Tuesday, June 30, 2015

NiNi Gets A 10 Month Prison Sentence

The N's are going crazy as the Judge announced that the queen has been found guilty of "Dangerous Assault" She was charged with the more serious crime of "Attempted Murder" but her lawyers argued their way down to a lesser charge. Zoey has not died.....yet.....but she remains in a coma. NiNi will be flown back to America to complete her term in a Georgia women's correctional facility. She also has to attend anger management classes for 2 months after she is released and will be on probation for 1 1 year and she just got off of her previous probation of 2 years. Fans and her associates are pissed and don't feel she got a fair trial and no one bothered to even try to give her a break due to the trouble she's always in. But it is some people who are happy and that's the cops who have been dying to see the queen behind bars for the past 3 years now. One cop was fired for "Unprofessional behavior of an officer" when he posted a post celebrating her arrest he posted "YAYYYYYYY! FCKN FINALLY!! NOT SUCH A QUEEN NOW ARE YA!! BIG OL' BAD QUEENY ABOUT TO BE LOCKED DOWN AND TOLD WHAT TO DO LIKE ALL THE REST OF THE LOW LIFE'S, CANT USE YOUR SO CALLED "POWER" IN THERE" N'S GET OVER IT, THE QUEEN IS IN JAIL GET OVER IT!!! GONNA GO CELEBRATE DRINKS ON ME" This particular cop is one who has been trying to get NiNi behind bars for so long and was punched by her at least twice, so we see his reason, but many thought that this was him being racist, but he's actually a black cop. He was terminated immediately, he hasn't issued an apology. Supporters are still down in London holding it down for the queen. Stay tuned for more info on this story....

Monday, June 29, 2015

Proof That The BET Awards Is Recorded Weeks In Advance

Last night was the 2015 BET Awards, and despite the fact that NiNi is locked up in London and many PSR artists and "numbers" are in London right now showing support, most of them were there including NiNi. Nicki Performed (but she's been in London since NiNi was arrested Saturday and NiNi T and C performed at the very last of the show (but they're all still in London) just thought I'd bring  that up. But this is the 2nd time the queen has bless the BET Awards stage and she did amazing, did you guys see it? But before that, lets discuss the PSR artists who performed and/or won "last night":Nicki Minaj performed (but  the performance is not rated well and critics gave her performance an "F +") and she won for "Best Female Hip-Hop Artist" she also won for her song "Only Ft Wayne, Drake and Breezy. Zendaya was scheduled to perform but didn't but she was a spokesperson to honor some big names. Others who were in attendance and/or performed include: RiRi, Demi, Lena, KeKe, Fi5th Harmony, Tinashe, China, Reggie and of course Queen N. NiNi won "Best Female Artist" "Best Video" for "No Chance" "Best Song" for "Turn Up" Ft B, "Best Hip-Hop Album" for "My Twisted Reality, best "Female Trio" for her and the other 2 Legends collabs and tours and the "Lifetime Achievement Award" Altogether she took home 6 trophies which was more then anyone else took home. CiCi, RiRi and K.Michelle took home trophies for "Best Female R&B/Pop Artist. Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole won "Best Male Hip-Hop Artist. Iggy took home a trophy for "Best Female Hip-Hop Artist. Tinashe won "Best New Artist. Zendaya won the "Young Stars Award" and NiNi won "Best Artist Ever"It was a pretty good show, which is welcoming since previous shows have been lame, but the group who stole the show and set the Awards on fire is the "Legends" trio. They performed at the last 10 minutes of the show and the crowd was roaring with applause when they all hit the stage and words can never explain how they murdered that stage. They performed their threesome collab "Legends" as well as some of their own songs and man that's all I gotta say....Click here to see their fire performance. Congrats to all the PSR winners and congrats to NiNi...........

Sunday, June 28, 2015

NiNi Denied Bail And Faces 3 Years For Assault

Looks like the Legends crew will be returning as a 2 woman crew as their leader, Miss Queen has been denied bail and has to await trial in jail until a hearing opens up which can be as late as 2 months. Zoey's family are pressing charges on her and if she is found guilty she faces the maximum charge that London gives out for "severe assault" and that's 3 years, if Zoey dies (which she still can since her windpipe has been snapped) that charge will be changed to 1st degree murder and the maximum penalty for that is the death penalty, so naturally all of the N's in London and in America are scared because if that girl dies, so will NiNi. Fans have gathered outside the jailhouse in support of her, and although its unconfirmed its said many fans from America and many of the "numbers" are catching flights to London to visit her and show their support for her. T has officially been released from the hospital this morning and she is one of  the supporters along with C in front of the jail. Her bail was at first set at 1 million dollars, but for whatever reason they killed her bail. Her rep commented that he is pushing for an early hearing as early as tomorrow and her lawyer is trying to get her charge downgraded to a fighting in public charge if Zoey doesn't die, with the provision that NiNi is not allowed back in London. Looks like NiNi may be in trouble this time but she has the entire worlds support. NiNi's manager and handlers declined to comment. Stay tuned for more info..

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tinashe Up + NiNi Arrested For Breaking Zoey's Neck

The legends weren't able to return to America as planned yet due to a huge rainstorm that hit yesterday and all flights were canceled so they're still in London, but T has woken up from her coma and doctors say its a miracle because she is perfectly ok and she is ready to leave (that's what you call tough) despite the fact that she had an explosive bomb blow up right on her she can walk, talk, eat, drink and can even dance and make jokes, and doctors say they have never seen anything like it.  T has did an interview and she says she still plans to perform in the BET Awards tomorrow (someone still loves her up there) T may be released today and all 3 legends may be returning  together on Monday but that's the 29th so it's unknown how N and T will be able to perform in the BET awards which is Sunday. Anyways T is back and although they're leaving London they will be back real soon since she's up now and feeling better. In other news looks like nini probably won't be coming back to the U.S with the others since today she got arrested. The beef between her and Zoey came to a huge fire today and nini snapped her neck.  Zoey didn't die but she almost did. Click here to see video of the fight and read more on eat happened. ....

Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy 22nd To Ari + The Legends Coming Home Today

Looks like Ari has 2 reasons to celebrate today because in addition to her new album that dropped yesterday hitting platinum in only one day, today is also her 22nd birthday.  She posted a pic of herself and many of her co-stars from "Victorious" including Vic and they had a reunion at a local bar 2 blocks down from the PSR building in downtown ATL.  Ari shared with her fans that nini is treating her to a surprise when she gets back and she is excited for it. Earlier reports of PSR throwing a party for her is false as most of them aren't even there they are back on their tours since they all missed yesterday for the MJ celebration. (Click here for the drama that went down with that) She has already been sent tons of gifts and birthday wishes from fans and Vic gave her a huge cake which barely fit inside of the PSR building. Speaking of NiNi her and C are coming back to America today. T, who is still in a coma will be flown back tomorrow and put in a private hospital.  NiNi also is said to be revealing that huge announcement she mentioned last week when she gets back. That announcement has been the talk of the world since she announced it. Wonder what it is.....

Thursday, June 25, 2015

NiNi's Album And Book Reaches 100 Trillion Copies Considered Hottest Of The Summer

NiNi's latest album "My Twisted Reality" and her book "Into My Mind"  has officially reached the 100 trillion mark in less then 3 weeks. It is the most successful album of the #JuneReleases so far and her book has sold more copies then any other author's books since 1997 and she is being nominated at the BET awards for best album of 2015 which we're sure she will win. We would like to say congrats to NiNi on her wonderful achievements with her album and book....Music critics say it is the hottest thing to drop this summer, at least so fat and her mark in the music industry just got deeper. Click here to see what everyone is saying about her album and book....

