Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Song With KeKe Palmer + Nini and Monica Beef?

Whats up guys, this aftenoon Nini has released a new song titled "Club Banger" ft Keke Palmer. It hit the web around 1130 this morning, and since then it has become a popular topic in the streets and it has been called a certified club single and has been getting buzzed about all morning. The song combines modern hip hop drum bass with live instruments with some club fusion thrown in and both women rap on the song and our favorite line by NINI is when she says "I make your body rock I make it rain then I cash out I treat the dance floor like a bad check cuz I cash that then I bounce" and KEKE has a cool line that we like as well when she says " Murder everyone on the dance floor call it D.O.A ladies what you need a man for?" The song is 4 minutes and 29 seconds long and it has took the place of number 2 on the charts so far which beat out Nini's song "Who Do It This Fresh" with Ciara and its receiving many positive reviews. Check the song out here. In other news, word is that Nini and Monica are disagreeing about lots of things and Monica does not feel appreciated at PSR, the media is blowing it up as a beef but we think its just a little creative difference between the two. Word is that Monica wants to do things her way but NINI wants to do them totally different and Monica feels that she is not being taken seriously at the label. Of course we havent had this confirmed as of yet by either artist but when I hear something I will let you guys know...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Nini To Appear Sunday On BET Awards

This Sunday, Nini will be at the 2012 BET awards where she is scheduled to perform and she is leading the pack with 6 nominations including Best Video Of The Year and Best Song Of The Year as well as Best Album Of The Year. We do not know what song she is scheduled to perform but it is a highly anticipated performance indeed and we are told she will NOT be performing with her tour partner Beyonce, she will be solo in her performnance. Many camera folks and bloggers are desperate to catch an interview with her on the red carpet, but so far she has only agreed to my blogger fam and another blogger fam she likes (lucky us lol) so we will be posting an official post on how the red carpet interview with her goes, as well as posting all that happens in her performance for Sunday night. The Awards will be held in Los Angeles CA, which is Nini's state so she should feel right at home there! In other news, Nini has confirmed that her rising star Cymphonique Miller will appear in a new movie at the end of the summer sponsored by Platinum Sounds Cinema which is Nini's movie production company, and some of her other artists are scheduled to appear in it as well, including Kanye West and Rihanna and Selena Gomez. The movie is still untitled at this point and we are told that Nini will NOT make an appearance in the movie :(......Check me back later as I have a developing story for you guys on Nini, just trying to make sure its real, you know how the industry works sometimes! Peace~!

2 New Songs Release Off Of PSR Today!

Sup Guys, two new songs have been released off of PSR today. The 1st one is a collab between Nini and CiCi and that song is burning up the charts in the game right now, but it still hasn't beat out Nini's current number 1 song but its right behind it at number two! The song is titled "Who Do It This Fresh" and its exactly what everyone expected a song would be like between the two women, which is a song you can DANCE too. The song is 4 minutes and 37 seconds long and awesome from start to finish as both women sing and it kind of reminds you of Ciara's 2009 single "Get Up" and its amazing. Check the song out here. The second song is a collab between Miranda Cosgrove, Diamond and Kat Graham. The song hit number 3 this morning after the first hour of it releasing, the song is brilliant but NINI and Cici's track beats it out of course. But regardless the song is making headlines! The song is titled "Bounce Back" and the beat is produced by Kanye West and all 3 women rap on the song and since Miranda has been with PSR she has been trying out her rap skills and many say she has FLOW!! and that she sounds much better rapping than anyone wouldve thought she would. The song is 5 minutes long and the beat compliments their voices extremely well especially Diamond, who many agree was the best verse on the song. Check the song out here. In other news, Nini has made a statement about the incident with J-LO saying "The songs are not the same so there is no problem to resolve, I think Jennifer is an amazing artist and this whole thing was a huge misunderstanding and a lack of communication between my management and her management" So no bad news there, what do you guys think about the two new songs?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

OMG GIRLZ And China New Song!

Earlier, Nini's biggest and most sucessful group artists the OMG GIRLZ And her newest artist CHINA has released a new song together titled "Make it Hot" its actually very good and you can check it out here In other news, Nini has began her 6 stop CD signing tour and so far everything seems to be going well, check back later for more info on that, but until then no more info right now sorry guys :( Peace~!

Jennifer Lopez Accused Of Copying Nini's Song

J-LO has been accused of ripping off some lyrics and even the beat to Nini's second single off of her new album which is titled"Hit Me" If you listen closely to the beat, not so much the lyrics because we dont see it, but if you listen to the beat, it sounds very similar to NINI's song even down to the rythmic drum bass thats in Nini's version. J-Lo has stated that her producer made the beat for her and she was not aware of the similarities until after the song was already recorded and by then it was too late. Nini hasnt been able to be reached for comment on how she feels about it or if she thinks its serious enough to bring up a lawsuit as of yet. But her management has made a statement saying "We feel it could have been a mistake because its many untalented producers out there who would take someone's beat, add some things to it and call it their work and leave it up to the artist to take the blame, but then again in this business you really never know its quite possible she could have been ripped off, its really a personal matter between Jennifer and Nini on how this situaton will get handled" This isn't the first or even the second time something like this has happened: Back in 2009, R&B singer Usher was accused of ripping off the beat as well as the lyrics to Nini's popular song "DREAM LOVE" off of the album "No Looking Back" and he denied any asscociation with any wrong doing and blamed the wrong doing on his producers for the similar sounding songs and lyrics and Nini did not take out a lawsuit on him. Then another time in 2010 when R&B singer Keyshia Cole was accused of stealing a dance from Nini which she performed at the 2010 BET awards and Keyshia explained that she used it as an inspiration not as something to call it her own and that was the reason she gave Nini a shoutout during her winning speech. And Kelly Clarkson, Nini's most influential and most powerful artist, has been accused at one point of stealing Nini's song. Back in 2011 when Kelly's mega hit "Stronger" appeared on the scene, many said the song sounded extremely similar to Nini's mega hit that was out at the same time which was "Move" off of her 2011 album "The Truth" but since then it has been confirmed that while the two songs may sound kind of similar, they are in fact NOT the same beat as you can tell by more bass in Nini's song and less in Kelly's as well as different instruments used in Kelly's song and the lyrics were not even about the same thing. Now this with J-LO makes it the 4th time that Nini will have to deal with deciding if thats her song or not. You can compare the two songs here Do you guys think JENNY stole Nini's song or is it a mangement error and a simple misunderstanding?

