Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Song Alert + Is Erykah Badu And Nini Beefing?

This afternoon a new song has released by Nini Ft Lil Wayne titled "Got My Money Right" its produced by Birdman and features Lloyd on the hook. Its a hot song but still hasn't took the number 1 spot which is "Cant See Me" which has been at the number 1 spot for over a month now. You can check out the song here. In other news, rumors are circulating that the queen and Erykah Badu may be beefing. We aren't sure how that started but its the most talked about situation in the industry right now. I'll do a little digging and I'll let you guys know when I know! P.S speaking of New songs, check out the new song produced by Nini and Ye by Katy Perry Ft Ciara titled "I live Wild" pretty cool song check it here

Nini Gets Protested

This afternoon, Nini was spotted looking super cute in upper Montlclair NJ where she was attending a show by Cymphonique at the Marshall Theatre. She wasn't the only one there, Kat, Miranda, KC, Amy and Keke Palmer were also in attendance to watch their friend perform. A Short while after the show started, a group of protesters formed outside with picket signs and whatnot with nasty things written on them and they were directed to PSR women. Nini and her clique were informed by a member of their security team about the riot that was forming outside, but they all brushed it off. They continued to watch the performance and Nini was even playing with people in the audience flashing a flashlight in people's faces and flashing the light around the stadium. She later said she felt like a kid and felt like having fun, and being that no one minded and some even played back with her, it was all well. As the 5 women were exiting back to the limo, police officers were walking them to the limo and they all had their glasses on and police on horses were holding back the protesters. The protesters were protesting the way the women dress and behave themselves on stage, and one woman even screamed out "Nini and Kat you two have lots of minor and child fans, you don't set a good example for them" others were screaming things like "How is shaking your ass and showing half naked women on stage entertaining?" Or You women need to respect your bodies more" These protesters were mostly old women around 60-70 years old and you know how they are. One elderly pissed off Amy when she said "You're having a baby, whats your baby going tothink when it See's you acting like a skank on stage, do you want your baby growing up like that" She turned around and said "You know what you need to mind your fucking business, don't you ever bring up my baby dont ever put my business in your mouth you hear me?" The woman looked terrified and was backing up and Nini grabbed her and pulled her back and they all walked to the limo past the protesters, and before getting in the car a paparazzi camera guy asked Nini "Miss Nini what you think about all of this, is this hurting your feelings?"She said "No its funny to me, because they have no clue what this is about, so I let people think what they want its whatever, no more comment" They got in the limo and pulled off and when Cymphonique came out a lil while later, they did the same to her, but she shielded her face and her bodyguard rushed her to her limo. Nini later posted a statement on her site about the incident saying "I forgive the elderly because they don't know what time we are living in, they are still back in their years so you guys are forgiven lol" No other artist has commented yet. In other news, Nini's documentary was the most watched show since Michael Jackson's funeral with over 99 billion viewers, it re-airs tomorrow at 7am so make sure you check it out if you haven't already seen it. P.S Tomorrow Nini's doll and video game drops, it expected to drop at midnight so make sure you cop both of those!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nini's Documentary + She Denies Rumors Of Chris Brown Fight

This afternoon, NINI's documentary titled "My Life" aired on BET at 1pm. It shows all of her steps to fame and her background and its a must see for the hardcore Nini fans out there. Here's a clip of the documentary check it out here. In other news, Nini has denied that she had a fight with Breezy after her show the other day. The rumor started after Nini's show when Breezy was leaving and looked pissed and he even said "Fuck You" to someone on his way out. But Nini has denied that today and so has Breezy and he claims he had an argument with his girlfriend who was there to show her support. I haven't been getting much info on the queen guys, since she's off but whatever I get you will know! Peace~!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Nini's Show + Nini Reunites Little Girl With Mother


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nini Spotted Earlier Crying!

A little earlier, Nini was spotted in Hackensack NJ and she was in a park and she was crying, not loud just tears running down her face. Paparazzi of course caught up to her and tried to ask her what was going on and if she was OK, but she denied any comment and rushed away from them quickly. We certainly do hope the queen is OK. Speaking Of Hackensack, She has a show tonight out there in about 2 hours, unfortunately we couldn't make this one, but regardless we will get you all of the pics and details. In other news, Nini has denied that she is expecting another child. For months now, the Internet has been lighting up with rumors of baby number 3 on the way after she took a pic in a tight fitting dress and had what appeared to be a baby bump. But tonight she has said "Baby?, No not now, probably not for a while, I'm not due in 9 months none of that" And just in case she was trying to be slick and cover up, she was asked "What about before 9 months" And she said "No not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 months" So looks like her kids will not be a big brother or big sister, at least not yet. P.S, Nini has announced that her documentary will be airing on BET on the 29th which is Saturday at 1pm-3pm so make sure you check that out for a in depth chance to see her rise to stardom and her amazing background. Have fun at Nini's show guys! Peace~!

PSR Releases New Nail Polish

A New Nail polish from Katy Perry has released on the PSR line today. The bottle is in the shape of a microphone which looks cool and its available in pink red and blue, and when you put the nail polish on, after it dries the words PSR appear in glitter in whatever color you are wearing. Every bottle has the same effect, when you first put it on you see nothing but the nail polish but if you leave it for at least 60 seconds the words PSR come into focus. It went on the PSR site this morning titled "Platinum Polish" for 5.99 for a small bottle that's expected to last up to 3 weeks to a month or the large bottle for 9.99 which is expected to last over 2 months. So far the bottles have sold over 72 thousand units and they had to restock within 20 minutes so obviously its doing quite well. The famous PSR cat nails that every chick seems to be rocking these days, also went on sale on the PSR site for 10.00 a pack which comes 35 nails in one pack with your choice of designs which are a microphone, jewelry and some other designs (AND NO ITS NOT ILLUMINATI CLAWS) Check out the new products by heading over to the Platinum Wear site In other news, Nini has made a statement regarding her diss to presidential candidate Mitt Romney and she said "I meant no disrespect, I understand he's a candidate and I'm not about to have anyone go against him or disrespect him, that's not how I get down, I will even make sure he has a fair chance, but at the same time I made it clear many times that I do not support republicans because their focus is only on the rich, I support democrats because their focus is on both but more of the poor and that's what I'm about, if a Republican is elected the rich will get richer and the poor will stay poor I don't like that at all, Mitt is a republican and that's the only reason I cant support him, but I don't have any personal issues with him" Mitt has made a statement saying "I understand miss Nini's point and she is absolutely right, but one thing about me will change, although I am republican I will spread an equal amount of change to everyone not just the rich, I think this country is ready for a change, and Mr Obama promised that 4 years ago and here we are 4 years later and this country is still in the same position it was in 4 years ago is that change? I will provide the necessary change that this country actually needs" Nini has not responded to him as of yet. But Mr Romney says its no hard feelings and that him and his daughters are huge fans of Nini and win or lose that wont change. P.S Nini had her show last Night in Memphis Tennessee check out the full video clip here P.S royal PSR artist Ke$ha and Melanie Fiona had a fight yesterday, and it was caught on video, Ke$ha whupped her ass and now her fam is threatining her. Check out the cell phone video clip here

Weezy Says Nini Saved His Life

This morning Weezy was discussing future albums and collaborations and he said "I have a lot coming up, Im 30 years old today, Im not retiring until 5 more years, so I have alot and Nini is of my biggest collaborators right now, I have so much respect for her, she saved my life so its always love there" When he was asked what does he mean by saved his life he hesitaed first and then admitted he used to have a severe drug problem "I used to be fucked up, literally, I mean It was everyday all day, no food no drink just that, and she came through and she helped me kick it" So apparantly Nini is affecting people in more ways than just music. He also revealed that they are currently working on a collab track together that will be released before this month is up, we Cant wait! In other news, PSR artist Miley Cyrus has responded to rumors of tension between her and Nini after she posted this on Twitter "Ugh I hate my life sometimes, you ever get the feeling that you love so many people but they dont love you back? Or is that just me? IDK its weird and another thing why Nini why!??? How could you do this to me? That tweet sparked rumors of tension between the two and many said the "Why Nini Why part was referring to Nini threatining to drop her after all of her hard work, but today she said "Fuck no, I cant ever see myself at war or whatever with her shes like the coolest woman ever, I cant even understand why other people want to beef with her, its better to be her friend which Im very proud to say I am. My tweet was referring to Miss Thang giving me 8 projects to do in 4 days (laughs) thats alot of work! (Laughs) But it was just a joke, so please stop taking things to the head people" Her fiance stepped in before she even made that statement and said "No way Miley and Nini are super close she respects her like crazy and although Miley is about the same age she tells me all the time that she looks at her as sort of a mother figure, because thats what she's like....." MILEY is not the only one who has been included in the list of people who have tension with the boss, Letoya Luckett was one but that was put to rest, Cymphonique was another, KC was another, Jeremih was another and so was Guyana, Christina Milian and Katy Perry, but all those rumors have been squashed by the artists and Nini has said "I have a pretty cool relationship with all of my artists, I want them to feel comfortable thats why im not the typical boss whos always in someones face, thats what they respect about me, Im just like them no different but at the same time, I do make it clear that just because I am cool doesnt mean that they can slack off and take advantage of that, but they dont and being that im not so hard on them they actually work better instead of rebelling against me, thats why its always important to have a good bond with your artists listen to them and help them, and in the end they will do amazing for you, if not they can really make you or your label suffer (Laughs)' So great news once again. P.S check out China's new song, its a weird title but a great song its called "YAY!" Produced by Nini check it out here Also PSR artist KERI Hilson has reached music royal status and so has Kat. Neither one of them has reached presidential yet though which means they are not in Nini's circle yet they still have to do a little more before they can be presidential in her circle, but for now they are something and thats all that matters, congrats guys....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kelly And Tina Have HUGE argument And Nini Lets Kelly Off For A Week

