Friday, April 27, 2012

OMG!! You Gotta Hear This Song!

Nini went and did it again, a new song was released earlier today titled "I'm On My Own" and it features none other than the legendary Michael Jackson! The song was apparently recorded much earlier back in April of 2009, 2 months before his passing and the track is produced by Kanye West. The song has a very catchy beat and hook and is doing very well around the industry and our sources tell us MJ fans are going CRAZY over the song! Nini posted the song on her website and she tweeted about it on Twitter and it has been re tweeted over 10 million times which is a new record for most tweets per second on Twitter. The previous record was Beyonce's pregnancy announcement. She has a price of 99 cent for the song on her site and it has been downloaded by approximately 3 million people so far it was the most single song purchases in the history of music and it was so much it caused a crash to her website and caused it to be shut down. It reached the billboards top 100 best singles and is currently at #1, it is also number 1 on every chart in America and has reached as far over to Europe and Paris and we are told its number 1 over there as well. Celebrities have embraced the song on their twitter pages with Kanye saying "I would like to give a big congrats to my girl @Nini for an AMAZING song, I'm honored that i got to be apart of the song with her," And Nicki Minaj also posted "@Nini, that is the best song of the LIFETIME! OMG there couldn't be a better song out right now I'm proud of my girl!!!!!" Other artists who took to their twitter page to honor the song was: Jay-Z, Usher, Gabrielle Union, Gwenyth Paltrow, Cymphonique, Hoopz, Keys, Stacy Dash, Beyonce, Drake, Tyga, Shanelle, Lil Wayne, Aretha Franklin, Kobe Bryant, T.I, Monica Keyshia Cole, Ashanti, Kid Sister, J Cole and millions of her fans. Nini also took to her Twitter page and posted "Thank you everyone for the love and support you been showing me! You guys inspire me to do my best and I love all my fans and my friends MWA! The song has supposedly brung in over 2 million dollars so far and is currently the HOTTEST song in the industry right now King magazine has said "Two legends on the same track Enough said" Congrats to Nini on this song it really is a LEGENDARY song with two LEGENDS FINALLY collaborating together which is something Michael wanted to do for so long, guess he got his wish even from the grave. Listen to the song HERE

Nini Says To Kim Kardashian "Stay Out Of My Circle!

