Friday, July 31, 2015

Last #JulyRelease

Today is the last day of the #JulyReleases but tomorrow is the start of the #AugustReleases (yup a hashtag has been created and 22 artists are confirmed to be apart of it. Today we got Lloyd Banks. This is his 2nd PSR album titled "More Money In Da Bank" Banks is seriously in the NHO category but the man makes good music and this album is all the buzz putting him in 2nd place. Click here to get stats details and purchase links for "More Money In Da Bank" by Lloyd Banks.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Next Up + The Queen Still Hasn't Shown Herself

Next up in the #JulyReleases is Cymphonique. This is her 6th PSR album titled "Beautiful" Just like when China dropped her album and Niq Niq made fun of it and criticized it over Twitter, China returned the favor and did the EXACT same thing which made them go into a full blown Twitter war. Read more about that here. And click here to get detailed stats, info and purchase links for "Beautiful" by Niq Niq.  In other news the question everybody wants to know is "where is NiNi"? It's been over a week since the queen got an early release but she hasn't been seen in the industry since she's been out. She hasn't even been on insta or any other social media sites. Click here to read more on this.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Next Up:

July is coming to an end which means that its only a few more releases. We don't know yet if there will be an #AugustReleases but since that kind of hashtag has been popping off since June, it probably will be. The next July release is Latoya Luckett.  Although she's near the NHO category, she has been doing things here and there to keep out of the category. This is her 3rd PSR studio album titled "How Life Works" Click here for full details, stats, features and purchase links for "How Life Works" by Ms. Luckett

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Next Up:

Next up in the #JulyReleases is Tegan And Sara who are now back together after having a vicious twin beef for over a year. This is their 3rd PSR studio album titled "Fan Mail" They initially received some criticism due to the fact that that title is also shared by TLC back in the 90's which launched their careers. But after finding out that their album is nothing like theirs, people showed support and their album is very popular and it was very anticipated. It's pop, house and dance and produced by Jay Electronica, Dub Step, Kojack and Micheal Jets.  It dropped around midnight and so far they have sold over 2.3 million copies putting them in 3rd place for the #JulyReleases.  It has features from NiNi, Hot Chelle Rae, Weezer, Kelly Clarkson, MiMi, RiRi, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Snooki. They are being praised for their creativity and originality as well as their maturing (although both of them are in the NHO category). It is available on iTunes, Pandora, their site, the PSR site, and in retail stores wordwide for $8.99. Click here to purchase "Fan Mail" by Tegan & Sara.  (Click here for my full review on their album)

Monday, July 27, 2015

PSR Gathers For Memorial, NiNi Missing

As we know the daughter of the late great Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina passed away yesterday and PSR artists have been tweeting condolences to the family all morning.  Literally every artist on or affiliated with PSR have shown respect to the family and the family has noticed and thanked each and every one of them. They all are planning on having a memorial for her on the block. Traffic has already been blocked and the entire block is blocked off so no traffic can go in or out. The memorial will also be for her mom. It's confirmed that almost 5,000 people including other artists and family will be in attendance, fans are not invited sorry. Although the entire label will be there one person who isn't confirmed to be there is NiNi who hasn't been seen since she was released. As we know Whitney was her big influence and best friend, and she and Bobbi were also really close so for her not to show up is puzzling but her family (who NiNi is also close with) understands that she has been through alot lately and they understand that she may just want to be alone right now.  However,  NiNi did make her presence known in this by posting a pic of her and Bobbi together back in 2014 posing together at Coachella with the caption "Fly away home finally peace in father's arm such a sad day for me love ya,  RIP" But at this point it is unknown if she will be attending the memorial. Although NiNi and Bobbi's father Bobby Brown has had issues lately, he appreciated the post and asked her to please join them at the memorial although she hasn't responded to him yet though. Although this isn't a fan event, fans are welcome to stop by before the actual memorial begins to leave flowers and whatever else you want to leave. And the family has announced they are thinking about a fan memorial as well although there isn't much details on that yet. The funeral is also unknown but a spokesperson for the family announced that fans will be allowed just like with Whitneys funeral so you guys have a chance to say your goodbyes just today is off limit for fans. The memorial will be broadcast over the news and will be on literally every news station across America so make sure to tune into the news around 7pm when it starts to see it. We would like to say RIP to Bobbi Kristina '93-2015.....P. S the new #JulyRelease for today by Tegan and Sarah has been pushed to tomorrow

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Next Up:

Next up in the #JulyReleases is Lena. Despite all the drama she got herself in with the 3some feud that's popping off at PSR right now, she still managed to have her fans stuck by her side and she is now in the second place of the #JulyReleases. This is her 8th PSR album titled "Enchanted" It's Pop/R&B and it showcases her singing skills to the fullest. It is produced by herself, NiNi, Solo and Jay Sean.  It dropped around midnight and so far has sold over 4 million copies in the United states alone and over 2 million everywhere else which officially puts her in 2nd place.  It has features from Jay Sean, Ye, NiNi, Nick Jonas, Mac Miller, Tyga, Nick, Victoria, Ari and NiNi.  It is available on ITunes, Pandora, her site, the PSR site and in retail music stores worldwide for $9.99. Click here to purchase "Enchanted" by Lena and click here to find out officially how she got her own so called "bestie" involved in the bloody beef at PSR.  Next up is Tegan and Sara (tomorrow) Be on the lookout for it. (Click here for a full review on Lena's new album)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Demi IS In Fact Involved In The Bloody Feud

