Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nini Gets Starts On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

Whats up guys, this afternoon Nini has received her own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame which is next to impossible to do. She is in the "Royalty" section next to a few other "Royalty" artists and actors. She was there signing autographs and taking pictures and she made a statement saying "I would like to thank God for the chance of being alive to see this, This has always been my dream and I am in heaven right now, I also would like to thank my family for believing in me and knocking sense into my head from time to time when I need it (laughs) you know who you guys are I love y'all so much, and of course my wonderful fans, without you guys I wouldn't be here today, and I appreciate all the support and love that you show me thank you so much I love you!" She was there for approximately 1 hour and she has received the "Lifetime Achievement" award and trophy, which makes her the top female musician in THE WORLD (yes even past B sorry! lol) She was not rolling in her Maserati today, instead she was in a 2 door Mercedes Benz Coupe looking flashy and fly as ever! There were many cameras and media on site and they recorded the entire moment and it has been showed on the news live, and it has beat out Michael Jackson's Memorial Event and Whitney Houston's Funeral, with it bringing over 95 million viewers watching her "Hollywood Moment" If you missed it live on the news you can head over to TMZ or NEWS12 they have the full footage which lasts a little over 62 minutes or you can click here So congrats to Nini on her achievements and we wish her luck with the rest of her career! In other news, as reported last night The beef between Banks and Nini is over and Nini has responded saying "Yes its finished I had to try and get this settled because its starting to get on my nerves and I just don't need it right now.... and as far as the rumors go, just because we are not beefing at this point does not mean she will be the new member of PSR, that's false" WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WOULD THINK BANKS WOULD BE SIGNED WITH NINI AND PSR??? LOL!!! Anyways good luck Nini and we are behind you 100%......Peace~

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No More Nini And Banks Beef!

Hey guys, I know its late, but just a quick update I have to bring to you.....Azaelia Banks has made a late night statement a few minutes ago on the beef with her and Nini, she said "People the beef is closed, me and Nini had a conversation and we settled it mutually, so now she can do her and I can do me" To hear the statement she made click here.... I will post more on this tomorrow but now I have to get some zzz's peace.....

Interview With Chris Rock + Banks Speaks On Nini!!

Yesterday we had an interview with funny man Chris Rock to address the rumors of him and Banks being engaged and expecting a child together. Here's the full statement he made about Banks: "She's a little upset that the word got out about us, so she is trying to get the talk out of the media and the only way she can do that is to deny it, and she's very upset with me for even bringing it up and doing this interview, but what can I say I love that woman! I don't want it to be kept secret, I want the world to know of my feelings for her, I cant hide it any longer" He was asked when are they expecting the birth of their child and he replied "Towards the end of the year, cant you notice her beautiful tummy is getting bigger?" He was asked how he feels about the beef between her and Nini, and he said "Well I have alot of respect for Nini, and I think their little beef is foolish honestly, but then again I try to stay out of her business and let her come to her senses, I think deep down she knows she cant win the beef with Nini, but one thing I love about her is she never gives up and she will keep trying, her pride is strong and its something I adore about her" The interview only lasted about 10 minutes due to Chris having to go to work, but we got everything that we wanted to hear and its STILL GROSS! lol. In other news Banks has signed with her new label for a 2 year 10 million dollar deal and she made a statement this morning, and she spoke of Chris's Interview and she spoke on Nini, Here's her full statement "Oh my god if the media really believes that fucking man, then you guys are actually dumber than you seem, I'm not about to speak on that anymore I said what I had to say about it so take it or leave it" She was asked about her new label and she said "I signed with Rock Records today and I will began working on my first album and it will be dope I love my new home and I'm confident they will take care of me" She was asked if she would put Nini in a song with her, and she simply replied "Why would I do that"? Then she was asked if the beef is getting more serious with her and Nini and she said "Definitely, but at the same time I put to much energy into that, too much wasted energy, its time for me to focus on my own work now and start work on my album" And the last thing she was asked was will she making any more songs directed at Nini, in which she replied "Not no time soon, as I said I need to be focused on my album more at this point, and making songs for Nini is NOT apart of my album" To check out the full interview with Banks, click here or for Chris, click here

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nini Makes A Statement

This afternoon Nini called on a press conference to address the situation that happened 2 weeks ago at the Super Dome In Dallas TX with Kat, Keyshia Cole and Cymphonique. Here's the statement :"First off, my throat is soar so I wont make this long, but I would like to put an end to the talk that Banks was jumped by Cymphonique, Keyshia and Kat, she was not jumped, and Kat and Keyshia tried desperately to get her off the stage even at one point begging her to get off but she refused and started attacking them first and they defended themselves, there wouldn't have been a fight if Banks had not attacked them first and she attacked Cymphonique with the record player, not the other way around so the media has blew this story so big that none of what they are saying about it is true AT ALL so my team isn't guilty of anything besides being a little unprofessional as they could have waited for police to arrive and not fought back I guess, but they were being attacked and they fought back for themselves NOT for me as I wasn't even on stage at all. They didn't step in for me or push me out the way none of that's true so please listen to this because I would like not to address this again thank you" Guess I reported wrong to you guys which I apologize for. Nini did not answer any more questions and she pulled off looking visibly irritated. We would like to apologize to Nini, KAT, Keyshia Cole and Cymphonique for posting the wrong info and getting them into any BS with the media. As you guys know I try to be 100% accurate with my postings, but I'm human too. The media has officially killed the "Jump" story and we now all know the truth.....once again Banks still got what she deserved regardless......To hear the live statement click here

Banks Get Roasted On Saturday Night Live

Banks has officially been roasted on the famous skit show Saturday Night Live or SNL for short. She has been called everything from a giraffe to a monkey to a no talented bitch lol. They even dressed up as Nini and Banks and got into a fight where they reenacted the fight between her and Nini and they had the Banks character crying and begging for her mommy, and they even roasted on her "anal disease" saying "Mommy my butt hurts, the nice doggy wasn't friendly to it" and a man dressed as her mom says "Stop whining you little slut and go find some talent and bring me some damn money, don't make me get Nini over here" in which the banks character runs like a scared little girl and offers to lick floors for money. The whole thing was hilarious and we are told the show really hurt Banks' feeling due to the mom skit because her mom is deceased and the simple fact that they roasted her worse than they ever did anyone else, even worse than MJ. The show's actors have apologized for the skit involving her mom though, and they called it "Simple entertainment, nothing more, nothing less" SNL is known for roasting celebs (or wannabe celebs) and even Nini has got roasted on that show before, but do you think they went too far with Banks?........WE DON'T! She also has been spotted leaving a abandoned apartment building on 8th street in Brooklyn, NY this morning or as what it is referred to in the "Hood" as a "Crack House" she didn't appear to be under the influence but she is just hurting her reputation even more by doing things like that, and the media has officially dubbed her "The No Talent Crackhead" even though she wasn't seen buying or using, she should've known better than to go to a place like that knowing that the media is sniffing after her every move to get a story on her. She has not made any statements on that yet, but she has made this statement about Chris Rock and her release from RCA records. "I really don't know what that man is on, but he is totally false with everything he is saying, I never met the man before let alone dating him, what do I look like to date someone that is old enough to be my dad, Who knows, I mean hes a comedian so maybe he's just making fun of the situation that I'm in right now but its not true not one word. As far as my release goes, I wasn't happy there anyway, they don't promote you the right way they expect you to do that yourself, but I'm not worried because Rock Records has offered me a contract with them which I will take and that will be my new home and I'm happy off of that because they promote you very well and that's what I need. Also I do not have an anal disease I said Infection and I never even said where the infection was at, so that is a made up story by the media trying to take advantage of my situation and turn my words against me, any real celeb will know that's how they work and I was foolish not to know from the beginning" So why is she denying her alleged affair with Chris? Is that for attention or is it actually made up? We don't know yet but we have an interview with Chris later and we let you guys know what we turn up with. In other news Nini was spotted pulling up in her Maserati at her label and she walked inside and walked out over a hour later and waved at the cameras and pulled off. I guess she was right when she said we still will be seeing her from time to time and of course she looked Beautiful! Check me out later for more info on Nini and Banks....Peace......