Attention seeker and fame whore Kim Kardashian is reportedly trying to get on Nini's good side but sources says "Nini will have no part of it". Kim is now dating Kanye West who is Nini's uncle and she recently struck up a friendship with Katerina Graham Nini's BFF. Reportedly Kim allegedly tried to get Kanye to call up Nini while they were on a date in New York and ask her to schedule a photo of her and Nini together, and she asked Katerina if she would call her up and see if she would agree to a song with her. Sources say that she is using Nini's closest friends to get close to Nini and trying to make a social climb and become more popular. This is what the article said "Nini and Kim are not even in the same class, Kim is desperate for fame and attention and never had to lift her finger a day in her life to get what she has, Nini has worked very hard to be where she is and her life is extremely private, There are no photos of her kids and when she got married we didn't find out about it until a long time after and there are no wedding pictures because it was an extremely private wedding because that's how Nini is, shes very cautious about what she shows and who she's around, unlike Kim whose life is the exact opposite, she's an open book! and Nini doesn't want that kind of attention into her close private life, the Nini that the world knows and the Nini that her family and close friends know is two different people and she wants to keep it that way. Despite the fact that Kanye is Nini's uncle she doesn't believe Kim is actually into him and believes she is using him because of his fame so she can look better and she wants no part of Kim to be in her circle of friends. Nini is classy and is used to hanging around people like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Gabrielle Union and other classy people so to speak, Kim is the exact opposite, she's below Nini in every way possible" This news comes as upsetting to Kim being that she wanted to be close to her and was hoping they can hang out and go shopping while her new man (Ye) and Nini's Husband (Beith) can talk music and business, but apparently "That's not gonna happen" Sorry to all the Kim K Fans who were expecting to see a friendship strike up and possible appearances by NINI on Kim's show but Kim's open lifestyle and drama is not what Nini is looking to add into her circle of friends or her life. Another article reads: Nini is a very hard working celebrity she puts in overtime doing what she loves, Kim is a lawyers daughter who became famous off a sex tape with Ray J and is on TV for some reason" The media has been bashing Kim all morning, we're not sure if Nini has said any of this personally out her own mouth, but it was many people including her "people" who spoke on her behalf and everyone, except for Kim K fans agree that Nini shouldn't let her into her circle because her whole private life will be gone due to Kim's tell-all attitude. Others feel Nini is acting like her and her circle of friends is better than anyone else and that she is above everyone not making as much or as popular as she is and looks down on lesser people who's not in the same social class as she is...alot of mixed emotions. "Nini feels Kim's lifestyle and drama that follows her is not acceptable to be apart of her circle and she's not a fan of reality shows or the fact that Kim is using people such as her "fake husband" kris humprhies for publicity. Even though Kanye's a Dick he still has worked very hard to get what he has and is not in any way like Kim K which is why he is apart of her circle, Kim K is not even in her league!" Says source magazine. This wouldnt be the first time Kim has been trying to jump from circle to circle and being banned. Beyonce also banned her from her circle of friends even though B is very good friends with Kanye, she told him "It aint happening" also Ciara, Chris Brown, Bow Wow and The Jackson's have banned her from their circle all for the same reasons basically. It seems no one likes Kim but can you blame them? On the other hand some sources wonder why all these people are banning her, is it because they actually are private and don't want Kim or her cameras jeopardizing that, or is it because they have something to HIDE? We don't know but its apparent that Nini and Kim will NOT be besties.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nini's Show And Cymphonique's New Album

Hey, Nini had an amazing performance this evening, she performed with the likes of Rihanna, J Cole and Lil Wayne. There was approximately 10 million fans and video bloggers in attendance. Tina Knowles was also spotted taking her seat in front row with Solange before the show started. Other celebs who were in attendance were Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Hoopz, Mariyah Carey, Keke Palmer Too Short, The Game, Drake, Shanelle, Lil Chuckee, Lil Twist, Diggy Simmons, Russel Simmons, Tyga, Keyshia Cole and a whole lot more came out to show their support. The show lasted 2 hours and she performed a total of 13 songs including "Certified", "OMG" With OMG Girz, and "They Cant Stop Us" It was an amazing performance indeed one that had everyone in attendance screaming, shouting and jumping out of their seats. Congrats on a show and performance well done Nini!! In other news Cymphonique Miller, the 15 year old sister of Romeo Miller and Daughter of Percy Miller has released her first album on Platinum Sound Records and Nini was spotted 20 minutes before the show promoting her and her new album (we heard she was good to all of her artists :)) The album has released today after a very long wait of almost 1 year and is currently on the Billboards Top 100 Best Albums currently at number 7 Nini is at number 1. Her album features Nini, Kelly Clarkson, Jada Fire, Master P, Kanye West, Big Sean, Jay-Z, Willow Smith and Keke Palmer and it is honestly a very good album and our sources say Nini is very proud of her and the success of the album, she also has her own show on Nickelodeon titled "How To Rock" which is sponsored by PSR, So congrats to them both. Nini was recently voted "Richest Celebs Of 2012" as well as "Most Beautiful of 2012" and has 4 Number 1 albums under her belt and she runs the most popular Record Label in the world, she is the first artist since Michael Jackson to sell over 100 million copies of an album ("The Truth") and our sources say she will be taking a much needed vacation from music soon to "recharge her batteries" Good Luck Nini! To check out her performance click HERE.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nini Does Interview On Hot 97 In New York.

