Monday, August 31, 2015

Next Up + NiNi's New Movie Is Becoming The Talk Of The Town

Today is the last day of the #AugustReleases, but don't be sad because tomorrow the brand new hashtag #SeptemberReleases starts which means that we get a whole month of new PSR albums and sources close to the label say that 25 PSR artists is "enrolled" in the September Releases including the queen. The last person for the #AugustReleases is  Anna Margaret with her 5th PSR album which is a double album titled "I......Am.......Anna" That title has the beyhive buzzing saying she ripped off B whose 2008 album is titled "I......Am.....Sasha Fierce" but regardless it has a nice buzz and is getting positive reviews. Although Ms. Margaret hasn't been vocal a whole lot lately, she has been keeping up with making sure no one forgets her name and her first day sales prove she is still popular with fans and in the music game. Click here for my full review, stats, indo and purchase links for "I...Am....Anna" by Anna Margaret. In other news, NiNi's new movie (still have no idea or details about it) is all the rage in the game and it's generating a huge buzz. We're still trying to get more info on it stay tuned. ...

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Next Up

Next up in the #AugustReleases is Brandy with her 3rd PSR titled "Long Way 2 Go" It's doing pretty well and has come in 3rd place replacing out Azaleas new album. Tomorrow is the last day of the #AugustReleases wonder who will be tomorrow. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links  for "Long Way 2 Go" by Brandy.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Next Up:

Sadly this is the last 2 days of the #AugustReleases and we have 2 more artists before the #SeptemberReleases. And sources say we will get a nice surprise coming at the end of this month from the queen to have the #AugustReleases go out with a bang. .. Next up we have Zendaya with her 7th PSR album titled "#Peace" This entire album is dedicated to the African Americans who were killed at the hands of white racist officers or people which has been happening alot recently so naturally many people, especially the black community can relate and it's doing extremely well because of the positive message it sends out which is "no more killing just "Peace" It landed her in the first place and it's selling like hot cakes. As we know, Daya is half black half white but she identifies herself as black and she says this album is for my people but also for everyone else who is affected by senseless violence. Daya, in the beginning was in the NHO category many times but lately she is everywhere and she is blowing up big, in fact, she was a part of the #JuneReleases and only two months later she has a new album so babygirl is fast and focused and according to her handlers and manager, her boss is very impressed with her. Click here to check out my full review, stats, info and purchase links for #Peace" by Daya. ......

Friday, August 28, 2015

Next up: + NiNi Accused Of Disrespecting Fan

Next up in the #AugustReleases is Ari. The diva has been alot of trouble lately. ............basically for being a diva and you "Arinators" (such a stupid name) know I'm right, so her 3rd PSR album is titled appropriately "Trouble" It's a mix of pop and Hip-Hop and she shows us that other side of her which is the "Diva side" (which we call the conceited jerk side. offense) anyways its doing very well and she is now in first place in the #AugustReleases.  Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Trouble" by Ari. In other news,  it's said that NiNi insulted a fan today. This is what she said: "I went up to her and I told her I'm such a fan I love you so much.  Then she muttered "fat" I brushed it off thinking I heard her wrong,  then I said your music saved my life literally,  and she said you'll be dying soon fatty,  then she whispered "obesity" I cried I never was that hurt in my life especially from my idol it killed my heart" Sources say NiNi lost an "N" today 😢 we're trying to get more info. Stay tuned. .......

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Next Up

The #AugustReleases is coming to an end and the next person up is Ace Hood with his 2nd PSR album titled "Breaking Debt" It's getting a pretty good buzz in three industry but Ace is seriously in the NHO category and sources close to PSR say this may be his last album for the label. His album is now in 3rd place in the #AugustReleases. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Breaking Debt" by Ace Hood.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Details Emerge On NiNis Sudden Walk Out + New Movie??

The other day, the queen was bashed by Tribe for apparently walking out in the middle of an interview, but the company who was bashing her is now apologizing to her. The interview woman and the cameraman kept asking her offensive questions even after she warned them to stop asking them, that's the part you don't see because the two edited it to make it seem as if she just was rude and walked off. It is unknown why they did that to her and they declined to comment. But the company has fired both of them and issued and apology to the queen posting. "To Mrs. Nichols, her friends, fans and family, we offer our sincere apologies for our behavior. We at tribe do not condone this disrespectful behavior, and if this vicious information was known earlier, the two employees would have been released. The two employees in question have been terminated from their positions with the company. We maintain a positive vibe here and any negativity will NOT ever be tolerated. We hope to work with NiNi officially one day and it is our hope that she doesn't hold this against the entire company for the actions of two very irresponsible people" NiNi has not responded to their apology. It is unknown if the two employees will face legal action, but they sure as hell are feeling the vicious wrath of the "N's" and even from the BeyHive. They are attacking and stinging very viciously. Click here to see what I mean.  In other news, word on the street is that NiNi may be working on a movie with hip hop legend Ice Cube. That's all we know/heard. Stay tuned for more info.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Next Up:

