Saturday, June 28, 2014

NiNi Flashes Bare Butt Wearing Exotic Outfit

NiNi is currently in the second arm of her "One Woman Show Tour" and she is in the process of making up her New York dates that she missed. She already thrilled us with exclusive footage of her marriage and the birth of her first child, and now she revealed even more. She was in Brooklyn last night and for her first performance of her new song "Legends" she came out in a very revealing costume. It was a 2piece bikini like outfit which showed her booty (Yes I said booty, and yes the whole thing showed, well almost all of it) We though that she was having a wardrobe malfunction at first but then she started shaking it flaunting the goodies that GOD gave her, and this is the first time that she has EVER done this. She has everyone and their mama talking about it but in a VERY VERY good way (Yeah of course) and many critics and media officials say that NiNi stole the show and why wouldn't she. Now lets get something straight, if you guys think that she showed her entire butt,......crack and all, you're wrong lets just say she had a thong on that was way up her butt and the cheeks definitely popped out, that's what I mean. Its the most exotic she ever did on stage and hey she gets no hate from us or anyone else, in fact everyone loves how freaky NiNi is now. Click here to check out her Brooklyn performance and her exotic move. (Warning, even though she isn't nude, it looks like she is and she does very sexy exotic dances as well as many "shaking" please be at least 16 to watch) Many people are calling her best asset more famous then she is and you can see why here......

Friday, June 27, 2014

Katy Perry NiNi Promote Their New Fragrance + Drop New Collab

The 3rd bestie of the queen, miss Katy Perry was spotted in Savannah Georgia a little while ago with the queen promoting their new fragrance "Platinum Princess" The two have been working on their fragrance together for at least 8 months and its finally done. They have been giving samples to women for over an hour and signing autographs. The perfume has sold over 6 million bottles off of the platinum wear site today and in the platinum wear store in Vegas. The bottle generated almost 7 million dollars in income. The bottle of "Platinum Princess" is available on the platinum wear site for $39.95 + FREE shipping. Click here to purchase "Platinum Princess' by Katy and NiNi.  My wife cant get enough of it, and she only uses the best so this IS the best! Speaking of those two, they have released their 8th collab together since Katy has been with PSR called "I Got What She Want" sounds like a nasty song right, good because it is, but not like NiNi's nasty songs on "24" but its dope. Its a R&B/Hip-Hop song and both women do amazing. It stole the number 1 spot replacing out NiNi's newest song "Legends" and its buzzing all around the industry and getting TONS of airplay. Click here to check out "I Got What She Want" by NiNi Ft Katy Perry. NiNi also says the new video she was supposed to release this week will be released Monday along with a video for that week, so be on the lookout for that!

Tina Is Very Protective Over NiNi, Who isnt Though? + NiNi Returns + Havana Brown New Song

Today Tina Knowles was on lunch and paparazzi approached her asking about NiNi and why she is so depressed and her reply was 'Why does something that's personal to someone have to be sprayed on the front page news like its your businesswhen it comes to you guys?, It would be so much better to keep what's personal personal and stay out of it. NiNi is not obligated to tell you anything neither am I,  why is that you make it seem like we are, just leave her alone and let her heal in peace" They said "Yes Ma'am" and walked off (Paparazzi may be scumbags but at least they respect their elders) But that's the only reason why they did back off because she IS an elder because you already know if they asked one of the PSR artists and they said the EXACT same thing,  they would've ignored that answer and kept asking them the same question in different ways. Looks like nobody is messing with Tina, sources that did piss her off, especially since she has been heard multiple times saying that she doesn't have 2 daughters she has 3 and guess who's the 3rd (Yup the queen) which at first had people thinking that NiNi was actually a Knowles, until Tina said it was a bond thing,  not a blood thing. So its only normal for her to take offense and get protective right. Click here to check out the encounter. In other news, after being out for 2 days for unknown reasons after her "Breakdown" NiNi has returned to work much to everyone's delight and she is continuing where she left off. So far she attended her "royal meeting" (what we call it) she did her interview at the Madison Square Garden" she did her photoshoots and did her signings in Savannah Georgia. All that's left for her to do is do her show tonight in Brooklyn, but she still has two shows in New York that she missed that she has to make up and she mentioned that on Twitter posting "6/26 Manhattan NY, 6/25 Long Island NY will be made up 7/1 and 7/2 so please hold onto your tickets people!" So hope you held onto them. We would like to say "Welcome back NiNi!" She still isn't talking to paparazzi or giving any comments on her breakdown, but she is back we seen her numerous times today through the music world and that's all that matters right? Also its been a while since we heard about Havana Brown, we actually forgot about her in fact its many PSR artists who we forgot is there because they don't do much but Havana is back and that's what her new song that she dropped today lets us know called "Bad Bitch Is Back" she lets us know in a bold way that she is back, she isn't going anywhere and she cant be stopped. She is a really dope artist and she shows her ass and the hole in this song (Sorry was that too aggressive?), but she also shows her serious talent. It stole the number two spot from the queen so it MUST be good and it sure is. Click here to check out "Bad Bitch Is Back" by Havana Brown

Selena Continues To Take On More Grown Up Rolls + Donald Trump Severley Beaten

We all remember Selena as the face of the Disney Channel most notably her famous role as a wizard named Alex on "Wizards Of Waverly' and she had other roles on Suite Life and Hannah Montana, but Selena is no longer "Disney" material. She is desperately trying to break free of her kid image as a Disney child actor, much like the Nickelodeon artists are trying to break free from that image. Selena has definitely shocked many parents who state they used to watch her with their kids on Disney every night, because now, she cusses in her music, she talks about sex and ALOT of it in her music, and she was in a few rated R movies including her most recent one with Ethan Hawke "Getaway" The fact of the matter is, these people are growing up and so is their music and movies, we cant expect them to stay Disney or Nickelodeon forever. And Selena is no exception, she has recently signed on for a movie called "Reckless" and scenes from the movie show her in a lesbian scene as well as a doggystyle and oral scene with a man, and also her first ever nude scene. The movie is expected to be released sometime this year before the year is up. She isn't the only one,  many others are also showing things that people just aren't using to seeing that includes: the smart but somewhat airhead chick "Carly" from icarly (Miranda Cosgrove) who also is beginning to accept more adult roles and cuss in her music. Or "Chyna" the young lovable girl from "A.N.T Farm" (China) who cusses in her music and sometimes speaks of sex and smoking weed. Or the popular girl "Casey" from "How To Rock" (Cymphonique) who also cusses a lot in her music and its hard to find a song by her now that doesn't involve sex drinking or smoking, she even talked about popping "Molly" once. And of course "Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) We don't even have to say how she turned out. Ariana Grande, Ann Margaret and Victoria Justice are others. The point is, these child actors are not children anymore and they are showing that, but still some of them like Keke Palmer for example cant break free from their child acting days no matter what they do and she is always recognized as "True Jackson VP" wherever she goes even though she hates being called that. The point is you guys cant get mad when they act their age, their all grown, or about to be so let them have their freedom. Selena spoke on her very adult role this morning. Click here to check her interview. In other news someone seriously hurt Donald Trump for what we assume is because of his racist outburst the other day. He received serious trauma to his head which caused his brain to bleed, he received multiple broken bones, including a broken collar bone, jaw bone, neck bone, ribs and skull. He is in a coma and has been for the past 2 days. Police have no suspects but they know the attack happened at his mansion in Beverly Hills which has an alarm, a top security system,  guards and guard dogs and its not understood how someone got in. No witnesses have been found and no evidence such as fingerprints can be found on the property and his security camera's didn't catch anyone. Its a mystery indeed. NiNi is not a suspect nor is her crew or entourage, but I'll tell you one thing, millions are people are super happy and even some are posting that they hope he passes. WOW he isn't liked at all huh lol. Who did it? We don't know, quite frankly we don't care, but Police do and even though NiNi isn't a suspect they still would like to question her about the whereabouts of her husband. Stay tuned......

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Guess Who Has A Dog Named After The Queen? + Why Did Zendaya Get Suspended

Everyone loves NiNI right? I mean how could you NOT? Even the folks who "claim" they hate her even give her props and respect, but its no more love you can show after you name the family pet after her and Kerry Washington is the one who did that. She posted a picture to instagram today of her holding a little tiny Chippewa with the caption of "Me and my baby NiNi just chilling on my off day" The pic received over 2 million likes and over 4 million comments. Why?, seriously why do it? Anyways, click here to check out the pic. In other news sources are reporting that Zendaya (who is doing as well as NiNi) has been suspended, but they say she got suspended for NO reason AT ALL, we doubt that, but we don't know because we don't even know if she was suspended in the first place. But some people have their own suggestions as to why she might've been suspended, and of course the first reason is because of an affair with Beith (Whose name is like Rihanna's or NiNi's right now seriously HUGE, It must be nice to blow up in the media like a celeb when technically you're not a celeb right? No offense) Others are here. So why did Zendaya get suspended, and did she actually get suspended? We'll find out.