Birthday Cake Remix

The official version of the Remix to Rihanna's song "Cake" has released today, and it features Nini and the OMG GIRLZ. The beat remains the same although there is moaning throughout the song which makes it a very freaky sounding song, and Chris Brown isn't featured in this one and the bass is slightly deeper. Every one of the women on the song (yes even the 15 year old) is saying some very dirty things on the song with even one point the 16 year old one says "I spread it wide come and get it" No one was expecting the song to be so nasty especially from the younger artists as even the 15 year old girl's verse was freaky to say the least with her saying "Come and beat it up tell me can you get a knockout" But the two freakiest verses on the song was from "The Queen Of Sex" herself MS. Rihanna and Nini,......... Rhi Rhi talked about squirting (yes I said SQUIRTING lol) and Nini spoke of her panties dropping to the floor and getting in deep (WOW) but the song has done extremely well so far and even though they young girls are speaking like they are Nini or Rhianna's age on the song, no one has criticized them for it and many say they sound wonderful and that's the kind of music they should always do, so once again Nini has trained someone to be "Freaky Professionals" lol. Many say ever since Rhi Rhi and The OMG Girlz as well as Keke Palmer And Miranda Cosgrove and Kat, have signed to PSR their music is becoming so much more Grown And Sexy and freaky and way more mature and many appreciate the new sound these artists have to offer, and Nini gets the credit of course. The song runs 4 minutes and 25 seconds and it completely beat the original version which came in at number 3 on the most freakiest songs, this remix has come in at number 1 on the freakiest songs list and number 1 on the top ten list and number 2 on the billboard hot 100 songs which beat out everything Nini has done so far (yes even "On My Own" with MJ) And so many people have commented a positive note on the song including "Jazmine Sulivan, Diamond, Drake, TYGA, Jay-Z, Princess, Lil Scrappy, Ashanti, Kid Sister, Weezy, Nicki Minaj and Romeo. So far the song hasn't received any negative reviews what so ever so this song is doing GREAT! It is available on the PSR site and Nini's Site for 99 cents where so far it has been downloaded by 75 million people which is a new record for most downloads of Nini's Song, but surprisingly it hasn't crashed yet lol, this song is getting much love in the clubs and DJ and celeb parties and everyone LOVES this song ,myself included.Check it out HERE...... Also Karmin, 2 Chainz, Miranda Cosgrove, Kelly Clarkson, Buggy, OMG GIRLZ, Rhianna, Kat, Alexis Jordan, Monica Spears, Monica, and Nini all are working on their albums at this point, Nini will be the first to drop hers (June 28th), then we will see the rest later on in the year, into early next year so look out for all those albums coming soon, and Cymphonique has officially hit the 100 million sales mark with her album "Dont Look Back" which makes her included in the PSR hall of fame for "Most Albums Sold" right next to our girl Nini , so congrats to her for that! In other news something else is going on with Banks, I'm waiting to get the full story and I will post about it in my next post Smh..........

Monday, May 28, 2012

Nini's New Collab Song!

Nini has a new song out which is a remix to Rihanna and Chris Brown's track "Cake" it is leaked so I dont have the full details on it yet but what I do know is it features Nini, Rihanna and the OMG GIRLZ and they all rap on the song but Rihanna sounds pretty good actually better than the original! Tomorrow I will post full details on the song so check me out tomorrow peace! Click here for the LEAKED version of the song.

The Revel + Info On Banks!!