Next Up: Ari And Niq Niq + MJ Tribute At PSR Today

Next up in the #JuneReleases is Ari. This is her 3rd PSR album called "Fairytale" The album is mostly smooth slow R&B filled with love songs which is different then her previous projects, but her fans still can't get enough. The album is produced by herself, Pharell and NiNi and has features from Monica Spears, Brandy, NiNi and MiMi. It dropped at midnight and so far 8 hours later, she has sold over 1 million copies which is more then she sold on the first day on her last 2 albums. Its receiving positive reviews and receiving heavy rotation. It is available on her site, the PSR site, Itunes, Pandora and in music retail stores worldwide for $11.99. Click here to purchase "Fairytale" by Ari. (Click here to read my full review for her album. Next is Niq Niq. This is her 6th PSR album called "Platinum Princess" (which is also the name of her highly popular song which was the first single from this album) The album is Hip-Hop, Pop and Girl Swag and was produced by NiNi, Master P, Jay Sean, TIP, Solo herself and NiNi. It has features from "Master P, Romeo, Iggy, Azalea Banks, Jay-Z, Ye, TIP and NiNi. It released at 6am this morning and 3 hours later, she has sold over 2.3 million copies which is leading on Ari's album and is better then her last album on the 1st day. Her album is also receiving very positive reviews and has the industry on fire. It is available on Itunes, her site, the PSR site and in music stores worldwide for $11.99. Click here to purchase "Platinum Princess" by Niq Niq. (Click here to read my full review on her album) In other news, today is the 6 year anniversary of the Legendary MJ's passing, and while his loyal fans are celebrating his life on this day, so is PSR. It is well known  that Whitney and Michael were NiNi's idols so it was her idea to have a celebration of him at the label today. Unfortunately, NiNi is still in London and not coming back until tomorrow so she will miss it, but she still wants it to happen. We aren't exactly sure what will be going on but it will be a party of some sort and they will be playing his music showing his movies and videos and things like that. And you fans are lucky because she is even allowing his loyal fans to attend but the catch is, its only 100 fans that will be accepted in. You don't have to have an invite nor is there a dress code all you have to do is get there early because believe me that line WILL be long. After 100 fans have been let in the doors will no longer be open for anymore and the rest of the fans are welcome to hang out in front and listen provided they don't start any shit basically. So if you're a huge MJ fan and want to celebrate his life with the PSR crew get your asses down there NOW. It starts at 7pm tonight but still you should go now, although its probably too late anyway. Click here to read the rules for the fans if you are one of the 100 who get in (better read it carefully because you WILL get thrown out quick)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A$AP Rocky Added

A$AP Rocky (very close to NHO) has been added to the #JuneReleases and he is the last day. This is his 2nd PSR album and although its an extremely anticipated album, his fans are disappointed that he made them wait so long for new material from him, and when fans get mad at their artist, sometimes your sales will suffer because as crazy as it sounds music fans hold grudges and take things like that very seriously and will treat it like its life or death (yeah weird) so lets hope A$AP has something up his sleeve to win his loyal fan base back. Click here to view his announcement. It's called "Long Live A$AP Pt.2" which is the 2nd part of his 2012 album "Long Live A$AP" and its dropping on the 30th which makes him the last of the #JuneReleases......

Was N And C Victims Of Racism Today?

With all the killing of black people at the  hands of white officers and white citizens, we are living proof that racism is not dead just slightly buried, and although N T and C aren't coming back to the states until Friday,  they might wanna leave sooner because the spot of London they're in right now seems like they're not welcome. It started when N and C went to a "Build A Bear Workshop" (for unknown reasons) and they were told that the store was closed although they just opened less then 2 hours earlier. But it didn't end there, the store was filled with people building their bears and NiNi and China were staring right at a store full of people while they were being told the store is closed. It still didn't end there, after they all started getting loud the manager (a white woman) told them they aren't allowed to come inside and some customers were actually walking by shaking their head and mumbling "ghetto" due to how NiNi and China were acting. Its said that NiNi almost fought at least one person (also white) when she mumbled something while walking by which black witnesses say was "Niggers" The lady in question denied saying anything like that and says she wasn't even over in that location, but many people say she is lying. They threatened to call the police and then 3 more white folks walked right by them and entered the store and were greeted by the other person on the floor, and N and C looked shocked and the manager was at a loss for words and couldn't explain why other people just walked in when they're supposedly closed. Eventually NiNi cursed at the woman and they left and many witnesses say the white customers that were around clapped and praised the manager for getting "THEM" away. This story, although huge, is not confirmed and NiNi and China are unavailable for comment. Its been said that they have been experiencing alot of racism over there and one person even joked about T getting hurt posting "One less nigger to worry about" Yeah it ain't dead...Click here to read the article about this. The manager of Build A Bear was interviewed and she denied this incident she said "I can 100% guarantee you that did not happen here, maybe it was another location but it was not here, we treat all of our customers equally we are color blind and we do not discriminate on anyone. Also me and my entire staff and many of my customers are huge fans of the Legends crew and it would be a true honor to serve them and have them in our shop. That did not happen, I don't know where it came from but its simply not true" Is she lying in an attempt to not have a riot at her store (which is in a mainly black neighborhood by the way, yes its blacks in London) or is someone once again just making things up for a story. This particular Build A Bear hasn't had any complaint since they opened in late 09' so if this is true this is their first incident, and a racist one at that, not too good for their resume. Stay tuned for more info soon.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

NiNi Is In A New Beef

The Love And Hip Hop VS NiNi war may be 75% done, but its a new beef popping off and NiNi is in it, and this beef is an overseas beef. The beef is between NiNi and Zoey Marshall. If that name doesn't ring a bell, she is the upcoming singer from London who first accused NiNi for stealing lyrics to her song and is also the one who smacked her the other day and got NiNi labeled as a punk due to her not fighting back. The beef is apparently heating up to dangerous levels as its reported they ran into each other today and a huge fight popped off. Its said that the fight was so big that others got hurt in the process due to the violent nature of the fight. Cops were called who broke up the fight. Both women were arrested and later released. NiNi hasn't spoken up on the fight yet, but we all knew that NiNi was gonna get her back for that smack and seems like she did, but London officials say its getting bloody and dangerous and its the talk of the entire city. Zoey has many fans, but NiNi has more, and the N's down in London are backing her up and have been attacking Zoey all day through social media, and Zoey's fans have not been attacking NiNi yet although they are supporting Zoey. No video was captured of this fight but there is definitely bad blood between those two. Click here to read "The London Times" article on this fight...

Monday, June 22, 2015

RI RI Confirms New Movie With NiNi

Remember the story that NiNi and RiRi may be doing their first collab in over 2 years in the form of a movie? Well those rumors are true as RiRi herself confirmed they will be starring in a movie together in early 2016. Click here to see what I mean and hear RiRi confirm it herself.

Taylah P And China

Next up in the #JuneReleases is Taylah P with her 2nd PSR album "Turn Up" Taylah has done a good job with inching closer and closer to the "never heard of category"  but she also proved herself on why she still deserves to be at PSR. This album is Pop-Hop, Girl Swag, Hip-Hop and a little bit of every genre thrown into the mix on here. It is produced by Solo, Kay-Slay, NiNi, Def, Just Blaze, Ye, Lil Jon, DJ Khaled and Mikey Reed. It has features from: Meek Mill, Nicki, The Game, Jacob Latimore, Niq Niq, NiNi, Demi, Lena, Tay, Bow Wow and Master P (yes he still raps obviously) It is being praised in the streets and in the industry and Taylah is being praised for her artistic growth and many notice her lyrics have matured as well as her sound and we notice it too. It released at midnight and so far she has sold over 620,000 albums so she is doing well for her first day. It is available on her site, the PSR site, in music stores, on Itunes, Pandora and in Retail stores worldwide for $8.99. Click here to purchase "Turn Up" by Taylah.(Click here to read my full review on her album) Next is China. This is her 6th PSR album called "#5ive+One" We thought that the title was weird at first, but when we found out the true meaning behind it. That is 5 + 1 and that equals 6, and this her 6th album, the other meaning is more deep, its very rare that an artist stays on top successfully long enough to reach 6 albums especially at PSR, and when an artist reaches 6 albums, that's when they're officially considered to have "made it" so looks like miss China has "made it" Anyways, "#5ive +One" is doing very well and is looking good on the charts. It is mainly Girl Swag and Pop mixed with a little Hip-Hop produced by herself, NiNi, Ye and Karmin.It has features from KC, Madonna, Dolla (on sample) Reggie, Star, TIP, Eminem, Diggy, Vanessa Hudgens (super close to NOH) NiNi and Wale (Dangerously close to the NOH) It hit shelves around 9am this morning and so far she has sold over 550,000 copies, slightly trailing behind Taylah but still doing very well for her first day. Her album is available on all the music sites, her site, the PSR site and in retail stores worldwide for $9.99. Click here to purchase #5ive +One" by China. (Click here to read my full review on her album) Next up is Niq Niq (The 25th) Ari (The 25th), Ye (The 26th), Beauty (The 27th), Star and Babydoll (The 29th) Look out......

