Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ari Releases New Song + "I Wish I Was Those Jeans"

Today, Ari released a new song called "Do It" Ft Cymphonique. It blew up the minute it released and after 2 hours it has now stolen the number 1 spot on the hot 100 charts. Its Hip Pop and R&B and both artists do amazing on the song with a sample from the 60's Doo-Wop star Frankie Lymon's song "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" it just sounds great. This is Ari's first song since re-signing with PSR, and considering how great its doing around the world, she is proving why she deserved to be back at PSR, and NiqNiq is proving why she deserves to be royal. Click here to check out "Do It" By Ariana Grande Ft Cymphonique. In other news, a new hashtag was created which will probably piss off NiNi's husband. The hashtag is called #IWISHIWASTHOSEJEANS" and it was created for NiNi. It is well known that NiNi loves to rock name brand designer jeans, but her biggest "assest" is her....well......her butt, and how it looks in those jeans. Everyone loves her butt, men women, even small female and male children (yeah I said "children") and a whole page was created today called "" which shows all of the pics that people, the media and paparazzi took of her butt. Its at least 5,000 pics from last year to this year on this site. The site was created illegally without permission from her to use her butt, but so far NiNi hasn't complained about it, so its still up. NiNi's butt is being compared to legendary butts like Trina or Buffy The Body and it has gotten bigger since last year (no offense queen N or Beith) which is having many people joke that she gets it from the back alot from her hubby. Regardless though, the site and her butt is getting HUGE HUGE attention, why wouldn't it though (once again sorry to beith and NiNi but hey, I'm a guy you know, OK that's no excuse SORRY) Anyways, being that this site is still up. all you pervs can click here to check it out and see over 5000 photo's of NiNi's most famous asset of her career and see why people wish they were "her jeans"

NiNi Buys 50 Million Dollar Ranch House For Sister

Bling Bling! Money ain't a thang! At least not when it comes to the queen. She visited Thailand today and fell in love with this adorable little ranch house. Its 23,000 square acres complete with 5 outdoor pools, 3 waterfalls, a chocolate fountain, 67 private butlers and servants, a basketball court, a track field, a yoga field, a lake, a private ocean (yes I said OCEAN) a private boat (a 1976 yacht) touch screen access (gates etc) her own private helicopter landing pad, and her own private helicopter. Its a beautiful place no doubt, but its not for her. Paparazzi approached her and said "Wow this is a beautiful place, you must be proud of yourself" and she replied "Oh I am, but its not for me, its for a young intelligent beautiful young woman who is my best friend who I love to death, my sister, she doesn't travel much especially not this damn far (laughs) but she is a wonderful person and I'm sure eventually she will visit and when she does, she has her own place to come to, she deserves it (smiles) NiNi is a good big sister, as you can see. But other then that, NiNi's NYE party is tonight starting at 5pm. We've just found out that the queen doesn't care if camera's are in there so therefore I will get you guys pictures and all the details for tomorrow. No fans are not allowed to come, sorry guys, but at least you get the details right?

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

NiNi Causes MAJOR Controversy With A Family On New Song.......

NiNi must be a huge fan of controversy, we say that because she's always in it, in fact she said once in an interview "my middle name is controversy" Well today she is involved in her middle name once again. Not too long after this lawsuit thing popped all over the Internet, a song dropped by NiNi Ft KeKe Palmer called "Goin Down" It has a similar Vibe to Young Joc's song of the same name and in one line she says "Its goin down when I see ya, goin down when I meet ya, goin down like Aaliyah" And right after she says that, some swear they hear a "BOOM" in the background, although many say that they don't hear it. Aaliyah was tragically killed in 2001 after her plane crashed shortly after takeoff while she was coming from Brazil finishing her last video which was "Rock The Boat" The first thing that witnesses reported was seeing her plane "Going Down" from the front before crashing into a ditch and semi exploding. Aaliyah and 20 others died on impact with Aaliyah suffering severe head trauma and numerous broken bones. The line in the song has been taken extremely to the head by members of Aaliyah's family who say that NiNi has showed nothing but disrespect just to get a line to rhyme and it was no reason to add her name especially in that kind of way in her song. They say that they have no problem with people putting her name in songs, many people have already did it,  but they say that the way NiNi did it was disrespectful to her memory. They legally cant do anything about it like sue her but they are asking for an apology from her since they feel it was out of line and unnecessary. Furthermore, the family says that not only did the line offend them, but in certain parts of the song, her voice is sampled in a chopped and screwed voice which makes it seems like maybe she is subliminally dissing her. Mostly her family is the loud talkers in this, fans, including Aaliyah's fans do not feel that NiNi did anything wrong or that she meant anything harm by the line. Click here to listen to "Goin Down" by NiNi Ft NiNi and KeKe and Judge for yourself. *UPDATE* NiNi has responded to Aaliyah's family over Insta and she posted a pic of Aaliyah which is her last photo and she captioned it as "My Girl" She posted "I never got the privilege to meet her, we were in two different worlds, when she left, I was only 11 years old, but I have always been a fan of her and I still am, she changed R&B forever and its still many artists who are trying to top what she accomplished and set forth including me, I would never disrespect her. To her family, I apologize for the misunderstanding, I actually was referring to her song "Going Down" and I said her name because that is the name of her song, the same way someone might say for example "I get it popping like NiNi" since "Get It Poppin" is the name of my song. Not once did her tragic accident cross my mind when I wrote the song but I do see where you guys are coming from and I guess I just wasn't thinking all the way how that might sound. Once again I apologize and that wasn't a plane crash sound in the back, I said "What Up Girl" I have no idea how people interpret that as a boom sound. Once again I apologize, I always looked up to her and she is and always will be one of my fav singers Mwah! R.I.P LI-LI 1979-2001" Her family has accepted the apology so no more issues there, just a case of mistaken identity and after listening to the song carefully, we do hear her say "what up girl" in the back but its low and muffled which is why people might've heard a boom noise because if you don't listen close, you just hear noise which sounds like something crashing, its best to listen to it with headphones, then you'll clearly hear the real deal.

The Queens In Court Today Over Copyright

A couple weeks ago, the two queens were sued by a Hungarian singer who claims they stole her song and changed it to the popular song "Drunk In Love" which is performed by Queen B and produced by Queen N. Today, the singer flew down to the U.S to take the queens to court and they were both seen entering the courthouse at 8am this morning side by side avoiding all paparazzi crews and news camera's. The queens are accused of copyright and damages in the amount of 300 million dollars each (the self called "king" has been dropped from the suit due to the courts saying that just as a "feature" he is legally entitled not to be held responsible, the only responsible parties are the creator and producer, which translates to NiNi and B" They both were in a New York courthouse for over 2 hours and when they came out they refused any access to them so no details are known right now about what happened or what the judge said, but they both seemed to look upset exiting the courthouse. There still isn't much info on this yet, since neither queen is talking right now, so stay tuned. P.S Tomorrow is NiNi's huge NYE party, didn't really have to say that, just wanted to :) *UPDATE* Sources close to both queens say that, the singer has reduced her original lawsuit amount of 300 million dollars to just 30 million dollars and she is requesting the song not be played anymore. Its said that after a jury listened to the 2 songs, it was determined that many parts of her song was copied and since neither queen had any permission from her, they were found guilty of copyright, although they argued that they recycled, they didn't steal, but the judge didn't go for it (NiNi has been in lots of trouble lately, and many law officials want to see her locked up so she isn't getting any breaks from there) and the judge awarded the Hungarian singer with winning her lawsuit. The judge ordered that both queens pay 30 million a piece to her no later then January 12th 2015, they also can not perform or promote the song anywhere, and radio stations are limited to playing the song. This is the first time that NiNi has successfully been beaten for copyright, and we can imagine she is not happy about it, and neither are her fans. The Beyhive and the N's have been viciously attacking the judge and the singer who sued them all day due to their disagreement with the Judge's decision and the singer has many death threats aimed at her, but it is said she hurried back to her home country quickly as these threats started coming to her. NiNi and B have not been available for comment. Sorry queens :( hopefully the party tomorrow will cheer you guys up :) Click here to read full details about what went down at the trial.....