Nini's New Album!!!

Nini's Senior album (which means 4th) "The World Through My Eyes" has released at midnight and has hit the stores and sold out withing 2 minutes! The triple CD album is available on her site and the PSR site and both sites have crashed due to being downloaded so many times. The album has sold 187 million copies in the first hour of release and its still going up which makes the album quadruple certified PLATINUM and this is the highest amount of album sales Nini has ever seen in her career as no one has sold that many copies especially in the first day of release. Celebs have been tweeting about the album all morning and the album is receiving 100% positive reviews from everyone around the world! Kanye West tweeted "Congrats to the best that ever did it! I'll be bumping that in my car for the next 2 years lol" and Cymphonique tweeted "Congrats @Nini, album is FIRE, you are such an inspiration, you are like my freaking HERO!!!!! Many other celebs including Nicki Minaj, TI, B.B.O.D, EMINEM, B.O.B, MARY J BLIGE, MONICA, KEYSHIA COLE, KAT, JA-RULE, SELENA GOMEZ, KARMIN, DIAMOND, CHINA, CIARA, JAY-Z, USHER, J.COLE, OMG GIRLZ, JAY SEAN... and so much more have praised the album, and Nini will be making her 6 stop signing tour today starting in Oakland, CA at 10AM , and will be going to the rest of the locations to sign the album throughtout the day. We would like to say congrats to Nini on her album and all the sexy videos on it and we are sure that this album will be untouchable within the next month! Do you guys have the album yet?? PS the comment section is acting screwy right now, just post your comments and they will show later.....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nini Releases Pics Of Her Studio

This evening, Nini has released Pics via her tumblr page and her site of where she records her multi million dollar hits that we love and she also released some pics of the inside of her label for her fans to see. Nini is new to the Tumblr world, and her fans have been helping her fit in and feel at home with the social networking site which is a site that uses instagram to upload TONS of pics for a wide audience to view, and so far she has TONS of pics of her on her vacay in Santa Monica, Puerto Rico, Mexico and more, and today she decided to give her fans a peek at her home "Platinum Sound Records. She has said "I just want to show my fans where I record and write my music and just let them see what we see on a daily basis, they are very supportive of me and I feel its no harm in at least letting them see what they support" As you can see by the pics, the label and her studio looks super expensive and we can tell just by looking that her studio is PACKED with high tech equipment ranging in the thousands to millions range. Nini has been showing fans more of her media life most recentley but her personal life is still a mystery and we probably will never see it, but the closest that we got to it was her vacay photos,which one pic shows her swimming and another shows her buried in the sand as well as a pic of her in a fancy restuarant with a wine glass in Mexico and some other pics of her making goofy faces and standing in front of national landmarks in different countries. That is the most up close and personal of her that we have ever seen and probably ever will see, but fans are happy that she is beginning to open up more and post pics of herself in her private zone, although some would like to see pics of her REAL private life, but Nini has denied this dozens of times. What do you guys think about this?

Drama With Lady Gaga and Willow!

We dont have much to report on this one as there are different stories floating around about it from different sources, but what we have so far is that earlier today a fight was about to start between NINI, LADY GAGA and WILLOW! Not sure how or why it started, all we know is that LADY GAGA was pushed to the concrete by Nini and little Willow was also pushed to the ground where she hit her head on a brick foundation. Many sources say that there was arguing between the three and Nini ended it by pushing them, and other sources say that Gaga and Willow started to run at her in a fighting motion and Nini pushed them and walked away before it turned into something bigger, TMZ has the official video which is only 5 seconds long because they caught it too late, we checked it out and judging by the video we still cant tell why the push happened, but Gaga has made this statement "Guys, stop saying things about a fight lalalala thats all yall wanna see, it wasnt a fight just girls being girls thats all (laughs) I swear to lucifer thats all it was" So we are not sure, all we can do is wait on Nini to make a statement on this. In other news, Nini, Ke$ha and Rihanna are over in the UK promoting the fragrance and the shirt and so far has had many sales from buyers all around the world and they officially opened up a PSR store out there which will be in business towards the end of the summer as well as China also, its titled "Platinum Wear International" Congrats guys!

Nini's New Album Coming Tomorrow!!

Nini's album "The World Through My Eyes" will be releasing tonight at 12 midnight and it will be hitting fine retail stores like Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Cosco's. The album will feature a video anthology CD as well which has a video for every song on the album. The triple CD album has 28 songs and 28 videos for each song and will have a introduction price of $10.99 which is the cheapest Nini's albums have ever been. She will be signing her albums in 6 different places tomorrow which include, Atlanta, GA, Newark, NJ, Brooklyn, NY, Oakland, CA, Houston, TX and Nashville Tenneessee. Its available for pre-order on her site and her PSR site and will available tomorrow when it releases as well and the album features almost everyone on PSR its only 2 or 3 songs with Nini by herself so its more of a label collab album more than anything and fans around the world are SUPER PUMPED! We are too! How do you guys feel?