This evening Nini was an honorary guest on the #1 Hip-Hop and R&B station in America Hot 97. She was interviewed by radio host Angie Martinez and DJ Envy, where she talked about a little bit of everything from when her new album will be released to her next show dates and about her clothing line. She also had fans call her up and ask her questions related to what she is currently working on in the musical aspects of her life. She spoke of her relationship with God and her relationship with the Young Money Family and has put rumors to rest that she is dating Chris Brown saying "We are actually just really good friends, I actually look at him as a brother but its nothing deeper than that. She also slammed down rumors of a so called female beef between herself and Nicki Minaj saying "Nicki's my girl, and she knows it and I'm pretty sure she knows the difference between a rumor and the truth and that's all that matters. She also slammed down Illuminati Rumors that have been circulating ever since early 2011 saying "Alot of people look at me do things and see my album cover with one eye covered or with me in front of a cross and immediately think something suspicious about it but its not its just art, its entertainment, I mean everyone does it I guess every one's a devil worshipper does that even make sense? No I'm not Illuminati never have been never will be, I'm an entertainer and at the end of the day I entertain but that's all, so all the conspiracy theories can be put to rest now". The whole interview lasted approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes and they played two of her new songs from her new mixtape "I Apologize" and talked about her collaborations with the artists on the album. She was asked "Are you and the OMG girlz going on tour together"? And she responds and says "No, they have their own tour with each other they represent hard for PSR and i have alot of respect for them but I don't see a collab tour for us happening anytime soon because I'm still on tour with Beyonce and that's not over until next year". She talked about Her artists Kelly Clarkson and Leaked information on her new album which is set to be released on August 24Th 2012 and Jada Fire whose album is scheduled to be released June 15Th 2012. She also confirmed that Beyonce is in fact NOT going to be the next artist signed to her label as blogs suggest because she has a contract which is not up yet with Columbia Records. At the end of the interview she did a traditional freestyle that all artists that appear on that radio station do, she freestyled over Beyonce's Run The World Instrumental and had a very good 5 Minute freestyle. To check out the entire interview with Nini head over to and check it out there, I cant post it here due to the station claiming a copyright infringement. Did you like the interview?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nini Goes Dancing In NYC

Last night Nini and two female friends were spotted in Manhattan NY at Jay-Zs 40/40 club on the dance floor enjoying the night, and later were spotted in the VIP section laughing and talking with other celebs who were in attendance. She had a beautiful pink Versace dress on that showed her full figure and had her hair tied back and was glowing with excitement the entire night. She was approached by several gentleman for a dance but politely turned them down but the two female friends who are unknown did dance with the guys throughout the night. The girls night out wrapped up around 4am when she was spotted leaving with the girls and talking to a camera man before getting into the back seat of her limo. She was looking fashionable and reports say she and her friends were sipping on vodka drinks and martini's throughout the night, that's a nice way to get ready for her big show today! :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fan Asks Bizzare Question And FIRE Collab!

This afternoon Nini was responding to fans' questions via 2 way video chat with fans on the street during an interview with king magazine. She answered a total of 15 questions by 15 different people, the questions ranged from "Whats your favorite birthday gift? to "Whens your next album coming?" to What do you do for fun besides music?" But one question in particular by the last fan was really bizarre where he asked "Do you do anal sex?" In which after a brief pause by Nini she replied "Yes, I do it all the time with my husband and laughs and no more questions happen after that. You can see the look on the interviewers face that she even felt that was a bizarre question to ask on national television but Nini didn't seem too bothered by it she shrugged it off with a laugh and moved on showing that she is in fact in control. WOW! In other news Nini and Kelly Clarkson have officially teamed up and released a song together titled "Number 1" and the song is on FIRE! I will post it up here later tonight. We always knew it would be a nice song if they ever collabed and we were dead RIGHT! It has an R&B feel to it but it screams Hip-Hop all over it and even Kelly joined the action and had a small rap in the middle its an AMAZING song by two AMAZING performers! Be sure to check back later to hear the song if you haven't already.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kelly Clarkson Renews Contract With PSR