Tinashe Reaches Out To NiNi, She's The Only One She Responds To, + Is Her New Song About Her + Solo Drops New Song

NiNi's new buddy Tinashe reached out to NiNi over Twitter. She posted "@NiNi Girl are you OK??" Thing is guys, many people (at least 900 people no BS) have been asking her the same thing all yesterday, including us during her "breakdown" and not ONCE did she respond to anyone, but within 20 minutes she actually did respond to Tinashe the ONLY person, she replied @TheRealTinashe I'll Be OK I guess #NOTFEELINGTODAY" Why just her? That's the new question that the media is asking, its not a bestie thing because she has 5 of those, and they all wrote her (Well except B) and she didn't respond to them either. But you know what,  it doesn't matter, who cares, as long as NiNi is OK that's all that matters. After NiNi said she was OK, Tinashe said "OK I'll come see you later are you at the label?" NiNi didn't respond to that though. NiNi still hasn't came back to work and she has a very big show tonight and once again she cancelled. Fans understand so no one is pissed, but still over 69 million people combined paid money for yesterday and today's show and lost their money, hopefully NiNi will make it up to you guys and you can hold on to your tickets, but she hasn't mentioned anything like that yet. Click here to check out the posts. In other news, Tinashe has a new song out called 'Don't Let It Get To You" and besides the name many people are saying that song is dedicated to NiNi. We listened to the song and its NOTHING in it that might prove that its about the queen, but the media is very creative so I just felt it worth mentioning. But maybe you guys can hear something everyone else doesn't. The song has been brushed off as "Media drama" because its nothing to point to anything, but click here to check out "Don't Let It Get To You" by Tinashe and judge yourselves. Also speaking of new songs, Solo has released a new song today Ft Ariana Grande titled 'Win" Its actually pretty good, Ariana does great and Solo does to. Its at number 3 click here to check out "Win' by Solo Ft Ariana Grande

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Christina Vidal Posts A Get Well Message To NiNi + NiNi Leaves Work And Goes Home

Christina Vidal is just one of many people who are hoping NiNi feels better. We still don't know whats wrong with her, but sources say she isn't herself today such as dancers making mistakes on purpose just to get a reaction out of her and she saying "Its cool just do what you feel is good" That's not NiNi, no one is used to her that way and no one likes it, believe it or not people actually MISS the NiNi that yells at them because they know she is focused and HERSELF. Even PSR sources state that she came into work said nothing to anyone, even after they said good morning to her, she went in her office and left like 20 minutes after she arrived. Christina Vidal heard about it and posted this to Twitter "@NiNi, sometimes we all have so much pressure on our plate that we get so full, but the key thing is just being yourself deal with it as it comes and stay strong, keep your head where its supposed to be and that's high, you cant keep from getting bothered by events or people, but a good prevention tip is to avoid the stressful things and people that get you in that character. I know what you're going through, I was in that position for basically my whole 25th birthday, you'll get better, just put your life in the right hands and you cant go wrong. I will be praying for you feel better- Christina" That post received over 7,000 likes and retweets, still Nini remains quiet. She hasn't responded to anyone, and she hasn't shown her face in the game since this morning and sources she say she blew rehearsals and went home, others say she went to the hospital but its no confirmation on that as of yet. One thing for sure is that PSR is super quiet today, so its not too much news, we all know NiNi is the heart and soul of that place, without her the blood just wouldn't flow, its been said before and we see it is true. We will get whatever info we can get on the queen and let you guys know. And if we get anymore info on PSR or anything else, you'll be the first to hear......Click here to check out Christina's post.....

Miley Drops New Album + Jasmine Dropped + NiNi Is A Mess

Today, Miley's highly anticipated album "I Just Don't Care" dropped a little after midnight and its setting fire to the streets. The album is dominating the music world right now and its having some HUGE competition with the recent albums that just released which are Tegan and Sara's "Double Trouble" and Cymphonique's "All Eyez On Me" The album is Hip-Hop/Rap and she has many rappers as features. The album is produced mostly by Mike Will and Just Blaze, and co produced by Solange, NiNi, Pharell and DJ Envy. The album features Tyga, Rick Ross, Wale, Ariana Grande,
Juicy J, Lil Wayne, NiNi, J.Cole, Brianna Perry, Lola Monroe, Mona L, Chris Brown and Ice Cube. The album has 26 songs and its highly Parental advisory all throughout, but we can expect that from Miley. Her most popular song on the album is number 13 which is "Roll It Up" which features Ice Cube where she glorifies the use of weed. When it first released it sold over 9,000 copies in the first 24 minutes. Fast forward 8 hours later, and she is just a little over 688,000 copies sold. She still isn't up to Cymphonique or Tegan and Sara, but that number is climbing. This is her 3rd PSR album, her first two also did amazingly well and she is making a huge impact for PSR and solidifying her place there. Her album is available on her site as well as the PSR site and in music retail stores worldwide for $11.99. Click here to purchase "I Just Don't Care" by Miley Cyrus. In other news, Jasmine (Or Jewel) was dropped from PSR late last night sources say. I guess we cant say we are too surprised after her shocking Facebook post, guess that was talking about NiNi and her husband. Jasmine has many fans (over 5 million) so naturally some were upset to see her go, but hey, what can you do? NiNi is the boss. Jasmine hasn't spoken up on her release, but don't worry guys, because when a person has talent and many fans,  labels take notice and "Throwin Money Records"
(Responsible for artists such as Too Short, Wacka Flocka and Ice-T) has been said to want her for the longest and when they got word that she was released they jumped to get her and word is she signed with them for a 2 year contract. So at least she will still be making music for you guys, just not with the PSR crew. Also, something is wrong with NiNi today. She came to work and she was spotted looking super sad, eyes super red, hair a mess and just not looking right. Camera's ran up to her and asked her whats wrong and she just stared at the camera for a few seconds and walked off. Since Jasmine made that post many people say maybe her husband had an affair with her and that's why she is acting like this because she looks super sad. Other's disagree saying they cant see NiNi acting like that over a man because she is too tough. Whatever it is though, she is not good. She releases a new video every week, like she said she was gonna do for her new mixtape "Rize Of The Queen" and today she isn't doing that, she cancelled almost everything she was supposed to do today, including 2 signings, her show in New York, a meeting, her shoots and all other public appearances including a visit to the Madison Square Garden for an interview. Poor NiNi. We have no idea exactly what's wrong with her, but We hope the queen feels better soon, it hurts to see her like that, how about you guys? Click here to check out the video of NiNi not being.....NiNi....

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ann Margaret Regrerts Pregnancy At An Early Age + Is Leaving PSR?

Ann Margaret is 14 years old (Well 15 next week) and she is already sexually active and that led to her pregnancy. A little while ago she posted this to Facebook "I'm so young I never planned to have a baby at this age its like a baby raising a baby I regret it, , damn I'm not ready, but you know what people? I WILL be the best mom ever,  you know why?  Because I will be as dedicated to my kid as much as I am to my career, thank you NiNi I know you're not proud of me and I'm sorry but you ARE there for me and I love ya for that!" Yeah shit happens miss Margaret, we are wishing you the best with your pregnancy!  Her BF who we never knew of until today spoke up too, his name is Kevin and believe it or not he's not a celeb he's a regular guy and he spoke up too, over Twitter this is what he said "I'm young myself, I don't have a job and I still live with my mom, honestly I was super upset when I found out, but I love her and I will be a good father to my child, my dad left when I was a year old I would never abandon my child, we both are young and we both aren't ready but we love each other and that's all that matters that's my baby @Annmargaretpsr I love you and our love will help us get through this! @NiNi I know you don't like me but I like you I'm  a huge fan, I just hope that someday you will change your mind and be happy for us" . NiNi isn't the only one who is pissed off at ANN, he family is too, her mom spoke out  today saying her daughter is too young and immature,  and her dad said that she is a baby and she isn't ready for a child of her own. They also say that she is ruining her life with this because she isn't rich or royal yet and she cant support the child and they want her to get an abortion, But Ann posted a pic of a pregnant woman's stomach a short time later with  the caption of :"NO ABORTIONS BAD LUCK!" Seems like that was a response to her parents. How do you guys feel about her pregnancy? In other news, sources say that Kat is leaving PSR that's all we know right now. But many sources are reporting different thing such as "She is fed up with NiNi" or she isn't getting paid enough, but we don't know If any of this Is true though, but we will find out as always and let you guys know, we still would like to say congrats to Ann Margaret and Keke Palmer too.......

