Saturday, January 24, 2015

NiINi Gets Backlash From An Orphanage Home

NiNi was contracted last week to perform at an orphanage to perform in front of thousands of her young fans which range from age 12-17 who are homeless with no parents either due to death or just never having any, some are really sick, like with cancer and such. Every celeb that shows up somewhere to perform, whether it be to a concert stadium, all the awards shows, or just private bookings, charges a fee for them to come out. They agreed on her price to come and perform privately and set it up. Well today she showed up with her backup dancers and they were ready to perform. Sources say that the agreed upon price was 10,000 dollars, being that every celeb collects their money before they start performing, NiNi went to collect hers, but the head of the orphanage told her that due to one of the girls getting really sick and having to be hospitalized due to her cancer, they had to use some of the money for her room and medical and they only had 3,500 dollars left. The orphanage doesn't make much money since they accept children for free, so it was very hard to raise up the 10,000 in the first place, and they hoped that being that NiNi loves her fans, she would understand and perform for the $3.500. Well that's not what happened. When NiNi was told that its only 3,500, this is how they said it went "Hmm, I can't do that, we had a deal, if you can't keep that deal, I can't perform here" He says he begged her and explained that they had it all but the girl is very sick and very close to death so they had to use it, and maybe she can do whatever 3,500 is worth, but he claims that she was just rolling her eyes as if she didn't care and after at least 3 full minutes of him explaining about the girl, begging and pleading with her, she said "so anyway, is it 10,000 or not?" He said he was in shock and said "Miss did you hear anything I just said to you, whatever happened to having a heart, especially for children, isn't that what your label and your image is about?" He said she said "Bye bye" and she instructed her team to pack up because they quote "Fucking wasting our time" He then says at that moment her manager Johnny came up and said "Who whoa, did I just hear the gig was canceled, why whats going on? The owner explained the same to him and he said "Yeah" and he turned to NiNi and said "I can't let you play for 3,500" NiNi said "Duh, I already told him that" He says he was in shock, he knows that they had a deal, but he was expecting some kind of break being that its homeless kids that been through so much and some are dying, and he thought NiNi would care but she didn't, and neither did any member of her entourage. He said "I know I didn't have enough, but I tried to reason with her, I even offered to pay the rest over time, she wouldn't hear any of it, the way she acted in front of those children, and just as a human being in general was disgusting and very wrong for someone of her nature. Many children were left crying and she flipped her hair and walked right by them as if she was better then everyone here, I was a huge fan never knew that's how she really acted, these kids love her, all they want is her, they have nothing or no one and some wont be here by next year, and the way she acted was just completely unacceptable, I lost so much respect for her and her entire label, I'm sure they are all the same, I know it doesn't matter because its millions more,  but NiNi lost a fan" Its also said that the kids were begging her not to go and she just ignored them and walked off, and they were crying asking "why doesn't she like us?" The entire orphanage is bashing NiNi and her crew for their behavior, they didn't expect to get off for less, they were willing to pay her the rest and they explained that the place is struggling financially, but they will get her the rest, all they wanted is a couple songs and maybe autographs, she still just quote "looked at us like we were so low because we aren't the kind of people she's around everyday. The media has been trying to get info on this from NiNi's side, but she isn't responding to anything, and neither is the crew that showed up with her nor is PSR. But as always, there's two sides to every story, and many media outlets are refusing to run the story or believe it until she confirms it, after all, the queen is crazy,  but she damn sure isn't mean, and the way he described her was a stuck up mean ass celebrity, and come on that ain't NiNi. Stay tuned.....

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