow which is more then the TLC story and Keeping Up With The K's first show combined. If you're a NiNi fan this is something you do not want to miss! Click here to check out the previews for "Livin With NiNi!" Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to VH1 at 8pm!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NiNi Heads To New York With Her Crew + A Nude Photo Of NiNi Leaks Online

Today, NiNi hit up Brooklyn New York with her dance crew to prepare for the very big dance battle between the PSR crew and the Knock Em Dead Crew. This battle has been getting very large and almost everyone is talking about it. NiNi has two new members added to her crew, the guy who is always full of controversy Breezy and the queen herself Yonce, which pushes NiNi's crew up to 22, and although its supposed to be only 20 dancers and only PSR dancers, when you're royal none of that matters. They showed up in Brooklyn today around 12 this afternoon, and were greeted by a huge crowd of fans wanting autographs and pictures. This is the first time that NiNi has been to NY in over 3 years, and despite the fact that many  thing she has a problem with the east coast the new Yorkers were very happy to see her and they all showed her and her crew the greatest amount of love and support, in fact NiNi recognized that and she tweeted "I wanna thank you new York, I must admit when it comes to support and love you guys show the most and I really appreciate that and I love NY for that, I will be coming back to see you guys no doubt!" That simple tweet killed the new 2014 East Vs West Coast beef that many say NiNi is responsible for starting, which is good. The word is, is that NiNi and her crew will be rehearsing for the next 4 days in their very own dance studio building, and each member of the crew will be provided a room in the hotel of their choosing, so expect to see NiNi and PSR in New York for the next few days. Stay tuned for more coverage on this getting bigger by the second dance battle! In other news, a photo of NiNi leaked online today, which sources say its a leaked picture of her on this months new issue of Vybe magazine, Vybe magazine has had many nude front page nude celebs, from CiCi to Keri Hilson to Solange, but never NiNi, so this is gaining much attention It shows her topless with a pair of panties on and she has her hand down her panties and her other hand she uses one finger to stick in her mouth. However, yes we do know how much freaky NiNi has been showing lately, but we still aren't sure if this photo is actually real, as NiNi is sensitive about her body, so we don't know. But we are working with trusted sources to find out, and when we do we will let you guys know! Click here to check it out, (Please be 18 or older to view it)