Katy Perry Mixtape And New Song + Is There Drama With NiNi And Jasmine Over Beith?

NiNi's bestie Miss Katy Perry has announced her 2nd PSR mixtape called "Chill" and she announced  that it will be releasing on the 4th of July. Not only that but she released a new song today called "3rd Base' which is all about sex, Katy sings (Wonderfully) on the song but she gets nasty as hell, especially on the 3rd verse. The song hit the number 2 spot within 25 minutes after its release and its getting very positive reviews. Click here to check out Katy's post about her new mixtape "Chill" due July 4th. And click here to check out her new freaky song "3rd Base" In other news, sources say that Jasmine has a thing for NiNi's husband Beith, yes we're at that level again, but this time it wasn't a quote that spelled his name out, its an actual post: check it out: "I woke up feeling strange, why do I like a married man??, I need to go to counseling because this ain't right, its one thing to like a married man with kids, but its another thing to like the married man of the chick who did so so much for you and gave you a chance when n0 one else did,   I never wanna disrespect her I love her like a sister I just don't want her to be mad at me, she's so important to me this aint me,  sometimes we cant control how we feel, sometimes it just happens, but I'm one bitch who will make it stop, GOD PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!!!! :( No one knows EXACTLY who she is talking about, but based on what she said it sounds like Beith really think about it guys......... NiNI posted something seemingly aimed at Jasmine in a subliminal way, she posted " :( I'm very sad you never did anything to me ma, I always said that you're like the only drama free person I have, damn girl WHY???" Think about it though, that doesn't seem strange? Shortly afterwards, Jasmine posted ":( Oh God I feel bad right now!" What does that sound like to you guys,  because to me it seems like something is going on, otherwise why the hell would "Bad Girl Jasmine" post something like that? That's what we're gonna find out. Click here to check out her post NiNI's post and her response. P.S Ann Margaret released a new song today ft Cypmphonique and Kid Ink titled "On My Own" Really dope, its PG-13 some cussing, but not much, after all Ann is ONLY 14. Click here to check out "On My Own" By Ann Margaret Ft Cymphonique and Kid Ink. Also, speaking of Ann Margaret and Cymphonique, they both are getting bigger, they're both preggo as you know, and its REALLY showing on both. Click here to see what I mean!

NiNi Goes INSANE + She's A Skater?

After NiNi fell on her head, a little while after she went completely CRAZY. She was in Virgina promoting her new fragrance "Platinum Princess" and all of sudden she started going crazy throwing things around she broke the table she threw things at people, she destroyed all her bottles of the fragrance and she kept screaming, guys she scared many people and many fans who were there ran from her,  no lie. Security came over and grabbed her but not in a bad way, they didn't want to call the cops on her so they tried to calm her down, so one female security guard grabbed her put her in her arms like a hug and rocked her like a baby telling her to calm down. NiNi began crying and she finally calmed down crying in her arms and grabbing onto her. The lady kept saying "Its OK sweetie its gonna be OK" The big question that everyone is asking is "What The Fuck Is Wrong With NiNi?" NiNi goes through a lot people, it has been suggested that the pressure of fame is getting to her and we believe that can be true, Ye always has fame pressure and so does Avril Lavigne, and they always burst out like that outta nowhere, NiNi is more bigger  then both of them, so why wouldn't this apply to her? Think about it. The video of NiNi smiling and signing autographs and then flipping out was recorded and released to YOUTUBE which received over 10 million views so far. Click here to check out the video. She goes SUPER CRAZY guys! She declined to speak with me so we have no way of communication, but other media outlets are also trying with no luck, hopefully we'll get to speak to her, but for now we hope the queen is OK. In other news, a video of NiNI was posted to YouTube about 2 hours after her crazy moment and it shows her skating on a homemade ramp. Seems like since Weezy, everyone wants to be a skater. She is seen on her skateboard and she is riding on the ramp and she is hitting some good tricks on that board, its obvious that she's been practicing  a lot because her moves are similar to Rob Dyrdek who is a super professional skateboarder. NiNi is dope with  that board. Click here to check out NiNi as a skater, its really cool, check out her skater tricks!

NiNi Falls Down Stairs At Show But Doesnt Miss A Beat

Today NiNi had an early show in Virgina. She is in the 2nd arm of her "One Woman Show" Tour and she was joined by Wiz Khalifa, Tamar Braxton, Tinashe and Snooki (Yes I said Snooki) Towards the middle of the show, she was performing her song from "24" called "You Better Get It" and during the performance her and her sexy dancers were dancing it up, but as she walked down the stairs that was built onto the stage she slipped on her extremely long dress and she went rolling and rolling on her head. But being the super professional she is, she got up and kept going and didn't miss a beat and acted like nothing happen, yeah that's really professional, because guys, ill be like "Ow my head!" But not NiNi she kept it going, but it was recorded by a fans cellphone camera and it was posted on YouTube, but the thing is after her show she said "Y'all better not put it on YouTube" but come on NiNi, you know technology is always gonna win right, because that's exactly what happened,.... with the title of "NiNi Falls" It received over 200 million views and over 2 million comments, but hey mistakes happen right she IS STILL HUMAN PEOPLE! Anyways, NiNi wasn't mad about it in fact she made a joke about she said "I already knew people was gonna put it on YouTube, I knew it all along, but its OK, its still over 200 million views so me falling is the most popular thing right now, I should bust my ass more often huh? (Laughs) Yeah its great to see someone who fell on their head in front of millions of people joke about it and not be embarrassed about it at all, it just shows that NiNi has a sense of humor, which most celebs on her level do not have. Click here to check out the video of NiNi falling on her head.

B Speaks Up....Well Sort Of

Yesterday tons of drama popped off for a few reasons, you had KC and Jimmy drama, then the total chaos drama with Donald Trump. But it was one that started it all and had people talking about it all night. No one spoke up on anything at all concerning it, but now that it seems like the talk wont calm down someone had to speak, and that someone is B's rep (The person that represents her) Michael Havers. This is what he said "On behalf of Miss Knowles, I am here to say that the misunderstanding was just that:, a misunderstanding. The photo in question is actually a quote from the late Ruby Dee who unfortunately passed a short while ago. The quote is from a 1972 comedy movie she starred in. Miss Knowles was paying tribute to her as that is one of her favorite actors and favorite quotes. The fact that the quote spells out any particular name is merely a coincidence. The photo has been removed due to the wrong message that it is sending out. We would like to apologize to anyone this may have offended,  that was not the intention in anyway. It is her hope that the fans can move past this and consider it just an unfortunate accident, because that's all it was. Thank you" NiNi however hasn't spoke up at all, neither has Beith, but I guess they really had no reason to right. It seems that NiNi doesn't speak up on something that she already knows isn't true, so maybe she knew it wasn't true all along which will explain why she didn't speak up even up to now. But case closed guys and yes its time to put it past us, even celebs make mistakes sometimes so its time for everyone to let it go. Click here to listen to Mr. Haver's statement.......