Demi is in the feud between China and Niq Niq and she's on China's aide which has her having bad blood with Niq Niq and you'll never guess the person who dragged her into it. Click here to read all about the new info and why Demi is now tangled up in blood..... P.S,  NiNi is now out trying to get an exclusive interview and/or statement from the queen. Stay tuned....

Friday, July 24, 2015

Next Up + Is She Now Involved In The Feud?

Next up in the #JulyReleases is Miss Demi with her 7th PSR album titled "Real World" She has officially took first place in the #JulyReleases beating out Rita selling over 9 million copies within 2 hours. Click here for the full review, info, stats and purchase links for "Real World" by Demi. Speaking of her, is she now involved in the bloody feud (which is getting way bloodier by the way) with Niq Niq and China. It sure seems like it. Click here to see what I mean......

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Next Up:

Today we got 2 new releases from the #JulyReleases. First up is Diamond.  Diamond was very close to the NHO category but with this new album, she put herself back on the map and made up for never being heard.  It's called "Bow To The Princess"and it's Rap/Hip-Hop and girl swag and produced by Kay Slay, queen Latifah, herself, NiNi, JustBlaze, Swizz Beats, Ye and Irv Gotti. It hit the industry around 3am and so far has sold over 2.2 million copies replacing Jessica Lowndes earning her the 2nd place spot in the #JulyReleases. It is getting amazing reviews and she is being called "The Princess Of Rap" It has features from NiNi, Jay-Z, Ja-Rule, NiNi, Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, Iggy, Ciara, China, Tinashe and Kendrick Lamar. It is available on her site, the PSR site and in retail stores worldwide for $9.99 Click here to purchase "Bow To The Princess" by Diamond. (Click here to read my full review on her album) Next up is Brianna Perry. She too was very extremely close to the NHO category but she has taken 3rd place with this new album titled "ATL"  This is her 3rd studio album and it is full rap produced by NiNi, herself, Solo and Ye. It dropped at midnight and so far she is right behind Diamond selling right around 2 million copies which officially makes her 3rd place. It has features from NiNI, RiRi, Ravaugn, Brandy, Monica Spears, Tyga, Breezy and Kirko Bangz. Her album is also receiving positive reviews and many say she has matured with her music. Click here to purchase "ATL" by Brianna Perry.  (Click here to read my full review for her album)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Next Up + No New Info On The Queen

Next up in the #JulyReleases is Jessica Lowndes. This is her 5th PSR album titled"Diamond In The Rough"  It's pop and R&B and produced by herself, Jeff Goldman, Kojak and Madonna.  It dropped around midnight and so far has sold over a million copies which puts her in second place, Rita is still in first place. It has features from MiMi, NiNi, RiRi, Brianna Perry, Gaga, KPMG, Keith Urban, Tay, JLS and Whitney Houston (on sample). It is getting good reviews around the industry. It's available in retail stores worldwide as well as on her site for $10.99. Click here to purchase "Diamond In The Rough" by Jess. Next up is Diamond and Brianna Perry (tomorrow). In other news it's been 24 hours since queen B Got Queen N to be released early, but it's still no new info and we aren't even sure if she has been released yet, so in the meantime KP remains boss until the queen walks back into the PSR building. Stay tuned. ...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

NiNi Out 9 1/2 Months Early, Can You Guess Who's Responsible For That? + New Music

A few weeks ago NiNi was arrested, booked and sentenced to ten months in prison for breaking upcoming singer Zoeys neck. She started serving her time on July 2nd and was scheduled to remain there until May of 2016 but she will be released 9 months early. Police are furious and are trying to fight against her being released and so is Zoeys family. But how is NiNi getting out when she hasn't even served a month yet? Well who's the main person who always has her back, Financially mentally and physically?  Any guesses? Did you get guess Number 1? If you did then you're right. Queen B got the queen a very early release and we have no idea how. Many media outlets approached her to ask her how she did it but she isn't answering anything. A source close to her says she spent over 500 trillion dollars to bribe the judge to let her out, but that source has been slammed down by her lawyers saying that she would've been arrested on the spot just for attempting to bribe a judge. So just how did she do it? What she really did is unknown and will remain unknown until she unzips her mouth but once you think about how powerful those two queens are in the music game it's not hard to see how she may have did it...after all why do you think we call them "queen powers"? The queen will be released later on today and she won't have probation, house arrest, fines tickets nothing just free to return to her work which means after only one day it's time for number 2 to step down from her boss position. We are trying to exclusively get footage of NiNi when she is released. Stay tuned.  In other news speaking of the queen, its a new song that released today by her featuring J.Lo and KP called "Thirsty" It's a real nice song hip hop and swag girl pop produced by NiNi and Solo. It immediately hit the number 1 spot within minutes after its release replacing her previous newest song. All women sing-raps and they all sound good together and the song is getting really good reviews. Click here to check out "Thirsty" by NiNi Ft J.Lo & KP...

