Sunday, January 18, 2015

Vic And China "Beef" + Solo New Mixtape 1-22-15

Did I get your attention? Good, nah though not a real beef, although I know some of you shit your pants when you saw that headline lol, don't mind me I amuse myself sometimes. Anyways, no, Vic and China teamed up today to release a hot song called "Beef" and its basically about fake people who start beefs.....because.....they're fake and jealous. Zendaya released a new song yesterday which stole number 1, this new song came in at number 2, but as much attention as its getting, it might take that spot. Its produced by NO ID and Solo, its pop/hip-hop and they both sing rap on it and they both do amazing. Click here to check out "Beef" by Victoria and China. In other news, speaking of new music, Solo's new music is highly anticipated and she has a new mixtape coming on January 22nd, which is Friday and it has many people excited about it and we are too honestly. Click here to check out her announcement post about the mixtape. Also PSR's new artists Sam Smith and Milla J both have new songs coming tomorrow, can't wait can you. Speaking of China, she is also planned to release a song with her 2 sisters soon, and they are rumored to be joining PSR soon, lets hope so :)

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