Monday, June 23, 2014

PSR And NiNI Gets Seriously Disrespected And Offended In A Severley Racist Way

Do any of you guys wonder why Donald Trump is still anybody at all? Its because he's a BILLIONAIRE and lets face it: Sex Sells and Money Talks. Donald Trump and NiNi have had beef ever since she began getting famous and he always had something to say to her and the two always have been getting in heated arguments and bumping heads. But today Donald put some serious heat on him. He did an interview and he was asked what he thinks about hip-hop music and this is the shocking things he said (Warning, very offensive things are said) "I hate it, its nothing but noise, sex with women drug dealing and killing people what kind of music is that. Lets take NiNi and her PSR label for example, can you call that music? Hell no! its just a bunch of niggers that are only famous because they sell sex and show off their bodies. (At this point the interviewer said "OK that's enough thank you") But Donald continued,  saying "hey hey, you sit the hell down, I pay your taxes you WILL interview me, now like I said, the world has no room for people like PSR, they give America a bad name, how can anyone love NiNi, all she does is talk about her body, about getting her vagina ate,  about having sex, I mean come on the lyrics to her song is "fuck me until I squirt" is that the kind of image we need in America?" At this point the interviewer got up and left and refused to talk to him anymore. And Donald screamed out "How does it feel to be a niggers nigger? You asshole!" Yeah he showed his ass and his hole today, and people are NOT taking it kindly. We all know that Donald is still stuck in the 50' and 60's when racism was at its highest, but times have changed and many white people are even dating blacks now, but its very plainly clear that Donald is still stuck where he was in the 60's and many black people including the ones at PSR have lashed out against him. Check out some of the tweets. "OMG I swear I wish I can kill you right now you fucking racist piece of shit, but see I will NEVER stoop to your level, I'm more mature then you can ever be and you cant do any growing up dude because you're dead to me and everyone else!" (Kat) "You are the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen in my life, you shouldn't even be allowed to live" (Katy Perry) "Wow no the hell he didn't go there, you can never know or understand what unity is, you're just a waste of words you fucking ass" (Tyga) "Its so sad you are a sad old lonely individual and I hope you find GOD because boy you really need him!" (China) "I am happy that this world has rose from those dark ridiculous ignorant times, but its obvious its still some people who just cant or wont change, and those people are the real ones who aren't good for America, I mean Christ e have a black president man who I love to death....@ Donaldtrump yo you silly little man, I hope they kill you I apologize to God for that, but I swear in his name I will spit on your grave!" (Miranda Cosgrove) NiNi however, was way more harsh, check out her rant "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yo you're a fucking bitch dude, you hate that black folks are making more then your lame ass ever can, what are you doing?: Don't answer that I'll answer that for ya, nothing! Your wife left u,  your kids don't want shit to do with you,  you're a pathetic racist loser, but I'll call you a hater more then anything because you hate on people who Is doing well and you turn our success into a race thing dude fuck you! I feel sorry for you 4real because you are so fucked up in your crazy little head that you cant see we are all connected, so your actions are just of a no good low down pathetic limp dick cant get it up no pussy getting pussy ass old man who is jealous over anyone who is doing better  then you can ever do, we aren't in the 60's anymore bro, and my girl Miranda said it best "I hope you get your dumb ass fucked up" and remember the "Nigger said that" and the niggers will be the ones who eliminate you from our lives cuz dude you're the one who don't deserve to here" Donald Trump has been facing death threats all day and some fans even tried to fight him over in NJ where he's at right now. In fact a fan shot at him with her gun, but she missed. A little while later Trump made a statement saying "I'm sorry I'm not a racist, but why can African Americans use the N word but no one else can, I feel if its acceptable anyone should be able to use the word, once again I am sorry I didn't mean it like it sounded" Is  that working? NOT AT ALL people have said "Fuck you and your fake ass apology" and sources say that Trump has hired extra bodyguards because he has been tried to get murdered at least 18 times after his statement. Click here to check out his very racist interview and his apology. (This ain't the 50's anymore Donald you got some serious heat coming your way that's all I can say!)

NiNi Has A Lesbian Scene In Her New Movie ith Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle's new movie "A Night In Vegas" was originally scheduled to release in October but it has been pushed up to August 17th, and sources say that NiNi is already filming her scenes. But more better then that, she is said to have a girl on girl scene in the movie....with none other then Gabrielle Union, but perverts don't take it out your pants yet and get the lotion out 9Sorry was that offensive) Because the scene is said to be short (Like 2 minutes) and it will only probably be a kiss scene which so many actresses do. See, NiNi is playing the role of a Diva, the type who is very sexually active and uses her body to get what she wants yeah those kind of women. And she wants Gabrielle's man, so she seduces her so she can trust her and get her to allow her to be around her man an eventually drug her so she can have him. Originally NiNi was only scheduled for a Cameo role just a couple scenes, but Gabrielle liked her performance so much she added on more scenes for her. Gabrielle spoke on the upcoming movie today and said "It was wonderful working with her, I wont give anything away but its totally different that how you are used to seeing her, she did amazing the chemistry was there and she really is a very talented person, we had a real good time" I wont give anymore out either, but be sure to watch NiNi in "A Night In Vegas" out in theatres August 17th 2014. Click here to check out Gabrielle's interview and click here to check out the trailer for "A Night In Vegas"

KC Calls Jimmy K A "Mark" + NiNi's "Legends" Video

We all know who Jimmy K is right? Well for those who don't know, he is NiNi's personal in-label producer responsible for many of her hit songs. He also has produced hits for other artists such as Weezy, Rita Ora, Sasha, Jade and Busta Rhymes. OK that's settled right, yes many people use him and like him but Today the self named "Oakland Queen" let it be known in a big way that she isn't a fan at all. At around 10am she posted a picture of Jimmy on FB with a note inside the picture in big red letters that said "MARK" If you guys aren't aware what the word "Mark" means,  its the west coast version of the east coast word "Punk" (although folks in the west say "punk" as well, and folks in the east say "mark" too so its not exclusive only to Cali) Anyways, Jimmy didn't let that slide by, he posted a picture to Twitter that shows the picture that KC took at the 2010 BET Awards surrounded by a bunch of men and he had the word "SLUT" in the picture. These pictures started something, KC is well known for getting in beefs with men more then she does women (we all remember her bloody beef with Gucci Mane) BUT some say its weird how all this happens when the  drama surrounding Beith and the queen came out, and many people feel that her ever so loyal artists are just  trying to pull off more drama to take the attention off of NiNi and her husband (after all this wouldn't be the first time) But as well as we know KC, we feel its official, which means we can be looking at another in-label beef, with NiNi's own producer, cray right? After the "SLUT" pic, neither one has done anything else yet, but we have a feeling it wont stay that way. What about you guys? Click here to check out both pics......In other news, today NiNi released the video to her fire new song "Legends" For Lisa and 2PAC she has their verses and she has them on giant screens in the background while her and her dancers dance, but towards the end they are all next to each other which looks creepy. The video mostly takes place in a recording studio and shows NiNi with the headphones on in the booth at the microphone. Some outside scenes are mostly dancing. The video looks to take place in California in either LA or West Covina, and PAC's part is lowriders and bandannas tied how he always tied his. Its a pretty cool video. TLC makes a guest appearance in the video during Lisa's parts, assumingly as respect to their late "sister" It released on BET at around 12pm and then to YouTube shortly afterwards where it was viewed by over 12 million people and commented on over 78 million times. BET reported that at least 600 million viewers were tuned in when it first premiered which is the most viewers for a music video since Michael Jackson's "Thriller" back in 1982. The video is directed by Colin Tiley and he does an amazing job as usual. Great job to all the "legends"  Click here to check out the video to 'Legends"

Is NiNi's Bestie Messing With Beith?

Today, the queen posted a strange message to her instagram. She had a picture of a microphone and a caption that said "I miss my B, I love my E, I want my I, I got my T, I'll die for my H" No one knew what the hell that meant at all, but after some looking and concentrating on it, notice the letter she spells out spells "BEITH" This was discovered by a fan who put the words together and everyone immediately noticed and agreed with it. Seems like she tried to talk in code, naturally the entire music world went into a state of chaos literally becoming front page news in a matter of seconds with the bold headline of "Yonce and Beith Affair?" Thing is B is a big part of NiNi's life and she is like her sis (well according to them) so its strange for this to be happening, and not only that, but no one is seeming to speak to try to deny anything, but then again B is notorious for staying silent no matter how horrible news may be about her, so this may be the case. But regardless this has bought  that "Trouble in NiNi's paradise" headline back suggesting its big problems in the most powerful marriage in Hollywood. Many media outlets have tried to get in contact with both queens, Beith even Jay-Z but have been unsuccessful with doing it. Very high talk about this, and we don't know what 's going on, but when and if we get more info, we will let you guys know....Click here to check out the photo...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Keke announces Pregnancy + NiNi Pisses Off Fans

Seems as if everyone at PSR is getting pregnant these days first it was Miranda then Tamar then Jhene then Cymphonique then Ann Margaret now its Keke Palmer. She announced her pregnancy to her fans about an hour ago over Twitter. She posted"I'm more happier then I've ever been in my whole life I'm FINALLY going to be a mother!!! I cant wait for my baby!!! We all know that Keke is currently dating Ex PSR artist Evan Ross, they began dating after both appearing in the new TLC movie, and its weird because they dated in the movie and had a baby and now its happening in real life. Anyways, Keke also confirms that it is by Evan Ross and she says the two are engaged. We are happy for them. Click here to check out Keke's full post.....In other news, NiNi has pissed off her fans yet again today by calling them "assholes" and "weird" Check out her post "Y'all fans man, I swear to God, y'all fucking people are stupider then I can ever imagine, you guys are the dumbest people I've ever met, bunch of weird assholes, I sometimes hate you guys ugh!" No one knows why NiNi had a rant like this outta nowhere because nobody said anything  to her at all, but NiNi is pissed for some reason and her little statement pissed off many of her fans and some responded saying "Oh NiNi its like that you get at the people who support you and buy all your shit, we MAKE you queen babygirl and don't you ever forget that! Or someone else who said "Wow she loves her fans huh? smh doubt it" So why did NiNi go off on her fans, for apparently no reason at all? We have no idea but we will find out and let you guys know!

