Monday, March 31, 2014

Nivea Shows Up At PSR + Toya Is Still At It

Today, Nivea showed up at PSR and with the new way NiNi handles business at PSR her security guards are always on site outside, so when she walked up they asked her what was her business there. She replied she would like to see NiNi. They told her to call NiNi and ask permission. Her response was "Hold up you people are really treating this like its the damn FBI or something seriously its not all that serious, its just a damn label, fall back and get out my way before I have your jobs" They said "Once again ma'am call NiNi get it straightened out with  her and we will be glad to let you in" Unlike her man Weezy she didn't make a big deal she said 'Fine can I at least leave her a message then" They said you can do whatever you want you just cant come in" She wrote on a piece of paper gave it to the guards and left. They said "Have a nice day maam' and she said 'Whatever" and left in her limo but not before the paparazzi saw her and ran up to her as well as some fans. Speaking of fans, everyone in Chicago knows where the PSR building is some people even live on the same block so fans are constantly coming up to the label trying to get in, or if one of the artists come out they are quick to run up to get pics or autographs, which could be the reason for the new ways NiNi has been doing things, Anyway, we don't know exactly what Nivea wanted or what she wrote, we probably never will, but you can check out the video of her interaction with the PSR guards by clicking here. In other news, speaking of enemies of NiNi, Toya woke up today and she was released from the hospital and just like NiNi she was allowed to go home but she was advised to rest for the next week and take her meds. But an hour after she was released she posted this on Twitter "I'm home, feel like I haven't been here for years, oh and Bitch this ain't over I know what you all about even if no one else does, forget cops forget whoever this is just gonna be between me and you, without them bitches you call your artists no goons from either side just you and me baby girl" Even though she didn't mention any names we all know exactly who she is talking about, especially since she blames NiNi for ending up in the hospital in the first place. As far as we are concerned the whole label has issues with her, but neither one including NiNi has responded to her yet. Lets see if that changes later, especially with Hollywood!

Update NiNi Has Her 20

NiNi has added her 5 new dancers to the list. Kelly Rowland, Solo, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, and Justin Beiber, with an A list crew like this, we see a new champion crew coming on April 4th......

China NiNi Collab Releases + PSR Ladies Challenged In A Televised Dance Battle!

The collab that China announced over Facebook with NiNi has been released today and its a long way away from their 2012 collab "Bubblegum" meaning its more grown up and China you can tell she has grown up a lot in her music. The song is called "Do Me Right" The song isn't full of cussing or sex, that's not what I mean by growing up, its just she talks about more mature things, like being in love, and whatnot, and its a nice song. Its not considered a love R&B song but its not considered a Rap song either, its more or less in between. The two women sing on their lyrics, but their singing sounds like rapping at the same time, which the industry calls sing-rapping. The song released this morning around 9am and it started out on number 27 on the billboard hot 100, as the day went on it began moving up the charts and now at this moment the song has moved up 24 spots and is at number 3. NiNi 's 2 songs "Make Me Wet and "The Girl You like" are the number 1 and number 2 songs, and they have been for the past 2 weeks, so is this new song capable of beating one or both of  those songs out and making it to number 1? Many people seem to think so its a huge buzz and a very large following for the song. It was put on NiNi and China's site for .99 and so far has sold over 4 million copies, and Google and Bing report that at least 20,000 people have searched it on their sites. Its a real nice song and it gives a glimpse into how mature China is actually becoming with her music. Click here to check out "Do Me Right" by China Ft NiNi.  Also KC, Brandy, Alexis Jordan, Miranda Cosgrove, Latoya Luckett, Ann Margaret, Ke$ha and Big Sean also have new songs out, click here to check em all out! In other news, the PSR crew has been challenged to a televised dance battle by the Knock Em Dead Crew from New York. I'm sure you guys have heard about them, they are a crew of famous dancers who have literally been everywhere touring and dancing and set the trend for the most popular dance moves in the world. They made their first movie appearance on 2011's movie called Honey Pt 2 which stars Kat, and their name on that movie was the 718, they also was in the movie step up and  the movie Rize, and they have publicly challened PSR to a dance off in which the winning crew will win 100,000 each and a best dancing crew trophy. Its similar to the dance battles on Honey, Honey2 as well as the Step Up movies, and today they issued a cocky battle invite. They said "PSR show your toughness ladies and fellas, come through to Dancing With The Stars, y'all can get murdered, what better way to show what you about then to win something for it, especially against our crew so what up, and NiNi holla @ me when you lose ma and Kat, this ain't a movie now girl, lets really get it poppin" We all know that when it comes to dance battles words like that are common and we're sure that its actually not a beef, but its getting attention as a beef which is the whole point. We also all know that its many dancers on PSR from NiNi, to Cici to Kat to Lloyd to OMG Girlz to Ke$ha to KC and many others throw down the best on that label. After gaining much attention, NiNi also went public with her whole crew, well almost all of them behind her and she said "Dancing is like all of our first and best passion, the music is second, you guys think you can handle us, we on I'm sending y'all asses out of business for ever, y'all wanna get it poppin with your weak lil crew we can show y'all how weak y'all  are and what it really is, we finna come in y'all hood and steal y'all spot, that's, who's getting murdered now boy,  on me deuces" Yup we can all expect to see a huge battle between the Knock Em Dead Crew and the PSR crew, and we are very excited. So far we know that the KED crew has 20 dancers, NiNi has many more dancers with her, but she can only choose her best 20, and what we know is that, KC, Monica Spears, Alexis Jordan, China, Cymphonique, Lloyd, THE OMG Girlz, Katy Perry, Demi Lavato, Brandy, Rita Ora and Kat will be on board. With NiNi that's 15 so far so she still has to choose 5 more dancers. The show begins April 4th, and each crew will have to go through 3 semi final rounds, and if they both make it through, they each have a final round they go head to head like in a street battle and only one can win. As mentioned, the winning crew will have worldwide recognition, the opportunity to tour worldwide showing off their dance moves they each will win 100,000 apiece and they will be crowned the new champions if they win against the KED crew who are the current champions. Very exciting, stay tuned for more info on this. Only 5 more days, and we will be covering it everyday. Who will walk away with the crown, The 10 time world champions the KED crew or the multi platinum celebrities the PSR crew? Sound off in the comments below!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

NiNi And Kat Collab Has A Due Date + China And NiNi Collab Does To0

When NiNi got out the hospital the first thing she did was hit up the lovely Kat and set up a collab, little did we know that wasn't the only thing, she also hit up the lovely China and set up a collab with her and today we found out when we can be expecting to hear those collabs. Kat announced over her website today  that the collab between herself and NiNi will be releasing on April 1St which is Tuesday and she also said its different then their many other collabs but she wont tell what she means by that so guess we have to see when the 1st hits. China also surprised everyone by posting that she and NiNi also have a collab together and she announced it will be released on March 31st which is tomorrow! Everyone is super excited to hear new music by the queen and we cant wait to hear both songs basically back to back. In other news, the cruise PSR party is now over obviously as  the PSR artists have been spotted all over the place which tells us if they are getting spotted they must not be on the ship anymore, but most of them look like death which we assume is because of the usual drinking and hash brownies that NiNi 's parties are so famous for. Check out Ri Ri and Miley Cyrus, they way they looked today you would never guess they are celebrities at all! Click here. We don't have any details on the party of course but we are sure they had a good time, that's all for now guys! *PS* Cymphonique is another one who looks like death but unlike the others she became angry when cameras approached her grabbing a coffee at a local café, and she pulled a Kanye and smacked the camera out of the guys hand and it broke. He called the police on her and she has been ordered to pay for his camera which cost over 5,000 or go to jail for 30 days for assault, she paid for his camera and was released. Stay tuned for more info soon!

The Last Show!

Yesterday was the most explosive show we have ever seen titled "The Last Show" which was Ninis welcome back/comeback show as well as the last show of the queens performing together before they both set out on their own solo tours. The show was in Burlington VA at the 2 step stadium and it was full of excitement. The stadium started letting in fans at around 7:15 and by 8:00, 238,000 heads were in attendance the most ever at one of their shows. At exactly 8:01 the fireworks went off and the fans cheered louder then they ever did, and when NiNi exploded out of the floor everyone stood up and cheered the loudest that they could, my ears are still damaged from how loud they got. Then another explosion went off and B exploded onto the scene and the crowd did an equal loud cheer. B took the Mic and screamed "Whats up Virginia! The crowd went loud B started to tear up as she thanked all of the fans and as we assume because it was the last time  they will be together and she said "I'm giving y'all an ugly cry Im sorry" NiNi gave her a hug and the crowd went wilder. NiNi then said "yeah its our last show its a lot of emotions flying around here myself included, I had so much fun with this woman, and she is like my best friend, I love her and I love you guys, and we are gonna put on the most amazing show for you guys tonight, we're gonna end with a huge bang!" The crowd went wild once again and that's when the fun began. I recorded everything for you guys from start to finish be advised its very loud so if you're using headphones you don't need to turn the volume all the way up.  The entire show lasted 3 hours and I have the entire 3  hours recorded for you along with some highlight pictures of the  night. You will see why this was the best comeback/last show of both queens careers. The last show has made headlines in almost every country in the world and its being called the greatest show in the world and even now people are still talking about it its all over Twitter FB and Instagram nonstop its a very big topic and we feel it should be. Now both queens will go their separate ways but we have a feeling that we will be seeing more of them. Click here to check out the mega dope explosive sexy show called "The Last Show!" In other news, that isn't the only show that was mind blowing, Saturday night NiNi hit up the Kids Choice Awards for Nickelodeon and she performed "Bubblegum" with China. The kids loved her and she got slimed which is the first time we ever saw NiNi get slimed and it was cool. NiNi also won an award along with China for best song which is their song "Bubblegum" Click here to check out her performance on the Nickelodeon KCA'S!