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Havanah, Zendaya, Tinashe, Miranda & Reggie

Next up in the #JuneReleases is Havanah Brown with her 4th PSR album "I'm Just Me" It is pretty much all pop and produced entirely by herself. It was seriously anticipated and has sold over 400,000 copies in less then 5 hours. It features NiNi and CiCi only, the rest of the album is all solo. It is available in retail stores, music stores, Itunes, her site and the PSR site for $9.99. Click here to purchase "I'm Just Me" by Havanah Brown (Click here to read to full review of her album) Next up is Zendaya with her 3rd PSR album "Shine" The album is pop/hip-hop produced by NiNi, Ke$ha, Solo and herself. It has sold over 750,000 copies at this point and those numbers are still climbing for overseas sales. It features, Tank, Ginuwine, MiMi, NiNi, B, Solo, A.K and Swizz Beatz. It is available on Itunes and in retail music stores worldwide for $9.99. Click here to purchase "Shine" by Zendaya (Click here to read my full review on the album) Next is Tinashe. Her album is doing the best because of what happened to her. It is called "Good Meets Evil" and it sold out in less than 23 minutes selling over 400 million copies in the first 3 hour. It is produced by herself, NiNi and PSR in-house producers and features NiNi, A$AP Rocky, Star, Beauty, Nicki, Tyga, Chanel and Breezy. It is available on her site, the PSR site, Itunes, Pandora and in music retail stores worldwide for $10.99. Click here to purchase "Good Meets Evil" by Tinashe. (Click here to read my full review on her album. Next up is Miranda. This is her 5th PSR album called "Real Women Don't Leave" weird title but OK (no offense sweetie) its full pop and She is doing well selling over 567,000 copies so far. It is produced mainly by Breezy and NiNi (yup Miranda and Breezy are spending lots of time lately hmmmmmm, probably a blog post on this soon) anyway and it features, BREEZY, BREEZY AGAIN AND OH BREEZY AGAIN as well as both queens. It s available on her site, the PSR site and in retail stores worldwide for $11.99. Click here to purchase "Real Women Don't Leave" by Miranda. (Click here to read my full review on her album) Last is Reggie with her 2nd PSR album "In The Trap" It's full rap and Hip-Hop and she is bomb selling over 759,000 copies so far. It is produced by Weezy, NiNi and herself and features, Weezy, Breezy, NiNi, MiMi ,CiCi, Gaga, RiRi, China, India Benet, Eric Benet and Tinashe. It is available on her site only for now for $8.00 free shipping. Click here to purchase "In The Trap" by Reggie. (Click here to read my full review on her album) Next up is Jamie Lynn, Ari, Beauty, Babydoll and Star can't wait......

NiNi Has A Huge Announcement That She Will Announce On Oprah When She Gets Back

The world is in complete anticipation and excitement due to NiNi announcement that she has a huge announcement that she will announce on Oprah's show. Is she dropping a new unexpected album? Is she pregnant again? does she have a new girlfriend? It's so many questions as to what the answer may be but NiNi isn't giving any hints until she get back next week so looks like we have to just wait. NiNi also is said to be on lock down because she is trying to find the girl who slapped her and her bodyguards hired actual cops to guard her door and if she tries to go look for her the cops can arrest her for attempted murder so she can't really do anything but take it and that's pissing her off more. Sources say  that she is firing her bodyguards once they get back, but they are just trying to help her because if she finds that girl she probably will kill her and being how the cops are so on her, she wont get any mercy this time so that's why they are doing what they are doing but she isn't looking at it like that and she is getting more pissed off by the minute especially when she is being labeled as a punk. Anyways, what do you guys think the HUGE announcement is?

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Justin Beiber In Hot Water With The Queen + Update

Justin has been a bad boy lately, it seems as if he is doing things with married and or women who are in relationships. First he was a guest at Solo's show (who is married) and he grabbed her butt and she violently pushed him off, then he was a guest at Ari's show and publicly hugged her from behind and grinded on her which started the chaos about Ari breaking up with Sean because of Beiber which she had to address in a diva way last week. Now he turned his sights to NiNi, Remember Justin was once a PSR artist and NiNi bumped into him today and he hugged her and seemed as if he was reaching for her butt, but unlike the other times where she flips, she didn't, she said "Boy  you better go" and laughed, but it didn't end there, he ran into her again and he really grabbed her butt and she actually slapped him in public with a bunch of cameras and he screamed out "damn I'm just playing" she said "You ever touch me again I'll fucking rip your head off!!!" He was left looking embarrassed and refused to talk to any media. Looks like JB messed up........As usual........Again. Click here to see the video of the encounter, its actually pretty funny...Also we have an update, NiNi did get slapped, but she didn't just walk off. When she was slapped, her bodyguards quickly grabbed her before she killed her and NiNi wasn't strong enough to get out of their grip and they shoved her in the car and pulled off. NiNi is PISSED!!! and she wants to find the girl and kill her. Oh  yeah, and the girl who slapped her was the singer who claims she stole her song. NiNi made a huge rant about it and tells anyone who thinks she bitched out to come see what she will do if they smack her. Click here to read more about it and view her rant....

NiNi Got Bitch Slapped And Did Nothing?????????

OK breaking news coming out of London today! It's said that a unidentified female slapped NiNi as she was walking down the street with China on their way to a business meeting and NiNi did absolutely nothing. It's said that China and every fan and camera person who was there was in shock when NiNi just walked off after being slapped and even the person who slapped her was looking shocked. Then China is the one who defended her and started arguing with the girl and was about to fight her until they were broken up. So did the queen of controversy, the queen of fighting actually walk away after being a slapped? Many of the "N"s don't believe it but London ran the story in the local paper and the headline is "Queen Is A Punk" More on this story soon, we gotta find out what the hell is up with this.......Click here to read the "London Times" for more info on this story.

Friday, June 19, 2015

NiNi Making Beats For Unsigned Artists

NiNi is producing for unsigned artists. A new feature on her site is a "Beats" page where she creates beats from scratch that unsigned artists can use for making their music. She has hip-hop, pop,r&b and dance beats and prices range from $19,99 for a non exclusive beat (that means she still owns the beat and you can only use it for making a song and promoting yourself not to sell) to $399.95 for an exclusive beat (which means you own the beat and can do whatever you want with it) She is also offering professional mixing and mastering of your recordings so your songs can shine like the big dogs in the industry today. She is also offering one of her studio's located in ATL for you to record at for $50 an hour with a minimum of 3 hours with your very own engineer (no it won't be her). The beats on the site are pretty good, it ranges from slow tempos to fast tempos, trap, westside vibe, eastside vibe, dirty south and everything in between, so you serious rappers and or singers out there are bound to find something you like. If you sign up for her mailing list you will receive one non-exclusive beat for free just for joining. Head over there and get your free beat and record to one of NiNi's beats as well as check out the bomb beats she has. If you're looking to get your name heard it's seriously difficult to get in these days, but starting with one of NiNi's beats is a great start. If you're looking for studio time in her studio the directions and number to contact is on the site too. If you're looking for NiNi to personally mix or master your finished songs click here (opens in new window)

"Legends" Tour Canceled N T &C Coming Back To America

Since T was hurt so bad, the rest of the tour overseas is canceled for the time being. Usually artists will just hold it down if another artists that part of the tour is unable to perform, but in this case, they are in the 2nd arm of the tour and they need T and without her, it just won't work. Doctors say that she is in ICU and not in good shape, and although she is expected to live, she is in a coma and they don't expect her up anytime soon. It's said that T will be flown back to America to a hospital so her family can visit her, and the other 2 legends will be flying back as well to continue their work. They had 20 more shows to do overseas, including 3 more in London where they were at when this accident happened, but fans are gonna have to just wait. NiNi spoke on it through her publicist. And she said "I am sorry that the tour had to be cut short, It was an unfortunate event, but NiNi would like everyone to hold onto their tickets because the tour will continue, the exact time and date is not known at this point but we will try to get back as fast as we can" Sources report that the tour may not continue until sometime next year, if even then due to the severe injuries T has so looks like fans have a very long wait. The source says that the tour isn't over just delayed, but how long that delay will be is ultimately up to how long it takes T to recover which can be days, weeks, months or even up to a year. A site was created to donate and show support to T and her condition. Click here to send your get well wishes to T. It's said that N T and C will be flying back sometime next week, it is unknown if N and C will be back at work continuing where they left off or if they will take some time off. Stay tuned...P.S,  Tinashe is a member of the #JuneReleases club, and although she is in the hospital, her 4th PSR album will still be released tomorrow due to the fact that only 2 days before this tragedy happened to her, she finished the last final touches of it and submitted it out for release so tomorrow look out for "Good Meets Evil" by Tinashe......

Thursday, June 18, 2015

War Not Over

The war is NOT over and it's mainly because of one person. Click here to see what I mean.

Has The Love And Hip-Hop War Ended?

Fans (the ones who are fans of Love & Hip-Hop and NiNi) are getting excited because its being said that the war between the cast and NiNi is now officially over. As we all know, out of the 8 (or 9 if you believe that) cast members,  4 of them called a peace treaty and NiNi accepted all 4 and they squashed their beef, which means there was 4 left (or 5 whatever) and those extra ones were the ones being the most stubborn, but although we didn't hear any peace treaty offerings from the remaining enemies, its said that its now all over. Is it true? Do you hope its true? Click here to read more on this alleged ending of the war.

NiNi Selling PSR?