Next up in the #AugustReleases is Jamie Lynn Spears. This is her 3rd PSR album titled "Pride" She has been doing well since signing with PSR earlier this year and has not even been close to the NHO category and she is currently in 4th place with this new album. Click here for my full review, details, stats and purchase links for "Pride" by JLS.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Next Up;

Next up in the #AugustReleases is "Miss Keri Baby" (sorry) Keri was apart of the #JulyReleases, but that was for an album this release is a mixtape which is her 7th titled "No Men Allowed " which is a sketchy title by itself but the cover is just all females seriously close to each other. Her handler says she will explain the title and cover soon. Its available for free download and is doing pretty well around the game. Click here to read my full review, get details, stats and download links for "No Men Allowed"  by Keri. ......

Sunday, August 23, 2015

NiNi Walks Out On An Interview....For Apparently No Reason + Next Up

Today a popular magazine called "Tribe" is bashing the queen all over the industry for walking out during the middle of her first interview since being released from prison, and her first interview in over 8 months. It was very anticipated and all her fans and even the staff at the magazine was anticipating this interview so it was a big deal. The interview started off pretty cool, she seemed happy was smiling joking laughing and whatnot. She let us know about upcoming projects (lookout for her in the #SeptemberReleases if they make that hashtag) but midway through, the interviewer was about to ask her a question (keep in mind the interviewer never asked her a bad question, she wasn't disrespectful and was nice to her) NiNi just hot up and walked out for no reason. The interviewer lady deals with plenty of celebs on a daily basis and she understands most of them are extremely busy to the point they have to just excuse themselves for a minute and handle something, they thought this was the he case with NiNi but after 30 minutes of not coming back they realized she left the building and didn't let anyone know or offer any explanation. The magazine is bashing her because they went through alot to just get her there and considering they paid her her fee of $350,000 dollars for an interview which didn't get completed, yeah they're FURIOUS. But the loyal "Ns" are sticking by their idols side saying something mightve came up and she had no time for explanations, after all she is a wife and mother and that comes before the job. But Tribe continues to bash her on Twitter, FB and pretty much any other dumb social media site that exists these days saying she is unprofessional and very rude. The money they gave her, they are legally obligated to get it back since her part of the deal wasn't fulfilled but they would have to sue her but the owner says "why bother let her enjoy her free money, we just know better next time"  The Ns are attacking the magazine for attacking their "leader" so it's just getting crazy. How do you Ns feel? Click here to view when she just got up and walked out. In other news, next up in the #AugustReleases is Azalea Banks with her 3rd PSR album titled "Ca$h Out" It's getting decent reviews but still is struggling to break record breaking numbers for first day sales and she is behind everyone else in the #AugustReleases. Click here to read my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "Ca$h Out" by Miss Banks.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Next Up

Next up in the #AugustReleases is Vic. This is her 4th PSR album titled "Bumpy Road" It's doing pretty well around the industry landing her in 3rd place. Click here forget my full review, stats, info and purchase details for "Bumpy Road" by Vic.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Next Up:

Next up in the #AugustReleases is Kelly Rowland. Kelly has managed to stay outta the NHO category by making appearances and she's also stayed out of the new hashtag #PSRDRAMA by not ending up in trouble but she still doesn't make much music. This is her 3rd PSR album titled "We Will Make It" and it's doing pretty well and she is 4th place. Click here for my full review, stats, info and purchase links for "We Will Make It" by Kelly Rowland

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Next Up: + Is The Drama Over??

