Wednesday, January 14, 2015

NiNi Featured In "Turn Down For What" Remix, + Announces New Mixtape And Super Bowl Performance

Nini has did a verse in the remix to Lil Jon's song "Turn Down For What" along with 7 other rappers and the remix is over 7 minutes long.  It's said that the song was recorded last month but was delayed and finally given the go today to be released.  Click here to check out "Turn Down For What" by Lil Jon ft Lil Wayne, Trina, Diamond,  k. Michelle,  Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Nicki And NiNi. Speaking of new songs, sources close to PSR say that NiNi and the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens are working on a collab together which is due to be released sometime either this week or next week,  awesome.  The story about the collabs between NiNi and Victoria and Nini are half true. It is true that Vic has a new show on MTV called "Eye Candy" and NiNi will be a regular guest on the show. It's also true that Vic has a huge part in the new episode of "Livin With NiNi" but it's still not known what that means.  What's NOT true is that NiNi and Vic will be starring in a new movie together,  but Victoria says that she hopes one day she can do a movie with the queen as it will be quote "awesome" (after all, that is her girl crush) Be on the lookout for the new collab between the queen and Vanessa and for a guest appearance from NiNi on Vic's new show next week, and for an appearance from Vic on "LWN" which premiers tonight In other news, Nini has announced her new mixtape.  Seems as if she is ignoring the drama going on right now which is cool. She announced "Far From Fake" her 8th PSR mixtape.  The title has led people to say that she named it that because of Taylor constantly calling her fake,  but it is unknown why she chose that name.  She said it will be released on February 20th at midnight, and that she will be releasing 2 singles from it within the next week.  It's said that all songs are collabs,  no solos so she has many people on it with her and it's super super super super (sorry ) highly anticipated,  are you looking forward to it we sure as fuck are (sorry) That's not the only thing she announced though,  and number 2 (Katy) also announced it. The Super Bowl Is Next month (yay!) And the two divas (KP and Nini are the ones who will be performing together during halftime which will be the first time for both.) NiNi was supposed to do it for 2013, but after an argument with the promoter she gave it to the other queen. Now nini isn't backing out and the two divas (that's what the media calls them because that's what they are and how they act) announced that they ARE in fact performing during halftime and they will kill it. That just made me and everyone else look forward to the super bowl even more then we already were. It's unknown what songs they will perform but those two have awesome amazing chemistry together and always blow shit up when they perform together and we know they'll kill this too,  so we are excited and their halftime performance is seriously anticipated even more then nini and kc's new mixtape. Don't forget to watch the super bowl February 2nd to see the two divas kill shit. It's already over a billion people going to the super bowl Even more then that watching it on TV so this is gonna be wayyyyyyyyyyy bigger then queen BS halftime show which was huge (no offense queen) stay tuned guy's. ....

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