Is NiNi selling her beloved famous label? That's what sources say, they say she is finally ready to retire, but for some reason, instead of transferring ownership to one of her most successful artists like most bosses do, it's said that she's going to just sell the ownership. That means that the artists can stay if they want, but they will be under new management and obviously wouldn't be "PSR artists" anymore since the new owner would have to change the name since its copyrighted to NiNi and they would have to sign new contracts and agree to new terms. Many PSR fans are pissed and Twitter is on fire with the hashtag #DontSell. NiNi hasn't responded to the chaos surrounding this so its really just a rumor since it hasn't been confirmed so calm down. Many fans feel that she should hand the title over to the best successful artist on the roster instead of selling, because the PSR brand is one that is huge and they don't want to see someone else changing and ruining everything that NiNi worked so hard to build. How do you guys feel? *UPDATE* NiNi was visiting her buddy T in the hospital earlier today and news of this reached all the way out in London and reporters ran up to her to ask her if the rumors were true and she wasn't even aware of them. She said "I'm selling PSR? Wow that's news to me, no I'm not I would never sell PSR" BUT she did mention that she is retiring "I am going to be retiring in late 2016, not fully but you'll see less of me, I'll still release projects but not regularly and I'll still manage the label but I will appoint someone to carry my main duties, but that's a long time away so don't worry about it now" says NiNi. So looks like one part of the rumor is true which sucks, but looks like PSR is not for sale.....Click here to see NiNi's mini interview.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rihanna To Star In An Upcoming NiNi movie?

Sources say that NiNi and RiRi will be starring in a new movie together which will be their first collab on a project together in over 2 years.  Click here to read more about it.

Tinashe Hurt Bad Tour Canceled Until Further Notice

Today the "Legends" were putting on their show at the legendary "02" Arena in London and during the show they used their signature fireworks and special effects but during the performance of "2 On" (Tinashe's song) one of the explosions that was supposed to go off in a specific spot at a a specific time, went off to early. Tinashe was supposed to move from  that spot when she started the 2nd hook, but before she got to the hook and move out the way, the explosion went off and she was caught right in the middle. The music was stopped and NiNi China and the emergency crew rushed to her and her clothes were on fire and some of her hair. An ambulance was called and she was rushed to the hospital. The remainder of the show was canceled. Police are opening an investigation onto why the explosion happened when they did that routine so many times without incident. But after suspecting that it may have been one of the crew members, they later found out that the explosions were automatic and were set to go off from a machine at a specific time and place, the machine malfunctioned and no one has been charged. The rest of the tour is canceled until further notice. Click here to see pics of "T" exiting the stadium on a stretcher. And click here to read more about this terrible incident. Get well soon "T" from all of us...

Havana Brown, Reggie, Taylah P Next

Havana Brown (seriously close to the "never heard of category) Reggie and Taylah P (previously in the never heard of category) all announced they will be apart of the #JuneReleases. Havana's 7th PSR album is due for release on June 20th same as Zendaya. Reggie announced her 2nd PSR album will be released the 21st and Taylah P has announced her 2nd PSR album will be released the 22nd, same as Miranda Cosgrove. So starting Saturday we will have albums back to back for 3 days, and after those 3 days we get 2 more back to back with Tinashe and China. Super cool huh. Being that June is coming to an end, we aren't sure if there will be anymore releases, but it was one cool month. Click here to check out all of their "June Release" announcements. *UPDATE* Rita Ora, Ye, Babydoll and Star have been added as well. Rita is the 26th, Ye is the 27th and Babydoll and Star's are on the 27th as well. Keep on the lookout....who's next?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

NiNi Cancels Insta

Fans are left shocked as the queen of Insta (yes that's actually her name since she uses it more then anyone) because she canceled her instagram account today. It is not known why and all of her 4 million + pictures are gone. Maybe she's making a new one or maybe she's going through something. This may not seem like news, but just like because NiNi drinks so much Red Bull, she made the drink and company SUPER popular, and it's no different for Insta, she uses it more then anyone, so she made the service and the company super famous so for the main one to quit the service is baffling and it actually is a very huge topic and is making headlines on many tabloids and news outlets. NiNi still is unavailable for comment and she hasn't given an explanation for doing it. Click here to see what I mean about how much chaos it's causing. (not a bad kind of chaos)

Next Up: Zendaya

Next up in the #JuneReleases is Zendaya with her 3rd PSR album called "HeartBreaker" It is a R&B/Pop album produced by Omarion, NiNi and Ke$ha (she's next). It features Mya, Selena NiNi and Brooke Valentine (yup she's back) which is the only album so far to have so little features, but it still is a very nice album. It dropped at midnight and 9 hours later she has sold 344,000 copies, she's trailing behind the other June Releases so far, but she still is doing well and those numbers are fastly climbing. I have prepared a full review on a separate blog, head here to view it. It is available on Itunes, her site the PSR site and in music and retail stores worldwide for $9.99 and comes with her signature. Click here to purchase "Heartbreaker" by Zendaya. Speaking of her, she will be going on her 1st PSR world tour called "HeartBreaker Tour" to support the album starting in Georgia on July 1st, and she also is having a contest for her fans. Head over to her website to get more info on both. And as mentioned "Ke$ha, who was just a few inches away from entering the "Never Heard Of Category", has announced her place in the June Releases and announced her 5th PSR album "Let The Fun Begin" will be releasing on the 20th. It's very anticipated and we're looking forward to it. So be on the lookout in 4 more days.....

Monday, June 15, 2015

NiNi Still Not Cleared

Even though  the queen is not in America, cops still are pinning the drive by shooting on her. NiNi has made a statement as well saying she had nothing to do with it (click here to hear it) but the police still think she had something to do with it because of her involvement in the "war" Yandy has come to her defense and said that NiNi is innocent but they feel that NiNi paid her to say that and the fact that NiNi is her boss, she doesn't want to snitch and lose her job, yeah the cops  think crazy we see. So NiNi is still a suspect in the drive by attempted murder of Yandy, and seems like police aren't suspecting anyone else, but without any real hard evidence, they can't  touch her. Lets hope she's cleared....

Sunday, June 14, 2015

NiNi Has Yet Another Fight + Drive By Shooting, Cops Suspect NiNi

NiNi is in Amsterdam (that's in Europe) with her "Legends" buddies, but just because she isn't in America doesn't mean that the drama doesn't follow her. We have reports that NiNi had a fight today with an up and coming singer out there. The woman is known as Princess Peaches and she is well known all over Europe despite not being signed to a record label. She's getting big and her name has reached America. It is unknown how the fight truly started, but witnesses say that Peaches accused NiNi of ripping off lyrics from her most recent song and that's how the argument began. She then pushed NiNi and asked her to do something about it and they starting brawling until they were broken up by Tinashe and China. This happened in a bar (or "pub" as it's called down there) around 12pm this afternoon, which would've been 4am American time. Witnesses say that NiNi won the fight and the singer was taken to the hospital. Cops came but did not place NiNi under arrest and allowed all 3 to go after hearing people say what really happened, Peaches isn't charged with anything either as of now besides maybe DTP. NiNi did not want to be interviewed about the fight and as far as we know the show is still on tonight. There was video of the fight, but the bartender who recorded it says the video was wiped from her phone accidentally after she dropped it so no video, although cops are looking at surveillance video and if they choose to release it to the public, we'll see it. Click here to read the full article on her fight. In other news, the drama back in America isn't stopping either, NiNI isn't even here, yet police are still trying to tie her to everything that's happening. This afternoon, Yandy Smith was shot at while she was walking with a friend in a drive by shooting from an unknown all red car. Neither one was hurt, but both women were shaken up. Police suspect that NiNi is responsible due to the fact that they were both involved in the Love And Hip Hop Vs NiNi war, and even though those two made up and even hugged, cops feel that NiNi may have hired a hit man or hit men to put a hit out on Yandy. Yandy doesn't suspect it's NiNi but police are conducting a full investigation and they contacted Europe Police and they want them to question her, which they agreed to do. NiNi has no obligation to return to the states unless she is officially charged with a crime, which she's not so right now it's just a questioning. Police also suspect it may be someone from PSR as well, and they showed up to PSR and questioned many of them, so far as far as we know they have all been cleared. Anyone else tired of the Police picking on NiNi and blaming everything on her?

NiNi Releasing Full Spanish Album?

Word on the streets is that NiNi will release an album fully in Spanish for her Spanish fans. It's known that NiNi speaks perfect Spanish and sounds really good doing it so for her to release an album in Spanish would be cool, whether we understand it or not. NiNi already has a song in Spanish which is the popular "Dios Mio" which roughly translates to "My God" and it blew up back in 2012 when she released it so naturally fans are excited about this new Spanish album. Sources say that the queen is thinking about doing it, but it's not guaranteed yet, but if it does happen, it will probably drop sometime near the end of the year or early next year. Are any of you N's looking forward to hearing a Spanish album by NiNi?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kat Cancels Show After Alexis Fight And Exhaustion

Seems like the two lovebirds are having some problems in their "relationship"as it's reported that the two had a fight today. They are both on tour together and they have a show tonight in New York and during rehearsals they began arguing and they started fighting and a manager had to break it up.  Afterwards Kat walked out and a short while later she announced the show tonight would be canceled.  She said it's from "severe exhaustion"but sources close to her say otherwise and that the reason is due to the fight which left her angry and just not wanting to be around Alexis right now. The show will be made up tomorrow so hold your tickets.  Here's what we know: we know they fought although it was brief they DID in fact fight.  What we don't know is why and if that's the reason for her canceling the show or if it was actually exhaustion.  Alexis and Kat have been contacted but are unavailable for comment.  Kat and Alexis are both apart of the June Releases so be on the lookout for that.