*UPDATE* + Tegan And Sarah Album

Earlier I told you guys about sources reporting that NiNi was arrested for assaulting her husband. Well we not have the TRUE info. NiNi was NOT arrested for assaulting her husband, in fact, she wasn't arrested AT ALL. We have no idea how this story came out, but its FAKE, maybe just someone trying to do what they do best when it comes to the queen. So that's good, we hate to see our queen get locked up. In other news, NiNi and her new buddy Tinashe have been getting super close and NiNi announced there will be a new song Ft her in the next week or so, she also announced that the two are in talks to release a collab album together like Lil Wayne and Birdman's collab album "Stuntin Like My Daddy" which will be beyond cool. Keep your ears open for info on that! In other OTHER news, Tegan and Sarah have released their 1st PSR album titled "Double Trouble" It released at 9am this morning,  and within 25 seconds after they announced it,  it sold over 500 million copies in 25 SECONDS. Fast forward almost 7 hours later they are now at 800 BILLION copies sold, which beat out NiNi's new mixtape already. Like I said this was a VERY anticipated album, they are now in royal level status, but that doesn't mean they will be in NiNi's circle, but it DOES mean that they ARE royal period. The album is produced by Mike Will, NiNi, Themselves, Solange, Paul Wall and Johnny Cristo. Its 19 tracks on the album and it features, Katy Perry, NiNi, Johnny Cristo, Michael Anderson, Mikky Ekko, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Miley Cyrus. We checked their album out and its bomb, if you're into pop-rock, we give it 9.9 out of 10 stars, others are giving it 100 stars depends on how big of a fan you are of them. Their new album is available on their site, the PSR site and in retail stores worldwide for $8.99. Click here to purchase "Double Trouble" by Tegan and Sarah.....Also speaking of Miley, she is also about to release her new album which will be her 3rd PSR album called "I Just Don't Care" She is releasing it on June 25th which is Wednesday, and that too is very anticipated with billions of people excited about it. Sarah and Tegan are the only artists to ever beat NiNi's sales, will Miley be the next one to do it? Wait till Wednesday and find out....

NiNi Arrested On Domestic Spousal Abuse + Chris Ends Beef

Today NiNi was arrested. Cops LITERALLY dragged her while she was screaming out of PSR and into the cop car. She resisted arrest which carries a mandatory prison sentence of up to 6 years. NiNi is in trouble guys. But whats even more troubling is that sources say that she was arrested for domestic spousal abuse. Sources say she and her husband got into an argument and she began beating him and he didn't hit her back (Nice gentleman) but he got severely hurt in the accident and he pressed charges on her. Cops showed up to PSR and told her she is under arrest and she told them she didn't do anything (according to sources) and they attempted to grab her and she began swinging and they say that some of her artists started swinging too and they too were arrested, but the source hasn't released the names of the others who were arrested. We have no idea if this is true or not there's no video or anything, we're just going by what the sources are speaking about at this time, but we will dig deeper and let you guys know. In other news, the bloody beef between NiNi and Chris is done. Chris posted this to Twitter "Me and @NINI have settled whatever differences we have had, I was wrong, and she was right, I wasn't lying when I said I look up to her, she's a very talented person, and I seriously do have so much respect for her :)" That's cool right? Yes it is, BUT fans aren't throwing it away that easily, and she is still receiving death threats and nasty comments. But NiNi isn't beefing with her anymore and that's all that matters.....

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tiara Thomas Admits She's Been Trying To Get Signed To PSR For Years + Her New Song + Tegan And Sarah Album

Tiara Thomas had an interview today with Global and she was asked about her new plans with PSR and she mentions that she just released a new song (More on that in a minute) and she is currently working on her 1st PSR album. She also mentioned that she is a fan of pretty much everyone on the label and was listening to them even before she officially met them and that the team is showing her a nice welcome. She also addressed the PSR high school status and mentioned that she is not in any beefs, and she doesn't want any so she will do her best to just stay in her own lane. She also mentioned that she has been trying to sign with PSR for so long over 3 years, but she says that NiNi never got back  in contact with her and she is a very hard person to get to. Click here to check out her full interview. Tiara also released her first PSR song called "I Don't Want You Back" She is an amazing singer and she pours her heart out on the song. Its basically about a woman who was dumped by a man because she wasn't ready for sex, and she is better off because he isn't right for her. It came in at number 4 but  that's still the "Top 5" which is still the best place to be, (number 1 is better but top 5 is good) Click here to check out "I Don't Want You Back" by Tiara Thomas. Also semi new twin sister PSR artists Tegan and Sarah are releasing their first PSR album which is very seriously anticipated titled "Double Trouble" The album will be their signature pop style and they are releasing it tomorrow. Stay tuned for a full review tomorrow...

Rollin' With The Evans Ep.4

Last night the 4th episode of NiNi's animated show "Rollin' With The Evans" premiered on BET after a long break of not premiering. It showcases "Krystal" beginning to decide to pursue a career in music much to the disappointment of her dad. The two get into an argument about it and she goes to stay over her new boyfriends house. I wont give it all away as you all know but it was a pretty nice episode to say the least. If you guys missed it, BET is airing it on their site for a full day so click here to head over the BET site and check it out....

Friday, June 20, 2014

Whats My Name?

All day we've been getting the pleasure of hearing new music from the platinum label PSR. And today NiNi released a new song AND a new video. The song is called "What's My Name?" and it features her ex-enemy Gwen Stefani and KC. The song released right after Miley's new song and a couple hours after it released NiNi released a video to it  that was released to BET and YOUTUBE and it blew up. We all love that song but it still didn't beat out Demi Lavato's new song but it did beat out Miley's new song and pushed her to 3 and took the number 2 spot. The song is cocky and conceited but no offense lovely ladies, but all 3 women on the track are Cali chicks and we all know Cali chicks are extremely cocky, Cali wouldn't be Cali without Cocky right?. The song is receiving very positive reviews from everyone. Click here to check out the video to NiNi's new song "Whats My Name?" by NiNi Ft Gwen Stefani and KC. Rumor has it that NiNi has a new song coming out Ft Lady Gaga and Solo, we hope so that'll be dope, lets wait and see.......In other news, click here to check out the 2nd season 1st episode of "Livin With NiNi".....Its dope and so much drama. (Yes we found out that Ann Margaret is not preggo by a 28 year old guy he is 1 year older then her... 15...and NiNi let him HAVE IT wow that girl is fierce, watch the episode guys, its more drama then ever in here!!!!!! NO LIE!  Also CiCi has returned to the public eye after her pregnancy and she got right to work, she hit up Alexis Jordan for a new song called "ATL Keep It Gutta" Both ladies are from the "A" so its a ATL anthem for all those ATL heads out there, but its also extremely NASTY, Both women pull a "NiNi" on the song and they both cuss very bad so please be over 18 to hear) Like I said new music from the platinum label all day, I ain't complaining are you? Click here to check out "ATL Keep It Gutta" by CiCi Ft Alexis Jordan...