This afternoon, Tina And Kelly got into a huge argument, in fact, it was big that Tina was crying off of things that Kelly said to her. The aunt and niece always seemed to get into it, but this time the family problems were worse than ever before as they got into an argument so loud the entire label heard it over the music that was blasting in the studios. Nini stepped in and told both of them to shut up and she allowed Kelly to take some time off to let the two women calm down. They both of course apologized to Nini for arguing in a professional environment, and all was forgiven, but she did tell them to get whatever problems they have under control before Kelly comes back to work. She also allowed Tina to take some time off, but only 3 days as she needs her more than she needs Kelly, and Tina was happy with that. It is not known what the argument started over, but a couple weeks ago they were at the VMA's together and although they were sitting next to each other, it seemed to be tension between the two heavily which proves that this was building up for a while. Currently both women are not suspended just taking a break and Tina will be back on Saturday and Kelly will be back next Wednesday. In other news, Nini has said she does not support presidential candidate Mitt Romney who is going up against Obama in the re-election this year. His campaign fears that by her saying that she will bring him down because she has lots of followers so his team has reached out to her so he can chat with her, so far she has not responded. Looks like its Obama For NiNi!

Nini's Show + Letoya Luckett Impresses The Boss

Last night was Nini's show at the Magic Palace Stadium In Nashville, Tennessee. Here's the full video clip for you guys to watch. It lasts for 2 hours and the first half was without Nini. Enjoy! In other news, PSR artist Letoya Luckett has redeemed herself worthy again. After being yelled at by Nini last week, Letoya spent the entire weekend making it up to her and she did 21 songs from Friday to Sunday non stop. She was only short 2 projects, but since she messed up she decided to make it even righter and do more than what she was supposed to. Nini was impressed on how many songs she completed in such a short time, and although she got through them fast, they are well put together and they all are good and have been approved for release, so that's a pretty cool happy ending. Also Cymphonique has said that her beef with Nina B is squashed "I'm the one that is squashing it at this point, if she wants to continue to make songs directed at me then that's her, but I'm done with it, so at this point I'm not in any more beefs" Nina B has also made a statement and she was asked if she wants to squash the beef as well, and she replied "It been squashed for the past 3 or 4 weeks now, I'm not even worried about that anymore" P.S speaking of Cymphonique she has a new song out with Tyga and Nini titled "I Got That Work" Its produced by Keke Palmer believe it or not and that girl knows how to make beats! Check the song out here

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Amanda Bynes Responds To Lindsay Lohan And Defends Nini

This evening, AMANDA BYNES has posted a response to Lindsay's earlier twitter rant saying "My Nickelodeon status has nothing to do with why I was let go, so please get the facts straight, and its funny how you speak on queens when your bestie calls herself a queen and you encourage that, Myself and most of the damn world would honestly refer to Nini as a queen before we do her, that's just real sweetie" Lindsay has not responded as of yet. Nini has also made a statement regarding her rant saying "She tried to cover up by not saying any names but its just common sense to who she was referring to, and she sounds so stupid she's talking about two different things and her whole little rant was totally irrelevant" Lindsay has not responded to her as yet of either. Lindsay's publicists has made a statement saying "It will be no beef or whatever you want to call it, we are making sure of that, she had an emotional year and we are trying to eliminate any more drama from her life at this point" He was referring to the fans saying that a new beef is beginning to pop off. Lindsay was unavailable for comment all day. Anyways, its off to Nini's show Ill let you guys know about it tomorrow! Peace~!

Did Lindsay Lohan Take Shots At Nini?

This afternoon, Lindsay Lohan had a twitter rant where she it seems she was speaking on Amanda Bynes and Nini. She said "Why is it that I'm always getting locked up for small shit that's not even important but a nickelodeon star gets to hit someone, smoke a pipe behind the wheel and have a DUI but gets let go, I tell you what.,  the industry is not what it used to be anymore.... nowadays you have men dressing like women and you have people who call themselves queens when they probably don't even know the definition of a queen, how are you a queen just because you run your own labelor have alot of songs,  can anyone answer me that? Real royal only exist in England and that's where real kings and queens reside, you cant call yourself the queen of the game if you never even met a real queen, this industry and this world is so full of shit, I'm ashamed to say I was ever apart of it" Many feel that she was referring to Nini and whoever else is considered a queen in her queen speech, and the fact that she said something about a label made it even more suspicious. Many feel she was just rambling nonsense as usual. Nini has not responded as of yet, what do you guys think?

Nini's Show Last Night At The Fairy Stadium

Last night, the queen had her show at the popular "Fairy Stadium" In Corpus Christi Texas at 9pm. The show was in part a dedication to the brave soldiers fighting and dying overseas for our country, therefore there were tons of soldiers in the audience dressed in their army outfits. The show started around 9:01 and Nini exploded onto the stage with a cloud of smoke. Fans cheered and screamed her name loudly..She screamed "Whats up corpus?!?!" And the entire stadium cheered. Then she said "I would like to dedictate this show to the troops over in iraq and wherever the hell else they are fighting these days (the crowd laughed) Their bravery is an inspiration, and we would like to say that your hard work and dedication to this country does not go unnoticed" The veterans and the fans cheered and she continued talking, while she was talking smoke started forming next to her and it took the shape of a bumblebee. The crowd cheered which cut off what Nini was saying and Nini was looking like "Oh no she didnt just make my speech get interrupted" The smoke turned into a real bumblee (well a hologram) and stood floating next to her while the crowd was still cheering. Nini looked at the bee and said "Yo I wasnt done talking" the hologram bee then stung her and she fell on the ground" Then the bee exploded and B took its place when it disappeared. The crowd went nuts. And she looked at her on the ground and started laughing at her. Nini got up and said "Ok miss thang, I was in the middle of a speech, and I dont appreciate....and B cut her off by stinging her again with an actual stinger she had attached to her hand. Nini fell again, and the crowd was laughing and clapping and cheering. Then she bent down to Nini and said stay down if you know whats best for you" Then she adressed the crowd and said "Hows everyone doing tonight!!" Everyone screamed and cheered. She said "What she doesnt understand is that no one really cares what she has to say, Am I right?" The crowd was silent. She said "Come on guys help me out, right!!" Once again no one agreed with her and she said "Wow tough crowd, ok I dont care" and she shrugged her shoulders and kicked the stage like she was a little 5 year old girl throwing a temper tanturm. The crowd laughed once again, and Nini got up and jumped on her and tackled her to the ground, and the fans cheered and laughed. She dragged her to the back by her feet and B was screaming "I dont like this one little bit, you're in so much trouble, Rape Rape!!" Nini threw her backstage and you heard a sound that sounded like someone being thrown into something which was just sound effects. And Nini came back out and the crowd cheered for her. She said "See I told yall I was better than her" And the crowd cheered loudly. She said "Ok we're going to get into this show now" And then a boxing glove was thrown at her head, and she looked backstage and said "You threw that damn glove at me didnt you" You heard B's voice from backstage say "I didnt do nothing, well maybe I did, Ok look Im not just gonna sit here and let you accuse me of things I clearly did" The crowd laughed and Nini looked mad and said "Im gonna kill her yall" And B ran out and tackled her and they were rolling on the ground fighting. The whole skit was hilarious and lasted about 10 minutes. Smoke filled the stage and covered the two fighting and the lights dimmed. The crowd cheered. When the smoke cleared they were in a entire different outfit and they were standing side by side and the fans went nuts. The beat to "Can't See Me" began playing and it played for a while and Nini said "Where's Jay" as his part was playing but he wasnt out there, and B said "Oh yea, he thinks he's a King guys, He wont come out until yall throw up his diamond and scream Hova Never understood that but he irritates me" The crowd laughed and threw up the diamond sign and began chanting "Hova Hova" Nini said "Louder" and they went louder, then he came out with his famous Yankee Hat and a all black yankee suit and the crowd cheered for him. He said "Keep your motherfucking diamonds in the air" and everyone kept it in the air including the queens. The he started his part, Next was Nini then B. He didnt throw his hat into the crowd this time though. Next they did "When The Beat Drop" then "Chocolate" Then "Single Ladies" Then "Green Light" Then "Dream Love" and last was "Boss Bitches" with Katy Perry and Diamond. The last ending was amazing because they all disrespected Illuminati. KATY, DIAMOND AND NINI threw up horns and B made the 666 sign and put it over her left eye, and the whole audience booed at it, and they all said "Yeah boo that thats how we get down too, and they started booing with the crowd, although that was the most dangerous thing either one of them ever did , it was still funny. At the end all 4 gave each other a hug and they all screamed Good Night and disappeared through the smoke. it was over around 10:35. They did no autographs and they all went their seperate ways. The entire performance was amazing and funny from start to finish, and you can check out the video clip of the whole thing by clicking here. Way to go queens!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Halle Berry Says Her Management Wants To Link Up With PSR