Solo Day Today

Next up in the #JuneReleases is Miss Knowles herself who almost fell into the never heard of category but came back with her powerful newest song "Step Up" a couple weeks ago. This is her 4th PSR album called "Living Fancy" and the album is bomb. It is produced by Kay-Slay, herself and NiNi and it is R&B and Pop and features NiNi, Justin Beiber, Diana Ross, Evan Ross, Tinashe, China and Lady Gaga and Tay. It is being received well and is receiving positive reviews from the media and from PSR fans as well as her fans. It so far has sold over 650,000 copies in the first day so it's doing pretty good. It went on sale at midnight and is sold out in over 400 stores already (10am) so babygirl did well. It is available on her site, Itunes, the PSR site and in retail and music stores worldwide for $9.99. Click here to purchase "Living Fancy" by Solo. P.S......She deserves 2 congrats, first congrat is this album, and second congrat is for her staying out of all the drama, she is one of the main ones who has not been in trouble or drama for a long time........YOU CAN DO IT PSR PEOPLE!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Ari Added To #JuneReleases

Looks like Ari has taken Kc's spot and she is now added to the June Releases. Her manager and herself announced her 2nd PSR album is due for release on June 25th which coincidentally is the 6th year anniversary of MJ's passing and PSR is doing something special on that day so we have two good things to look out for on that day. Her album title is unknown right now but remember June 25th is Ari day. KP is the 19th, and Solo is the 16th so be on the lookout for these highly anticipated albums coming between this week and next week......Click here to check out Ari's album announcement and the chaos (good chaos) that it caused) Speaking of her, she has something to say about everyone saying she killed the relationship between her and Sean and being labeled as his ex wife, and being linked to Justin Beiber and it ain't pretty, she really bought out her diva behavior saying "Just because you're friends with a dick doesn't mean you're jumping on it" Click here to watch her total diva interview where she got pissed when she was blamed for her and Sean breaking up and other things, she went off........

NiNi Cleared As Suspect In Somaya Reece Assault

We all know the police are out to get NiNi, and are the main ones who want to see the queen rot behind bars,  but they now have no choice but to clear her as a suspect. The woman who attacked Somaya yesterday has admitted that she acted alone and she did it because she is simply a huge fan and she didn't like the comments Somaya made to her idol. She also admitted that her intention was to kill her and if the cops hadn't pulled her off she would've killed it and she doesn't feel the least bit bad about it. Despite the police trying desperately to get her to admit that NiNi hired her, she insists that NiNi had nothing to do with it and she doesn't even know NiNi personally, she's just a huge fan of hers. Cops made the announcement late this morning clearing her and they consider the case to be closed. Being that the woman whose name is still not known admitted that she was trying  to actually kill her, her bail has been raised from 1 million to 100 million and her trial is set for Monday June 15th where if convicted she can face up to 25 years in jail. Police say she is unusual and she has no remorse and she laughs everytime they talk about the damage she did to Somaya and she is extremely bizarre such as when they try to talk to her she makes weird faces and sticks out her tongue and then laughs, they say she acts like a serial killer and consider her extremely dangerous, but they don't consider her to be a mental case and feel that she is simply just acting crazy due to her violence issues. They have her held in her own cell because after she was arrested she beat a girls face in with a metal pole when she tried to rape her (yeah this broad is crazy) Cops object to the idea of setting bail for her any amount, but the law states that everyone must get bail UNLESS you commit a murder, and in this case its ATTEMPTED murder, not ACTUAL murder so she is entitled to bail. She has no known family and no one has come to see her or bail her out. Looks like those "N's" are alot more crazier then we thought huh? Congrats to NiNi on being cleared......

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Somaya Reece Brutally Beaten Again: NiNi Suspected In A Plot

This war is getting serious, because now the N's are taking it amongst themselves to enter it and those N's are just as crazy (or maybe even crazier) then those Beyhives or the Monsters or the Kitty Kat's (no offense guys). Somaya was released from the hospital this afternoon and she was brutally attacked by a female who is assumed to be an "N" Although Somaya was with a bodyguard, the girl was freakishly strong and she managed to overpower him and knocked him out with one hit. Somaya, who was still bruised and in pain was trying to defend herself and fought back, but you can tell her injuries were painful and she couldn't fight back as good as she needed to. The woman who remains unidentified, walked up to her and just started banging on her and when she got her on the ground she kept stomping and stomping and wouldn't stop. A passerby called the cops and they arrived 5 minutes later, but before the person walked by she was beating Somaya for a full 20 minutes and by minute 12, she was knocked out, but the girl still was unleashing everything she had on her. Somaya was left severely bloody and lifeless. When police arrived, she was still stomping her and 4 cops pulled her off of her and put handcuffs on her. They called an ambulance for Somaya and they arrived 2 minutes later and she was put on a stretcher and rushed right back to the hospital. The woman was laughing like a maniac as she was put in back of the police car. Doctors say that she needs surgeries but they declined to further comment on her condition. Although this unknown woman was clearly seen by cops assaulting Somaya, cops still opened an investigation because they feel that this woman may have been hired by NiNi to carry out the assault and that's because Somaya made some threatening statements towards her when she first woke up a couple days ago, and now that she got out, she gets attacked again, and cops find that suspicious (and they're out to get her, we all know that). The woman's name is unknown, and being that we know she isn't a celeb, many feel she is just an obsessed "N" who was defending her "idol" Police say the woman refuses to give her name and she is laughing and has no remorse and refusing to cooperate at all. She is booked on assault and attempted murder and her bail is set at 1 million. Police are looking to question the queen, but being that she is overseas right now for her tour, that's damn near impossible, so they went to the next best thing: the "number" yup, number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 have all been questioned to see if they know something that NiNi might've plotted, and they all told them "no" Without any hard evidence, they had no choice but to accept their answers and leave them alone. The video of Somaya was recorded by a fan who was walking by and she was recording because she saw Somaya and she captured the ENTIRE thing, from when the girl first walked up to her to when she was driven away in the back of the cop car. Click here to view it, it's exactly 25 minutes long. (Warning, very graphic video lots of blood view at your own risk)

NiNi Suspends KC For A Month

KC has been suspended from PSR for a full month. NiNi announced it to the public this afternoon, what she didn't announce is why she suspended her. But sources close to the label say that KC actually was bold enough to come in beyond pissy and didn't want to do anything but lay around and sleep. It's no rule in PSR that an artist can't have a drink here and there, but smoking and drinking is not allowed inside the building at all, and even though she didn't have any alcohol on her, she was drunker then a alcoholic hanging out in front of the liquor store, and instead of firing her, she just suspended her for her to learn a lesson. That's one story, the other source says that she bought in a man and the rule is no outsiders without permission which is NiNi's rule clearly on the contract, and when NiNi found out she tried to hide the guy in the closet, but NiNi soon found him and suspended her for violating the rules set for her as an artist. So which of these stories are true, or are any of them true? Maybe none of them are, but what's the reason then. KC Has been contacted but has not responded to requests for comment. NiNi also isn't responding as to why she suspended KC. KC was apart of the #JuneReleases with her 4th PSR album scheduled to be released June 19th, but now since she's suspended for a month, that means no pay and no work, and even if she has a studio in her house she is still not allowed to release it off of PSR until NiNi lifts her suspension, if she does release it, she will have to do it independently with no major backing which means without a label backing her up the FCC won't release it mainstream and it won't get to many people, so looks like KC is now OUT of the June Releases. However, she did just finish a new song, and being that the song is already sent out to be released to the public, NiNi can't pull it, so we should be hearing Kc's new song dropping soon. Enjoy it because we won't be hearing anything from her for a while. Click here to check out NiNi announcing Kc's suspension.....

KP Next Up

Next Up In The #JuneReleases is KP with her highly anticipated 6th PSR album "Big Bang" It dropped at 12 midnight and has already sold over 500,000 copies worldwide within 10 hours so it's safe to say that the album is doing very well. It is produced by numerous producers including NiNi, Just Blaze, Will.I.Am and Jet Turbo. It is Hip-Pop and Pop and it features NiNi, MiMi, CiCi, Tinashe, Lena, Brandy, Jae Millz, Young Buck and Rihanna. It is available as a double disc which is one that's audio and the other CD is all videos of every song on the album. It hit the stores around 9am this morning and 557 stores report that they sold out in less then 2 hours. It is available on Itunes, her site, the PSR site and in retail and music stores worldwide for $12.99. It is receiving positive reviews from music critics and from the fans as well as her fellow label mates. Click here to purchase "Big Bang" by KP.......Speaking of KP, her video for "Dark House" has passed the 1 billion mark on YouTube and Vevo which is one of the few videos besides NiNi to do that, so congrats Miss Perry..........