Whats up guys WOW that was an awesome show and I must say they really went all out for this last show! Here's all the details: First be advised this will be a pretty long post as I'm trying to get everything that I promised you guys.......This show had over 74 +million people in attendance including some celebrities and famous media bloggers (myself included) so it was PACKED to say the least. The show started at 8pm on the dot and that's when the lights dimmed and everyone cheered (even though no one was even on the stage yet) then, a hologram of Michael Jackson appeared walking on stage and everyone screamed loud, he started dancing and there was no music, he performed his famous Moonwalk and heel toe steps in which the beat to "On My Own" played and Nini came out next to him and began dancing next to him and they had the hologram programmed for them to dance the exact same moves at the exact same time. Then she began singing her verse and Mike was right on her side dancing with her and the crowd was dancing and singing along with them. Then they had a part where there was no singing just the beat, and that's how Mike used to always perform, and it was just dancing and they were both dancing side by side and at one point he even lifted her up and that shocked the crowd but it was so amazing to see, they even did the moonwalk TOGETHER and Nini looked really cool doing it with him. After the song was over there was an explosion and Mike disappeared, leaving Nini by herself, and she blew like how you blow out a candle and when she blew,.... Mike came out of her mouth and appeared next to her that was so so so cool. Another explosion went off and Nini disappeared and so did Mike and her voice was heard saying "Atlantic City!!! Are You Ready!!? In which the crowd screamed at the top of their lungs, then she said "Welcome ladies and gentleman to THE REVEL!!!!!" In which 7 loud explosions went off on stage and created a smoke filled environment. Nini then once appeared through the smoke in which a loud roar was heard like a lion or a T-REX and Beyonce's hologram appeared next to her and "Love On Top" started playing and Nini and the hologram began dancing to the beat, and after about 20 seconds of dancing the actual song played and when she says "Bring The Beat In" that's when smoke filled up around the B hologram and made it disappear and then the actual Beyonce appeared out of nowhere in its place and she began singing the song while Nini was dancing beside her to it helping her with the words. The crowd was going absolutely insane and some were looking shocked and some had tears in their eyes just how Michael Jackson's shows used to be because people couldn't believe they were actually seeing Nini perform. They performed "Love On Top" together then it switched to "Baby Boy" and Rain began pouring on the two and completely soaked them and their outfits were wet and so was their hair and it was so sexy, and they began dancing while Beyonce was singing her verses and Nini stepped away to allow Sean Paul to do his verses which no one even knew he was there. After he was done, Nini returned and they danced to just the beat like she did on the video and they were wet and dancing very sexy! After that song "Sweet Dreams" Played and they performed that together and they had it set up in a fairy tale world with unicorns and fairies and magical clouds and rainbows and they both flew above the clouds which was AWESOME! They performed a total of 29 songs including "Single Ladies" "Diva" "Video Phone" (which Gaga's verse was cut and Nini sung her verse to the remix of it), "Shine" "Two Thumbs Up" 'True Love" "Certified" and "Love You Like A Love Song Remix" in which Beyonce didn't sing on that song but she danced to it and Selena And Ke$ha was there to perform the song with Nini and they hugged Nini and Beyonce when they were done and went off stage, and the crowd was clapping so loud for so long. They then went backstage for a costume change which was about 10 minutes, then once again, explosions went off and they appeared side by side through the smoke and began performing once again, and they had the whole crowd rocking with them. At one point Beyonce said "Atlantic City Put Your Hands Up" and everyone in the crowd had their hands up. And she said "I had to lose 60lbs!!! I was on lettuce and Salad,now that I lost the weight I'm getting wasted on chocolate tonight!!" At that point is when their song "Chocolate" came on and they performed it together complete with the dancers and all. The show lasted for 3 hours and it was NON-STOP entertainment throughout the whole thing including some surprise guests. At the end instead of performing their signature move they walked out on stage and an explosion went off and they both disappeared into thin air (we found out it was their hologram) but no one knew that because it looked so real, and you heard Beyonce say "Thank you AC we love you guys please enjoy your night and drive safely" and they both screamed "WE LOVE YOU GUYS, PEACE!!!" In which two more explosions went off and the show was over with both of them looking visibly exhausted. But they still did backstage visitors and signed a total of 1500 autographs combined and some boobs and then they were seen exiting the Revel. When they arrived outside the media tried to get comments and Beyonce commented "Nini is the best performer in the world and she's very fun to work with, we had a blast and I hope you guys loved it we worked very hard on this last show" and Nini also commented saying "I love you guys thanks for all the support we had so much fun and I'm glad I was apart of it" Then they hugged and went separate ways to their pimped out limos. If you would like to check out some video clips of the performance click HERE..... In other news Banks has been involved in more trouble this afternoon. She was pulled over and arrested after speeding and then provoking a chase with the police. They handcuffed her and drove her to jail. The officer commented that "She will be going to jail and she says she has a medical condition so she will be checked out when she gets there" Her medical condition according to TMZ is an anal disease and she called it an "infection" and they report she had a very unpleasant smell to her that some people actually got sick by smelling her. She was also involved in a fight on her way home with a unidentified black woman where it was broken up by 3 males and she had a large bump on her head as she got slammed to the concrete. We are told that she smelled like diarrhea and vomit mixed together and it was an AWFUL smell. Chris Rock her fiance has commented "Shes OK just under a little stress,but when I get home I will cuddle up with her and make her feel better because she shouldn't be under this stress with the baby on the way and all" so its officially confirmed the two are in fact engaged and he said he loves her so much WOW! Banks has not been available for comment yet on anything but witnesses say they saw her scratching herself earlier today so she may in fact have some kind of disease after all..... which the media is laughing at her at this point. Well there's everything I promised you guys, congrats to the two for a great last show! And the more info I get on Banks I will let you guys know but until then Peace.....P.S Banks has also been dropped from her label RCA Records due to what the label calls "Non Role Model Behavior" and due to the fact that she has no support from any fans and they made it official on their site earlier today. There has been no comment from Banks as of yet on her reaction to her release.

Nini Says Her Vacay Starts Tomorrow

Nini was spotted at the Brick Lounge Cafe in downtown AC today looking sporty with a sports bra type tank top and some grey sweatpants with her Ipod strapped to her arm by an arm band with a ponytail and her stunner shades and a small handbag. She was spotted purchasing some junk food and a red bull and she was stopped for a small interview and she spoke of her vacay to recharge her batteries in which she was asked "How do you feel about tonight?" and she replied "Well, its the last show I had so much fun and I think we did amazing, but unfortunately all good things come to an end eventually and we have a really mega show planned for this evening, tomorrow is the start of my vacation to recharge my batteries so I want to leave a mark tonight and leave something for my fans to enjoy while I'm gone, I feel I left them enough music and this last show will just be the icing on the cake" She informed us that her vacation will be scheduled until sometime in July but we will still be seeing her around from time to time as she has to check things out at her label and whatnot but just no new shows until her vacation is over. There has also been a new release from Nini Ft OMG GIRLZ and Rihanna titled "Birthday Cake (Remix)" but we haven't heard it yet believe it or not but we will post on it later and good luck with your vacation Nini, and we hope you get the rest that you need. In other news Banks is just getting into more and more drama, I will tell you about that later also with the song when I post about the last show so come back around 10pm and I will tell you EVERYTHING, right now I have to get ready to go to the show see you guys there...Peace!

New Song Released By Banks+Info Last Night+Last Show Tonight

Whats up everybody, Here's the info on Banks I promised you. If you wanna read the full story head over to Last night Banks was attacked and brutally raped by a dog in Atlantic City, NJ and the pictures suggest she was anal raped and we are told she actually had to make a trip to the hospital because of it. She reportedly had to receive medication for pain and also stitches to know........and she has been tested for any diseases that the dog might have had. Many people seem to think that this was not a random attack but that Nini or her team have released the dog on her when they learned of her presence in A.C but that isn't true as Nini made this statement "I really think its hilarious, KARMA is a bitch ain't it sweetheart but Unfortunately I wasn't involved in that in no way, because honestly not trying to sound cocky but if it was me, I wouldn't need to put any dog on her to attack her I can do that myself" that's pretty funny Nini lol. WARNING I HAVE THE PICS BUT THEY ARE VERYYYYY GRAPHIC I CANT POST THEM HERE DUE TO THIS BLOG BEING A PG-13 SITE AND THESE PICS ARE R RATED TO THE FULLEST, IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH PLEASE DON'T CHECK THEM OUT BUT IF YOU STILL WANT TO, CHECK OUT ALL THE PICS HERE. In other news, a song titled "What You Want" has released this morning and it is directed at a few people including Kat, Cymphonique, Keyshia Cole Beyonce, Jay-Z, PSR and of course Nini. The first line directed at Kat says "Mami you ain't shit I look at you I gotta laugh you only climbing to the top because You kissing Nini's Ass" and the 3rd line directed at Cymphonique says "These child stars wanna play the game big like they hard, go back to Nickelodeon you stupid bitch you ain't a star, your brother can get it to leave him bloody like a pad, last time i heard you got attention sucking off your dad" The 4th line directed at Keyshia Cole says "You ain't been hot for a minute where you been we all miss ya tryna get it in with Nini you a big ass kisser" the 2nd verse directed at Jay-Z says "Hey camel why I never see u in New York anymore? Joined Illuminati now that nigga think he hardcore" The 2nd line of the second verse directed at Beyonce says "Bitch I'm really sorry, I'm not feeling your music take Ur hubby and your daughter and bury y'all out in Houston, you a queen baby girl u gets no respect from me you cant make it without your girl that's why you kiss her ass in the magazines" The 3rd line directed at Psr says "I heard it was the hottest label but I'm not seeing shit they working for the devil that's the equivalent of being rich" And the last line is directed at Nini saying "And you Betty Boop I heard you fucking round with Breezy, give ya ass a asthma attack since you wanna be with "weezy" I ain't scared of you and you ain't got me kissing ya ass bitch you only at the top cuz you signed you soul yea that's sad" The song has received an outburst from fans around the world and the song is getting no love at all, if you want you can check it out here. smh........ out of the all the artists that have been mentioned in the song no one has responded except for Nini and she says "She's really funny I have better things to do with my time than to worry about her, tell her to go back with her dog friend" anyways, the last show of the Revel is at 8pm tonight, I actually won a ticket from my friend so I will be there and I will post everything including pics tonight....peace.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

OMG Banks Get Raped By A Dog! Plus The Revel!