Kelly Clarkson has officially signed on for another 4 year 4 album deal with Platinum Sound Records, she also signed onto to a movie deal doing a remake of "A Star Is Born" Kelly Clarkson is Nini's most successful artist on the label generating the label millions of dollars in income and is repsonsible for many of the labels number one hits and half of the success of the label. The roster on the label includes Nini, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, Big Sean, Kanye West, Solange, Keys, Jada FIRE, Twister, D-Loc, Alex, One Direction, Miranda Cosgrove, Cymphonique Miller, Keke Palmer, Keisha Chante, Mariyah Donovan, Kelis Rigget and Bucky. The highest selling and highest paid artist on the label are Nini, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, Big Sean, Kayne West, Cymphonique Miller and Solange. Kelly Clarkson is scheduled to perform with Nini at the 2012 Hip Hop awards and they are working on a collab together. We would like to say congrats to Nini and the whole PSR team, they are definitely becoming the new Young Money!

Nini To Star In "The Game" Episode

This morning, Nini posted on her Twitter page that she will be in an episode of "The Game" She posted: "Hey all, I will be in a new episode of "The Game" next Friday April 28th! I signed a 3 show deal and I am very excited to be on the show so make sure you check it out next week :)" A fan whose twitter name is @ronaldjuze replied to her post saying "@NINI I love that show and now I will love it even more now that you're on it good luck!" In which she replied "@ronaldjuze Thank you so much, I appreciate that, and please don't forget to check out my newly re-designed website xoxo" We have no word yet on who she will play on the show but I guess we will have to wait until next week but the suspense is KILLING US! In other news Nini has generously donated 1.5 million dollars to the Cancer Research Fund for Children which is her favorite charity and also another $10,000 to The Battered And Abused Women Center in Queens NY, that is what we call "Giving Back" Congrats Nini! The Hip-Hop Awards will be sometime in June and we're told Nini is scheduled to be a performer as well as perform a music contribution farewell to her friend Whitney Houston, other scheduled performers to take the stage with her is Jay-z, Kanye West, Beyonce, Solange, OMG Girz, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Keyshia Cole so it will be an EXPLOSIVE SHOW and we can't wait!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Nini Makes A Statement, Movie Released Today

Hey all,  Nini's movie "The House" has officially released in theatres everywhere today and is receiving positive reviews in general from movie critics and has been rated a B+ By the Movie Association (MA) so congrats to our girl on that. In other news Nini took to her Twitter account and posted a statement which reads: "Thanks to all my fans who are being supportive of the movie and the mixtape, your continued support is important to me, however I would like to personally state that there is NOTHING sexual and/or intimate between me and @ZacEfron, He is a wonderful actor and a friend that is IT. The sex scene was not real and I would like to remind everyone that I am married with a family of my own and would not want to mess that up for anything, so please keep negative and/or inappropriate comments about the scene to yourself, THANKS" Hmm that had us scratching our heads but someone must've thought a certain way about that scene even though we honestly felt it wasn't even important to blog about because we knew that before she posted that statement but cant blame her for being cautious. Shontelle also posted a statement today on her Twitter account which reads "Me and @Nini have resolved any differences and I am happy to report it was all a misunderstanding and that is my girl so no cat fight for y'all lmao" No more beef guys, we're happy for them I'm pretty sure they can make beautiful music together. Well that's our story for today be sure to stay tuned for more updates soon!.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