Next up in the #AugustReleases is Sevyn Streeter with her 3rd PSR album titled "On My Own". She is doing well as far as first day sales and generating a buzz in the industry and in the streets. She has taken a spot right behind Rita as she has come in 2nd place in the #AugustReleases. Click here for my full review, info, stats and purchase links for "On My Own" by Sevyn Streeter (it's a double disc album 32 songs in all) In other news, a source reports that the beef has ended, not the Rita-ASAP beef, the three some beef between Niq, KP and China. The source announces that they have all made up and squashed it and plan to announce it to the public later on today and all 3 are planning a collab track together. You guys buying this? *UPDATE* as many of you figured, the story is FALSE. Despite the fact that all 3 of their managers are trying desperately to put an end to the #3somewar and many people are looking to set up an intervention, neither woman is budging and they're all being extremely complicated not wanting to participate in ANY peace efforts. People have even went to NiNi to try and make them stop but she kept it real and said "look I don't approve of any in-house, but at the same time, I'm not going to force a friendship between people who genuinely do not like each other, it will be fake and forced and noticeable. I'm not taking part in that intervention because it won't work. They know about fighting in-house and they keep it clean,  what they do in the streets and their own time on their own dime is their personal business. Long as they keep it Profesional at work which all 3 do, I really don't care how ghetto they get when they leave. Not to sound mean but that's their image not mine" Many agree with NiNi but still feel she's a little too calm since they still are her artists and it's bringing negative attention to her label.  The 3 all declined comment. Will this bloody 3some war ever end?  Stay tuned. ....

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Another PSR Beef? And Another PSR Love Fest? + She's Next Up

More drama is coming from the PSR camp today and it's due to a song from A$AP called "Better Times" which has a direct line to Rita Ora which is his label mate. Those two have been linked many times and many feel the song is anger for her leaving him. He calls her all kinds of bitches and other offensive things on the song and speaks on kicking her out after receiving oral sex from her. She got word of the song and she was the bigger one and said "I don't think it's cool to disrespect women but I don't give a flying fuck what he or anyone else says about me" A$AP recently admitted that his line was tasteless and maybe he should've muted her name but he still stands by it. She responded "that's nice but he still said it. It's all good cuz at the end of the day it's all about the music I always loved his music and supported him so I don't even understand where that came from but ima do me he do him and leave it there. He knows where to find me if he wants to apologize"Rita is being praised because despite being severely disrespected and called all kinds of names, she was more mature and didn't respond back in a negative way. A$AP on the other hand is being criticized, not only because his label mate is being more mature sticking to the PSR Pact and He isnt,  but due to how he talked about a woman which got many women very offended. He has yet to apologize to her or anyone else. But a very important person who is all about women's rights stood up for her and bashed him over Twitter and that's the queen who is his boss. She posted "@ASAPRocky you got a lotta nerve bro, says alot about you. Oh and by the way "Better times" sucks. Who the hell gave you the authority to put that bullshit garbage out cuz it sure as hell wasn't me" Her tweet received over 4 million likes and retweets. He has not responded to her. Stay tuned for more info. In other news today is Rita day. In addition to that drama, she is in the news for another reason. It's said that she and her other label mate Wiz Khalifa are dating.  The biggest love fest @ PSR right now is Kat and Alexis, but these two just might take over. They have been spotted literally EVERYWHERE together and have shown affection at times like holding hands and being close. It'll be weird if he brings her on tour with him since he and ASAP are touring together and they're cool (more drama). Neither one confirmed anything but a picture is worth a thousand words. Stay tuned. Also once again it's Rita day she is next in the #AugustReleases and with all this info popping off about her today, she is in first place. This is her 5th PSR titled "More Than Music" produced by herself and NiNi. Click here for full details, stats, my full review and purchase links for "More Than Music" by Rita. ..

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Next Up:

Next up in the #AugustReleases is Tamar Braxton. This is her 4th PSR studio album called "Forgiveness" and we feel it's her most intense album most definitely probably dedicated to K. Michelle since they were and still kinda are in a highly public beef from their show and we feel this album is not a diss, but like it's title suggests, it seems to be more of a way to make amends. It's doing pretty well around the industry and she is 3rd place. Click here for full details, my full review, stats and purchase links for "Forgiveness" by T. Braxton