This is the craziest news that I have had to post in a very long time but I'll start off with Banks, I still don't have all the details yet nor do I have pics but Ill tell you everything I got so far. Banks was in Atlantic City Nj tonight for reasons unknown and she was attacked by a giant Saint Bernard and get this...... it raped her!! I know that sounds so crazy but I'm not drunk or anything this story is all over the place and it didn't happen too long ago. Basically she was in a bus terminal in Atlantic City and 3 giant dogs entered and began chasing everyone inside including Banks, and she was chased outside where the dog jumped on her and she fell to the ground and the dog actually ripped off her clothes and began raping her. She was heard screaming for help and she was crying hysterically, and reports say that two males tried to help her but were cut off by the dog. The whole thing went on for approximately 3 minutes and afterwards the dog pissed and took a huge dump all over her and a nice homeless man helped her up and escorted her into the bus terminal to clean up. That's all the deets that I have on that as of now but I'm still waiting for pictures which TMZ says they have and they will be giving it to me later on tonight so when I get all that I will post the whole story with the pics for you guys , all I have to say is LMAO!!!!!!!! Anyway the 3rd show at the Revel was tonight, and even though BANKS has basically threatened the show nothing bad happened at all and the show went on popping as usual and she did not live up to her word (probably based on what happened) The show started off with a background screen which showed the two performers and their crew members all holding hands in a circle and Nini said this "We ask God to bless each and every one of us and just let us do great and have fun tonight, please keep us from negativity and only guide us in a positive direction, we ask of you to bless all of our fans and our family as well as their families, for we all work very hard and we do it in your name always" in which everyone in the circle said "Amen" then fireworks went off and the two came out dressed as angels and performed "Halo" together with wings and angelic lights to complete the performance as well as a white dove and the crowd went wild. There were many celebs in attendance including the president and his wife and two children and they were cheering the entire time. They performed a total of 18 songs and had a costume change before and after every performance, and they each performed one of their own songs alone. Nini did her song "Thank You" which is directed at God by herself and B did "Jesus Loves Me" which is also directed at God by herself but the rest of the show they were performing together doing all the sexy dance moves we love so much. At one point B jumped in the crowd and was carried around until she was passed back to the front and reached the stage but Nini didn't do it. The show lasted 3 hours and the entire show was brilliantly put together and the choreography was all well thought out and carefully planned. At the end after vanishing in the smoke, they did some autographs including one for the president and his family backstage but other than that, not much only about 150 a piece and Michelle Obama was asked if she can be anyone in the world who would it be and she replied "I would love to be Nini shes such an inspiration and I know I would look good in those bootylicious outfits she wears" in which her and her husband started laughing. These shows have been getting more and more popular by the minute and they are the most talked about of the year,.... bigger than any other topic and they are not disappointing. But sadly tomorrow is the last show so we know they are gonna do it up real big for the last show so check back tomorrow for all the details on that show, and make sure you check back later for more info on that crazy story involving Banks.....

OMG! More Drama With Azaelia Banks!!

Here we go again, just after Nini seemed to be getting most of the drama and BS out of her life, Banks gets out of the hospital. She was released last night and we are told she is at least 98% better after being in ICU for over 3 weeks and has received over 15 surgery's to her face, lungs, ribs, and heart, and soon she gets out SHE STARTS AGAIN!!! She was quoted this morning saying "I hope neither one of them think they are going to have a good show tonight, I got Betty Boop covered, and that other bitch know she don't want none, she will get her daughter snatched up and stomped out and the camel can get it too" Now that was a vicious statement to bring her daughter in something that's not even the MOMS business....... shame on her for that cheap shot. But what does she mean by "I got Nini covered"? is she planning on doing something to sabotage the show or the performance? Is she gonna show up uninvited again and finish where it left off? Or is she bluffing just to get attention? We don't know, but Nini has responded simply by saying "I'm really not worried about her" The security at the Revel has been buffed up and Nini's team has employed over 600+ extra security members and Beyonce's team has employed over 400+ extra security members to ensure the show does not get "ruined" but Nini has said if it was up to her they wouldn't have to buff up security because she really doesn't need protection from that girl..........What is wrong with this woman?? and why is Nini her main target? Is it just jealousy? or something more?? We will find out as the Day goes by and I will let you know, and lets hope the 3rd show tonight goes smooth with no trouble.....

Nini Has Announced The Title Of Her Album And Pushed The Date Up + Nini Miranda And Tiffany Collab!!!

Whats up guys, this morning the "Make It Rain" singer announced at a live press conference the details on her album and talked about her new leaked collab track which I will mention in a minute. In front of at least 1,000 camera crew and media outlets she said "I would like to announce that my album which is to be titled "A New Me" has been pushed up and is going to be seeing a release on June 28th, That day is very special to me for my own reasons and I figured that will be the perfect day to release it and I have been hard at work in the studio so I actually was able to get it completed more faster than I though I would. It will be in stores at midnight on the 28th and I hope you guys like it. I have most of the songs completed already with the exception of 2 or 3 because all of my collab tracks will be on the album since they all performed so well. I would also like to announce my new collab track with Miranda Cosgrove and Tiffany Evans, I wont give too much away but its available of the psr website as well as mine so please check it out if you haven't already, thank you".She also confessed that she is hoping this album does spectacular but we know it will and we are anxiously waiting for the 28th of June to roll around so we can be the first to hear. It is well known that once an artist reaches a certain level of fame that they can completely take over the label in which they are signed to and many seem to think being that her and her boss just cant come to terms with ANYTHING that maybe this is the reason to push the album up so she can hurry and take over PSR and if that's what shes doing we are with her 100% so good luck Nini make us PROUD!! Now for the collab track: Its 3 minutes and 58 seconds long and it features Miranda Cosgrove and Tiffany Evans and its titled "Make It Last Forever" and for those of you thinking that Miranda was going to kill the song, I'm sorry to say you're dead WRONG! The track finds Nini Tiffany and Miranda RAPPING and get this......Miranda actually sounds better rapping than she does singing and her voice sounds so much better on this song than any of her other songs (I guess Nini always changes peoples sound and make them sound so much better) many people were shocked that the sound would be that good and that Miranda is actually rapping (no cursing though) but the song sounds so badass and all 3 do a bomb job, and we like a line from Miranda where she raps "I told you I can do it coming all the way from Pasadena yup they rocking with me make your head spin like a ballerina" not the best line ever but its clear Nini has mentored her good enough to get off of that kiddie music because this song is full grown music lol. Tiffany on the other hand does curse in her rap using the words hell, fuck, shit and bastard and she sounds well too. And of course Nini's verse was the best and that was FIRE! The entire song is pretty good and it took the place of number 5 on the charts beating out her previous song which was her song with Alexis Jordan and Monica Spears. It is posted on the PSR site and Nini's site for 99 cents where it has been downloaded over 6 million times so its doing pretty well. So if you haven't got it yet head over to the sites and get it, its pretty DOPE! So congrats to Nini Miranda And Tiffany for being signed to the HOTTEST label on the planet and for a wonderful song, its clear when Tiff and Miranda drop their first albums they will be able to be included in PSR's list of top selling artists. In other news The 3rd show of the Revel is tonight at 8pm so get there early and I will be giving you all the details and pics if I get any as I always look out for you guys....Peace.....

