Friday, January 9, 2015

Fights Poppin Off With TiTi

PSR isn't too happy with Taylor's recent tweets and the most recent one had Tinashe in it which Taylor accused her of being a victim of bullying growing up in Compton. Tinashe responded with a simple tweet saying #bullying? who told you that, bitch please I wish I would have ever got bullied, you say you got dirt but obviously your dirt is mud #LAMEHOE" But obviously she took more offense to that then we thought. They both were in Detroit this evening and they spotted each other and nothing happened right then and there, too many fans, cops and bodyguards, but they kept eyeing each other the whole time. After it started clearing out a little bit, they threw down hard. Tinashe started it by walking up to her and punching her. Taylor went down hard, but T wasn't a bully with it, she waited for her to get up and then the two brawled hard. Its actually funny because the cops and security who were there didn't stop it right away even though they saw it happening, it was almost as if they wanted to see a girl fight or wanted to see Taylor get hurt and were enjoying it. It took about 3 and a half minutes for the police to break the fight up. After they broke it up. Tinashe's hair was on the ground, so she got alot of it pulled out. She also had a little blood on her lip. Taylor's eye was swollen and her mouth was leaking blood. Being that the fight wasn't that long, neither one was seriously hurt, but if I had to call a winner, I'd definitely say Tinashe won that one. Being that Tinashe started the fight she was handcuffed and taken in the back of the police car. She went with no trouble and she was smiling the entire time, sources say she has now been released though after posting her own bail. That's not all though, since it was a short fight Taylor wasn't severely injured, so she was allowed to leave and sh flew to Denver and bumped into Lena, D and Nessa (uh-oh) who were there for their show tonight. Taylor had her entourage (that means goons) with her which is all women, and when they bumped into each other, Selena and Taylor began arguing all up in each others face while Demi and Vanessa were trying to hold her back, but the girls in Taylor's entourage started cursing those two out and it just turned into a huge lady fight. Despite the rumors, they did NOT jump Taylor, in fact the only one who actually fought Taylor was Lena, The others were fighting the goon chicks. Once again, just like Tinashe,  the huge cat fight didn't last long due to security breaking it up. It was determined that Taylor threw the first punch so its said that she is being fined with fighting in public and causing a dangerous environment around innocents. This time though, Taylor did go to the hospital, but just for a short while, because she had to get 23 stitches right above her eye since Selena beat her numerous times with her phone in that area, and busted some of her skin open, but she was out within an hour. Demi and Nessa also caused some damage to the girls, but not much, they didn't have to go to the hospital, they just needed some wet wipes. Their show is still planned as scheduled, but a quick mini interview shortly after the fight shows all 3 with their hair messed up, shirts ripped open showing their bras, and a little blood on their lips, but they were smiling and they seemed happy at what just happened. Click here to see that mini interview. Looks like everyone wants to fight Taylor now, and we feel that this is only the beginning of fights popping of with her.....what about you?

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