Friday, August 31, 2012

Reports Of Tension Between Nini And Keke Palmer!

Whats up guys, reports are coming in that Nini and her rising soon to be royal artist Keke Palmer have tension in their professional relationship. Rumors say that for the past 3 months, Keke has been working on a new project to present to the label to meet her quota. But Nini has been denying everything that she presented her with, which was at least over 45 projects and KeKe is starting to think that Nini actually likes the music but just doesn't like her so she is picking on her because she doesn't like her. According to the reports, Nini and Keke just have not been getting along lately and it seems as if Nini is doing everything in her power to make sure Keke suffers so she can drop her. A tweet was posted from KeKe's twitter page, but we aren't sure if its an official tweet or not, many say its not a beef, but its definitely tension between the two. Think this is real? You guys be the judge! Nini isnt at work tonight, no shows so I have no more info to report, but check back tomorrow for more info Peace~!

Nini's Show + No Beef For Breezy And Miranda

Last night was Nini's show at the Prudential center in Newark NJ, and just for you guys, I brought my video camcorder and recorded the entire show for you (yes my arm was killing me and its still killing me, but you know I got you guys) so need to read a long post, instead go check out the entire 3 hour performance, and I tweaked it so that it looks super clear, you can hear everything and its like a movie so you guys should enjoy that. Have fun watching! Go check out the amazing performance from start to finish here. In other news, Nini's two artists Miranda and Breezy have held a live press conference this morning to discuss the little incident last night. They were both side by side and Breezy said "I just want to let everyone know that me and Miranda ain't beefing or even in disagreement with each other, she's like a little sister to me and she knows I love her, she smacked some sense into me that's what she did (the crowd laughs and so does Miranda) but we good and we always will be, no matter if we go through problems or not its normal but we always come out on top, because this ain't the first time we got into it, its just the first time it was in front of everyone" Miranda smiled and gave him a hug and said "Aww I love you too" The audience cheered and clapped and Miranda said "It was really my mistake for the argument so I should be the one really apologizing, but I kind of like the attention he's giving me right now (Breezy and the crowd laughed again) and they hugged and the crew members and fans cheered as they walked off. So that's a happy ending, no beef, and it seems that PSR members know how to settle their differences alot easier than other artists which is always good.

Alexis Jordan Admires Nini's Fearlessness

High rising PSR artist Alexis Jordan has said she admires Nini for being so fearless and how she is not afraid to speak her mind when it comes down to it. "I really admire her, she is so fearless and she speaks her mind like its nothing regardless if it will hurt someones feelings or not, and I respect that, I always check out what she is wearing also, she makes a bold statement with her wardrobe and she is the ultimate woman for young children and teens to look up to" says Alexis to Vybe Magazine. 20 year old Alexis has been with PSR for a little over 8 months now and so far has released a number 1 album a short while ago and already has been included in the "PSR bosses hall of fame" of highest sellers, so its only natural that she will look up to Nini, who doesn't? In other news, 21 year old Roc Nation artist Rita Ora is rumored to be signing with PSR in the next couple of months, as her contract will be up with Roc Nation and she has decided not to renew her contract and instead has decided to sign with PSR. Of course that is just a rumor, so we aren't sure if it is true or not, but we actually hope it is as we feel her talent can bring to serious paper to PSR! But that's all up to the queen of course. P.S, speaking of Rita, check out the new song by PSR artist Kelly Rowland Ft The Game and Rita Ora titled" Change The Game" really awesome song! Check it out here

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hayden Panettiere + Breezy + Miranda Have A Huge Argument!

