Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NiNi Releases 4th Single From Mixtape

NiNi told us that she will be releasing 4 singles from her new upcoming mixtape to eliminate her competition and get the world ready for what's coming when the mixtape releases and she has been doing just that. All of the people who were stepping on top of her including her queen buddy have been pushed right back under her with the first 3 singles and now the very is anxiously waiting for this mixtape and today she further eliminated the competition by releasing her 4th single today titled "Ciroc In My Cup" which features Jim Jones and his wife Ms Chrissy who isn't brand new to the entertainment industry but she is brand new to the rapping scene and this is only her second song. The song has received positive reviews but a few people though have said that the song would have been fine with just Jim and NiNi as Chrissy isn't getting any love as many say she isn't a good rapper. We have no comment on that but we do love the song, and we give it a 9. Regardless of the negativity its receiving because of Chrissy it still stole the number 1 spot which was her previous single. She still isn't back in America but she still is holding it down over here. Click here to check out "Ciroc In My Cup" By NiNi Ft Jim Jones and Chrissy. In other news, NiNi and Solo did a large crowd of over 100,000 fans and NiNi joined the fans in the seating area and received much holding crying and squeezing. It was an explosive night indeed click here to check out the video!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NiNi And Solo Killed It Last Night In Paris

The other Knowles was not in attendance as we are told she returned back to the US but NiNi and Solo took the stage at the Jon Paul Devere stadium last night in front of over 62,000 fans and murdered the show. They performed their hit song "Cold World" and many other fan favorite songs and they were beyond on point. The show lasted for over 2 hours and afterwards they had backstage signings and pictures. I managed to have my buddy get some video for you guys, click here to check it out Enjoy! In other news, NiNi is coming back to America November the 2nd and she and solo will rejoin her queen buddy in Kansas when she returns. She and Solo have a show tonight and we will get you details on that. As far as America goes, the PSR crew has just been hard at work while the boss is gone, no new songs or albums have released, but no drama has been happening either, in fact drama at PSR seems to be calming down a lot, we may be speaking too soon but that's how it is right now, so all we have to say about PSR at this point is they are doing a great job of being hard workers, we're sure the boss is proud of them. *UPDATE* Miley Cyrus has confirmed today that her new hip hop album "BANGERZ" will be released tomorrow, everyone is so excited including us as Miley has been getting way more popular, we will give you all the details tomorrow!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Zendaya Is Right To Work + NiNi Is Making A Movie!

Zendaya Coleman was signed to PSR less then 2 days ago and already she has released her first single off the label titled "Tell The DJ" Which features fellow Disney star and singer CoCo Jones. Its a pretty cool song and its for the clubs or parties and so far its receiving positive reviews. Out of all of the new PSR artists she is the only one who released a song within a day and a half of being signed the closest was Ariana and Victoria who released songs a little over a week after being signed, so Zendaya is doing pretty well for herself, she still has a long way to go before she is big like she wants to be but her music and her determination should get her there. Click here to check out "Tell The DJ" By Zendaya Ft CoCo Jones! In other news, NiNi's song OG Ft Dr Dre continues to blow up in the streets and in the music game and NiNi has announced that a video will be made for it and Dre also confirmed that over Twitter. She also mentioned the movie that everyone is going so crazy about and she confirmed that she is in fact making a new movie but that's all she is saying, no title no dates no characters no more info whatsoever so we have no clue on anything beyond that, but at least  you guys do know the rumors are true and people are literally waiting patiently to see this movie. Her  last movie blew up and is still huge, so people really would like to see what she will do next, but her  lips are sealed, so as usual guys we just have to wait and see! If we hear any more info about this movie we will let you guys know! Also the OMG Girlz reunited a little over a month ago and they have gotten bigger and stronger then they were before,  seems like a little separation is all they needed and they released a new song titled "Ballin" Ft Lil Wayne and Asia Sparks click here to check it out!

Katy Perry Releases BDAY Album

As promised Katy Perry released her 7th studio album and her 3rd PSR album on her 29th birthday which was yesterday the 25th called "Mind Blowin" The album is produced by NiNi, Katy and co produced by Kanye West and its a mix of R&B and Pop. It has 13 tracks 11 of which are solo and the other two feature NiNi and Solange. The album was off to a late start as she performed in her hometown of Los Angeles at her old high school for her birthday, and the album didn't release until around 9 last night but the minute it dropped it sold over 200 million copies and by midnight she sold more then she ever sold before which was 600 million copies which is a broken record for herself, although she is no where near NiNi she continues to keep increasing her royal status, now its 7 in the morning and we can only imagine how many extra copies have sold, but sources say she still isn't close to NiNi. We give the album 9.5 out of 10 stars which is an A- and our  two favorite songs on the album are track number 6 which is "Royal" Ft NiNi and track number 10 which is "Wide Awake PT.2" The second part of her song "Wide Awake" where she continues to take shots at the darkness in the game and resist going back to that life. It really is a good album and she definitely is much much bigger then ever now. The album is available on ITunes, and in retail stores worldwide as well as her website and the PSR website for $9.99 click here to purchase "Mind Blowin" by Katy Perry. Ciara's birthday was also yesterday and she turned 28 so we would like to say happy belated birthday to CiCi!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