Friday, March 28, 2014

NiNi Said To Be At The 2014 Kids Choice Awards

The 2014 Kids Choice Awards are this Saturday at 8, the KCA which honors all the Nickelodeon artists who were voted for by kids who watch their shows, and although NiNi does not and never did have a Nickelodeon show she is still said to be at the awards based on the kids voting for her to be there and perform. Its said that NiNi accepted the invitation from the kids, but as you know  unlike a real award show the Kids Choice Awards come on the Nickelodeon channel and its nothing but kids and teens in the seats therefore NiNi can not do any songs from her new album, instead she can only do her song with China from 2012 called "bubblegum" which is the only song appropriate for the show. So for now it seems as if nini will be at the 2014 KCA. We'll let you know more soon!

NiNi Welcome Back Show And The Two Queens Last Show!

We all knew that NiNi would be doing a come back show since she's been out of show business for over a month and when we said we have a big feeling that it will be explosive more then anything that she has ever done it seems we were right as NiNi announced it over FB this morning. "EXPLOSIVE COMEBACK SHOW TONIGHT HOPE YOU GUYS GOT  TICKETS!" But its gonna be even more explosive not only because its her welcome back show but also because this is her and Beyoncé's last show together. This is the last day of their "Get Like Me" world tour which began on August 12th 2012 which is a little under 2 years and sadly its coming to an end, and NiNi will began her own solo tour which she calls "The One Woman World Tour" which will began sometime in April, and B will begin her solo tour titled "The Mrs Carter World Tour" also set to begin sometime in April. We don't have many details yet on NiNi's One Woman Show like dates, locations or anything else, but usually a week before the tour is set to begin, she will post the entire tour on her site listing the dates times states countries and cities, we do know that like all world tours she will start it overseas and it will make its way over to America usually towards the middle or the ending of it, and sources say that it will last a full year until April of 2015. The comeback show by the two queens which is titled "The Last Show"  is tonight in Burlington Virginia at 8pm everybody who is anybody will be there, including me. The show was announced a couple days ago, and a few hours later the tickets went on sale, and I was lucky enough to get a couple before they sold out which they did in less  then 29 minutes so me and my wife will be there. Seats are sold out and officials are already estimating that the stadium may be packed well over its limit capacity, no new fans are being accepted no exceptions. We expect this to be  the most powerful show out of both queens careers and we will give you all details including pictures and video tomorrow. Fans have mixed emotions on this show though being that everyone is so used to seeing the two queens side by side and today is the last day of that unless of course they guest appear at each others solo world tours, but regardless its a very exciting time too mainly because we have been waiting to see Queen N in action on stage for the longest and we finally are gonna see that. Check out the full review on "The Last Show" tomorrow! In other news, we have found out a little more about the "PSR Party" it will be on a cruise ship which will be setting sail halfway around the country from today until tomorrow night so it will be a party on the sea which sounds really cool and its more of an appreciation party then it is a regular party, yeah NiNi is the only Boss who really goes out for her artists and that's why they all say shes the best boss and we really do see why! We still aren't sure of anything else, but we will let you know when we find out!

NiNi's Best Asset Voted Best In The Game + One Mega Party

NiNi has found herself being added to many of the other females who willingly flaunt their best assets and hers got voted the best in the music biz. Whats her asset you may ask? Her booty. Yes bootylicious is a term we have been hearing for over 10 years and time after time many female celebrities use their valuable assets to sell and get attention and NiNi is no exception. NiNi loves to shake her valuable asset on and off stage in videos at parties on the street anywhere NiNi loves to dance and work with the big man upstairs provided her with, and E global voted her asset the best in the business, a title that hasn't gone to anyone in over 10 years, no its no trophy for it, but remember sex sells as you definitely have been seeing lately, and with this comes an entire new level of sex sells for NiNi. Congrats NiNi to you and your most valuable asset! In other news, its that time of year again, talk around town is that NiNi is throwing a PSR party! Yeah which means we aren't invited and neither are you if you are not PSR or associated with them in one way or another. We still don't have all the details on it yet, but we do know it starts today, we will keep digging and let you guys know more when we know more!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Katy Is NiNi's Bestie + Still No Word From NiNi

Sources say that NiNi and Katy are best friends. Its not hard to see though as they are almost always together, they defend each other like crazy and NiNi has reported before that if she doesn't get a shoulder from her beloved sister Katy is the one who always offer the shoulder, but we never knew they were best friends, NiNi nor Katy never actually speaks on their friendship, but now we see whats up and we think its really cool, a good friendship is as hard to find as true love, so cool. Speaking of Katy, she announced a new tour and a new album, her 3rd world tour in the 5 years she's been with PSR and her 4th album. The details on her world tour is still unknown, but her new album is said to be called "Dream World" we all know Katy's titles are always MAGICAL like that and its said to be released sometime next month in April but we don't have an exact date, but click here to check out what Katy had to say about her new upcoming album. In other news, NiNi is still giving everyone  the silent treatment on the divorce that she is in at the moment, the talk has grown in a major way since the news first broke this morning,  and while everyone continues to talk she is the one who is not, but as usual if we get anything else, you guys will know!

NiNi Is Going Through A Divorce!

Today we got the real word from a reliable source that NiNi and her husband is going through a divorce. NiNi and Beith is Hip-Hops most powerful talked about couple so naturally its coming as a shock to everyone, celebrities and some of their die hard fans are very sad to see them doing this, others...well not so much. NiNi is using top dog divorce attorney Christina White who is notorious for working with many celebrities mainly females, and she is very famous for her impressive win percentage which is 91% which is higher then a lot of other attorneys. She is well known for her work on the Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise case, the Michael Jackson/Lisa Marie Presley case and most recently, the Whitney/Bobby case all of which she won for the women. Most celebrities go to her for her impressive credentials. She is a tough female and she rarely takes no for an answer and she has been known to go up against a judge and put her job on the line to get her clients to win the case. She had Nicole Kidman walk away with the children the money the house the cars and even his entire paychecks for 3 years which left Tom filing for bankruptcy, yeah this woman is good, so its only natural to see why NiNi chose her. It is unknown who will be representing Beith. Its weird because lately, the two have been really sexual with each other, and its said that her entire new album was about him and their sex life, and they were so sexual in their new movie, their new video and in their new song, the way she acts over him, the last thing you would expect is to hear that they are getting a divorce right? That led to people saying that all of that was just a publicity stunt to sell her album and help her win the battle, others are convinced that NiNi IS actually very freaky and none of that is fake. Regardless, this divorce seems to be getting as big as the Nicole Kidman case its all over the US as well as overseas and its attracting lots of attention, everyone is talking about it everywhere. Thousands of media outlets paparazzi, news crews and camera crews are trying to talk to NiNi, but she isn't saying anything. Today she was spotted in Virginia and she had 4 different crews run up to her and she put on her glasses on and walked away drinking her red bull while they were behind her asking yelling questions at her and she ignored every last one of them. No one knows where to find Beith, but he is most definitely on the list for the paparazzi to get a statement from. PSR artists are also being quiet as usual so no luck there.  But one thing that's for sure is that for the first time NiNi will be single since beginning her career. This story is still developing when I get more info on it, I will let you guys know! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Christina Aguilera And TYGA Dropped From PSR

Today sources revealed that two of PSR's biggest stars, Christina Aguilera and TYGA have been dropped from their contracts. The news came to the source early this morning and its said that it happened yesterday, but the source still has no word on why the two were dropped, especially since they both were doing beyond well, which means it must be a personal release rather then a business one. Miss Aguilera has released 2 albums in the 2 years that she has been with PSR both blew up, TYGA hasn't released one album in the 7 months that he's been there although he did release one very successful mixtape. Neither TYGA or Christina are commenting at the moment, but other sources tried to start false drama by saying that being that Monica Spears and Tyga are now an item, she is willing to leave too if he isn't there, but she quickly shot that down, posting this on FB "I ain't going nowhere, it sucks he got dropped but what does that mean for me that's what they made cell phones for" Speaking of that drama, Jhene Aiko who is pregnant by TYGA, Officially handed TYGA over to Monica Spears, she said that he isn't worth fighting over, but regardless she said that her pregnancy is a blessing from GOD and she wont get rid of it, she will find a man who will be willing to be dedicated to both her and her 2 children. Their friendship is officially over though. If we get more info on this we will  let you know. In other news, Selena, KC and Brandy did a collab today titled "Broken Dreams" its a nice song but it struggling to climb the charts and take any of the spots that matter. Its produced by Kanye and Solo. Click here to check out "Broken Dreams" By Selena Gomez Ft Brandy And KC!

NiNi Posts Her Acheivements By Photo To Instagram + Fires Her Assistant

The lovely obsessive world of the photo website called 'Instagram" is home to a few obsessed people but mostly NiNi and today she posted a lovely little photo of her gold records hanging on the wall, her award trophies and her plaques for movies dance and many other accomplishments as well as pictures of her hanging on the wall of the biggest people she has been around like the president and his wife for his example. The headline says "Dang, 98 trophies, 18 gold records, 16 platinum records, 65 plaques, 8 notaries,  damn I work too much lol" That picture attracted much attention as we really see exactly how much NiNi really does put in. She has a room In her beautiful house called "The Award Room" and that is where all of this stuff is at, and its not cluttered but its so many awards and trophies and such in this room it looks like you couldn't even move around much in there. She also posted a few other pictures of her home: The pool in her house and in the backyard, her closet full of NiNi wardrobe and Platinum Wear items, and her very large collection of shoes which ranges from Balenciaga to Dior to Nike's to Jordan's fancy heels and many others. She shows her gigantic 67 inch flat screen TV her PS4 and XBOX one as well as her cute little doggy sleeping on a LA-Z Boy couch which has at least 30,000 likes and her personal in home studio which looks better then some of the studios inside of record labels, which she revealed a lot of the songs from her album "24" Were recorded right in that studio in  her house. This isn't the first time we have seen her lovely house, its just the first time we have saw much more of it, and its a really nice house, it looks like the president or a royal person lives there ( A real royal person we mean like a real King or Queen) And of course she showed her humongous bedroom with flower covers with the caption of "This is where the magic happens, that's all I'm gonna say" All together NiNi posted 28 pictures within 1 hour bringing her total amount of pictures up to around 3 million since 2012, yeah the queen loves to show off over Instagram. Click here to check out the new pics on her Instagram. In other news, NiNi has fired her personal assistant Jessica Riley who has been her assistant since 2010 and she even moved from Los Angeles to Chicago and ATL to dedicate herself to NiNi as much as she can. But lately the to have been having problems, mainly communication problems, but this isn't new this has been going on for at least the last 8 months. The two hardly talk anymore and sometimes Jessica who goes by the name of Jesse, has not been doing her job very well and even a few months ago she told a paparazzi camera that she feels like she doesn't communicate or get to talk with NiNi as much as she should and its becoming a struggle because NiNi keeps blowing her off and not giving her the information she needs to do her job and she felt she needed to quit, but she didn't at that  time, but today, NiNi let her go, but the two didn't end on a bad note, NiNi actually put the blame on herself saying that she doesn't think its fair to Jesse so she allowed her to go. Jesse also spoke and said that she wishes NiNi the best and no matter what she will always be there for her" Jesse is the one who was responsible for booking her shows, getting her booked on Radio stations, and getting her booked at many other places, and everywhere you saw NiNi you saw Jesse,  and she has become a big name in Hollywood for her connection with NiNi, and with big connections and a very good resume like hers we are sure she will get another assistant job really soon.  NiNi is not currently looking for a new assistant at the moment.