Nini Fights Back Against Egypt

Unlike other female celebs who have been banned from entering Egypt, Nini is the one who is fighting back! She has banned all of her music from being played on the radio and she has stopped production of her Cd's, movies, tv shows, and Platinum Wear Clothes from the Country. Her new album will not see a release in Egypt and The new official headline is "Nini And Egypt At War!!!" Nini and PSR has refused to allow any of her material to surface in Egypt until the Prime Minister issues her a personal apology, but until then its no Nini for Egypt. Any New movies she stars in will not be played nor will any new music or updates be available to fans in Egypt, nor will her site or the PSR site be available in the country. This has sparked a huge reaction from the fans in Egypt and they are trying to get their Government to step in and put an end to this so called war between Nini and Egypyt and we have no word yet if that will happen. Fans have been really upset off of this and are tweeting negative things about the Prime Minister with one fan even going so far as to saying that when he gets out of the hospital they are going to kill him and his family. So this is getting crazy, but Nini said "I didnt start this and Im not stopping or finishing it, all I want is an apology, and if I cant get it, then they cant get me period" How do you guys feel about her stopping everything revolving around her from being in Egypt??? In other news, Nini, Ke$ha and Rihanna will be over in China and the UK today to promote their new fragrance "Pink Passion" and their new "Royalty" shirt, so check back later for more info on that!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nini's Fans Turn On Her For Asscociating With The Kardashians

Lately Nini has been seen on various occasions with Khloe and Courtney, Kim's sisters at shows and backstage together and Nini and Kim was spotted at a Jay-Z and Kanye West show in Europe out of respect for Kanye and Jay, Nini's friend and Kim's lover and fans are anything but excited and feel its nothing short of the Apocalypse. Even though Nini has banned Kim from her inner circle, that doesn't seem to be stopping her from kicking it with her sisters and hanging with Kim in the audience at shows dancing and having a good time as they were snapped by a fan's cellphone the other day bugging out in the crowd. Fans feel that their new friendship is disgusting, many feel Nini is a sophisticated person who has respect for herself and Kim is only famous for a tape and her faked marriage to Chris Humphreys, and while Nini tries to avoid the tabloid media, it is Kim's lifestyle to be in there, and many feel that Nini and Kim together or even their names in the same sentence just isn't right. We are not sure if Nini and Kim are New BFF'S, but we do know they act like it and so does the other Kardashian girls and many fans have responded angrily to her choice of friends especially the Kardashian's. But many have also said that Nini and Kim are only spotted together when Kanye West is doing a show and Nini goes to show support and Kim just happens to be there so she has no choice but to be around her and they never have been photographed together outside of a show, which is true. And some feel Kim wants to be Nini's bff because it would instantly make her an A-Lister and move up in everyone's circle and feel that Nini should be smarter than what shes being right now. Many fans have said things like "Kim and Nini in the same picture or even the same sentence is tragic" or "Its an odd pairing" and many can't envision the private mom being friends with someone like Kim or her sisters, another person wrote "If you look up to Kim K, I cant take you seriously, Nini is a way better role model, she's more respectful of herself" and another said "They are going to be hanging out more and more so get over it, probably wont do much good for Nini's reputation though" What do you guys think about Nini and the Kardashian's new found buddy ship?? PS The N.E Has decided NOT to press charges on Selena Gomez due to them understanding the situation and instead decided to let it go, so good for her.....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Nini Meagan Good And Lisa Raye Beef???

Hey guys word is that Nini, Meagan Good and Lisa Raye have not been getting along well and now it has turned into a threesome beef, as in all 3 are beefing with each other! They say the beef started with Nini and Lisa Raye after she was in Nini's movie and they couldn't agree on anything and kept arguing the entire time and now it has blown up to a full blown feud, and Meagan is said to have disrespected Nini at one of her shows which Nini did not take kindly to and that's how their feud started. We have not heard from either woman on this as of yet but it is said that they were about to fight when they ran into each other earlier today but got stopped by security cops and Nini's bodyguards. I still have to dig deep on this to find out whats up, so when I get more info Ill let you guys know!.....

Egypt's Prime Minister Refuses To Apologize To Nini

A few weeks ago I ran the story about Nini being banned from Egypt, and now I'm running the continuation to that story. Being that Nini is no longer allowed in Egypt, her team at PSR has said they feel her music should not be allowed to be played or purchased down there until she gets an apology from the Prime Minister, which has sparked a BIG angry reaction from the fans out there who are pressuring the Prime Minister to apologize to her before that happens. But the Minister has flat out refused to apologize to her or anyone else that has been banned, here's what he said "I refuse to apologize to someone who clearly works for evil forces, they don't give their heart or their love to GOD and they do not deserve an apology from me or my country, I believe Miss Nini as well as many other female artists like Beyonce Knowles or Mariyah Carey are actually good people, but they do evil things and worship evil Gods to get more popular and to get a tremendous amount of money, and why should I apologize to the devil's helpers?" This statement almost got him assassinated, as a fan from Egypt pulled out a gun and shot at him while he was speaking on problems in the country, he wasn't killed but was hit twice in his shoulder and in his hip, and we are told he is in a bad condition at the local hospital and the fan has been arrested with attempted murder. Nini has not responded to his statement as of yet, but the other women who have been mentioned in the statement actually have, with Beyonce tweeting "The prime minister is a joke all of his words are so hilarious to me, and its really funny because you can tell he is getting told what to say but he has NO IDEA what he's talking about lol" and Mariyah Carey Making a statement saying "Its extremely offensive, but people who talk what they do not know will always get proved wrong, so I will leave that in the hands of karma" Even though Nini hasn't responded, her management team has, saying "The man is obviously nuts, he lost his damn mind and we think that Nini should not continue to release music in that country until their minister comes to his senses and shuts up" In other news, a new shirt has released by the PSR clothing line and it was apparently Rihanna's idea, its a shirt that says "Royalty" and has a crown with lions on the side and its not just for the royal celebs, even though it may seem like it due to Nini and all of the royal celebs wearing it, its actually available on the PSR site for $39.99 for anyone to buy and RIHANNA has made a statement saying "Chill, its not just for royal celebrities its for anyone who is royal and feels royal at heart, we were testing it out to see how it looked on us so that's why some of you may have come to the conclusion that its only made for royalty and you all are dead wrong!" Its a nice looking shirt and its the first shirt to be released in months, what do you guys think about all of this?