Halle Berry has stated that her management team wants to link up with Nini's platinum wear line and add her designs to the line. They are offering her 3.1 million dollars just to do so. Halle also says that her management wants Nini in her upcoming movie, but Nini has not responded to any of this yet, so I guess we have to wait and see. In other news, today is Nini's daughters birthday, and she was spotted wearing a shirt that says "I love my baby girl" all day today. Although we never saw her nor do we even know her name, we do know she is 3 today so we would like to wish her a happy birthday and many more to come!

Why Did This Man Get Slapped By Nini?

This morning around 6:30AM, Nini was spotted exiting her limo going into a CD store in Northridge, Massachusetts for a CD autograph signing for over 300 people. On her way in, a man was standing there looking at her and as she walked past him he said something to her which was "Damn I'll love to make that ass talk to me" Nini looked disgusted and smacked him right across his face, and he looked like he was about to cry as his lip was quivering, and he said "I deserved that, I'm sorry" She said "You will get more than that, if you keep fucking with me" and she walked in the store. Fans saw the whole thing and the women were shaking their heads at him, and the man looked embarrassed and lost before walking away. The man,  later identified to be 20 year old Justin Rocks has posted on Twitter @NINI I'm sorry, I was just kind of mesmerized by your body at the moment that I wasn't thinking clearly, but I meant no disrespect and I'm sorry if I offended you, I actually respect you so much, and this is not how I normally behave!" Nini has no more twitter so she of course did not write him back, nor has she made a  response statement to him as of yet, but many of her fans are upset by the incident and have been letting it be known all morning on his Twitter page, in fact its so bad that he has said he feels unsafe now, because of what the fans are saying. All we have to say about the position that he's in now because of this is LOL! In other news, Justin isn't the only one apologizing to Nini, Tyrese and the Cali Swag Boys have also posted apologies to their boss for trying to turn PSR into a porno shop, but Nini has posted on her website in big words "APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED ASSHOLES!!" Tyrese responded "She has every right to stay mad, I take no offense to being called an asshole" And JayAre from CSD said "OK that hurt our feelings" They are not coming back until either the beginning or the end of January so we wont be hearing from them in a while......Also for the Rhi Rhi fans out there, your girl is in drama once again, didn't I tell you she lives for drama lol, but I wont be posting about it, that's just to let you know! And no Nini is not involved this time sorry! P.S Mariah Carey has released a new song with Nick Cannon and has sampled Nini's voice as chopped and screwed on the hook, but they did it without her permission, so they are at risk for getting sued by her, but Mariah said "Nini is our girl, we ain't steal it, we did this before and she did mines before too, so chill with the lawsuit stuff, we sample each other's vocals all the time" So I guess no lawsuit or beef there. Speaking of stealing music, A Keys has discovered that her producer did steal the beat to "Cant See Me" and added some things to it, but she still persists that she did not steal the lyrics and she has cancelled the song and deleted it from the industry. Why she didn't know to begin with that that was Nini's beat is not known but its amazing that she really didn't know that! Come on Keys........

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nini To Be Nominated At The Music Choice Awards

The 2012 Music Choice Awards are right around the corner, October 11th to be exact and this year is expected to be even bigger than last year. Nini is one of many artists who Will be nominated at the awards. She currently is wiping the floor with the competition hailing 15 nominations in Best Artist, Best Video, Best Song, Best Album and many more categories. Her other competition that she will be competing against include Rhi Rhi, Jay- Z, GAGA and Lil Wayne. Nini has stated that she will in fact be at the awards, but she will not be performing, she will be in the audience. back in 2011 Nini took home 7 globe awards and this years she's expected to take home alot more. The Music Choice Awards go down on Thursday October 11th at 8pm on BET so make sure you watch it, its going to be cool, and tickets are on sale for the event starting now. In other news, Nini has made a statement to her lucky contest winner "I'm sorry, I just been so busy, but Monday the 24th, I will be flying you out to our show and afterwards we will have our dinner date" Says Nini, Lucky girl :)....Also check out the new song by Monica Ft NINI titled "My Swag So Right" Check it out here

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Little Girls Smacks Nini's Booty

This afternoon, Nini who is off today was spotted downtown Atl grabbing a bite to eat when she walked past a female fan with a small daughter who had to be at least 2 years old. The female fan got an autograph and a hug from Nini and so did the little girl, and as Nini was walking off the little girl hit her butt and said "Work it Nini" Nini turned around and looked like "O....K that was weird" And the mother said "I'm so sorry Nini, she must have got that from that her father, because he acts like that" Nini smiled and said "It's OK" and she waved at them and left. Its hilarious to us and it was recorded by another fan who was out there, check the 36 second clip here. In other news, is PSR haunted? People who don't believe in this kind of stuff, or get offended by it should not read any further. It is claimed that PSR is haunted by several people. It is reported that the team constantly spots a young girl who looks to be searching for her mommy, a war soldier and a lady in all white. The artists supposedly see these spirits everyday, and it is said that Cymphonique and Katy Perry got a visit from the Lady In White in their studio while they were working late night. Tina has also came face to face with the young girl numerous times. Most of the team though feel that these spirits are not a threat and they may be stuck in this world or just do not want to leave whatever that place used to be before it was PSR. No one feels threatened by the spirits now because they see them so often, but it took a while for the artists to get used to. Now its pretty normal to see them and most of them who stay late may be walking out may catch them on their way out and they even joke with them and say "Good night, don't fall through the floor" Even visitors have reported seeing things move on their own and feel a ice cold wind chill and feels as if someone is following them as they walk down the long halls, but they say whatever is there does not feel evil, it feels like its lonely and curious about the new surroundings. Many PSR artists have confirmed that its something in there but they aren't bothered by it, even China says she used to be terrified but now, it has become something she expects now, and its such a normal routine to see them that they see them and act like they don't see them and continue doing what they are doing. Pretty creepy huh? No one knows who the spirits are, but they have become like the new members of PSR as the lady in white is constantly seen in the studios by the equipment and many think maybe she used to sing since she stays in those areas. Welcome to the team ghost people, please do not come to my house!

Mr Carter Says Nini Is The Princess Of Roc Nation!

Although Nini is not an artist at Roc Nation, she is closely affiliated with them and even gets half her paycheck from them. And this morning Jay said "She's real, that's the main point, forget royal or whatever you wanna call it, she's like the most intellectual human being I know, that's why she's the princess of the Roc, the diamond in the rough" Nini has not responded to his statement as of yet, but we're sure she appreciates it. In other news, Diamond has been spotted entering a lesbian strip club which many people say confirms her sexuality. A Pic released of a woman between her legs and giving her a lap dance, she's not the only one though, last night Ke$ha and Selena were spotted receiving lap dances from 2 gorgeous black females, many say all of these pictures are faked, but many say they are not. In fact pretty much all of the PSR women are said to be either lesbian or Bisexual and that Nini has all of the lesbians or bi's in the game. The ones we definitely know about is Ke$ha, Selena, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Melanie Fiona, Star, Da Brat, Katy Perry, Cymphonique, Monica Spears, Alexis Jordan, Tiffany Evans, Honey Cocaine and Miranda Cosgrove. All the others are speculation, but many say they are all into women, but Nini's sexual orientation remains a mystery that I suspect will never get brought out to light. Diamond hasn't made any statements about the photo as of yet. Also Gaga who is confirmed from her own mouth to be bisexual has said she would have sex with Nini if she had the chance. She was asked on live TV this morning "So stefani, you're into women right?" She responded "mmhmm" and they said "If you had the chance would you sleep with Nini?" She laughed and said "Sleep with her? she wont even talk to me (laughs) but um, yeah despite everything that's been going on with us lately, she's still gorgeous and if she gave me the chance I would" That's really really gross lol, but it came out of her mouth and if you want to check out her interview click here. Also speaking of her,  Nini made a statement last night addressing their fight. Check it out here P.S check out Kat's new song with Ye titled "Riding Dirty" It stole Nini's number 2 spot check it here

Latoya Luckett Has Fight With Nini?