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NiNi Tells A Fan Off After Negative Comment

Today NiNi corrected a fan outside of the Nashville Music Stadium in Nashville Tennessee after he said "You gotta stop letting people run you it's making you look bad" She responded "What the hell are you talking about, nobody runs me sweetheart, I run this you got that, don't ever come at me like that. You wanna talk about people running somebody, it's obviously you still have your parents dress you huh, boy you like 40 years old and you dressed in a turtleneck and jumpers fuck outta here" The fan was left shocked literally his mouth was wide open it was hilarious but he is still attending the show tonight and he apologized to NiNi and said he was out of line. It was pretty funny. It was recorded on another fans phone and it occurs around the 54 second mark after the "Legends" exit their limo and walk inside the stadium. Click here to check it out.....


Next up in the famous #JUNERELEASES is Lena with her 5th PSR album called "Lena" She didn't do any different like she did with her last album when she went hip-hop, she's back to her famous pop style with this album, and hardly any xrated or foul lyrics at all. The album was very anticipated so naturally when it dropped its started selling pretty quick. It's produced by NiNi, Solo and herself and is Pop and R&B and pretty good. It features: Mya, Kat, Madonna, Gaga, NiNi, Tinashe, Demi, Omarion and Rita Ora. It's on sale in retail and music stores worldwide as well as Itunes and on her site as well as the PSR site for $9.99. Click here to purchase "Lena" by Lena....Next up is KP and Solo....

NiNi Speaks Up On Joe Jonas Affair Rumor

After remaining quiet for over a week after the Joe story first started, NiNi has made a statement addressing the chaos and it appears that Global is up to their old tricks yet again. According to NiNi, they are photoshopping her head onto other women's bodies and they are using color imagery software to change the women's skin color to fit NiNi's exact skin color. She said "You're busted just get a life" Global has responded to her statement and the head douche bag.....I mean reporter of Global said "Tell her to prove it" Like clockwork on cue, the N's started ripping all on Global and sources report that the head office in Santa Fe was swarmed with angry fans yelling out threats until the cops had to be called. Another rep for the company said "They (the fans) really need to calm down, she's just a person" Those statements angered fans even more and it's been chaos all day. Its well known that NiNi and Global have pretty much NEVER gotten along, and that's mainly because they do stuff like this to her, and the other half is it seems they always print up a negative story about her whether its true or not as if they just are after her for some reason. Late 2013, she was in a huge fight with a lead reporter when she printed a story that NiNi is actually a transsexual (that means a dude) and she approached her and actually said "So did you cut it off or is it still hanging down there) That fight is still talked about today and it was the blowing point between their feud and they're still at it despite all the negativity that comes to their business for their shady business practices. smh looks like some people will never learn....Click here to hear the audio of NiNi's statement. (strong language is used) Joe also spoke up with a tweet saying "To whom it may concern, me and @NiNi are NOT dating. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

NiNi Fights Again

This time with Cymphonique; well that's what the source claims but we actually think it was with Apryl Jones who is also from Love And Hip Hop but we weren't aware that she was even in it as she hasn't been mentioned among the other enemies.  We don't buy the niq niq fight because she is in Louisiana and nini is overseas we do however believe the Apryl Jones fight because she's in the same location as Nini and many people are talking about a fight.  So is she now number 9?

There Is No Number 9 + NiNi Released A New Laptop To PW

All the trying to find out who's number 9 is done as NiNi confirmed herself today that there is no number 9 and it stops at number 8 (which will be number 5 now, since 3 people have signed truces with her) So that's done with. Those 5 people who are still beefing with her are not seeming to give up, so looks like this war wont be over anytime soon. In fact Somaya woke up late last night and accused NiNi of her attack and said she's not pressing charges on her, instead she's gonna do something that will hurt her more, she's gonna get her husband to fall in love with her and get her kids to call her "mommy" those are her exact words. So as you can see its still #LoveandHipHipVsNiNi even though since 3 people grew up and decided it's not worth it and fans hoped that the others would follow and the war would be ended, sadly that's not the case, but the queen doesn't care if it doesn't end, she simply said "Bring It On Boo" Hmmmmm.......In other news, NiNi has released her own laptop called "Platinum" It's a full touch screen laptop with front and back camera's very advanced like a professional movie quality camera, and it flips around a full 360 degrees. Its a pretty dope computer, but the price tag isn't so dope coming in at $1,099 with free shipping if you order from the platinum wear website. But with that price you get the computer signed by NiNi, an autographed poster of her,her platinum headphones and rare never before seen behind the scenes from the first half of the "Legends Tour" so that's pretty much worth the price. Click here for full details on NiNi's new laptop and click here to head over to the Platinum Wear site to purchase it.......

Monday, June 8, 2015

Why Is NiNi Linked To Joe Jonas? + Gets Kicked Out Of Fashion House For Alleged Disruptive Celeb Behavior

Fresh on the tabloid magazines is a new story that's confusing but huge. It says that NiNi and Joe Jonas have a "thing" as in an "affair' sneaking behind her husbands back. Although this story sounds crazy, we DO actually see why this story maybe exists. First off, NiNi and Joe are working on a collab together, they both confirmed that so we know that much is true, nothing serious right? but the problem comes when they started spending alot of time with each other. And before you N's start trashing me saying this is just another bogus story to get money hear me out. Ever since they announced  their upcoming collab, they have been around each other alot, he's at EVERY SINGLE one of her shows, which he never was before they announced a collab, they are seen at signing events together, they were spotted hitting a McDonald's together, eating lunch together, drinking a red bull together, out shopping together, he was even spotted entering the PSR building. Now I know what you're thinking "maybe she's about to sign him" OK maybe, but that wouldn't make sense because 1st of all, its no need to spend any personal time with an artist just because you're about to sign them, and 2nd, she doesn't do that with any of her artists past or present except for the "numbers" They're hanging out the way a married couple would. Of course you don't have to be dating to hang out, but being  that she's spending so much time with a guy when she's married, it raises eyebrows. I'm not saying I think its true, I'm just saying I see why the story exists, and I love NiNi and she knows that, but I must admit she's doing it to herself and so is he. Many times, the media have stopped both of them asking what the deal is and they both denied any relationship and both say they're just friends, but nobody buys it. Click here, here here here here here and here to see how many times they have been spotted together just over the last 3 days......In other news, it is said that NiNi was kicked out of a fashion house (that's a spot celebs go to judge and buy the newest designs and clothes from fashion designers) for allegedly being disrespectful and displaying diva typical celeb behavior. It is known that NiNi has a severe mouth on her, but she doesn't usually act that stuck up celeb way so we don't buy it, and if she did act that way it was probably only because someone said something to her that set her off, because that's the only time NiNi acts bad like that, but even then, she never pulls out the "Do you know who I am" card.. Its said that she was asked to calm down and stop shouting but she told them don't tell her what to do, and the people at the house insist that she started acting like that all because no one seemed to act all surprised happy and screaming for her when she walked in what she is so used too (that also sounds bogus) They say they had security escort her out and she threatened that they will all be fired by tomorrow. None of her N's buy this story, they feel they just want to go after her for whatever reason, in fact NO ONE believes that NiNi acted like that. But the media still wants a statement from her to get her side of the story, but she isn't responding to anyone's requests for comment, and she hasn't spoke on anything yet. Click here to read the full article on this story....Stay tuned.....

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kandi Is Not No.9 Nor Is She An Enemy

Seems like the rumors are just rumors and Kandi herself made sure the world knew that.  Click here to see what I mean and hear Kandi herself denying any issues with the queen.....

Is Kandi Number Beefing With NiNi Too? + Honey Ends It

Although we have yet to find out who is number 9 (if you believe it's actually a number 9) many sources say that Kandi may not be number 9, but she is beefing with the queen, not because of the war, but because of personal reasons. We haven't been hearing any disses from Kandi to NiNi or disses from NiNi to Kandi so we never suspected that she is beefing with the queen but there is  no real confirmation and there is no real info about it so we can't say for sure. But some people swear up and down that Kandi is that long lost number 9. Lets not forget, Kandi was a PSR artist at one point but was dropped due to poor record sales, and she said she left on a positive note with NiNi, so if they are beefing now, it isn't due to being dropped. We don't have much info on this, but we will soon, so stay tuned. In other news, one person who was salty at NiNi for being dropped is Honey Cocaine who entered a beef with NiNi about 2 months ago, but there is no beef anymore at least according to Honey. She did an interview today and was asked what the situation is with her and NiNi and she said "There is no situation anymore, its over and done with, she do her Ill do me and we just keep it moving, its no reason to keep it going because at the end of the day it's really not worth it, life is too short for all that just do you and live your life that's all" NiNi didn't respond to that as of yet. But looks like Honey ended it without NiNi, so is NiNi gonna jump on board and end it too?  or will she continue to hold a grudge against Honey? Click here to view Honey's full interview about  the beef between her and NiNi....