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Revel Show Number 2 Was In Full Effect!!

Whats up guys, tonight was the 2nd of 4 shows at the Revel Resorts and this one was just as good as the first. As I told you earlier I didn't have a ticket nor do I have "Nini Money" to order it for $100 so I left it up to one of my team members to do my dirty work for me. Unfortunately she didn't have a camera and she did not bring her phone with her so sorry guys but I have no pics for you tonight....but anyways here goes: The show started off with female and male dancers without Nini or B dancing to their songs and they put on a little show to get the audience warmed up, this lasted for about 5 minutes and the beats kept switching to new beats and when the beat would switch they would perform a different dance. After the dancers were done, Nini came out on stage with no music playing and everyone cheered so loud that my team member thought her ears would explode and she said in a serious tone "I regret to inform you guys that we will not be able to perform tonight I appreciate everyone for coming I'm so sorry thank you", and she walked backstage in which the crowed booed and there was actually audience members screaming "No" in the crowd and some were crying. Then Nini's voice was heard but she wasn't seen and she said "YOU KNOW I LIKE TO FUCK WITH YA LL!!!!" And after she said that 5 loud explosions went off on stage one after the other and the crowd cheered and were clapping as if they were very happy and relieved. And at this point "Crazy In Love" began to play but just the beat and the two came out dancing to it. And then the music stopped and B said "what do you guys wanna hear?" in which the crowd started screaming out different names and Nini said "I think they want "Shine" in which the crowd went wild and B said "Or maybe "Two Thumbs Up?" and the crowd cheered again and Nini said "we'll do both" and the first beat came on which was "Shine" and they performed that song and danced around to it with their back up dancers and then the next song which was "Two Thumbs Up" came on and they performed that together as well. At one point during the performance Nini tripped and fell and B helped her up and they continued performing not missing a beat. They performed a total of 20 songs together and B stepped away to allow Nini to perform "Make It Rain" with Eminem which was their first ever on stage performance together and she says it was amazing but of course we already knew that. The show lasted 2 and a half hours and it was great from start to finish with amazing costumes from both, and sexy dance moves that will turn a gay man straight lol. And of course at the end they performed their signature move disappearing into the smoke and fire and they both screamed "We LOVE YOU NEW JERSEY!!!" If you would like to check out some of the show I'm told its been uploaded by fans who recorded it, so head over to YouTube and check it out and remember its still 2 more shows to go! In other news Nini has made a statement about her and her husband saying "Me and my husband are not in a divorce state so please cut it out we are happily married and we have been for a long time so enough with false rumors please thank you" so congrats to that and congrats to them both for another awesome show! Check back with me tomorrow night for info on the 3rd show! Peace!


Hey, Sorry, I didn't post last night guys the show went a little longer than expected which is always good and they allowed some backstage visitors and I actually got the chance to have a full convo with them and I must say they are the coolest most sweetest people you will ever meet! Shame on you guys for talking negative about them lol, anyways here's the rundown: The two most POWERFUL BIGGEST performers in the world performed last night at the "Revel" resorts and casino and it started at 8pm sharp and was supposed to end at 11pm but went on to about 1155pm and the entire show, start to finish was amazing. The show started off with a very large background screen which showed some of their rehearsals and routines and showed some of the interviews that they did. Then other people such as Michelle Williams and even the president spoke of them with Michelle saying "I wish you guys the best of luck tonight they are both amazing performers!" and the president said "You are completely crazy if you miss any one of these two! Their beauty will be too incredible to miss" in which he laughs. There was also comments from Tina Knowles and Solange as well as Kanye West and Chris Brown. After the comments showed............, Nini's voice was heard but she wasn't seen and she said "New Jersey Are You Ready"?!!! in which the crowd went NUTS, then she said "No I don't think y'all ready, I said New Jersey are y'all READY!!!!!!!!!!!!?" In which the crowd went VICIOUS screaming at the top of their lungs and then there was a huge explosion like a bomb went off and Nini appeared in the smoke and the crowd went wild! She performed a total of two sets solo of her songs which was "Number 1" and "Move"and the beat switched up to "Single Ladies" and the crowd cheered loud, in which Nini says "Do you guys think I can do her job?" and they screamed "Yes!" and she started off singing "All The Single Ladies" then she said "No no, Ill let her handle that, but I need your help, the Queen Bey is sleeping in her beehive, I need you guys to help me wake her up! let me hear yall make your buzzing sounds! in which everyone went "BZZZZZZZ' she said "I don't think she she heard you guys" and they made the buzzing noise louder in which the stage exploded again and Beyonce came flying from the sky with wings dressed like a bee with yellow and black on and the crowd went wild! She stripped out of the bee outfit and had a 2 piece outfit on and they performed "Single Ladies" together, the dance and all with male dancers backing them up. The show found both of them switching outfits after every set and they floated on the smoke with no visible wires which was awesome to see! They performed a total of 25 songs which included Nini's "Move" "Certified" "Please Don't Go" and "Here" and Beyonce's songs "Halo" "Single Ladies" Irreplaceable" "Get Me Bodied" "Party" and "Love On Top" which the two dancing to that song was so incredible. At one point B was alone sitting on stage singing 'HALO" and magically, Nini appeared like a ghost which was very very cool and they performed it together. This is the first time in 9 months the two have performed with each other and its clear Beyonce's maternity leave and having her daughter did not affect their stage performance together which most people say they're the best together than anyone else. The whole show was awesome and the dances were on point and for once no one jumped on stage with them. At the end of the show they exploded into smoke and disappeared off stage and a stage member came out and said "I need y'all to help me bring them back out, say Nini and Sasha" at which the crowd screamed "Nini and Sasha!" and they appeared from the smoke to take their bows and wave and blow kisses at everyone. Then Beyonce pushed Nini and she fell to the ground (they were acting out the rehearsals on the video clip where they were being goofy) and Nini jumped up and "hit" her in the head with the mic in which Beyonce started "crying" and the crowd was cracking up it was pretty hilarious and they laughed and gave each other a hug and the curtains closed and the show was over. This was the best show Nini has ever did and its still 3 more shows!!! I don't have tickets for all 4 but I'm happy I was able to see at least one! The backstage visits were almost 1 hour and they signed at total of 500 autographs and boobs a piece and some fans including me got to take pics. I got one with B but not Nini as she was done before B, but at least I got to talk to Nini :) Were you guys there?