OK guys, just a quick update from my phone while their on break. So I'm taking my seat at Nini's show and a huge argument breaks out between PSR artists Miranda and Breezy and for some reason Hayden Panettiere was involved in it. They all were at her show to show support and the argument started right before the show started. It became so loud that security did not care if they were celebs or even Nini's artists and they told them to "Get Out" They all refused to leave and security actually escorted them out and grabbed all of them while they were trying to fight them off, but eventually security threw all of them out. I was far over from them of course but fans are reporting that Breezy was slapped by Miranda but I cant tell you if that is true or not so that was 3 people who didn't get to attend Nini's show tonight (which is going wonderful by the way) After I get outta here, I will try and see if I can find out what the argument was about and I will probably post about this amazing show tonight, but if not, definitely tomorrow. That's all the info I have for now, so back to the show!

Tiny Makes A Statement + Kat Makes An Announcement

This afternoon, Tiny has made a statement about her tweet about Nini. She held a live press conference and she said "My statement on Twitter last night was just the antics of a drunken fool, I was tore up and I just was having fun, I'm so sorry to NINI for any trouble I may have caused her, its nothing going on between us and it probably never will be, it was a joke so please know that" Nini has not responded to her statement as of yet.....In other news, Kat has made an announcement about her TV show "Vampire Diaries" and she has said "I took some time out to get my music career on track, but truthfully I cant stay away from the show and there are new episodes and new seasons coming starting in September and it's gonna be really cool, lots of scares and drama (laughs)" VD fans should be delighted to hear that, we aren't... sorry Kat lol. Now its off to Nini's show in Newark NJ (YIKES! SCARY!) At the Prudential Center, I will let you guys know all the exciting details and for those of you who have tickets, I will see ya there!

Nini And Solange Will NOT Be Performing Together

Rumors say that Nini and Beyonce's little sister Solange will be doing a song and performing it together at the Made In America Music Festival this weekend, but "Solo" has denied that saying "That would be so cool wouldn't it? But unfortunately, I cant make the festival this weekend, I have so much going on with my kids and all and I'm just trying to focus on them and my personal life right now, and I haven't even been doing the music thing like I used too, but I would love to perform with her one day and do another song with her since our last one became number 1, but right now hold it down without me girl! lol" We aren't sure who Nini will be performing with at the festival or what day since it lasts for 3 days but we will keep checking and let you guys know. In other news, many say a beef is starting between Nini and Toya. Toya already has a beef going on with another PSR artist and that's K Michelle (new song by her also check that out here) But now many say she has one with Nini after calling her out in a statement. Is this true? We don't know yet, but we will be finding out soon enough!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nini Is Tiny's Girl Crush!

Word is that Amber Rose isn't the only one in love with the queen, it seems that 37 year old ATL Former singer and wife of PSR artist TIP , Tameka "Tiny" Cottle wants Nini in bed! (yes I said bed) She has posted this tweet about Nini "Nini is bomb, I was watching some clips of her and I want her in my bed right now, Ill do some damage to that!" (YIKES) Besides the tweet, we are told that Tiny also sends her flowers and love notes and sex letters but we aren't sure about that. Regardless though, Nini hasn't responded, so lets just wait and see what happens! P.S Check out the new song by new PSR artists Cash Out Ft Ashanti and Jadakiss with the hook done by Havana brown titled "Purple Drank" Check it out here

Nini Cancels Show Tonight!

Nini has cancelled her show tonight due to the little incident earlier and will reschedule it for another time. Fans are actually relieved that she canceled as they are concerned for her safety. PSR management has said "Its very sad and unfortunate what happened, and we are going to boost her security and everything else that way we can try and avoid this happening again" At this point, no suspects have been caught or named but police are still hard at work looking, so check back tomorrow on more info on that! Night! P.S we have found out that a news crew wants to buy Nini's jacket with the bullet hole in it for 1.5 million dollars to put on display....o...k we aren't sure why, but we don't know if she will agree to that or not......

Nini Gets Shot At!