Monday, August 17, 2015

PSR Drama Getting Dangerous Other Artists Planning An Intervention

The 3some PSR beef is beginning to get dangerous as the two main ones Niq and China bumped into each other earlier today and Niq ended up stabbed in the arm. It's unclear who stabbed her because it was other people involved in the brawl. It started when N, T and C showed up in Virginia to prepare for their show tonight. They did some signings and photos with fans but unfortunately Niq was around too not knowing they were there and scheduled at the same place same time. NiNi immediately spotted Niq and fans reported she had a "oh shit" type of look on her face, then T spotted her and got the same look. China didn't notice her yet so N and T tried to prevent C from seeing her but eventually she spotted her and got a disgusted look on her face. It's unclear how the fight started but witnesses report that when going inside the building Niq and China bumped into each other either purposely or due to the crowd and entrance being small for all to enter at once but the witnesses say they started brawling shortly after. NiNi Tinashe security and fans all tried to break them up with no success and the fight went on for over 8 minutes until large amounts of blood was seen leaking from Niq. They finally broke the two up and it was discovered Niq had a large dash in her arm from what looked like a knife. The ambulance was immediately called and China was put in handcuffs. It was some debate because no one saw China with a knife and due to everyone trying to break it up it couldve been a fan possibly on China's side (you know those PSR fans are offense) Niq was taken to the hospital and China was detained and searched but no knife was found on her. The fans, NiNi and Tinashe were also searched but no knife was found. This created the hashtag #invisibleknife and it blew up all over social media. Sources report that Niq needed 75 stitches as the wound was so deep and severe. The signing was shut down and people were questioned but no one has been charged yet and the knife hasn't been found. This brawl also got the attention of their label mates and other artists who all feel this "war" is getting ridiculous and sources say they are planning a meeting to try and get them to dead all this nonsense as its bringing negative attention to the label and to the game in general and to themselves. Niq has been released from the hospital but declines comment, so do the legends, but Niq may have thrown shade at China tweeting "U aint no "#Legend" Stay tuned for more info. Click here to read more on this incident. Cray Indeed.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Music

Today we didn't get a new album for the #AugustReleases but we got new music. First up is Miss Demi with a new song called "Cool 4 The Summer" It's edgy and has a summer theme and is doing really good around the world taking home at number 3 on the charts. Produced by Kojack. 2nd up is Miss KP with a new song called "Chill Out". Also a summer theme type song it also is getting gpod attention and is in competition with Demi's new song. (Good thing they aren't in competition with each other huh? That would be even fiercer then the #KPVSNIQVSCHINA three some that's going on. New info on that here) Click here to check out "Cool 4 The Summer" by Demi and "Chill Out" by KP.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Next Up

Next up in the AugustReleases is Kelly Clarkson with her 10th PSR studio album "Number 10" which is an appropriate title. She has replaced 5th harmony out and taking the 2nd place. Click here for full info, stats, and purchase links for "Number 10" by Kelly Clarkson.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Next Up

Next up in the #AugustReleases is Fi5th Harmony. This is their 3rd PSR album titled "Fi5th Amendment" They have taken second place in the #AugustReleases and it's a huge buzz around their album in the streets and the industry. Click here to read my full review, stats, details and purchase links for "Fi5th Amendment" by Fi5th Harmony. ...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Think You Have What It Takes To Be PSR's Next Superstar?

Attention artists!  Heres a chance for you unsigned artists to get your music heard by a major label. Do you wanna join Platinum Sound Records?  Welcome to the $90,000 dollar platinum record deal contest! PSR is running a contest where one lucky artist will win a record deal with PSR. Here are the guidelines: To be eligible for consideration you must (1) have a following, PSR is not interested in training any completely unknown artists. They are looking for someone who has at least 25,000 fans combined on all social media sites or can draw a crowd that large. (2) You must have experience performing,  being huge in your city or hometown is a plus. (3) You
must be very active on social media and have an online presence. (4) You must be markateble, meaning a professional look, and your music must be good enough to the point it can be sold and/or distributed. If you fit the guidelines, then keep reading.
Song must be original, no covers or coyrighted beats or lyrics from another artist.

Song must be professional and radio ready (mixed and mastered) no rough demo mixes.

Include a short biography of yourself and your music (less then 500 words) any videos of you performing or a music video for your song is a plus and you can include those too (no nudity in videos)

Profanity is allowed but do not overdo it.

Include 2 High Quality Photos Of Yourself or Your Band (If You're in A Group)

Include any press clippings if you have them.

Include a song write up (what it's about, producer info etc)

Only send *ONE* Mp3 file at 128kbps anything higher will not be accepted. Do not send WAV files.

Include all artist contact info (phone, website if you have one and ALL social media links. Twitter Facebook etc.