"OG" Blows Away Everything

Lately we've been hearing that a new song which will be the 3rd single off of NiNi's new mixtape will be coming soon and today the rumors were confirmed to be true with a brand new song,  and its a bomb California song called "OG" and it features the legendary doctor,  DR Dre. The song quickly hit the number 1 spot and wiped NiNi's previous number 1 song down the charts and all of her competition has been blown down the charts as well. We wouldn't say this is the best song ever released by NiNi, we feel that that's "Dream "Love, but this song is very close to the best. It has west coast themes all throughout the song with a sample of EZE with respect to Dre's hometown of Compton and samples of Warren G with respect to NiNi's hometown of Long Beach. It really is a great song and pure gangsta, which the title is very appropriate for. The song has been receiving very positive reviews and has been getting radio play on every radio station around  the word and its being requested everywhere as far as China for purchase, so NiNi is continuing to show us that she is right when she say her new BDAY mixtape will in fact be blowing all of her competition away. The song is not yet available for download or for purchase, but you can click here to check it out! We give the song a 1000 out of 10 yeah its that good! Once again click here to check out "OG" By NiNi Ft DR Dre. Also rumor is floating around that NiNi will be starring in a new movie, we don't have much details yet, but we are digging and when we find out more we will let you guys know!!

Zendaya Coleman Signs To PSR

17 year old Disney actress and singer Zendaya Coleman has been signed to PSR. She recently appeared on China's show ANT Farm and most recently she signed to Hollywood records on a development but today she received a call from NiNi and she signed herself out and signed herself into PSR. Sources say she has been signed to a 2 year 2 album deal with the label, and she has the option to renew after 2 years if she does well with the label. Congrats to Zendaya for becoming apart of the platinum team!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Ke$ha Announces Engagement To Big Sean!

What a sweet day! Ke$ha and Big Sean have been seen together on many occasions dating back to 2008 when they both were spotted in Ke$ha's hometown of Santa Monica CA, but they did a great job of playing the friend card and they didn't make their relationship public until early August of this year, which Ke$ha did by Tweeting about it saying "I've been dating Sean since 08, and I love him and he loves me" and today she confirmed that she and Sean are engaged posting 'He gave me the biggest ring I've ever seen, we are officially engaged, when he asked me my heart dropped, despite all the women that's in and out of his life because of his job, I now know I'm the one he really wants" She didn't announce when they may be getting married, but we are happy for them and we would like to say good luck and congratulations to them both. Speaking of marriages, Mr. West and Kim K are back on, despite the fact that he cheated on her and got Rihanna pregnant Kim says that he wrote her a 1000 page apology letter and said he really loves her and wants to be in her and the babies life, and after some crying she decided to give him another chance since she still really loves him, and she says he is doing even better then before and he is catering to her more then ever but she also said that if he ever messes up again even in the smallest way its definitely over, so congrats also to Ye and Kim! NiNi is still off work but she made an appearance in Soho this afternoon where she was spotted going into a Fridays restaurant and ordering takeout food. She was heavily packed with bodyguards so no camera was able to get to her at all and she got into her limo and pulled off with two bags of food. NiNi is also said to be making an appearance in Savannah GA for an autograph signing between 6 and 7 but that hasn't been confirmed as of yet, but if so make sure you guys get your autographs!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nini Is Off Till Tuesday + PSR Is Getting Bigger

Nini has confirmed that she will be off until Tuesday and when she returns Tuesday she will be in Atlantic city NJ and she also confirmed the rumor that lady GaGa will in fact be joining them for 3 days but she says she has no problem with it. She also mentioned the rumor of Princess joining PSR and said the rumor is false. In other news PSR is blowing up much bigger then ever. They have won at least 77 awards so far and more is coming. Every artist is bigger then the label itself and that says something. PSR has been voted number 1 more then once and now it's voted best label ever and they're up for the number 1 label award so we would like to say Congrats to PSR!  Also Nicki Minaj has a new song out titled Get High which features Asia Sparks its a real cool song all the potheads will love it. Click here to check it out!

NiNi And A$AP Fire Collabo

Today a new song dropped which is the second single from her new upcoming mixtape. She said that her MIXTAPE will murder all the competition and it looks to be that way with this song. The song is titled "Show me what you got" and features her artist ASAP Rocky. Its a down south type song with some west coast theme elements to show respect to both artists. This song is doing amazing on the charts and NiNi has taken back her number 1 spot which B stole from her and she bumped her new song down. We love the song and so does everyone else. It has no negative reviews and if her MIXTAPE is going to be anything like this song we know that MIXTAPE will blow. Speaking of collabs another one has released by Rihanna Ft NiNi and Lady GaGa that's another amazing song but Ninis song is still king. Click here to check out both songs!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

NiNi Spotted Showing All Her Tats Going To The Dentist

Today NiNi was spotted rocking a gorgeous 2 piece outfit showing of all of her tattoos with her blonde curly hairdo walking in a dentists office in downtown Atlanta. She was in the office for about 35 minutes and when she exited the office camera's caught up to her and she told them she got her braces tightened and she said she is in a little pain but she will live and she looked as cute as ever. She also mentioned that she will be off today no shows tonight as both queens are off, but if we get any other PSR info, as usual we will let you know!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Solange Announces Her New Album + PSR Album