This afternoon, Nini took a visit to downtown Connecticut to get some lunch we assume as she was going into a Jack In The Box. Police and presidential bodyguards were called to the scene to escort her and guard her and to keep all the screaming women back from grabbing her. She went inside of Jack In The Box and security followed her inside and a couple of them stood outside and didn't let anyone in or out and the people who were inside already were guarded and were not allowed to leave their seats. Normally, this kind of treatment might upset some people, but being that it was Nini and she's the highest target since she is so famous, people understood and did not complain. After ordering her food, she walked back out with the security guards and she was on her way back to the presidential limo when all of a sudden: Bang! Bang! Bang! 3 shots rang out from the distance. 1 bullet pierced Nini's jacket she had on but didn't hit her skin, another bullet pierced through one of her bodyguards neck and the last one pierced through an innocent male fan who was standing watching her exit the Jack In The Box. Everyone ducked for cover and a black car with tints sped off and police chased after it, but after hitting the corner the black car seemed to disappear and cops lost their trail. No suspects have been identified and surprisingly, Nini's security officer and the male fan survived the shooting and we are told they are doing well. Police are looking for the suspects in the black car but have not found anything yet, but they have a good idea on who it may be but they aren't releasing anymore info right now. Nini wasn't hurt but she did tweet about it (see above) and all we have to say is SMH. P.S Nini has a show tonight in Canton, Connecticut, and since she hasn't informed anyone that its cancelled, we assume its still on, but unfortunately we cant make it but I will do my best to get all the info for you guys, STAY SAFE QUEEN N!!!!

Cymphonique And Kat Called The Biggest Ass Kissers!!

Its no secret that Kat and Cymphonique seem to do the most when it comes to the boss. They volunteered to pay her to take a vacay, they put up the money that Mona L lost, they replaced the money that was lost from PSR a while back and many more loyal things. But while some people look at that as dedication, loyalty and friendship, many other people are calling them severe ass kissers. Brandon Jackson of the Spotlight Media Crew ran a story about them two and ended his statement with "I think they are the biggest ass kissers in the world, they kiss that girls ass so much that their lips are going to be stamped with her ass for the rest of their life". Kat has spoken out about his statement and said 'He doesn't know what the hell he is talking about, so she's my friend, OK of course friends are going to stick by each other through thick and thin its nothing to do with kissing anyone's ass are you serious, he need to get his facts right because he is making himself look dumb and he sounds like an even bigger asshole than usual" And Cymphonique saying "Um no, I don't kiss her ass, I'm just loyal to her she's my friend and my boss, and I offer my help whenever its needed but that's pretty much it,if the label needs help its my home too so I help, and if she needs help then I help her because that's called friendship" Many people agree with them and feel that they are only being good friends, but some actually agree with the media guy and feel not only them, but most of the royal PSR artists kiss Nini's ass to stay in her circle which is people like Miranda, Ke$ha, Selena, Miley, Omg Girlz, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, KC and Nicki. Do you guys think these people are ass kissers to Nini or just really good loyal friends?