#QUEENSREUNITE is on the map today as the new 1st collab song between them in over 2 years has dropped called "Get Loud" It released at 9am this morning and it was highly anticipated by all the Beyhive and the N's and its getting very good reviews. It's hip-hop and pop and its very good for a club setting. The beat is catchy and the hook is something that will get stuck and play in your brain over and over. They both do their sexy moaning sounding voices during certain parts of the verses in their lyrics and it compliments the beat well. It's produced by NiNi and Envy. Thing is though, although we thought that the queens were working on this song together recently, especially since they were both spotted exiting a studio together, many sources say this song was actually recorded almost a year ago, and is just getting released now. Does that mean, the new song we've been waiting for still hasn't released yet? and we may get two reunion songs? That'll be nice, but in the meantime we don't care, we're in love with this new song and so is everyone else, which is why it hit the number 1 spot in less then 1 hour replacing NiNi and Beith's song which was number 1 for over a month. The song is available for purchase on iTunes and on both of their official sites. The full version isn't available on YouTube yet, but you can click here to listen to a 1 minute clip. Click here to purchase 'Get Loud" by B Ft NiNi......

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Nini Now Owns Half Of Burger King

NiNi has been a spokeswoman for Burger King but now she owns majority of the revenue and sales of it after the CEO appointed full ownership position. Initially she politely declined but it's said that number 3 talked her into it and told her it's a great opportunity for her and she eventually accepted. Now NiNi is a 50% owner of the large popular fast food chain.  Congrats queen.  Click here to read the article of accepting owner position of Burger King....

Living With NiNi

Last night a new episode of "LWN" premiered on VOX and it was exciting. It wasn't as much drama as previous episodes,  in fact there was hardly any drama except for a mild dispute NiNi got into with one of her dancers during the legends show. This episode is more about the journey of the tour and showing her preparing for releasing her album and book and all the work that requires.  But we also get hints on things and get seemingly told some things that we had no idea about.  For example seems things are heating up between Kat and Alexis Jordan. They have been linked for as long as they both been there but it's never been any confirmation that they're dating or anything. But last night's show seems to confirm they are. I won't out spoilers but watch it and you'll see what I mean by many things that we didn't know. It was a nice episode but the previews for next week show looks like the drama is back. Did you catch the episode last night? Click here to see mini clips of it if you didn't. ...

Friday, June 5, 2015

Did NiNi And Zendaya Brawl?

Multiple sources are reporting that the queen and Zendaya had a fight today after an argument. They say the argument started due to Zendaya's lack of work and she didn't meet her work quota for last month and Zendaya felt that she was singling her out when it's many others (and it really is) that haven't done work in months and she isn't saying anything to them, so she got frustrated and told her to "leave me alone" at which point NiNi pulled out her famous "You can get out" line and Zendaya got fed up with the threats since she hears that more then any other PSR artist and she told her if she wants to drop her then just do it because she's tired of her threats and harassment against her and got in NiNi's face. At that time NiNi told her to get out her face before she puts her out of her face and Zendaya walked by and intentionally bumped into her which made NiNi stumble and then she punched her and they started throwing down which ended when PSR security and some of the "numbers" broke it up and Zendaya left. It is unknown if Zendaya is suspended or dropped. It is also unknown if this actually happened, but many sources are reporting it and alot of them are reliable and close to the PSR crew so who knows. It is a huge headline right now, but we feel that if this really happened it will probably be on tonight's episode of "LWN" so make sure you tune in at 8pm tonight on VH1 and maybe we will get some answers on this alleged "fight" between NiNi and Zendaya.....

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Katy And Lena Added To #JuneReleases

KP and Lena have officially announced their new albums this morning over Insta and they will both be in the #JuneReleases. So far the only album to release so far is NiNi's, but KP is next and Lena is 3rd. KP posted a picture of a explosion and captioned it #TheBigBang #June5th. "The Big Bang" is the name of her album if you didn't get why she posted the explosion and this will be her 6th PSR album and it's dropping tomorrow according to her post. KP is also said to be starring in an upcoming drama movie this summer to be released on PSR Cinemas, still waiting for more details on that. Lena also announced hers over Insta posting "#LENA #JUNERELEASES 6.8.15. Her album is called "Lena" and according to her post it will dropping on Monday the 8th and it will be her 5th PSR album. Speaking of these two ladies on an unrelated note, they seem to be the only ones at PSR now that is still super bloody with Tay, and many sources say they are close and they are teamed up to pretty much make Tay's life miserable. Recently Tay just released a new song "Bad Blood" which has lyrics that seem to be directed at Katy and Lena and now it's said they have a song aimed at her too, but they are going to release it when it hurts her the most, which is her huge performance at this month's BET Awards. Pretty much everyone at PSR has forgiven Tay and she has even collabed with a few of them such as Kendrick, Kat, Ye and Tyga and it's said that her and NiNi have recorded a song together that will be released soon. So looks like those are the only 2 ladies that's beefing with her so least it's no more PSR Vs Tay war.....

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

RiRi, Solo, Tayla "It's On"

A new song has released by Rihanna Ft Solo and Tayla called "It's On" Pretty cool song and it brings Tayla out of the "Never heard of" category. Tayla is also said to be apart of the #JuneReleases so keep on the lookout for that......Click here to check out "It's On" by RiRi Ft Solo And Tayla

New Episode Of LWN Friday At 8 + NiNi's Album And Book Extremely Hot Sales Climbing High

A new episode of the hit reality show "LWN" is premiering this Friday at 8pm on VH1. Click here to see a sneak peek. In other news, Monday NiNi dropped her highly anticipated album "My Twisted Reality" and her book "Into My Mind" and they both are officially blazing in the streets and they are the most talked about things right now. Her album has already sold 339 trillion copies worldwide and her book has sold over 200 million copies in the United States. Her book will be overseas starting on the 20th. This album and many songs for it are nominees for the BET Awards this months and we feel she will win for whatever she is nominated for. Radio stations are playing songs from the album all day non-stop and people are going crazy for it. Stores are reporting that as soon as they get a new shipment in of her albums, they are sold out within minutes and Google and Bing reports that their servers crashed at least 10 times just today from so many people searching for the album to buy it, so its obvious this may be NiNi's most popular album. We're proud of you queen. For those who don't have either of these masterpieces, click here to purchase "My Twisted Reality" and click here to purchase "Into My Mind" by NiNi......

NiNi's Lambo On Sale For 1.3 Million + Drama At The Airport

Remember back in 2009 when NiNi rolled up in a 2013 Lambo and it went with her everywhere? Well that beautiful baby is now on sale and she has a price tag of $1.3 million. A couple years ago, she donated the car to a museum who had it on display so people can admire, look at and sit it the actual car that NiNi drove in. But the museum put it in auction today and it has a huge following and people have been bidding on it all day (mostly doctors and lawyers) and its the biggest sale at the auction house. Can any of you N's afford the price tag? If you can, head on down to the auction house in Daytona Beach Florida and put a bid in, or you can click here to visit the site and take part in the bidding online. In other news, NiNi was held and detained at John F Kennedy Airport in New York on her way to Vegas for the show tonight. Although NiNi owns her own plane and private jet, she seemingly never uses them and uses pubic transportation. As she went through security, security guards discovered a tube of pills in her bag and because  of the color (blue) and the shape (triangle) they swore up and down it was "E" or "X" whatever you wanna call it since X looks exactly like that. She insisted that the pills are prescription painkillers that was legally prescribed for her due to a shoulder injury at the dance off last week, but they didn't believe her despite the bottle has the name of the medicine and her doctors name, the store she got the prescription filled at and when it was filled. Police were called and she was subject to a full search, and she was held up for over an hour and missed her plane. She was cleared when she got her doctor on the phone and he verified the medicine was legal drugs and that's how they look. NiNi was pissed, but the airport did make up for wasting her time, they got her another flight for free, and put her in first class for free. They gave her a free dinner, free drinks and provided her with extra special treatment, and according to NiNi, they're even. Fans witnessed the incident and recorded it. In the video, NiNi is calmly explaining what the pills are but as time goes on you can see she is getting irritated and begins to raise her voice. Fans are heard in the background shouting at the cops like "Ay leave her the fuck alone pig" The entire crowd was defending NiNi, it was a chaotic scene indeed. Click here to check out the video....

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Legends Tour Kicks Off Tonight In Houston Tonight At 9pm

The 2nd arm of the "Legends Tour" kicks off tonight at 9pm at the superdome music arena in Houston TX.  Tickets are sold out but there are a few nose bleeds left. Hurry and get your tickets.  Click Here to get your tickets for tonight's show........