Monday, March 24, 2014

NiNi And Kat Confirmed +Cymphonique Announces World Tour And New Album + K. Michelle Drama

Yesterday, the queen returned back to work, and sources said it was because she was setting up a collab between herself and Kat which always blew up and today we have found out its true, when Media Take Out caught up to Kat in Germany today they asked her and she said "Yeah she came up to me like we doing a collab, I'm like hell yeah I ain't about to question you girl (Laughs), but I cant tell y'all when its coming just know its soon" Alot of people including us are very excited not only because its a Kat/NiNi collab, but because this will be the first song we have heard from NiNi in a month and a half which everyone is looking forward to, But being that those PSR people are so secretive with pretty much everything now, we have no choice but to just wait until it releases and according to KAT it will be soon. In other news, another PSR favorite Cymphonique made announcements today as well, she announced over Facebook that she is now preparing for her 2nd world tour which will stretch overseas and at least 41 US states. She said its starting on April 1st and it will last for an entire year until April 1st 2015, she announced  that tickets for the tour which she is calling "The DUI tour" which stands for Dope Unified and Intelligent is on sale now and she will be starting overseas first before she comes to America later this year. Click here to check if your area's tickets are available yet! She also mentioned she is dropping her 4th PSR album which has everyone very excited, after all a royal  artists album gets the crowd pumped, and hers is no exception, every album Cymphonique has ever dropped has blown up and this will be no different we just know it. The album title is called "The Story Of My Life" awesome title and she says she is working to release it no later then April 15th very exciting news right I know. Click here for more details about all the new adventures Cymphonique is doing at the moment! In other news when isn't it drama with K.Michelle, K Michelle reminds you of KC or Ri Ri or NiNi being the fact that shes always in drama day and night and this time she is a scandal with NiNi. Yup NiNi. Sources say that she A67'd NiNi's paperwork which for all you who don't know it means that she misplaced some very important stuff and NiNi cant go to meetings or even perform without those papers, some sources say she did it on purpose but no one including us think she did come on guys why would you think she would do it on purpose. Not only that though, sources also say that she invited NiNi's husband to her house to quote "Have a real good time" They say her husband is said to have turned it down, but NiNi is still upset regardless and Miss K is in serious danger of being terminated from PSR. None of this info is confirmed so for now its in rumor status, but that's only the first part of her drama, and the second part involves her and Bow Wow. We all know that Bow Wow has a baby daughter and we all though that we knew who it was by but its now being said that K. Michelle is the mommy and she said that herself over Twitter *Please note the Twitter post is still not actually confirmed to be hers" That's all the info we have on it, we will keep dogging and let you guys know!

We Now Have A Good Idea Of Why J-LO Is In The Hospital Why? Her Diaries Got Released To The Public Today!

Today, Jennifer Lopez unintentionally revealed more then she ever meant too, as TMZ got ahold of her personal diaries, and guess what all 10 of her huge diaries contain entries about NiNi's husband Beith all 103 pages in each book. Yes yes again, its always been said that Beith is like Weezy when it comes to so many girls liking him and it seems to be true. TMZ is not revealing how they came upon the diaries which is a nice way the media says they stole it, anyway the diaries are explicit, they talk about everything about this man, from his eye color to his haircut to his muscles to his eye shape to his voice which she said sounds like one of the phone sex hotline voices and it gets much more XRATED from there. There is a page that reads "Today I saw Nisha, Beyoncé Gaga and Beith in that new video they just did, he is gorgeous, how can B not wanna tap that and how can Nisha stay at work all the time when someone like that is waiting for her, I want that, I hope he has a big dick, but when it comes to black guys its in their genes, not stereotyping but at least 99% of all black men have huge penises and I know he falls in that category yum yum, I can rock his world and I know he can rock mines. Another entry says "I don't actually have issues with Nisha, its more just jealousy but I will not ever approach him out of respect for her, so the way I feel about him will have to just be my own little secret" These diary entries are available on the TMZ website and if you read at least 8 pages you can see its some obsession with her over him, despite the fact that she is married with 2 twins. But that still doesn't mean that she is in the hospital from NiNi just because of this, although that certainly seems the most believable, after all all of that is very disrespectful to the queen, now the conspiracy theories start some are saying that NiNi found out somehow, put JLO in the hospital and JLO's goons AKA the Illuminati did something to cause NiNi's accident and have her in the hospital, after all JLO is linked to them more then NiNi and B put together so that's the main thing that everyone is talking about, some also say that NiNi's life is marked and they will keep trying until she is officially gone, but as usual the sane people are brushing people like that off as nuts with too much time on their hands, regardless though, Police aren't deciding to move forward with this new info due to the fact that they have questioned her already before her accident & she was cleared and the case was closed, so we may never know who put JLO in that hospital. But then there's the strange incident of JLO sending NiNi flowers when she was in the hospital, many people say well why would someone send flowers if they just got damn near killed by her which is true, but hey ya never really know what goes on in the lives of celebrities huh? One thing for sure though is that THIS is all over the place and we are sure that JLO is so embarrassed not because of what she wrote but because of what she said she did while thinking of Beith, Ill give you a hint but think about it you don't really need one, The flip side of this is if NiNi didn't actually know about this and she didn't put her in the hospital then JLO might be taking a trip back to the hospital, after all we all know how dangerous the queen gets when you mess with her kids or her beloved hubby, so at this point we don't know. Miss Queen hasn't been available for comment as of yet, but you can click here to check out all the diary entries from JLO (Warning, although its not pictures, there is explicit text in these diaries so please be at least 16 to read them)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

NiNi Shows Her Face Today

The world has been waiting to see NiNi out and about and she came into work today but she didn't stay long. We imagine that she just wanted to check how things have been going with  the label over the last month. She was there for only about 36 minutes and when she exited she was happy and she actually granted a quick little interview with a local media camera crew. Check it out "Hey queen, Hi guys, how are you feeling? I'm fine actually I feel good to be honest. We really missed you, this industry is on standstill without you. Aww thank you, ain't that the truth though (Laughs) You still have a limp though huh? Yeah but it only hurts if I walk fast on it so I'm just taking it slow Good you look beautiful today thank you so much. YOU'RE WELCOME, Can I have a hug? of course  you can(Laughs) Do you have any plans (Actually I do, its a lot of work that I'm having just fly to me right now. Will you be back in the studio soon? Of course the studio is my life I cant stay away from that mic for too long. Did you miss the game and your artists, yeah actually I don't know why (laughs) but they all are showing me so much love and support and I really appreciate it and so are you guys. of course we love you. I love  you guys too. Thank you NiNi, good luck with everything enjoy your day. Thanks bye guys. This was about 8am this morning, so thankfully it wasn't anyone out so she didn't have millions of fans running up which you know would've  happened. So what exactly is NiNi planning, well sources say she is going to be doing a song with Kat and that's why she went in this morning to set that up and the last 2 songs they did together blew up bigger then any other collab. Not sure if that's true, but we are dying to hear a new song by the queen. Stay tuned for more info on the queen, shes back guys!

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Queen Is Out!! And Millions Of People Are Taking Notice!

After a month and a half of being in the hospital, NiNi has now been released. This was kept quiet by the hospital in order to avoid a huge media frenzy coming up to her as she left. They allowed her enough time to leave and get away before anyone noticed and over an hour after she was released the doctor made this statement "Miss NiNi has officially been released today at 234pm. She is much better she has a limp still and she still requires in home bed rest as I mentioned before, but she no longer requires any more time in the hospital. She has received medication and advice on how to take care of herself and completely heal for the next couple of days. Her very high profile job is physically demanding on her body, therefore I do not recommend her to perform for at least another couple of weeks as her bones still need a little extra time to heal, she may return to work but I have advised her no heavy strain work on her body and do her best to stay off her feet if at all possible, but she is doing very well and she left the hospital in a positive attitude. The person who came to us over a month ago is not who she is right now she is in high spirits and we here at the hospital are very proud and excited of her progress' Almost instantly, everyone reacted to the statement and Twitter and FB blew up with Tweets and posts about her such as Ye posting "Hell yea the queen is home' Cymphonique posted "Welcome back NiNi!" And Lil Wayne's daughter Reggie posted "So good to have her back real talk" Other people,  fans, PSR artists other artists, dancers, models, comedians, actors, actresses,producers, designers and even the president also expressed happiness at the queen being released. We thought that the queen will be quiet and not show herself for the next few days at least,  but when you're addicted to instagram like she is we should've known better. Exactly 1 hour and 56 minutes after she was released she posted 5 pictures of herself. One picture shows her standing up waving at the camera with the caption of "Just got home!!  home sweet home!" You can still see the hospital band around her wrist. The next picture shows her shower with the water running with the caption of "They washed me up and all but cant nobody do it like me I'm about to be in this shower for at least 2 hours don't bother me lol" The next picture shows her just getting out the shower with a bath robe on hair dripping wet with the caption of "Told you I wasn't lying 2 hours it was lol" The next picture has a picture of her album "24"with the caption of "So how is it doing, is it blowing up do you guys like the videos so far, did I do good? And the last picture shows her looking snugly and comfortable in her bed blinds closed under the cover looking sleepy with the caption of "I been sleep for a month but I'm so tired weird, off to sleep I go, see ya soon Instagram!" Her new pictures immediately have been re tweeted at least 600,000 times and commented on even more then that mostly things like "We missed you NiNi, and you look so beautiful and so does your house" So far it is unknown when NiNi will be returning to work, but we do know she cant perform just yet so seems as if Yonce will have to continue holding it down, but we can only imagine how her welcome back show will be and for that we are definitely going whenever it is. But that's the greatest news of the day. Click here to check out her new pictures! Check me out later for more info on the queen!