Word is that Rising PSR artist Latoya Luckett and Nini threw down this morning. We honestly do not believe it but word is that Nini came in to work and started picking on her for every little thing, being a bully commenting on every little thing from how she was dressed to how her hair looked to how her new material was sounding. Eventually Latoya got fed up and said "You know what damn it, if you don't have anything nice to say to me why don't you just leave me alone, Ill do my work you do yours, I get you your money you get me mines and that's it" Nini continued with her verbal abuse and she walked out and said "I'm leaving, and Nini grabbed her arm and said "No the hell you ain't" at which time LATOYA turned around and socked her. They began brawling and security had to break the two up. Latoya was sent home on suspension for a week and its said that NINI wants her gone. Of course this is just a rumor, and over 95% of the rumors we post about turn out to be untrue. Still its a pretty exciting story regardless, and my team is doing a little digging to find out what really happened between the two so stay tuned! In other news, Alexis Jordan has reached the 1 billion mark on her new album which puts her in the hall of famers at PSR, she was asked if she thinks Jay-Z sucked as a boss since he never got her up to this level that Nini got her to, and she said "No he's great, look at Rita and she was only here for like a year and she's royal already, I'm not even royal yet, its just I wasn't there long, I was only there for about 5 months before I signed with PSR, so I never had a chance to do an album, I only did one song" She was then asked if she had stayed with Roc Nation, do she think he would've got her where Nini has her and she said "Maybe I don't know ,Nini is just the bomb right now (laughs)" Congrats to her on that! Also the video for Can't See Me" is super popular, everyone loves it and its being requested as the jam of the week on MTV hits and MTV jams. When it first released over 50 million people tuned in to watch it which is the most people for one video since Michael Jackson's Thriller video back in 83'. Congrats to the Queens and the King for an amazing video!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Nini And Gaga Have A Fight!

This afternoon, Nini was involved in a fight with GAGA. She was in Newark, NJ signing autographs for 1 hour and after it was over she stopped downtown at a place called V.I.M which is a clothing store. On her way out, GAGA was walking in no bodyguards just her and she said "Oh wow Nini its a pleasure seeing you here" and smiled at her. Nini rolled her eyes at her and walked away, but GAGA grabbed her arm and said "Hey I just wanna talk!" Nini turned around and socked her which made her fall back. People that was down there began to watch as Nini was stomping her out. GAGA got up and ran towards her and threw a punch but missed and she fell to the ground without even being touched by Nini. She was holding onto her stomach and looked up at Nini with a hatred expression on her face. Nini kicked her in the stomach and then her bodyguard pulled her off and she said "I told you bitch when I see you I'm beating ya ass, tell all your friends too!" Gaga was on the ground holding her stomach and bleeding from her mouth. She called for her limo while still on the ground, and a kind female fan came over and said "Stefani, are you OK?" GAGA said "Oh I'm fine sweetie, thanks" The girl helped her up and GAGA thanked her and gave her a 100 dollar bill. The crowd started to leave and her limo pulled up and she left. A little while later she made a statement saying "I just wanted to talk to her, it was many witnesses there, I didn't do one thing to her, I was even being polite, but she hit me anyway, I miss how we used to be, she was my best friend, now all she wants to do is fight me" She had tears in her eyes and now the media is calling Nini a bully saying she beat her even though she did nothing to her. Nini has not responded yet.....This Nini/Gaga situation is getting seriously outta control, what do you guys think???

Nini's Show And The Drama That Came With It

Last night was Nini's show in downtown Atlanta. She and the other queen put on an amazing performance but drama popped off inside of the stadium. This time I will not post a video, instead I will tell you guys all about it. It started off with the preview of the new video "Can't See Me" on a drop screen. As the beat came in the video went off and they came out with Jay to perform the song. The whole stadium was out of their seats and it was a good vibe throughout the first half of the show. The show was originally supposed to last for 3 hours but it lasted for 2, and within that 2 hours they performed "When the beat drop" Chocolate" True Love" Rain" and "Dream Love" The crowd showed them much love as they were cheering louder than ever for them. But that happiness came to an end when Lady Gaga decided to show up. Nini and B saw her walk in and take a seat, she looked sick, but she stayed. Nini stopped the music and the spotlight went on Gaga and she screamed "Get the fuck out of here!" The audience booed at GAGA when they saw her sitting there. She said "Chill out my little monsters" Then she turned her attention to NiNi and said "Sweetie, I paid my goddamn money like everyone else, you don't tell me what to do, go head an continue performing I'm not doing anything" B ran to the back to tell the managers to remove her, but they told her the same thing, she paid money and unless she's really doing harm, they cant tell her to leave" They told them to keep performing, and they did but were visibly upset by her presence. The last song they performed was "PSR" With Ke$ha and Selena Gomez. At some point during the show, GAGA walked up to me and said "You're the guy that writes about her aren't you"? I said Yes Ma'am I'm her blogger" she said "Are you actually enjoying this pathetic show?" I said "Yes very much, and no disrespect but If you don't like the show, and you think its pathetic why did you pay money to see it?" She looked mad and said "You're in no position to question me faggot" and she walked away. I felt insulted, but I let it go. She was walking through the aisles and Cymphonique and Rihanna were sitting next  to each other somewhere in the audience enjoying the show. GAGA went to their row and without warning, she used her pocketbook and smacked Cymphonique in the head with it pretty hard. Cymphonique got out her seat and the two began fighting. Rhi Rhi broke it up and said "What the fuck is wrong with you, get out!" GAGA spit in her face and then those two began fighting. A fan ran on stage because no one seemed to notice the fighting happening, including the two queens who were still performing and security wasn't in that section. The female fan went on stage and both of them looked at her like "What the hell are you doing up here" She went up to them and told them that her artists and GAGA are fighting, they both looked through the audience and they spotted the fight. The music stopped and they both ran off stage over to them. Security followed them and once they got there, Nini pulled off GAGA and threw her to the floor, GAGA looked at her and I swear it seemed like her eyes turned red. B was asking the other two if were they OK. Security came and grabbed GAGA to escort her out, but she stopped and said "You can throw me out all you want, but that's not going to stop this piece of shit show from getting stopped" As soon as she said that, tons of people dressed in masks rushed in the stadium and started fighting literally everyone. All the fans were fighting, the security everyone. The managers grabbed Nini, B, Rhi Rhi, Cymohonique and myself and ran us away from the brawl. They took us outside and told us to go home and they ran back inside and police were pulling up. Nini looked at me and said "What the fuck was that about" I told her what GAGA said to me and what she did to her two artists and she said "OK get home, because they're after you too, we gotta go" I said "Who is after me queen?" She screamed "Don't ask me no damn questions just get out of here!" I said "OK I'm sorry I'm leaving" I started to walk away and she grabbed my shirt and said "I'm sorry OK, just go through 4 real" And she gave me a hug....I said OK and left to find my car. Cymphonique had blood down her face from being hit with the bag, and Rhi Rhi had scratches on her face. All 4 women jumped into the PSR limo and pulled off. Of course the show was cancelled, and we are told that at least 69 fans were injured before the police stopped the riot, and GAGA was arrested for starting the disturbance, but posted bail this morning for 5.9 million dollars. We hear that Cymphonique was not only hit with the bag, but something in that bag was harder than rocks and metal put together and that's why she was bleeding so much, and she received 120 stitches to her head. No word on the others yet. But we know Nini is pissed as she made a statement this morning saying "That bitch is what caused all that last night, I swear to GOD I want to fucking kill her, and yes that's a goddamn threat, if I run into her its gonna be problems!" GAGA has also made a statement saying "Yes I started the fight" She was asked "But Why?" And she replied "I was drunk, not in my right state of mind, so I felt like making some drama pop off, but I do apologize about it and to the fans who were hurt" Not once did she apologize to Nini. Nini suspended her team for not listening to her in the first place and from now on, no one will let GAGA in any of Nini's shows. It was a great performance regardless though and many fans have said that even though she messed up the last hour they still enjoyed themselves....You can check out the entire video clip up until I was grabbed and forced outside. the video shows everything up until that point so check it out here P.S Miranda is out the hospital and is doing much better....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nini's New Video + Nini Gets Her Lip Pierced

Tonight, the video for "Can't See Me" has released and the entire 6 minute video is awesome. If you didn't happen to catch it, you can check out the entire video here. Congrats to the queen for an amazing video! In other news, Nini has got her lip pierced, its small and cute and it fits her very well, check out the pic above, pretty sweet huh? Now its off to Nini's show, let you guys know about it soon, peace~!