Only Rap, R&B and Pop genres

Send all of this in an email to the PSR A&R department at arsubmissions@platinumsoundrecords.Com. This email is for submissions only do not contact it asking about an artist or any other unsolicited mail,  it will be flagged as spam and not replied to. In your submission include the subject "music submission" all emails without this subject line will be considered spam and deleted. The contest ends at 11:59pm September 1st, and the winner will be announced September 4th. *Send your BEST song!* Good luck guys! Click here to find official rules and info on the contest.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Next Up

Next up in the #AugustReleases is Mikky Ekko with his 2nd PSR studio album titled "Stay With Me" He's doing pretty well so far with it and it's generating a buzz. Click here for stats, info and purchase links for "Stay With Me" by Mikky Ekko

Monday, August 10, 2015

No Fight + Next Up

Yesterday it was reported that KP and Tinashe had a fight due to T defending C but that isn't true. This morning T posted a tweet saying " I Luv and respect @KatyPerry as an artist and a person #NoDrama" which officially confirmed that a feud between them is not happening. Katy returned the favor by tweeting a picture of T along with a clip of her newest song "Sex" with the caption "Dopest song ever!!" Definitely going on my Playlist! #Tinashe #Sex" but while there's no need with KP and T, there still is with Niq, China and KP and it's really not getting better. Click here to see what I mean. In other news, next up in the #AugustReleases is Meek with his highly anticipated "Street Dreams Mixtape which is his 3rd off the label and he quickly became the new leader of the #AugustReleases. It's available for free and has over 4 million downloads. Click here for info, stats and download links for "Street Dreams" by Meek. Also speaking of drama popping off and Meek, we all know that he is in a beef with Drake and Drake's once upon a time love interest and friend Nicki is defending Meek going in hard at Drake. She tweeted that Drake doesn't write his own songs and Meek was right when he said it. Fans are bashing her hard because they sat Drake had her back from the beginning of her career through the Lil Kim drama and all and for her to attack him like that over a man she just started dating is seriously wrong and thottish. Everyone is bashing her she hasn't responded yet. Stay tuned

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Next Up + KP& Tinashe Fight???

Next up in the #AugustReleases is Tiffany Evans. Miss Evans was very close to the NHO category but with this new album she is now back in the buzz and is the leader so far in the #AugustReleases. This is her 6th PSR album titled "Tiff" Click here to read all stats, info, details and purchase links for "Tiff" by........"Tiff" In other news word on the street and in the media is that Tinashe & KP have brawled earlier today after T defended her tour buddy and friend Miss China who KP is in a feud with. Details are hazy but it's said that they both were broken up before anyone caused any serious damage to the other. So is it now a 4some beef?  We have more details about this coming in so stay tuned. Click here to read all about this alleged fight between T & KP.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

"The Legends And Special Guest Blow Up The House

Last night NiNi T & C performed at the Meadowlands in Rutherford New Jersey which marked the first time NiNi has performed in over 2 months.  It was a very special event and they threw her a welcome back song together on stage along with the fans. They performed many memorable hits including "Shake You Off" which is their most popular hit till today. They then bought out a special guest to perform 3 songs with them and it was none other then PSR's ex-enemy Tay. The crowd went wild when she came out and hugged all 3 legends and helped them perform "2 On" (Tinashe) "Turn Up" (China) and "Y U Mad? "(NiNi). She even performed one of her own songs "Bad Blood" and bought out Kendrick Lamar since he's featured in it. All in all it was a very bomb welcome back performance and it showed us that's it's no more PSR VS Tay. The performance lasted for 3 hours and ended with T and N having a "Rap battle beef" against each other which Tinashe won. (Wasn't a real beef so don't start making rumors) It was recorded by a fan the entire time. Click here to see the "Legends" blow the place up last night (very long so make sure you have time to spare. It starts getting really good at the 22 min mark)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Next Up: + Update

Next up in the #AugustReleases is Tinashe & Zendaya.  Both of them dropped an album for the #JulyReleases but they both released their mixtapes this month. This is Tinashe's 3rd called "Streetz The Mixtape Vol. 1" and Daya's 2nd called "A Mic And A Dream Vol.2" Both are doing extremely well and both are for free download off of all the popular mixtape sites. Click here for full details, stats and download links for both of their mixtapes. In other news, yesterday a 3some beef popped off when KP decided to speak up on the current war at PSR by speaking to both of them directly. Today the new info is that KP is in fact now involved in the war and it's officially a trio 3some beef, but her tweet is not what caused it. Apparently KP has been having issues with Niq and China for a while it's just her tweet is what finally made it blow up. So now it's KP =VS= Niq =VS= China.  Click here to see how KP first started having issues with both of them. ... Also speaking of Daya she is releasing her own line of shoes called "Dope Shoes" which will be added to the P.W line next month. Click here to get a look at them.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

PSR Artists Speak On Bloody In House. ....But Should They Have Done That?