Monday, December 29, 2014

Taylor Is Up, But Police Still Aren't Happy

Ever since Taylor was viciously beaten over 2 1/2 weeks ago, cops suspected that NiNi and KP were the two who were responsible, but they had no evidence, so they had to wait until Taylor was up in order to get her story and hopefully finally put the two divas behind bars. When she woke up today, Police were happy and rushed to the hospital to hopefully get evidence to arrest NiNi and KP, after all, cops wanna see NiNi locked up more then anyone, but Taylor didn't give them much help and she say she has no idea who put her in the hospital. It got to a point to where a nurse said that one cop was so frustrated he threw things and broke things inside her room screaming "Goddammit, you know it was Nisha or Katy, you fucking damn well know it was!, why are you protecting them when they did this to you, are you that stupid, tell us now it was them right, IT WAS THEM RIGHT!!!!!????" He went close to her grabbing all on her really trying to get her to say one of their names (gosh seems like he really wants to lock those two up) But Taylor kept her story and said she doesn't know. The cops had to be escorted out of the hospital by Sheriffs due to how they were behaving. According to Taylor she doesn't remember anything, and doctors say she may be suffering from Amnesia due to the extreme Trauma to her head, but she is now up and physically she is OK. They plan to keep her for a couple more days to observe her, and if she is still doing good, they will release her. The two officers who went to visit her have been suspended and her family has requested a restraining order against them. Cops are supposed to do their job sometimes by any means necessary but because they want to finally lock up NiNi and their burning desire not to have a royal celeb not get away with everything because of their status, they went too far and they had their badges and guns taken for 2 months for bashing a trauma victim. Both officers have apologized to Taylor and her family. Being that Taylor isn't speaking, NiNi and Katy are still in the clear, but the entire Police department still thinks that either NiNi or Katy or maybe both had something to do with Taylor's assault whether directly (aka themselves) or indirectly (aka a hired hit) and they are still at the top of the suspects list, and the chief says that eventually they will get them. At this point though, there is not enough evidence to try them for a charge, no evidence to arrest them, no evidence to try and take them to court to have a jury decide, no probable cause, basically NO NOTHING, so they would love to say that NiNi better not leave town, or don't have your party, but they cant say ANYTHING to her. NiNi however is suing the Atlanta PD for harassment as she claims that they have been coming to her house beating on her door at 3am and trying to get a confession and disrespecting her as well as threatening to lock her up for life. The lawsuit will go to trial after the new year and its many fans who are protesting against the PD. The commissioner apologized for the actions of the officers but that didn't work and its turning into a racist thing, so obviously all of this is getting beyond crazy. Maybe we'll never know who brutally assaulted miss Swift, but cops seems to already know and in their minds its NiNi and/or Katy. Click here to check out all of the articles surrounding this story, including the harassment to NiNi and the lawsuit and pretty much everything else........

NiNi's Party Is All Over The World

Besides her music, amazing performances, incredible stage presence creativity and sometimes wacky antics, the queen is well known for her famous parties. When she throws a party, no one leaves unhappy or bored, she makes sure everyone is turned up which is why everyone tries to get invited every time she has one. Her New Years Eve party is getting bigger and bigger by the minute and its now the biggest topic in America and overseas, and sources say that famous people overseas like musicians, actors and dancers are trying to get invited to her party.  The party begins at 5 at the New York Plaza Hotel Ballroom in Manhattan New York and it is said that over 500 people are already on the guest list. Its an all white party and all of her famous bells and whistles will be at the party. Fans are also trying to get invited to the party, but so far the queen hasn't announced if any fans will be invited. Security and police presence will be tighter then tight and we are told some huge A list names will be in attendance and this party is expected to be her biggest one ever, bringing in the new year. There will be live music, dancing and much more excitement. Fans are however, allowed to be outside of the building (which I don't see the point of) but until the queen says differently, they are not allowed inside. Anyone unauthorized to be at the party, will be arrested and/or fined no less then 100,000 dollars. Invitations must be shown to security at the door and invites must be in all white or they will be refused entry unless the queen allows them in. News of this party has reached as far as China and beyond, which is the farthest her parties have ever reached so obviously this is huge. 2 more days, we get to bring the new year in with the queen and we cant wait. It is unknown if camera's will be allowed, but if they are I will get you guys pictures and give you all of the details. The staff at the Plaza Hotel have already began preparations for this massive party, and sources say that they have already began putting up decorations such as glitter, party balloons, New Years decorations and more, and they have expanded a little bit to accommodate the large crowd. The hotel can fit at least 1000 people into its massive ballroom easily, but with NiNi, her parties usually have over 5,000 people or more, so knowing that, the hotel has expanded the ballroom to fit more people. Check back on New Years Day for details on what is looking to be a historic mega party!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

RiRi Charged With Assault On Mom Over Christmas Break

Rihanna is charged with one of the worst crimes you can ever commit, and that's assault on your own mother.  During the Christmas break, she went to her hometown of Barbados and it is said that she got into a heated argument with her mom, (her parents still live out there) The argument turned physical though  and its said that RiRi punched her mother over 22 times in her face chest and the back of her head and neck making her require over 700 stitches. Its no secret that RiRi has a big anger problem (we all remember her freaking out and pouring hot coffee on a paparazzi dude right?) But no one expected her anger would get this far. Unauthorized pics have released which shows her mom bloody and bruised up on Christmas night in the back of the ambulance with the paramedics and sources close to Rihanna say that the argument started over money (surprise surprise) Apparently, RiRi borrowed some money from her mom and her mom started flipping on her to give it back and one thing led to another and it turned into a huge mess and after her mom began pushing all on her RiRi flipped and began beating her, and when her father tried to break it up, its said that she pushed him back hard and he hit his head on a metal desk. Her mom went to the hospital, got her stitches and afterwards, she pressed charges on her daughter, ignoring the fathers pleas to not go through with it. RiRi was arrested in Barbados at a Christmas party and she went with no issues. The police extradited her back to America and charged her with assault, making threats and forced abuse and she is being held on 1 billion dollars bail. Her mom was released from the hospital the next day and she is unavailable for comment. This is still a developing story, stay tuned for more info......

Saturday, December 27, 2014

MiMi Continues To Try And Make Peace With NiNi, But NiNi Obviously Isnt Interested

NiNi and MiMi have been beefing since the start of NiNi's career, but after a handful of diss songs and exchanging harsh words back and forth, earlier this year, Mimi reached out to NiNi and told her she no longer feels its worth it and she wants to make peace and offered up a truce, and sent her a 12 page apology letter over NiNi's Twitter, but the queen to this day, has not accepted any truce or responded to her in anyway. Now MiMi is trying again to make peace with the queen. For Christmas, she posted a Christmas card on her Twitter and wished her and her family a Merry Christmas and once again, in bold letters she put at the end: "Truce?" NiNi hasn't responded to her, .....instead, within hours, the card and message was deleted off of the queens page, probably by her. Then about an hour later, she sent yet another post to NiNi and she said "Collab? Truce?" She didn't delete that post, but she still didn't respond to her. Over the next 2 hours, Mariah continued to send her posts that went unanswered,  and after 2 hours she finally stopped. Obviously the queen just isn't interested in a truce with her right now, especially considering they had the longest beef in history, only second to the G-Unit and Murder Inc beef, and their beef was even more bloodier then her and Gaga's beef, so we can imagine it might take a little time for the queen to accept a truce and a collab with her. Do you guys feel that NiNi should put the past behind her and accept a truce since Mariah is trying, or do you feel she has every right to ignore her? Click here to check out her tweets to NiNi....

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Drama At Brooklyn Meet And Greet + New Year Party Announced

Yesterday NiNi was in Brooklyn NY for the contest and all was well at first, the presents were given out with no issues, but when the meet and greets came, that's when the drama started. One girl went up to NiNi and hugged her and she got an autograph and was talking for a little while with her. Another girl screamed out Ay, its a meet and greet not a meet and talk her ear off, you jumped in front of me anyway bitch, I should kick your ass for that" The other girl tried to ignore her, but the girl kept talking, she took her pic with NiNi and she said "Oh can I please get another one? NiNi said ""Sorry sweetie, I got so many other people to do right now" That's when the other girl said "OK that's it" and she went over there and grabbed the girl by her hair and said "Next!" and she slammed her on the ground. NiNi looked like "Oh God, I knew something like this would happen" The two started fighting and security ran over and broke them out and kicked them out and they continued to fight outside of the park. Other arguments also popped off, because fans, especially the female fans were taking long because they kept hugging her and talking to her, and things like that, but it didn't graduate to a fight like the other two girls. After all of that, there were no more issues and the rest of the meet and greet went smooth. Altogether NiNi gave out over 100 presents, 2 gifts for each person. It was mostly clothes, shoes, boots, some kids toys, hats, scarfs, gloves, some signed stuff like signed Nike's signed by all members of PSR, and some of her shoes signed by herself and also Kat's newest signed "Hello Kitty Kat" pocketbook, so they got some cool things for Christmas. Camera's were not allowed inside so its no footage of the event. The Houston meet and greet begins at 3pm today to 5pm, but since its raining in Houston and the weather says it will get heavier as the day goes on, it may have to be canceled until the 26th, but we have to see. If it doesn't get canceled, make sure you get their early because it will get crowded fast with all the other winners, and you may be last in line, which always sucks. Good luck! In other news, sources close to NiNi say that she will be having one of her super famous huge mega parties for New Years on New Years Eve. Its not many details yet, but we will give you more when we get them. One thing we do know is that her parties get beyond crazy and usually it be deserted in the music game the next day due to the alcohol and......other.......things.....that be there, and I'M INVITED! That's dope, more info on this soon!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tinashe Held By Police For Going HAM On A Fan + Winning Numbers Announced As Contest Ends