Back Up Dancer About NiNi :"She Tastes Sweet"

NiNi's backup model dancer Olivia Jones who is seen at almost all of her shows and in all of her videos says that NiNi tastes sweet. That statement sure enough turned some heads, but to actually know what she means you have to checkout NiNi's brand new video that just released today. Its the video for her song "I Love It" off of her new album "24" NiNi has said that a video will be made for all 24 songs on the album and before her accident she did at least 8 of them, and this one is number 5 and  they are still getting released even though she is in the hospital. If you've seen the video you know there is a scene where it looks like they are in Egypt or a similar foreign country and she is dressed up as one of the Egyptian Goddesses and she has all her girls dancing with her and one scene Miss Olivia crawls under her legs and stands up and licks the top of her chest by her neck before NiNi pushes her back to the ground. The shot was made to look like the girls were her slaves referencing the fact that she is the boss when it comes to men and sex. The scene was inspired by another video from 1976 from a singer called Cherry where she did almost the exact same thing, but NiNi didn't copy it she did it better. Here's what Olivia had to say "It was my idea actually, it wasn't meant to be sexual it was just inspiring and being that she said the lyrics 'I'm all up in his mouth like liquor" I figured that will be perfect to recreate at that moment. I asked the producers they're like hell yeah that's nice, and NiNi was like "Absolutely" so we tried it and it worked it came out really good" When she was asked "How does the queen taste" she said "UMM She's sweet (laughs)" The scene isn't sexual at all, so please don't be rushing to watch it hoping to find some girl on girl action guys because you will get seriously disappointed if that's what you're looking for. Its just a brilliant creative move inspired by a true inspirational singer from back in the day that's all. This song though does have nasty lyrics just like all the songs on the album, but this is the only video so far that probably wont get banned because its nothing X Rated going on its basically just women dancing in a desert type area with lions and tigers and men without shirts on basically. It reminds you of Beyoncé's Girls Run The World video, so finally a video that wont get banned, everyone even the real bad shit  talking critics are calling the video amazing and inspiring and one critic wrote "Sexy women in sexy outfits come on what more can you ask for, and NiNi dressed as her proper title a goddess it doesn't get better then that at all" Yeah despite the fact that she has very nasty videos out and you would think that those get the most attention, and not that  they aren't but this new video is getting the most attention right now, and you gotta check out those dance moves from the queen they're right on point. Click here to check out the brand new video for "I Love It"

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jhene Aiko And Her Best Friend Monica Spears Not Friends Anymore!

We all know that Jhene Aiko and Monica Spears are best of friends they were so close that they actually drank and ate off each other, but now that's all changing. We don't know why yet but the two had a mega argument over Twitter today which was followed by over 70 million people. *Update* As usual its over a man, and that man is Jhene's baby Tyga, but not the normal, although Tyga is to blame. This is how it started. Tyga we all know is a mega male hoe, and he cant be faithful which is why many fans didn't give him and Jhene any chance at all of any success. But jhene isn't your typical woman. Tyga apparently approached Monica Spears and despite the fact that he is with her best friend Jhene,  his charm got to her and they had an affair. Jhene found out and the crazy thing is she didn't blame Monica she blamed Tyga and she said it was over, in fact she posted this statement on FB "Whatever, ill just have this baby and raise this baby myself just like my last baby its not like I'm not used to this shit, I got cheated on before and now I did again, Its my fault for trusting a man so much so whatever fuck men". So its seems as if Jhene was aware and wasn't blaming Monica, but Monica is the one who started it she approached her and told Jhene that Tyga doesn't want her anymore and she is with him now, and what makes it worse she told her that he only wanted pussy from her" Wow that's what a best friend will do and say huh smh? Anyway, Jhene still tried to be the bigger woman and say forget it I'm done with him so you can go and have him, but Monica had to run her mouth more which has fans saying that its not Tyga's or Jhene's fault its actually Monica's fault for instigating, so Monica is going through hell right now. Anyways, Jhene was trying to ignore it  but Monica turned on her own Bestie for nothing and she started it posting "Michael wants me,not you so deal with we are in love" Jhene replied "Bitch he told me he loved me too so if you believe all that nonsense you're just as stupid as he is" The argument continued for over 55 minutes with Jhene finally ending it and its said that Monica is now pregnant by Tyga. Immediately everyone began seriously attacking tyga calling him a cheater and an asshole that likes to see two besties fighting over him. Some people called him ugly as fuck an He doesn't deserve anyone. When the media tried to catch up with him to get his statement he refused big time. We feel bad for Jhene because it seems as if she really loved him and all he wanted was sex and no woman should have to go through that. Tyga is an asshole period yes I mean to offend him in the worst way and Jhene deserves much better and Monica will realize that he is a bastard soon. Be there for Jhene guys she really needs support right now. Stay tuned for more info soon!

Doctor Says NiNi Should be Out The Hopsital In A Couple Of Days!

Great news for all Nini fans, the doctor who has been treating the queen for the last 3 weeks, has said that he expects NiNi to be able to leave the hospital in the next couple of days. he says that she still needs rest and medication but he says that all her broken bones are healed and her brain heart and other internal organs are perfect at this point and he said she is at at least 98% recovered and the other 2% will be made up with personal bed rest. He also said that NiNi wants to go home and they will be releasing her soon, so its great news, mainly because the queen is doing way better to the point she can go home which is what we all have been waiting to hear, and second even though she may still need to rest when she gets home for a couple of days, she will be out and she will be back to work soon. Click here to check out the full statement from the doctor on NiNi's condition! In other news, the queen missed the Hip Hop Awards, but she was still nominated for 27 awards including best album best song and best video for 'Make Me Wet" she won All 27 awards that she was nominated for, and they were accepted on her behalf by NiNi's other girl buddy Gabrielle Union. Even though she wasn't there, she took home the most awards of the night and she was the most nominated out of everyone that was in attendance, That's why she is the queen! Click here to check out all her winning moments!

Keri, Beauty And China Amazing Threesome! + NiNi'S Real XRated Video For The Girl You Like!

Today, Keri Hilson dropped a new song titled "In The Club" which features her buddies Beauty and China. Its a mega dope song that is fit for serious drinking falling out passing out throwing up pure party stuff. Its doing really well in nightclubs all around the world and it beat out NiNi's number one song which was "Make Me Wet" and its a bomb ass song! The song has been voted best song of the month of March, which previously went to NiNi's 2 songs "Make Me Wet" and "The Girl You Like" Click here to check out "In The Club" by Keri FT Beauty and China! In other news, speaking of NiNi, her song "The Girl You Like" which has her husband in the video and the two are having monster mega sex, has another version and its a more way more X Rated version which shows a lot more in the video then the original and has a different set of lyrics. In the original version she sings "He squirted all on me till the end of the day, nice and white really creamy like a milky way" The real XRATED Version says "I sucked it deep till it hit the back of my throat he squirted all in my mouth yeah his dick is dope! Yeah its like that. Not only that but another video surfaced today which is the real XRATED version of that song and it shows way more. For example, in the original video her husband has a wife beater on when he is having sex with NiNi in the scene under the covers, the new version he is completely butt naked ass and everything showing on top of her no covers at all. NiNi however still has a shirt on but in the original video its under covers, this version you actually see her legs wide open and it seems as if she is screaming. The original video was dope but this one is way more sexy and many people think that he was really having sex with  her in the video due to his pants down his ass showing and her legs wide open, we agree we think being that they are hubby and wifey they might have been actually doing it you cant fake that kind of chemistry at all even if you tried! Click here to check out the real unedited version of 'The Girl You Like" Its banned from all stations of course but it did hit YOUTUBE. (Please be 18 or older to watch  this video, please I'm so serious!!!!!!!!!!)