In my last post I was mentioning a couple of the artists who are really blowing up since they been with PSR this is another one. Solo has always been famous, I mean just being related to the Knowles fam can make you famous, but she always had a name for herself, she was an actress, a singer and part owner of the famous house of Dereon, but Solo fell off for a while and went to Dj'ing to keep her money flowing, but a little while ago she signed with PSR and now her DJ'ING is no longer necessary because she is huger now then she has ever been! Everyone is talking about Solo and they want to see her perform asap. Her singing skills have also improved too and now we see she is really talented just like her sister, and now she is no longer called the younger one which followed her her whole life, she is now called simply "Solo" In fact she is almost up there with her sister, so when she announced that she is releasing an album the public and the media went nuts. She announced it over twitter saying "Hey guys, my new album is coming November 24th called "Don't Give Up" I really had a great time recording it and I worked with some really talented artists and producers I just hope you guys love it as much as I do" After that statement her soon to be released album became the highly anticipated album of the month, but that's not all she announced, she also mentioned that PSR album that we've been waiting on forever. Sources say its similar to Young Money's "We Are Young Money" album where every Young Money Artist was on it and this PSR album is titled "Platinum Sounds" and it features every single PSR artist even the late Jade (RIP), and even old PSR artists who are no longer with the label. I have better news though, its coming TOMORROW! She said "I know you guys have been waiting for the label album well your waiting is OVER its coming TOMORROW! Its 54 songs that's a lot of damn songs lol, and its from everyone on the label myself included so you know that's gonna be dope, its about 6 hours long so hope you have time to get through it all its really some amazing shit on that album even songs you never heard before yay!" So we officially can not WAIT for this PSR album tomorrow and we are sure that it will do at least 100 times better then the Young Money album, I will give you a full review tomorrow on it so stay tuned for more info on that!

China Aplogizies To India!

China is only 15 but she has showed us many times that she is very mature for her age and today was another one of those times. Despite the fact that her and India are not too friendly with each other,  she still stepped up in a mature way which is something that a lot of grown artists do not do and she apologized to her. Check out her Tweet from earlier "Last week, I had a fight with you, and I would like to apologize to you because it wasn't worth either of our time, we have to work at the same environment we shouldn't waste our time bickering at each other, we should use that extra energy where its really needed and that's towards our work, I don't hate you, and I don't want to do this anymore, so if you're willing to let it go and start it over I'm down too" India responded to her within 25 minutes posting "Thank you girl that really means a lot, sure I would love to get past all of this silly drama, Nisha is helping us a great deal and we should really show her where our energy can go, so I'm definitely down to kill this and start over ;)" Many people said that NiNi must have told China to apologize but NiNi has said that she had no influence whatsoever in her decision to apologize, she also mentioned that she is very proud of both of them for deciding to do the right thing and she says she wishes all of her artists were like that when it comes to beefing with one of their own. So are these two friends?, will we be hearing collabs?, we don't know how that will go, Demi and Rita had the same problem,  apologized and they collabed and are even going on tour together so anything is possible, but for now its just an apology so it is what it is at the moment. Speaking of China, today she has been voted the biggest most popular name under 18 in the game, and she is the only artist under 18 that's royal and apart of NiNi's super secret circle, so we feel we should congratulate her, so congratulations to China, and all this time she is still working with her Disney co stars on A.N.T Farm but she says she wants to focus more on her music and her Disney days will be over after this next season is over. Another young person who is blowing up is 14 year old PSR artist Ann Margaret who was signed to PSR a little over 2 months ago and already has released 3 mixtapes and at least 20 very successful songs. She is bringing the rock n roll scene back to life and she is being compared to rock and roll legend Avril Lavigne and she is even being called the female Elvis, so her time at PSR has really helped her quite well, and with a boss and mentor like NiNi its no wonder why her and everyone else over there at PSR is blowing up so huge, in fact NiNi may be training them too well, since some of them are starting to beat her, but you're only as good as your crew, so that's a good thing regardless! Congrats to Ann Margaret as well! In other news, its 2 rumors floating around the game. 1st is that Lady Gaga will be joining the queens in ATL for the next 3 days. She performed with them before and even NiNi had to admit she did super well, but we don't know if this is true or not. Second is NiNi's ex enemy Princess is joining PSR. This actually doesn't come as a shock considering every time NiNi beefs with someone and its over they join PSR... look at Banks and Ke$ha, but once again we have no idea if either one of these rumors are true, but we will let you know...... and speaking of Banks and Ke$ha check out their new song released today titled "We Are The One" Its a real conceited royal celebrity kind of song, but it bangs hard and it combines Ke$ha's pop style with Azalea's rap style click here to check it out!

NiNi Promises To Murder Her Competion!

For the first time in 6 years other people are actually beating the queen when it comes to record sales and chart positions. People like Britney Spears, Katy Perry, BeyoncĂ© and Lady Gaga are outshining NiNi with the release of their new albums and mixtapes. For example Britney has released a new album and it beat out NiNi's last album in only 2 days, BeyoncĂ© released a new song last week and it stole NiNi's spot and bumped her to number 8, and just a few days ago, Demi Lavato sold out her new album higher then NiNi. But NiNi isn't phased by it as she said her new mixtape will help her regain her position she said "I'm proud of them I mean that from my heart, they are all working hard, but at the same time this game is more then entertainment its a competition and my competition is about to be eliminated, they all know that, despite the fact that all of them are my biggest competition they are also my friends, well most of them but its no hard feelings when I kill them but I have to put them in their place (laughs) and my new mixtape is going to do that and I can guarantee that" Sources say that in addition to the mixtape killing her big competition, she also has something else very big planned to do that before the mixtape finishes it off, but she isn't talking on what it is so guess we just have to wait and see. In other news, last night the queens were in Atlantic City NJ and made a special appearance at the Taj Mahal hotel and casino for autographs and afterwards they hit up the Trump and performed a truckload of their new songs together, it reminded you of when they first started their tour together in A.C at the Revel, it was really wonderful. Video cameras weren't allowed, but some footage of the show still made its way onto the Internet and you can click here to check it out! Afterwards they hit up Diddy's Ciroc Afterparty and it was so exclusive that it was at least 90 cops standing outside in front and we are told that everyone who is anyone was in attendance, but its said that NiNi was involved in an argument with Actor Robert Denero but we are still trying to get that confirmed !