Nini's Show Last Night + The Drama That Came With It

Last night was Nini's show in downtown Miami FL at the Miami School Of Music Stadium. It was a very hot night and temperatures reached over 107 degrees, but the show went on. The show began at 8pm and was filled with over 100,000 screaming cheering fans. The spotlight shined on the stage but no one was there, then it shined to the seats and Nini appeared out of the floor with smoke and walked down the aisle and fans were screaming and reaching out to touch her. She shook some hands as she was making her way to the stage. She jumped on stage and screamed "Hello Miami!!!!" The fans showed her love and cheered extra loud, then she said "Are you guys ready to have a blast tonight??!!!" And of course the crowd went nuts. Then she said "OK, I need you guys to help me bring my girl out, everyone make the bee sound" and the whole crowd did buzzing noises (bzzzzz) after a couple seconds a very large queen bumblebee flew across the room, it was the size of a small car and even though it was a hologram, it flew over people's head and looked so real. The bumblebee bee flew next to Nini and hovered next to her and Nini turned to the Bee and said "Whats up queen!!!" And an explosion went off and the coolest part was the explosion made the bee disappear, and B appeared in its place and it looked as if she transformed from the bee to herself and that was pretty cool, and the fans went wild. Nini was dressed in an army outfit and so was B and the beat to "See Me Now" came on which is Kanye West and Beyonce's song and although Nini isn't in that one, she did help with the lyrics. Ye came out to do his verses and Nini was dancing to the music while the fans were rocking along to it. B did her verses and Nini backtracked her lyrics and helped her when she needed a breath. Charlie Wilson wasn't there so his parts on the song were backtracked and they had a live band play the instruments in the background. After the song was over, fans cheered as an explosion went off and sparks flew across the stage. Ye exited the stage and went backstage and hopped into his tour bus as he had his own show to get to. B snatched the mic from Nini and Nini looked confused and she said "OK, we're gonna get PSR and Columbia together! The fans screamed loudly and artists from Nini's label came out including: Kat, Monica Spears, Eminem, TIP, Nicki Minaj and OMG Girlz, and fans went wild. Then artists from B's label Columbia began coming out including JoJo, Mariyah Carey, Melani Fiona and Gwen Stefani. It was 15 artists on stage and fans continued cheering as everyone came on stage. They all don't have a mega song together or anything, so we figured they were there to just dance and help out and we were right. Nini snatched the mic back from B and B pushed her and rolled her eyes at her, and Nini said "Throw them diamonds up!!!" and fans cheered and threw the ROC diamond high in the sky and Jay walked on to the stage, gave the two queens a hug and the beat to "Cant See Me" began playing and the other artists were dancing and helping them with their verses. Nini went first and she was helped by Kat and danced next to her. Jay went second and was helped by Em and TIP. and B went last and was helped by Jojo and the OMG Girlz and it was really cool. Jay threw his hat off once again where it was caught by a female fan. The beat switched up and "Single Ladies" played and all except for the men did the famous single ladies dances, then it switched up again to "Make It Rain" which is Nini and Eminem and they performed that song together while the others danced and backed them up. Everyone who was up there had their song played halfway through and they all got to perform. Jay was "Empire State Of Mind" and he bought out Alicia Keys, Jojo was "Run This" , OMG GIRLZ were "Gucci This Gucci That" TIP was "Big Thangs Poppin" Nicki Was "Beez In The Trap" without 2Chainz, Mariah Carey was "Up Out My Face" Kat Was "My Love" Melanie Fiona was 3am, Monica Spears was "I Hate You So Much" and Gwen Stefani was "Sweet Escape" and while these beats were switching up and all of the artists were performing, Nini and B just danced to the music and backed them up. After the last song was over they all hugged and all look visibly tired and went backstage to change and to get a drink of water. The stage was empty for about 10 minutes, then Nini and B came back out with the famous outfits to chocolate and began performing that song while fans sang and danced along. Other songs they performed were "When The Beat Drop" Murder This Beat" True Love" "Love On Top" Get Me Bodied" and Nini's Famous "Dream Love" The show lasted around 3 hours and it was great from start to finish. The last 2 songs were "PSR" and "Boss Bitches" and for PSR, Ke$ha and Selena Gomez finally came to perform that with them. B isn't in that one so she danced with the women and we must say both of them killed the stage. After they were done they hugged the queens and waved at the fans and left. Last song was "Boss Bitches" which is Nini Ft Katy Perry and Diamond and once the beat played, Katy exploded on the stage with Diamond and fans went nuts for them. They performed the song with Nini and had the whole stadium out of their chairs even security was dancing to it. And explosion went off at the end and all women screamed "GOOD NIGHT!!" and an explosion made them all disappear into the smoke which was awesome! The other artists left the stadium, but Nini and B went backstage to do autographs despite the fact that they were exhausted. They did 100 autographs and 50 boobs apiece and a fight broke out backstage with two female fans because one jumped in front of the other one since Nini was about to leave and she wanted to make sure she got to meet her. They began throwing down and security had to come spray mase to stop them and escorted them outside. They each signed 30 more autographs, hugged and went their separate ways, great show guys! Did you guys see it? .P.S no camera's were allowed, but I did manage to get a pic of Nini and B side by side and how their autographs look for those who care lol :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Song Alert + MGK Apologizes To Nini Over Twitter!