Monday, July 20, 2015

Next Up: + The Temp CEO Of PSR Is:......

A new released has dropped today apart of the #JulyReleases and it's Miss Vic. Vics album has been very very anticipated and now it's here. This is her 3rd PSR album titled "Broken Dreams" It's pop/R&B which is her signature style and produced by herself, NiNi, Usher, The Dream and Lady Gaga. It dropped around 2am and so far she's doing well selling over 367,000 copies which puts her in 3rd place in the #JulyReleases.  Nicki is still in last place as her album isn't really climbing in numbers. It has features from NiNi, Ari, J. Cole,  Gaga, Ke$ha, Madonna, JLS, Tay and MiMi.  It is available on her site, the PSR site, Pandora, ITunes, amazon and in retail stores worldwide for $8.99. Vic is also in her hometown of Hollywood CA promoting it and will be starting her solo world tour tomorrow starting there to promote it further called the "Broken Dreams Tour" Click here to purchase "Broken Dreams" by Vic.  In other news, everyone was wondering who would take over PSR while NiNi is locked up and although it's many "numbers"who are more then capable and mature to take the rOle,  it's one number who is the best. Do you know who that is? *******Drum Roll******** It's KP.....KP will be CEO of PSR until NiNi is released which means all artists listen to her and she's the new boss for now. Is anyone jealous or hating? Well,  We haven't heard anything yet, in fact sources say that many of the PSR artists agree that she would make a good boss but we feel that another beef will pop off soon due to jealousy or whatever else girls beef over but hey, we can be wrong.  Congrats to KP on becoming the temp boss of PSR! Click here to see KP accepting the title of "Temp CEO of PSR. .......

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nini's Words Aren't Doing Much + New Music

Despite the fact that the queen made a very harsh statement from jail yesterday directed at Cymphonique and China, the two are still at it. They had a bloody fight yesterday and today both have released freestyles and each of their freestyles seems to be directed towards the other. Niq Niq's freestyle is over Reggies beat "burning" called "Not On My Level" and she has many many noticeable Non-subliminal disses toward China. China also released a freestyle where she sing-raps over Tinashes "Over" beat titled "On My Own Level" The title itself seems to be a response title to Cymphoniques title and she too makes very noticeable Non-Subliminal disses toward NiqNiq. Click here to hear both freestyke
freestyles and see if you hear the disses. In other news, besides those two new songs number 2 (KP) released a new song today titled "Free NiNi " Its really cute and shows her extreme support for the queen and its extremely popuar and is number 1 on the charts and in the street's. Click here to check out "Free NiNi " By KP

Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Release + This Beef Is So Bloody It's Reaching The Queen

Next up in the #JulyRealeases is Nicki.  This is her 4th PSR album titled "Fairytale Life" It's different then what we're used to hearing as its barely any rap on it mostly smooth R&B with her singing on most of the songs. It Is R&B and her style of pop and despite the fact that Nick is one of the most famous artists on PSR she is trailing behind everyone in the #JulyReleases. She dropped it at 5am and so far she has sold a very disappointing 6,000 copies which is the lowest she's ever sold since the start of her career.  It has features from Meek Mill,  French Montana, NiNi, KC, B, Taylah P and RiRi.  She is currently on tour promoting it but it's getting mixed reviews most of them bad reviews based on the fact that she switched her whole style up on this album and her fans aren't used to this style and the way she has it set up seems like it's the same song over and over which is having people get bored fast.  It is available on ITunes, Pandora, her site, the PSR site and in retail stores worldwide for $9.99. Click here to purchase "Fairytale Life" by Nicki.  In other news,  the bloody beef continues to get bloody and it got bloodier today after they had yet ANOTHER fight in Arizona.  This beef is the biggest in house beef that ever happened at PSR and it's so big word of it reached NiNi in jail and she made a statement from jail about it and she seriously attacked both of them so bad we think she probably made both of them cry for days.  Click here to hear her statement and see what I mean (very very harsh language is used)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Niq Niq Will NOT Be Joining The"Legends" + New Release