Monday, March 17, 2014

KC Beat NiNi

Nah she isn't the first but she is the latest artist to beat out NiNi on the charts and stay that way for over a week. KC dropped a new song titled "My Heart Belongs To You" last week and within 7 hours it beat out NiNi's number 1 spot which was the song "The Girl You Like" from her new album "24" KC beat her out and its stayed that way for over a week. Click here to check out "My Heart Belongs To You" by KC. In other news, we still haven't heard any new info on NiNi guys so sorry I am unable to bring that information to you, I know you all are desperate to hear about how she's doing now, but if and when I do get any info, you guys will be the first to know. But what we do know is that Kim Kardashian is apart of NiNi's circle now, yeah she's the super cool auntie to NiNi, but some other folks in her circle still have a huge problem with her, like Rihanna. But Rihanna and Kim go deeper then just regular Kim K hating, but two people who don't go deeper then that is Kim K and China who is also in NiNi's circle. Who would ever think that a 16 year old girl and a 36 year old women would ever be arguing and fighting, well welcome to Ghettoness, and that's exactly what happened today. The Lovely Miss China has been doing great at PSR she's PSR's number 1 artist besides NiNi believe it or not, but one thing that we are noticing as she is getting older is that ATL attitude and fierceness and she showed it a lot today. She made peace with PSR's once upon a time enemy Lady Gaga but Kim K,  nah PSR and China ain't with it yet, in fact out of all of PSR NiNi and Ye is the only ones who like her, so when Kim dropped by today for no reason at all, and then had the nerve to say that China is whack that caused a problem. But lets start from the beginning. Why did Kim show up and why did she call China Whack, well it started at 9am this morning she came by to bring Ye some paperwork that was very important is what we found out and because of that she was allowed in by Tina, she was there very brief about 6 minutes and that's all, but on her way out she happened to hear China recording a song and she walked inside of her studio interrupted her and said "Sweetie that sounds whack, I'm just letting you know you should change it" China got offended and asked her why are you here no one even likes you" Kim didn't respond and left the label, after she left Paparazzi caught up to her and she actually talked to them for the first time in at least 2 years and she made it clear she thinks China is the whackest artist on PSR, even the Paparazzi people said 'You should keep that to yourself because honestly we aren't asking you nothing like that" Word got to China and she became upset and she posted on Twitter "I challenge you Kim to record a song and see if you ever come close to me I'm whack? sweetheart how did your last song do?" Kim responded sweetie anything I do will be so much better then you" A few hours later they bumped into each other in LA. China ignored her presence but Kim bumped into her, it still some debate as if Kim did this on purpose or by accident, but China swung off and hit Kim in her mouth and Kim stumbled back. it wasn't any chance for a large fight to break out due to heavy security and police presence but they both were let off with a warning. Kim later posted "I was off guard I  wasn't expecting that I mean come on really, try it again bitch" China simply replied LMAO!" Kim of course is the butt of every ones jokes with many fans calling her whack and washed up and a NiNi wannabe, and many say that China will kill her and so will all of PSR and some even went so far to include ye,  with one fan posting Ye, Amber was trashy Kim is just plain stupid of you, you like them dumb old fish head ugly dumb wannabe famous trashy giraffe looking hoes huh, that explains a lot though cuz you ain't no better. Ye hasn't responded yet, but we expect to see one of his famous rants soon, but Ye honestly you cant Rant just because people have so much disrespect for your wife, you have to just deal with it, so if you rant everyone will ignore you its just a heads up.  It was captured by security camera's and in the camera shot it seems as if Kim is crying when she is holding her mouth after China hit her. Click here to check it out!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

NiNi Says She Wants Chanel West Coast

Today NiNi posted another pic to Instagram and she showed herself with a microphone and she had the caption of "Yo why you sign to Young Money babygirl you dope as fuk no offense but you need to be with PSR, Ima see what up with that, yo forget how she acts on ridiculousness and fantasy factory she hard as fuck and y'all need to realize her as a dope rapper instead of just the blond chick that laughs at everything, YMCMB ain't having her blow up I guarantee I can cuz she deserves to blow up!" Chanel West Coast is most famous for her roles on Rob dyrdeks shows, Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness both on MTV and although she plays the airhead giggler she actually has tight flows and she brings that Cali swag that everyone loves so much and she actually is dope. Chanel posted this tweet earlier "WOW, I thought Weezy hitting me up was the best time of my life but now that the queen is saying that she wants me is the Best cant believe it, I would be honored to be with PSR I love PSR huge fan of all the men of women on there I would love to be there" Do you guys think that Chanel West Coast should be at PSR?

Tamar Gets Called "NiNi's Puppet'

We all know that those PSR people stick up for the boss, but the one person who's been really holding it down for the queen is Tamar Braxton. Everything that comes out of her mouth is NiNi, NiNi, NiNi. She actually is a lot worse then those other PSR artists when it comes to NiNi. When she drops a song she says "Its all because of Nisha. When she drops clothes, she says "It wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for Nisha. even when it comes to her baby she said "This baby is inspired by Nisha, I can only hope that she grows up to be half the person that my girl NiNi is" Kinda creepy right. and besides creepy you might use the word obsessive, but then again, who the hell isn't obsessed over the queen, we all are, so why is Tamar getting heat for it, well its probably because, she is the only one who puts extras on it, and no other PSR artist does that which has many people saying that Tamar has a huge mega crush on NiNi. Normally we would say stop it, but this time we cant and we agree, as Tamar is showing mega huge signs that she may have some feelings there, she did mention last year she is into women , so why not NiNi? Do you guys think that Tamar has a mega huge crush on NiNi???????

Friday, March 14, 2014

Nicki Squashes Beef With Keke Over Twitter + Why Dont You Like Me NiNi?

A little while ago, Nicki squashed her beef with Keke Palmer with a tweet on Twitter, she posted "@Keke, its over OK, just stay in your lane and I'll stay in mine, we have to be in the same place I respect that you respect that too, we don't gotta cross each other ever lets leave it at that" Keke responded a few hours later simply saying "Fine" So lets hope it stays that way. In other news, I am feeling kind of sad. As mentioned earlier NiNi mentioned she was high of the drug called Morphine which is the medical form of Heroine so I don't know if its the morphine talking or not, but a short while ago, she posted a pic of herself with a mean looking face with the caption of "I don't like you anymore Johnny, Yes YOU Johnny" So my question is what did I do? I can't have any access to her at this time to ask her, but I am really desperate to find out. Did I do something to the queen guys? Sound off in the comment section and let me know if you think you might know! Click here to check out that picture!

NiNi's Grammy Dress Sells For 1.4 Million Dollars + NiNi Is Addicted To Instagram

The Grammy dress that went on sale last week has sold for 1.4 million dollars. Crazy thing is they were only selling it for 312.00 but so many people showed up to the auction house and they decided they might be able to get more money and they started a bid and it went up to 1.4 million dollars and it was sold to the lovely sexy model named "Tasty Candy" who is most famous for appearing in the video for Yo Gotti's "5 Star Chick" and Trey Songz Video "I Need A Girl" and she submitted the highest bid and she walked away with the most platinum dress on the planet, NiNi's stage worn Grammy dress. Tasty Candy whose real name is Jessica Platinum says the dress will go on display framed up in her house to always remind her of the best Grammy performance ever, she currently has no intentions to actually wear it.   In other news, we all know that NiNi uses Instagram more then any other celeb and the only one close to her is RI RI, she has the most pics and the most followers and we see she can not stay away even in the hospital. Today she had the doctors take a picture of her and post it to Instagram. Its 6 pictures, a couple of them show her in the hospital bed with the machine hooked up to her with the caption that says "So suckish, that machine is like my worst enemy right now ugh!"  The others show her up and trying to walk with the caption of "My legs are killing me, but I gotta get the hell up out this bed I ain't that lazy lol" and that last one shows her receiving medicine with the caption of "Who ever knew Morphine can get you so high damn I feel like I'm at one of my parties lol" These new pics have over 5 million followers and over 62 million comments as once again NiNi is showing her personal private side even when she is in the hospital and people really like and respect that. We see NiNi cant stay away from Instagram too long, and now that she is up and she has people taking and posting pics of her we expect to see more every single day all day just like she always did before her accident. The camera loves NiNi, and she loves to be in front of it. Click here to check out her newly posted pics. Doesn't she just look so innocent in that hospital gown.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rita Ora False Alarm + Nicki And KeKe Beef

Yesterday I reported that Rita Ora may be pregnant by Lil Wayne, but that is false. We discovered a genuine post on Rita's facebook and she posted "I am not pregnant nor am I with Weezy, Unfortunately Weezy is all wifed up, and I say unfortunately because I wouldn't mind being the one he's wifed up to I'm just keeping it real, but we're just friends, fuck the song he made it wasn't about me or any unborn baby, it was just weezy being weezy shit who knows, he probably does have an unborn somewhere out there lol but it ain't from me" We did some digging since many famous people seems to get hacked all the time and we found out that this post was actually from Rita Ora, not only that, Weezy also made a statement he said "Yo, Rita is bomb I always thought that, but no disrespect to NiNi or her label yo but those PSR chicks are crazy as fuck to me a lot of them are bomb yo but too crazy for me, yes its women who are too crazy for Weezy its crazy but its real so me and Rita we cool as hell but that's all sorry' So no pregnancy for Rita. In other news Nicki and Keke are beefing. I know what you guys are thinking; OK Nicki is always beefing with someone so whats new, and for those of you who are thinking that you're absolutely right, but we don't know exactly how this beef started but did a fight pop off? Yes it did. In Brooklyn Nick's hood, and its said that many people that grew up with Nicki in her hometown jumped Keke after their fight and we kind of believe that since New York is the craziest place besides Compton, No offense to New York or Compton. Keke was sent to the hospital after the fight but its still a debate if she was jumped or not by Brooklyn girls or just by Nicki. *Update* Keke Palmer was not touched by Nicki at all, yes the two are beefing but NICKI was not anywhere near her hood at all today she was actually in Las Vegas. Keke was set to perform in Brooklyn NY Today and she was attacked by Nicki's childhood friends who were defending Nicki and just being instigators period. Keke went to the hospital with a broken jaw and some broken bones in her ribs and collar bone but doctors say she should be OK and should be out in the next couple days. Nicki regardless of their beef posted this on FB: "I'm sorry to @KEKE I never arranged that, Its my hood I got people out there what can I say, But I never meant for her to get jumped honestly I can do that myself just keeping it real" Seems like its a bloody beef starting up as usual with 2 PSR artists. Keke is still in the hospital but doctors say she is fine. The women who jumped her have been positively identified and have been arrested on charges of "Assault on a public authority figure" and all 7 of them face 8-12 years in prison a piece for their actions. Stay tuned for more info on this bloody beef!