This afternoon, a new song has released by Rising PSR artist Kid Sister Ft Kanye West, Leona Lewis, Lucci Vee and Nini titled "Got The Game On Lock" and the hook is done by PSR artist TEYANA TAYLOR. The song hit the web around 12 this afternoon and has been receiving much love and positive reviews from the industry. All artists except for Leona Lewis raps on the song and we must say it definitely is a dope song! Check it out here. In other news, rising PSR artist MGK has posted an apology to his boss over twitter a little while ago. We still aren't sure what he did to get himself suspended, but whatever it was he obviously is sorry about it. Nini hasn't responded to his apology as of yet. P.S, PSR artist Kandi Gurl made a statement about her new album saying that it will be completed by the end of September. That's all the news I have for now, check me out later! Peace~!

Kat's New Album!

Whats Up Guys, this morning at midnight, PSR artist Kat Graham released her 2nd album off of PSR titled "Against The Wall". The album is mostly produced by Brian Jennings and co-produced by Nini and Kanye West. The album has 19 songs on it including a bonus track with Nini titled "Graffiti Remix" The artwork is done by Hollywood album designer Ken Joe and the songs on the album range from sexy to love to revenge. Kat Tweeted at 12:01 AM "OK guys, its here!!! Hope You Love It Mwa!" Since then it sold out of Walmart, Kmart, BJ'S, and other retail stores in under 20 minutes, and so far has sold over 300 million copies from the U.S over to the U.K and even China, Paris and Tokyo and believe it or not even Nigeria. The album continues to climb the charts with most of the highest sales coming from her hometown of Switzerland and at this point she has beat out a few PSR artists including: Cymphonique, Monica Spears, OMG Girlz and Miranda Cosgrove, but she still has a couple thousand to go before she beats the boss. But with the success of this album, it gives her the right to call her self platinum as she has been included in the "Platinum Bosses" hall of fame which is a wall of highest sellers at PSR. The success of this album has already bought in millions for her and her home, BUT she will not be joining Nini's circle anytime soon because its only her second album and her tour sales need to climb a little higher. Once she released her 3rd album and starts booking shows back to back like the other women on PSR, then she will have an open spot, but until then she is still just an artist, but a pretty damn good one if you ask me! The album features "Yo Gotti, Monica, Monica Spears, Young Jeezy, Jay-Z, Ke$ha, Usher, Ne-Yo, Snoop Dogg, Jessica Lowndes, Jadakiss, Styles P, Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and of course Nini on the bonus track and it is available at retail stores for 7.99 and on her website as well as the PSR Site for 9.99 so go pick up a copy today! Next albums to look out for will be the OMG GIRLZ (September 4th) and Ke$ha (September 18th) and Jessica Lowndes first album (October 1st) Congrats to KAT! In other news, Nini has a show tonight in downtown Miami FL, At the Miami School Of Music Stadium and we are told she will be performing with some of her artists! Cant wait for that, if you have tickets see you guys there!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Nini Set To Perform In Made In America!

Nini has signed on to the artists who will be performing at the "Made In America" festival by Jay-Z on September 1st in Philly. Other artists who are scheduled to perform there will be Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Estelle, Adele, Jay-Z, Rita Ora, Rihanna, Mya, Trina, Kelly Clarkson, KC and Usher and it will be from 1pm to 1am. Tickets are on sale now at for 25 dollars and that will last you all day and buys you free food and games. So if you haven't already, head over to the site and buy your tickets now for the BIGGEST day in music history! P.S PSR artist Kat is releasing her album tomorrow so be sure to grab that!