Change of plans. When NiNi was sentenced, the other 2 "legends" decided they would continue on anyway without her as that is what she would want them to do, but they also announced that Cymphonique will be joining them for at least the 2nd half of it which is about 2-3 months, which made fans crazy excited and felt that she is a good replacement for the queen since her music is legendary status too. But due to her bloody (and getting bloodier day by day) beef with China,  niq niq announced over Twitter that she will not be joining the crew and that she is beginning her own solo tour next month. This last minute cancel has forced China and Tinashe to rearrange schedule dates in order to find a new replacement as the tour needs 3 performers at least for the 2nd half.  The continuation of the tour was scheduled to kick back off in London this upcoming Monday but now with the unexpected cancel they changed it to Friday. Rumors say the new replacement that can compete and be worthy of NiNi's legend status is Katy Perry which we agree with but we aren't sure if it's true since KP is actually on her own tour right now promoting her new album. So the replacement is unknown but Tinashe apologized to fans and promised that the tour will definitely continue next Friday. Are you guys upset that niq niq won't be there?  Do you feel that China and Niq Niq should just squash it and stop being babies?  (No offense ladies) Click here for more disturbing info on their beef. In other news next up in the #JulyReleases is Kat. The world has been waiting so long for this one and she beat out Rita within an hour and she is now the leader of the #JulyReleases. This is her 7th PSR album titled "This Is Kat" Click here for the full review, stats, features and purchase links for "This Is Kat" by Katerina Graham (I just wanted to say your full name sweetie don't kill me k ;) )

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Next Up:

Next up in the #JulyReleases is an unexpected name, because this person never announced her place in the #JulyReleases, but still it's a welcome unexpected pleasure for her fans and that is Ms Rita Ora. This is her 4th PSR album titled "Miss Rita" It is Hip-Hop, Girl Swag and Rap and is produced by Missy Elliot, Jodeci, NiNi, Herself and J.Cole. She is the first person to beat out Zendaya who was leader since she released her album. Rita dropped hers at 6am and so far she has sold 0ver 2.8 million copies which is beyond platinum status and amazing for the first day and beats out her previous album's first day sale which was a disappointing 22,000 copies, so apparently she's making a bigger name for herself. It has features from: NiNi, Chief Keef, Breezy, Tyga, Nicki, Nick Cannon (????) DMX, Ludacris and China. Her album is the new talk of the industry, although Daya is still not far behind her, and it's getting really good reviews from critics and fans, Her album is only available as a digital release, not a hard physical copy, which is the first time a digital anything has been released off of PSR. It is available on Itunes and Pandora and you use your card, pay for it and download it to your phone and/or computer. The price for her digital album is $9.99 and includes 2 bonus songs which one is a remix to "Shorty" Ft NiNi. and the remix to her hit song "Poison" Click here to digitally download "Miss Rita" by Rita Ora (Click here for my full review on her album)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

NiNi Still Has Music Releasing + New Release

Most people who get locked up don't have anything heard from then until they're out, but so far the queen has released 2 NEW songs, despite the fact the she is locked up. The new song today is "Ride With Me" and features Deni. The song is produced by NiNi and is hard hitting with dope beat and a hard bass line. It's Hip-Hop and both sing/rap and they both do a good job. Apparently the queen does actually have a bunch of unreleased songs stored in her hard-drive since all this stuff is releasing without her even being near a studio, either that or she has a studio in her cell. Being that the queen is locked up, her music is getting even more popular and this new song hit the number 1 spot within 15 minutes. It's doing very well, and is getting great reviews. Click here to check out "Ride With Me" Ft Demi. In other news, next up in the #JulyReleases is "Brandy" This is her 3rd PSR album and is called "Another Part Of Me" and is produced by NiNi, Ray J, Solo, Swizz Beats and herself. It is Pop/R&B and is pretty popular. It has features from: Ray J, India Benet, Breezy, Monica, Nipsey Hussle and The Dream. This is the first album in the #JulyReleases that doesn't feature NiNi. She is 2nd behind Zendya who is still leading in the releases. Brandy dropped her album at 5am and so far (7 hours later) she has sold over 422,000 copies, which is better then her last album on the 1st day which came in around 212,000 copies. It is available on Itunes, Pandora, her site, the PSR site and in retail music stores worldwide for $10.99. Brandy will also be in East Rutherford NJ promoting the album with signings and photos, so get there. Click here to purchase "Another Part Of Me" by Brandy. Next up is Monica Spears, Kelly Rowland, Solo and Kelly Clarkson.....

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Next In #JulyReleases + Beef Turns Bloody

The next PSR artist to release an album apart of the #JulyReleases is Alexis Jordan.  This is her 4th PSR album titled "Safe" It's R&B mixed with smooth Hip-Hop and pop produced by NiNi, KP, Rick Ross and Solo. It released around midnight and so far has sold over 200,000 copies which is good but not better then her last album on the first day which sold right around 359,000 copies and she is trailing behind everyone in the #JulyReleases so far but she's still doing well. It has features from NiNi, Kat (yes the two lovebirds made up) MiMi,  Jay-Z, BeyoncĂ©, Jacob Latimore, Miranda Cosgrove and Twista. It is available on her site the PSR site, ITunes, Pandora and in retail stores worldwide for $9.99. It is getting positive reviews and has a current rating of 8.5 out of ten stars.  Click here to purchase "Safe" by Alexis Jordan.  In other news the beef between Niq Niq n China is getting bloody as they had a fight today and blood was spilled after bumping into each other in Vegas.  Click here to read all about it....