Ciara Joins PSR!!!

Our Girl Ci Ci has joined the Platinum Crew today. She decided not to renew her contract with J Records and she transferred over to PSR instead, where she has been signed to a 4 year 4 album 100 million dollar deal. Congrats to Ci Ci on her move to the hottest labels in the world, we are sure she will be very happy at her new home :) In other news, The announcement that I told you guys about concerning KAT was for her fans and she told her fans that she will be doing her first set of major tours since joining PSR, and she confirmed she will be making a 35 stop tour all around the world and is calling it the "Graffiti" tour and it will be going on all throughout the summer, and she confirmed she will be performing in some locations with Nini and other PSR artists, and that announcement was a HUGE deal for her fans, so sorry guys, no drama here lol. P.S Tiffany Evans has dropped a new song today, which is her first official song since joining the label titled "No Stopping" and she is solo on the song. You can check it out here

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cymphonique And B.B.O.D!

This afternoon a new song released titled "Painkillers" which is Cymphonique's new track and it is currently getting a video made for it, as well as Nini,Alex and Katy Perry's song. The song is not about real painkillers like medicine, its basically a reference to things to do to get over having your heart getting broken like recording music, drinking, partying, shopping things like that. Cymphonique sings on the song and the B.B.O.D crew raps and they are GOOD all 4 of them. Cymphonique's voice is improving 110% and the BBOD girls are not WHACK like everyone thought from the first song they did with Nini. They have gotten so much better now that they are with the PSR team and many people who originally said they suck are taking it back and saying they are the next big group! (crazy right lol) The song is 3 minutes 59 seconds long and its great from start to finish, there is not a best because they ALL did amazing! Nini is not in the song but she produced it (for those who don't know, producing a song means to make the beat to it, and mix it and master it to a professional quality sound) and even Nini agreed that the song came out alot better than she and everyone else expected. We give it 10 stars most definitely even though it really deserves more. It hit the billboard top 100 charts coming in at number 4 which beat out Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne, but not Nini of course, and it was put on the PSR site for 99 cents and it crashed due to be it downloaded over 1 million times which makes the BBOD a next hot topic, which will get people requesting interviews with them and so on, which means they are now going to start blowing up HUGE! If you would like to check the song out click here In other news, Nini has said she is not angry with Selena and she understands and so does everyone else, and we are still not sure if they are going to press charges on her as of yet. Also PSR has won the best label award which makes the label certified PLATINUM which is appropriate, to read the full article on that, click here

Ke$ha And Nini Release New Frangrance!

This afternoon Ke$ha and Nini has released a new women's fragrance titled "Pink Passion" and it hit stores and the PSR store a little while ago with a price tag of $79.99. The two have been working on a collab fragrance together for months and it finally released today after being delayed for several weeks. You can purchase it at stores like Victoria's Secret or Target as well as CVS and Rite Aid or the PSR store online. Nini is also working with some of her artists to add their clothing line into PSR's line and make it all a joint clothing store. So far everyone on PSR except for Alexis and Monica Spears has their own clothing line, but Nini wants to take their clothing line and add their designs and clothes into PSR which they have all agreed to do and they will all share the profits. Nini has revealed that there will be new women's clothes men's clothes kids clothes sneakers boots headgear underwear bras and jewelry coming to the PSR clothing line in early July and will be available for purchase in the middle of July so look out for that. In other news the collab song with NINI, PLIES, AND MONA L has released and all we can say is DAMN!!!! Check it here Its really really dope and it stole number two on the top 10 charts which beat out Nini's other song with Alex and Katy Perry. Congrats to them 3 for a really awesome song! :)

Selena Flips Out On National TV!

Selena Gomez was on the national enquirer this morning doing a interview for them and although almost everyone knows the national enquirer is very irritating, she agreed to the interview anyway. The interview started off fine, but towards the middle it became a little irritating. They started asking her questions about her BF Justin Beiber, in which she replied that she did not want to talk about that, and similar to how Nini's interview went before, they kept asking the same questions but in different ways. After that, she really began to get upset when they started asking her questions like "why are you dating a man that is with Illuminati, doesn't that make you an Illuminati whore?" Selena tried to maintain her cool, but the interviewer was really going overboard with her questions and she even went so far as to ask Selena did she participate in any of the lesbian initiation orgy's that Illuminati throws for new female members. And at this point, you can tell Selena began to get very mad and she began to raise her voice and the lady kept going on with questions that she clearly did not want to talk about and eventually, Selena got out the chair, picked it up and threw it at the lady. The Crew came to try and stop her but she was destroying everything on the set and you can see anger tears coming down and she threw poles chairs and metal things at the crew members that were trying to stop her. She was yelling and cursing at them and she stormed out and kicked the door so hard it broke off the hinges and it was a METAL door. We are told that the lady giving the interview is in the hospital suffering from head trauma due to being hit with the metal chair that Selena threw at her, and the crew members are all suffering from some sort of trauma by being hit with metal poles and bats and etc. We are not aware as of yet if they will press charges on Selena and Selena hasn't been able to be reached for comment, so when I get more on this developing story I will let you guys know. Check the full interview including the flipping out part here...Nini has not responded to this as of yet either. In other news Nini has confirmed that the new collab song with her featuring Plies and Mona L will be released later on today, so check back later for more info on that......

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nini Gets Plies And Mona L!!!