The Legends trio are on tour and they are now in Houston TX and Tinashe was unable to take part in the show due to being taken away by police. It started as soon as the dynamite trio exploded onto the stage. About a minute in, someone threw a cup filled with iced coffee on stage and it hit Tinashe and it soaked her all in coffee and ice. She stood there shocked with her mouth open for a minute, then she screamed out "Who the fuck did that" The loyal fans snitched and pointed to this one girl and the girl looked scared. Tinashe had a bottle of Gatorade in her hand which she always has on stage and she was like "Oh you think that shits funny huh?" and she jumped off stage and walked into the audience still talking mess to the girl,while the girl tried to run but fans held her so she couldn't go anywhere (no matter what, you gotta admit that's messed up, fans can do crazy things for their fav celebs sometimes) Security tried to get over to the audience to stop her but it was too large a crowd and most of the fans were instigators and wanted to see drama so some of them tried to fight off security. Tinashe approached the girl and the fans let her go and she was yelling all in her face and it seemed like the girl was apologizing and crying and Tinashe threw the bottle of Gatorade in her face and down her shirt and hit her in the head with the bottle. NiNi screamed out "Tinashe, sit the fuck down! Tinashe still continued to scream and curse at the girl who at this point was crying and hoping someone would come help her (why the hell would you do it anyway if you're that scared duh) anyways, she didn't hit her, and NiNi screamed again TINASHE!!!!!! She turned around and looked up at her, and NiNi said "I said back off!" Tinashe looked at the girl and walked away. Security finally got through and grabbed her and called the cops. The rest of the show was canceled by NiNi, and fans were pissed at the girl and some tried to attack her while she was being held by the security guards and they had to protect her. The Police arrived and the fans who prevented the girl from running were arrested, the fans who were fighting security were arrested and the ones who tried to hit the girl after all this went down were arrested as well. The girl, Amanda, was not hurt just soaked with Gatorade and shaken with fear. She was charged with minor assault on a public authority figure and fined 10,000 dollars and was let go and escorted home by police since everyone wanted to hurt her for getting the show canceled. Tinashe was put in the back in the police car and she was still screaming cursing and wilin out to the point they had to put her in cuffs. Being that she didn't hurt the girl, they just allowed her to  calm down in the back of the police car. After about 30 minutes, NiNi and China came out and NiNi told the officers to let her out and they did and she was calm (well at least calmer then she was) and since no charges were filed all 3 left in the PSR limo. Some paparazzi crews were on site and tried to get an interview but T shot them a mean look and they said "whoa OK maybe next time" Fans were even more upset because NiNi is off today and this was her show before she went home, now they have to wait until they make up, which probably wont be anytime soon since they have so many other places to go, and they're already behind schedule, so fans are really upset at the girl known as Amanda. It is unknown why the girl threw the coffee. It was recorded on a video cam and released to YouTube, it shows the moment where the coffee hits Tinashe up until she gets carried away by Security and cops, so its a full 14 minutes. Click here to view the video (warning harsh language is used by T when she starts going Ham so be aware of that, and the person who was recording all of this mustve been real close because you hear her loud and clear) In other news, NiNis  #ChristmasSprit contest has ended today and 50 winners from Brooklyn, NY have been announced and 50 winners from Houston TX have been announced. Click here to view the raffle numbers to see if you have one of the lucky numbers. NiNi will be at the MLK Park in Brooklyn at 4pm-6pm today giving the winners their prizes and their meet and greets. If you are a winner you have to go sign your name and enter your winning number and click submit. Then when you go you have to show security your id and it must match the name on your submission and you must show your winning number. If you're missing either one of these items, you will not be allowed in the park, so its extremely important you remember to do all of these important steps, same thing for Houston. She will be in Houston tomorrow between 3 and 5pm, and once again SAME RULES APPLY. Click here to check to see if you are a winner and to claim your entry to go get your free XMAS gifts and meet the queen. Congrats to all you lucky winners!

Miranda Posts Pic Of Daughter Gets Into Twitter Beef With Disrespectful Fan

Today, Miranda posted a pic of her daughter Mya on Insta with the caption of "Aww, my little my my is so happy :)" We've all seen her daughter numerous times, especially on Livin With NiNi, but this is the first time she actually posted a pic of her over a social media site. But someone  posted a nasty comment which offended Miranda, and probably will offend any mother in the world. The fan whose Twitter name is ThEbEsT, copied and pasted the pic of Mya and posted "That's a ugly ass baby" About an hour later Miranda responded "Some people are just so low to even pull some crap like that, some people have no life and have to try and get one by stealing others to try and gain one, I do not appreciate the comment and by the way you ain't so hot yourself bro #letsbereal" The fan responded "I'm hotter then your weird looking baby, matter fact, I think anyone is hotter then that ugly little thing, guess that's the end result when you fuck someone looking like Harry Styles, like father like daughter I suppose, actually like mother like daughter too really cuz you ain't pretty either" After that post, Miranda was FIRED UP, she threatened to kill this person numerous times, and she warned him that if she ever comes across him she will make his life miserable. His response was "Oh, Please, kill it with that mighty dorky royal power talk hoe,  if it wasn't for nisha you wouldn't even be thought of, wheres your talent, you ain't even funny, that's why your dumb ass show got canceled, in fact if it wasn't for nini, you wouldn't even have a music career cuz Columbia sure ain't want your whack ass" Fans jumped in and told Miranda to ignore him because he's just looking for attention, but he really got her upset and he kept bringing her baby up, and she just went crazy and posted a super nasty threatening full of curses rant against this guy, and he responded "Do you feel better, wow you know how to yell and curse whoop de fucking doo, you're still suckish, corny, whack, untalented, and ugly, you ain't scaring nobody" Their war continued for 2 hours and at the end her fans finally calmed her down by saying nice things about her baby and telling her to ignore ignorant people like him, he's not worth her time. She thanked all her real fans and she ended it. He continued to tweet her for 20 more minutes but she didn't respond, then his account was canceled probably by Twitter, since he violated their terms of service by posting fake pics of her baby sucking a,,,,you know,.and other weird things he did to the picture. It is unknown who this person is, but Miranda posted a short time later "The world is full of ignorance, sometimes it is hard to just ignore it, but if you let it pull you in with it, you're just as ignorant, and I refuse to stoop to his level, I'm much more mature, and I know he has nothing better to do but bother innocent people, so his miserable life makes me happy because that's exactly what someone like him deserves. It is said that the person signed up again with a new account name, but so far he hasn't attempted to contact Miranda yet. You can click here to check out their full Twitter beef.......

Monday, December 22, 2014

Seems Like Reggie Is In A Beef Too

First the twins, Tegan and Sara (who are getting bloodier by the way) then Cymphonique and Jessie J yesterday (no more details on that yet) now it seems Reggie has a beef started with Madison Pettis. If you don't know, Madison is the little girl who played The Rock's daughter in "The Game Plan" But the beef didn't seem like it was meant to start as a beef, as usual someone had to open their mouth with an opinion that has nothing to do with them just like Jessie did yesterday. Madison tweeted "Listening to "6 foot 7 foot, 3 years later that still bangs, I love Wayne, but God he has so many kids like cant keep it in your pants huh, its ridiculous to have that many kids, and I bet all of them are brats lol" Naturally, Reggie being one of those kids took offense to that and she responded "Umm who are you? and why are you all up in his? You must be joking with that brat thing, we all know what's up with you on set, don't even use that word because you define it to a whole new definition" Madison responded "@REGGIE, I apologize I was just joking, is that what you wanna hear?" Reggie responded saying, "Whatever ugh, how fake was that y'all? Guess that says alot" They continued exchanging words with each other, but being that Madison is only 15 she didn't get violent or cuss, in fact their beef didn't get loud or violent at all like most Twitter beefs go, so this might not get huge, but then again that doesn't mean anything. Its not a huge thing because it only lasted about 22 minutes, but everyone is on Reggie's side, and not just because how big she is getting, its because everyone (including us, no offense)  feels that Madison should've just kept that to herself and it wasn't even worth mentioning, like what was the point of it? Wayne also responded to her, but more in a playful way and said "Yeah yeah yeah, I tend to have that effect on women #swagsobright Actually probably another popping out soon" (damn dude) Anyways, Madison didn't respond to that. So for now, we cant actually confirm that its a beef between Reggie and Madison, but its starting out like how all beefs usually start and that's over Twitter, stay tuned for more info....