Monday, July 13, 2015

Update On The In-House Drama + Next Release

The rumors of Niq Niq and China being involved in an in-house beef are indeed TRUE. Although the real reason on how and why this beef was started is unknown, it is happening and multiple sources report on different things. One source which is reliable, ....sort of....... reported that their beef started over NiNi, since their both "numbers" they're fighting over her attention and to be higher then the other number on her bff chart, but her N's and their fans don't buy that, we don't either. Another source reports that it all started over money (that one is very easy to believe since that's what most beefs are about) Other media outlets offer different reasons but those are so completely stupid I'm not even gonna list them. Truth is no one knows how or why it started, especially since they were cool at one point, but we aren't sure if this is a KP and RiRi type beef (friend beef) or a NiNi and Gaga type beef (bloody). The public got the first taste of how bad it is today over Twitter where both had a Twitter war when NiqNiq criticized China's new album that just released today (info on that below). China posted "Thank you so much guys for all the love and support, I'm so glad you like it #ILuvMyFans :)" NiqNiq then retweeted it and replied "It needs wait it needs ALOT of wait just trash it" That started a war between them which went on for almost an hour witch China accusing NiqNiq of quote "auto-tuing the hell outta her songs" and NiqNiq criticized her calling her quote " a follower and clinging to Nisha all the damn time"  The beef was followed by over 2.8 million people, created a new hashtag called "#BroadWar" and made headlines. Clearly this is big but will it get huge? That's what we'll find out. Click here to see snapshots of their Twitter war. As mentioned above the next #JulyRelease we got today is China with her 7th PSR studio album "Never Knew Me". It's Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop and Girl Swag, produced by herself, Solo, NiNi and Drama. It has features from KC, Monica Spears, NiNi, Tinashe, Vic, Big Sean, Her sisters, Kat, Breezy, Gaga, Star and Jamie Lynn Spears. It's doing well so far and is getting decent reviews from fans and critics, but Daya still is leader of the #JulyReleases so far. Her album dropped at midnight and so far has sold over 397,000 copies slightly behind KC's new album, but she is still doing very well, although her last album did much better on the first day with close to a Million copies.. It is available on Itunes, her site, Pandora, the PSR site and in retail stores worldwide for $8.99. Click here to purchase "Never Knew Me" by China. And stay tuned for more updates on this new "PSR War"

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Next Up KC + In-House Drama

Kc was actually supposed to be apart of the #Junereleases,  but for a reason that's still unknown, she was suspended and the album was pushed back and now is apart of the #JulyReleases. This is her 5th PSR studio album called "Still Standing" It's full R&B and produced by herself mostly along with Lorde (seriously in the NHO category) K. Michelle and French Montana (almost close to the NHO category) It is receiving very good reviews and is currently on the top 50 albums to hear. Despite her success she is still trailing behind Zendaya who released her July album yesterday and sold over 400,000 copies on the first day and is now over 2 million making her the leader so far in the #JulyReleases. Kc's album dropped 8 hours ago and so far she has sold over 250,000 albums which is great for the first day but it doesn't beat out Daya's first day sales nor does it top her last album on the first day which was 399,000 copies but she still is doing very well. It has features from NiNi, Kat, China, Victoria, Kelly Rowland, Kid Sister and MiMi along with a sample of Beith.  It is available on her site, ITunes, the PSR site and in retail stores worldwide for $10.99 and you get the video CD as well. Click here to purchase "Still Standing" by KC.  In other news it's been a while and the "#PSRPact" seemed to be lasting but now it's talk of a beef popping off in house between Niq Niq and China. No idea how this started but word is that they have been arguing over literally everything and was about to fight yesterday before being broken up by security.  We don't have much info yet but we will soon. Stay tuned guys.....

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Next Up: Zendaya

Next up in the #JulyReleases is ZENDAYA. We got a really good album from her today which is her 4th PSR studio album called "Rock The Mic" Its different then what she is normally known for which is pop, this album is Hip-Hop, but I'm not saying she goes rapper style, but it's very little of her original pop style. The most popular song on the album is number 7 which is "Thank You" which is dedicated to NiNi and is thanking her for taking a chance on her even though she had very little fans and attention when she first signed her. The "N's also love the song and critics praise Daya for being the only person on PSR who showed their appreciation in a song to the queen which none of the rest has ever least not yet anyway. The album is produced by Kayslay, Drama, and herself and has features from Vic, Ari, NiNi, China, Missy Elliot, Ke$ha and Mr Cheeks (yes he's still here). It released at midnight and is doing better then any of her previous albums on the first day selling over 400,000 copies which makes her the leader so far in the #JulyReleases until someone else breaks it. It is available on Itunes, Pandora, her site, the PSR site, and in retail stores worldwide for $9.99. Click here to purchase "Rock The Mic" by Zendaya. Next up is China and KC Lookout for those.................