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NiNi Responds To Alicia Keys

Today NiNi got around to speaking on Alicia and her disrespectful song and statement and she said "I don't care yo, I even apologized to that woman she still wants to act like a big baby so be it I don't kiss anyone's ass, but as I said many times I don't bang on wax anymore its up close and personal with a fight that's how I settle my beefs now, so if that's what she wants I'm down too, I already said I was sorry if that isn't good enough then fuck her too" The media is trying to start more drama as they grabbed Alicia and told her what NiNi said and she said "she sounds like a man, with the way she talks tell me what female do you hear talking like that these days, that's how men talk, that ain't lady like at all, it makes her look like a tomboy, anyway whatever that's all I have to say, and for the record I never knew she apologized but whatever" We aren't sure if this will turn into another one of NiNi's bloody beefs like she usually has, but fans are already taking sides instigating more trouble and most are on NiNi 's side, so guess we just have to see what happens when it happens, but if you want my opinion, I do think it will be at least one more fight and one more hospital visit before this is over, but we don't think its as bad as Princess, but we will see, that's all for now guys! *UPDATE* Rhianna has got into a huge argument with Kanye in front of hundreds of fans and she punched him after he called her a sneaky bitch and he looked like he was embarrassed and about to cry. We don't know what the fight was about but Ri Ri Doesn't look pregnant anymore and we think that's what its about but we'll do some digging and let you guys know!

NiNi Gets Hit With A Basketball + Demi Pasts Up NiNi!!

Today NiNi was accidentally hit with a basketball as she arrived in Long Beach NJ  and a kid was holding a basketball and so many people rushed to her and they bumped into the little boy and the ball went flying out of his hand ad knocked NiNi on her head. She wasn't upset though she made a joke about it and had a laugh. The little boy who had to be at least 9 or 10 thought he did something wrong and he cried but NiNi picked him up and gave him a hug and told him that it was OK and that he didn't do anything wrong and she signed his basketball and made him happy. NiNi is in Long Beach because she has an autograph signing for a couple of hours. Its open to the general public for 2 full hours so if you want an autograph, get down to Long Beach, NJ on Sanford Ave. In other news, we have new details on the China and India Tension. It has been confirmed the two did in fact fight, but only for a few minutes until Tina Knowles broke it up and called NiNi who was at lunch. NiNi told India to get out but she kept China, we still don't know the reason for that as of yet, but some say its because NiNi and China are super close, others say because India started it, but we really don't know what the real reason right now. When we find out more we will let you know. Also we feel a big congratulations is in order for Demi Lavato who released her 2nd PSR album today and it past up NiNi's new album which no one on PSR or any other label has ever done there is no official word for how many albums she has sold today and the number still increasing, Miranda is almost there too, but for now its just Demi, Congrats on being the first artist to ever beat NiNi's album record, we know royal is in your near future!

New PSR Albums Released Today + India Benet Returns To PSR But Is There Issues With China?

As mentioned before PSR was running a little slow due to the events that have been going on lately but they are still proving that they are the best label in the game and the quickest to bounce back as many Albums have released today. Ke$ha, Keri Hilson, Ann Margaret, Asia Sparks, Tyga, Carly Rae Jepsen, Demi Lavato, K.Michelle, Brianna Perry, OMG Girlz, Karmin, Carmen, Christina Aguilera and Monica have all released albums today and its the most that has ever been released in one day off a label in music history, but with PSR anything is possible. Miranda Cosgrove, Cymphonique, Kat, Kendrick Lamar, Kid Ink, Miley China Ciara and Katy Perry also all have new albums coming this month. Miranda is October 19th. Cymphonique October 21st, Kat October 27th, Kendrick October 31st, Kid Ink October 21st, Miley October 22nd China is October 24th Ciara is October 29th and Katy Perry is October 25th so make sure you be on the lookout for all of the PSR October albums. To see detailed feedback for each new album that was released today, click here to go to my page regarding albums. In other news, a few weeks ago, PSR artist India Benet was rushed to the hospital because she tried to commit suicide by slitting her neck. Today she was released and she returned back to work completely healed up. She gave a quick interview before going into work this morning and she has confirmed that she is fine and she doesn't have those thoughts anymore which is good but sources say that she is not on good terms with China. Ever since India signed with PSR we've been hearing tension between them mainly because they are around the same age, but PSR did a pretty good job with covering it up, but now it seems to be getting worse between them and sources say that China was one person who wasn't happy to see her back and sources say that as soon as India returned a fight broke out between the two which made NiNi send India right back home. But sources say that she didn't send China home which made India very upset because China got special treatment but although she was upset she didn't disrespect her boss she just did what she told her  to do. We don't even know if this story is true, all we do know is that India did leave back out within 56 minutes after she arrived but as far as the reason being a fight we have no idea, but we will find out and let you guys know!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Its Obvious That Alicia's New Song Was For NiNi