Carmen Amere + Christina Aguilera Suspended!

This will be short as I don't know what actually is going on but according to sources, Nini's new rising artist 17 year old Carmen Amere and Nini's rising artist Christina Aguilera have been suspended for 2 months for apparently having a fight which turned bloody but that's all that I know. If I can find out more I will let you guys know!

Nini Denies Affair With Jay-Z + Nini Cancels Her FB Account

For some reason, rumors have been swirling around that the queen is having a secret love affair for the past two years. But it seems that someone had a real reason to start that rumor instead of just for a story. A few days ago, Jay's phone was hacked and his photo gallery contained pics of them two hugged up kissing and even walking on the beach together (YIKES!) Also in his inbox contained love and sex messages between the two with NINI saying "Come on over, my hubby ain't here he took the kids to their grandma's house" and Jay responding saying "You ready for me to throw it down on that p**** and Nini responding "Duh, its really wet!" (YIKES!) But apparently, none of this is true even if it is in his phone because the King and The Queen both fired back at these rumors with Jay saying "Yo those aren't real pictures, those aren't real text messages, I'm not sure how but someone managed to get in my phone and plant stuff like that inside of it but it ain't real so chill". Nini was a little more upset,, with her saying "I'm so sick of shit like this, how many times times do I gotta make it clear to you assholes that I'm married happily married and so is he, its not happening!" Just who placed the fake photos and text messages in his phone is still unknown but we do know Jay threw out his phone and got a new one (Doesn't mean it wont happen again Mr Jay). We heard Nini is super upset by the rumors and she's so upset that she decided not to come into work today because she doesn't feel up to it. Poor Nini......In other news, Nini has cancelled her Facebook account leaving behind over 34 million fans, she has said her account was hacked before with that whole Brooke Valentine thing and when she gets around to it, she will make a more secure account that cant be hacked, so for now you have her website and her Twitter.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nini Finally Sells Her House!

Around 9-10 months ago Nini put up her giant Manhattan NY mansion for sale on the market for an astounding 8.5 million dollars. But it sat on the market with no takers for the past year and she was so determined to sell the house that she was willing to take 500,000 dollars (half a Milli) off the price. Well finally she has sold the house this summer, but for a lot less that she was originally asking for it only getting 3.1 million and some change. The house is a steal for the new owner because it has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a GYM, A water fountain, a private lake, a mini bar, a large media room with a giant flat screen TV to watch all of Nini's movies, 3 swimming pools, 7.9 acres, a basketball court, a pond and a game room. Although Nini settled for much less that what she wanted, she was still happy to sell it and now she is 3.1 million dollars richer. Check out them pics, sweet huh?

New Song Alert + Nini Fires Designer For Stealing!

This afternoon, a new song has released titled "Lady Pimpin" by Rihanna Ft Ciara. The song is produced by Nini and we must say she created a wonderful beat and the ladies have wonderful lyrics to go to it. Both women sing on the song but its more like Rap-singing and its really cool. You can check out "Lady Pimpin'" by clicking here. In other news, Nini has fired her designer who has been working with her for over 3 years after she discovered some missing funds from the fan clubs and PSR accounts and after an investigation, it was discovered to be taken by Richard A Pezzelini, who is Hollywood's best well known designer and everybody goes to him for clothes, jewelry even make-up (yeah he's that way lol). Him and Nini had a close relationship, but apparently he felt he was not being paid enough making close to 100,000 dollars a year when her managers and her hair/make-up artists are making close to 8 or 900,000 dollars a year so he did what any greedy desperate human being would do, he took some extra money to feed his family and his self, only thing is he got CAUGHT! Nini was notified by Miss Tina Knowles about Richard and she came into work to deal with it and to find out what was actually going on. After finding out he was guilty by him admitting it and breaking down crying apologizing, she let him off easy by not having him arrested and she just fired him, and he had to return the stolen money of course. Nini is in need of a new designer and many Hollywood designers mostly female, are inquiring and asking about the position, but we are sure Nini will be more careful about who she has around the label. Maybe do some background checks??? P.S for those who actually care, he took over 12 million dollars and Nini had him return all of it except for 72,000 dollars which was his last paycheck and she had him released earlier today and that's the end of that.......

