Monday, November 30, 2015

Next Up

Its the last day in the #NovemberReleases and closing us out is Aiesha Allen and Ye. This is Aiesha's 4th PSR album titled "Emotion" and its a pretty cool album but more intense than any of her other albums. First day sales are real good and its getting good reviews. Click here to get my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Emotion" by Aiesha Allen. Next is Ye. This is his 5th most weirdest album to date titled "Planet Yeezy" which is not the album everyone was expecting. Its not doing to well at least not what he usually does as people think it's dumb (and we agree) but its doing well enough for him not to get dropped. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Planet Yeezy" by Ye

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Niq Niq Reveals More Than We Can Imagine

Today miss Niq Niq went full on her birthday suit (yea her hands were covering her breasts and..........that area) but still she is on the cover for PETA magazine today which is an organization dedicated to helping and protecting animals from being killed for their fur (minks leopards etc etc) Pn the cover says "I'd rather go nude then to harm an innocent animal for a fashion statement' It comes as a surprise since PSR and PETA have been at war for the longest since PETA has went after everyone who wears fur or what the hell ever else, but the boiling point is last year when NiNi tweeted "Eating some fried chicken right now #FuckPeta" Ye also has thrown some mean shade at the group since they always attack him for his minks and fur jackets. But.Niq Niq has never worn fur or any animal parts and for that reason, she was chosen to be on the December cover of PETA. Although Niq has admitted to eating meat many times, being that she is against killing animals for their fur or skin, they decided she's the best person at PSR. NiNi responded tweeting "Nice cover love ya Niq bit its still #FuckPeta" other PSR artists havebalso responded attacking PETA and congratulating Niq. Click here to see those. And click here to view the sexy steamy pic of nude Niq Niq on the December cover.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

NiNi Voted Most Biggest Successful Artist In The World + Next Up

NiNi has had so many amazing accomplishments despite being so young and she is officially recognized as the biggest superstar on the planet. From trillions of albums sold, to performing at the presidents ball when he first won the election, to receiving tons of Grammy's, Oscar's and Emmys to being a world renowned actress.....the queen is a force to be dealt with and she completely deserves her title. NiNi is the only female artist ever to have every last album come in at number 1 on the charts. NiNi doesn't have to be the CEO of the music game, she doesnt have to be the owner of PSR, she doesn't have to really do anything, no matter the price people will pay the money and buy her tickets to see her perform despite her attitude towards her fans at times. Why? Because people love the queen. She is also a very successful businesswoman forming rons of clothing lines most famously Platinum Wear along with many endorsement deals, fragrances, and various business deals all around the world. Forbes also has said she is the most wealthy person in the world with a net worth of over 999 trillion dollars passing the richest people in the world (Jay, B, Obama and Oprah) and thats only what shes worth as an artists that's not counting all her business deals. Currently no one on PSR is more successful bigger or wealthier than the queen and no one else in the game even comes close to the level of fame she has achieved. We would like to say congrats to NiNi on her amazing successful journey. In other news. The #NovemberReleases is almost over but don't worry, #DecemberReleases will start on the 2nd so more albums. Next up Taylah P. This is her 4th album titled "Ms. P" Doing pretty well produced entirely by herself and first day sales are good. Click here to see my full review, get stats info and purchase links for "Ms. P" by Taylah. Next is Aiesha Allen and Ye to close out the famous #NovemberReleases. Stay tuned. Also Niq Niq will be starring in a new reality show called Master P's Empire" which airs tonight on the Reelz channel which showcases their day to day life with her her dad and her many brothers. First episode premieres tonight at 8 so look out for that. Wasn't relevant to anything mentioned.....but thought I'd mention it anyway.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving At PSR

Yestetday many PSR artists weren't at home with their families instead they were at the PSR Thanksgiving party (which we had no idea about until last night) It wasnt much info coming from PSR, and now we see why. Click here to read all about how it went down at the PSR Thanksgiving party

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Next Up:

Next up are two artists who were both apart of the #OctoberReleases, but these are mixtapes not albums. First up is Zendaya (who is scheduled to renew her PSR contract tomorrow) with her 6th PSR mixtape titled "Weed & Ciroc" Its an intense album and she shows her rap street style on this mixtape and its doing well, getting alot of love in the streets. Click here for my full review, details, stats and purchase links for "Weed & Ciroc " by Daya. Next is China. This is her 4th highly anticipated mixtape titled "Perfection" This mixtape is overdue and its doing really good and generating alot of buxz around the industry. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links.for"Perfection"  by China

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Next Up + Tons Of People Send Bday Wishes To Beith

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is Miss Demi. Demi was apart of the #OctoberReleases but this is a mixtape not an album. Its her 5th mixtape with the same title of her first ever album "Demi" and she's offering it for free. Its doing well with digital downloads well over 2 million and the buzz is buzzing. Click here to get my full review, stats info and download links for "Demi' by Demi. In other news, happy 27th Beith. The semi celebrity has got many bday wishes from celebrities. Basically all of PSR all of PSR (except for Weezy and Drizzy) all of Columbia and many others. In fact so many people posted birthday wishes to their Twitter and fb both sites crashed in 30 minutes. He may not be a true celeb but obviously he's loved like one as fans of celebs and his own fans also joined in in wishing him a happy day. So we will will too happy bday Beith! Click here to see all the love

Monday, November 23, 2015

Next Up

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is 2 people. First is Jessica Lowndes. Miss Jessica is another artist who deserves major props because since being signed back in late 2011, she has never been in the NHO category and she has NEVER ever been on the bosses shit list nor has her name been involved in ANY drama. This is her 5th PSR album titled "Better Than B4" Its a nice pop/hip-hop album and it's doing well on 1st day sales and generating a Buzz around the industry. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Better Then B4". Next is KC with her 3rd mixtape titled "Queen" This mixtape was highly anticipated and was pushed back twice from its original July 4th release date and now its here and its doing well. First day sales are really good and she is ahead of Alexis Jordan who released her mixtape yesterday. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Queen" by KC.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Next Up + In House Confirmed True.

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is Alexis Jordan. Although she was apart of the #OctoberReleases, she is back with her 4th mixtape titled "Still On It" which is basically part 2 of her last mixtape titled "Im On It" It's doing very good and its FREE. Click here to check out my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Still On It" by Alexis Jordan. In other news, the in house beef between Rita and Brandy has been confirmed to be true by a source close to both and its for the dumbest shit I ever heard 2 women beef about smh. Click here for more info.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Next Up + More In House Drama?

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is Lena. She's been doing very well lately and she is one of the only artists on PSR to never end up in the NHO category. This is her 5th PSR album titled "Charmed" Its doing well around America and international and first day sales are extremely high putting her in 3rd place right behind The queen and KP. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Charmed" by Lena. Speaking of her, out of all the PSR artists, she was the only one who still had an issue with her former bff Tay, but yesterday she showed us its no more bad blood between them as she bought Tay out at the end of her show to help her finish "When You're Ready" and they shared a hug at the end which was met with a huge applause. Click here to see that beef squashing moment. But although the PSR crew may be cool with Tay, they obviously arent cool with each other. Sources close to PSR say besides Kat abd KeKe being in a beef, another beef is brewing between Rita Ora and Brandy. That's all we know though. We're digging, stay tuned for more info.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Next Up + NiNi Says Stage Incident Is Very Exaggerated.

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is Solo. Solo has never been in the NHO category, and besides on and off feuding with her sister, she's rarely in any drama, at least not in house anyway. This is her 4th PSR album produced entirely by herself titled "1986" (the year she was born) and its doing pretty well as she is in 3rd place. First day sales are great and her album got a mention from the president saying "my favorite album right now" and it has a huge buzz and interest in the industry. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "1986" by Solo. Tomorrow is Lena look out. In other news, yesterday it was reported that the queen flipped out on a fan for not paying attention to her and the other legends and threw something at her causing her to get fined. Today the queen addressed it and although she confirmed the incident did take place, she said it's very exaggerated. She said that she never had any argument with the fan, she never stormed off stage, she never canceled the show and she never threw anything off the show. In fact, she says she didnt even stop the music, she says she noticed the woman texting (not talking as reported) and in the middle of dancing and performing she jokingly said "Am I boring you sweetie?" (Not bitch as reported) In the middle of her lyrics. Then the crowd and the fans laughed and she put her phone away and they finished out the show with no more incident. She said "people use something that happens, even if its small, as an opportunity to make it big and in my life, thats constant and that's what happened here. Ive learned to ignore it now honestly" The outlet that ran the story is denying any requests for comments on why they lied. Click here to see and hear NiNi's full statement on what really went down.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Next Up + Was The Queen Fined For Freaking Out On Fan At Stage?