Chris Speaks Out And Goes HAM

Today Chris (Who looks like she is getting bigger) went on LIVE TV to do a press conference and address all of the things going around about her. She was surrounded by over 600 camera men and women and media outlets as well as news outlets. She stepped up to the microphone with camera's flashing and made a COMPLETE FOOL OF HERSELF.....she said "Hello everyone, I would like to say that I know over the past few days its been a lot of negative things going around about me which I do not appreciate. Firstly I would like to say that I am NOT a racist in any shape or form, I get seriously pissed when I hear a person of my race disrespecting a person of another race, I do not have any problems with any race whether it be black, white, Spanish, Mexican, it doesn't matter to me. The video that you all have seen is FAKE it was created and photoshopped by someone to make me look bad, I would never say those horrible words to anyone even if they deserved it, that's not me. As you all know I'm currently not on good terms with my former boss NiNi, and as you also may know, she has many connections and her royal status and on top of that she is the boss of the entire music industry so you know she can do anything and will ALWAYS get away with it because of her status" Then she switched up and became "herself" she said "You know what fuck this, let me ask you people something, you wanna make me look like trash and this and that, but did you people ever think? Look we all have a spirit thing right don't fucking lie and look at me like you have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about, NiNi is not only the queen of the game but she is queen of that bullshit too, even the fucking spirits kiss her ass and they allow her to do anything she wants ain't nobody stupid ya know? She is able to do shit like this because of that reason, I ain't say nothing people SHE made it happen, everything that I've been going through is Nisha's fault" At this point people were looking at her like she was seriously mentally challenged and one camera guy asked her "Hey Chris is there any medication you forgot to take this morning?" Chris got red and screamed out "Fuck you! you all know what the hell I'm talking about stop acting stupid! You know what I'm over this! And she knocked the mic down and stormed off while camera's continued flashing. This rant of hers was seen by over 5 million people and everyone is saying that Chris has issues and something is wrong with her, only and I mean ONLY her fans stick by her side, but even they don't have a reason to explain her behavior. Yes Chris is making herself look more and more bad everyday that goes by, and just like all the other beefs, she is blaming it on the queen. The queen did respond (Well we think) she posted "LMAO!" Not sure if that was directed at Chris or not. Click here to watch the full live press conference with Chris (13 minutes long. Warning strong harsh language is used)

Demi Lavato + Selena Gomez + Kat

Today a new song released by Demi Lavato called "Drinking Out The Bottle" and it features Selena Gomez and Kat. The song is basically about drinking but they also use their celeb status for good to send out a positive message. The  message that they subliminally get across is don't drink and drive and don't drink if you're not 21, such as Selena's part where she says "I been drinking all day but I need another one,  I could do that baby cuz I'm over 21" (Get the message?) and Kat raps, "My mom died driving and drinking so I ain't down with that (Get the message?) The fact that these 3 ladies made a song glorifying the use of alcohol but still managed to keep a positive message in it is what made the song very popular and its stole the number 1 spot over 2 hours after its release, beating out NiNi's new song "Legends" Click here to check out "Drinking Out The Bottle" by Demi Ft Selena and Kat. In other news, Miley Cyrus also has a new song out today called "I got No Respect" (Yes we ALL know that Miss Miley lol) Anyways, the song is basically about what we expect from Miley and her message is no where near positive, she says a big "Fuck You" to so many people including Cops, Republicans, people who don't support gay rights and her most controversial move ever: The President. Yup Obama............. She sing raps "I'm dressed in all white looking like a llama, middle finger up yup yup Mr Obama" No one knows why she dissed the pres like that, but she wouldn't be Miley if she didn't keep us guessing with her controversy. Yes the song is very controversial, but you know what, she's royal and in NiNi's circle so you know what that means right? IT BLEW UP coming in at number 2 on the charts, Yeah Miley may be a very controversial person but her music always does good and that's why we feel she def deserves to be at and STAY at PSR. Click here to check out Miley Cyrus's new song "I Got No Respect"

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Brandy New Song, Brandy Defends Her Boss

Today, a new song released by Brandy called "If You Ain't (Doing Right By Me)" She is solo in the song and she sings wonderfully, but for whatever reason it isn't doing too well on the charts coming in at number 99 which is pathetic. But we like it! Click here to check out "If You Ain't" by Brandy. Speaking of Brandy she defended boss lady today , by posting a statement about the "Christini" drama. Click here to hear her 24 minute rant. (Warning strong language is used be warned)......

NiNi Gets Her Items Returned To Her + Way More "Christini" Drama

Police have located and returned NiNi's personal items and her bag. Her wedding ring, her cellphone, jewelry, lyrics and some of her cash was all still there. Out of the $788 dollars she had, only $428 of it was left. Police were led from an anonymous source to Frank Mitchell, a 48 year old janitor who worked at the Sudan Stadium for over 10 years. At first he tried to denied that he did anything wrong, but when cops presented him with the bag (which he hid under his house) he admitted it. When word got to the stadium, the manager immediately fired him, and NiNi's reps pressed charges on him and he was arrested. He also received some death threats from obsessed fans, and source say inmates in his holding cell wanted to hurt him, so police had to transfer him to a cell on his own. He is being held without bail, awaiting trial. If he is convicted, he faces up to 5 years for theft and lying to officers. Police consider the case closed and they aren't commenting on it any further, NiNi hasn't spoken up about anything yet, but we're glad she was able to get all her items back. In other news, yesterday, the drama between NiNi and Chris (which the media is calling "Christini") got worse. First NiNi made a statement accusing Chris of paying $15,000 dollars to famous Hollywood photographer Stacy Ringer to take a photo from Beith's facebook page and photoshop it onto hers. (The picture is a very good fake and it does look very real, but that's what 15,000 dollars can do right?) Stacy Ringer herself has fallen out of the public eye since NiNi made this statement, cancelling all of her scheduled shoots and appearances. (Someone is feeling guilty huh?) NiNi has used Stacy numerous times for magazine shoots, and even some work on a couple of her album covers, but guess that wont be happening anymore. But NiNi didn't spend too much time on Stacy, she continued by saying that Chris doesn't date outside her own race which proves that she is only using Beith as an insult to her and trying to push her buttons and she has a nerve to call her racist when she wont even consider dating a black person. (Click here to check out her full statement, strong language is used) Chris first posted "Hmm fiction can be fun, do you even believe half the crap that comes out your mouth!" Then she got quiet when the statement began getting circulated all over the place and responses starting coming from fans. Then she tried to protect herself about the racist part. She posted "I am not a racist! and I did date a black man when I was 17 so don't ever speak on me like you know me!!" But that definitely changed later on when she was approached by a black man in a gas station in Texas after coming out of the ladies room. Witnesses say she was on her way out the door when he said "Ay you're Chris right? Damn NiNi eating you up girl! Her response was "Ugh Don't speak to me you dirty black bastard, I don't conversate with "niggers I'll hang you like we're in the 50's!" and she stormed out the door. (WOW) We thought that was total fiction, until the wonderful world of technology came into the picture. Everyone in the store heard her and the cashier lady recorded her on her phone, and the store security camera's also recorded it, and both videos were released to the media this morning. No one in the store tried to fight her, because they were all white and the guy she said it to didn't do anything he just had his mouth open in shock and the white customers were just shaking their heads looking shocked as well. Immediately when this released she received severe backlash and outrage from the entire black community and a good chunk of the white community as well. Death threats, nasty comments endorsement drops the whole non have been going on. Sources say that all her endorsements (fragrance, clothing line, commercials, McDonald's and Covergirl) have fired her as the spokeswoman and many record labels do not want her which she was about to get a deal with J Records, but that's no longer happening, and even some celebs want to severely hurt her. Many celebs including Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Alexis Jordan, Too Short, Queen Latifah, Oprah, Eminem and Solange have commented on her remarks, most of them are not bad comments except for Solo who posted "I want you to say some shit like that to me,  please do boo boo" Others like Em just said "Smh" Oprah posted "We have rose from the harshness of the 50's and 60's but its still always one in the bunch who cant rise and those are the ones who will ultimately always fall" Avril Lavigne posted "EXCUSE ME????" But Chris's sister Sarah, has defended her sister posting "To all Christina's fans, I simply do not believe my sister has said that, the video in question is either fake, created by a fan or someone who is just trying to cause drama and make her look bad,  or its some other female who looks like her. It is many woman who look like Chris, and she has been hearing that her whole life, she has many look alikes and that's who I believe said that, it doesn't even sound like her and I know my sisters voice. That is very offensive and my sister doesn't like to offend people, especially in that way. We both have many African American friends and its simply not true!" Still, no one is giving Chris a break, its all over the news, they keep replaying the video over and over and YES that's Chris Sarah, and you can tell because of the tattoo on her hand and this so called "Look alike" has the EXACT same tat, what are the odds of that? Chris hasn't said anything in defense for herself, not even when NiNi posted "SMH...this broad... LOL And I'm the one who's racist huh" But Where's Chris? Many media outlets have been trying to reach her but have been unsuccessful, but one thing is for sure, even though NiNi can destroy her career by not allowing her back in the music game, seems as if Chris destroyed her own career on her own. Stay tuned for more info.....and TRUST me it WILL be more info! Click here to check out the video (Don't watch if you get easily offended)....