Nini Spends Big Time With The Obama's!

The other night after the Obama fundraiser, Nini and the entire Obama family went to a fancy restaurant for a presidential dinner, and she turned heads and had eyes staring as she rocked a vintage Louis the 3rd dress which is for royal queens (yes I mean real queens) Which showed all of her curves and she looked super fancy. They enjoyed a wonderful evening seated in the presidential row and spent 40,000 dollars a plate. They got caviar and escargot and a nice presidential dessert, and they all looked really happy together. We aren't sure who paid the bill, but lets hope it was Mr Obama lol. In other news, Nini is making up her show tonight in ATL so make sure you get to the POST stadium at 8pm to check her out! Also PSR artist Paul Wall has released a mixtape titled "H-Town" and has allowed free download from his site. Also Ye was smacked today by KHLOE as they were having a huge argument and he called her a fat bitch. She smacked him in front of many witnesses and Kim ran up to her and pushed her and those two began arguing, which made Khloe push her and walk away and said "Fuck both of y'all" Ye looked pretty embarrassed, but he kept his cool. P,S Nini has confirmed that the new video IS in fact releasing her video tonight so look out for it!

Nini's Show + New Song! + Kandi Gurl Album

Last night was Nini's show in Dallas Texas at the Home Run stadium. The show started at 9pm and lasted till midnight. Check out the entire amazing performance here. In other news, a new song has released by Nini Ft Ciara and Guyana titled "Rock Hard" Check it out here. Also Kandi Gurl has released her highly anticipated album titled "Sweeter Than Candy" The album features 17 all original songs and features only Nini and Kat on the album, the rest of the songs are by herself. It went on sale for 7.99 at midnight and from then until now so far it has sold over 100,000 copies which is great. Currently she has not beat any of the high sellers on PSR but she still has done very well, and 100,000 copies means she went platinum. She made a statement saying "Thank you so much guys, I love all of you so much!" Nini has stated she is proud of the album and supports it. You can buy her album on her site or the PSR site for 7.99 and that includes a free T-shirt if you order online. We would like to say congrats to Kandi! The next albums to look out for from PSR artists are Miley Cyrus (October 2nd) One Direction (October 31st) Chyna (November 13th) Mona L, B.B.O.D and Lola Monroe (Christmas Day) Katy Perry (New Years Eve December 31st) And Tiffany Evans (New Years Day January 1st 2013) And hopefully we will hear Karmin's album which she said she wants to complete before she takes her materrnity leave and she's hoping to drop it on December 13th P.S don;t forget tonight is the world premiere of Nini's full video for "Can't See Me" tune into BET and MTV tonight at 8pm!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Katy Perry Gets Suspended For Nini!

Royal PSR artist has taken the blame for something Nini did. Word is that Nini had tons of important files from her bosses that she was supposed to complete. These assignments were severely important, more important that anything she's ever done and she was pissed today off of the picture stuff that she accidentally ripped them up and threw them away. She was freaking out looking for the papers and when she found out that she threw them all away she knew she would get in trouble as her bosses were on their way to pick them up. When they arrived,  Nini told them she made a mistake and threw them out and they were severely furious and began yelling. But Katy stepped in and said "Hey, Nini don't cover for me, I appreciate it, but my dirt is my dirt, I'm a grown woman I can handle it" Nini looked at her like "Huh?" And they said "So you intentionally threw the papers away, are you out of your mind, do you know how important that was!!" They were raising their voices so loud that the whole label heard them and even people down the street. She said "Nini get out of here, go to your show girl" And Nini had an expression of thank you and she walked out. They said "She may be easy on you, but we're not  and you will pay for this NOW GET OUT!' She said "What do you mean get out?" They said "You're suspended definitely you understand that don't you, get the hell out, no shows, no paychecks, no recording, you're finished for the moment" She said "But".....and they said "OUT NOW!!!" And she left the building. Later on she made a statement to us as she knows we wont spill the beans and she said "I just couldn't see her get suspended, and being that she was in charge of it, they probably would've temporarily fired her, she has so much shit going on right now, she really cant afford to go through that right now, I'll continue my work when I get back its cool" She has been suspended for 5 months and with that comes no album which has to be pushed back now which was supposed to come out in December, No paycheck and no shows which will put her in a pretty bad position, but she says she's happy to do it she just wants Nini to keep doing what she does, and even though she isn't the one that did it, she said "They think I did, so lets keep it that way!" In other news, Nini has made a statement about the picture drama and she basically said she's not like other celebs and that she wouldn't trade her kids pics for all the money in the world. Check out the full 6 minute statement here. Now its off to Nini's show, tell you guys all about it tonight or tomorrow! Peace~!

TMZ Offers Nini 700 Billion Dollars For The First Pics Of Her Kids!

TMZ Has offered Nini a stunning 700 billion dollars for photos of her kids. The demand for her kids pictures are overwhelming, in fact the demand is so high that people are actually bidding numbers to her and hoping she takes the highest amount.TMZ has offered her the highest amount that anyone has ever gotten, Britney Spears got 1 million, her sister got 75,000, Monica got 2 million and the game and 50 Cent got 3.5 million. Fans also are high demanding photos of Nini's little ones, but Nini remains tight lipped about them and she has denied TMZ's offer. A Billionaire and owner of the Holiday Inn hotels franchise has even offered Nini billions or even trillions of dollars for their pictures as he says his customers would love to see them, but once again she denies any pictures. Nini is pretty much the only celeb who have not released pics of her kids or even her home life at all, and many people feel she may be embarrassed of her family. NINI made a small statement today regarding this and she said "Y'all getting on my nerves with all this crap about pictures" And Media Take Out pissed her off by asking her on camera "Nini are you embarrassed of your family" She was so upset that she took a sip of the red bull she had in her hand and spit it in the guys face which made him drop his camera and it broke. People have been asking about her kids since the first one was born in 2009, but now its getting so much worse, but the answer remains the same. Keep ya head up Nini! In other news, Nini's show starts in a couple of hours and we will be there, so if you have tickets see ya there, if you don't I got you guys! Peace!

Twister Wants Back In PSR

Twister (Not Twista) who was dropped a few months ago wants back in PSR.....He has said he has been hard at work in the studio perfecting his craft and he think his album sales will improve. Nini has stated that she cant take a risk with him or Mac Miller anymore as not only is it a risk to her but a risk to the label as well. She advised both of them to sign with other labels and if they are better like they say they are it will show and if she wants them she can get them back easily. In other news, Nini has been punk'd this morning. She was out in downtown Detroit for an autograph signing and a man came up yelling that Nini crashed her limo into him earlier and when he confronted her about it she pulled off and claimed his small daughter is in the hospital because of it, he even had a busted up car to prove it. Of course Nini is looking clueless and she said "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT" He said "You know what I'm talking about woman, I don't care who you are, you're going to pay for my daughters hospital bill do you hear me" He was screaming all in Nini's face and her bodyguard grabbed him and pulled him away from her. A short while later police ran up and he said "Good I'm glad you guys are here" and they said "We already know what happened" Then they turned to Nini and said "Ma'am, do you know its against the law for a hit and run?" She said "What fucking hit and run?" They grabbed her and told her bodyguard to get lost, and they were putting handcuffs on her while she said "This fucker is lying, what the hell!" They read her her rights and she was fighting off the police. The fans who were there were booing her and throwing things at her saying things like "WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO HURT A LITTLE GIRL!" She said "Fuck y'all all of yall on some bullshit" They wrestled with her as she was resisting arrest so violently that one of the cops fell to the ground. They finally got her in back of the police car and slammed the door. Nini was screaming in the back of the police car, but being that they have bullet proof glass, you couldn't hear her. In the meantime, fans were still booing and giving her the middle finger and the police car drove away. They pulled around the corner and told her to sit tight. Meanwhile Ashton and the camera crew ran out and started banging on the window sticking their tongue out at her. She looked at them and said "Oh My Fucking God" and smiled. They opened the door for her and took off the handcuffs (which were fake by the way) and she said to Ashton "I'm gonna kill you, You know I cant stand you right" He laughed and said "Yeah everyone says that" And they gave each other a hug while laughing. The fans ran over to her and she laughed and said "Y'all was in on it too huh?" They all laughed and she said "I hate all of y'all" Some fans ran up and gave her a hug" and she said "Y'all know this isn't over right" while laughing, the screaming guy came and gave her a hug and so did the fake police. At the end she said "Yeah I got punk'd, he got me pretty good too, because I was gonna be raising hell in that police department (laughs) but I'm getting him back trust! After she said that, he threw a water balloon at her and she ran after him and he was screaming like a girl. She was wet from her stomach down and she came real close to the camera laughing and said "OH THIS REALLY AIN'T OVER!" and she finished chasing him, and the episode went off. The whole thing was hilarious and the expressions on her face are classic. Check the episode out here