Amy Is Pregnant!! + No Dating For Miranda + Monica's Rant For The Boss

Nini's rising artist Amy from Karmin has confirmed for her fans on Twitter that she is indeed pregnant. Here's what she said>"Besides the fact that we are working on a super cool album that will be released really soon, I have some more wonderful news for you guys, WE'RE PREGNANT.....well not "We"....more LOL. Don't know what the gender is but IDC, I'm kinda hoping it's a girl though hehe" No word when she is due but we do know that her and her fiance are planning to tie the knot and commit to the ultimate commitment sometime in the winter before the baby is born according to Nick who quote: "Wants to do it the right way" Congrats to Amy and Nick on their expectation! Speaking of pregnancy and dating, we still aren't sure if Miley Cyrus is pregnant, but many say she's getting much bigger and we hear she is planning on marrying her fiance sometime towards the end of the year. But one thing we do know in fact of is about another PSR artist which is royal pop artist Miranda Cosgrove. A while ago I posted that her and Michael from PSR group One Direction may be dating and also she may be dating 15 year old Jacob Latimore, but it turns out NONE of that is true. According to her last tweet she mentions the entire situation saying "No I'm not dating, me and Jacob shared a kiss but it honestly was a mistake he's really cute but he's a baby to me lol (no offense Jacob!) As far as Michael, he's actually a really good friend and I look to him as my older brother and it would be kind of weird to do anything with him besides hug him, our parents grew up together which means we grew up together so no way lol. And as far as pregnancy goes, nope I was drunk when I posted that tweet, I posted it from Nini's party and I was saying random things but it isn't true though, I am serious when I said I would like one, but I just don't feel a baby is right at this moment in my life. Maybe in a few years WHO KNOWS! #WONDERING" Sounds good.....In other news, Nini's soon to be royal artist Monica has had a rant on Twitter about her boss and this is what she said>"OK, so I just came out of a gift shop to get some things for my kids and on my way out a man asked me "Whats with Nini why she been acting so mean lately" It really pissed me off because anyone and their mama would know how sweet she is and for someone to say she's acting mean just because she speaks real shit really bugs me, I wanted to slap the hell outta him and throw him in the street, but I respect my elders and he was DEFINITELY an elder, so I did not answer him and walked off, but its been on my brain since then and I know its other dumb ass people who may feel the same way and they need to QUIT, because when you talk about my girl you talking about me, and NOBODY talks about me that's a major ass kicking #justsaying" Lol Monica is funny huh, she reminds you of a female Kanye West but without the attitude problem....Also last night Nini has made a statement addressing the Avril Lavigne situation where she said that wasn't true and that they are friends (Check the statement audio here) and Avril has also made a statement basically backing up what Nini said and accused the media of twisting up her words (Check her statement audio here)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Did Avril Lavigne Actually Say This???

This evening, 27 year old Canadian female Royal Rock Star Avril Lavigne did an interview for Elle Magazine and she was asked about her upbringing and according to TMZ, this is what she said>"I had a pretty decent childhood, my family grew up in a middle class neighborhood, my mom drove a Jaguar we were pretty good, being that there was some drama in my family in my childhood years, most people compare me to Nini, but I didn't have parents who used me for things and to get out of bad situations" Many people feel that she went out her way to prove she was Hollywood material from the start and went out her way to put Nini down as if she was from the lowest class of gutter rats. We do not know if this is true, but Avril nor Nini has responded to this as of yet so we aren't sure, but I will see and let you guys know. Do you guys think its true?