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is Chrisette Michele. Miss Michele is very much in the NHO category when it comes to music but she's been doing plenty of appearances and photo shoots. This is her 2nd PSR album titled "Chrissy" (her nickname) and although its doing decent, fans can't help but wonder why NiNi isn't being harder on people that's starting to be forgot about. First day sales are ok and she is in 7th place so obviously she has loyal fans. Click here to see my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Chrissy" by Chrissy. In other news, the queen has been fined for apparently blowing up.and flipping.on a fan during their show earlier today after allegedly the fan wasnt paying attention and was talking and laughing on her phone despite the fact no electronics were allowed. Its alleged she ordered the music stopped and yelled at the woman "Am I Boring You Bitch!!!" Then she ordered the spotlight to be placed on her which it did and the girl hung up. Its then said she continued screaming at the girl and threw a stage prop at her which hit her in the head since she was in front row. Its said T & C tried to calm her down but she pushed them off of her and continued screaming at rhe girl until she finally stormed off stage and canceled the rest of the show. Being that no electronics were allowed, it is unnoqn if this incident actually occurred since its no video and NiNi is quiet. But apparently its many witnesses and its said NiNi is being charged with minor assault to the fan which is $10,000 and 10 days probo. Not sure about this one, but we're digging stay tuned. Click here to read more about it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Next Up

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is Miss Tiffany. Miss Tiffany gets the ultimate congratulations because not once (Yes not ONCE) has she ever been on the bosses shit list, nor has she ever been in any drama whatsoever in the 3 years she's been signed there and not only that she's never been in the NHO category. This is her 6th highly anticipated album titled "A Walk In My Shoes" produced by herself, NiNi and Solo and its generating a huge buzz and getting reviews. First day sales are impressive as well as she is in 3rd place. Click here to check out my full review, get stats, info and purchase links for "A Walk In My Shoes" by Tiff. Next up is Ye, Solo and Lena. Be on the lookout coming soon.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Next Up + New Fragrance By NiNi & Ari

Next up in the #NovemberReleases category is Kelly Rowland. Miss Rowland has been close to the NHO category many times but she always managed to stay out of it because she'll drop a new project right before she lands in it and this time is no different. This is her 4th PSR album titled "Love Has No Boundaries" and its pure slow R&B, its doing well at 5th place and first days sales are impressive. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Love Has No Boundaries" by Kelly Rowland" In other news, the queen and Ari have both released their new fragrances today. NiNi's is called "Fire" and Ari's is called "Ari" and they are both selling well from the P.W store and the P.W site. Click here to purchase "Fire" and "Ari" by NiNi anf Ari.

Monday, November 16, 2015

New Music From The Queen

The queen has surprised us with a new song today titled "All Me" which features KeKe Palmer. It quickly landed in the number 1 spot and is doing good on the charts and around the industry and it was a pleasant surprise. Click here to check out ."All Me" by NiNi Ft KeKe.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Vanessa Brings Fire To PSR

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is everyone's favorite girl Miss Vanessa Hudgens. Miss Hudgens has been doing very well for herself lately dropping her own clothing line to Platinum Wear, to dropping her own fragrance to being in talks to star in 4 more movies before this year is over. This is her 5th PSR album titled "The Real Vanessa " and its fire. Its her best album to date and getting all good reviews and first day sales are higher than any other in her career. She has officially replaced KP in 2nd place and is closely behind NiNi who is still in 1st place. It is produced by herself and co-produced by NiNi. Click here for full details,info stats, and purchase links for "The Real Vanessa "

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Next Up + No Party

Blog acting up today click here to view the article.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Queen!!