"The House" and "I Apologize" Review Today

Hey all, today i copped Nini's new mixtape "I Apologize" and I must say she has definitely no reason to apologize because with songs like that we all see why she kept delaying the release of it, so she can perfect her craft. The mixtape has 12 full length songs on it and all songs are good but our favorites were #4 "Get Like Me" Ft Lyfe, #7 "No Access" Ft David Banner and #9 "California Dream Life" Ft Shanelle. There is a mix between R&B, Rap, Pop, And Hip-Hop on the mixtape and it has a very nice laid back mellow feel to it, we also enjoyed #12 "Kick Rocks" Ft Monica and #1 "Certified" Ft Lil Wayne although we feel the song would've sounded much better without his auto tuning singing but that's just our opinion. The entire mixtape is very nice and all the songs are a nice touch to her artistic vi son and style, so was it worth the wait?.......we say YES. Congrats to Nini the mixtape has reached number 1 on the charts on its first day. Now onto her movie "The House" we caught a special screening of an early premiere today and we must say the acting is brilliant and has a nice selection of cast members. The film stars Ali Larter (Obsessed) as Patricia Nini's Pharmacologist, Taye Diggs (Brown Sugar) as Danny her brother, Sanna Lathan (Love And Basketball) as Monique, the real estate agent and Thora Birch (Deadline) as Jennifer, her best friend as well as Zac Efron (High School Musical) as Joe, Her Boyfriend. The film is about a woman (Nini) who's a writer who recently suffered a severe mental breakdown after her mom died (played only in a flashback at the beginning played by Evelyn Braxton) and moves into a creepy old house in the suburbs in western Ohio to concentrate on her work that she's preparing. Against everyone's wishes she moves into the house to escape city life and have a quiet place to study and work. However her plans do not go as planned when she begins to suspect her new home may be haunted (a fact that "Monique failed to tell her) The movie is VERY scary and will scare even the most hardest criminal due to the special effects of ghostly moans and ghostly women and demons all throughout the house. But its brilliantly put together and is not your typical horror film. The film received an R rating by the Movie Association to a scene where "Patricia" (Ali Larter) is snorting Cocaine and drinking heavily after being fired from her job. Another scene which shows "Danny" (Taye Diggs) masturbating in a bathroom and a scene in which "Monica" (Nini) and "Joe" (Zac Efron) are in a steamy sex scene with some nudity by none from Nini only Zak and later rolling marijuana and smoking it as they lay next to each other. Shortly after a ghostly figure enters to room, possesses "Joe" and has him jump to his death from a 3 story window onto the pointy gates below where they pierce through his neck killing him instantly (This scene is Very Very Very graphic be warned!) At the end Nini and her friend "Jennifer" (Thora Birch) dies in flames set by one of the "spirits" The movie is very good and very scary and has many shocking make you jump type moments and some very scary sounds that the "ghosts" make that will make your hair stand up, we rate it a 10 A+ and we Dare you to go check it out! Did you see the premiere? What did you think? Scary? No? Post your comments below.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nini To Collab With Monica And The Game

We got word from sources that Nini is gearing up to release her long awaited Mixtape titled "I Apologize" and she is preparing for a duet with Monica for the last song titled "Kick Rocks" The title "I Apologize" References the mixtape's release getting pushed back over 7 times and had anxious fans confused about when it will actually be released, the title is her apologizing for the wait. We are told the mixtape will be released on Friday (April 20th) the same day her movie is scheduled to show in theatres global. The mixtape supposedly features appearances by Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Keyshia Cole, J-Cole, Rhianna, Chris Brown,Busta Rhymes, Monica, Too Short, OMG GIRLZ, Shanelle, Tyga, Jae Millz and Lyfe. She also has been featured in a new song by Los Angeles rapper Jayceon Taylor AKA The Game, No confirmation as to when the world will hear it yet. Also Her new video which features: Jay-z, Kanye West, Chris Brown and Keyshia Cole titled "They Can't Stop Us" has premiered this evening at 8:00pm 7:pm CT and we must say it's very creepy and controversial but an amazing job nevertheless at proving to disprove theories. It is also rumored that Nini signed another artist that goes by the name of "Twister" not to be confused with legendary tongue tier rapper "Twista" but we have no word on her camp yet if this is true, Keep checking back at your #1 source for all things Nini, If it happens I'm blogging about it. PEACE AND LOVE!