Today, Nini has signed 2 new artists to PSR, And they are 35 year old Florida rapper Plies, and 25 year old Harlem Rapper Mona L, former member of B.B.O.D Who is also signed with PSR. Word is that Plies has been signed to a 3 year 3 album 67 million dollar deal, and Mona L has been signed to a 4 year 4 album 50 million dollar deal and both have the opportunity to renew for a longer term and for more money at the end of their contracts. They haven't even been there for a full day yet and already both have released songs, Plies released a new song titled "Welcome Home" and Mona has released a song titled "You Feel Me" both songs do not feature Nini, but Nini has said earlier that a new song with her and both of them will be released soon. In other news, Nini was over in the United Kingdom, England to perform the national anthem at the game and she blew everyone's minds away with her high notes. Check it out here What do you guys think about Plies and Mona L being signed?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nini's Interview On Oprah

As promised, I have the full interview from Nini's appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey" show. It lasted about 45 minutes and they talked a Little bit about everything, so check it out below:
The show starts and Oprah says: Everyone I have a special guest here tonight! Please give a warm welcome to NINI!!!!!!! In which the audience members cheered and Nini came out smiling and waving at her fans in the audience which consisted of mostly women and she gave Oprah a hug and took her seat.
Oprah: Hey girl, You been really busy lately
Nini: Yes, just been trying to do everything at once which has been more than tiring
Oprah: I see, and you're supposed to be on vacation, are you still on vacation?
Nini: Yes I am, but at this point it doesn't seem like it, the job doesn't know the definition of vacation, especially when it comes to me (laughs, and the audience members laugh)
Oprah: Well first off I wanna say congratulations!!! (the crowd cheers) you have been winning alot of big awards lately and you recently won the presidential award am I right?
Nini: Yes
Oprah: And guys, she is friends with our president she is super presidential y'all!!! (the crowd cheers, and Nini smiles hard) so tell me, how is that?
Nini: Um well, its an amazing feeling, I ask myself everyday how am I worthy enough to experience these wonderful things and through the blessings that God has given me, I feel its what I worked so hard for and he notices that as well (the audience claps)
Oprah: So do you have a personal relationship with God?
Nini: Definitely, its a great bond there, that no one can come between (the audience claps)
Oprah: Good good, so tell me, You have an album coming right? (Nini says yes) tell me a little about that?
Nini: Well its called "The World Through My Eyes" and its due on June 28th, I never worked harder on anything in my life than this album, I want it to be what my fans are used to, but at the same time I want it to grab potential new fans that are not looking for all the rap and cussing and dirty things so this album represents a little bit of everything and has something different and specific for everyone, not just the Rap fans.
Oprah: I see, and "The World Through My Eyes" Is that what you said?" (Nini says yes) where did you come up with that title, I mean where did that come from?
Nini: Well, that symbolizes everything I have seen in my journey and those same things that I have seen allowing me to grow and mature as an artist and as a person. The title just basically refers to what I seen and what I been through in my life and how I use all of that to my advantage"
Oprah: NINI everyone, The World Through My Eyes June 28th (The crowd cheers and a picture of the album cover is shown)
Oprah; We'll be right back (A commercial break is shown for 4 minutes then it comes back on)
Oprah: We have Nini with us guys, she is an amazing talented artist and performer, so far she has won the presidential royal award, as well as countless others, and she owns her own record label called Platinum Sound Records, and she's also a mentor to her artist and she's considered a legend, all at the age of 22, welcome back here's NINI! (The crowd cheers and Nini says thank you and smiles)
Oprah: So whats going on with your label?
Nini: Well, we all have new projects that are coming very soon, even the newer artists has new material that will be released soon, its really all about hard work, I don't like goofing off and I try to get everyone on a work mind frame because if they want to be successful its no time to play"
Oprah: Exactly, so how did you feel when you became the owner?
Nini: It really wasn't a big deal honestly, because before I was the owner, it seemed like I was already, my whole team looked to me as if I was already the owner and I made decisions on my own already so its nothing too different, the only difference is that now its in writing so that makes it official but it seems like it was official before it was official (laughs and the crowd laughs and Oprah laughs)
Oprah: That's excellent, and does anyone try and take advantage of you due to your age?
NINI: Of course, people figure because I'm still young, I don't know right from wrong or I don't know how to count money or whatever, so people try to take advantage and I use the word "TRY" because that's all they can do is try they cant do it (laughs)
Oprah: That's how it started it for me believe me (laughs) so, is it true that you have royal presidential passes that allow to skip the security checks at airports, or be above the law as they say, or anything like that?
Nini Um, (laughs) no one ever asked me that before (laughs again) um well, yes its true, its not something I asked for or even expected at all, but I want everyone to look at me the same, because I'm really no different than anyone else, and if I act up I expect to get in trouble, so that's what being royal says, but I say I'm the same as anyone else.
Oprah: Is there anyone jealous over that?
Nini: well if they are they are keeping it to themselves (laughs, crowd laughs)
Oprah: So how close are you with the Obama's?
Nini: Pretty close, not best friends or anything but they are super nice and they are an inspiration to me and America.
Oprah: Do you visit them at the White house?
Nini (Laughs) well they have invited me a few times, but I haven't been able to make it yet.
Oprah: OK Nini everyone! (Crowd cheers)
Oprah: We'll be right back! (Commercial break)
Oprah: So lets talk about your charity work, hows that?
Nini: Its great I try and donate as much as I can to children and cancer victims, as well as victims of natural disasters and my charity team raises money for those things and to support the troops overseas" (the crowd cheers)
Oprah: And how much does your team raise?
Nini: At least 78 trillion dollars a year"
Oprah: WOW!!!!!!! (The crowd claps and cheers)
Oprah: I never seen that much in my life if you can believe that (Nini and the crowd laugh) and how much of that do you donate?
Nini: Pretty much all of it, I don't keep anything, I break it down of course, but everything I raise goes to low income families and victims and children.
Oprah: That's awesome its so nice to give back, wouldn't you agree?
Nini: Yes, it feels great
Oprah: Guys, Nini will be performing for us tonight!!!!! (the crowd cheers) check her out when we come back don't go anywhere, a performance from Nini when we come back"
Nini performed after the commercial break, she performed "My way" for 4 minutes and afterwards Oprah ran up to her and gave her a big hug and said "That's our show please give it up for NINI! And don't forget new album in stores on the 28th (the cover is shown again) love you guys GOOD NIGHT! She gives Nini a hug while the crowd is cheering and clapping and it goes off. Pretty cool interview, you can check it out on YouTube as someone has already posted it there. So if you missed it, hopefully I satisfied you by posting the full interview. Peace!