Friday, July 10, 2015

New Music Release By NiNi

The queen may be locked up, but it's still new material by her being released and today we got a new unexpected song called "Drop That" It features Juicy J and its straight club, from the beat down to the lyrics and it's really catchy. Despite the fact that some die hard "N" fans say Juicy J killed it and she could've did well without him due to his newly formed "slow style" of rapping, the song is actually quite popular and hit number 2 on the charts within a couple hours. It's produced by her and him and they sound well together. Word on the street is that we may not have to wait 2 years to hear more material from NiNi, as she is said to have "tons" of un-released material that will be released as a way for her fans to still hear her while they can't see her. The "Legends" tour has NOT been canceled, and although it was talks of the other 2 using a NiNi hologram, they're not they're going to continue the tour themselves as a 2 woman band and hold it down for NiNi. The tour kicks back off where it left off in London starting July 20th, so if you guys still have your tickets, you'll be seeing N and T in 10 days! Click here to check out "Drop That" by NiNi Ft Juicy J. And click here to view the new schedule for the "Legends Tour"

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Judge Rules That NiNi Was In The Right + New July Release

Yesterday NiNi flipped out and viciously assaulted a female officer at the prison she's staying at in London and today the judge interviewed other prisoners as well as watched the video which showed that the officer was bothering her all day and NiNi did nothing. The video shows that NiNi was hit kicked punched and spit on, yet she did nothing at all but walk away and the judge ruled that the officer was in the wrong and she intentionally tried to piss off NiNi in order to get her more time in prison. He dropped the assault charge but he still ruled that regardless she didn't have to be so violent and now this lady may not make it so the attempted murder charge still stands which adds an extra year onto her sentence. If the lady dies, she faces life, no if ands or buts. With this new sentence, that means that NiNi now has 1 year and 10 months which means we won't be seeing her until May of 2017 although it's possible she may get released a couple months earlier for good behavior, but regardless she will be in there until 2017 no question. This news upsets many people. The question now is: now that NiNi won't be back until almost 2 years what will happen with PSR? PSR doesn't need NiNi to continue working, touring and releasing, but it needs someone to run it, and sources have different people, one says Tina will be temporary runner, others say different people, so until an official statement is made, we don't know who will be responsible for PSR until NiNi returns. Stay tuned for more info on this. In other news, next up in the #JulyReleases is KeKe Palmer with her 4th PSR album titled "Simply KeKe" It is R&B and Pop and is produced by Just Blaze and DJ Envy. It dropped at midnight and so far has sold over 77,000 copies and those numbers are climbing. It has features from Zendaya, NiNi, Demi and Tinashe and it's being praised for creativity and originality. Her last album did better with sales on the first day but she is still doing well with this one. It is available on Itunes, her site, the PSR site and in retail music stores worldwide for $8.99. Click here to purchase "Simply KeKe" by KeKe Palmer. Next up is Zendaya which is the 11th, then Monica Spears and Brandy which is the 12th........(P.S......The video of the officer provoking NiNi has not been released and unless it gets leaked, it will never be released due to a court order, just to answer that question since I've been getting asked that all day)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

NiNi Put In Maximum Security + Sentence Extended

NiNi hasn't even left London yet, despite the fact that she was supposed to be transferred back since Saturday and that's because she got in trouble inside of the prison that she's staying in. Sources say that she had a fight with a female prison guard and was thrown into Max security which is a section of a prison for extremely dangerous prisoners like killers and sex offenders. Different sources report different things but in general its said that the female guard assaulted her first by slapping her and saying "now you're where you belong bitch" Its said that NiNi was upset but didn't do anything, but throughout the rest of the day the guard kept picking on her (and we all know why) and putting her hands on her as if she wanted NiNi to react and hit her knowing she would be in more trouble for assaulting a cop. NiNi knew this too, and throughout the day she continued to just get hit and ignore the guard. But it came to a boiling point when she smacked NiNi again then ripped her shirt and prison pants at which point NiNi went insane and began going off on her. Other guards tried to break them up but she wouldn't stop and they had to use a stun gun on her which knocked her out. The guard is in very bad shape with injuries to her brain heart lungs and liver and she may not make it. NiNi received an extra 7 years for assault on an officer and attempted murder and her transfer back to America has been delayed until the new prison has a spot open in their max security area. Fans are flipping and her lawyer is suing the prison and everyone argues that the guard did that on purpose because she knew NiNi would flip and she shouldn't be charged because she was defending herself. The judge has heard about it and is willing to interview other prisoners as well as video surveillance in order to find out the truth. If he sees how it really happened then its a possibility he might drop the new charges down or completely. Fans have been in front of the prison all day showing support for the queen and trashing the cops and many got arrested so far. Her loyal numbers, friends and artists have also been trashing the prison and the officers all day over social media like Twitter, FB and Insta. Click here to see many of the support posts from other celebs. Click here to read the official article on this. Stay tuned for more info on this developing story....