Nini Voted Richest Female Celeb Of 2012

Hey, all got some short news to bring to the table, Nini has been voted "Richest Female Artist" of 2012 by Forbes magazine. According to Forbes' article she generated a revenue income of 180 Million dollars by the end of 2011 beating out Beyonce whose income was 62 Million, Jay-z whose income was 37 Million and Oprah Winfrey whose income was 75 Million, which makes Nini pretty much the most wealthy female artist since Whitney Houston in the 80's. Speaking of Houston, Nini is scheduled to perform a farewell rendition of Whitney's famous song "I Will Always Love You" at a memorial show in the upcoming week as a tribute to her late friend. Also her new movie "The House" has been pushed up to this upcoming Friday (April 20th) and the film has received a R rating for strong sexual content, Profanity, Drug use and Violence (Hmm) so be sure to go check it out in theatres Friday. Congratulations to Nini, I know it must be a very huge honor to receive a vote from Forbes as it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to make their "RICH LIST" Way To Go!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nini and Shontelle BEEF?!?!?

My my my another beef story? I almost get sick of blogging about these because we all know why the beef is there but here goes: Our sources tell us that Nini and Shontelle are at war! First it was Miss Nana which was more of a game than a beef (lol) than Ke$ha (you see how that turned out) than Khia (Still no info on that yet guys) and now Shontelle SMH can you say "HATERS"....? Anyway, word on every street and Blogs and Magazines around the country is that the beef between these two beauties started the day after Easter.... April 9Th, when Nisha performed her legendary concert with Jay-z And Kanye West where a leaked track by shontelle allegedly aimed at Nini and her fellow performers hit the web. The song has some very controversial lines such as " I saw your show but I wasn't impressed, you think you cute he think he tight the other one is just a mess" and "girl I don't blame you for wanting to retire cuz' you know that ass is mine if you stay I got you hiding" and the most obvious line was "Tell your uncle he ain't funny his outbursts make him ugly guess its one happy family y'all ain't getting no money" This song is the first song by shontelle where she raps instead of sings and so far the web is on FIRE searching for updates on this beef. Shontelle or her reps haven't released a statement on the alleged diss track but the news got to Nini who responded with "impossible part 2" using shontelle's impossible instrumental rapping lines such as "Sweetie who are you? I swear I never heard of you, you on that bubble gum rap i went to sleep after hearing you" and "Girl this is crazy you should've kept your mouth shut treat you like a camera have Mr west shut you the fuck up" and "Shontelle I don't believe you you cant deal with me I bet you that your whole damn family wanna chill with me" No word from shontelle yet on the response song. Allegedly Friday the 13Th shontelle had an interview with New York's Hot 97 Radio Station where they addressed the alleged beef but she wouldn't comment on it stating "I have no words on that" One fan took to YouTube where he posted that he Nini and shontelle were at a club together on April 7Th where they were in discussion of a possible collab together but things turned bad when members of Nini's entourage busted glass bottle over members of shontelle's entourage heads and he says shontelle was punched in the process but he claims he doesn't know how the fight started and we cant confirm that this is what actually happened, but its all the info we have to go on right now. Nini hasn't yet made any statements regarding a fight neither has Shontelle nor has either one or thier labels made statements about the beef. There have been various versions of what actually happened at the night club between the two by a number of fans but none have been able to be verified or confirmed.... stay tuned for any more updates on this developing story. :)

Nisha Spotted Over The Weekend Looking Sharp!

Whats up all my followers, been M.I.A for a while but I know you crave Nini as much as I do so I couldn't stay away too long. "Miss Hollywood" was spotted by our cameras over the weekend in the Tribeca section of New York and we must say she was looking pretty FLY. Her Louis vitton hang bag complimented her alligator outfit pretty well as well as her hair which is a style we haven't seen in a while. It's clear she's bringing "Sexy Back" We caught up with her for a small interview on the street which she agreed to and we got some JUICY details on her upcoming movie as well as new outfits and shoes coming to her clothing line. The movie titled "The House" will be in theaters May 11Th worldwide, it's a horror film starring Nini, Taye Diggs, Ali Larter and Sanna Lathan just to name a few and a sneak peek will air on BET this Friday at 7:02pm during 106 & Park. Nini has informed us that new shirts, tops, skirts, handbags, underwear, bras, and heels Will be available in store and online of her clothing line beginning Tuesday April 17Th so Ladies (And Fellas) check it out and get your glow on. She also spoke to us about her rising star Jada Fire and her most talked about artist Kelly Clarkson and informed us that both are currently in the studio and Jada's debut album will hit stores Summer 2012 and Kelly's 4Th solo album will be available later this year. Congrats to the whole PSR team, they are certainly blowing up in a MAJOR way and we wish them the best. To check out our on-street interview with Nini in New York I will be posting a video clip later on this evening so all of the emails I been getting about seeing the interview that is your answer. You can also check it out on her official website in the meantime we are waiting to see what new ventures Nini takes next!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nisha And Khia BEEF???

