Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last Up:

Today is the last day of the #DecemberReleases and last up is JLS.  Miss Jamie has been doing awesome and hasn't been in any beefs at all since being signed, and hasnt been on the boss's shit list at all not once so she deserves a congratulations.  This is her 5that PSR album titled "Go Strong" and she replaced Reggie coming in at #1 on the charts. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Go Strong" for JLS.  In other news, it's said that PSR is having their annual legendary New Years Eve Party tonight.  Click here to find out how you can go.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Next Up:

Its only 1 day left of the #DecemberReleases and next up we got Reggie.  Reggie has been doing amazingly good. This is her 4th PSR album titled "Life Is What I Make It"and it's beyond bomb. It hit the number 1 in under 45 minutes and has props from everyone even the boss. She is the first artist in history to ever release an album for only .99 and being that she sold over 400 million copies so far, it wasn't a bad decision. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Life Is What I Make it" By Reggie.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Did Andre Harris Just Confirm The Rumors??

For so long fans have been wondering if the queen of music and the king of basketball have been a couple. Die hard Beith fans attacked her over Insta last month for cheating on Beith and not once did she respond, but not only that,  she spends tome with him almost everyday and sources say she's cancelling shows and meetings just to go to his games and be around him. We caught up to Mr. Harris and he just mightve admitted he's having an affair with NiNi. A couple of my guys asked him "So you and the queen, you scored pretty big there huh?" He replied I score big all the time it's really no different" Not once did he deny itm NiNi was also contacted and she was unavailable for comment. His statement got the rumors in the chaos stage and it created the hastag #NiNi&Andre and angry Beith fans continue attacking her over Insta and Twitter and NiNi continues to be silent.  Beith was also attempted to be contacted but he hasn't got back. Click here to see AndrĂ©s statement

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Does The Queen Have A New Bae?

For months now it's been said that the queen is all bae'd up with Andre Harris,  the famous basketball player.  They have been spotted together on many occasions and he was at her house a couple times (yes we have proof) He's been around PSR so many times you would think he is an artist there and he's always around NiNi.  Yes they can be friends, but many people feel that they are the new hip hop power couple and the new hashtag is #NiNiLuvsAndre.  Take a look at these pics of them together and judge for yourself.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Next Up:

The #DecemberReleases is almost done but we still have a few more to go and one of those is Keri Hilson. Miss Hilson has been impressing us alot lately and she impressed us again with her newest album "Keri" This is her 1st self titled album and her 5th PSR album and she zipped past everyone and shot straight to first place which she never been in. The album is rrally good produced by herself, Lil Jon and Swizz Beats. Check out number 7 if you rrally wanna hear great music. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Keri" by Keri.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas From PSR

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope Santa was good to you. Santa was definitely good to PSR as he bought them tons of gift cards which artists of PSR offered to fans for free! Yup some got $10 gift cards to Friday's or Red Lobster,  some got $25 gift cards to T.J Maxx and Marshalls and some homeless fans even got a free meal. Yup the Christmas spirit is showing hard today and everyone showed up today to help out, even though they are all off today.  Fans were grateful as Santa didn't visit many people today, but they are grateful to be alive and that's what Christmas is all about. They gave out about 3000 gift cards and over 300 outfits to fans for Christmas.  As far as PSR, this year there will be no Christmas party, the artists will be spending time with their families and PSR will be closed. Fans recorded the stars handing out gift cards and Platinum Wear outfits for free (no money though) to fans. Click here to view it.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

And The Winner Is:

*Drumroll* Even though the #TinasheVsMiley battle only started a couple days ago, it's gotten tons of buzz and attention, so fans flocked to Madison Square Garden to see them go head to head to see who fans would vote best singer. Each had 2 songs each to sing before the crowd voted, and Tinashe started with her still very famous hit "2 On" Miley went next and started with her still very famous hit "Wrecking Ball". Both got very high applause for their first songs. Then Tinashe  started her second song and she pulled a great strategy. She did a song that is not known because it's one of her new songs and even Miley looked nervous because she knew she was putting out a new song unannounced and fans love new music and the crowd went wild for her new song. The new song is called "On My Last"  After she finished it the crowd started chanting "Miley Give Up" over and over, but she didn't,  she decided to bring back one of her classics "Party In The USA" After she finished the fans were asked to vote using a touch pad tablet. And after 29 minutes, Tinashe won by 33% which is roughly about 7500 of the 15000 fans that were there. Tinashe also won Miley's respect forever as part of the deal and Miley made a statement after T won saying "I have no issues or problems with Tinashe she proved herself today, I love the entire PSR crew they're all so talented. Good job to you ma I mean that" and then the two hugged proving it's mo beef.  Click here to view the entire battle. Camera's were allowed in so a fan caught all of it, the whole 2 hours.  Congrats to Miss T.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