Ari Returns To PSR + Selena And Vanessa Continue To Get Pounded By TT Fans

Yesterday, Ari released her video titled "Why I Miss PSR" and within hours she was re signing with PSR. She was released after entering into a heated beef with Jhene Aiko, and since then she has signed with Columbia/Hollywood records and blew up like a bomb, but despite the success that Columbia has provided to her, she did not hesitate to sign herself out and sign back with PSR. When she first was signed back in late 2012, she was not as big, so she was only signed to an artist development deal for 1 year, but she didn't finish the year out and was dropped mid 2013. Now that she is one of the biggest artists on the planet, she has signed to an official full contract worth 233 million dollars for 4 years which is a 4 album deal, 3 mixtape deal and 2 movie deal and an optional 1 reality show/sitcom deal. Nobody knew she was back until NiNi announced it over Twitter posting @BIGSISJASSIE #LOVEYOU @ARIANAGRANDE #WelcomeBack!"  (Jassie is her sister) Ari later tweeted @NiNi thank you, it feels awesome to be back, yay its official! Those tweets received much attention and over a billion retweets and comments on it. Sources say that Ari has already began working on her first official PSR mixtape, she just recently released her 2nd album on Columbia, so she has a little time before she has to release a PSR album, and sources say that she is in the studio ( a new one, not her old one) and she has been in the zone all day cut off from everyone just working.A few PSR artists tweeted welcome back to her such as her former "Victorious Co-Star Victoria Justice and Selena Gomez, 2 of who were named in her video yesterday. We also would like to say welcome back Ari, and we are looking forward to hearing good things from you soon. In other news, we are still following the Taylor Swift assault closely and she is still in the hospital and although doctors aren't spilling many details on her condition out of respect for her privacy and from requests from her family, sources close to her say that she isn't any better. Police still haven't found anyone responsible, and although they still have NiNi and Katy high on their suspicion list, they still cant act on it unless they get proof which they don't have. Many of her fans have showed up at the hospital to show their support and even though they weren't allowed inside, they stood outside for hours singing her songs and praying for her. But its 2 main people who should've shown up way before the fans even did and that's her two bff's Selena and Vanessa. Those two avoid any and all questions about her, and have not been to visit her yet and Taylor's fans are bashing them over Twitter, FB, Insta and any other social network sites out there. Selena is being called a "traitor" and a "fake bitch" and Vanessa is being called "A hater" "a jealous untalented whore" and its way more worse things which I wont mention out of respect for them. Its becoming a war over this and those two still aren't responding, but the super powerful NiNi who is the leader of everything and everybody in the entertainment game, came to the defense of her artists. She posted "Whoa whoa whoa! Everyone wants to talk about these two like they're nothing or nobody, y'all think you big and bad because you know how to curse and call women out their names like pussies, im bigger n badder,  how about this, cut the shit right now because y'all love @taylor so much right, how about this, you will never ever be able to listen to or buy her music ever again and she will not be anywhere for the rest of her life, y'all wanna play hard, I can play dirty #realshit" A fan responded and said @nini you cant do that" She responded #TRYME (Guys, NiNi actually CAN do that, since as mentioned above she owns everyone and everything, so she can drop people even if they aren't with her label, she can make their music disappear forever so you shouldn't ever doubt her) After she posted that, the war and comments stopped. So this war is now bigger then just the threesome beef, its now becoming NiNi And KP Vs Taylor Vs The Fans and that's the new long hashtag for it. Stay tuned for more info on this......

Sunday, December 21, 2014

NiNi Announces Contest + Pink Collab With NiNi

NiNi has announced a contest over her insta today called #ChristmasSpirit and NiNi is getting deep into the Christmas spirit by offering free things from the official platinum wear store, the most popular clothing line in the entire world. She is offering free clothing, shoe wear, hair accessories and more to 100 lucky winners, The contest begins today and ends on the 23rd. She will be in Brooklyn NY and Houston TX to give away the items to the lucky winners. 100 winners will be chosen at random after picking the winner number from a raffle ticket. There will be 50 winners in Brooklyn and 50 winners in Houston, and not only do those lucky winners get free official hot gear from Platinum Wear, they also get a 5 minute meet and greet with the queen where they can take selfies with her, talk to her and get her autograph. Full details are still not known, but you can head over to her website and check out the rules to the contest and find out how to get your number for the raffle. Winning numbers will be called out on the 23rd early morning like 6am and the give aways will take place in the afternoon in Brooklyn on that day and in Houston in the afternoon on the 24th. No jewelry or very expensive items will be given away but you can get some really hot things that you couldn't otherwise get for free, Also when NiNi is there giving out the items, no one else is allowed but the winners, she will be at a park in both locations, and if anyone is there who is not a winner, they will be escorted out by members of her security team and if they give any trouble they will be arrested, so guys please don't do it, you will be locked up for at least 10 years for threatening the safety of a public authority figure, I know its tempting but only go if you're a winner of the contest, More details on the contest will be released over her website within the next hour. Click here to view the rules on the contest, In other news, P!nk has long awaited to do a collab with NiNi. In fact, she was offered a deal with PSR when NiNi first started it, but she turned her offer down as she already signed a deal with Columbia, a decision she says she regrets to this day. But she finally got her wish and today a song dropped today with NiNi called "XMAS JOY" Its a Christmas song and its really nice, no cursing, no violence, just all about the joys of the holiday, and its becoming very popular quickly. Last time NiNi did a Christmas song was Christmas of 2011, so its nice to hear that from her. Click here to check out "XMAS JOY" By NiNi Ft P!nk, Now what everyone wants to know is if the queen will be throwing a huge Christmas party like she did last year and the year before that, if she does, I hope I'm invited :) We'll let you know if we find out. Other PSR artists are also doing special things for Christmas,whether it be songs or charity things, everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. Click here to check out how PSR is jumping into the holiday spirit this year.

Cymphonique Involved In Outside Beef

Cymphonique is now involved in a beef, but its not with anyone at PSR (at least not anymore) Its with Jessie J. Jessie J has tweeted her dislike over Cymphonique's new song "Bands Make Me Dance" which features Bow Wow. She tweeted "So everyone's panties are in a bunch over "#bandsmakemedance, I feel it's stupid and childish, not to mention it reminds you so much of Juicy J's song, not even mentioning the title, its immature and if she even found herself recording and releasing that garbage, that says alot about her and her so called #talent, don't care what anyone says, just tired of hearing everyone making a fuss about something like that, and the real talented people and songs these days get no love its bullshit #justmyopinion" Of course Niq Niq took offense to that and responded @JessieJ, #ohnoshedidnt, hmm, you say that my song is immature, it stupid, its garbage and whatever else you called it in your phony rant, yet my song is on the top 100 charts at number 2, hmm now let me see if I have this straight, your newest song released almost a month ago, yet you didn't make it to the top 100 yet, hell you didn't even make it to the top 200 and its at number 362, wow that says alot about YOU now doesn't it sweetie?" Naturally Jessie responded saying "People are so funny, they feel just because stats say where you are really meüans something, what matters is the talent you dish out not who defines what talent is, if you feel that you're really talented just because the media says you are, you need to grow up, and find out what real talent is #getreal #getalife" Then Cymphonique responded one last time, putting Jessie on blast and said "If I recall correctly, you asked @nini last week if you can join PSR, she said your music isn't what she is looking for, #rejected..... hmmm are you maybe just a little (or a lot) #jealous? well #stepyourgameup, and maybe you can release better stuff then the so called "talent" you dish out #havealifealreadysweetiewhere'syours" Jessie didn't respond and many think she didn't respond because she really got offended and embarrassed by that. It is known that Jessie was turned down by NiNi in a respectful way, but it is unknown why all of a sudden she is attacking Cymphonique. Is it jealousy, or is it something personal between them, but its getting exciting. Cymphonique hasn't been involved in a beef in the past 2 years until now, so will this get big, or will it end here? We will dig more to see if we can get more info and why and how this beef started. The new hashtag for this new beef is #talentornotalent" Stay tuned for more info. RiRi is also said to be in a beef with Drake, her ex, now that she is back with Breezy, an its causing him and Breezy to cancel their renewed friendship, so lots of drama going on, but the RiRi, Drake and Breezy thing is unconfirmed right now, stay tuned, for more info on that as well.........Click here to check out their Twitter beef......