Day 22: The Queen Is BACK!! She Can Talk And She Has A Message For You Lame Critics

Today we heard the queens voice live for the first time in over 3 weeks and she had a harsh message for those critics who keep talking about her nasty album "24". It was completely unexpected but you know you're a G when the first thing you do when you start feeling a little better is continue your old ways and disrespect all those critics. That's why we all love NiNi. Check out what she said: "Hey guys, I wanna first of all thank all of you guys who have been here for me since day one, I will never forget you guys I love you, second of all, same shit different day I see, fuck all y'all who wanna say dumb shit honesty its nothing but dumb shit fuck what you think about my music fuck what you think about my videos fuck your life, I do what the hell I want if any of y'all have a problem with me or my music its a big black ass that you can kiss. As far as the children, honestly I'm tired of saying the same shit but for  those dumb asses out there that have to here it over and over before it sinks in, I love kids I have two myself, but I wouldn't let them listen to my music neither would my husband so you old crusty bitches that may have kids keep them away and tell them to stay outta grown folks business. Will I stop hell no I wont I'm expressing myself kick rocks and eat dirt if you don't like it bow down to me before I bow down to you, if you got a problem with Nisha say it to Nisha's face. I honestly have no time for you lames" Yeah we know she's back only one person in the world can talk like that and make all the critics who were talking shut up and that's NiNi. Click here to check out her full audio statement. Judging by her voice she sounds weak but she sounds like she is doing really good, and we expect to see her really soon. In the meantime we will keep getting you updates on everything else. Check me out soon!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 21 Excellent News + Nicki Goes Ham On Freestyle With Wayne And Tyga

Today marks 21 days that NiNi has been in the hospital which is exactly 3 weeks and we received some good news from the doctor check it out "Hello everyone, I am happy to report that NiNi has sat up in bed for the first time in 3 weeks, she also spoke to me she is still unable to eat so she still requires her food and drink through a tube, but her improvement has us extremely excited, she was helped out of bed by two nurses and she was able to take 6 steps before she had to be returned to bed. This is wonderful improvement in her case and we can say safely we estimate by the next couple days she may be able to eat and walk stronger and longer which is our main goal, we will start rehabilitation therapy to help her muscles to learn to move and walk again, and we are fairly confident that she will be much better throughout this week. We are proud of her and we will continue to provide her with all the attention medication and therapy she requires to be 100% better. Visitation will continue to be denied at this point but we will let you know when Visitation continues. We will keep you updated on her condition throughout the week" This statement made everyone super happy and brought a lot of smiles to a lot of peoples faces, we are happy for the queen we hope to see her back soon. Stay tuned for more info on Hollywood. In other news, Nicki Minaj went super hard on a new freestyle with Wayne and Tyga released today. She talks about some extreme things click here to check it out! Also Tamara Braxton and CiCi are said to have problems with each other over Future, we have no idea what that means but when we get more info we will let you guys know! *UPDATE* Future has been dropped from PSR yup I said dropped. Being that NiNi is now up and able to speak Tina let her know that Future is doing things such as being lazy not working and flirting with all the women when CiCi isn't there and its said that NiNi gave Tina the word to release him from his contract. Future posted this tweet on Twitter "I ain't with PSR anymore maybe YMCMB next now ima see what up with that" About Tamar and CiCi,  Tamar told CiCi that they had sex, she claims it was a mistake, and its something that happened as a spur of the moment, CiCi of course didn't believe it and felt that Tamar just likes him so that's why they got into it, but Tamar was just trying to be honest with  her as she felt she had a right to know that her so called Fiance is a dog, and RiRi who hates future with a passion and best friend to CiCi broke the news to CiCi and although CiCi still didn't believe she told her. It has been discovered that Future and Tamar did in fact have an affair and not only her he has had many affairs with other women including models and video girls. Toni Braxton, Tamar's sister and close friend of CiCi told her she was over Tamar's house when she saw Future come over and she left after that. So will CiCi leave future or be one of those girls who stays no matter what their men do, and what does this mean for their future together. Much drama with that situation. I'm sure I will hear more on this and I will let you guys know soon!

NiNi's 'Make Me Wet" Video Bashed For Promoting Teen Pregnancy

Its no doubt that NiNi's video for her X  Rated song "Make Me Wet" is really crazy, but critics are bashing it saying that it promotes teenage pregnancy by intentionally saying that sex is good at all ages and many women, especially women of color will follow in her footsteps and have X Rated sex and get pregnant. Some fans have come to her defense saying that young girls will have sex and get pregnant whether she talks about it or not and that's very true but some talk show hosts like Jimmy Fallon say the fans are always never going to see anything wrong with anything she does even if she murders babies. One media critic said "That's art really? that's sex sex sex and she is letting all the young kids who look up to her know its OK to have sex no matter how old you are as long as your man has a big dick" Fans have lashed out at him with the main thing  that's really true, which is NINI IS NOT A DAMN ROLE MODEL NOR DOES SHE WANT TO BE ONE" So it would be nice if people stop bringing up children when she already said in a very very nice way that she will not have children holding her back. Here's our honest opinion, we love the new NiNi, we don't feel she should stop what she wants because its children in the world, we feel that parents should keep a closer eye on what their kids watch or listen too period. She has said many times she isn't a role model Ri RI Cymphonique, Katy Perry Kat and many others have said the same thing so dammit cut them all some slack, we feel if it bothers you so much don't watch or listen and don't let your kids watch or listen either simple. Regardless NiNi will always have some heat but everyone, celebs, fans the president even some other harsh critics are on her side so NiNi is the true winner here. What do you guys think?

Rita Said To Be Preggo By Weezy + Jhene Aiko Is Preggo By Tyga

Rita Ora is said to be pregnant by none other then Lil Wayne. The way that this story first started is still unknown, but some sources claim that the two have been seeing each other for a little over 6 months now despite the fact that Weezy is currently with R&B singer Nivea. Rita refuses to speak on their so called relationship, and she says they are just friends, but the bump in her stomach is having people think it may be a little more then that. Yesterday she was spotted in her hometown of London getting ready for a show and she wore a shirt that exposed her stomach and her shoulders and cameras captured a growing baby bump, although some of her reps denied the allegations and said that her stomach appeared to have a bump due to the particular pants she was wearing that pushed her stomach slightly up, but you know no one believes that. Rita herself had no comment on the supposed baby bump. What makes it even more believable as well as interesting that it could be Wayne's is due to a song he just dropped called "Letter To My Unborn" and he has a specific line he raps where he says "I hope you look like your mama cuz she beautiful she cooler too maybe have the same accent we should raise you out in Liverpool" For those who don't know Liverpool is a section of England and it just so happens that's where Rita grew up at, so for him to say the accent which she has and Liverpool out of all things, makes the talk grow much louder. So is Rita pregnant by Weezy or even pregnant at all? We still don't know yet, Weezy, PSR and of course Rita are definitely not talking about anything. But one person we do know that is in fact preggo is Jhene Aiko and its by Tyga. This will be her 2nd child, her first is a daughter by R&B singer O'Ryan the younger brother of Omorian. Speculation about a possible relationship between Jhene and Tyga has been going on for at least a year, but they are so secret with their relationship that you wont even find pictures of the two together anywhere. But recently Jhene has been rocking 2 3 sizes over her normal size and everyone wondered why, but believe it or not no one suspected pregnancy, in fact some said she is just a tomboy, but that tomboy talk is now dead as Jhene can no longer hide her growing stomach unless of course she comes to work in a size 23. Check out her twitter post "Hey guys, I have a wonderful announcement to make, I am now expecting my second child. A lot of the baggy clothes I wore was to conceal until I was ready to make this announcement. I am very happy, and I am in heaven right now, I look at this as a miracle pregnancy due to the fact that it wasn't planned or expected, but its welcome no matter what, and yes its from Michael. We have been dating on an off for the past year and a half, but it recently got very serious and we are happy, its not a one night stand, its a relationship so please don't ask me any crazy shit like that. I am now in my 16th week, wish me luck guys, God Bless mwah!" For those who don't know Michael is Tyga's real name, just wanted to throw that out there. Tyga however isn't being so open about it.  when TMZ caught up to him in LA today they said "Jhene posted on Twitter about your relationship and that she is pregnant by you do you have anything to say about  that? His response was "Well yo if she did that why the hell you coming to ask me anything you got your answer right fall back from me right now bro" and he refused to answer anything. We must say they do a very good job of being private to the point they must don't ever take pics together since its none of the two, but regardless congrats to Jhene and Tyga, they both have children from previous relationships so one big happy family like the Brady bunch lol. And speaking of preggo, Miranda Cosgrove is not pregnant by Justin Beiber or anyone else, she has one child a daughter by Harry from One Direction and that's all, and she is not with Justin Beiber not even on a friend level. We know this due to her early morning Facebook post "I just want to say I am not pregnant I do not plan to be pregnant again at least until I'm 30 so I still have 8 years for that, and Justin omg Justin? No way sorry but I don't like the way he treats women and I don't even like to be around that guy, he knows it and now you guys do too! After some searching we found out that Miranda DID in fact write the post and Justin denied any relationship as well. So there you have it, no more talk of Miranda being pregnant for 8 more years. When we find out more about Weezy and Rita we will let you know!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thousands Get A Big Scare From Similar Hospital Fire

Yesterday the university medical center in Atlanta about 25 minutes away from the hospital that NiNi is at and the twin sister of it went up in flames around 3:30pm due to a chemical accidentally spilling over a radiator. Being that that hospital looks exactly the same millions of news outlets, fans and media outlets went crazy thinking that NiNi burned up in the hospital, and millions of people rushed to the hospital only to discover the hospital is still just as good as it always was, and everyone's heart was beating fast and they had a look of pure fear on their faces. So the queen is OK, although we don't have any new info on her condition as of yet, but we would like to think she is doing better. In other news, you will never believe what Ri Ri did today. She is not allowing me to post on it, but thankfully she wasn't able to stop everyone else, especially TMZ and Media Take Out. Click here to check out what the ever so crazy Ri Ri got herself into today!

Friday, March 7, 2014

VH1 Wants To Give NiNi Her Own Reality Show

Today VH1 Made this statement "Everyone has a reality show these days, you have TBOZ and Chili, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, T.I Trina, OMG Girlz and countless others, but we want NiNi, her life is extraordinarily fascinating and we think to put that in a reality show it would be wonderful for her fans as well as herself, Miss NiNI is more public with her personal life, and that's what makes a great reality show. Before Ms NiNi's accident we tried contacting her numerous times as we feel we can get her a great title and get her a great concept and we have not heard back from her, but our network will love to work with her sometime" NiNi has once said that she would consider doing her own reality show a long as its all real and not mostly scripted and some real like most reality shows today, she even said what she would name it "Living With NiNi" and she said it would be dope. We believe you queen. So would you guys like to see NiNi in her own reality show? We would. When NiNi gets out of the hospital, VH1 plans to have a one on one meeting with her to discuss having her own spot on  their network and she would have total creative control meaning she makes her show how she wants it to be. Being that that's what she wants maybe we will see her in her own show soon, all we can do is hope! In other news, as soon as we think NiNi has done it all she did something that no one has ever done before...........she made a damn candy bar. Yup can you guess what its called? Is it something with "Platinum" in the title? Although most of NiNi'S creations have platinum in the title the candy bar does not its simply called "Tasty Chocolate" Yup,  does that sound sort of X-RATED, Well some people also seem to think so, but PSR management insists that it isn't XRATED. Its a chocolate candy bar with caramel, nougat peanuts hot fudge,  brownie mix cake mix, cookie dough mix, Oreo pieces and Kit Kat pieces, yes all of that packed into one bar. It says NiNi on the wrapper and the official name is "NiNi's Tasty Chocolate Bar" We decided to try it as most stores are getting thousands of shipments in and its only A dollar so why not and guys this is the best candy bar you can taste, all the ingredients you taste and it explodes in your mouth, this is great candy, but its by NiNi so why wouldn't it be. Be sure to head over to your local corner store chances are they have it or if not head to the PSR website where you can order it by the box full. So now NiNi has google apps, clothes, shoes, jewelery, phones, air conditioners, TVs computers, headphones, liquor and many more things, She certainly does a lot of investing. Click here to get her new Tasty candy! No new info on our queen yet, but stay tuned!