#TinasheVsMiley Update

Here's more info on the #TinasheVsMiley battle. According to their sites the battle will happen tomorrow at 1pm and will be aired live on TV. Since both are in NY right now they'll be at the Madison Square Garden and they each have to sing two of their best songs and afterwards, the fans vote on who's the better singer. The event will last 2 hours and is free to all. Even though they both confirmed it's not a beef,  miss T did say she didn't appreciate Miley's comment at all and she wants to put her in her place. Miley commented that she didn't mean it as bad as it came out and she has plenty of respect for T and what she does but she won't be backing out but she confirmed it's no beef. So for all you drama seekers out there it's no beef just a friendly challenge. Make sure to tune in tomorrow or hit the garden at 1pm to see an epic battle.

Demi Finally Adds Herself To The Nude List + New Music

Pretty much everyone has gone nude at least once, whether it's for a photo shoot or a good cause. From Keri Hilson to CiCi to even NiNi but one person who hasn't was Demi, until today. She bared all in a new photo shoot which supports not killing animals for their fur (example: minks leopard, lion skin etc) It's tons of shots and you can view them all here. Demi, who was once bulimic and very ashamed of her body, says she's proud of her body and she's proud of the photo shoot. She doesn't regret it and once her fans got past looking at the. .......obvious.........they too agree that it's a nice set of photos and for a great cause.  Once again you can find the entire set of photos from the shoot here. Speaking of her, we also got some new music from her.  A new song Ft Brandy released today titled "The Way We Do" It's pretty cool and doing well around the industry.  Doing well on the charts too on the hot 100 chart at number 2. Click here to check out "The Way We Do" by Demi ft Brandy.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tinashe Challenges Miley To $1 Million Battle After Comments. New Beef?

We all heard Miley's comment a lil while ago. If you didnt lemme refresh your memory or hit you up on game: Earlier today Miley was doing an interview and was asked "Tinashe is currently the biggest upcoming star in the world do you feel threatened by her?" She replied "Tinashe is getting big I will admit that but let's not forget, my girl NiNi is bigger and I don't really feel threatened by her. I know I have good music I don't need to feel threatened by anyone, and in my opinion Tinashe is ok but she isn't really what you would call the best singer just being honest" Tinashe who is known for calling out people who come at her didn't respond negative, instead she suggested a battle. She tweeted "Miley what's good ma? How about a singing battle? Winner pays a milli?" Miley hasn't responded to her yet but it's getting big and it's trending on Twitter. So is it a beef?  Usually with Miley people expect her wild behavior because. ...let's face's Miley so it might not be but then again it might be. One thing for sure is that miss T is determined to prove her talent and what better way to do that then going up against another huge name like Miley. Should be exciting if Miley accepts the challenge but will she? Stay tuned. *Update* Miley has accepted Tinashe's challenge and both let their fans know the details of it will be posted to their websites. Winner gets a milli.  Once again this should be interesting!  Check their sites throughout today to find out when it's gonna happen and more details on it. #TinasheVsMiley

Monday, December 21, 2015

Vic Congratulated For Being Drama Free Since Being Signed + She's Next Up

Although Miss Vic had drama on set of her popular nickelodeon show "Victorious" with her now label mate Ari,  that drama didn't spill into PSR as they both made up before they both were signed and it's a handful of PSR artists who have NEVER EVER been in any drama or any beefs while signed to PSR and Vic is one of them. (Her sister was beefing with NiNi but that's been settled) Most of the beefs are from the "Numbers" (AKA royal artists) and no offense, NiNi herself but the ones that aren't royal aren't in much drama at all. So Vic is being praised for being a PSR artist for over a year and never having one problem or being on the bosses bad side not once. Congrats to you mama.  Speaking of her she is next up in the #DecemberReleases with her 6th PSR album titled "Christmas Joy" as you can imagine it's a Christmas album full of Christmas songs re worked just in time for Christmas.  It's pretty good and she's in 3rd place. Click here to check out my full review, get stats, info and purchase links for "Christmas Joy" by Vic.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Next Up +

Next up on the #DecemberReleases is Tegan And Sara.  This is their 4th PSR album titled "Gateway" and it's doing pretty well coming in second place.  It's putting them on the map and is getting talked about loud. .Click here for my full review, stats info and purchase links for "Gateway" by Tegan & Sara.