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Revel Starts In One Hour!!!

Just a quick little reminder that the first show of the Revel shows starts in EXACTLY one hour! It is advised that you get there at least 30 minutes early if you wanna actually get in on time because its expected to be at least 50 + million people that will be at the first show. Of course I will post every last detail as well as pics when I get out but give me a little time due to I know its gonna be HELL trying to get out of there! And if you have tickets see ya there!

THE REVEL IS TONIGHT!!! Plus Sneak Peeks Behind The Scenes

Whats up guys, The 4 Night Revel Shows start tonight at 8pm! So its officially only 9 hours and 45 minutes remaining! Nini arrived early dressed in all black stepping out of an all black BMW stretch Limo and was greeted by some camera people asking her questions like "Nini are you nervous about tonight?" or "Are You OK?" Finally after a camerawoman asked "Nini can we please just get one statement?" She granted it and said "I would like to apologize for last night for my outburst to you guys, I was under alot of pressure to get this show right and I had extra things on my plate that I shouldn't have had to deal with, but yes I'm a little nervous but I'll be fine thanks, I'm OK and hopefully I'll see you at the show tonight, that's all I have time to say excuse me" In which they replied "Thank You Nini, Good Luck Tonight!" in which she replied "Thank You So Much Because I Do Need It" she walked inside the Revel with a red bull in her hand and security posted at the doors. In other news Nini has released a sneak peek of how the shows will be via her website and the video shows the rehearsals and it shows Nini and B exercising doing push ups and jogging around the revel with a red bull in their hands and it has small interviews with each separately, and Nini talks about what she's doing to prepare herself mentally for the back to back shows and she speaks on how she warms up her vocals and how she prepares her body to do the brutal dance routines that she does, there also is of course, some goofy moments from both in the video. The clip is about 10 minutes long and you can check it out on her site or click here. We would like to wish the best of luck to the artists for tonight and we congratulate Nini once again on her success in this industry......time to go 9 hours 35 minutes to the revel!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nini Makes An Annoyed Statement!

Tonight Nini has responded to all the talk and questions asking why she is performing with Beyonce due to her Illuminati ties and whatnot and she has made a FIERCE statement that no one expected after her rehearsals, with Beyonce present next to her and she seemed like she was PISSED. Outta everything she been going through lately and we are pretty sure she's tired of being referred to as a "queen" we don't blame her for being upset tonight. She said "People really must think I'm stupid to perform with someone who is doing something I'm totally against, I mean seriously is it really so hard to believe that people can become successful without y'all throwing some bullshit on top of it? (at this point she starts raising her voice slightly) I actually have people coming up to me everyday now asking me whats me and this woman's plans to take over the world (she was referring to B) I mean are you kidding me, if this lady was into something I don't approve of do you honestly think I would be standing here next to her I know whats what and that's all that matters. I really don't care what you think or what you see in our videos or our pictures becuase honestly its none of y'all goddamn business in the first place but at the same time I try and do what I can to get people to shut up and realize the truth so the talk can stop but it don't so it looks like y'all going to have have to think what y'all want at this point because frankly I don't care anymore. The things that she does in her personal life and the things I do in my personal life is our business and its not something I need someone trying to dig into and analyze whatever you think you know because you will not get anywhere with me. I swear this is the last time I address this, if she wants to address it more that's her business but I'm done from now on so y'all can really kiss my ass for all I care and whatever you think about me is how its gonna stay cause I'm sick of everyone right now" Then she slammed the microphone down and walked off while people were looking so shocked that she just had an outburst like that, it reminded you a little of how Kanye West's outbursts be all the time. Then when everyone snapped back into reality they tried to ask B some questions which she refused and walked in a separate direction from Nini and they both hopped in their separate limos and pulled off. No one down talked her for her outburst because EVERYONE understands that this kind of talk is starting to get out of hand, but it has nothing to do with B, people were linking her with this stuff since the beginning, and obviously she's sick of hearing about it after she told us time and time again that she isn't with it and people still talk about it so its very understandable why she gave up. Since her outburst people have actually began to realize that maybe its nothing sinister going on with these two and maybe they are not "queens" due to the fact that she actually was pissed about it and a real Illuminati would laugh about it. So will Nini finally get what she wanted now which is peace from this talk or will the world still continue to label her as a queen because shes rich and famous?

Fan Gets Arrested In Atlantic City NJ!

This afternoon Nini took a break from rehearsals to go on her lunch break. She stopped at a small pizzeria in downtown Atlantic City and was accompanied by her bodyguard Ramon the one she is always spotted with. She went inside the pizzeria got her food and headed back to the Revel. But a male fan decided to approach her which Ramon wasn't letting him do. He told the guy to get back and wait tomorrow for the show and for a brief moment the guy walked away but soon after, he returned with a large pole and hit Ramon up side the head with it and he grabbed on Nini and gave her a huge hug and wouldn't let go. That's when Nini pushed him off of her pretty hard and he fell into the street where he was almost hit by a car. At this point Ramon got up and put a gun to the man and told him "Don't Move" and the guy didn't move. Soon after, the police were called by witnesses in the area where they slapped handcuffs on the guy for "assault on a celebrity" and he was heard screaming at Nini "I just wanted a hug is this how you treat your fans? You get them locked up because they want a hug? Man this bullshit Nini you know you ain't right!" In which the officers threw him into the back of the car and approached Nini to ask her if she was OK and did she need hospital treatment in which she replied "I'm Good" and they offered to give her a ride back to the Revel but she refused saying "Its OK I can walk thanks. The incident drew a large crowd with cameras flashing and folks trying to get a statement and she did grant one small interview with a cameraman saying "I wasn't attacked he just grabbed me to hug me, but I'm not hurt nor do I wanna press charges he's simply an obsessed fan I have alot of them I guess I have to get them all arrested then" At this time her and her bodyguard returned back to the Revel where security was posted at the front doors not allowing any of the cameras in. Even though Nini decided not to press charges police have made this statement "His behavior was completely unacceptable and what he did was past violating ones personal space. The kind heart that Nini has made her not press charges but he WILL in fact spend the weekend in jail for "assault on a high public authority figure" and he will be released on Tuesday, we do hope she buffs up her security so this will not happen again. It was so many people being nosy and it made the news check out the news broadcast here.

Miss Bey Is Back On The Grind With Nini In Rehersals For Tomorrow!

This morning Beyonce was spotted with her bodyguard on her way into the Revel Resorts where Nini and her went over rehearsals for their HUGE show tomorrow night. Cameras managed to sneak their way inside where they captured some footage of the two women as well as dancers rehearsing. Check it out here. This will be the first time the two will be back on stage together since September of 2011 and judging by their rehearsals it looks like they are READY and it will be a GREAT show indeed. The countdown for the REVEL is 1 day 10 hours and 20 minutes lets go!!!!!