Today, the paparazzi finally caught up to Alicia Keys to talk to her about her new song that was released last week and the camera woman said to her "Alicia your new song is wonderful, but it has many people thinking that you're taking shots at NiNI" Her reply was "SO" The camera women asked "So does that mean the song is directed at NiNi" She replied "Maybe" and she said so you actually have a problem with the queen? "She replied "Lady stop calling her that its only one of them and its my girl Beyonce, cant no one else call themselves a queen, no matter what"  and then she walked away. So it definitely seems as if its major tension between these two. Alicia has a limp when she walks and its noticeable but she tries to hide it, but she seems to be doing OK although despite all the make up she is wearing to cover it up she still has bumps and bruises on her face. NiNi has not responded to Alicia's statement as of yet. Speaking of NiNi and Alicia they recorded a new song together that was supposed to be on her new upcoming mixtape, but sources say NiNi has deleted the collab with Alicia and will replace it with another song,  which sucks since the two work so well together, but the collab between NiNi and Alicia is no more, sorry guys, I know how much most of you were looking forward to that. In other news, NiNi has made a book about her life, that is due for release one day before her mixtape which will be November 12th. SOURCES say that its sort of an biography but much more on her personal life which everyone is looking forward to, so be on the lookout for that on the 12th a day before her new mixtape drops. P.S Katy Perry has  a new song out which is the first single from her new album due on her birthday October 25th called "Eye Of The Tiger" click here to check it out, it has stolen the number 1 spot and beat out NiNi and Taylah P's new song. Its brilliant Once again, click here to check it out!

NiNi Defends Rita And Tamar Braxton

One thing we know about NiNi is that she is down for her artists,  and today she proved it. Rita and Tamar which are both on PSR have agreed to provide voices for a new episode of the number one cartoon Spongebob Squarepants and they have faced criticism for it and NiNi spoke her opinion saying "I think its cool, you cant expect people to just do music, so what if you're if you're a musician its other things you can do to further your career, whether it be clothing, or voice overs or an animated cartoon, its nothing wrong with that, it just gets your name out more and the real fans will appreciate it period and that's really all that matters, fuck the haters, you're gonna have them regardless, as long as you are happy with what you are doing, then nothing or nobody else matters' Both women are providing voices for characters on a new Spongebob episode coming October 15th. the episode is a Halloween special so be on the lookout for that on the 15th. In other news, speaking of Rita and Tamar they have both released new songs over the weekend. 1st up is Rita with a new song titled "I don't Feel Comfortable, its a wonderful song and she shows her England accent a lot in the song and sounds really good. She is solo and it has a wonderful catchy beat. Click here to check out "I Don't Feel Comfortable" By Rita Ora. 2nd Is Tamar Braxton with a new song titled "Keep Him" which Is a wonderful song that tells women that if you have a man that's really good and does everything or tries to do everything for you, keep him and forget about the bad, because the good should overshadow the bad. Its a wonderful song and you can click here to check it out! Both are wonderful songs!

Friday, October 11, 2013

NiNi Will Be On The Tyra Banks Show

Usually NiNi goes to do interviews with her buddy Oprah, but since Oprah is away In Rome with her kids, Tyra Banks asked her to come to the show and she agreed. We are told that she will be on the show sometime next week but her reps and management aren't giving an exact date, so if you guys watch TYRA then tune in next week to see the queen. NiNi hasn't been doing shows since she was released from prison but today she has confirmed that she will be in Newark, NJ tonight at 8pm at the prudential center with Tierra Marie and Miley Cyrus who will be performing with the queens for half the show so this should be interesting. Latoya Luckett is also said to make a surprise appearance but we aren't sure about that. But tickets are sold out, they sold out in 2 minutes so I hope you got yours, and if you didn't we'll get you all the details tomorrow! A lot of you PSR cravers been wanting more and more info, but honestly guys PSR has been really on the low lately ever since the boss got arrested, no one is talking no one is screwing up nothing, its literally no info coming from over there. We know its only a matter of time before something happens but for now that's all we have at the moment, check me out later!

New Song Releases + Is Alicia Taking Shots

Sorry guys the site crashed a couple days ago, and now I have It back up and running just like I always do. So today a new song released which is the first single off of NiN's new mixtape called "Brand New' which features Mikky Ekko and Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child. The song is R&B but NiNi raps on it just not a hardcore type rap, it reminds you of how Chingy rapped his verse on Pulling Me Back Ft Tyrese, the other 2 sing. The song has received MOSTLY positive reviews and I say mostly because everyone keeps asking why does she keep working with Michelle as they feel its ruining her songs, and many say the song would've been perfect if it was just her and Mikky, others say its just fine the way it is. The general score the song has been receiving so far is a 6 which is not bad but its not what her new songs usually get, in fact NiNi has never had a 6 since she came out, and many people insists its only because Michelle ruined a perfect 10. We like the song and the only problems we hear Is Michelle's verse sounds unmixed which may be the cause, but surprisingly she doesn't actually sound bad its just her audio vocals need to be mixed to have it sound professional, other then that we would at least give the song a 8.5, but that's our opinion that no one seems to agree with. Have you guys heard it? Click here to check it out. This is just one song from her highly anticipated new mixtape, she informed us that 3 more singles will be releasing before the mixtape drops, so stay on lookout for that. In other news, a couple of days ago, A Keys was released from the hospital and the moment she came out people began speaking of a beef, but there was no proof, then last night something came that people are calling proof, which is the first ever rap song by her titled "Out My Face" She doesn't actually rap, but the beat is hardcore rap, which we are told is produced by Swizz Beats which has many people saying he's also involved. In the beginning she is heard talking over the beat in the background saying "I'm not scared to fight I'm not scared to get beat up either I've been fighting all my life come on I'm from Brooklyn I stayed getting into fights but whats still true now that was true when I was growing up Is that chicks these days don't fight fair and that's why they win. She said this before she started sing rapping and many people feel that goes out to NiNi. Then at the end of the first verse she says "I don't want to be you keep your crown mama, that's why you asked me and I had to turn you down mama. Its known that early last year NiNi wanted Alicia at PSR and Alicia turned her down saying she actually is very comfortable at Columbia/Jive Records and many people feel that's what she means when she says that line. Then in the last verse she says "The whole industry looks up to you, maybe I did to, but that was before I knew you now I wouldn't even look at you' No its not definite proof but it has something started and if Alicia is not intending to beef, she sure isn't correcting anybody that this is a diss song to NiNi. Do you guys feel Alicia is taking shots at NiNi on this new song?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tyga Accused Of Hitting A Female Fan