Friday, December 18, 2015

KC Releases New Music + KP New Fragrance

Today we got a treat from K.C titled "Me And You" which features Kelly Rowland. It's a pretty cool love song and they both sing really well on it. K.C is also working on her 5th PSR album which the title is yet to be known but it's said she will be apart of the #DecemberReleases so we're just waiting. Click here to check out "Me And You" by KC ft Kelly Rowland. In other news miss KP also has something new: her first fragrance titled "Kp: the experience" Click here to check it out and purchase it.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

CiCi In Best Mood We've Ever Seen + Is It Splits For Ye And Kim?

CiCi is being extra extra nice lately and today she was all smiles and she went around throwing money on the streets of Atlanta for anyone to pick up.  She approached everyone giving hugs and kisses and taking selfies with them and she made everyone's day. The location that PSR is located in is a very poor area so she definitely gave the fans a very merry early Christmas. But it didn't stop there. She let fans ride in her private limo and once again she was all smiles. She literally was bouncing around dancing and laughing,  she reminded you of how the brokest person in the world would act if they just hit the 100 million dollar lottery. Her fans recorded the entire time and the video went viral within an hour. It's unknown exactly how much CiCi threw around but it's estimated to be around $20,000 and although that seems like alot it was so many fans there to catch that money falling from the sky that each probably only got $30, but in that neighborhood they're grateful for anything.  CiCi and her tremendous generosity earned her so many more fans at least 400,000 and her music sales went up over 52%. It's unknown why "the queen of dance" is being so nice but obviously her fans and random strangers don't mind. Even when paps who she always avkids like a sickness came up to her to gladly talked to them and hugged them and gave the dude a kiss on the cheek which is VERY unlike her dealing with the paps.  No one minds her new ways but one can't help but wonder exactly why she's so damn happy but hey keep it up mama. Click here to see the video of a very happy CiCi throwing money and gifts around earlier today in the streets of ATL.  In other news,  rumors are flying that just days after giving birth to their new baby boy Saint West, Kim and Ye are officially divorcing.  Neither one of them really talks to paps about personal stuff so they aren't returning requests for comments.  So in the mean time stay tuned for more info.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Music

NiNi surprised us with new music yesterday and now we're surprised with more new music from Tinashe.  She dropped a new song Ft Missy Elliott titled "So & So" which is doing well on the charts in at number 2. This song is produced by herself and co-produced by NiNi, Solo, Ye and Hit Boy. Click here to check out "So & So" by Tinashe.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

NiNi Responds To Zoeys Statement + Another Beef With Her + New Song With Ex-Enemy

Today is all info about the queen and 1st is: Popular London singer Zoey is after NiNi's husband but apparently,  NiNi isn't worried aa she admitted Zoey was right when she said she visited Beith but she said nothing happened and nothing will ever happen. She shamed her fans and people that were thinking she didn't care because she didn't respond and she quickly put them in their place. Click here to hear her audio statement.  In other news besides this beef with Zoey, looks like the queen has another beef and it's unexpected because it's Nina Justice which is Vic's blood sister and Vic is her artist.  This beef started as most all other beefs start........through social media. Nina tweeted: When a chick has a multi trillion dollar net worth and a label bigger than all other labels but you still working like a 9- 5 bullshit job getting minimum wage pay. What do you call that? " And she posted a pic of NiNi and Victoria implying that NiNi isn't paying Vic what she deserves. NiNi quickly responded tweeting "when you don't know how to stfu and getting up in shit thats not even close to your business.  What do you call that? And she posted a pic of Nina.  This is the first time we ever have seen a popular celeb get into a beef with a regular person . Nina continued her assault against the queen demanding Vic get what's owed to her and to be treated equally and stop focusing her attention to just her numbers and NiNi continued to fire back as well. Eventually Vic got in it and begged her sister to be quiet and she apologized constantly to the queen and insisted she doesn't feel the same way. Eventually the sister kept attacking her and NiNi tweeted "What happens when your dumb ass sister tries to fight your battles? #YOUGETDROPPED" Vic got furious at that point since she knew she was in danger of getting dropped and she tweeted her sis a very long tweet explaining how if she gets her dropped she will never forgive her.  After that the sister signed off and didn't post anymore.  But looks like a new beef is going down. Click here to view the Twitter war between the queen and Vic's sis. Also the queen released a surprise song titled "Down" which features her ex enemy Tay. It's a really dope song and is number 1 on the charts getting great reviews and everyone loves those two together.  Click here to check out "Down" by NiNi Ft Tay.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Zoey Announces She Will Seduce Beith, NiNi Is Silent