Today the leader of a generation the insta queen and queen of the music game turns 26 today and she has already accomplished so much in so little time and we couldn't be more proud of her. She has recently been named theb"Social Media Queen" due to her passing previous celebs who have tons of followers Kylie Jenner and Tay. She has over 62B followers on insta over 100B followers on Twitter and close to 600B on FB. And she has over 900 trillion fans in her fan base which makes her the most successful person of our time. NiNi has been pretty much under the radar today but sources say something big is going down later for her courtesy of her artists. Stay tuned for info on that. Once again happy birthday NiNi enjoy!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

NiNi Involved In Fight + Tour Bus Shot Up Hours Later

Breaking news out of Kansas today regarding NiNi. NiNi is still at it with London singer Zoey and she bumped into her today in Kansas with her legend crew ans it turned into a 3 on 3 as Zoey had two other girls with her and they fought T & C. The 6 girl fight was huge and was caught on video by a passerby (click here to view it) but it didn't last long as cops were on the scene and broke it up within 2-3 minutes. Neither girl was charged just separated and released. But a couple hours later, The legends tour bus was shot up 45 times. The Legends Trio were inside rehearsing for their show tonight but they heard it. Everyone in the rehearsal studio ran outside to investigate the popping noises but saw no one. Because of the fight that happened a little earlier, police immediately suspected Zoey but she denied it and she insists she's on her way back to England, and without any hard evidence they cant officially charge her with anything. The legend girls are convinced that Zoey did it and they all posted the exact same thing at the exact same time 'Coming 4 U Ma #Zoey😠👏' Zoey has been quiet. Stay tuned for more info on this. The Kansas show is still planned for tonight at 9 click here to get your tickets before they're gone.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Next Up

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is 2 artists. 1St is Kirko Bangz. Bangz has been in the NHO category several times but his fans don't seem to care as his new album is doing extremely well. This is his 2nd (YES SECOND) PSR album titled "Here I Am" and despite being pretty much forgotten for so long he proves he still has it and first day sales are impressive. Click here for my full review,stats, info and purchase links for "Here I Am" by Kirko Bangz. 2nd is Keri Hilson. Miss Keri has come a long way and she has recovered from her addiction to pain killers and is back to making great music, like this new unexpected album titled "Recovery" which is appropriate. This album is doing very well and its her 6th PSR album and the first produced entirely by herself and first day sales are higher than any of her other albums. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Recovery" by Miss Keri.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

NiNi Passes Number 2, 24 Hours Too Late + NiNi No Longer Owns PSR??

The queen is back in first place, problem is she is 1 day late as the battle is over and if she would've did a 3 day battle she would've won. Regardless tho her "N's" say ahe won, but technically KP won and sources say NiNi is keeping her end of the deal and she has been an assistant to KP since yesterday but KP isn't going to extreme though. Sources close to both say that KP is just making her feed her, do her hair and makeup and other little things like that. And the queen has done all of it but its all in love and NiNi doesn't mind as she was quoted earlier today as saying "I guess its time for the boss to be on her ass for once (laughs) Cool. KP has her own queen and assistant until midnight tomorrow. But what's not so cool is rumor of NiNi losing PSR. Click here for more info on that.

Monday, November 9, 2015

And The Winner Is............

After a brutal 2 days of the #NumbersBattle, everyone is wondering who the winner is and we have the answer. First here are the stats. KP is at 3
800 million 600 thousand and 45 sales. And the queen is at (*Drum Roll*) 800 million 436 thousand and 5 copies which means the winner of the infamous battle is Number 2! KP is the first artist to ever outsell NiNi in over 4 years. Both their numbers are still climbing but KP is still in the lead and she remains in the lead.  Many Ns feel that the battle was too short as it was only 2 days and with miss Marie it was a week and they feel if she did a week she would've bounced back and beat her. But it's still all love and the Ns are congratulating KP for being pretty much the only artist to ever outsell the queen. Now the reward: the queen made a statement earlier saying "I'm not a sore loser I love that girl and I love her album, she neat me fair and square congratulations baby girl" KP's reward Is that NiNi will be her personal butler/assistant for the next 2 days which means KP will be NiNi's boss until Wednesday night and KP can slack off take off without permission and whatever the hell else she wants to do without NiNi complaining at all because she isn't her boss for the next 2 days. But KP made it clear her career and position is very important to her and she won't start being lazy whether she can or not but she did jokingly admit she will love to have her buddy catering to her. Interesting. Congrats to KP. Click here for more info