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tiffany Evans Features Her Son In Her New Video

A Couple weeks ago, Tiffany Evans released a new song called "Got My J's On" The song features NiNi but NiNi's voice is sampled in it only, she doesn't have any verses. It blew up and today she released the official video to it through YOUTUBE on VeVo and it features her 5 year old son in a few scenes such as when she Is in a lowrider her son is sitting on her lap, and in another scene where she raps "I don't even need a nigga cuz I'm riding with my little man" and in that scene he is on her shoulders nodding to the music. The video has gotten a lot of positive attention, but rumor has it that NiNi is planning on doing something similar with her adorable kids. She is in fact going to drop a video for her new fire banger "Legends" and she also has more videos to drop from her "Rize Of The Queen/Dope" mixtape, and sources say that one of those videos she will have a feature from her babies, that's really exciting right. After all we love celebrity kids, especially NiNi and Miranda's. You guys excited? We are! Click here to check out the new video......PS Sources are all hot talking about a fight between NiNi and Chris, it was only a matter of time right? But we still aren't sure if it actually happened, but we WILL find out....

NiNi Cancels Entire Day + Chris Laughs At Her And Makes A Shocking Revelation

Today, as we suspected, NiNi is still very upset, and she canceled her entire day. Her day today consisted of a photoshoot in Hollywood for a new magazine, an interview with Oprah, promoting her new fragrance and of course her New Jersey show, NiNi posted a pic to instagram this morning which shows her laying in bed looking sad with the caption of #NOTTODAY! Its a sad looking little picture, poor NiNi, everyone feels bad for her. But its one person who doesn't and that's her ex artist and new enemy Christina Aguilera. For the past 2 weeks those two have been entangled in a beef for a reason that we don't know about at all, and they have been going back and forth with each other all this time, but today Chris took it a little bit too far and deeper. First this morning she simply posted "NiNi Got Robbed???? LMAO! :) Karma sweeeeeet Karma!" That statement made people think that she maybe planned for that to happen, but Chris did deny that and its no proof that she had anything to do with it. Then a little while later, she posted a tweet pic that shows her and NiNi's husband Beith in the backseat of her car and he is kissing on her neck (YES it is him no doubt) and the caption is "Am I still lying?? or is she just covering up to protect her empire?? Think about it! Love ya new BF! MWAH!!!  NiNi didn't respond to that yet, and neither did Beith. Click here to check the controversial picture, and post....

NiNi Gets Robbed

Last night, NiNi performed in ATL at the Sudan Music Stadium, and just like every artist, she has her own backstage dressing room and a locker to store personal items. Usually the lockers are guarded by their bodyguard and/or have a padlock that only the artist knows the combination to. But NiNi's bodyguards stepped away for at least 10 minutes for an unknown reason, and within those 10 minutes someone snuck to her locker and stole her bag which contained her cellphone, $670,000 worth of jewelry, her wedding ring (yes again) which is over $200,000 dollars by itself, along with some lyrics to new songs as well as $788 in cash. The theft wasn't discovered until after the show almost 3 hours later when NiNi went to collect her bag from the locker which is when she discovered it missing and discovered that her bodyguards stepped away (somebody is fired) Security camera's aren't in the locker room, so its no way to know who stole it, but NiNi had the entire stadium on lock and her bodyguards personally checked EVERYONE which took over an hour to do, but they came up empty. Whoever did it must have either left right afterwards or left, hid the bag and came back. NiNi was visibly emotionally upset when she left and it looked like she had tears rolling down. Police were called after she left and they searched the entire stadium top to bottom, finding nothing. Police figure it must have been someone who has access to the locker rooms and dressing rooms which can only be stage hands, stadium workers, make up artists and janitors, they were all checked and cleared. As of today, NiNi's belongings have not been found yet. NiNi hasn't been seen today, although she has another show tonight in New Jersey, sources say she is still very upset. Who robbed NiNi? Stay tuned for more info. On another note, click here to check out her explosive ATL show last night (2 hrs and 50 minutes long, some language and adult content is featured be warned)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NiNi And Angel Publicly Squash Their Fued But Chris Isnt Doing That (Drama)

Today, NiNi has a show in the ATL but so does Angel Haze, and when the two bumped into each other, everyone though it was gonna be a huge brawl, but they both shocked everyone when they got in front of the camera and stood side by side wrapping their arms around each others waist which is the typical girl pose and let the paparazzi snap a picture of them. Afterwards they both gave each other a hug and Angel wished her good luck at her show tonight. That let us know that their beef is now squashed, but guess who beef isn't squashed? Yup Chris isn't squashing anything anytime soon, in fact she made a terrible remark about the squashing between Angel and NiNi she posted "You don't know her @MissAngel you suck for kissing her ass like everyone else, I was willing to collab with you but you whack as hell you just like those ass kissers at PSR and everyone else in the game smh come on girl I though you were better then that!" NiNi mustve got mad at that because she responded to her saying "Look you dumb bitch I'm so sick of you trying to throw drama around and start shit because you're fucking retarded, I tried to back up because I have so much more important shit going on to be worrying about but I will fuck you up try me again!" Angel also responded to Chris posting "Excuse me? Um who are you? U ain't been hot since the 90's broad, even with PSR u wasn't hot and you're bringing up my name, at least I'm hot what are you? Will you ever be hot again? I doubt it cuz you keep making yourself look dumber then Hyphy Music, name one real nigga or real bitch that like you and I'll quit my career today do that for me babe!" So seems as if Chris has beef with Angel and NiNi now and her fans of course continues to support her, but Angels 1 billion + fans are all against Chris and so are NiNi and PSR  fans so seems as if Chris has more heat on her then she has love. Stay tuned for more info! Click here to check out Chris's post, click here to check out NiNi's response and click here to check out Angel's response.........


Today, arguably the hottest song of the year dropped by everyone's favorite queen called "Legends"
which is a very appropriate title considering its 3 legends on the same track. 1990's combines with the new millennium and the newest millennium on this song. The song is by NiNi and it features legend 2pac Shakur, and 2nd legend Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. The song, which we think is a tribute to both features because of the fact that Pac's birthday  was yesterday and also June 16th is also Lisa's birthday seems as if its NiNi's way to pay tribute to 2 of the best artists who ever did it. The song is street, but that only comes from 2pac and Lisa's verses, which is the second and 3rd verse, NiNi is the one who sings, Lisa's verse is the 3rd verse and she raps really good, she sounds the same as 2000 but she sounds slightly different, like a little older but her famous wordplay that she does that made her so famous when she was with TLC is still the same and she sounds dope. Thing is, just like before, NiNi worked with Pac, Biggie and even Michael Jackson, and just like those times, these verses ere never heard before, and its people who have very close connections to PAC and Left Eye and they say that those verses were never recorded when they were alive. Creepy huh? So where is NiNi getting these verses from? No idea, but who the hell cares, this song has killed every new song that released recently, including China's "One Night In China" which was dominating before this song dropped. literally not ONE person has anything negative to say about it, its getting super positive reviews from even the harshest critics. It released at midnight and ever since then it has been being  talked about by everyone, other celebs are posting about it on twitter and Solo posted "Legends!! my new fav song of 2014 #2pac #Lefteye #NiNi. And statistics show that over 400 billion people have heard it and loved it and the pressure is on for NiNi to make a video to it and perform it at her next show. NiNi posted "Wow 400 billion, wish y'all showed me this love with ALL my songs lmao thank you though love ya!" YouTube had a crash 10 times from so many people listening to it at the same time which is the first song by NiNi that that happened to in at least 2 years. Yeah  the song is very popular, and NiNi's bestie Katy Perry is currently in the process of releasing a song soon, no one cares now that this song dropped lol, (sorry Katy didn't mean to laugh) Click here to check out "Legends" by NiNi Ft Left Eye and 2pac............

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nini Posts Fathers Day Post To Instagram

Today NiNi posted a touching photo of her husband holding their two kids and they're all smiling. The caption says "Happy Fathers Day To The Greatest Father Ever! Mwah! :)" That post got over 3 BILLION likes which Instagram says is the highest ever and it broke a new record. It also received over 896 million comments.  Its a real  nice sweet post but she isnt the only one other PSR artists have also tweeted pics of their fathers boyfriends or husbands wishing them a happy fathers day. Click here to check out NiNi's fathers day instagram post/pic. Click here to check out the others. Plus click here to check out Aleisha Allen and Brianna Perry's new song "Platinum Princess" which released today.....