The bloody war continues with NiNi and London singer Zoey and now she's bringing the Queens husband into it. She made a statement today saying she thinks NiNi's husband is gorgeous and "she'll seduce him and have him all to herself soon". She also mentioned "He can't be happy with her he needs a real woman" and mentioned she visited him a couple days ago,  but didn't mention what happened.  NiNi, who usually responds to everything is strangely silent which is having fans believe she may not mind if Zoey seduces Beith which will mean trouble in paradise for the hip hop power couple.  NiNi is still unavailable for comment.  Click here to hear audio of Zoeys full 9 minute statement.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Next Up

Next up in the ##DecemberReleases is Ciara.  CiCi has been doing very well lately and this is her 7th PSR album titled "We The Best" which we assume is meant for her and her new man Russel Wilson.  It's a pop/R&B album but has a lil street in it as well.  She is in 3rd place and creating a buzz and first day sales are very good. Click here to get my full review, stats info and purchase links for "We The Best" by CiCi

Friday, December 11, 2015

Next Up:

Next up in the #DecemberReleases is Lola.  This is her 5th PSR album titled "Another 1" which is also the name of her famous single released last month. It's doing pretty well and fit's day sales are pretty good. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Another 1" by Lola.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

NiNi Is Hosting 2016 BET Awards! + Responds To Reporter

For weeks it's been rumored that the queen will be the host of next year's BET awards, but it was never confirmed.  But today NiNi herself confirmed it over Twitter posting #OfficialHost #BETAWARDS #2016"  Which sent the world into chaos and excitement. This will be her 1st ever time hosting a major musical televised event in her entire career and BET Estimates That Viewers For The show will be higher than they've been. NiNi is also scheduled to perform at the awards too so that's an even better treat. Click here to view her confirmation tweet. In other news, yesterday NiNi flipped on a reporter for asking a "Stupid Ass Question" but the reporter still showed her love and NiNi respected that and posted "@OfficialMaria you're really sweet thank you I'm sorry for reacting the way I did. We can work again sometime in the future just don't pull that again :p" No drama here.  Click here to view her response tweet.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

NiNi Goes IN On Reporter. + Celebs Weigh In On Growing #ZoeyNiNi Beef

Today NiNi was doing an intreview from her company limo about the growing beef between her and Zoey.  The first half of it went ok, but then the reporter lady asked what NiNi considered to be a "Stupid Ass Question" and she blew up on the reporter lady and she wound up kicking the lady out of her limo. It's trending on Twitter and Insta,  many Meme's have been created and the video is posted all over the Internet.  NiNi herself has been quiet on the incident but the reporter posted "About my interview with the queen earlier, she's very cool and laid back, she has a certain swag to her that I like and she's mega talented I love every song she puts out......but she has been known to overreact completely, and I was warned about that and I think that's what happened her. Still love her hope I can interview her again in the future" Usually the "N's" would've chewed her up and spit her out for a comment like that, but they all feel that what she said wasn't bad and she was showing her love throughout the whole tweet so she dodged a huge bullet. Click here to watch the interview and the moment went off and kicked her out. In other news, speaking of Zoey, their beef is getting very very big and it'd growing large and people are comparing it to serious bloody beefs like 2Pac and Biggie, Jay-Z and Nas or G-Unit and Murder Inc and many of NiNi's "Numbers" like Eminem and Niq for example and other celebs have been speaking on it. Click here to see the chaos going on with this bloody war which is being called #AmericaVsLondon.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Next Up:

Next up in the #DecemberReleases is Kat. Kat has been doing really good lately with music as well as endorsements.  This is her 7th PSR album titled "A Perfect Me" It's a little different than her previous material but it's still getting a good buzz and first day sales are impressive. Click here to get my full review, stats info and purchase links for "A Perfect Me" by Kat

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Next Up + NiNi Has New Cousin

Next up in the #DecemberReleases is Iggy. Iggy has been going through a bunch lately so we won't even add her to the NHO category.  This is her 4th PSR album titled "Don't Judge Me" which is pretty nice landing her in 4th place. First day sales are really good and she showcases her talent very well bringing a huge buzz back to her music.  Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Don't Judge Me" by Iggy. In other news, the queen has another news, the queen has a new baby cousin as auntie Kimmy had a baby boy a few days early late last night.  We aren't sure of the name but it's said Ye and NiNi are at the hospital with her. What will the new west boy's name be?