We don't have the details yet but a 19 year old Los Angeles CA woman has spoke up and said Tyga smacked her at one of his shows in Compton when she refused to have sex with him . She says he asked to take her home and she said no and he got mad asking her do  you know who I am I'm royal bitch and she replied I don't care and he smacked her and she ran away. That's all the info we have we'll let you know more when we find out

NiNi Poses Sexy For October VYBE Magazine + OMG Girlz Reunite!

Put it back in your pants fellas, lol. The queen has posed for this months issue of VYBE magazine and she goes topless but we all know NiNi might show a lot of skin but she never shows her boobs. Even though she posed topless for the magazine she covered her boobs with her hands just like many other female celebrities these days. But the picture is still very sexy with her blonde curly hair and smiling with them ever so sexy braces and its making many peoples mouth water, its clear that Jail is not stopping this unstoppable beauty and she is back like never before as if nothing happened. She also has a 2 page full article in the magazine speaking about her label, her artists and of course her upcoming projects. Pages 27 and 28,  click here to check out the picture that's making every guy horny, and click here to check out her 2 page interview with VYBE! In other news, a few months ago the OMG Girlz split up as a group and went solo, but now they are back together. The main reason of the split in the first place was because of disagreements over everything but they have gotten past it and they are ready to be that group of sisters  that we are all used too. Honestly no offense but they seem to do better as a group since none of them have been having very successful solo careers, so maybe this is for the best. They announced their reunion late last night over TWITTER and they mention that a new album is coming soon from them so that's amazing since at this point, besides Katy Perry and KAT,  the OMG Girlz  are PSR's best selling artists. Speaking of them they are supposed to be in a new movie together and we may see a darker side of them which many people are looking forward too, so stay tuned for that. PS a lot of you guys have been wondering whats going on with the talented group Karmin, its true they haven't been heard of in a while, but they are currently about to release their 3rd PSR album before they renew their PSR contract and we are told its coming on Amy's birthday October 15th, so we cant wait for that and AMY Says that it's great new material and we believe that with all of our heart, we'll give you details when it comes!

NiNi Is Back To Work Speaks On Her Arrest

Yes that's right, after all her bullshit that she has been through, the queen returned to work today and continued working on her work. But on her lunch break she stopped and had a quick little chat with a couple of camera crews about the incident that took place a few days ago and she said 'I don't really have much to say, but I wanna give thanks to my girl B or I wouldn't be standing here, I'm just putting it behind me right now I made a mistake I wasn't in the best mood, and I hear she's not doing too well, and even though this isn't normal for me I would like to apologize to her only because I didn't have to react the way I did no matter what she did I didn't set a good example and I apologize" When she was asked did she have any problems in jail she simply replied "No" We are told that she is back working on her mixtape which will be released on her birthday November 13th. Many people are very happy that she is back and she also announced over her site that a new song is coming by her and her artist Tearia Marie this week so look out for that. She still refused to talk to us. In other news, Ri Ri has also released a new song titled 'Catch Me" very wonderful love song Ft Lil Wayne and Kayne West we give this song a 10 all the way. Click here to check it out! All of the PSR artists are back on the grind and we can expect to hear new songs and albums very soon. NiNi is scheduled to perform tonight in NJ with B and Miley Cyrus but we aren't sure if she is still going through with  it but we'll let you know!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NiNi Gets Released!

Having friends in very high royal places definitely can pay off in tough spots. Let this be a lesson to you, the next time NiNi has one of her legendary parties and invites fans instead of trying to touch them and get their autographs, I would suggest trying to be their friend especially the royal ones if you can. Anyways, today NiNi was released from prison with a suspended sentence with her probation increased to 15 years. How? Well its all thanks to NiNi's queen buddy, who used her royal powers to actually get her out. Its a very big mystery on how she got her out of jail being the judge already ruled that she was supposed to be in there for no more no less then 2 years, and the conspiracy theories have started mainly with people saying that B is Illuminati and that's how she was able to get  her out, others say she had to have sex with a few cops to get her out. Those reasons sound  ridiculous but we honestly truly don't know how or what she actually did. NiNi was released at 11am this morning and B and her bodyguards shielded her as she walked out of the jailhouse past hundreds of paparazzi that were waiting. B refused to answer any questions about what she did to get her out and NiNi has refused comments as well so we may never know, but the main important thing is that the queen is out but as mentioned, she is now on probation for 15 years. She did not go to work, and we honestly don't know when she is returning to work. When we find out more we will let you know more. Nini has refused any comments even to us, so we will keep trying. In other news Vanessa Hugens has released her 3rd PSR mixtape titled "Rock Wit Me" we really dig her mixtape and we are sure you will too. Its available for FREE on her website and the PSR website. Click here to purchase "Rock With Me"

Sunday, October 6, 2013

NiNi Gets Arrested Again !

