Monday, January 5, 2015

NiNI Gets 5 Days In Prison + 10 Years Probation

For punching out the president, NiNi got off real good. Usually a crime like that carries a prison term of 20 years to life, but the judge went super easy on her and gave her only 5 days inside a private cell and 10 years probation. NiNi just recently got off probo last month for murdering the reporter in London back from 2012, and she had 2 years probation for that, now she has 10. But some sources say that Obama is going to drop all charges, and if he does, she will get released and her probation will get zapped. But that is unconfirmed as of yet, but for now, NiNi has been transferred to the Loco County State prison for women, and if Obama doesn't drop charges she will be in there until the 10th. Once again, the Legends tour, which just resumed, is canceled for the next 5 days, fans understand, but the Legends Tour is the most delayed tour out of all of NiNi's tours. NiNi was seen being transferred from the Police Department earlier in a private jail shuttle bus which takes you to Prison earlier today after court and she refused any comment. But NiNi isn't the only bad guy in this situation, a video was shown to the judge which shows that Obama once again disrespected NiNi but touching her without permission, and that's when she punched him. Although the judge said that NiNi should've called a cop instead of reacting the way she did, he understood and he fined Obama 200 million dollars for the incident, and he will have his presidential powers suspended for 2 months. For those who don't know what that means, it means, that he cant sign any new bills into office, he cant enforce any rules, and basically he just wont be able to do presidential things until his 2 month suspension is up. Obama has accepted his punishment and today he admitted he has a terrible drinking problem and he is now currently going for help. Obama will not be voted for next term, due to how bad he has been acting up as a president, that's for damn sure (I ain't voting for him) He issued a personal apology to NiNi last night, but sources say that Obama hasn't been seen since last night and he is seemingly missing right now, but its not much info on that right now. Many of NiNi's fans and her friends and artists are pissed that she was sentenced, even if it is 5 days, and its been protests all day and they feel that Obama should've been the one locked up, not NiNi. How do you guys feel about it? Sources say that NiNi was emotional in court and the judge took sympathy on her, but its no video on that right now.....

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