Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Music + Tay's Cousin Wants No Drama

Today we got more new music from the PSR crew. First off is Ari. She released a nice song today titled "No More Drama" and it features her hubby Big Sean. Its produced by DJ Drama and the song is Pop and Rap,  she sings and he raps, and they both do really good and they sound awesome together, it currently is at the number 3 spot beating out Fi5th Harmony's new song. Click here to check out "No More Drama" by Ari Ft Big Sean. Next is Rita Ora with a new song titled "Growing Pains"Its a real song, its 8 minutes long where she goes over all the hard times in her life from the time she was born to the time she move to America at 17 from London until now, its one of those songs where many people can definitely relate, and its produced by Jimmy Anderson and K.Michelle. It has stolen the number 1 spot so far and is getting positive reviews. Click here to check out "Growing Pains" by Rita Ora. Last is Brianna Perry with a bomb new song called "Worn Out" It seems to be a diss to Taylor which is the first diss to her from PSR since the war started, but its subliminal if it is, but whether its a diss or not (we really think it is) its a bomb song produced by Kayla Starr, and it is number 2 on the charts so far. Click here to check out "Worn Out" by Brianna Perry. Its said that next up is Tamar Braxton and NiNi, cool. In other news, yesterday, Taylor's cousin Mia, spoke up about NiNi and Tay and said that they were close friends before they both were famous, and today she spoke up and said she doesn't want any drama with NiNi OR PSR, and she insists that she wasn't trying to start anything she just wanted to clear the air and let everyone know that it was love before all this hate.  She posted a tweet today after obviously receiving hate messages from PSR fans. She posted "Look, I'm cool with NiNi, or at least I was, I'd still like to think I am, I'm not trying to start any drama, I have a son and I don't need that mess around me, it wasn't to make her look bad, but my cousin looks bad right now too, but it wasn't in defense over anyone, I just wanted to make it clear that we all used to be so close and it hurts me to see it like this, they used to call each other besties, just like the ones she has now, It sickens me to see it come to this and that's all I was trying to say" Its said that many NiNi and PSR fans have been attacking her because they think she is lying, but so far she hasn't got death threats yet (not yet anyway) She also is aware that Taylor is still missing, but she feels that she is missing because she wants to be, she says that ever since she was younger, when things get real stressful, she goes away from everyone and everything. She also insists that although Tay is her fav cousin, she has no issues with NiNi, she still wants to be her friend, and hopes that this quote 'silly nonsense" can end soon. Click here to check out her post and her live audio on the Tay and PSR subject......

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