Well looks like the queen won't be ar the final day of the MIA festival today as she was onceaagain involved in another fight with Alicia Keys. Yes very weird considering Alicia is on her new album. We aren't sure exactly what they fought about as police are withholding all details but we do know A Keys was sent to the hospital. Witnesses say it involved Alicia's husband Swizz beats we don't believe that but regardless the judge warned her if she has even one more fight she will be in violation of her probation and she can face up to 4 years in jail so looks like she may be in trouble this time. We aren't sure if she has bail setyet we still have so much to find out but its many different stories as to why they fought but everything is in rumor status and we can't be sure but this story is huge all over the place but all we know is the queen is in jail and many people are going nuts. We'll let you guys know more when we find out. The MIA festival will still be held but the PSR artists as well as ninis buddy have canceled but if you still want to go to see other artists and have fn go ahead. Check me out later for more info!

MIA Festival Day 2

Yesterday was day 2 of the infamous MIA festival. The beginning was nice and it started off pretty cool with small performances here and there by various artists such as Miley Cyrus Kat and a few others. But then mother nature decided to pay a visit and she brought heavy rain and winds. The festival continued for a while but as it started getting too bad it was put on hold to see if it would calm down but after a few hours all it did was get worse and most of the electrical equipment was destroyed and the remainder of the festival had to be canceled. Nini didn't get a chance to perform but today is day 3 the final day and its supposed to be much better weather so hopefully I can have better news for you, but for now that's all I got on day two of mia.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Off To M.I.A

Hey guys just a quick update, me and the wife are off to the MIA festival so I will be offline tonight and I will give you all of the details tomorrow morning, so any questions or messages will be answered when I sign on tomorrow. And P.S yesterday I told you about the drama that popped off and today there may be new drama popping off as we have word that ex besties RI RI and Katy Perry are not really feeling each other at all right now and they will be in the same location so its an assumption of course but I have may have juicy girl drama for you tomorrow but we'll see. Peace I'll check in with you guys tomorrow!

NiNi Goes Blonde!

NiNi stepped out of her house this morning rocking an amazing trimmed blonde curly hair do. When we say blonde we mean blonde. This makes the 3rd time that NiNi has went what we call "White girl blonde" in her seven year career but this time she added some shiny bouncy curls with a fresh trim and she looks so good. No offense to her guy. She definitely made a huge statement and she made everyone's morning with a glimpse of that bright and shiny hair of hers. Camera crews immediately ran over to her to talk to her, not about anything in particular and she revealed she trimmed curled dipped and dyed her hair on her own which isn't a shock being that many say Hollywood is a genius at hair. She didn't talk much but she did confirm that she will be back at the 2nd day of the M.I.A festival today and she has some quote "Brand new material" which makes us very excited. NiNi's presence and performance at the festival is a trending topic on the web and in magazines and we can imagine day two will be even better, although we feel she may be saving her/their best performance for the final day which is tomorrow, but we'll see. NiNi Is technically off today, but being the boss of the game work is never truly done and she was spotted entering the Def Jam building as well as her own building for what we assume was for a "Royal Meeting" When she was asked if there is anyone that she will be getting rid of soon whether on her label or another label, she replied "Not that I know of, why?,  do you feel its somebody I should get rid of?  Sources say NiNi has been swamped with tons of paperwork and she is really experiencing the business side of the music game now, but its not anything that she cant handle and she has just been voted the number 1 diva of the game a title which originally belonged to her bestie Whitney Houston, we couldn't agree more. Speaking of the word Diva, Asia Sparks has finally released her 1st PSR mixtape which was pushed back a couple of weeks ago, and its titled 'Diva" It features almost every last male rapper you can think of From Drake to Breezy to Jay To Weezy and one female rapper which of course is NiNi. Best song on the mixtape in our opinion is "Watch My Back" Ft Young Dro. The mixtape has sold 100,000 copies so far which is decent for a new artist, so congrats to the mentor and to the artist. Its available on her newly created site on iTunes and the PSR site for $6.99 click here to purchase "Diva" by Asia Sparks

M.I.A Festival First Day

Yesterday was the first day of the Made In America Music Festival in downtown Philly. Hundreds of streets were blocked off for this extraordinary event and thousands of fans and hundreds of huge names were in attendance. Nini and her PSR crew were the talk of the day though as they rolled up in bulletproof PSR limos rocking PSR from head to toe andhhonestly they received the most love out of everyone who was there. The festivities began around 5pm and food and drinks were on deck it reminded me of Ninis parties with all the food and there were tons of drinks alcoholic and non alcoholic and though fans and celebrities alike looked tempted no one touched the alcoholic drinks. Nini didn't go on until later so until then some of her artists did their thing on stage having the crowd rocking and even reducing some fans to tears. When Nini went on it was around 9 and her queen buddy exploded on stage next to her. Being that they are still on tour together they just resumed it here. Jay Z joined him and he performed their new song Bonnie and Clyde 13. Afterwards the two queens completed a total of 15 songs together including Beyonces new song Ft Nini "Wind It Up" and they each did one brand new song Solo. We must say there were some amazing performances but nini B Jay and the PSR crew totally wiped everyone else off the floor. The festival continued with small street games and some karaoke but at this point most of the Celebs were leaving and by 11 every celebrity was gone but fans remained until 1 when it was over. Security was tighter then tight and if you wanted to see or speak to any celebrity you had to literally make an appointment to do so and have 10 bodyguards stand around you. But with that many people in one area its bound to be some drama and for the first time ever it was with a PSR artist and Ninis buddy. Rita and B. We aren't exactly sure why they began arguing but it happened right after she finished performing and many people heard shouting and cussing and police and fans ran over and the two were all in each others face about to literally throw down. Police tried to break up the scene but had no luck in breaking up women come on really. But nini got in between both of them and yelled "Shut up" they both shut up and Nini said Rita please just go somewhere. She walked away and B walked away too. The fans clapped at her she said really chill its not that serious y'all weird. After that though no more drama popped off. We still aren't sure why they were about to fight but we'll let you know when we find out. In the meantime we got some video of the festival and Ninis performances for you to check out including the argument. Click here to check out the full 2 hour video. The 2nd day is today and Nini and her crew is coming back ill get you guys the details tomorrow. See you there this should be another exciting day.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nini Set To Headline M.I.A Festival + Miley Shows Some Serious Label Loyalty