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Next Up:

Next up in the #DecemberReleases is Jasmine. Jasmine may not have been making much music lately but she has never landed in the NHO category because she constantly is out doing things like endorsements and etc.  This is her 3rd album titled "Only I Can Be Me" It was very anticipated and it's doing well and she is in 2nd place replacing 2nd place and first day sales are impressive.  Click here to get my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Only I Can Be Me" by Jasmine.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Next Up: + Reggie And Ari Beef

Next up in the #DecemberReleases is Victoria.  Vic has found herself in the NHO category more than once as she wanted to pursue acting more than making music. But lately she got back in the music scene and she is all over.....reminds you of Ari who is rumored to be next by the way. Anyways this is her 4th PSR album titled "Making It" It is produced by herself, Solo and NiNi and she is in 2nd place and 1st day sales are impressive.  Click here to get my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Making It" by Vic.  In other news, Reggie adds herself to the #DecemberReleases as she tweeted she has her 5th album coming this month (yeah miss Nae Nae has been doing very well at PSR) but she also added herself to a long list of people who is beefing with Ari (who is her label mate) It's no secret that Ari has been voted "Most Hated Celebrity" due to her extremely dirty mouth and her recent outburst of saying 'I Hate America I hate Americans" after she failed to basically get catered to at a donut shop in LA.  Although she apologized constantly no one really forgive her and she made many enemies because of her mouth and now Reggie is one of them. They had a brief Twitter war earlier after Ari posted "wtf is this world coming to when you have the better off taking away from the poor. Even whales aren't that dam important then people that need help in so many ways" She received many likes from that tweet but one person who didn't like it is Reggie (who is taking donations to save endangered whales but not for the homeless or struggling that's how we all knew it was aimed at Reggie) Reggie responded posting "When your fragrance don't sell let's go after someone who never did or said shit out the way to you.  That's what's this world is coming to." An obvious sub reply to Ari.  Well Ari recognized that sub and the two began going back and forth and soon it became a Twitter war and fans joined in most of them on Reggie's side bashing Ari for being fake with one fan posting "You charging mtfs to take a pic with you and you got the nerve to knock somebody that's really trying to improve something? Bitch bye" other mean tweets like that soon followed and after all the negativity, Ari signed off with a kissy face symbol.  Looks like it's trouble in PSR......yet again.  Click here to see their brief Twitter war and the chaos it caused.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Zoeys Comeback Called Pathetic + Next Up

NiNi has done two diss songs to London singer Zoey who she has been beefing with for over a year, and today Zoey released her comeback diss appropriately titled "The Comeback" and fans say its pathetic and disappointing and even laughable. NiNi has been murdering Zoey and her two diss songs buried her twice and many people in the US and London report that NiNi has destroyed her career and her attempt to make a comeback with this diss track just made her lose even more as many say it sucked. Once again it is an obvious reply to NiNi's newest diss song titled "Where U At" In the song, she goes after the queen's label, her position in the game and her body saying she has ass and tit shots as she wasnt as big as she is last year. She also goes after the huge impact she has on the entertainment industry and all her accomplishments saying she doesn't deserve all the power she has and any one of her artists in the NHO category or not are the ones who deserve it over her. She goes in but she obviously just doesn't go hard enough to outshine NiNi's 2 diss tracks. Those two songs are being called the songs that ended Zoey's career and it seems like its true. Click here to listen to "The Comeback' by Zoey. In other news, next up in the #DecemberReleases is Ke$ha. This is her 6th PSR album titled "Still Famous'" Its doing very well and she is now in first place. First day sales are the highest she's ever seen. Click here to get my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Still Famous" by Ke$ha.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Beef With Zoey Goes On Wax

NiNi has been beefing with London singer Zoey for the longest but they never exchanged diss songs to each other until today.......actually until last week when NiNi released her first diss titled "Come On" Now this new song titled "Where You At" is mocking her for not responding and has a line that is quickly getting famous when NiNi raps "Im having hella fun, you still aint did shit about the other one" (referencing her first diss song that Zoey didn't respond to) Fans feel NiNi killed her career with both these diss songs and being that she isnt responding people are already declaring the queen the winner. Click here to check out the diss songs and all the chaos about #NiNiVsZoey and stay tuned....

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

1st Up

To start off the #DecemberReleases is China. She was apart of the #SeptemberReleases and now she's back with the follow up to her highly successful September album "A Night In China" and this is her 7th PSR mixtape titled "Another Night In China" which is doing even better then the album. Ir released only 4 hours ago and already its first day sales are higher then "A Night In China's " first day sales. She's doing well and getting good reviews. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Another Night In China" by China.