So we are getting many reports that the new beef in the world of music is none other than our girl Nini and the Freaky potty mouthed rapper Khia. According to our sources, the feud started after a show by Nini who received tons of love at the show as expected, but apparently one person was not showing love: Khia. She took to her twitter account saying "The world of music is changing so much and the fans are becoming more hypnotized at weird dumb ass performers like @NINI, a bunch of deceiving bitches and you guys show love to the wrong person SMFH" After a few hours Nini replied, saying "Thanks to all the fans who supported me at my last show, and thanks to the jealous hating bitches like @KHIA who make my job even easier lol spread the hate sweetie you filling my pockets what about yours?" The twitter feud continued for several more hours with Nini and Khia posting negative statements on each others Twitter pages and it wasn't long before the fans got involved with one fan posting "@NINI don't worry about that bitch @KHIA she just jealous because you at the top and her ugly untalented ass will NEVER get to where you are at keep ya head up girl!" The beef became a trending topic and fans actually created a forum post titled "Nisha And Khia Beef" that received over 5,000 views and the beef escalated with Nini saying "@KHIA bitch you cant see me on the stage or the street so go head with your B.S.... dusty bitches #gogetaLIFE!" And Khia saying "@NINI I can see you whenever wherever bring your scary ass to the A and I guarantee you wont make it out alive!" The beef took a new turn when KHIA posted a pic of Nini having sex with Bruce Bruce apparently photo shopped and when the two bumped into each other the following day one eyewitness reports it got into a heated argument with threats of violence and was about to turn into a brawl if police did not interfere. Wow Nini is wrapped in another beef and so far we have heard half of a diss song by Khia titled "Fake Bitches" listen to it here Nini hasn't responded to the song yet. Will she? Or Not? So far Nini has supporters on her side such as Ciara, Monica, Keyshia Cole, And Kyla Pratt. We have yet to hear from Nini regarding the beef. This is a developing story so stay tuned for more updates.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nini Concert And LOTS of BOOB Signing

Its no secret that Nini is an amazing performer, and she proved that once again last night at her Mega Show in London with an estimated of 35,000+ attending. She performed with the likes of Hova A.K.A Jay-Z and Mr West A.K.A "YE" A.K.A Kanye West performing the hits "Step Back", "6 Minutes" and "Their new song "They Cant Stop Us" dedicated to Illuminati. The show lasted 2 Hours and Nini seemed to be in her zone the entire night. She arrived in an all white BMW Stretch Limo at around 7pm and greeted fans with pictures and autograph signings before her bodyguards escorted her inside the U2 Stadium. The show began at 8pm where Jay-Z opened for her and the show began and it was AWESOME! Nini completely stole the show with her sexual dance moves that we love as well as her multi talented voice as she she transitioned from singing to rapping on the sets. The crowd absolutely adored her entire performance, but the most memorable will have to be the infamous hug that Ye and Nini shared at the end as well as the explosion at the end and Nini, Jay, And Ye disappearing into the smoke. Nini threw her hat into the crowd and resulted in a brawl between two female fans leaving police having to escort them out of the arena. Me and my wife were in attendance and I must say it was a ROCKING show indeed even with the chaos that ensued she once again proved why we love her, and having Jay and her uncle Ye at her side complimented the performance well and will make the night even more memorable. Its no secret that Nini likes to sign autographs but just how she does it is HOT!. Like Nicki Minaj, Nini's female (and male) fans do not pull up their shirt for an autograph they pull up.......their shirt! She signed females' boobs for 1 hour along with 2 males chests. Our cameras captured the entire night in all its boob er..uh..."Good" glory (lol) and one thing is certain no matter what you may think of Nini she is the HOTTEST female celeb and human being on the PLANET right now.
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Monday, April 2, 2012