Early Release With Eminem!! Plus Info From Yesterday

The track that everyone has been dying to hear has released and it released 4 days earlier than it was scheduled to release. Nini has been very busy in the studio lately making collab tracks back to back getting all her new artists out the way which is a smart tactic which is why she is compared to Lil Wayne in some ways, due to the fact that he does the same thing, BUT he doesn't even make collab tracks with ALL his new artists nor does he drop them so quickly, so Nini actually can not be compared to him at this point anymore neither can her label. Anyways, the song is certified "FIRE" We knew it was gonna be dope but we had no idea it would be this dope. The song combines heavy bass drums which sound bad ass and a deep dirty south type beat and has police sirens throughout the song but the sirens blend in with the beat and they are in tune with how the beat goes. The song is 4 minutes 25 seconds long and its titled "Make It Rain" and guys, when I say this is an amazing song i MEAN IT! The song has quickly pushed all other songs out the way and has officially landed on the top ten best songs of the year coming in at number 1 which beat out Nini's song "On My Own" Ft Michael Jackson, which officially makes this song the HOTTEST of the year. The song was posted on Nini's Site where it was downloaded so much (25 million people) that it completely crashed the site TWICE! and its still more people that's buying it. Nini has posted on her Facebook Status Update this morning "Guys I would like to introduce you to "Make It Rain" with my favorite white boy its available on the psr site, so show your girl (and your boy) some love and go check it out and download it!" in which only 4 minutes after she posted that, the site crashed by being downloaded and visited by so many people. It was fixed and put back online and 10 minutes after it was fixed it crashed AGAIN by 17 million people downloading it! The site is back online again now and we are told that at least another 8 million people have downloaded it and we suspect there will be another crash soon. This is being called "Nini's Most Hottest Song" of 2012 which beat out the last of her songs that received that title which was "Love You Like A Love Song (Remix)" with Selena Gomez And Ke$ha. Other artists have congratulated Nini as well via their Twitter pages like Kat Graham who says I would like to congratulate my girl @NINI for the most amazing song of the year! and Keyshia cole who said "Big shouts to the greatest living entertainer in the world! Awesome song @NINI and @EMINEM!!" This is becoming the most talked about song of the year and Nini was asked will she be performing the song tomorrow or any of the days at the Revel and she replied "Yes I will, Eminem will be the only other performer I have there besides Beyonce for one night which will be Saturday, not tomorrow and all 3 of us will perform the song together" Then she was asked if she would be performing with any more of her artists like she has been doing lately?, In which she replied "Not for a while, now they have their own tours and shows and songs to do I helped them out as best as I could and gave them a stage presence but they have to do them now, they wont be performing with me at least until after our world tour is over and after all their shows are done , they are working on their albums currently so they will be very busy anyway for they next few months" Well good luck tomorrow Nini and B And congrats for an AMAZING song check it out HERE. In other news I dug deeper and found out that there in fact was a heated argument between Nini and her boss yesterday due to what the label calls "Mutual Disagreements" but there was no fight and Nini is reportedly "alot better now" hmmm so hopefully there wont be any more of this and hopefully he wont "destroy" her career as he said.....we love her too much lol :)..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nini In New Proactive Commercial!

Today a new Proactive commercial aired and Nini was the guest speaker. Just like all of the other commercials and celeb speakers for the company she talked about how it "does wonders for her skin, and how she uses it twice a day and her acne completely disappears within a week" And of course they show before and after pics of her face with some acne and then the so called pic "After" proactive which shows her skin completely smooth and clear. She goes door to door similar to how Justin Beiber did giving out bottles of the stuff and unsuspecting "fans" open the door and go crazy to see her and she says "I have some Proactive for you" and she says "You have to try this I did and Its AMAZING!" The commercial lasts about 3 minutes and she talks about how she had so much problems with acne before proactive but she ordered some and hasn't looked back since, and she says the famous line that all the celeb speakers say which is "You Have Nothing To Lose But Everything To Gain" and the commercial ends with her putting some on her face and fast forwarding 14 days later and showing her skin completely clear just the same as all of the Proactive commercials. Then she says "What are you waiting for? acne wont clear itself, act now and experience the magic of Proactive, I did..... order now!" She looks cute on the commercial but they are all the same which tells us they are actually getting paid to talk highly of the product but its OK, she still did an amazing job even if it was just acting lol. I wasn't able to get a clip of the commercial but you can try YouTube it may be up there. In other news I'm still looking into her reported argument today, when I get more info so will you......peace!

Nini Reportedly Has a HUGE argument today!

News is swirling around that today "Ms Hollywood" had a HUGE argument with her head boss "Columbus Gibbons" It is reported that the argument was so loud that people walking outside past the label heard it and people say it was a terrible argument that broke the sound barrier. The reason for the argument is currently unknown and we haven't had this confirmed yet by Nini or anyone at the PSR label, but we do believe it due to Nini and her boss not really getting along too well or being on the same page since the beginning of all of this. Witnesses say they heard her boss say "He will completely DESTROY her status in the game and she will never get anywhere else" in which she replied "You cant do shit you're a BLUFF I wish you would try and destroy me watch where you end up MARK! Of course this can be an exaggeration or just completely made up but I felt it was worth it to post it here anyway. The "National Enquirer" reports "This is the biggest argument Nini has ever had and witnesses say she stormed out of the label and her face was severely red and she appeared to have anger tears rolling down her face" But we all know the National Enquirer LOVES to make things up. There is also rumors that witnesses heard alot of things being broken inside the label as if they were literally fighting, but we definitely find that one hard to believe because we are not trying to put Nini down but come on the guy is HUGE we highly doubt she can storm out that label without any scratches or bruises whatsoever if she actually fought a guy who's the size of Bruce Bruce so that one has to be just be a rumor. Still, I wonder if there is any truth to this story....I'll dig a little deeper and report back to you guys if I come up with anything else. This is becoming a MAJOR topic right now and its getting bigger by the second so you know I need more info before I can report factual details to you guys. Its also a developing story so check back a little later for more info on my progress search!.......

Nini Releases "Got My Back"

The song we have been waiting for has officially released this morning and its called "Got My Back" and it features Nicki Minaj and T.I! The song is 5 minutes long and it finds Nini with the first verse and the hook, T.I has the second and Nicki has the 3rd. They all are rapping on the song and they actually all sound pretty good together although people are saying Nickis verse was "awkward and annoying" due to her stretching her syllables so long like she did in Big Sean's track "ASS" She stretches out "me" and she says "because they want meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And most people say that is very annoying when she does that, BUT it hasn't seemed to put any effect on how good the song is doing and it is doing WELL so far coming in at number 2 on the top 10 charts which beat out Nicki's "Beez In The Trap" song. The song samples 50 cents "Many Men" Beat but is sped up and more instruments as well as gun shots are added to it and it sounds really good and it fits the song amazingly. The song was available for download this morning on TI'S Site Nicki's site Nini's Site and PSR's site for 99 cents and it has been downloaded so far by over 4 million people but for some reason it was pulled off of all the sites just mentioned and only is available on Itunes at the moment. Congrats to Nini, Nicki and TIP for a wonderful song I know they must be so proud of themselves! The song is floating around the web and it is receiving mostly positive reviews and the only negatives reviews its receiving are about Nicki's verse but it is still a "great effort" regardless what do you guys think about the song?