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Next Is: Ke$ha + Nicki Announces Engagement To Meek,

Next in the #JulyReleases is Ke$ha with her 6th PSR album titled "Cali Girl" It's full pop and is produced by Kojack, Swizz Beats and herself. It dropped around midnight and so far (11 hours later) she has sold over 170,000 copies and her album is buzzing in the industry world and is highly talked about. She is receiving non stop airplay on the radio and is being asked for appearances everywhere and many of the harshest music critics are praising her album saying "this may be the best one of her career". It has features from: Vic, Ari, Frankie J, Pit Bull, Usher, Meek Mill, Nicki, NiNi, Iggy, Lena and J.Cole. It is available on her site, the PSR site, Itunes and in music stores worldwide for $10.99 and for the next 48 hours if you order from her site or the PSR site, you get free shipping. Also included with the album is the video anthology which is all of the videos for each song. Her numbers are climbing and she is doing very well for her first day. She is currently on tour and will be promoting the album all throughout California this week and she will be at the staples stadium from today until Sunday for signings and pics with fans so if you're in Cali, head over there to see her. Click here to purchase "Cali Girl" by Ke$ha. In other news, after weeks of PDA by Nick and Meek, Nicki has finally announced her engagement to Meek Mill over Insta. She posted a pic of her ring finger with a huge diamond ring and that's all we need to know. Then she posted a pic of Meek right underneath so it didn't take much for us to get the picture. Rumors also say that she is pregnant with Meek's baby, but  that is only rumors and speculation until she either confirms it or starts showing. Congrats to Nick and Meek. Speaking of those 2, they are both confirmed to be part of the #JulyReleases, can't wait......

Monday, July 6, 2015

Next In The #JulyReleases + NeNe Leakes Defends NiNi's Actions

Vic @ 4th Of July Bash

NeNe Leakes
The #JulyReleases is getting popular and next up is Vic (Victoria Justice) with her 2nd PSR album titled "Cold-Blooded". The album is Pop and R&B and is produced by 2whip, NiNi, herself, Leon Thomas and Krystal White. It hit shelves and the Internet around 8am this morning and now 6 hours later she has sold over 145,000 copies which is good for her first day and better then her 1st album's first day which was right around 70,000 copies. Vybe called it "Unique and different" and Hip-Hop Blog said "She has really matured with her music and shows us that she can bring the heat where it's needed" Many are praising her album for her unique lyrics and undeniable talent which has most definitely gotten better since her last album. Fans also recognize her maturity and also praise the album. It has features from Ari, Harry Styles, Jamie Lynn, NiNi, Kat, NiqNiq, Solo, Jay-Z, Ye, Nicki, Meek, Christina Aguilera and Christina Milian. It is available on Itunes, her site, the PSR site, Pandora and in retail and music stores worldwide for $8.99. The critics give the album 8.9 out of 10 stars which is platinum level. Vic is also about to go on a world tour with Kat and Taylah P to promote her new album called "The Cold-Blooded Tour" which kicks in in L.A starting mid July. Tickets are on sale now, head here to get yours for the L.A shows on July 15th-July 18th. Click here to purchase "Cold-Blooded" by Vic (Click here for my full review on her album which I give 5 stars) Next up in the #JulyReleases is Keke Palmer and Ke$ha. Lookout for those two, both their albums are seriously anticipated.....Click here for both of their announcements.... In other news, NeNe Leakes has defended NiNi's actions of breaking Zoey's neck and feels she shouldn't be in jail. Click here to hear what she had to say. And speaking of NiNi, multiple sources report that she received an extra year in jail due to fighting but that isn't confirmed yet and we aren't sure yet. Stay tuned...

Sunday, July 5, 2015

First In The #JulyReleases

Ms. Keri
Things are slowly trying to continue its normal routine at PSR after all this chaos with the queen and now Its a new hashtag involving PSR and it's the #JulyReleases, the #JuneReleases was big and it produced many great albums, but this new month of releases is said to be even bigger and produce even more great albums. The #JulyReleases is said to have Jamie Lynn, RiRi, Kendrick, Kelly Rowland, Ke$ha, Monica Spears, KeKe Palmer, Brandy and Cymphonique just to name a few, but first up is Keri Hilson. This is her 4th PSR album titled "Recovered" which is a perfect title considering she was addicted to painkillers now she is cured and this album is dark and deals with topics like that. Its not the "get up out your chair and dance" kind of music she's so well known for, but it's still doing well on the charts, in the industry and in the streets. It is produced mainly by herself with co-producing by NiNi and Solo and it is mostly R&B with some pop as well and has features from: NiNi, Tyrese, Chingy, Nelly, Evan Ross, KeKe Palmer, Brandy, Kat, Tay and D'Angelo. It released around midnight and now (12 hours later) she has sold over 200,000 copies which is great for her first day and better then her first day for her last album which was right around 90,000 copies. Keri also has an audio booklet where she describes her addiction and personal problems to her fans on a separate CD which comes with the album. It is also signed with a limited edition poster which is also signed from her latest photo shoot from Vogue. It is available on Itunes, her site, the PSR site, Pandora, Amazon, Spotify and in retail music retail stores worldwide for $19.99 which is the  highest price for any album ever released off of PSR, but you get the autographed CD, the audio booklet, a signed poster and bonus songs and videos, so despite the high price tag, we feel it's worth it. Miss Keri is doing very well with this album and she is once again proving that NiNi made a great choice in signing her. Click here to purchase "Recovered" by Miss Keri (Click here for my full review on her album)