OMG Girlz Put New Designs In PSR

Royal PSR group The Omg Girlz has incorporated their own designs from their clothing line "Swag Girl" into PSR. They have added 27 new designs into the line including: Shirts, belts, jeans, tights, underwear, bra's, lingerie, lace, jewelry, shoes, boots, socks, head wear, and hair (yes I said hair, human and synthetic) Their line focuses all on women at this point as you can see, but they have said sometime in the near future they will begin making clothes for boys and men. The PSR line is the biggest most popular line ever, in fact its so popular that other famous lines like Dereon, Coogi and Rocawear is close to going out of business because PSR has everyone buying from them. Everyone from fans to artists to even the president wears PSR clothing and it is seen constantly on everyone these days, so its clear they are doing well bringing in over 72-78 million dollars a week from clothes alone. Congrats to the PSR line. To check out the new clothes that the OMG GIRLZ brought into the line click here. In other news, NINI has a show tonight in Dallas TX at the HOMERUN stadium at 8pm so make sure you guys get your tickets, they are going fast we hear they sold out in less than 2 seconds, but you can still hurry and get them online. Speaking of shows, she also has said that the show for Atlanta will be made up on FRIDAY so hope you guys held onto to your tickets! See you guys tonight! Also Nini was at the OBAMA fundraiser with Jay last night and it was filled with more than 120,000 people. They raised over 99 billion dollars for his campaign and everyone got a free "Support Obama" T-Shirt, autographs from Nini and of course a free performance from her and JAY which was "Can't See Me" B wasn't there so she was back tracked. Check out the event and the amazing performance here

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nini's Show Canceled Tonight

Nini's show in Atlanta Georgia tonight has been canceled due to severe rain and wind. She was supposed to perform outside at the Met Life stadium, but the whole stage overflowed with water, so the show is canceled until further notice so as usual, hold onto your tickets and wait for notice from Nini on when it will be made up. In other news, PSR artist Faith Evans has denied that Nini paid her not to release a double album of her late husband. Back in 2011, she announced she will be putting together a double album of Biggie Smalls with all new never before heard of material, and even when she signed with PSR she said she still was going to do it and that she has the full support of PSR, she seemed super excited about it and talked about it constantly, but then all of a sudden she just stopped and called off the project and then the rumors started. Rumors began circulating that her boss either paid her or forced her to cancel the project, being that she does not like New York and she was not going to release any music off of her label from a new york artist even if he is dead (Which is crazy by the way, because she has many NY artists on PSR). But today Faith has slammed those rumors down saying "No she didn't pay me anything, she was into the idea too, its just it didn't turn out like I had hoped, even though I was his wife, he really didn't leave me anything, and that includes his music, so I was denied access to the files for his music that's all, Its amazing how rumors can get so big especially nonsense like that" Also PSR artist Chingy has announced his new album for February 13th 2013 so look out for that!

Miranda Cosgrove Takes A Bullet For Nini

This afternoon, Nini and MIRANDA were seen getting out of the company limo heading into a building in downtown Atlanta. They declined comment at the time and went inside the building which was for a "royal meeting" They were in there for about an hour and they exited around 11:01. They were walking back to the limo talking, laughing and once again the declined any comments. Neither one had their bodyguards with them, as bodyguards, managers basically whoever isn't royal isn't allowed in. Across the street, two guys were arguing over money, and one guy took out a gun and shot at the man who ran across the street, he was shooting at him as he was running and Miranda jumped in front of Nini and pushed her out the way. Nini fell to the ground and Miranda was hit in the shoulder and fell to the ground also. The guy who was being shot at ran and the shooter ran too, but we are told he was caught a short while later and arrested. Nini took out her phone and called the ambulance. A small crowd gathered around and Nini was on the ground with her holding her hand, and Miranda kept her sense of humor despite dropping over 5 lbs of blood as she said "I smell something burning, oh its just my skin" Nini laughed with small tears in her eyes and said "Girl you're too much" The ambulance arrived about a minute later and put her on a stretcher and put her in back of the ambulance and drove off. Nini rode with her following behind in the limo and she went to the hospital with her. We are told that Miranda will be fine as the bullet went straight through her shoulder instead of getting stuck which would've caused more problems, and doctors say she will be stitched up and should be available to leave tomorrow. The shooter has made a statement from jail saying "I'm sorry to Miranda, I wasn't trying to hit her, that was not intentional, I offer my sincere apologies" We are told he is facing up to 20 years in prison for carrying and using an unlicensed firearm and assault on a public authority figure, but when Miranda gets out of the hospital and if she decides to press charges, he is facing even longer than that. In other news, Chelsea Lately the hilariously funny comedian wants Nini on her show for an interview, Nini has stated before she loves Chelsea and she's the only one who can talk about someone and make it really funny at the same time. But we haven't heard if NINI will agree to be on the show or not. Also Jordan Sparks has a new song, check it here Also KYLA PRATT has asked Nini to star in her upcoming movie, not sure if the queen agreed or not, we sure hope she did!

Naked Woman Almost Gets Arrested + Cymphonique Speaks On Breezy

This morning, Nini was in downtown Atlanta where she made a quick stop to grab a red bull and what looked like a muffin. Its pouring out there today so it wasn't many people out but a few, and as she was walking back to the limo, a woman identified as 19 year old LATRICE SPENCER walked up to Nini through the small crowd with No clothes on at all. She begin masturbating in front of Nini and the expression on Nini's face was classic as she looked like "What THE Hell!!!" The girl began walking closer to Nini while still rubbing and playing with herself and she blew a kiss at Nini and said "Nini come take this pussy" Nini's bodyguard quickly pulled the girl away from Nini and held her back and she screamed "Let me go faggot" another bodyguard quickly tried to pull Nini back to the limo as if she was in danger, but she snatched her arm away and said "Boy she ain't no threat to me goddamn, chill" Then she said "Let her go Ramon" and he said "But"....she cut him off and said "LET HER GO" he let her go and she said "Look sweetie, you're embarrassing yourself out here, and really disrespecting yourself, I understand you may be a fan, a big fan obviously, but its other ways to show that, so please go put some goddamn clothes on" The girl smiled at Nini and said "K" and grabbed her clothes from the ground and put them on. She said "I love you Nini and ran up and gave her a huge hug and an excited smile" Nini said "Yeah I'm sure you do" That just goes to show that sometimes she can handle things alot better than her bodyguards can, and some things can be avoided if you just talk to people and do stuff yourself. Regardless though, one of the store workers called the police and they pulled up fast as ever sirens blaring and ran up to the girl and grabbed her and put her in handcuffs. Nini said "Hey chill!" They said "Are you pressing charges Mrs Nichols" she said "No, please let the girl go" They let her go and took off her handcuffs. The girl smiled at Nini and stuck her tongue out at the cops and then she ran and gave Nini one more big hug and waved bye, Nini waved back at her and she skipped (yes I said Skipped) away. Nini jumped into her limo laughing and shaking her head at what just happened, the police pulled off after asking NINI if shes OK and then Nini pulled off. All we have to say is O.....K. In other news, Cymphonique has spoken up about her relationship with Breezy and she said "We have a strictly professional relationship that's it, he's my boy, but in a friend kind of way, I'm not pregnant by him or anyone else, Im not ready for any dating anyway and besides I'm 18, kids aren't on my mind because I'm still a child in my eyes, I still need more growing up, maybe when I hit 21 or 22 maybe, but that's a big maybe" Breezy has also made a statement simply saying "Nah It ain't nothing like that, trust me" So if they aren't together and expecting, why did Romeo have a fight with Breezy? Well sources say that they actually did not fight they were just play fighting, at a boxing event, apparently the part of the video we got only shows them both in a headlock from each other and it looks as if they are punching each other, but a spokesperson at the event says where our video stops at is when they start play boxing and laughing with each other saying things like "What up boy, show me whats up" So no beef there, in fact Romeo made a statement saying "Nah I cant ever go like that with him, that's my dude, he's like the brother I never wanted (laughs)" Speaking of pregnancies, Amy is getting bigger and it is said that soon, as in as early as maybe December, she will be taking her maternity leave, which will seriously delay their album, but she has stated she wants to release it before the baby is born, lets hope they do!

Nini's Show +Ke$ha's Album!

