Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NiNi Addresses The Chaos From Yesterday + New PSR Music

Yesterday all hell broke loose due to a video of NiNi hugging a young fan and his hands were in 2 inappropriate positions, and she didn't seem to mind. But late last night, she made a statement and she seemed so upset she said "First off, to my crew to my friends to my real fans who all was on the Same page with me on this bullshit, I thank you I love you guys, to the rest, to hell with y'all and I'm talking all y'all. I'm not a fucking sick person you fucking assholes, don't ever put me in that category again, like I'm about to have sex with a little 5 year old, I don't even like messing with people who's younger then me, especially not that damn young, that's why Beith is older then me, its a personal choice, so for all of you who believed it and have been saying all of this negative bullshit about me but now want to apologize but your brain decided to kick in, fuck you and fuck your life, you don't know me and its obviously that I don't want to know you, and to all the collaborators I had over the years from other label who claimed to be my friends that bought into this bullshit, how dare you, you guys aren't worthy, you're on the same level as that bitch as far as I'm concerned" The media, specially the ones who ran the story must've realized that this was the most ridiculous story they ever did, because they have been apologizing to NiNi all morning, but she isn't responding to it, and some people who believed it (mostly Taylor's fans, because literally NONE of NiNi's trillion plus fans believed it for one sec) are even apologizing to her, but the queen isn't hearing any of it. The story, as far as we are concerned has been erased from the media, and even if you go search for it online, no articles or stories pop up about it anymore, so the whole world owes the queen an apology and they all have been trying too, but the queen responded to the part of the world that bought all of this with a pic on Instagram of a middle finger the caption #shoveyourapologies" The queen doesn't forgive you, her bestie clique doesn't forgive you, her crew doesn't forgive you we don't forgive you(not that we matter, but still) and her billions of fans aren't forgiving you, so you guys are hated and hated by the biggest name in music, the biggest name in the world which is Queen N, sucks to be you guys........Click here to check out her statement (as you read from above, she curses alot which is her fav thing to do, so be warned about that) In other news, 5 new songs have released today. First up is Sam Smith who released a brilliant love song which is doing super well called 'I Want You Back" the song is slow and he is a wonderful singer, and its not often I say that. Its very popular between women, (even though based on the lyrics, he may be talking about a man, but you know women can relate to that kinda shit) and he is proving why he deserves to be at PSR. Even some female PSR artists have been praising his song such as KC who posted #IWantYouBack #SamSmith, OMG I LOVE THAT SONG, I CRIED WHEN I HEARD IT, ON REPEAT #ALLDAY" It is number 2 on the charts. Click here to check out "I Want You Back" by Sam Smith. Next is Milla J. She has an equally good song called "Weight" Its Hip-Hop/R&B and Pop all combined together and features NiNi on the hook. She sings and raps on the song and damn she is really  talented and she is another one who is proving that NiNi made the right decision by signing her. Click here to check out 'Weight" by Milla J Ft NiNi on the hook...Next is Keke Palmer with her last song before she goes on maternity leave appropriately titled "Be Back Soon" Its a nice song with a hip-hop and pop feel, coming in at number 4 on the charts. Click here to check out "Be Back Soon" by Keke Palmer (today is her last day by the way) Next is KC with her super anticipated new song called "Oakland" Its R&B and Hip-Hop and its a really good song coming in at number 3 on the charts. Click here to check out "Oakland" by KC. And last is Reggie with a very anticipated song called 'FOH" (For those who don't know cell phone talk that's "Fuck Outta Here" Its rap and features Chanel West Coast and Tyga and that girl is mega talented and has skills that's being compared to Lola Monroe or Mona L and we agree. The chart spot for this song is unknown yet. Click here to check out "FOH" by Reggie Ft Chanel West Coast and Tyga. New music is coming, we hear that Jessica Lowndes, Kat, Selena, Demi and Fifth Harmony are next, cool.....

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