We all know it's a vicious bloody beef going on between Cymphonique & China, but the PSR artists are getting sick of it. So far PSR hasn't had any in houses in over 9 months it shows they're trying but these two are not and it's pissing everyone off and although many PSR artists have been dropping subliminal messages hinting that they're getting sick of it, it's one person who went full non subliminal about the feud and maybe she shouldn't have and that person is KP. KP tweeted "Ugh you little broads are childish I swear it, you both are trying to out-do each other and you're just making yourself look stupid and extremely immature dammit you're both grown act like it! Did I step on and hurt your feelings?  GOOD!!!!! GROW UP!! That may be true but that didn't stop the war, in fact it seemed to cause more trouble as Cymphonique and China both responded to her very negatively and it seems miss perry has unintentionally began a new war with both of them. "Oh if it isn't miss goodie two shoes finally speaking. bitch you ain't my mama mind yours and worry about why your nigga can't keep his dick out of random bitches" is what Cymphonique replied. "Um sweetie fall back or I'll make you fall back you don't know shit so don't act like you do TF" is what China replied. So yeah didn't help at all but now sources say Katy was offended especially at Cymphoniques reply and now she is feuding with both. Many fans spoke up and said Katy should've just stayed out of it since it's not her fight or her place that's NiNis job, others are on Katys side saying she did the right thing by speaking up since they're both acting like children and everyone is getting sick of it. What do you guys feel? Should she have just left it alone or was she right to speak up? Click here to see KP's message to them and their angry replies......#NewWar (that's the new hashtag and it's now a 3some war) other PSR artists are also getting in hot water over speaking up. Click here to see what I mean.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fight Breaks Out......................Again + NiNi Shows Her Facell For The First Time In 3 Weeks

The #ChiNiq war continues and it doesn't seem to be getting better, in fact it's getting worse. Cymphonique released her new album the other day and China criticized it over Twitter which was a payback to Niq since she did the exact same thing to her when she released her album last month which started a huge Twitter war between them but obviously they weren't done...They bumped into each in Cymphonique's hometown of New Orleans and China straight up went after her and threw a punch and they started brawling. Cops were called but it isn't known if either one were arrested but they each had to pay a fine. New details are on the way stay tuned. In other news the queen has finally come out after 3 weeks as she was at a signing earlier today in downtown Georgia where she announced she will be re-joining T &C next week for the Legends Tour. Click here to see her at the signing.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

PSR Isn't Closed Down + Next Release

Yesterday there were reports that PSR closed down due to be closed and deserted looking but today we found out that the label is just under construction for the next couple days. The label will reopen on Friday and everyone will be back. But even though it's temporarily closed, we still got a new release and that's Reggie with her 4th PSR album calling "Rising" Click here for details, info, stats and purchase links for "Rising" by Reggie. .....

Monday, August 3, 2015

Did PSR Close Down????

Many fans and tourists report that the legendary PSR building is closed down. Witnesses report that the building is all dark and looks to be empty like the way you would see a store that's out of business. But why? And is it true? We're trying to figure that out Stay tuned.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

New Song By The Queen + Next Up

NiNi may be making herself invisible to the world since she hasn't been seen since her early release but new music continues to be released and today we got a brand new song from her called "Where U At" which features Kat Dahlia the rising singer most famous for her hit "Gangsta". It's generating a huge buzz and has stolen the number 1 spot. It's Pop/Hip-Hop and NiNi raps abs Kat sings they sound pretty good together. Click here to check out the new song "Where U At" by NiNi Ft Kat Dahlia. In other news, it's day 2 of the #AugustReleases and the next person we got is CiCi. CiCi has been close to the NHO category ever since she started messing with her new boo, but this new album which is her 6th PSR album called "Make It Shine" is letting us know she is not to be forgotten. She recently released an EP called "Jackie" which didn't do to well but this album is doing well. She's in 2nd place behind Jordin. Click here for full review, details, stats, and purchase links for "Make It Shine" by CiCi

Saturday, August 1, 2015

First #AugustRelease

Happy 1st everyone. It's the start of a new month and the start of a new #Hashtag which is the #AugustReleases.  The first PSR artist to drop is Jordin Sparks. Ms. Jordin has been extremely active and has never even been close to the NHO category which is why her 4th PSR album titled "LoveLife" was very anticipated. Since she's the first artist on the #AugustReleases shes currently in first place. Click here for stats, details, info and purchase links for "LoveLife" by Jordin Sparks.......