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Next Up + The Battle Is Fierce, NiNi Took The Lead

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is Rita Ora. Miss Ora has been doing very well lately and although she landed in the NHO category back in 2013, she hasn't been back in it since. This is her 5th PSR album titled "Never Lose" It's a highly anticipated album and it's successful doing very well on first day sales and getting really good reviews. Click here to check out my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Never Lose" by Rita Ora. Despite the success of Rita's album, the real talk of the industry is the ongoing battle between Miss NiNi and Miss Kp titled #NiNiVsNumber2" It's all that is being talked about in the game and it's extremely popular and its dominating every other headline. NiNi has officially stolen the lead and she is leading by 278 sales but KP still has 24 more hours to catch up. Stay tuned for more coverage on this "Numbers War". Next up is said to be Ye and Nick so stay tuned for that. ....

Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Battle Begins! NiNi Releases Dopest 2 Piece Album Of Her Career. Can She Catch Up?

Today is the official start of #NiNiVsKP.
Kp released her highly anticipated album yesterday and it's still doing really good. Today NiNi surprised us with a double 2 disc album titled "The Comeback/It's Complicated" And it's DOMINATING the scene with the highest first day sales she's ever had. But KP started first and they didn't release it at the same time like she did with miss Marie so KP still has a 24 hour head start and although she isn't high by too much she's still beating her. According to NiNi and KP, the battle will last only 48 hours and ends on Monday at midnight at which time the scores will be rallied up and the winner will be announced. Who do you think will win? Who are you rooting for?  Click here for my full review, stats info and purchase links for NiNis bomb 2 piece album "The Comeback/It's Complicated" NiNi and KP are also promoting the battle having fake twitter wars and posting fake sub tweets at each other, it's actually exciting. Click here to see those

Friday, November 6, 2015

Next Up + The Battle Is On + New Music One Very Unexpected

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is Miss KP. This album is apart the now famous battle between her and the boss. We weren't expecting it to be this quick but it's welcomed. It's her 10th PSR album titled "Empowered" Empowered was extremely anticipated but it was never known when the due date is but looks like we got our answer. She dropped it at 6am this morning and already in the millions with first day sales coming in first place. It is unknown when NiNi will drop her 12th album "The Comeback" (which seems like an appropriate title just thinking about it) but sources say this extremely anticipated album will be tomorrow and that's when the official battle begans. Can't wait.  Click here to view my full review, get stats, info and purchase links for "Empowered" by KP. In other news we also got new music today. First is Ashanti with her new song "Let It Go" very cool song and getting good reviews. Click here to check it out. Next is an unexpected collab from Niq Niq and China. This shows their beef is officially over and it's a real dope song called "Work It" It's a real provacative song which is to be expected from these two. Click here to check out "Work It" by Niq Ft China.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Next Up

Next up in the #NovemberReleases is Azalea Banks. Banks hasn't been too active lately but her heavy social media presence keeps her out of the NHO category. This is her 3rd PSR album called "Guilty As Charged" It's a very hard core street album and it's doing very well especially in the "hoods" and the "ghettos" and she is in 4th place. Next up is said to be Cassidy (he's way beyond NHO) and Meek tomorrow. Click here to view my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Guilty As Charged by Azalea Banks.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

NiNi Gets Praised For Special Australia Visit But Gets Attacked Over Latest Pic + New Album Challenge With A "Number"