Every year the Made In America music festival takes place in Philly for an entire weekend and the biggest names of the entertainment industry are in attendance and this year is said to be even bigger then last year. It starts this Friday and continues until Sunday Night. Last year Nini performed at the festival with Katy and Diamond with their still popular song "Boss Bitches" but she didn't stay long but this year its said that not only is she performing there she's the headliner aka the host which is usually Jay Z. Some names who will be there include Bon Jovi Bruce Springsteen Lil Wayne Beyonce Solange Nini Alicia Keys Mariah Carey and all of PSR and the royal circle.  Nini is said to be performing the entire weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday which of course is awesome. The greatest thing about the MIA festival besides the big names and food and drinks and fun is that it's totally free. But free comes at a price being that it usually sells out faster then it gets announced but if any of you guys are going to be in or around Philly this weekend why not stop there and have a blast just make sure you get those tickets now because I can guarantee you  later on their won't be anymore. We're going as well so we will let you guys know the details. Speaking of details I promised you guys details on the show last night well even better then the details is video which I have 3 hours worth of queen hotness click here. Enjoy!  In other news today Miley Cyrus showed some loyalty as she stepped out with PSR head to toe literally. She had a spray painted hat that said PSR with a crown on top and diamonds around it. She had a white wife beater with Platinum Sound Records spray painted on it with a PSR chain. Her jeans had PsR airbrushed on it from top to bottom she was showing off her PSR tat and she had on white air Jordans with PSR airbrushed all over it. Despite how this may sound she didnt look weird she actually looked very cute and everybody wanted a picture and she was praised for her loyalty. She's not the only one who did that though last month Miranda showed off her loyalty by getting her second tattoo filmed for her fans which is the famous PSr logo with a crown in it. Nini also occasionally fills herself from head to toe with PSR and its a cute fashion trend. Being that everyone on the label except for ann Margaret has a PSR tattoo it can be said that all of her artist's are loyal which is always good. Click here to check how Miley looked today.

Check Out The High School Remix!!

Lately Nicki and NiNi have been getting closer, everywhere you see Nini its Nicki and their collabs have been getting closer too. Today NiNi was featured on the "High School" remix which takes out Wayne and replaces him with Drake Shanel and Kendrick Lamar and of course Hollywood. Nini delivers hard on the song definitely wiping out the competition easy although some say her artist Kendrick is close by her which we do not agree on. Regardless though the song is quickly becoming a hit and is much more popular then the original version but its still not hot enough to replace Ninis current number 1 which is still "Cold World" but it definitely is worth being at number 2. Click here to check out High School remix. Solo is another artist who is getting close with Nini and it almost seems as if the 3 have a little pack going on and another song released titled Ima Do Me by NiNi ft Nicki and Solo. This song is hot the rapping from Nini and Nicki is definitely on point and the singing from Solo is flawless. In fact many say solo has majorly improved since signing with the platinum team and we agree and now every song that she does or is featured in blows up Mega. The song is at number 3 but being that it was just recently released we feel that will be changing soon enough. Click here to check out "Ima Do Me" by Nini Ft Solo and Nicki. Also speaking of new songs Rita Ora has released a new song today with her ex enemy Demi Lavato titled "Pop It"  its a real nice song by the two and they actually sound good together. Click here to check out "Pop It" by Rita Ora Ft Demi Lavato.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NiNi Defends Amanda Bynes Calls Her A Victim

We all know the crazy mess that Amanda Bynes has been getting herself into lately, and she took up for NiNi a few months ago when Lindsay Lohan had a rant about her over Twitter and today NiNi repaid the favor by referring to Amanda as a victim of the entertainment industry. She said "Amanda is not crazy to me, she is a cool woman that has been plagued by this crazy society we work in, she is a victim nothing more then that and everyone who considers her to be weird or creepy just doesn't understand what a victim is or what kind of victim she is I'm one who can relate, and I will help her only because I know what she is going through, its nothing wrong with that girl she just works here like the rest of us" She made this defending statement after she was asked if the rumors of the two starring in a movie together were true in which she replied that she currently doesn't have any movies set up, but Paris Hilton and Amanda are two that will be in her next and then she made that statement out of nowhere. Amanda, who is locked up in a Los Angeles mental clinic for trying to set herself on fire early last month was unable to be reached to find out what she thinks of NiNi's statement, but her parents have said she has heard it and she really appreciates it and she would love to star in a movie with NiNi. Speaking of movies though Nicki is starring in a horror movie this year and NiNi Is said to have a small part in the movie. We've been hearing talk about Nicki's new movie for months and now we finally have the confirmation that' its true, but we don't know if NiNi will have the small role or not so that is just in rumor status, but its being produced by PSR cinemas and is said to be released around November. We'll update you with more info as we get it. Tonight the queens have a show in Houston at the Megadome tickets sold out in less then 20 seconds, but there are still some available at Columbia Records website so hurry and get your tickets before they're gone too, and as usual we will give you the full info on it tomorrow!