Nini Sparks Controversy On New Magazine

Nini was recently featured on the April issue of Vibe Magazine (April 2) and sparked a wide controversy from fans and critics. The magazine features Nini in a two piece bikini set and stunner shade glasses holding a gun and the headline labeled "Nini: Bad Girl Of The Year" not only that, its also reports that her skin is noticeably lighter as if she bleached her skin, which has sparked backlash from the African American community. Nini released a statement earlier today stating "The picture was not meant to be offensive to anyone and I express my deepest apologies if anyone was offended by the photo. I love my culture I love my race and I am not making myself appear lighter. The gun used in the photo was for illustration entertainment purposes only and in no way do I praise violence in any shape or form" She also was on "Good Morning Today" in an interview with "Media Hound" Tyra Banks to discuss the issue, responding to the question asked by Tyra "Do you bleach your skin" Nini replied "Lets put it like this if I bleached my skin I probably would be dead or very sick because that is not something you can do with no ill health effects" She isn't the first female celebrity to be accused of appearing much lighter in magazines or photos: Beyonce has been a major subject of disregarding her race to appear lighter after a 2011 photo surfaced, as well as Ciara, Monica, Tiffany Evans, ASHANTI, Keyshia Cole, Nicki Minaj, Lola Monroe, Keisha Chante, Kyla Pratt and many more. Hold your head up Nini they only hate on you because they ain't you! Whats your thoughts? Do you feel Nini bleaches her skin to appear lighter as a direct disrespect to her race?



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Sunday, April 1, 2012


Sup' to all NINI fans out there., I apoligize for not posting in a few days but i had the flu in bed all week but as usual i have some updates on our favorite "superstar" NINI. Last night 3/30 Nini had a HUGE house party in the city of Houston on the 500 block of Weston and when I say Huge I mean HUGE!!! The exact number of guests in attendance has not yet been confirmed but judging from the footage shot by TMZ and APAC it was a memorable night indeed. First Solange was spotted walking into the "party" followed by longtime collaborator Chris Brown, other guests were not captured as they arrived before news crew and paparazzi arrived on the scene. We do know DJ Envy was there as well as legendary rock performers Bruce Springsteen And Jock Lastoe. Neighbors reported very loud music coming from the residence at around 430pm CT. Around 5pm reports flew in that smoke filled the sky erupting from NINI's backyard and the smoke was seen across the greater Houston area by eyewitness accounts the smell smelled strongly of marijuana! According to TMZ The smell was so strong that neighbors had to flee the area until it settled around 3am that night. Cameras didn't capture everything or everyone but they did show fans exactly what the party looked like and hey that's good enough for us right? Her "party" made the news around 4pm that afternoon and became the top story by 7pm and still is a top story for multiple TV station outlets as well as paparazzi outlets. According to NINI'S official website 10 fans were chosen as part of a contest to attend, but no word yet from Nini's camp on exactly who those 10 fans were. The party reportedly ended somewhere between 1 and 3am as a crowd was seen leaving the area but no one on scene was available for comment including Nini. Its speculation that sex was going on as moans were coming from the yard! Just what kind of party was this???????? Anyway, regardless of what illegal activities went on its sure a trending topic on Facebook as well as Twitter, Google has reported a crash of their site due to so many people searching for "Nini's Party" approximately 1,000,000 searches within 24 hours. Her party continues to gain attention from outlets all over the world and is sure to make a long lasting impression on the industry. All we have to say is "WHY WEREN'T WE INVITED" Whats your thoughts? comment below!