Friday, January 30, 2015

Thousands Of Unsigned Artists Rush The Queens Today

Today the queens were with each other (not sure why yet, although some say she will be a guest at the 3some's show tonight) and they were literally flooded with thousands of unsigned artists with demos of their music and photos and bios of themselves in their hand. It was at least 5,000 men and women crowded around them, and they came out of nowhere, literally just came from behind buildings, jumping out of trees all of that, it seemed like a movie the way it went down. They both were in Atlanta and it got so bad that their bodyguards couldn't hold the large crowd off and the police had to be called. They arrived 2 minutes later and arrested over 200 people because they were getting aggressive with the queens. A couple minutes later, there were over 50 cop cars on site and over 130 cops breaking up the large crowd. They pulled the queens out of the aggressive crowd and got them to safety. They took both queens in the back of the police car and drove away, many fans were throwing their Cd's at them and one hit B in the head and she turned around like she wanted to fight whoever threw it, but the person who threw it yelled out "sorry queen, I didn't mean it, but please listen to my music, you'll love it!!" and they grabbed her and quickly put them both in the back and pulled off. The others who weren't as aggressive were told to go home or they will be arrested. Some left after they pulled off, others actually chased after the car for at least 10 blocks (crazy ass people). The whole crowd was gone by 35 minutes after the queens pulled off. NiNi and B later addressed the huge incident over Twitter. First NiNi posted "My oh my, what a day! Look, I don't accept people just  throwing shit at me on the street, that's not professional, if you can't market your material well enough to the point to where its so good that it reaches my ears and you have to throw it at people on the street, that means you have no real passion for this, this is just a hobby for you, and I wouldn't want you anyway, even if you're the best rapper or singer ever, you gotta take it serious, and today, you people didn't take your careers seriously at all. Here's a thought, maybe if you invest in your career,  market yourself, get a fan base, put on some shows, get a following and show that you are doing you with or without a record label, maybe we can talk business, until then me or my girl @B don't wanna hear it, so please never pull that shit again, cuz next time one of us is knocking a MTF out #Ipromiseyou" B later posted @NiNi Retweet I agree......."Many fans who were arrested were arrested for improper grabbing and touching of public authority figures, some were later released on bail with a court date, some are still being held. The entire chaos was caught on a nearby security camera which was released to the public shortly after the incident. Click here to view it. (In the video, both queens seem so mad, but you can tell they are trying to keep themselves under control, but that crowd was nuts) Some fans have apologized to them for their behavior already, they haven't responded to any of the fans though. Seems like its thousands of people who are looking to break into the music industry and our advice is do it the right way, because those old days of throwing music at a celebrity while their walking and miraculously getting signed to a huge record deal are OVER,.. completely OVER, .....nowadays you really better be somebody BEFORE even having a conversation about signing a deal, its getting harder and harder, can you keep up with all the new changes on how to get in the game? If not, don't quit your day job........

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