7 Reasons Why "Ari Misses PSR

Today, Ari posted a video on YouTube called 'Why I Miss PSR" Ari has been very active on YouTube recently, posting videos of her rapping to songs, or just doing goofy things like impressions (last week she did an impression of NiNi and it was bomb) Today she uploaded the video and described 7 reasons why she reasons why she misses PSR, and gives detailed reasons behind her choices. She started the video by saying "sup guys, so I had a dream last night about PSR, its weird because I've been so busy lately I haven't even had time to mourn them, and I realize I really miss it like so much, and here are my reasons why. (Numbers popped up as she said the reasons, 1,2,3,4 etc) Number 1, Cymphonique, number 2, Katy Perry, number 3 Nicki Minaj, number 4 NiNi, number 5 Selena Gomez, number 6 Victoria and number 7 Tina. Then she gave reasons behind her decisions. Number 1, she said "Cymphonique wow, how can I describe her, I've known her pretty much my whole life, and ever since we met we always laughed and had a cool time with each other, when we met when we were like 5 I had my red hair and she said I looked like a tomato (laughs) and its pretty weird to get close after something like that but that's how our friendship started, she's goofy, she's talented and she's just that kind of person you can chill with whenever wherever and You'll be sure to always have a good time. Number 2 "Wow what can I say about KP, the woman is the goofiest and funniest person I've ever met, she says random things out of nowhere for no reason even if the topic is way off. She has always made me laugh, and if I was ever feeling down there, she knows how to perk you up, I really miss her, she used to come in my studio and call me Debbie for no reason just to be crazy (laughs) Number 3, Nicki is super cool, I've been a fan of her since forever and we got close after "Bang Bang" she's really cool and funny, those voices and faces she does is the best. Number 4, God, what can I say about Nisha, Nisha is by far the coolest most laid back most soulful person I know, if I had to describe her in one word, its definitely crazy. She is just so tasteful in everything, we have so much in common, she has great taste in music, everything I like, she likes, she likes the Beatles, bob Dylan everything you'd never expect her to be into and that's why we always clicked, and I don't even have to say how super funny she is, she knows how to hit the funny bone in anyones body without even trying, I think I miss her the most. Number 6, (laughs) Selena , one word "A weirdo" (laughs) she's just so weird just like me, she will put on all these crazy voices, put on wigs and run in the middle of the street screaming at people in a mans voice, that woman knows how to have a good time, and she can take a boring day and turn it into something special, just by the way she acts. I remember she walked around hugging everyone for no reason and acting like she was about to dump water on people with an empty jug, she's just crazy and fun. Number 6 I love Vic, our time on "Victorious" was the best years of my life, and she is so lively and down to earth. She is funny in her own way and she does silly impressions and she is a goofball, and how can you not love those cheekbones, we became close on the show and that bond is still there. Number 7 Miss Tina Knowles, man I love the entire Knowles family, Beyonce is super dope, and she is so funny, Solange is the bad girl but she is really cool, I even met Matthew once and some of their aunts, and they are all a cool family, but Tina has to be the most coolest person I ever met. She doesn't act her age, she's down to hang out with the Lil ones and she's just like us, her jokes always had us laughing and when NiNi was upset with us, Tina always made her smile, she's 20 years old at heart,she's my girl (laughs) I really miss them and I miss PSR so much, and to one of the comments, Yes I wish I was back there, but I'm happy that I just remained friends with all of them, everyone is so cool there" Some people such as NiNi and Katy tweeted their appreciation of her videos. Many Ari and NiNi fans would like to see Ari back at PSR do you? Click here to checkout "why I miss PSR" by Ariana Grande.......

Saturday, December 20, 2014

NiNi And Katy Back Under Suspicion For Brutal TT Assault

Last night, TT was brutally assaulted in her home and police immediately suspected her two bloody enemies, NiNi and KP were responsible in some way, whether directly or indirectly. They took them both in for questioning, but after verifying that they both were at shows when this went down and no other real evidence connecting them to it has been found, they had no choice but to let them go. But today they are now back under suspicion due to the police finding out that both NiNi and Katy were MIA from the show for at least 32 minutes before it started and nobody knew where they were. No witnesses have stepped forward and Taylor's security system was mysteriously down so it didn't record anything. The security company says that it was a malfunction with the cameras, but the police think someone cut the power to it. Police were hoping to get cooperation from PSR but expecting loyal artists to snitch out their boss was low to expect (even for cops) so they got nowhere with that. Some were so uncooperative that the cops who visited PSR left noticeably upset at the little stunts they pulled, such as Selena who spoke Spanish the whole time and acted as if she couldn't understand English and Brandy who just stared without blinking the entire time when they were asking questions (that actually sounds hilarious) So although cops suspect that the 32 minute window that the diva's were MIA may have been a trip to Taylor's house, they have no proof, no physical evidence, no witnesses, no security footage no anything to tie them to it. Taylor's mom and family is putting alot of pressure on the Police Department to catch the person or people responsible for what happened to her. This drama isn't stopping NiNi and KP from joking about it, They were tweeting each other over Twitter earlier and NiNi posted "@KATYPERRY The rabbit finally got hit by Elmer Fudd huh, I always wondered will he catch that ol' silly wabbit lol" Katy responded "LMAO, looks like he did, too bad he didn't stick carrots in places where carrots aren't meant to be if you know what I mean #whatsupdoc" (lol, I'm sorry those two are stupid) Anyways, some people find their 20 minute joking about TT's pain hilarious, other people (mostly her fans, and self righteous people) find it disgusting and cruel, which side are you on? Until some real hardcore evidence is found linking either NiNi or Katy to this deadly assault, they wont be charged with anything, but cops say they are at the top of their persons of interest list, but for now, N, T and C will be continuing their tour in Virgina Beach tonight, so be sure to be there......

Friday, December 19, 2014

NiNi Addresses Illuminati Rumors For Her And Her Buddy + TT Hurt Bad

NiNi In The Video In That Impossible Position Looks Scary Huh

Earlier today, a video dropped (a creepy scary fucking video) by the queens for their song "Bottlez Poppin"" and the stuff that was in it has had them both bashed all day and called all kinds of names, but a little while ago a very angry queen released a statement (no its not B, figures, sorry) it was Queen N and she sounds mad and she mentions how she isn't involved in the darkside of the music game and how she already explained herself about this particular situation many times before and she wont be explaining herself about it anymore. She basically said that she is a victim to those........."people".......... It was published all over the place and major magazine are already picking it up. The video has been receiving very bad reviews (well from the ones who don't care about their booties or bodies, those people are giving it 7 thumbs up) Click here to check out her angry statement (warning, harsh language is used, as she is always, so view at your own risk) In other news, TT, better known as Taylor Swift has been hurt real bad, and she in the hospital with severe injuries including a broken head (sounds weird right, but its a such thing it means your skull is cracked) a broken nose and many other injuries. She is in a coma,and doctors aren't sure if she will make it through the night. Her full injuries haven't been revealed yet, but sources close to her say its really bad. Being that NiNi and number 2 Katy is involved in a dripping bloody beef with her they are the main 2 suspects especially since the last few days, Katy dissed her over Twitter, Taylor called NiNi immature, and NiNi and Taylor had a fight. Police are questioning the two as we speak and Katy laughed when she found out which didn't make her look good, but she denied it, and so did NiNi. Police are sure that those 2 have something to do with it, but without proof or hard evidence they legally cant hold them or charge them with anything,and they let them go. More drama is popping off from this though. Selena is good friends with Taylor, in fact besides Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor is her BFF, but even though she is off today, she didn't go visit her in the hospital, and Taylor's fans attacked her saying that she is not showing loyalty to her bff because she is worried about what NiNi might say or that she might be dropped which is more important to her then her friend from birth (their words not mine) Selena posted a simple message after the news broke saying @TaylorSwift Get Well Soon Honey" Fans feel for a best friend that wasn't enough and they feel if NiNi gets mad for siding with the enemy and drops her so what (cuz lets face it, NiNi's enemies are PSR enemies period, that's why at least 19 people so far have made subliminals towards Taylor so far. Selena hasn't responded to all of this yet. Stay tuned for more info on this,but for more the two divas NiNi and KP are clear in this......