Last night was Nini's welcome back show at the Mega Dome in Houston TX. It started off as any other show does with loud explosions and smoke, but this time, they performed while floating in the sky above the smoke, which was cool. They started with Chocolate and had bumblebees dancing next to them and Nini had on the famous Royalty PSR shirt and she was looking really cute. They continued performing hits such as "Can't See Me" which Jay was not in attendance so his parts were back tracked. "Hollywood" which again, Jay's part was back tracked. Dream Love, which NINI performed by herself. "When the beat drops" which had amazing exotic dances and pole dancing. The whole show was non stop awesomeness and the Obama's were there like I said and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Also who was there was Miley Cyrus, but she didn't perform even when her song came up, Ke$ha who performed "PSR" with Selena Gomez and YE who didn't perform. The whole show was great and you can check out this entire video clip from start to finish of it, I know how much you guys love to watch it instead of read about it, and you know I got you! Check it out here. In other news, Ke$ha has released her 2nd album off of PSR today titled "Your Love Is My Drug" and it dropped at 3am this morning and so far has outsold Monica Spears and Miranda Cosgrove selling over 454,000 copies in its first hours of release. She has not beat out the OMG Girlz, Kat, Or Nini but many say they expect her to either tie with them or pass them, but regardless her album is a success and is being talked about constantly. The album has features from: Nini, OMG Girlz, TIP, Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, Romeo, Ye, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne, KC, Carly Rae Jepsen, Demi Lovato, Janet Jackson and Tyga and its a mix between pop and Hip-Hop. We love it and you can pick it up worldwide at any retail store for 9.99 or on her site and the PSR site for 9.99 as well. We would like to say congrats to Ke$ha! Speaking of albums, PSR artist Breezy has released his much awaited album "F.A.M.E 2 yesterday, and many stores over in Europe and some in the U.S has placed a little yellow sticker that says "PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS MAN'S ALBUM HE BEATS WOMEN!!!!!!" It was there for a whole day until one of his reps found out and had them all removed, but regardless he was counting on overseas sales to help bring his sales up, but once people over there see something like that, they're the type that wont buy it and although he has done well in America, he's not getting much sales from overseas. He has sold a mere 68,000 copies which isn't terrible, he wont get dropped for that, but its not what his sales used to be. Even though the stickers were removed, they took a pic and sent in to the Internet but we are told no stickers are on any of his CD'S anymore in any store, so Breezy do something fast! We love his new album though, do you guys? Also remember September 20th Kandi Gurl drops her much anticipated album, and thats also the day that Nini's new video drops!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Raven Symone Denies Affair With Nini

Just a quick update, while the queens are on break (the show is going amazing by the way) "That's So Raven" star Raven Symone has denied rumors of having a secret lesbian affair with Nini. It has been circulating that RAVEN was lesbian for the past 7 years now and she seemed to make it worse by saying "If I am, its my business, lets leave it at that" But she became the target of rumors of her sexuality concerning the queen. It was said that her and Nini used to sneak into storage rooms and utility closets to have sex during the time she was filming THAT'S SO RAVEN, Nini was seen in a pic with her and Orlando Brown on the set back in 2008 and many said she was there alot. But RAVEN has slammed down those rumors saying "Nini was never there alot, she was there once, and it wasn't even to see me, she was there to talk to my producer and I asked to take a picture with her which she agreed to, and secondly, NINI and I never had any affair for any amount of time, I'm not sure where that came from, but its untrue, honestly, I haven't communicated or even seen or talked to her in years" For years people have been trying to figure out Nini's sexual orientation, and although it is not known, she sure does have alot of women who want to have sex with her, but its only speculation at this point. Also, Nicole Alexander AKA Hoopz has also been the latest to deny an affair with Nini after the two were spotted hugging in LA.... That's all the info I have tonight, Ill check in with you guys tomorrow!

Is Nini Faded In This PIC?

Paparazzi snapped a pic of Nini arriving at the Mega dome in Houston TX and she looked at the camera as she was walking in. Her eyes appear to be blood shot red and they look low as ever You be the judge. In other news, Breezy is rumored to have knocked up Cymphonique and her brother is pissed. This rumor started as bf and gf rumors back from 3 months ago as they are in lots of pics together, now they say she is 2 months pregnant with his baby. Word is that her brother Romeo is beyond pissed and when he went to confront Breezy about it, a fight broke out between the two, which we know is true, because we have video of the two fighting check it here. Cymohonique has not been available for questioning and neither has Breezy, But check out the recent pic above from yesterday, many say she looks bigger in the stomach and in the face. What do you guys think? Also, speaking of Breezy, He was involved in some kind of accident tonight, some say he was shot, some say stabbed, but we do not know yet, but right now its off to see the show which is starting now, when I get out of here, Ill do some digging, and let you guys know tomorrow!

PSR Beefs Up Security

Due to everything that's been happening at PSR lately, it seems that the PSR team decided to step their security game up. New security members have been posted outside the building who will guard it all day and night. We are also told that there are new updated security systems and more personnel manning the label. Obviously, PSR is trying to prevent any more break ins or anything else that would be considered a threat to the safety of the artists. Good Luck guys! In other news, Nini's show is happening in one hour so we are on our way and either tonight or tomorrow, I'll let you know how it all goes down! Peace~!

Nini Says Her Official Doll Will Be Released October 1st!

This morning, Nini has confirmed that the official version of her doll will be hitting the stores on October 1st. Many kids are dying for this doll and as I mentioned before, it can walk, talk in her voice and sing with the help of 3 AAA batteries and you can buy outfits, a stage and singing equipment for it. Also you can buy different wigs of different colors and styles for it. The doll is dropping on the same day that the new PSR video game is dropping, so like I said before if you're a serious PSR fan like us, you have to get that game and if your little ones love Nini, give them the gift of the queen in plastic. In other news, PSR artists Sammie and Bobby V are teaming up to release a collab album which will be entirely produced by Nini and Ye which is set to drop sometime next year so be on the look out for that. Also look out for Ke$ha's new album dropping tomorrow, and Kandi Gurls album dropping the 20th. Also new PSR artist Elle Varner is said to be getting suspended, but we don't know why yet, but what we do know is that she has an amazing song with the boss called "2 Step" check it out here Also PSR artists Frankie J has a song out Ft Nini, Olivia and Marques Houston check it out here

Nini Pushes Up Her Video To 9/20

Nini has announced that her video for "Can't See Me" will drop on Thursday September 20th. The sneak peek was awesome, but now we get to see the full version 3 days from now, so many people are really excited about that. She says "Its different, which I wanted, and its set up like a movie which was Jay's idea, I think the people will like it, I love it" Make sure you tune into BET and MTV on the 20th to see her video. In other news, Nini is set to be in Middle Town, NJ at the Obama fundraiser at 8pm to raise money for his re-election campaign and she will be performing with Jay-Z for free as a reward for coming out and showing your support and donating. We are told its at least 90,000 people expected to show up and over half of them people are only going for Nini, but regardless the more people the better. We wont be attending, but we will do our best to get you details on it. Also Nini has responded to J.Cole saying "I like his idea, maybe one day, but probably not anytime soon for a full collab album , I just have too much to do, but a song together I'm down with, just get me a beat" Cole has responded saying "I'm always down for a collab, especially if its with dope artists" So maybe a new song from Nini and J.Cole soon!

The Queen Is Back To Work!

Today, Nini has returned to work. She was spotted entering the label and was asked by a local media crew how her trip was and she replied "It was OK I guess" She has announced that she will be performing tonight at the Mega Dome in Houston TX at 8pm. Tickets are on sale now until 7pm tonight so make sure you get them as they are going fast. We will be there and will be posting all the info for you guys, so stay tuned! Also President Obama said that he looks at Nini as one of the family and called her his "daughter" She's the first woman to ever get that kind of recognition from such a royal person, so that must mean something. The Obama's are rumored to be attending her welcome back show tonight and will be in front row, so you may get a chance to see the royal family too. Congrats Nini!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

K.C Says She Doesnt Want Nini Back!

K.C has said she is in no rush to have NINI come back. "I'm not really super excited for her coming back, you know, its a blast having her around, and helping us get everything in order, but she's coming back to drama, and pressure, and that's not what I want to see for her, but at the same time she has a job to do and I know that but in one way or another I wish her vacay was longer" says Keyshia. She is only one of many who aren't ready for the queen to come back. From fans to artists and friends, even the media all say they want her to stay a little longer and would rather for her not to come back to drama just yet, but business is business I suppose. In other news Royal artists PSR artist Selena Gomez has been raped this evening by 3 unknown males. The story goes that she was snatched out of her car on her way home, dragged in an alleyway and raped and drugged up. A Witness who was walking by heard her screaming and ran back there and the assaulters ran away. He says he didn't get a clear look at their faces, but that one has a huge scar under his left eye. He says Selena was on the ground in a daze with a needle stuck in her arm. He quickly called the ambulance and sat with her until they arrived. Police took his statement and the search is on to find the suspects. Meanwhile it is said that Selena was injected with Heroine at a severely lethal dose and she actually overdosed while in the hospital and died for 3 minutes on the table. Doctors were able to get her heart pumping again, but she slipped into a coma and is in terrible condition. Since the incident many reports have been flooding into the police station with many saying they know who did it and that the guys were bragging about getting some of know what....Police have investigated all of these tips but still turned up empty. The most promising tip that came in from a woman who wishes to remain anonymous and she told police that the attackers were in her basement hiding out, as they snuck in there while she slept. Police rushed to the house but by the time they arrived the guys must have snuck back out. In the meantime, we send our get well wishes to Selena!