New 8 Way Collab + Nini's Political Views

The new 8 way collab I told you about has released today, and has hit the charts coming in at number 5 which beat out "Keep It Poppin" with Nini and 2 Chainz. Its available on the PSR site for 99 cents and has been downloaded over 50 thousands times so far which makes the song certified GOLD. Its actually pretty nice, much better than we expected you can click here to check it out and be the judge on it. In other news, Nini has confirmed she is a democrat and her political views and democratically supported, but she supports the Republicans as well. She has stated that she is a democrat because she supports all incomes whether it be rich or poor, and being a republican only supporting the rich is something she cant see herself doing. Nini's interview Begins NOW so check me back later for the FULL interview in case you guys miss it. Peace!

Nini Proves She's Human Like The Rest Of Us

Nini has wrote a heartfelt letter on her site dedicated to Jim Bern's, a child who was born Blind and half deaf that she met a few years ago, and gives him a congratulations for his acceptance into college despite his condition. Here's what she said:
Jim Bern's:
The first time I met Jim Bern's was in 2008 at the Awards Show, He was born Blind and was 13 at the time, and he touched my heart with his love for music and his strength, despite his condition. He is 18 now and has just graduated high school, I'm so proud of Him! He was born in Philadelphia and is known as a good luck charm, and he has proven to everyone, that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard. He is the bravest kid I know, his strength and determination is an inspiration, and he has just been accepted to the Temple University College of music and dance! Congratulations Jimmy!
Love, Nini
This isn't the first time Nini has reached out to her fans to show them they are special and important to her, in 2010, when Nini found out one of her younger female fans was diagnosed with cancer, she wasted no time in making a personal appearance at the hospital and bringing her on stage and dedicating her song "Dream Love" to her and donated 1 million dollars to her health care. She also is the founder of "We Will Make It" Foundation, which dedicates their time and resources to helping low income families and sick children as well as help with natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina etc. And she and her team has raised millions of dollars for scholarships for children and health care for kids as well as cancer research. She also donates to Children's Cancer Research every year. When she's not singing, dancing or acting she is proving that her status is not important compared to real problems that are going on in the world right now. She also just recently donated millions to help support our troops at war and bring them home safely. And she gave a BROOKLYN school the most memorable day of their lives, when she showed up at their gym and taught them all her dance moves and had a good time with them, and she proves that she is human just like us.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Karmin + Rihanna New Song

Today, Karmin and Rihanna have released a new song titled "Fierce" check the song here. In other news, Nini has been hard at work with her new boss and owner duties and so far has hired a total of 29 new staff members which consists of mostly interns as well as helpers and janitors. They all begin work on Monday at the label, and we are sure many of them are excited, Also Kat Graham has stated that she has a "Huge Mega Announcement" to make this weekend, of course we don't know what that announcement is, but if I find out I will let you know, if I don't then just wait for it this weekend, but many seem to think its her announcing her release from the label or that she's pregnant, but its really not actually known just speculation so we'll see. And don't forget to check out Nini on Oprah tomorrow on The Own channel at 7pm as well as Saturday on the UK sports channel at 1pm for her singing the National anthem, Well that's it for me tonight guys, Ill get some more stuff to you tomorrow. Peace and blessings~ P.S the 8 way collab I told you about that will feature, Alexis Jordan, Keke Palmer, Miranda Cosgrove, Cymphonique, Monica Spears, Monica, Ke$ha and Selena Gomez drops tomorrow, so I will post info about it tomorrow as well as post a link to check it out!

Kelly Is Not Leaving PSR Plus Meek Mill Rumors

Earlier reports of a rumor that Kelly Clarkson may be dropped or leaving PSR is false, Kelly has made a statement saying "Nah not true, I think that got started because I said I need a vacay and I guess people took that the wrong way, Why anyone would take something like that the wrong way is the million dollar question" In fact Kelly is almost done with her 6th album which is due in late October or Early November and she credits Nini for her success every chance she gets. In other news, 25 year old Philly Rap Star Meek Mill is being linked to Nini in more ways than one, The first link comes that he will be the newest member of PSR within the next month. That rumor came when he was doing an interview and he was asked his opinion on PSR in which he replied "Yeah PSR is the fam, I ain't got one negative thing to say about them, they eating right they living right everything good, my girl Nini got shit on lock over there and I respect anybody that stays on the grind ya feel me" Being that he said "PSR is the fam" people took that as him admitting that hes the new artist of "The Fam" and Nini nor Meek has denied that rumor, but we think its false due to the fact that he just signed another 4 year contract with MMG. The second link is linking Nini and Meek romantically, (Yes I said ROMANTICALLY) This comes after Nini was seen in a pic with Meek recently and he had his arm around her like a friendship thing, but people took that as that's her new secret man, and once again Nini nor Meek hasn't responded to that rumor as of yet. The 3rd link links them two as stars in a new movie together that's untitled and set to be released at the end of summer, and Meek is actually set to play in that movie, but we don't have confirmation that Nini will be alongside him. So alot of rumors are floating around, but knowing Nini as well as we do, we think they are all false, but of course we have to wait until some statements come. What do you guys think?

Kelly Clarkson Dropped??????

Word is that Kelly Clarkson has been either dropped or is leaving PSR!!!! we don't know at all about this story so its not much to post but ill dig deeper and let you guys know what I come up with a little later.....

New Song From Nini Katy And Alex!