NiNi's Grammy Dress Gets Put Up In Auction Get Her Dress!

Even though most critics say her performance at the 2014 Grammy awards were slutty whoreish and shameless, no one can disagree that NiNi had the best dress of the night. It was a nice 2 piece black Dior Contour dress and it definitely had many heads turning and mouths drooling. Now you have a chance to own that famous dress, as its now on sale at auction, but unlike a typical auction where there is bidding to see how high the number goes, this auction has a set price and its first come first serve. anything From a mega superstar like NiNi AND the fact that she actually wore this dress while performing, you would think this dress would be millions of dollars, it certainly is worth at least a couple mil, but you can own her beautiful Grammy dress for less then $300! Yes I said LESS THEN THREE HUNDRED!! Yeah we were skeptical too, but NiNi does have people auction off her stuff she no longer uses or no longer needs and the auction is a well known celebrity auction house that all celebs use. Its a size 8 so ladies you have to be pretty thick to get into it, and its an anything goes I'm ready for anything type dress, most of you women love dresses like that. But why would a dress worn by NiNi that's worth millions be being sold for less then 300?? Well its simple its some celebs who don't care if many people may be struggling and cant afford to pull out millions for something just because its from a celebrity, then its some celebrities that realize that not everyone is on high standards but they still want to look nice, NiNi is in that category, she knows that just because you don't have much you still may want to look nice and she wants everyone to look and feel their best even if their pockets don't feel their best. NiNi has always said quote "I don't care who I am, its people who deserve to rock like I rock, dress how I dress, look how I look, do what I do, and I'm making it possible for them to be able to look and feel rich without being rich" which is why everyone loves NiNi. This isn't the first time, last year her "Queen NiNi' earrings that she always wore in videos went on sale for only $450 despite the fact that it was at least 200 million dollars worth of diamonds in it, and the year before that a couple of her actual worn PSR outfits went for less then 600.00. This dress is no exception, any woman who purchases this dress will look and feel their best even though they might not actually have the real means to buy it on their own. Its just another example of how NiNi looks out for her fans, especially her female fans. The dress is being displayed at the "Fine Things Auction House" In Atlanta Georgia. It is not any copies of the dress, its only one dress, so the first person who gets there is the first person who takes it home, so hurry because you know that will go faster then buffet food. It is not known if NiNi authorized the sale of her dress, but we are sure she did or else that auction house would get sued beyond their wildest dreams. So do you wanna walk around like a celebrity for a little while in a 2 million dollar dress? If so hurry and cop NiNi's Grammy dress for way less then its worth. Click here to get more info about the dress, as well as driving directions to the auction house. Doors open at 6pm and only the first person who inquires will be able to buy it once its gone its gone, so do yourself a favor get there ahead of time maybe at 4. Stay tuned for more info!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

J-LO Sends NiNi Flowers

As mentioned before, J-LO and NiNi had some sort of problem but apparently no one but them knew about it but it seems as if J-lo is trying to make up for it and she sent NiNi a 24 rose bouquet earlier today which was delivered by FedEx to the hospital. JLO is at the University Medical Center in Staten Island New York, and she has repeatedly denied any interviews or comments, so no one knows what they were beefing for, but apparently they aren't anymore. Click here to check out the large flowers that were sent to NiNi. Today is what we call "Royal Meeting Day" which means all the royal folks go to meetings pretty much all day, so its not too much going on at the moment other then the fact that Ri Ri flipped off paparazzi cameras in a Brooklyn New York airport when they tried to talk to her, she loves her middle finger, yeah normal stuff nothing new, so when I get more info I will let you guys know! *UPDATE* Couple things about Selena Gomez, she was re signed to PSR about 3 weeks ago, and so far she has already released her 1st new song off of the label titled "Come And Get It" which is doing extremely well. It features producing from Bangladesh and Money Mike and it features Paul Wall. Click here to check it out. 2nd she was spotted not too long ago visiting the hospital with a pair or very short booty shorts a small handbag and alligator shirt and shoes, our question is why are you dressed up like you're at the beach when its like 16 degrees outside, you know damn well your legs are freezing lol. She denied any comments but she did give a nice smile and wave to the camera's before she went inside, and she has been in for the past 23 minutes now, no other PSR artist has showed up yet. Kat is also beginning to do well with  her new album "Fearless" she is now at 123,000 copies which is great considering she was only at 100 when it first dropped a few days ago. Seems that now everyone knows  that's NiNi is going to be OK everything and everyone is returning back to normal which means much more drama which means much more news, so stay tuned I'm sure ill definitely have something later for you guys.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

NiNi Is Pregnant!!

Crazy announcement today, a couple months ago, a post came from NiNi's facebook page saying that she was pregnant, but she went live on TV during a press conference and denied it, but this evening the doctor announced something that had everyone shocked and made her conference meeting seem like a cover up. Check out what he said "Hello everyone, we have found out that Miss NiNi is pregnant she is 16 weeks along and obviously things have gotten much more serious as we now have to focus on her babies health as well as her own. This was discovered when one of our nurses did a full body XRAY earlier today and it was determined she is in fact pregnant. It still is too early to tell on the gender and the sonogram pictures are unclear at this point. She will be receiving different medication as most of the medication she has been receiving is very strong and its too strong for a baby, the check of the baby revealed that he or she is fine at the moment but we must switch her medication. Her accident didn't seem to harm the baby in anyway which is very  good news, we do believe that because she landed on her stomach the baby may have suffered a little but at 16 weeks its not much development so if anything when her baby is fully developed he or she may have sustained minor injuries that will affect growth meaning the baby may develop much more slowly than normal, but no long term damage is to be expected. She will be on lower levels of medication as to not hurt the  baby, as far as NiNi herself she is still sleep but she still is recovering, we have her in a private recovery room where she can rest and receive her medication. Being that she is pregnant she has to eat as she has to eat for two people but being that she still isn't able to eat herself  she will require double IV drips in order to support both, and she will be provided that no matter what. Thank you for your cooperation we will provide another update when the time is right! So NiNi is about to have a mini king or queen, and we are excited about it, but its sad that she is in this state when she has a miracle growing inside her, but we feel that being that NiNi was so so persistent that she wasn't pregnant maybe she didn't know and when that happens its called a miracle baby, and that's what this baby is. Congrats to NiNi and Beith and we wish the best of luck to her and her baby! Stay tuned for more info!

Ringleader Gets Released From Jail With The Help Of Breezy + NiNi's Gay Friend Isnt Gay

The girl Keyshia King who stormed into the hospital a few days and was arrested has been released from Prison with the help of Breezy after he posted a 1 million dollar charge for her bail. She still has to go to court to find out what her punishment will be. She faces up to 20 years in prison if she is found guilty, but being that this a first offense she could get off easy with something like 5 years of probation or 2 years of house arrest but of course that all depends on the judge she has. Keyshia has faced much hate comments from NiNi and PSR fans and she is even receiving threats and today TMZ caught up to her in the 3rd ward section of Houston and this was her comment to the upset fans "MAN I WISH THEY WOULD, DEATH THREATS DON'T MEAN SHIT UNLESS YOU DO IT, COME FUCK WITH ME Y'ALL BITCHES WILL WISH Y'ALL NEVER DID DON'T GO THERE WITH ME PLEASE, Y'ALL DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M ABOUT AND Y'ALL DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS SO BACK UP BEFORE I BACK YOU UP" Fans have responded in a bad way and being that some fans actually know where she lives, that's not good at all, stay tuned for more info on this story. In other news, for the past 2 years NiNi has had a gay guy that she called her friend and she said they go shopping for women's clothes together and do all the things that two girlfriends would do, but today he made a shocking statement over Twitter saying "I cant do it anymore, I love women, I'm not gay, I know NiNi is gonna be pissed but dick is not me, I only did it so I can be cool with NiNi I'M SORRY!" He cant get arrested because NiNi willingly let him into her life but the way NiNi looked at him she really thought he was a good friend and this is considered betrayal and we can only imagine how she may feel, but more important than that how will her husband feel that this whole time she's been hanging with a actual straight guy who only acted gay because he liked her and wanted to get close to her. The man's name is Andre Benjamin not not Andre from Outkast and he is a male model, a real male model, and his fans are so shocked too, as for the past 3 years everyone thought he was gay and many of his female fans loved that about him for some reason girls love gay guys. He refused any interviews and he said that he know that his friendship with NiNi is probably over but he admitted he never meant to keep it going so long, its just they became real close and he didn't want to break that. Hmm so he only let people think he was gay just because he wanted to deal with NiNi that doesn't sound good at all, especially to a jealous gangsta blood killer like Beith. Not trying to put him like he's so bad but we all know his life since it was made into a documentary so that's not cool. NiNi of course cant respond to this, but we can assume it wont be good when she gets out the hospital. As far as NiNi though no new info yet, stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NiNi's N3 Goes Quadruple Platinum!