Lola Monroe And Meek Mill + Illuminati Rumors Are Back

Today Lola Monroe dropped a new song which features Meek Mill. They both  go super hard on the song and their rapping skills are way better then they were before, but the title is weird its called "Illuminati" No idea why. Anyway, although that's the name, its no mention of that name in the song, and they certainly aren't rapping about it so its a little weird why that's the title. But despite the name, its getting really good reviews and it is number 1 on the charts. Click here to check out "Illuminati" by Lola Monroe Ft Meek Mill. Speaking of that, its more talk of the Illuminati again and its against the two main ones who are always said to be Illuminati Queens and that's the queens (many say its ironic how they're queens, if you know what I mean) They finally released their highly anticipated video for "Bottlez Poppin'" the super popular song from their new mixtape "Rize Of The Queens" which can make you drunk just by listening to it,  and its a really sexy video, both queens twerk with each other side by side and its hella sexy dancing, that much we expect, but what we didn't expect is to see so many things that would make a christian person pass out. From start to end its nothing but symbols and weird flashes in the video. The beginning starts with both queens holding a bottle of Ciroc, with crowns on their head, that's when the first flash happens, at 23 seconds into the video, a face with horns flashes by in the background really quick (pause right at 23 seconds) and 666 flashes by alonside it quickly. Then as the video goes on it gets weirder. At 1 minute 26 seconds B is wearing a outfit that has nothing but one eye symbols on it and NiNi is wearing shades and in her shades the hand symbol for horns flashes in the reflection of the glasses (pause exactly at 1 minute 32 seconds) At 3 minutes and 3 seconds into the video they are both at a club scene drinking and chilling and over and over a strange looking creature flashes by 6 times (you already know what the number 6 represents) and right after that, NiNi flashes by in an impossible position where she is bent over but in a way that looks like she would break every bone in her body if she was to actually do it and if you pause it, the shape her back bones and shoulder bones make looks just like a devil animal face which is the symbol for the Illuminati. It didn't help that one of B's line goes "We are everywhere, we see everything" (the all seeing eye) At 3 minutes and 54 seconds a monster looking thing begins forming in the background along with a large eye (the one on the back of the dollar bill) Of course all of this flashes by quick so you really have to pay attention to see it, which someone did who has way too much time on their hands to spot all this crap. Then at the end before it goes off they both throw up the pyramid sign (they say its the sign of Jay's Roc Nation label, but its weird that they keep throwing that up when neither one are or ever have been signed to Roc Nation) so many people, naturally are doubting that that's what it is. This is the first video that they did in the last 2 years that had all of this evil anti God stuff in it, B's last Illuminati Video was 1 +1 which was beyond scary and I still refuse to watch that video again. NiNi's last Illuminati video was "My Sisters Keeper" which is even more creepier then 1 +1 but its both kind of the same. In 1 +1 B is seen with a man but the man is red looking and its implied she is having sex with him, but since the man is red and the devil is said to be red, its implied subliminally that she was having sex with the devil. In My Sisters Keeper, its implied that NiNi is turned on sexually by a horn (no not a car horn a devils horn) and maybe possibly having sex with that horn. It was NiNi's weirdest most bizarre and creepiest video and it made no sense since that song was a dedication to her sister not about sex, yet sex was implied with a mysterious creature, that's another video I refuse to watch ever again, both of those videos gave me nightmares for a week (no offense to either queen) And their last collab Illuminati video was "Wind It Up" where minor things are seen flashing by, and little minor things flashed by on the beach and in the water for "Drunk In Love" but it was all VERY minor.  But this new video today completely and totally beats anything they've ever done, and its even one part where for a split second a flash goes over them and they both look like devils with horns before changing back into their regular looking selves. Pause exactly at the 4 minute mark (its very hard to get that part on freeze since it literally flashes by super super quick, you have to get really lucky to get it to land on that exact part, but its there) Its a very scary video, its a song about laid back drinking having fun, flirting, fucking..... things like that, but the video is nowhere near close to that at all. I warn you if you get scared easily you will be TERRIFIED off of this video, so please don't watch if you cant handle super scary stuff like this. View at your own risk. Click here to check out the video for "Bottlez Poppin" by the queens. (Once again, things in that video are terrifying and you WILL have nightmares, I'm having nightmares and Im not even sleep yet, be careful your brain wont forgive you) The media are completely trashing the queens calling them puppets and devils whores, its bad, neither queen has responded to their most controversial video ever.......but one thing is for sure, PSR and the queens are now back in the evil spotlight........Stay tuned for more info.....

Thursday, December 18, 2014

NiNi Attends Ari and Big Sean's Wedding + Livin With NiNi Has A New Episode

She may not have went to her uncle and Aunt's wedding earlier this year, but she made it to her two former artists wedding today. Ariana Grande and Big Sean have been dating for over a year now, and they tied the knot today in SD, CA with a small group of people, mostly celebs and close friends. Some PSR artists were there as well, including KC, Kendrick and NiqNiq. NiNi didn't stay for the after party, in fact she was the first one who left before anyone else, and pictures are hard to find, but there is a few, that shows him "Kiss the bride" and NiNi is seen in the chairs, and she is seen drinking a brown drink with Ariana, (probably wine) and she seems to be having a cool time. It was a luxurious wedding and its said that he spend at least 30,000 dollars on custom flowers with her name on it alone,  and that's not counting her 86,000 dollar wedding dress and his 55,000 dollar tux. NiNi was rocking a 198,000 dollar PSR dress with diamonds with her hair pressed down and her custom NiNi jewelry and she looked rich, royal and fly. Click here to view some of the photos from the private wedding (NiNi is in all of the pictures) In other news, NiNi put both her shows on hold since she's very busy with her new Legends Tour, but after many complaints from the fans, she did say she will do her best to keep the show going, even if its one show every month, and after almost 2 months of "LWN" being semi canceled, a new episode has been announced today over VH1 and it Will premiere on Friday, which isn't the usual day, but everyone is very excited about it. So tomorrow at 8pm on VH1, be sure to check out the new episode of "Livin With NiNI".......

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

NiNi And Gaga Spotted Out Together

Before the besties that she has now, it was Gaga, NiNi used to speak so highly of her, used to call her her best friend ever, things changed terribly when they entered into the bloodiest beef with each other ever since 2pac and Biggie, but they have reunited and did 6 songs together so far and seems like all is well with them and they were out and about today in Hollywood, Gaga, as usual, was looking how she always looks (which is weird no offense) she was rocking a outfit made of body parts (yes i said body parts, hope they werent real) but thats just how Gaga is, and why she is called "The Monster" They seemed to be having a girls day out and maybe doing a little shopping. Paparazzi cams followed them for a while but they didnt speak to them or grant them any interviews, and at one point Gaga spit on the camera and the camera man who dropped his camera which broke. You can click here to check that video out, its actually funny. They were out for about an hour with each other which Paparazzi captured but they left in the same limo and that was the end. But before they left, a camera man ran up to the queen and asked her "NiNi is Gaga bestie number 8?" NiNi said "Look no offense to anyone, I have really good friends,  really ride or die type friends, but I dont have best friends and all my friends know that and they dont look at me as their besties either so stop fucking saying that, my only best friend in this world is my sister Jasmine, and my husband so please leave me the hell alone" After that Gaga threw up the finger and stuck her tongue out at the camera and they pulled off. The camera man was left in shock after that. NiNi doesnt talk about her sister much, in fact we dont know much about her except her name  is Jasmine and she was on 2 episodes of "Livin With NiNi" but it was nice to hear her say that about her baby sis. Click here to check all of this out......

NiNi And Chanel West Coast + Taylor Calls NiNi "Immature"

Young Money Artist Chanel West Coast finally got her wish to collab with the queen, which she has been wanting to do ever since NiNi was a guest on Ridiculousness. They dropped a new song today called "West Coast Living" Its Hip-Hop/Rap produced by Jazzie Phizzle (CiCi's longtime producer) and its doing really well on the charts its at number 2 on the charts so far. Chanel announced the song over Twitter this afternoon and fans rushed to hear it, and sources say that over a billion people have hear it and liked and/or tweeted about it within 2 hours. Click here to check out "West Coast Living" by Chanel West Coast Ft NiNi. In other news, the beef between NiNi and Taylor Swift continues and this time, the threesome beef is back in full effect. Today Taylor was doing an interview and she was asked what she thinks about NiNi and she said "Um.....I don't............, um actually I think she's very immature, but that's all I think about her" Her statement caused angry NiNi fans to lash out at her and she posted on Twitter "Jeez calm down, its just a girl, its not like the great Jesus Christ is here or something gosh" NiNi simply responded saying @Rabbit LMAO! Funny......" But this time Katy got in it, and she posted "Lol its amazing for anyone to call someone else immature when you're the most immature person I know, here's a true story......she was rehearsing right,....someone said you're a little off beat maybe you can do that dance a little better, and she flipped and fired him, she cried like a little bitch and she started a war with random fans because she was upset, true story I swear on my whoever, check it out #noreasontolie, yet she has the nerve to call someone else immature when she cant even act her age over criticism. #TAYLORGROWUPHONEY" The threesome beef isn't over, as you can see. Taylor didn't respond to Katy (well, not yet anyway) but we feel it will be more drama popping off with those 3 soon. Its beginning to turn bloody, almost as bloody as the #NiNiANDMIMI" beef, or the #NiNiAndGaga" beef. What do you guys think? And P.S for those of you who have been asking all day have the queens responded to the lawsuit against them, no they haven't, which many is saying is making them look guilty. Stay tuned for more info on that story soon......

