Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cymphonique Is Going To Be Ok

A Couple days ago Cymphonique was beat with a hammer in her head by a masked person after a show and was rushed to the hospital. Many PSR people have went to visit her including NiNi and many were scared after rumors started going off that she may not make it due to severe brain damage and that she was on life support. Well, I'm happy to report that none of those rumors are true, she was hit hard but she didn't get any brain damage, no internal bleeding, or brain scarring, basically, her head got busted open and she lost over 6 liters of blood from the time of the incident to the time she arrived at the hospital, 6 liters of blood is equivalent to 15 big party bottles of soda, so she lost alot. But she was given more blood from donated samples to replace what she lost, and after a couple hours after the blood donation she woke up and was OK. Doctors say that she they will continue monitoring her and giving her pain meds throughout the rest of today and tonight, and she should be able to be released maybe today or tomorrow, but they don't want her to perform for at least a week to let her head heal up. Police still haven't found the identity of the attacker, but many witnesses have been coming forward and they are giving a bunch of leads but they aren't going anywhere. Police are offering a 6,000 dollar reward for anyone with any information leading to the arrest of the attacker, and he or she is facing up to 20-25 years in prison for the assault on a public authority figure. If you have any information, the Louisiana PD are asking you to call up the crime tips hotline at 1800-222-4729 you can remain anonymous if you'd like. In other news, A Keys and NiNi haven't ever fought or made any diss songs against each other, but it has been seeming to be tension between them since early 2014, many say it was because NiNi was pushing up on her hubby Swizz Beats when she was drunk, which was shown in an episode of Livin With NiNi, but who knows what the hell the real reason was. But its no longer any beef or tension between these two beauties as NiNi's first new song since "Rize Of The Queens" released today called "Still At The Top" which features A. Keys. Its an amazing beat produced by Swizz Beats and its their first collab in over 3 years and they did great together. A.Keys has showed her rapping skills before numerous times, but she did amazing on this song but she doesn't go gutter like cursing and talking about crazy stuff, she just raps fast and she doesn't sound stupid like one of those people who seem like they are trying so hard to rap and just make themselves sound crazy, it actually seems to come naturally to her. It has stolen the number 1 spot, which was Solange's newest song "Roman Candle" Click here to check out "Still At The Top" by NiNi Ft A.Keys.....

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