Nini Makes A Statement About Her Cancelling Her Show

This morning Nini made a statement saying "I'm sorry that I cancelled the show last night I know most of you are probably upset, but after that little incident I just really wasn't in the mood and I apologize to all of you guys. What I want y'all to do for me is to hold on to your tickets and I promise I will be coming back to Oklahoma on June 1st and you can see me then, I will make it up to you guys, thanks" We had a feeling she would cancel, that was a traumatic moment that she experienced and we don't blame her. So as she said she will be back on the 1st which is right around the corner so everyone STOP WHINING!!! LOL. In the meantime we still have her 4 back to back shows at the revel coming and the countdown starts NOW! Its officially 2 days left for the big shows with her and Beyonce and I must say I'm pumped about it. We are told that there are already over 99 million people so far that's going to be in attendance for all 4 shows which starts Friday and ends Tuesday and these are the most talked about shows in the HISTORY of the industry. There have been approximately 200 BILLION tweets and blog posts ever since Beyonce first announced "Powerful shows at the Revel with Nini May 25th-28th miss Bey is back! bzzzzz" via her twitter page on April 17th, and the buzz surrounding it continues to grow each and every day. Check back here daily and hourly for our countdown to the REVEL!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nini Spotted In Oklahoma With Her Bodyguards

This afternoon Nini was spotted in downtown Oklahoma City with 7 of her big bodyguards and a crowd gathered around to take pics and to get autographs but her bodyguards refused to let anyone close to her. But that didn't stop the crowd from forming and trying anyway. She went into a small restaurant called "Soul For U" which is considered the best spot for soul food in Oklahoma while her body guards guarded the door and wouldn't let anyone in or out of the restaurant. The crowd waited outside for her and when she did come out we assume she purchased some food due to the fact she had a bag in her hand as well as a pink lemonade Snapple and she was greeted by the crowd once again and all she did was simply smile and wave at everyone while they said things like "Nini how are you"? or "Nini Can I Have Your Autograph Please"? but she told them she cant at the moment but said "If you guys are at the show tonight I promise I will give you all autographs" But before she hopped back into the limo someone started shooting! but they weren't aiming at Nini, what happened was a male fan wanted to get up close to her to get an autograph and just to see her, but due to all the people in the crowd he couldn't and since she was about to leave he figured he would shoot in the air to make everyone run so he can get to the front (what a dumb ass) and when the shots went off Nini's bodyguards grabbed her and shielded her with their body (human bulletproof vest how cool lol) and quickly rushed her to the back seat of her limo where the driver sped off doing at least 90 to get away. Police were called and the man was tackled, sprayed with mase and arrested for the disturbance where he is currently being held on 60,000 dollars bail. Nini dropped her food and her Snapple due to the body guards grabbing her and running her to the car and people were actually taking pics of her food all over the ground (ummmm O..........K??????) We have not heard from Nini as of yet on her reaction or if the show is still on tonight, but we know she must be PISSED! What is wrong with people today?????

Nini Addresses Rumors And Talks About Her Show Last Night

This morning Nini was on "Good Morning America" a local News Station in New York, channel 7 and she spoke on many things including some recent rumors that have been floating around as well as her performance last night and her upcoming album and her label "Platinum Sound Records". The interview started at 9am New York time and they welcomed her to the show which alot of celebs actually appear on because this news channel is the most respected news channel in all of New York and they began asking her questions..... here's the 1st part of the interview:
Wow we got Nini in the house (laughs) How are you today?
Nini:Hey Rosanna, I'm fine and yourself?
Im actually OK even though I wish I was in bed
(they both laugh)
Nini:I hear that I'm still sleepy I still cant believe I get up this early
(laughs) So Nini you have your shows coming up in Atlantic City Correct?
Yes I do I'm really excited but I'm still a little nervous about it because its going to be so many people you know, and no matter how long I been doing this I still get pretty nervous at times.
I know what you mean, I been reporting the news for over 15 years and sometimes I'm still nervous to get in front of that camera every morning (laughs)
Nini: Yes, its overwhelming at times but I try and just forget about all that and just imagine myself being by myself with no one else and that gets me over my fears.
I'm going to try that (laughs) so who else is performing with you at the shows?
Nini: Its Beyonce's welcome back celebrations that's really what the shows represent, so from now on I don't perform with anyone else but her since she will be back because we are still on our world tour together.
Oh, I see so the people you have been performing with lately were just her substitutes?
Nini Basically yes, but some I actually was scheduled to perform with.
Oh OK, so Nini what was the deal with last night? I mean that was crazy!
Nini (Laughs) Um well it was crazy, and its something I am getting used to because it happens SO MUCH (laughs)but luckily I have an amazing team, very slow at times but amazing and they were able to get the situation under control.
So You kind of screamed at people, did this time get you really upset?
Nini Yes its really all of the times that it happened it was boiling and I'm so sick of it happening and it finally exploded out of me but I would never speak that way to any of my fans I just was really not in the mood for that at the time.
I understand girl, you'd be surprised how many time I flip out on some of my coworkers (laughs), so tell me a little about your new album we all are anxious to hear it.
Nini Well its due on My birthday, November 13th and I'm currently working on it right now its going to be a very nice album but slightly different than my previous albums.
That's awesome are any of your artists going to be on the album?
Nini Yes pretty much all of them will be on there this is the first album where I have all of my artists on my album with me its really only 2 or 3 songs where I'm by myself.
Wow, so how is your label at the moment?
Nini: Its awesome, I have a wonderful talented team and I'm proud of each and every one of them, they work so hard and I'm proud to have them on my team.
Who are you currently working with?
Nini: Nicki Minaj, T.I, Omg Girlz and TIffany Evans currently
Oh OK we cant wait to hear these new songs all of your previous new songs are so good!
Nini: Oh, Thank You So Much (smiles)
The second part of the interview addressed some of the rumors that have been going around here's part 2:
So Nini what is it with you and Azaelia Banks?
Nini Well its something she started and I'm not stopping I did nothing to her she's a very disrespectful woman and I believe she's jealous honestly.
OK, we are going to move from that subject because I can see the look in your face, you look like ahhh will she shut up with these questions (they both laugh)
So What's up with all the rumors?
Nini: Well they are just that...... RUMORS nothing more its so much stuff coming to me at once I honestly forget most of them but the most popular is that I'm dating Chris Brown and that's ridiculous because I'm married and another is that I work my team so hard and keep all of their money and that's so far from the truth that I laughed when I Heard it they all work they all get what they deserve that's how I do business.
And whats the nonsense about you and drugs?
Nini: Oh yes they say I take drugs and I'm an alcoholic and what not and that's why I was in the hospital which wasn't the case I was severely stressed and tired from working so hard that's all, so its many things going around but none of its true.
I see well good luck Nini and we wish you the best on your shows this Friday and we wish you the best with your album as well as your label.
Nini: (Smiles) Thank you I really appreciate that (they hug)
Thanks so much for stopping by
Nini: My pleasure Thanks for having me
Of course we will see you Friday
Nini: Great hit me up for Backstage Passes
(Laughs) will do
The whole interview lasted about only 30 minutes and was a cool interview and for once Nini didn't seem upset after it was over lol. In other news her show in Oklahoma is tonight so see you guys there. Ill let you know all the details later.....