There has been an unexpected release today from Nini, Katy Perry and Alex. The song is leaked and was not meant to be heard just yet, as that has been confirmed from Nini on her Twitter where she said: "The song was not supposed to come out yet, someone leaked it and when I find out who did they are dealing with me and they will be fired, but since you guys have already heard it don't be shy to let me know what you think about it :) Its not finished but its 95% completed so it shouldn't sound like someone singing in the shower lol" The song has been leaked with the title of "Bad Bitches" but Nini hasn't confirmed if that is the actual title or not. The song is hardcore ghetto style rap, but Katy does not rap, the way she sounds on the song is how Ke$ha sounds on a rap beat, not singing but not rapping either, more in the middle. Her punchlines are excellent and Nini kills her verse and Alex has the BEST verse on the song believe it or not. That's amazing because ever since PSR was started in 2009, no one has ever been better than Nini on her own song, but its apparent that she has a class A team, because when Alex first started, she wasn't as good as she is now. Katy does equally as well but she isn't better than Nini but she's close, and until she got with PSR we never actually knew she had skills and super dope punchlines the way she does. The song is FIRE even though its not 100% complete yet and people already wants to buy it. In fact, its so high in demand that Nini's Twitter page, her site and the PSR site crashed completely, due to so many fans writing her asking her to post the song for download. The song hit the "FIRE" Charts and came in at number 1, which beat out the "Birthday Cake Remix" which has been at number 1 for a month now, and this song is currently the hottest single in the world Right now. I challenge anyone to listen to this song and say you don't like it, and I will shut my mouth and never post again, who can prove me wrong???? PS why didn't you guys tell me I had the wrong pic of Alex? You guys like making me look like an ass don't you lol.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nini Gets Disrespected By Fan!

OMG, this afternoon a female fan went wild on Nini! Nini was spotted in downtown Phoenix Arizona, making an appearance at the "Hot Spot" cafe teenage hangout spot to sign autographs on pictures, albums and of course boobs. It lasted around an hour and she was with 2 of her bodyguards and within that time, she signed autographs for everyone that was there, which was 900 people including the owners of the cafe. At the end, She informed everyone that her new album will be dropping at midnight on June 28th and that its available to pre-order on her site right now. She took a few pics with female and male fans and began to pack up and leave. Then a crazy female stormed in and started screaming "Why are you guys kissing her ass, what is it with you people, she doesn't care about y'all none of these celebs do, they worship the wrong person and they don't deserve our respect!!!" The security and bodyguards that were there then stepped out to grab her and put her out and the fans and owners who were there were looking in shock, some were shaking their heads. And Nini had a smile on her face the entire time, but it was more of a creepy eerie smile more than anything, the kind of smile that says "I wanna fight you". The bodyguards managed to get her out while she was screaming "don't worship her" and Nini apologized to everyone for the disturbance. She left out of the store and was on her way to her limo, and the girl, who was still outside, threw a rock at Nini, but it hit Ramon, her bodyguard in the head, and Nini started to go towards her saying "Bitch why don't you throw something now while I'm looking!" , but her bodyguards and some fans held her back and her security team helped her into the car without her getting hurt. A male fan grabbed the girl, as she was trying to go towards Nini and screaming at her while the bodyguards were putting her into the limo, and he tackled her to the ground and held her there while she was yelling curse words at him and everyone else, and The police were called at the scene and they arrested her and put her into the backseat of the police car. The sheriff that was on the scene made this statement. "Well, she wasn't hurt that's the good thing so I see no need to press charges in this case, but its obvious this female has issues with her, we are not sure if its jealousy or personal, but she will be booked and we hope that this never happens again" We are told that Ramon didn't suffer any serious damage due to the fact that the rock was a small one, but we are told Nini is PISSED! and there is no calming her right now. The police has released the name and mugshot of the crazy girl which is AMANDA LOPEZ and while in custody she confessed that the incident was due to her being intoxicated and she just felt like fighting someone. We are told she is charged with Reckless Endangerment, Under The Influence In Public, and causing a disturbance to public and private property as well as "non authority to a public celebrity figure" and we are told she is being held on $15.000 dollars bail which she cant afford to post so she will be spending the week in there until her trial date which hasn't been revealed yet.

Nini Set To Appear On Oprah

Oprah Winfrey, TV'S biggest Talk Show Host has apparently asked Nini for a one on one interview which Nini has accepted, .........Being that the two go way back and are actually cool (I wouldn't say close) she agreed to the interview without getting paid for it. The interview is scheduled to take place Friday June 22nd at 7pm on the OWN channel. So tune in for that and I will post the entire interview in case you guys miss it. Another appearance is that Nini is set to open the UK sports commission game with the "Star Bangle Banner" anthem this weekend and she is being paid a reported 17 million dollars for that, but we aren't sure about that, as the sports commission has said "We are not paying 17m for anything, that is false, if we can get Nini without paying for Nini that would be great, and she has already agreed to do it from the kindness of her heart and sing the national anthem for her country" So check that out as well going down Saturday on the UK sports channel. In other news, Nini has purchased a 62 million dollar private airplane along with a personal pilot to get her to and from her shows when she comes back from vacation and she is reportedly paying her pilot 7,000 dollars a flight (that's how you get places in style and privacy lol) Also Nicki Minaj, TIP, And Eminem have released a new track today titled "Strange Places" The song is certified FIRE and is right behind Nini's number one song on the charts, and it has beat out her number two song with Katy Perry and is doing great! Its available on the PSR site so go get it or check it here Check me out later for more info! PEACE~!

Nini's Pre Album Release Party!