Nini + Adam Sandler=Funniest Two In America

We all know that nini is now working with gabrielle union but shes working with funny man Adam Sandler too. Nini posted a video to youtube titled "Showtime At The Apollo" which shows her and Adam on stage doing a stand up routine together at the famous Apollo Theatre in New York. They talk about everything from race to music to sex to little kids to people who look like animals, they also did a "personal roast" where they roasted each other which was the funniest part of the video. We all knew that nini was funny but we never knew she was comedian type funny im not kidding when I say these two had the crowd laughing super super hard to the point many audiences had super red faces and tears in their eyes throughout the entire show. The whole show lasts about 2 hrs and it was nonstop laughter. We aren't sure how or why those two hooked up to do this but its fueling rumors that the two may be hinting at a possible movie collab as Adam is currently working on a new movie set to hit theatres August 15th. So are those two working on a new movie together? Hopefully they are but we don't know, we'll let you guys know.. . .Click here to check out the hilarious Apollo show

Thursday, June 12, 2014

NiNi Confirms Gabrielle Union Collab

Today NiNi has confirmed that she will in fact appear in Gabrielle Unions new movie 'A Night In Vegas" She confirmed she will have 4 minor roles in the movie, but she wont tell us what character she will be or anything else about the movie. The movie received an official release date today which is October 14th and NiNi's name as added to the list today as well. Pretty cool right. No word on when NiNi will come out with her next movie, but at least we get to see her on the big screen pretty soon. Its a while for now, but NiNi's new mixtape however is holding people off, its still extremely popular, getting TONS of airplay and has sold over 97 trillion copies. Sources say that NiNi will be in Houston Atlanta and New York today promoting it, and she also will be adding new items to the Platinum Wear store in Vegas and the online site which is always cool. She also is said to be making a video for each song on the mixtape, its 2 Cd's which is 28 videos and sources say she already has 8 done so far and will be releasing them early next week. Click here to purchase "Rize Of The Queen/Dope" if you haven't already.....

Livin With NiNi Ep 10 (Season Finale)

Last night the season finale of "Livin With NiNi" Premiered at 8pm on VH1 with over 76,000 viewers tuned in. This episode was packed with Drama and some of the drama with Christina was involved but Chris wasn't shown of course, it was just talked about mostly. It also introduced her 2 new artists Tiara and Juicy J, and showed the PSR team welcoming them, and showed them in the process of recording their first PSR single. NiNi was involved in a argument with a police officer after she was pulled over for 'speeding"  even though she was going 5 miles "under" the limit. The officer told her to tone her voice down or her will arrest her. She was on her way  to her show and the cop made her late. Eventually NiNi took the speeding ticket and pulled off, It showed part of her show that night and she did amazing. She was involved in a semi fight with her artist Miss Star over "slacking off" and her and uncle Ye also had a disagreement over "rants that Ye said that gave away personal info" Yes full of drama, but as you guys can see, I'm skimming through because as mentioned before, NiNi wants you guys to watch it instead of reading it. It was a really cool explosive drama filled episode, and its very popular. Season 2 starts next Wednesday at 8pm onVH1 don't miss that, as the previews for Season 2 Ep.1 looks to be even more drama and controversy including her "daughter" and "bestie" China posing nude for a nude picture, Zendaya's phone being hacked exposing her giving oral sex to a man, Ann Margaret and her controversy pregnancy with a 28 year old man and a supposed sex tape by Ke$ha and Big Sean hitting the Internet. Sounds really good. If you guys missed the episode last night, click here to go to the VH1 website and watch the full episode.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

NiNi And Chris More Drama

Earlier today, NiNi's statement released towards Chris, and Chris responded by suggesting that because she is the queen and the boss of the music game, people are always going to believe anything she says no matter what. That may be true, but we don't think that's the case. Anyway, those two crazy chicks bumped into each other today. NiNi is in Connecticut and so is Christina. Recently, Christina signed with J Records who is a big enemy of PSR and once those two got in front of each other the tension FLARED like an outta control California wildfire. They began arguing after Chris said "So its the big bad queen, tell me something queen, did you have fun gaining all this attention with your status? The two began arguing as mentioned and then they began fighting. Surprisingly Chris threw the first punch after NiNi said "You weren't never anyone, you never will be, so get a life broad" NiNi def won the fight, but Chris put up a good one. It was broken up by security. Nobody called the police and they both were allowed to go free, but Chris threatened NiNi saying "Don't forget miss queen I know all about PSR where y'all go, what y'all do, where you be, I know what really goes down in that label, don't make me spill that too" Its long been suggested that NiNi and all of PSR are so secretive because they are with the very dark Illuminati, is this what Chris is talking about? We don't know. But part of their fight was recorded by a security camera. Click here to check it out, its kind of blurry and far away but you can clearly see fighting happening, and that's those two......Once again BLOODY!!

"A Night In China"

Today a new song released by everyone's favorite queen bestie Miss China. Its called "A Night In China' and it features the OMG Girlz. As always her music is now that fly girl girl swag kind of music, and with the OMG Girlz on it, that just swagged it up even more. Its actually a pretty nice song, and obviously the industry feels that too as its getting very popular, receiving lots of airplay and stealing the number 2 spot on the charts. Its very minor cuss words in the song, which is perfect for the radio since it doesn't have to be censored too much. China has 2 minor cuss words "Get the hell up out your chair" and "Damn I'm so bad" Miss Star has 1 minor cuss word "Niggas all want me" (Depends if you look at that as a cuss) Miss Beauty and Miss Babydoll have none, so its definitely considered a PG-13 song. China has also mentioned her 3rd PSR album will be coming soon but she didn't give us a date. Sources say "A Night In China" is the 1st single off that new album. We give her new single 9.7 stars. Click here to check out "A Night In China" by China Ft The OMG Girlz

NiNi And Gabrielle Union Working Together On New Movie Soon? + TLC Defends NiNi From Anti Fun Groups

Sources close to the mega queen say that her and Gabrielle Union will be working together on Gabrielle's new movie "A Night In Vegas" which is scheduled to be released sometime towards the end of 2014. NiNi is said to have a few minor roles, but not a starring role. NiNi has worked together in the past before with Gabrielle, she had a very small role in NiNi's previous movie "Its A Cold World In These Streets" as a district attorney. Seems as if NiNi is repaying the favor by appearing in a couple roles in her movie. "A Night In Vegas" will star Gabrielle, Kevin Hart, Megan Good and Nene Leakes. Its unconfirmed if NiNi will actually be appearing in the movie though, but the source who reported it is pretty reliable. Stay tuned for more info. In other news, NiNi's girls Miss T-Boz and Miss Chili have defended their girl from those "Anti Fun" groups (That's what I call them because that's how they act lol) Anyways those are the people like church officials and others similar to it and they are the ones who condemn all of the women celebs who get on stage half naked, shaking things and giving lap dances, having nasty lyrics blah blah blah, and they constantly talk about NiNi, because lets face it, NiNi is the new one who has the title of "Nastiest" But today TLC had her back. They both had an interview and they were asked "Now that you guys are older, more wiser, more mature, how do you guys feel about the new young generation and all of the controversy they cause because of their lyrics or stage performances, because that wasn't really around when you guys were younger?" Of course the always outspoken T-Boz spoke and said "Hold up, what does older, wiser or mature have to do with entertainment, if you have a problem with that you have a problem with the entire entertainment industry, 2nd yes it was plenty of that in our younger days, its just a little more now, but it was entertainment then its entertainment now, I ain't mad at no one, man woman everyone does it, its apart of our job" Then they were asked "Do you guys think people like queen N takes her lyrics and dances too xrated?" Chili said "So?, I mean that's her way to express, we all know her and she is really a nice person, you cant ever define anyone just by their music, I feel everyone should leave her and whoever else wants to express themselves in their own creative way, to do it how they feel they need to do it. I'm personally a huge fan of her xrated or not, she's very talented and its many other women and men who do the same that I am huge fans of despite how old I am now, yes even Miley Cyrus (laughs) It doesn't matter how old or young or old you are to enjoy good music" That's pretty much what NiNi always says so we knew she was going to appreciate that, and we were right she posted this on Twitter "Man I love that @TLC interview, did you guys see it??, yes I'm talking to YOU people! lol" Least someone is on the queens side right?