Since NiNi was involved in her accident,  her music, clothes and other items have been through the roof, higher then ever, her music videos have the most viewers more then any other video and her YouTube channel is the most viewed and subscribed channel since Carly Rae Jepsen. And since this happened sales of her new N3 phone have skyrocketed through the atmosphere. Before this happened her sales were right around 1 million units sold, but now sales have spiked up to 400 million units sold in only 2 weeks. They say when you die or get hurt really bad your status goes higher and that's when everyone shows way more love, it was true for Michael it was true for Whitney and its definitely true for NiNi. NiNi has always had high sales of everything she does, but now her sales of everything are higher then she ever had, and despite how sad it is to say its probably mainly because of where she is at. We estimate that in the 2 weeks that NiNi has been in the hospital she has made an extra 8-900 million dollars on album sales phone sales and platinum wear sales alone without even lifting a finger, and the longer that her queen buddy keeps holding her down at their shows she is seeing double that in tour sales alone without even performing, name another celebrity who can honestly say they have that much power. When it comes to NiNi though, anything is possible, especially when you have an extremely large fan base like she does, in fact she has the largest fan base out of any other celebrity in the game right now. Her N3 phone has been upgraded to new colors including pebble blue, hot red, matte black and white and red. NiNi also has a brand new pair of Jordan's coming to PW soon as she made an endorsement deal with the brand before her accident and they are brand new 2014 air Jordan's called "Platinum J's" which will be available in a variety of colors, including black and yellow, blue and white, red and blue and green and orange as well as red and black. It is said to be released on PW in July 2014 with a starting price of $299.99, and they are very anticipated by all the Jordan lovers out there, so as you can see just because NiNi is in a hospital at the moment doesn't mean her impact isn't continuing. Click here to check out the new Platinum J's and pre-order to be the first to get it when they release. *UPDATE* The doctor gave us another update, and it has everyone super super hyped check it out "Good afternoon, I am very very pleased to announce that NiNi has moved for the first time in 2 weeks, she moved her arm and although it seemed like it hurt her she was able to reach into sky and hold her arm up for almost 20 seconds before she was in too much pain to keep holding it. She also is responding to questions as well,  I asked her was she still in pain she nodded yes, these are very good signs and we can estimate by the next week she should be able to move more sit up and maybe eat on her own. She still has bones broken and those will take a while to heal but her smaller bones have almost if not completely healed up. One thing that has us concerned is that she still isn't talking but we know that when a body enters shock it can remain in that state even if the individual doesn't appear to be in shock so we feel that will clear itself up in time as well. But the signs she is showing is very promising and we are very happy with her progress so far, she still has ways to go but she is on that path now which is somewhere she wasn't last week" Yes it would've been better if he said NiNi is up walking around but people are hyped because she is getting there even though she still sounds in pretty bad shape she is on the road and we too feel that she will be OK very soon. Stay tuned for any more info!

Street Dedicated After NiNi!

NiNi is the most popular name in the entire world, almost EVERYONE knows who NiNi is in the US and overseas, and what better way to honor such a wonderful name then by dedicating a street to it. In Brazil a new street named Nisha Ave has officially opened. Other street names after famous people are also down there such as Martin Luther King Ave, Malcom X BLVD and Harriet Tubman Drive, but never has there been a street dedicated to a musician, no not once anywhere. Some celebrities have had animals, bugs and even buildings named after them, but NiNi is the first with her very own street. In Brazil, American music is all the rage, in fact American music dominates Brazil more then Brazilian music and NiNi is the number 1 artist in that country so it only seems appropriate to show their honor of her in some way and what better way. NiNi has mentioned many times before she loves Brazil so much due to how much love they show her and how supportive they are, and they showed their love back definitely. Nisha Ave leads straight to the Musical Dome of Brazil where the queen always performs when she comes out there and it is the easiest access to the stadium, and the president of Brazil said that when NiNi is not out in Brazil the street will be open to all residents, but when she is in town on her way to do a show she will have private access to her street to get to the stadium in order to avoid the large crowd of fans to get to the stadium like she usually has to go through which sounds pretty good. There's also record stores to buy her music on her street.  Last year a college dedicated a dorm area in honor of the queen called "PLATINUM DORMS" but it has since burned down due to a chemistry experiment gone wrong but the head dean of the college has said they are redoing the dormitory and they hope to be complete by 2015, and Rutgers was running a course called "The NiNi experiment" but it didn't catch on, but everyone around the world acknowledges the queen and everyone is honoring her in one way or another. And speaking of Honoring,  PSR is said to be doing their own little honoring of their own. Most of the artists are promoting her outfits, music, videos, phones and other items of hers to show respect and they have a whole campaign dedicated to NiNi and they have raised over $50,000 for her so far, that's love and loyalty. As far as NiNi we don't have any new info yet, but J-LO has mentioned that she no longer has a problem with her, thing is we didn't even know it was a problem between the two, which makes you wonder who actually is responsible for her ending up in the hospital. She isn't the only one though, Yolanda has also announced she has no hard feelings against NiNi and that the beef is over because she doesn't want to do it anymore. Seems as if everyone is affected in some way by all of this. Stay tuned for more info!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 11: New Announcement + Kat's New Album

Today the doctors finally made an announcement on NiNi. The head doctor addressed the large crowd gathered in front bundled up from head to toe. Its literally freezing outside today and snowing pretty heavy, but NiNi'S loyal fans still were out showing their support. This is what he said 'Hello, first let me apologize to keep you guys in the dark, NiNi did develop a chest cold which we thought was much more serious but she is on antibiotics and she is showing early signs of improvement. 2nd the family continues to be appreciative of the support, but they feel your presence here everyday is unnecessary, we ask that you please clear the front for the next few days, we will still make announcements that will be published through television and social media sites to keep you guys updated, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but if you comply the family at their right may choose to began allowing fan visitation once again. As far as her condition, she is beginning to improve, she is still out of a comatose state which is great, her vital signs are stronger her heart brain and internal organs are stronger and I would place her at a solid 55%, she is responding very well to the medication and we continue to reduce the dosage. She requires more rest but she will be fine, and I can comfortably say she is out of the woods at this point. We will be making statements throughout the day on any change in her condition, but as mentioned please clear and disperse until further notice, thank you for you understanding and cooperation in this matter" This statement made pretty much everyone clap and cheer, and with no issues everyone cleared and went home. Best news in almost 2 weeks. We hope to see NiNi real soon, in the meantime, whatever new info I get, I will let you guys know! In other news, hearts aren't the only thing that's getting destroyed because of this, album sales are too. Today Kat released her very highly anticipated album "Fearless" and just a few weeks ago everyone was dying for it, but now that this happened everyone's focus is on NiNi and no one is worrying about anything else, and Kat who usually sells up to royal status in a short amount of time,  has only sold 100 copies of her album so far which is beyond terrible. Kat has mentioned that she is not expecting to sell many records until NiNi is out the hospital and that's exactly how it seems it may go at this point. Her album is very good, so we know the only reason it isn't selling is because everyone's mind is on NiNi, but we are sure that once all is well she will fly through the roof, but guys support Kat, everyone is worrying about the queen, but regardless they are still doing this for you guys, so show some love to the wonderful folks down at PSR. Click here to purchase "Fearless' By Kat! and click here for my full review on it! Stay tuned for more info

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 10: PSR Begans To Show Themselves + No News Still

Well at first it was only a few PSR artists who were out and about, the rest seemed to be sleeping somewhere, but now more and more of them are beginning to show up. Today Nicki was in LA for her very long overdue show, Justin Beiber went back to Canada to continue his tour, Solo and Kat are in Dallas to finish up their tour Demi is with Rita Ora in San Diego finishing up their tour the OMG Girlz are in ATL finishing up, even B is going in solo at their shows and she is in Australia where NiNi was scheduled to be as well and the queen is holding it hella down for the other queen. Gradually everyone seems to be returning to normal, which of course means more info, but NiNi info continues to be silent as doctors are still aren't talking and they still aren't allowing visitation. But here's some PSR news, we know that everyone is turning back to normal because a fight popped off. Miley Cyrus is the definition of that child star gone bad kinda like Keke Palmer, Miranda Cosgrove or Cymphonique but not only that, she acts just like Rihanna which makes sense since Rihanna is her idol, and all she does is fight now just like Rihanna and today she was involved in one, not with another PSR artist but with a fan which you should never do if you wanna stay royal and on top of the world. But when it comes to Miley that doesn't matter to her. The fight happened because a female fan said "Yo Miley you look terrible with short hair you should get it back longer cuz uh uh" and Miley laughed and walked over to her and said "That's real sweet sweetie whats your name" the female said "Brianna" and Miley socked her and knocked her out, I mean literally knocked her out and she said "Nighty night Brianna" her bodyguards quickly rushed her away before cops came and when cops did come the fans told them that they don't know what happened. The female is OK she didn't require any hospital visits but she placed the blame on Miley but the cops cant act if there is no witnesses. So seems as if Miley will get away with that. Speaking of Rihanna the tension between her and her ex bestie Katy Perry is getting  to a dangerous level and we expect to see a mega girl fight soon but seems as if both are holding back the best they can. It just wouldn't be PSR if it wasn't tension arguments and fights... anyone else agree. Well that's the info so far today, when and if I get any news on our beloved queen I will let you guys know!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Woman Gets Arrested For Socking Cops To See NiNi

After my last blog it must have upset people, which was expected but what wasn't expected was a woman that actually was seen many Times at NiNi'S parties showed up at the hospital demanding to see NiNi. She was denied entry by police and she socked the lady cop and the male cop and ran inside. Fans clapped for her as she did that and others followed her. The girl and the 18 other fans who ran in were in there for about 20 minutes and then they all were dragged out in handcuffs. The girl that started it all was kicking and screaming and seriously resisting arrest and she and the 18 others were put in the back seats of cop cars and taken to jail. The ringleader girl has been identified as Keyshia King who has been spotted with NiNi many times, its still not clear what her relation is to NiNi, but now that we know her name many people suspect that that is the sister that NiNi talks about so much, but that is still unconfirmed. Keyshia faces up to 16 years in prison if she is convicted and the others face between 2 and 7 years for interfering. No statements have been made by either person nor the police. Is this NiNi's sister that everyone has been dying to see, not sure but if I find out I will let you know!