NiNi Faces Criticism After Leaving A 20 Cent Tip

The owner of "Kathy's Famous Burgers" a local burger joint in Houston famous for their huge quarter pound burgers and chili fries is making a big deal out of an incident that happened earlier today when the queen decided to pay the spot a visit for lunch. The "Legends Tour" did not happen yesterday as planned but it will be kicking back off tonight and that's why the three "legends" are in Houston and they all hit up the spot for lunch. The owner says they all ordered burgers, wings and chili fries and the bill was a little over $60 and the owner reports that they all flipped a coin to see who would pay for lunch, and NiNi lost. When the waiter bought the check over, NiNi paid with her credit card and she left a 20 cent tip on it. The owner posted a photo  of the receipt on social media and is "Mind Blown" that her most richest famous customer would leave such a lousy tip. She tagged the photo with the caption "Guess who's receipt this is? no its not a homeless person, although she tipped like one,  its the "queen rich girl" Miss NiNi,, yup 20 CENTS!!!!!!! T N &C were in my spot and this is what they left WOW!" Many people responded saying "so" and "who cares" but others responded not putting NiNi down, but putting celebrities down in general posting things like "celebrities make the most money out of any other job in America but they're so cheap its amazing" and another poster posted "They want to save their riches, can't be bothered to help out us "little people" even though they can help out the entire world and still have money for years, smh sad world' Bear with me guys its a slow news day today until the "Legends Tour" restarts but this IS actually getting big in the headlines. *UPDATE* NiNi has responded to the controversy surrounding her low tip and she says that the reason being is because the service was terrible, not bad,,,, TERRIBLE,  and the waiters were rude. She posted "I never expect anyone to bow or kiss my ass when I walk into a public spot, IDC who the hell I am but I expect to get treated like a customer and I did not, none of us did, they were rude and the service was TERRIBLE y'all mtfs lucky I left anything and y'all tryna complain?? FOH" But the owner responded saying on camera "NiNi Tinashe and China were extremely obnoxious, they complained about everything, it takes a while to make our burgers because its not just put together sloppy its gourmet and we treat it with quality, they complained that we were taking too slow, complained the place smelled bad, complained it was too hot, I mean they complained literally about everything, they treated my entire staff with very rude diva behavior and Tinashe threw out the famous "do you know who I am" card We respected them as we do every customer who walks through our doors, what she's saying is simply untrue" T N & C denied this. So who is lying. Customers who were there say that it is true that they all were acting like typical stuck up celebrities, but a few others say that NiNi is right and the waiters were the ones who were rude and obnoxious. Its a big story and its spreading all over. Looks like NiNi and Kathy's Famous Burgers has a beef going on huh? Stay tuned for more info

Monday, June 1, 2015

KIMYE Having Another Baby

Congratulations are in order for Ye and Kim K, because she is pregnant with baby no.2. A sneak peek into a new episode of KUWTK revealed she went to the doctor and her test came back that she is pregnant. It's no secret that kimye has been trying for baby no.2 for a while but struggled hard with fertility issues and even revealing that they had sex pretty much all day everyday to make it happen but it didn't and Kim said having a second baby is definitely harder then the first and said she gives up and is just going to forget about it. Apparently that's all she had to do was not try so hard and get it out her mind because now they both got their wish .Ye always wanted a boy and that's what they're hoping for. Many fans and all her sisters congratulated them over social media today and Ye officially confirmed it as well. So looks like NiNi will be a big cousin once again to another little ye.  NiNi also congratulated him on his twitter and congratulated Kim on hers. It is not known when her due date is but she's probably very early on because she's not showing at all.  But congrats to Kim & Ye. Hope you guys get the boy you always wanted. ...

NiNi Sues BMW For Unauthorized Commercial + Determined To Stop Bootlegging

BMW, one of the largest car dealerships in North America is in trouble with the queen, why? because they used her music and picture on one of their commercials without permission. They were advertising their new model x7 for 2016 and they used her song "When I'm Ridin" which actually fits perfect with advertising a fast car, but the problem is when you use someone else's material, you have to ask permission and give them whatever royalty checks they might request and they didn't do either, so the queen is suing the company for an unknown amount for unauthorized use of her material. BMW issued an apology to NiNi and her publishing company but obviously that didn't make NiNi or her lawyers call off the lawsuit. The commercial has since been taken off air since it's in the middle of a lawsuit but sources say that BMW is trying to work out a solution with NiNi. Stay tuned to find out how that's going. In other news, NiNi is also trying  to get a lawsuit against illegal music companies such as Limewire, Frostwire, Mp3Juices and many others who are bootlegging her music and allowing fans to download full albums and songs for free. The streets also are bootlegging her music and movies. On every corner especially in urban area, people set up a booth with bootleg Cd's and DVDs and so far the street sources report that NiNi's new album is already bootlegged and being sold in over 50 cities and her newest movie "Don't Look Back" has been bootlegged too by someone who walked in  the theatre and recorded the whole thing on camera and its being sold in over 40 cities. NiNi is beyond upset and she wants to put a stop to people bootlegging her stuff. It's not much she can do about the streets, but she can do something about the music sites bootlegging and offering up her music for free download and that what's she determined to do as she already has at least 10 lawsuits against different illegal music companies, and so far one, MP3JUICES.COM has been shut down. Stop bootlegging guys, these artists work hard for you, give them respect and buy their stuff the old fashioned way.....

NiNi Accepts Olivia's Peace Treaty

NiNi made a statement addressing Olivia's most recent offer of a peace treaty, saying that although she accepts the treaty and is willing to sign it officially ending it, she says that the two won't be looking at friendship anytime soon, due to the things Olivia said. She also sat down with her and had a heart to heart and they each actually signed the treaty and had it sealed. Olivia later talked about it to Vogue saying "Yeah its done, I needed to do it my way because I had some things I wanted to get off, and I wanted to hear what she had to get off, and uh, it made for a better situation I think, it went well though" When asked if they could be friends sometime in the future" she responded saying "um well, I was with PSR for a time so I know how stubborn she can be, but I also know how cool she is and we were friends at one point, alot people think that this whole whatever you wanna call it is because I'm mad because I was let go it wasn't it was much more personal but it doesn't matter we're both over it, as far as friendship goes, anything is possible, I wouldn't object to it" So now that Yandy Erica and Olivia are now on the peace treaty level, that leaves us with 5 (or once again 6 if you believe its 9) So who's next? Click here to hear NiNi's statement and click here to see Olivia talking about their treaty sit down"

NiNi's Album And Book Drops! Record Breaking First Day Sales

Welcome to the first day and the beginning of the famous highly anticipated #JuneReleases. We will be covering this all month long and giving announcements and reviews for each album that is released this month. Day 1 NiNi is first up & She gave us double pleasure today. 1st up is her very anticipated 14th album "My Twisted Reality" The album is produced by: herself, Swizz Beats, Just Blaze, DJ Envy, Solo and JJ Wurks. It is Hip-Hop, Rap, Swag, Pop and R&B complete with 17 tracks. The album is different for her in the fact that she is not as turnt up, violent and sexual on this album as her past albums, and the rap songs are less agressive but she still does amazing. The album features: Mariah Carey, Trina, Mya, The Game, Chanel West Coast, Solo, Tinashe and KRS 1. The stats on the album are impressive. It dropped exactly at midnight today and as I write this blog it is now 10am in the morning and the album already has sold over 33 billion copies worldwide, which is record breaking for first day sales, and she even broke her own record for first day sales, which was previously her 11th album "My Sister's Keeper" which topped out at 100 million for first day. NiNi is the first and only artist to reach the billions for first day sales, so she is going down in history. Fans literaly stayed up and lined up outside of stores to buy the album at 12:00. Stores stayed open late specificaly for the sale. When stores allowed fans to come in, the stores were packed and within an hour, 98 stores reported being sold out of the album. Fans also flooded the PSR site and NiNi's site to digitally download it and they crashed both sites over 330 times from so much downloads. The album is available on iTunes, her site, the PSR site, on Jay-Z's new Tidal music service and in stores worldwide for $9.99. Order online and you get free shipping and a bonus 2 songs and videos. Critics agree that this album will set NiNi at the top and that this effort may be among her best work. Click here to purchase "My Twisted Reality"by NiNi.  2nd pleasure we've received today was her tell all book called "Into My Mind" The book was authored by KS Blackburn the most famous celebrity authors and talks about a little of everything from her position as ceo of the game and owner of PSR, the illuminati, her personal struggless, her kids and husband, family life, sex life, her sister and so much other things. It's many things we had no idea about like she had anorexia which is an eating disorder, she was a severely heavy drinker and she thought about suicide everyday at one point. This book is powerful and it takes you deep into the Queens world and life and see that it's not all fun and games. The book is available in bookstores around the world as well as online for $6.99. So far the book has sold over 34,000 copies. The book is huge with 542 pages and she dedicates her to her sister. Click here to purchase "Into My Mind" by NiNi,  or head to your local bookstore.  Pretty cool start of June Releases.  Congrats queen! Who's next