Saturday, July 4, 2015

NiNi Getting Transferred Back To US Today

Today the queen is being extradited back to America to the US Georgia Correctional Facility for women to complete her sentence. She is under strict supervision and will be escorted by private plane accompanied by 7 police officers. She is scheduled to be transported tonight and when she arrives she is allowed to be free for 24 hours before being escorted to the facility. Word is that the queen will be living in style. Sources report that her cell will be decorated up with a large flat screen TV, a mini jacuzzi, a mini fridge a large bed and she will have unlimited use of the gym, the showers and she will be served "regular" food of whatever she wants instead of the prison junk they serve. That's what happens when you're famous and rich Its also said and known that NiNi will be placed in a private section of the prison due to her status and she will have her very own butler, hmm seems like it ain't prison for her just imagine she's home she just can't leave her house for 10 months, we don't feel she will have a bad time in there with all that special VIP treatment. Her lawyers have been trying to appeal her sentence all this time and tried to get her on House Arrest explaining that she has work to do and is on tour but the judge denied their requests. Stay tuned for more info.

Friday, July 3, 2015

New Music

Not much is going on in terms of info at the famous PSR building but we did get some new music from Jamie Lynn Fi5th Harmony Zendaya and Lena today. Click here to check them all out. Zendaya is in the lead stealing the number one spot less then 30 minutes after she released her song.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

NiNi Does Press Conference From Jail

NiNi has been transferred from the Police Department holding cell to the official prison of London until she is transferred back to America. While there she did an official press conference addressing the chaos that's (still) going down on the streets of London. She looked into the camera and said "Hey y'all, never thought I'd be talking through you guys from in here. Listen I really appreciate the support but when you start killing people and burning up things and doing all this violent stuff it becomes way more intense then just support and I may be a hypocrite, but I always tell you guys that I don't want anyone doing that because of me, non-violence, If you want  to show support show support but you guys are taking it too far and I'm very disappointed in all of you, that goes for my fans and and my friends, this is not how I want to see you behaving. I'm in here because I messed up, and I accept that but that's the key word I MESSED UP, not you guys, I did a crime I have to take responsibility for it. If you guys really support me and care for me then stop all of this, are you really trying to get killed over me its not worth it man, go do what you do I'm a big girl I can take care of myself I'll be fine and I'll be back making music for you guys in no time. I myself don't care for the police either, but I know my limits and you guys are way past the limits you should be at and I just don;t wanna see any of you get killed for sticking up for me and doing some dumb shit like running up on a cop and beating him or her, it just ain't worth it, it's too much killing as it is, don't be the next face on the news killed by a cop. I love you guys, if you love me then make me proud because right now I'm not proud of any of you" Her press conference reached the entire United Kingdom as well as America and a few other countries. Most of the "N's" numbers and PSR artists have returned back to America as they have work to do, but despite her touching Press conference, the streets of London are still in a State Of Emergency, some people have listened though and they backed off and went home but some still are bugging out hard and the death toll is now over 788 people killed by police for their actions and that number is climbing. Its dead bodies all on the street and it's just getting worse. The swat team FBI and many other law agencies have shown up on the scene to try and clean up. Curfew is 5:00 and every business is closed until further notice. The queen is scheduled to be transported back home Saturday afternoon. Click here to view her press conference addressing the "State Of Emergency" in London....

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Last Of The June Releases Released Late + London In Chaos

Due to the chaos that's been going down with the queen in the last couple days, the last 5 people who were scheduled to release their #JuneReleases albums, didn't release it, but today they all released it at once. The last 5 are Ye, Beauty, Star, Babydoll and Kat. I have prepared a full 2 page long review on each of their albums along with complete tracklist and stats. So far though Kat is leading the way with 100,000 copies sold so far. Click here to read my full review on each album....That's the end of the JuneReleases, but many sources say its now about to be a new hashtag called #JulyReleases since its many PSR artists who are dropping their albums this month as well. We'll see....In other news, London is under State Of Emergency because the N's are running around blowing up cars and beating up cops and just going literally NUTS because their "leader" is locked up. Fire is all in the streets, stores and buildings are destroyed, cars are on fire, houses are on fire, its total chaos. At least 360 people are confirmed dead either from being blown up in their cars or the cops killing them due to their activities. Click here to see how London looks live right now. Not a pretty sight. NiNi is scheduled to be transported back to America sometime this week to serve out her 10 month sentence, but sources say she will be making a live press conference before she leaves and it may be about all this chaos that's going on over her. Stay tuned for more info soon.....