Why Is Jessica Simpson Dressed Like This?

Jessica Simpson Pop artist, has tweeted a picture of her Nini. As you can see from the picture, she has her hairstyle and hair color, a fake tattoo of music notes that look like Nini's a PSR outfit just like the one she wore at her autograph signing a few weeks ago, and PSR in graffiti all around her. Many people immediately thought that was showing that she was now with PSR, But her label said "No she is not with PSR, We honestly don't know why she took that picture, we just hope it doesn't offend Nini" She was not available for comment, and then many people took it as she was mocking Nini by dressing like her. NINI also is not available for comment until tomorrow, so for now we have to take it or leave it, but why do you guys think she did it?

Cymphonique Backs Up Monica Spears

Royal PSR artist Cymphonique has stuck up for her buddy Monica Spears as she continues to get roasted in the media, in fact its so bad that its said that Monica cried about the things they were saying about her. Cymphonique said "I admit it wasn't a good thing, but I feel every one makes mistakes, that's apart of growing up, that's what makes you human, everyone deserves a second chance though in my opinion, and if she is trying she should be allowed to try" Monica has been out and working in charities and social events, many say she's trying to prove that she's changed, but her excuse is that she cares for the community. Regardless though, the media still continues to give her a hard time, let it go already people! In other news, Roc Nation artist J.Cole has stated he would like to record an album with Nini "Like real shit, a full album, like 20 something songs like a collab album, that would be dope set the streets on fire, she's like the dopest female artist out right now, and I would be honored to bang on wax with her" Says J,Cole. Also Khloe quickly slammed down rumors that she said she doesn't like Nini. Earlier, she was asked once again about Nini, and she replied "Just please stop asking me about her, I don't like to talk about her anymore, because everytime I do for some reason, I piss her off more, so leave it alone" Of course the media, said that she said "she doesn't like Nini" and blew that story up. But she made a statement saying "Lets get one thing straight, I never said I don't like her, I said I would rather not talk about her, don't twist up my fucking words, I hate it when y'all do that" Obviously the media who once gave her light and voice, are pissing her off and it seems that she is realizing that the media isn't your friend, as most of the time now she's staying out of the media, or at least trying too. Also Willow Smith says she wants to record a song with Nini, we doubt that will happen, but who knows!

Kanye West Booed Off Stage

Kanye West went to a show in Hollow Grove, New York which is GAGA's hometown and where all her little monsters reside and support her similar tohow Nini's fans are over her. He stepped on stage but this wasn't his show it was actually Jay-Z's show, but as you know Ye has many songs with Jay and jay performed the first half by himself and then Ye was supposed to come on and help him with the rest of it, but as soon as he stepped on stage he was met with very loud boos coming from the audience. He began rapping anyway and they were still booing he gave the finger to everyone and continued rapping. He finished his verse and started literally throwing stuff at the audience and cursing at the crowd. He took his shirt off and threw and it smacked a girl in the face, then he took his glasses off and threw it and it hit another woman in the head. And he threw the mic and it hit a man who jumped up ready to fight. He was having one of his famous breakdowns aka rants and Jay tried to stop him, he's like "Ye, chill nigga chill" But Ye pushed Jay and Jay fell on stage and he screamed "Mr west is in the fucking building bitches" The crowd booed and threw things at him, then he continued screaming saying "Fuck all y'all, y'all cracker ass crackers can suck my fucking big black nigger dick!" Security came out and pulled him off stage while the crowd was still booing at him. This is like the 100th time Ye has made a complete jerk of him self while having one of his famous rants, just 2 weeks ago, he was on live TV hosting an event for Obama and right in front of Obama he said "Obama don't care about black people, he just as white as you are" (He was referring to the lady sitting next to him) And Obama called him A "Jackass" Ye's rants are so popular that everyone expects it when they see him and they are actually famous because he does them so much. The reason why he was booed is because most of the fans in there were Gaga fans and since he is supposedly beefing with her and many fans think he hurt her yesterday, they don't like him, but regardless he definitely lost over 10% of his fan base based on how he acts. In other news, PSR artist Keke Palmer gets in fight with her ex TV producer for True Jackson VP, apparently she went to see if she can renew her contract for the show, but she was denied and when she asked her to give her her last check she refused and the lady called her worthless and useless. Keke said "Whatever bitch" and the lady ran and threw her on the ground hard, and jumped on her and they began fighting. Cops were called and the lady pressed charges on Keke and she was taken to jail where she is being held on 1,000 dollars bail. She said to interviews before she got in back of the police car "I don't see why I'm being locked up, I didn't start the damn fight" That's all the info I have on that! Also check out the new song by Nicki Minaj Ft Katy Perry And Kat titled "Stupid Hoe Remix" with Nini in the hook check it out here

Jessica Lowndes Uses Nini Hologram!

This afternoon, rising PSR artist Jessica Lowndes had a show and was supposed to perform with the queen, but since she wasn't there, she used her hologram and it was awesome. Check out the entire performance here. In other news, China has not been suspended from PSR for drinking, in fact she hasn't been suspended at all. But she did show up acting strange, talking and acting funny which is because she actually was sick and she has been allowed to take off for a few days to recover. Also Miranda Cosgrove has been cleared of robbing the label, and a woman by the name of "Keisha Mitchell" has admitted and has returned all of the equipment she took. She claimed she did it because she wanted a piece of PSR with her at home always. She did not explain exactly how she got into the building, but that is one of the main reasons why PSR is beefing up their security. Hope that works out well.! Keisha has been charged with theft and has to pay a fine of 5,000 dollars and she has 30 days of community service.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Khloe Kardashian Refuses To Talk About Nini

This evening, Khloe was spotted at All Things Gold in Beverly Hills and TMZ caught up to her and asked her whats going on with her and Nini and Khloe who's usually extremely camera friendly and loves to chat with the media, wouldn't talk. As she walked away, they kept pressuring her and she said "Don't ask me anything about her please, she doesn't like me what the hell else is there to talk about!" Its rumored that she had tears in her eyes when she said that, but not sure if that's true. They followed her for 7 blocks as she was out without a car and within that whole time, they continued to ask about Nini and they said "How about Kourtney? Is she good with her?" At this point she seemed to be getting irritated and said "Why don't you fucking go ask Kourtney" They decided to switch up for a minute trying to be slick and ask about her babies hoping she would speak and warm up to talking then switch back over to Nini, but that didn't happen either. She got in a cab and before she got in, she gave the camera's crew the finger and they said Whenever you're done with Lamar" And she said "Eat me" and she got in the cab and the cab pulled off. Word is that Mama Kardashian is trying to reach out to Nini at this point but Kim has told her to back off of her. No word on if she will or not, but it seems the sisters are. In other news, Check out the performance of the two queens tonight in Austin TX, yes I said two queens because she used her hologram. I wasn't there but a buddy of mine told me about it and gave me the video clip for you guys in case you wanted to see it so here it is click here

Carmen Amere And Christina Aguilera Post Apology To Nini

PSR artists Carmen Amere and Christina Aguilera both posted an apology to Nini on their sites. Carmen Says "I'm sorry boss lady, it was immature, and the behavior just was horrible and for that Id like to apologize real talk" Christina said "I'm so sorry to my boss, I acted a little immature a while ago and I just would like to make up for my actions" We still don't know what exactly happened and why they were suspended, but we assume for fighting and what we do know is that they wont be back until after Christmas, so that just put a big dent in their album releases and their paychecks. In other news, Cymphonique says she doesn't adore all of her co workers. She said "I have love for the label but some people, I wont name anyone, I just cant ever see myself getting along with because its nothing but drama with them and they are not professional, that's not a good enough reason to not like someone I know that, but its not just that, its just their ways, in alot of ways that label is like high school, gossip, talking behind your back, fights like it reminds me of being in school and that's sad" They tried to get her to name someone but she refused saying "I don't have time for any more drama right now" Many people wonder who's she talking about, we honestly don't care sorry lol. Also blood tests have come back for Dustin and Prodigy and its confirmed that Prodigy is not the father, but Dustin is, no comment from either one yet. Also, although Monica Spears continues to be dissed in the media, her record sales for her new album continue to climb and she has reached the 5 million mark which makes her double platinum so congrats to her on that!