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

NiNi And B Get Sued + Big Sibling War Over Twitter

The two queens (and the king too) are being sued by a singer named Mitsou from the far away land of Hungary for copyright of her song. The song in controversy is "Drunk In Love" and the woman says they used her voice in the beginning of the song (the weird sounding chanting in the very beginning before B starts singing) The singer claims that is her voice from a song she did back in 95' called "Dabja Dabja (its a foreign land so you know the title will be foreign, and yes I spelled it right) and she did not give them permission to use it. She further goes on to say that the beat is also hers, but they just added alot to it, like Hip-Hop and R&B elements to it along with modern technology. She also says that she is sickened by it because her song was about hopelessness and struggling and overcoming bad obstacles and not only did they not get permission to rip off her voice and song, and not only did they not even bother to give her credit, they destroyed the message of the song which she says is a powerful message for her country and turned it into a sexually charged alcohol fueled mess (her words not mine) But why is NiNi being sued if that B's song? Many people are asking that, and the answer is simple, NiNi is the one who produced the song, which technically would mean that if this is true, NiNi is the one who took her vocals and song and changed it to fit how  they wanted it to be. And Jay is being sued just because he was featured in the song. She says that American music disgusts her and the queens and Jay just proved why she hates our music because its no positive messages just sex and alcohol and violence (once again her words not mine) She is seeking damages and copyright infringement in the amount of 100 million dollars from EACH artist. She is traveling from Hungary this week to pursue the lawsuit. NiNi B Jay nor their reps have responded to the lawsuit as of yet. Stay tuned for more info on this..TMZ has both songs on their site, click here to do a comparison (we think we hear the voice from the beginning of Drunk In Love in that song which means it is in fact her voice, but the beat, no matter what they do, doesnt seem like it is hers) In other news, speaking of the queen, she and her sister had a huge war over twitter today which started when Solo posted "Some people are so fake, but they always act so real ugh #sincewewerelitte #yesimtalkingtoyoub" B responded and said "And some people always thought they were talented even though everyone said they aren't #notalent" Then it got violent, at one point solo said she will murder her in her sleep, and B called her an immature bitch and said she isn't claiming her as any sister of hers. Then it got EVEN MORE violent, it was "fuck you bitch" this, and "fuck that", and solo said "eat me"     B said "Not in the mood for crabs today" it was just crazy and it attracted a HUGE following, even bigger then the NiNi and Mariah twitter beef, with over 600 billion people tweeting and re tweeting about it. It went on for 3 hours, then it stopped when  B ended it and said "Why still hit me back???, you hate me right?, you have no life! do you feel big and bad because you know how to tweet?.. #leavemealone......Grow up, you're 28 act like it" They both stopped but not before Solo posted "BITCH!!! #BYEFOREVER and B responded Really??? That's amazing I hope I never have to hear your annoying fucking mouth again, I always wondered wth your husband sees in you smh #crazyasallhell... later" And then it was officially over. This war happened a little while before the lawsuit scandal popped up, and now that that's here, its kinda taking over as the new big story but people are still talking about it. The war has since been deleted from each account, but we still have the snapshots of all of it which created the hashtag #KnowlesRivalry" Sources say that being that the Knowles family is super private, they really don't like scandals associated with their name, and this war wasn't supposed to get that far but they both just couldn't stop, so now its another scandal with the Knowles (for private people, they've been having alot of those lately) Tina is also in it,we just don't know how yet, we'll find out......Click here to view the war.....

Monday, December 15, 2014

Demi Lavato And Kat Are Still At It + Drake Speaks On NiNi Feud

The two bad divas aren't kissing and making up anytime soon. The once good friends started beefing back in late October and they are still at it. They were brawling in a Twitter beef this afternoon for 2 hours (yup 2 full hours) It attracted alot of attention and gained a huge following, with over 2 million people on Kat's side and over 2.7 million people on Demi's side. The war started when Demi posted something that Kat took offense to, she posted "I hate Kat's ugh., they're so dirty and untalented" Being that she spelled "Cats" as "Kat's" Kat thought she was referring to her and she responded and being that she said they're untalented, it made it seem like it was a subliminal reference to her, and that's how the war started. After 2 full hours of bitch this and bitch that, it ended when NiNi jumped in and posted @Kat @Demi *Sigh* not now please, I wont yell or get angry I promise, just stop, not now" After that, They both stopped Tweeting, and the Twitter war was over, but not for the fans. When Demi and Kat ended it, the fans continued attacking each other, Demi's fans were attacking Kat's fans, and Kat's fans were attacking Demi's fans and that continued for another hour, now it is seeming to calm down. So obviously these ex friends wont be becoming friends again anytime soon. Click here to check out their Twitter beef (Warning, obscene language is used and its very long at least 909 pages,  2 hours worth of beef, so view if you have time) In other news, yesterday, NiNi made a subliminal diss at Drake and confirmed (not by mouth but by words) that it was directed at him. She posted 'So............ what is he gonna do about it, don't cry on me boy, we all know you good for that" But Drake made a statement today directed at NiNi and he said "Look, I don't have any problems with Nisha or her label, in fact if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here today so I owe her everything, she'll always be my girl and I wish her the best, I wish PSR the best as well, its only one person on that label who I have a problem with, its no one else, but I will admit that Nisha has serious problems with me, But I wont address that right now, but I will say that no matter what she will always be my homegirl, I known her for 6 years now so we'll always be tight, I'll just give her space, I honestly don't know whats going on, it honestly was like one day we chilling, next day she dissing me, so I'm confused on the whole situation, but I don't question anything, I just let it play out however its gonna play, the song wasn't meant for her either, that's just coincidence, I wouldn't diss her ever, I cant say why, but she done too much for me for me to ever come at her in that way" NiNi did respond subliminally and said "FAKE FUCKING NIGGAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You tryna get sympathy, OOOOH I swear that whole thing was so fake...W.E" So what is going on between Drake and NiNi, is he being sincere or is her trying to make her look bad and lying, we don't know but its hella interesting, and we'll keep following this story and we'll let you know....

Victoria Justice Tries Rapping NiNi And Nicki's Song + Defends NiNi + Drops New Song

A little while ago "Vic" posted a video on YouTube after all of her fans keep requesting her to rap and she tried her hand at rapping and she went through her phone and after going through super filthy songs like Big Sean's "A$$" and "Look Back At Me" she found "Dope Boyz" which is NiNi and NiCKi's 2012 song which has a minimal amount of cursing (Vic doesn't curse in her music) She admitted she might sound terrible and was very nervous and took forever to start. She rapped both of their lines exactly and wth 100% accuracy. She admitted that she isn't a rapper and has no idea how to rap but she just tried it for her fans. Vic is the one who everyone thought would be the one who would be huge ever since she showcased her singing skills on her Nickelodeon Show "Victorious"  but an unlikely person from that show is the one who is actually all over the place who many people is calling the new "Queen Of Pop" (Uh-Oh, B wont like that)  and that's Airanna Grande who plays Cat on the show, but Vic is also big and very talented, but we would say that she is a better singer then rapper, but according to her she already knew that. Being that NiCKi raps fast on the song, she did slip up and say a few curse words but she covered her mouth and laughed when she did (we think she knows no matter what she still has that Nickelodeon Image and still has young fans, that's why shes choosing not to curse a whole lot) The video is hilarious just hearing her rap, but seriously she didn't do bad, its just you can tell she isn't a rapper, but being that she followed all lyrics (minus the curses) perfectly she gets an A for trying. So if you guys ever wanted to hear Vic rap, click here to check it out.....On that same video after her first attempt at rapping, she also defended her buddy and boss NiNi. NiNi has been seeming to be distant from her crew, even her besties and many people say that she is in the process of closing PSR and kicking everyone out. But at the end of that video, she said "Oh and I know its a lot of people who think its something weird or strange going on with NiNi, but nah its not she's just under a lot of stress right now, its not all due to music either, that's all I will say about it, but she is not closing anything or kicking anyone anywhere, so guys just take it easy on her for now, she needs support and love right now so maybe instead of bugging her about nonsense and silly stuff how about just giving her a hug and asking her about her day and her new projects *smiles* (we think that was directed more at the media rather then her fans) Victoria also has a new song out that she released shortly after her rapping video called "When All Is Said And Done" Its actually really good, and features Lloyd Banks (Yes that Lloyd Banks) Click here to check out "When All Is Said And Done" by Vic Ft Lloyd Banks. KC is said to be releasing a new song soon too, we cant wait, nice to see that even though the album release is over, they are still on their grind right......