Whats up guys, Last night was Nini's pre release party for her new album "The World Through My Eyes" which drops on June 28th. The party was held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, NY and it was a few royal celebs in attendance, but I'll get to that later. It started around 8:30pm and it began with a dedication to Nini, where people got on the stage and said a few nice things about her and her music. There was a small VIP section which seated 12 people and after the nice comments, there was food that was brought out from the back by Nini's private butlers and it was a nice soul food buffet. Everyone was dressed in fancy sophisticated clothing (myself included) and it reminded you of a prom,sort of. The DJ began playing songs from the new album, but only previews which was like only 1 minute long and he did that for each song just to give us a taste on whats coming, and the audience reacted well to them. Everyone went about their business talking and chowing down while the music was being played. Now for the guests: The royal celebs included: Nini of course, Rhi Rhi, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Kelly Clarkson, Big Sean, Selena Gomez, Ke$ha, Cymphonique, Miranda Cosgrove, JAY-Z, Kat Graham, Nicki Minaj, TIP, Eminem And the Knowles Fam (B, SOLO AND TINA) and they were the VIP of the night and they were seated high above everyone in the VIP section. Other guests who were in attendance were: Mike Tyson, The Game, Vanessa Williams, Michelle Williams, Keyshia Cole, Vivica A Fox, Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy and Brandon T Jackson. But they were not in the VIP section, but they seemed to be having a good time. The food that was there was soul food and included: Fried chicken, mac n cheese, greens, mashed potatoes, ribs, hot wings, turkey breasts, gravy, corn, salad and smothered pork chops. The desserts were: Chocolate cake, Chocolate pudding and Chocolate brownies. The VIP guests in the VIP section (including Nini) had their food brought up to them (cant say we blame them) There were a few select fans in attendance as well, which were mostly fans who have won previous contests from Nini and were allowed to participate in this event as a part of their prize. The fans were not star struck and there wasn't any problems from any of them. It was 5 girls and 3 men and they were calm and cool throughout the whole night, despite being around many royal and famous people. The rest of the attendance was made up of PSR management, Nini's producers, engineers, mixers, designers and label staff. The party was filled with 172 people including myself which is not a HUGE party like her last one, but it was still pretty cool. Nini was not seen most of the night as she stayed in VIP with her VIP guests. She was only seen in the beginning, and for some reason she left the party at around 12:15am by herself, and left the party to us. During her absence, the DJ began playing more music and everyone decided to get up and dance, including the folks in VIP who came down to take part with everyone, even Tina Knowles (its funny to see old people dance lol) and everyone was having a great time. Surprisingly though, there was NO alcohol at this event, no bar, not even a mini bar was there, so we were a little disappointed by that being that Nini's parties always seem to get wild with liquor involved. But it was no big deal and we just moved on. Nini didn't return until after 230AM, and at this time the party was wrapping up. She got on stage and thanked everyone for coming out to support her, and that she appreciates everyone in the room including us fans. And then she personally called me out which was a shock and my heart was pounding the whole time lol. here's what she said: "I also would like to thank Johnny, my blogger, you give my fans more of me and you keep my work and my name in everyone's heart and I appreciate that, and I appreciate the fact that you are not like most bloggers who post bullshit just to get a story, I love how you only deal with facts and I respect you for that, give it up for Johnny Y'all!!!" in which all eyes were on me, the spotlight flashed on me and everyone cheered for me. It really was a proud moment for me lol. A few of the guys came to shake my hand and a few of the girls gave me hugs and it felt so nice to be respected by a royal crew :). The party continued for another 30 minutes until 3:00 on the dot and when 3 hit, the music stopped and everything shut down and everyone began leaving out the building. Nini was standing outside and was giving everyone hugs when they walked out and everyone went their separate ways. I was the last to come out and when I got outside I thanked her for her shout out, and she said "Don't make me regret what I said" in which I said "Never That" in which we both laughed and gave each other a hug and she waved bye to me and I did the same. She really is a cool person and I was delighted to have that personal moment with her, even if it WAS just a moment lol. All in all it was the sweetest party I ever been too and its true what they say: Celebs throw the best parties. Everyone hopped into their stretch limos while Nini stayed behind inside with her management crew and we all departed the area. That's the story on how it went down last night and we cant wait for that album it sounds super cool! P.S sorry guys, I wasn't able to get many pics for you, my camera was acting up the entire night, BUT, I managed to get a couple as you can see above, so please don't hate me lol

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Earlier Reports Are False

Just as we expected, the reports of a beef between Nini and Beyonce are false. A little while ago Nini made a statement regarding the rumors, saying "The so called beef is false, I look to Jay as a father figure and in no way would we ever have a fight over something like that, besides I am married so that's plain crazy anyway, the songs that you are reading about are older songs that are not mines and someone took that person's song and put my name on it and directed it towards someone but its not true" Beyonce has also made a statement on her Twitter saying "No beef, sorry! why would I want to beef with Nini, that's like my best friend or a kuzzo DUH!" And Lil Wayne has made a statement also saying "Nah it ain't nothing like that, me and Jay got a cool relationship and we all good right now so kill that" JAY is the only one who didn't respond yet regarding this. In other news, as I reported yesterday, Nini's pre album release party is tonight and its getting set up as we speak, so unless something really important goes down you wont be reading anything from me until after 3am tonight when its over and I will post all that goes down......Peace

Nini's New Song!

Nini has released a new song this morning titled "PSR" And it features new artists Kid Sister and The B.B.O.D crew. The song is not doing so well due to many saying the B.B.O.D crew sucks and they say they kill the song. Many say Kid Sister and Nini Kills it, but that's how it should've been just them two. The other 3 are getting no love on their new home or this song. So its apparent that Nini has to mentor them in order to get them up to PSR standards because there was a poll this morning asking fans if they would buy an album from B.B.O.D even if its with Nini and 95% said "No" and only 5% said "Yes" and if it stays like that, they are gonna be dropped before they can even make anything. They have been around for 4 years and No one picked them up, maybe it was a reason for that. Anyways, the song has made it to number 19 on the charts and it is available for download on Nini's site and the PSR site. Check it here..... We think the song is very nice and we don't see anything wrong with either artist but of course its up to the fans, so what do you guys think?