NiNi arranged a special visit to a 7 year old girl who is affected with a very rare and very dangerous form of cancer (I won't even say the name of it because it's hard enough to say it let alone spell it) but this cancer is unable to be cured and the girl, identified as Ashley brooks, is said to only have 2 more months to live. She's very sick and doctors can do nothing for her but support her. Her favorite 2 singers are NiNi and number 2 (KP) but KP is across seas on her world tour and was unable to make it. But the queen cleared her entire schedule today, cancelled all her shows and meetings to fly halfway across the world for a special visit for this little girl who adores her. She showed up completely unexpected and Australia loves her so she was welcomed with open arms. She paid a visit to the hospital where little Ashley will spend the next two months of her life before she goes and shocked everyone with her presence. She was granted access into Ashley's room and she was so shocked she couldn't stop crying. NiNi hung out with the girl for over 2 hours, gave her the famous PSR chain which is valued at over 50,000 dollars, she bought her pizza and wings from Chuck. E. Cheese. She hired people to dress up as her favorite characters like SpongeBob to come and dance and sing for her and she took tons of pics with her. Her biggest gesture however is what she did for the parents. She offered them 120 million dollars to go towards her health care which means they can go to a cancer treatment facility which they couldn't afford. The mom and dad hugged her and kissed all over her (which is how they show affection and thanks in Australia) and they were crying laughing praising her and even bowing to her. That little girl had an amazing day and NiNi is being praised for her actions. But what she isn't being praised for is a photo she posted from her Halloween party, she dressed as a victim with a shirt with airbrushed words "Fuck Tha Police" Many cops took offense to it. But she responded with a photo of Tupac being beat by police back in 93 with the caption "You're offended? ??????? You killing my people everyday IM FUCKING OFFENDED!" Cops are not happy with this and it's attracting a lot of drama because now the "N's are attacking the police as well. Now the new hash tag is #NiNiVSThePolice which is exactly true. Stay tuned.  P. S remember Miss Marie challenged NiNi to an album battle to see who will sell more albums? Well the queen has another challenger and it's one of her "Numbers" it's KP. According to sources, KP issued the challenge last night over insta and today NiNi accepted the challenge. KP is pretty much the second best artist on PSR after NiNi and no one has ever outsold her besides NiNi. Both are said to be apart of the #NovemberReleases and there is now about to be a battle to see who will sell more albums. When it was NiNi VS Miss Marie, the loser had to buy the winner a lobster dinner, but according to sources, this time it's said that the loser has to be the winners personal butler/assistant for 48 hours (2 days) and wait on her hand and foot. This is very interesting and we're very much looking forward to it and so are the "N"s" and the "Little Katies" and it created the hashtag #BossVsNumber. Stay tuned. *Update* This story has been confirmed to be 100% TRUE by both of their management teams. The battle is on! They both are apart of the #NovemberReleases so this month will be an interesting month indeed!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Next Up

Next Up in the #NovemberReleases is Tearirra Marie AKA Ms. Marie. She has desperately tried to stay out of the NHO category but unfortunately she landed there anyway for the first time since being signed. But according to sources close to her it's not her fault. We all know NiNi is very demanding when it comes to what she releases from her label and sources say Miss Maries album was finished almost 6 months ago but NiNi constantly had her go back into the studio to make changes over and over because she wasn't feeling it. Now it's said the queen gave her approval and she promptly released it today. This is her 4th PSR album which is highly anticipated and severely overdue called "A Better Me" it's produced entirely by herself and it's getting very good reviews and ratings and first day sales are impressive. She is currently in 2nd place replacing Kat. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "A Better Me" by Miss Marie.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

1st Up

Yes there is a #NovemberReleases and first up in it is Ari. Ari has been on her grind making sure she stays out of the NHO category and she just recently released her new song "Focus" although Ari was apart of the #SeptemberReleases, she's back with her first mixtape appropriately titled "Focus" Its Doing very well and she is in 2nd place. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Focus" by Ari. P. S the PSR Halloween party last night was sick and super scary.  Many fans ran out in horror hella scared and so did some of the artists. But it also was some drama that went down. Click here to find out about everything that went down last night at the party (yes I was there)