Sunday, December 14, 2014

NiNi Makes Subliminal Diss Towards Drake On Stage + Calls Out Taylor, Fans And The Industry React

Uh-Oh, seems like the "beef" between Young Money and PSR continues, but now the queen seems to be involved. A quick recap for those who don't know what I'm talking about. A little while ago, Tyga began down talking his former label calling them all fake and he called out his former friends Drake and NiCKi. Since then, Tyga and Drake have been taking shots at each other and NiCKi included herself in it which seemed to create drama with NiNi and NiCKi which is what people say is the reason for those two falling out, it was a just a crazy mess. The YMCMB VS PSR beef seemed to calm down for a little bit, but today NiNi seemed to reignite it. Earlier the trio was in Dade County Florida and during one performance NiNi took the Mic out of Tinashe's hand and the crowd went wild ( no idea why since she didn't do much but snatch the mic from her) and she said "This next song is dedicated to all those fake ass buster ass whack ass wanna be dope Degrassi reject type Donald duck looking niggas out here who think they grinding but they ain't even shining, I got a problem with niggas like that, you cant get on my level and you will never be there so stay in fear, its my turn dear" Despite the rhyming which many people say might've just been lyrics to a new song, its many reasons why we know for a FACT that that was a subliminal towards Drake. First off, she used the word Degrassi which Drake was in at one point before signing with Young Money, then she said "stay in fear its my turn dear" which is the lyrics to Drake's newest song "Drop Bombs" and when another artist uses another artists lyrics for no reason,  9 times out of 10 its meant as an insult and a diss. The crowd went wild for it and she began performing a brand new song that Tinashe and China didn't know so they look confused but played along and just danced back up. The song which we still have no clue on what its called, also seems to be taking shots at drake and even Mack Maine. Click here to hear the new song by NiNi. This stunt caused a massive reaction in the music game, but the way that NiNi is acting, it seems like that's exactly what she was hoping for. Everyone is talking about it from fans to other celebrities who are Tweeting about it, sharing and retweeting the video and making FB Posts about it. But Drake also seemed to respond, but if he did its definitely subliminal. Out of nowhere a new freestyle dropped where he raps a certain line that says "Been my nigga since day one, I would've gave my life for yours but you turned on a nigga I expect that from whores, bitches getting higher in the game and they forget about your name turned out by the fame now you just another lame, wish I could've got that number I could've showed you what a buster is, fuck the foreplay get on your knees and suck my fucking dick" No he didn't mention her name, just like she didn't mention his, but from what he says it seems that he's referring to her, especially since they were really close at one point, and many have been saying that she forgot about him as she started getting bigger, and that talk was way before any of this started. Not only that but NiNi also called out Taylor on stage before the show ended she said "And for that bitch, enjoy your carrots while you can cuz ima dig that ass back into the burrow from where you came from, tell her to go back to the jungle  rabbits ain't safe out here with wolves" The crowd once again went wild for her. Taylor also responded, but she didn't make it subliminal she posted "UmMMM was that supposed to be funny? seriously did you guys think that, please you couldn't look better then me on my worse day FOH!!!!" Its TONS of drama going on and NiNi is at the center of it all, and Taylor's beef seems to be graduation from the famous threesome beef to just her and NiNi as Taylor isn't even mentioning Katy anymore. The Drake VS NiNi beef though, despite all of this, is still not actually confirmed so we still don't know, but its enough to have the entire world talking. Click here to check out the video of NiNi subliminally dissing drake and Taylor on stage at her show earlier today.......IS THERE A BEEF BETWEEN YOUNG MONEY AND PSR? At least 86 million people think so, do you?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

NiCKI And NiNi Make Up During Show It Was Sweet

Last night, N, T and C performed in Tallahassee Florida at the Rock Café Stadium and during the performance an unexpected guest came out which was Nicki Minaj who performed their 2012 song "Dope Boyz' The crowd went wild as this is the first time they have performed together in over two years and since they were involved in a mini beef with each other. After the performance, they hugged each other super hard and NiCKi seemed to have tears in her eyes. It really was a touching moment and the fans cheered at their reunion for 13 minutes straight and it was powerful. No more beef between NiNi and NiCKi which we like to hear because them two also work wonderful together. Click here to check out the touching reunion moment between 2 of the most powerful chicks of the game.....

NiNi And Friends Attends Basketball Game Looking Fly And Gets Harassed By Nerds

Today NiNi, Katy and Kat was spotted in Downtown Chicago attending their favorite team the Lakers Vs The Bronco's and they were front row with a dark drink in their hand (probably liquor since that's what all of her girls do when they're at a ball game) and they all looked sharp, especially NiNi who was rocking a lion fur coat with leopard fur on the hood, stunna shades, nose ring shining, earrings blinging, her famousNiNi necklace and her 20,000 dollar PSR bracelet, along with lady Tim's, a PSR shirt and tight (and I do mean TIGHT) jeans. Her buddies were equally fly with her. They were yelling and rooting for the Lakers and booing for the other team and as usual Katy was acting goofy as hell like always. But they didn't enjoy themselves very long as halfway into the game, nerds (yes I said nerds, the ones with braces and glasses at least 5 times bigger then they need to be) approached them and began asking about comic books and seltzer water (o...k) Katy said "What the hell?" and NiNi said "BYE!" But they persisted and kept asking them if they would be their friends and can they hang out with them and watch the game with them. Kat who is equally goofy said "You can see the game from 5 miles away with those big ass glasses" The guys laughed and continued bothering them. Although they could've called security to remove them, they decided not to and they got up and left, but before they did, NiNi said to one of the nerds "I know you never got any and you probably never will so take this as your first" and she kissed his forehead and the guy literally rubbed his forehead and fainted and the other guys laughed in a nerdy way and waved at the girls leaving. A short while later NiNi tweeted "I just kissed a nerd lol, I bet I made his whole life, but the Lakers lost now I'm sad :(" It was recorded from a fan and on the stadium camera's. It was pretty funny though, even nerds need love right....Click here to check out the video of their weird nerdy encounter..

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Queens Are Not Beefing But Someone Else Is + More Details On Catfight

The other day it was a lot of drama over an article that ran a story about the two queens in a bloody beef, well take a breath and relax because NONE OF IT is true. Its a little weird that neither queen denied it at all, and they both left it up to their handlers to make the announcement , but sometimes that's how queens are. NiNi's manager made a statement saying "The story about Nisha and Beyoncé involved in some sort of war or whatever is completely untrue, in fact when Nisha gets a break from her touring, she and Beyoncé will be promoting their new movie and their new mixtape which they didn't have enough time to do" And B's manager said "Its false, its no truth to it at all, whoever started that just wants to start something, but both are enjoying life and they are not letting any petty nonsense like this ruin anything for them and they are moving on from it" We have found out why the rumor started though. Seems like a video leaked to the Internet that shows what appears to be the queens fighting rolling around on the ground throwing punches at each other. Now don't get me wrong, those ARE in fact the queens in the video, but they both joke around and act goofy a lot and this was one of those times, whoever uploaded the video didn't get the full thing, they first started play arguing and NiNi was doing her British accent and then they started play fighting. It was something they were thinking about adding to their next show together when they start the promoting. The person just started recording from the fighting part and advertised as a fight and being that they know how to act they made it look real so it was extremely believable. This person was unauthorized to record the moment and leaked it to the Internet without permission. It is unknown who this person is, but sources say it has to be a member from one of the queens crew since the crew were the only ones there. The video though is over 2 weeks old. So its no beef between the queens, but there is beef between the PSR twin sisters Tegan and Sara. We almost felt this was not worth mentioning because sisters fight, that's what they do siblings fight right? Well not in this case, those two literally HATE each other, they have already fought twice during a show on stage and they refuse to work together anymore at all. We have no idea on how this started but its way past the point of sibling rivalry because sources say that they don't even consider each other sisters anymore (kinda hard when you look alike) Anyways, both their fights happened over the last 2 days and were recorded and splattered all over the Internet. Click here to check them out. Speaking of catfights, the other day NiNi and Taylor finally had what everyone was waiting for a full 12 minute intense brawl. We saw some of the grainy blurry black and whit video from TMZ but it was no sound, but now its a new video with color, better quality and sound and we see how it ended. It ended when Taylor bumped into NiNi hard enough to make her stumble backwards at which point NiNi swung on her. But it started when they bumped into each other at the Platinum M.A's in Texas and sources say Taylor was giving NiNi funny looks and NiNi asked her to stop looking at her at which point Taylor replied "I don't look at trash sorry...hurts my eyes, and so do muffin divers (For those who don't know "muffin" refers to a vagina and a "diver" refers to oral sex......on that vagina, so a muffin diver would be a woman who performs oral sex on other women) NiNi was upset but let it go, but she exploded when Taylor bumped into her, and being that we have a better video now, we can clearly see Taylor started it. Surprisingly though, after 12 full minutes, Taylor wasn't extremely hurt and she actually fought back very hard. She had a bloody nose some scratches and ripped clothes but that's about it, nowhere near what we're used to seeing from the queens fights. Taylor tweeted about it later saying "I bet she's back with her goons of muffin divers telling them "oh I beat that bitch I did this and that blah blah blah lol let it be known I'm still standing, no hospital no meds, don't let her lie to y'all lol, wow that was fun :)" Nini never responded to the statement. It was said that since this is a threesome beef "Number 2" Katy, went after Taylor and fought her too, but we have found out that that is untrue as NiNi told all her girls to back off and she will handle her by herself. Now, we are all just waiting for the next fight, which we're sure will be more intense. Stay tuned for more info on this. Click here to view the better quality video.....